and your perfect voice

“Jolene, you’re so beautiful, Jolene, you’re so perfect, Jolene, your voice is just like the sound of summer rain, don’t mind me I’m just going to sublimate my anxiety about clearly being super in love with you into anxiety about my boyfriend, who is basically a featureless blob in this song that I wrote ostensibly about my love for him that’s really all about you, Jolene”

This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.

Every Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve read and loved


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Imagine sitting in a near-empty library by yourself and while you were nose deep in your textbook, you overheard someone beautifully singing one of your favorite songs. Your curiosity got the best of you so you got up from your seat and follow the source of the wonderful voice. You found out the identity of the talented singer to be librarian!Woozi, who would usually sing in the library when no one was around. You confronted him with a smile on your face and upon telling him how amazing of a singer he was, librarian!Woozi’s face turned red because he can’t believe his crush heard him sang and even complimented him.

BONUS: After the short conversation with librarian!Woozi, you went back to your table to resume your studying session but not before telling him how much you loved his voice and how you would love to hear it everyday (and also, seeing his face turn even redder).

Dating Kim Seokjin

Dating Series: Park Jimin | Kim Namjoon | Kim Taehyung | Min Yoongi | Jung Hoseok | Jeon Jungkook

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So like imagine attending the same university as Jin 

  • And it’s 1 am but you’re suddenly craving chicken, but of course, you don’t know how to cook 
  • You also have 3 papers due tomorrow out of which, 2 were due last week so you’re trying your best to not procrastinate 
  • So you look up a recipe on the internet that should take 10 minutes 
  • But when you actually get to cooking 
  • It takes half an hour and you end up with burnt chicken and the smoke alarm going off 
  • And you’re worried all your dorm mates are gonna murder you but surprisingly, all you see is a man walking out of the opposite room, press a tiny little button and it stops 
  • “Are you okay?” He asks groggily, rubbing his eyes before looking at you 
  • And oh damn, if he looks this handsome just getting out of bed, it scares you how perfect he’d look during the day 
  • “Y-Yeah..” Your voice trails off as you look around you and he looks behind you to see a poor, burnt chicken 
  • And he softly smiles at your attempt and you nervously chuckle as he throws all of it in the trash
  • “You hungry?” He asks before putting on an apron and taking things out of the fridge
  • “Yeah but it’s fine, I’ll manage. You should go back to bed.” You remark before hesitantly sitting down on a barstool by the counter as he starts cutting 
  • “No, it’s fine,” He throws you a smile before going back to cooking, “Besides, I don’t want you to burn the kitchen down.” He chuckles and you roll your eyes at him but of course thank him for making the effort to feed you at this unholy hour
  • You guys talk the entire time while he cooks and you find out that he’s a pre-med student and your senior, not forgetting to mention that he’s also the new RA for your floor 
  • Your remarks about how good he looks in an apron has him turning pink while his appreciation of your Pikachu onesie leaves you embarrassed because you completely forgot what you were wearing 
  • And then you realize its 3 am, which means you only have a couple of hours before your professors are brutally murdering you 
  • “Hey, I’m sorry but I got these papers to finish…. maybe I can buy you coffee tomorrow, to thank you for this late night dinner?” You ask hesitantly as you place the dishes in the sink. 
  • “It’s a date.” He replies back, and you’re shoving your nails into the palm of your hand to stop you from screaming out of pure joy (and possibly scaring him). 
  • With that he goes back into his dorm and you go back to your hell room to finish those papers 
  • And miraculously, you finish them but of course, you don’t get any sleep which turns you into a walking zombie 
  • Thankfully, your classes are only till noon and you’re able to turn in all your assignments
  • So you’re free, for like the next two days before you have another horde of assignments coming in 
  • You go back to the dorm and you’re like, ‘ugh I need to shower, otherwise he’s going to probably gonna think I’m dead’ 
  • You only grab your shower bag and towel because your room is close to the showers 
  • But of course, you forget your key inside your room
  • And your roommate is at her boyfriend’s, which means she’s most definitely not going to pick up your phone
  • You’re trying to figure out how to get into your room when you feel fingers tapping on your shoulder 
  • And you turn around only to see Jin, clearly ready for his date with you and he looks super cute with those glasses, not forgetting to mention that button up shirt really makes his shoulders look perfect and….
  • As you’re admiring him, you suddenly realize how red his cheeks are and how he’s trying so desperately to avoid eye-contact with you and then you realize that you’re still in your towel
  • “Um… did you forget your key?” He asks, his hand awkwardly rubbing at the back of his neck as he stares up at the ceiling and you’re just smiling at how cute he is 
  • “Yeah, think you can help me?” You raise your eyebrow and he slowly nods, taking out his master key and letting you go in 
  • But you’re just thinking about how adorable he is, so you know he isn’t going to pick up on your subtle hints 
  • And so you grab him by the collar and pull him inside your room 
  • That’s when his switch flips

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  • You think, ‘Oh I’m totally going to wreck him” 
  • When in reality, he’s throwing your towel to the floor, pushing you on your bed and making you come so many times with his tongue that you just lose count 
  • And let’s just say that all your thoughts of having a nap completely disappeared from your mind, leaving you to the best afternoon of your life
  • You wake up an hour or so later, and he’s got his arms around you and you’re nuzzling into his neck
  • You slowly start kissing up the length of his neck, waking him up and he just looks at you so so lovingly that you melt
  • “So…” His voice trails of as he’s running his hair through your hair and you look at him, “can we go on that date now? Because I really want to do this right” 
  • And you’re blushing so hard that you just hide your face in his chest because you legit don’t know how to reply
  • He just chuckles at your reaction, pulling you closer to him and peppering kisses all over
  • And that’s how you guys started dating
  • Your relationship has a lot of: 
  • Him scolding you when you stay up late but of course he still cooks for you because he loves you 
  • Lots of cuddling in bed or on the couch or in the kitchen or basically anywhere and everywhere
  • And you’re somehow living off of ramen but when he finds out, he throws all of them out because he wants you to live healthily 
  • Not to mention, he wants you to depend only on him for food 
  • So you come back on Friday after finishing all your classes and you’re like, ‘Man, I’d love some ramen.’ 
  • And you open your cupboard only to let out a hellish cry that Jin could hear all the way in his room and he knows he’s about to die 
  • So he does the only thing he knows how to do perfectly 
  • And that’s distracting you with *cough* his absolutely amazing body *cough* 
  • You try so hard to resist and argue but at some point you’re like, ‘ugh, fuck it’ 
  • Your relationship is overall very cute and adorable and childish even though he’s your senior and you should, at least try be responsible but let’s be real 
  • You’re an immature adult and he’s the only person around who is capable of dealing with your lame jokes and whatnot 
  • Mainly because he’s the same 
  • So you guys graduate, of course he does so first but you still get to see him around when he starts working as an intern at the university hospital
  • And when you graduate, you guys end up buying an apartment together which is not really that much of a change because: 
  • He’s already cooking for the two of you and you’re always sleeping over at his place 
  • A couple of years later, you walk in late at night and you’re about to start apologizing to Jin for being so late 
  • And complaining about how much of a bitch your new boss is 
  • But it’s all dark in the apartment, so you take out your phone and use the flashlight to walk into your room 
  • And it’s all lit up with scented candles (your favorite) 
  • Jin’s sitting down on the bed but when he sees you, he gets down on his knees and you drop all your bags 
  • “Baby, we’ve know each other for so long and honestly, I can’t think of anyone else who I’d want to cook for or spend the rest of my life with more, so will you please allow me to make you as happy as you make me and marry me?” 
  • And you’re crying and nodding your head 
  • Which Jin takes as a yes and he slides the ring on your finger 
  • And you wrap your hands around him and you pull him up and push him down on the bed 
  • You’re crying and he’s crying 
  • But most importantly, the both of you are as happy as you can possibly be in your entire life 
  • NSFW Extras
  • When Kim Seokjin is an intern at a hospital and you’re visiting him, he’d just randomly push you into the supply closet and go down on you because, damn he’s hungry and he loves nothing more than your sweet taste
  • There are nights when you fall asleep before he gets home and he decides to wake you up in the best way possible 
  • And then there are those mornings when you wake up earlier than he does and you’re so eager to return the favor
  • The best is when you go on date nights, because you tease each him so much that by the time you get home, he’s practically carrying you over his shoulder and throwing you on the bed before ripping both, yours and his, clothes off because damn you’re way too tempting for your own good 
  • Not forgetting to mention the times you come by to visit him at the hospital and you’re just admiring how amazing he looks in a white coat, and the next thing you know, you’re pushing him in his room and going down on him before Jin even has enough time to realize what you’re doing but of course, he’s even more excited to return the favor~

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That was strange. I was awake but dreaming. I was here but- but not here…


Requested Imagine: being reunited with Alex Summers when he brings Scott to the School and you two haven’t talked since he left for the war. Anonymous

You’re not expecting to see him there. To be fair you didn’t really expect to ever see him again. When he left, he left for war. And even with his powers you didn’t think he’d come back. You’d said your goodbyes a long time ago. 

“Alex?” you say and you almost pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream. You’re choking back tears determined not to break down in the middle of the hall. He looks up from his conversation with a boy and his eyes locks on you. 

“Y/N,” he says and you know it’s real because your dreams couldn’t make a sound as perfect as his voice. The boy next to him stops talking and looks at you. It isn’t until now you notice the cloth covering his eyes. 

“Don’t ask,” Alex says and you laugh.

“Give us a second, Scott,” Alex says and Scott immediately pretends to stare out the window a few feet from you and Alex. 

“Hi,” you say laughing a little, “I really am just trying to laugh to cover the tears.” You take a deep breath and feel your body relax. 

“I’ve missed you,” Alex admits quietly and you feel a wave of relief hit your body. This is real and you’re standing in front of the love of your life. 

“Then why haven’t you hugged me yet?” you ask trying to keep your voice from shaking. His face lights up in a smile and he hugs you tightly. You inhale his scent feeling happier than you’ve felt in a long time. 

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again,” you whisper placing a kiss on his neck. He sighs and you just know his eyes are closed. 

“But here I am. And I’m not leaving you again.”


When I am Old

@curliesallovertheplace requested: Hiya! Lately I’ve been obsessed with the song ‘When I’m old’ by Lawson and I think it would make a cute fluffy Dean aesthetic or Sam, or Cas… I love them all! Go where your muse leads you! Love ya 

The song gave me Cas feels I hope that is ok. And thanks a billion to the amazing @bkwrm523 for this drabble. Go follow her y’all!

“Cas,” you got your angel’s attention with laughter in your voice.  "This is perfect.“

The two of you had the bunker to yourselves for the night; Sam and Dean were out on a case for a few days.  Castiel had arranged a candlelit dinner of your favorite (ordered out, as the angel still hadn’t mastered cooking) for just the two of you.  A blush heated up your cheeks as Castiel looked at you and smiled, a world of love in his eyes.

"I’m glad, honeybee.”  Castiel replied.  "You deserve… so much more than I can give you.“

"Cas.”  You got his attention again, this time your voice a gentle admonishment.  You reached across the table and took his hand.  "You’re all I want.  You make me happy.  Okay?“  Castiel smiled at you and blushed, ducking his head shyly before he murmured his assent.  

You took another bite of food, savoring the taste.  The sound of a chair made you open your eyes again, to see Castiel standing and moving towards you.

"Cas?”  You asked, wondering at his behavior.

“I have been told this is customary.”  Castiel explained, clearing up nothing.  He fidgeted, standing next to you, looking away and gathering himself before speaking.  "Y/n, the time we’ve spent together has been… incredible.  Unreal.  I never thought I would be this happy before.  I love your smile, your laugh, everything about you.  And I don’t want it to end.“  

You cocked your head at the angel, wondering where on earth he was going with this as he paused for breath.  Then, Castiel kneeled next to you, and your breath caught, and all you could see was his blue, blue eyes.

"Y/n, will you marry me?”

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Just a Dream.

Dreams are a series of thoughts and visual sensations that we experience while we are asleep. We dream every single night, though we may not always remember them. What we dream about can sometimes be illustrations of what our futures may look like, giving us a feeling of wonder and thus making us wish they were a reality and not simply a manifestation of what we want.

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The Witching Hour

Okay this is a fanfic I came up with based on a prompt that I made up that is “Drunken 2am thoughts”. IDC if anyone else wants to use that for a prompt thing, but ye I’m writing a, you guessed it, Snowbaz fanfic. :-)

This is a little spooky bc u know….. halloween….

Let’s see how this goes….


It was 2am. 2am, a magical time. “The Witching Hour,” as some call it. A time where you could sit alone, let the darkness lull you into a soft trance. A time where the only sounds are your steady breathing in the empty room. A time where monsters lurk, creating fantasies out of shadows of the past. A time where you’re mind twists things such as a small sound, or a flash of a memory. A time that consumes some, leading them down dark, twisted allies until they can’t find their way back. 

Not all of us experience the horrors of these nights. Some are asleep before it starts. Some, it grazes over, leaving nothing but a small shake of a head to rid themselves of it. But for some, it slips in silently, reaches ever so close, whispering it’s secrets, driving some mad with worry. Unfortunately, Simon happened to be one of these poor souls on this cold and sleepless night. 

Baz came back into the room four hours ago. He slipped in like he always did. Silently and gracefully, pulling himself into his bed without so much as a crinkle of the sheets. Simon closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, but watching him through his half lidded eyes. Baz was staring straight back at him, completely unaware that Simon was still awake. They stayed like that for at least another two hours or so, then Baz closed his eyes and drifted off.

Simon let himself fully open his eyes. He could hardly see because of the pitch darkness that surrounded him like a thick bucket of paint, but he could make out Baz’s features somehow in the darkness. His hair blending into his surroundings with its inky blackness. His face looking like it was carved out of marble from an expert sculptor. His long, thin, violinist fingers clutching the pristine white pillow, rumpling it. There was something elegant about Baz, but at the same time, it was demonic. Like when something seems too good to be true and you know it’s all some twisted lie. 

That’s why I hate him, Simon thinks to himself. He frowns in disgust and a bronze curl falls in front of his eyes. He mindlessly pushes it back and stares at Baz, wondering what kind of plotting goes on in that head of his. He then notices the small smile curling on Baz’s lips. It’s not like his smirk. It doesn’t seem cruel or twisted. It seems happy. Probably dreaming about when he finally sinks his fangs into my neck, Simon thinks to himself.

The clock on his bedside table clicks, and clicks, and clicks. Simon takes turns staring at Baz, and then at the ceiling, trying to figure out a way to fall asleep. Soon, the time passes until it’s almost 2am. 1:59 to be exact. Then, one loud, sharp tick rings through the air. 2am, on the dot. A stillness settles in the air that wasn’t there before. Simon no longer hears the quiet, steady breathing of Baz. All there is is his breath and the loud beating of his heart. The rain seems to pound harder, to the beat of his racing heart. The air gets cooler, causing small goosebumps to dot Simon’s skin. He pulls up the covers tightly around himself to try and block out the cold, and turns back to Baz.

An almost shadow like figure creeps behind Simon. It eyes him like it’s next meal, which he pretty much is. It lays a long, withered hand on Simon’s shoulder, causing him to shudder. The figure leans close to Simon, so it’s face is right next to Simon’s ear. It latches onto every memory clinging to Simon’s brain, searching for something in between girls with blonde hair and tall boys with slicked back black hair and grey eyes.

He looks so vulnerable when he sleeps, the silhouette whispers. Simon cocks his head. His secrets seem to gush out from him, don’t they, Simon looks closer, seeing the happy bliss on Baz falling on his face. His lips seem to mouth words that don’t make a sound. Huh. That’s funny. They seem to be saying “Simon”. 

It’s really beautiful when his hair hangs around his face like that. The shadow feels Simon’s shoulders tense, then relaxes in a sort of happy fondness. Interesting. 

I wonder what it would feel like to run my hands through his hair. The shadow feeds the thoughts to Simon with a slight push forward. Simon reaches out, as if to touch Baz’s hair. Then pulls his hands back suddenly, his guard back up. The shadow tries to break the walls again.

I wish I saw his smile more often. It’s really magical. Simon lets out a dreamy sigh. I wish I made him smile like that. A feeling wrenches in his stomach that he can’t quite explain. The shadow finds pleasure making the boy’s gut twist in a feeling that’s part of a whole new world. 

Aleister Crowley, his lips are perfectly shaped, the shadow pushes again. So perfect. I bet it’d be a miracle to kiss them. Simon stiffens as if the thought surprised him.

“What the hell?” he whispers into the room.

C’mon Simon. It’s not like you haven’t thought of it before. Simon tries to push the thought out of his head. The shadow grips tighter. Simon flashes back to all the times he pinned Baz to a wall after a particularly nasty fight. How his eyes always searched Baz’s for any sign of weakness, anything that told him to stop. Any emotion. And then his eyes drifted to Baz’s perfectly shaped lips curved into a sneer, begging Simon to do his worst. Simon remembered feeling Baz’s warm breath on his neck and how it made his body tingle in an emotion he couldn’t quite identify. He remembered the way he always looked for Baz first. 

No, Simon thinks.

But… what if–


But what about this–

I. Am not. In love. With Basilton Grimm-Pitch.

Snow-Pitch does sound lovely, doesn’t it?


Simon and Baz Snow-Pitch. Has a nice ring to it.


I bet he’s really muscular underneath that shirt. What would it be like to run my–


I should corner him. I should kiss him. I should ask him why he mouths my name in his sleep…..


Aw he’s doing a happy little sigh. He’s so hot.


I am in love with Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch.

I am in love with Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch. My enemy. My roommate. A boy. A boy. 

I am in love with Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch. 

The shadow’s work was done. It removed it’s hands and left the poor boy to sort out the mess of emotions swirling around him like a tornado. He clutched his head as if it would explode if he didn’t. A battle was raging inside him, and the wrong team was winning. 


The next morning, Simon could barely Baz’s eyes. The grey eyes like the silver buttons on his coat. The grey eyes like the weather just before a storm. The grey eyes that where the perfect balance for his stunning blue. He was the rain to his sky. He was the calm to his fire. No no no no NO! Stop it Simon! 

Baz noticed Simon’s strange behaviour. He was beating himself up more than usual, looking around like a lost puppy. He hardly paid attention to Bunce during breakfast. Something happened, Baz thinks to himself. And he was going to figure out what.

When Simon walked into the room, Baz took no time into pushing him against the wall, causing Simon to bang his head painfully. His eyes looked equally as painful. Both of their hearts started to leap into their throats as they realized how close they where. Close enough to kiss, they both thought in unison. They looked into each other’s eyes, sky on a spring day between them.

“What are you doing, Baz?” Simon asks, trying to act like his usual self. Before he found out–NO!

I would ask you the same thing, Snow,” Baz says in his usual tone. He notices Simon look at his lips as he forms the word “Snow”. Baz is so glad he hasn’t had enough blood to blush, otherwise he would’ve resembled a tomato. 

Simon,” Simon says.


“Call me Simon.”

“And why the hell would I do that, Snow?”

“Because…. because….” Simon only sees one option. He never had a relationship with Baz to risk anyway, right? Surely this couldn’t hurt….

Plus, Simon was curious. And a lovestruck curious boy drunk on 2am thoughts is a dangerous thing.

Simon reached and put his hands on Baz’s chest. Baz thought that Simon was going to shove him off, but he was surprised when the golden fingers clenched on the fabric of Baz’s shirt, and instead of pushing him away, clutched him closer. 

“Simon what–” Baz never finishes. How could he when a dream is playing in reality. Simon kisses him fiercely with so much passion, Baz isn’t sure he’s isn’t dreaming it. He closes his eyes and tentatively hovers his hands over Simon’s waist. Simon releases Baz’s shirt, not breaking contact, and presses Baz’s hands to his hips. Baz is shocked by the sudden movement, but clutches Simon tighter anyway, letting his lips work against Simon’s. He lets his hands slip under his shirt and trail over his back, feeling new curves he never seen before. 

Simon slides his hands through Baz’s hair, drinking Baz in. His hair is soft, he smells like Earl Grey tea, and Simon loves it. He loves the fiery wisps that Baz trails on his skin with every new kiss and touch. He loves how the both dive in after taking a bit of air. He loves feeling Baz’s smooth, marble-like cheeks under his hands. He practically melts when he lets his hands slip under Baz’s shirt. 

That’s when they realized they are both hopelessly in love with each other. 

The Witching Hour really was a magical time. 

I’m a voice actor. I was contacted by someone who’d heard my demo reel and wanted to work with me.  

Client: We think your voice is perfect for this project. We’ll send you your lines and some directions.

Me: Great! I’ll send you the files when I am done.

I record my lines, and send them over.

Client: Would you mind re-recording these? The acting is fine, but we want your voice to be lower.

In the recording I sent them, my voice was lower than anything in my demo reel. I’m not sure what they were expecting from me.

Every time I look in your eyes I can see our future.
When you smile I forget what it’s like to feel lost.
When you kiss me I can taste what forever feels like.
When you hold me I know yours are the arms I want to wake up in for the rest of my life.
When you touch me I forget how to breathe.
Your voice sounds like the perfect mix of love and security
When you say my name I hear a beautiful melody, instead of just a sad song-maybe that’s why I’ve fallen so hard.
When I see you I know I’m looking at my forever
—  It’s you. (via thewordsleft-unspoken)