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“They say there is a doorway from

         heart to heart, but what is the use of

a door when there are no walls?”


Happy Holidays to @sebumis!!! From, your @kdramasecretsanta ~ <3


OC’s BEST OF 2017
Post your fave OC’s screenshots from 2017 and tag your friends!

I was tagged by @ariejul and @rinasai thank you for tagging! ♥

I won’t tag anybody because I know that most of you have been tagged (and most of you have already done this) BUT if you want to do this then I will tag you! I don’t know if I have to say something but tbh I don’t know what to say *shrugs*  

anonymous asked:

could you put the sim from your screenshots up for download?

  ok i get really attached like all the time but im not sure?? she’s the sister of one of my male sims but if i don’t play with her i’ll put her up for download

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I just wanna tell you guys how much I appreciate this blog. It's wonderful seeing such positivity on my dash, but also it's comforting. I have screenshots of your answers to my asks, but I also have a few from your answers to other people's asks. Your words seriously helped. What motivated me to write you this now is that just minutes ago I saw one of your posts and it made me cry (in a good way!). I didn't realize how much I needed to hear those words. Thank you guys! I love this blog! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I’m always glad we can help, darlin. Thank you for the ask, it made me very happy. ^^

anonymous asked:

How do you edit your screenshots? Do you use actions?

I use GIMP to edit my screenies and I answered ask like this some time ago, so I’m linking you to that! That is how I edit my screenies! I hope you like them! I’d like to get photoshop to edit my screenies, but I’m doing fine with GIMP so far :)


they bop!!!!!!


ahh thank you!! i love symmeitra and i wish it was more common, theyre so good together? they both love Science and believe in making the world a better place and i feel like mei’s openness and positivity would be rly good for satya? and also lead to a lot of Easily Flustered Lesbian Symmetra which everyone loves ofc 


these are about the best and the most powerful words I’ve ever heard in my life. and here they feel like Steven Moffat stabbed me in the heart using Benedict’s hands.

Wanna know why this is my favorite picture of Ethan??

1. He’s wearing a tank top
2. He looks so incredibly done
3. He also has this little like grin going on like he knows something that you don’t
4. “Oh really?”
5. Perfect response when someone asks you something but you’re feeling sneaky and don’t wanna answer
6. Every time you zoom in and in and in and in on his face, the expression seems to get more comical.

That’s all.