and your perfect voice

Enchanting, that’s what you are
With orbs the color of chocolate, soft and warm
A mosaic of freckles dusted on your skin, beautiful like stars
Curls of bronze with a hint of red complementing your breathtaking face
Your personality, the perfect mix
Your voice daring, accent lingering
A sparkle always present in your eyes
The crinkles around them, fascinating
Your laugh contagious, even to strangers
Your smile can light up the world
Well, at least, it lit up mine
And I admit, indeed, I may be falling for you

A little bit

—  Vera ( @calumofficials ) and Julia ( @atasteofcake ) cowrote this

I’m looking for some artists that would like to help with Fightworld (My Eddsworld fighting game) (ps the ones with the X next to it have been given to someone already)

Here is what I need

~Talk sprites 

X ~8-bit mini sprites (used for advancing to the next level)  ( @space-is-my-favorite-color )

~Fighting sprites (used in battle)

~Level sprites (used while wandering a level)



I’m also looking for voice actors for cutscenes and certain talk scenes! Here are the available voices







~Jon (since he is a ghost I’ll be using some effects to make it more um..echo-like)






~Future Edd

~Future Tom

~Future Matt

If you want one of these parts you MUST study your character and try to get your voice as perfect as possible (no exceptions!), there will also be a understudy just in case something happens to the original voice actor.

So yeah..good luck I guess? oh! and if you have any questions or want to help send me a ask or contact me on skype at official_fightworld

Just One More Kiss

If I sit very still
Quite, holding my breath
Slow the beating of my heart
Will you come for me?

Will you ever have the need
To come to me
You must enjoy
When I’m wandering
In the dark, in the night
Without you, looking for you

When the night comes
Your voice, your laugh
Your kiss, so perfect
But no more than a wisp
Of a faded memory

An endless nightmare
That empty road
Of yesterday

Just one more breath
Struggling to exhale
Just one more beat
Waking this shattered heart
Just one more kiss
One frantic,passionate kiss
Then I’ll have forgotten you

anonymous asked:

What would be a perfect date with your Princess? 👑

The perfect date would start by me hearing her voice on the phone telling her I’m on the way and she needs to be waiting for me. I would take her to a nice restaurant and when we arrive I would hand her a nice jeweled princess plug and tell her to insert it. She would wear it the rest of the evening until I’m ready for her to remove it.
After a light dinner she would be taken to a nice hotel where she would become mine for the rest of the night. Each of us would have any need or desire met, we would spend the night giving each other the most unforgettable night of our life.

over-imagine-watch  asked:

I love your voice, and your song is so amazing!!!! Please post more, your voice is so perfect ;w;

Ahhh ok not gonna lie you are one of the blogs that inspired my to make mine so I’m kind just,, malfunctioning right now. Thank you so so so much ahh!!!!! You’re so sweet and gosh I’m so flattered

venvephe  asked:

Happy Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day!! I'm so delighted for the Kingsman fandom that we have you, and that you contribute your incredible talents to these characters and telling their stories. Your work is so clearly lovingly crafted, and I'm awed, looking through your work, how much you write and how incredibly, incredibly well. Thank you so much for giving these gifts to fandom, we're very lucky to have you <333

Thank you so much! This message totally made me cry. I really appreciate this, thank you.

I’m even more amazed because you are one of my favorite writers. I stand in awe of your words, and how you are able to put so much sensual detail in your stories. Your characters are always so spot-on perfect I can hear your dialogue in their voices. And your smut is so incredibly hot and yet so wonderfully emotional, with the love they have for each other so vivid and clear. No matter what fandom you move to, I’ll always love your fics. <3

Perfect Voice Casting!

So I love love LOVE Smokey Quartz, she is funny, cute, sweet and fun and what and in her initial introduction episode, made of Love (awww). She was confident with herself. As well as Amethyst and Steven absolutely adored being her. 

This episode showed us that Smokey has a little bit more under her tough exterior, she’s insecure still. But we will protect her because look at her smile. 

But my point is, the perfect voice casting! Natasha Lyonne, well known for her role in Orange is the New Black, voices this amazing character. And if you have watched the show, Lyonne’s character Nicky Nichols is full of confidence, she is a fierce protector, humorous, and is a rough, tough, not afraid to get dirty sort of person. But under that she struggles with addiction and her own inadequacy for never being good enough for those around her and to an extent, herself. 

A+ casting Crewniverse. The ‘smokey’ voice of Lyonne just makes the character come to life but I love the sort of background the actress has as well. 

anonymous asked:

I have a crush on you because I love that body you have, your voice is perfect and I just wanna cuddle and make you happy in any way possible if I were dating you.

-goofy voice- GWARSH