and your perfect voice


When I saw Shaun King yesterday the folks organizing the event at the Harvard University Humanist Hub had a singer-songwriter perform a cover of this song, which Jean Rohe wrote as an “aspirational alternative to the national anthem.” 

It’s pretty powerful, as it acknowledges many of the dark places that our country has been while providing a sense of hope and commitment to ensuring that we live up to our ideals.

Words and music by Jean Rohe

Lyric (with gratitude to Dr. Martin Luther King and Abel Meeropol, via Billie Holiday)

Atlantic and Pacific flow
The Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico
The land between sustains us all
To cherish it, our tireless call

Arise! Arise!
I see the future in your eyes.
To a more perfect union we aspire
And lift our voices from the fire.

We reached these shores from many lands
We came with hungry hearts and hands
Some came by force and some by will
At the auction block, in the darkened mill


We died in your fields and your factories
Strange fruit hangin’ from the poplar trees
With an old coat hanger in a room somewhere
A trail of tears, an electric chair


Our great responsibility
To be guardians of our liberty
‘Till tyrants bow to the people’s dream
And justice flows like a mighty stream

imagine inviting Axl to your place

Ever since you started working in that bar at the end of Sunset Strip, you’ve been saving to have a place on your own instead of living in one-room apartment with three other girls. There came a time when you finally found just the perfect little space and never in your wildest dreams you thought  things could turn out to be so great there.

listening to loud music playing downstairs for month now, you became curious who was the person with this pitch perfect voice that flew all over your apartment, every night after 11 pm. slowly you walked down into a small garage kind of space and your nose was immediately filled with the smell of vodka and cigarettes. But you loved it. While you stood between the doors and watched the buzzed out band, all of them probably dancing with mr. Brownstone, there he was in the corner: strawberry blonde hair, tucked under a blue bandana, piercing green eyes and oh those so thight leather pants that looked so good on him.

“Well hello there girly. What brought an innocent face like yours to a place like this?” he said, his voice so low it sent shivers down your spine.

“I’ve been listening to you guys for months now, and I had to make sure you weren’t just a bunch of dirtbags.”

a small grin came over his face, showing just a little bit of his perfect teeth: “oh, so you’re saying you’re a regular here? I mean sneaking in and watching us?”

“actually I live upstairs mr…?”

“It’s Axl. Axl Rose. And you,pretty girl?”

“Y/N and very flattered by your effort to impress me.”

he smiled and moved closer to you and you suddenly felt a rush, an immediate atraction. There was something about this guy that no other guy had. Something you couldn’t just give up. Someone you were going to get to know better.

“Well mr. Rose since you seem to be the only sober one in this room, I imagine you must be bored, aren’t ya’?”

“Maybe.” He looked down straight into your eyes: “do you want to stay here and keep me company?”

“Well I thought you’d want to come upstairs for a beer or if you want something to eat, maybe?”

he was now just inches from your face, smiling down at you:”I’d love to babe.”

you took his hand softly and showed him the way up, since it was such a tricky stairway to your little corner of heaven. When you unlocked the door the smell of candels came gently running trough your noses and Axl seemed relaxed and pleased with what he saw: a small room with a tv, couch, a wooden ladder leading to your “bedroom” all coverd with subdued light.

“you can sit right over there.” you nicely smiled at his lightly freckled face. He took up on your offer and made himself comfortable on your couch, while you brought him beer and some pretzels. 

“that’s a really nice place you have Y/N. I could stay here forever.”

“you can.” you thought to yourself, fighting your passion more than you’ve ever had to.

when you two got deep into a conversation, you couldn’t help but notice, how smart he was. He talked about his abusive childhood and you got the feeling he doesn’t talk like this to a lot of people. Listening to his voice was like a lullaby to you: soft and calming, filled with love and passion. What ever that was you just felt, you knew you had to have it. After a while you walked up to a little shelf and you dug up you’re favourite recorded VHS- Bruce Springsteen live concert. Axl gave you a playful look when the music started to play: “I love Springsteen. You seem to know exactly what I want, Y/N.” “And I’ve only know you for what? two minutes?” 

the song fire finally came up and Axl pulled you from your couch, and put his hands around your hips, gently wishpering the song, while you felt his warm breath on your neck. He pressed his forehead against yours and looked into your eyes: “Babe I think I’m hooked. I’m gonna have to dance with you much more than just one night.” He winked at you and continued to move you aroud while the lyrics to your favourite song flew by: 

Late at night

I’m takin’ you home

I say I wanna stay

You say you wanna be alone

You say you don’t love me

Girl you can’t hide your desire

‘Cause when we kiss

Oh, Fire


this is my very first imagine. If you like it let me know and also send me ideas if you want me to do more:)

“Jolene, you’re so beautiful, Jolene, you’re so perfect, Jolene, your voice is just like the sound of summer rain, don’t mind me I’m just going to sublimate my anxiety about clearly being super in love with you into anxiety about my boyfriend, who is basically a featureless blob in this song that I wrote ostensibly about my love for him that’s really all about you, Jolene”


That was strange. I was awake but dreaming. I was here but- but not here…

I love you so much I’m sorry I get over sensitive it’s just that I care so much and can’t stop thinking about you.

half of me wants to call you because your voice is so fucking perfect but the other half questions if you’d even answer the phone.

I bite my tongue because you have shown me in the past that my words do not matter.

why do I allow you to have such control over me? will I ever learn? I’m starting to think I won’t.

It was almost how it used to be tonight, until I looked into your eyes and didn’t recognize them.

who knew there was a form of love that could cause me to wonder if anything is even real anymore.


I'know I’m taken for granted but one day you will wake up and I will be done with this bullshit. I promise.

Your eyes are so blue they mimic the Ocean. Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m drowning.

This is fucking pathetic.

I don’t remember what my name sounds like coming from your lips.

I think the worst kind of scarring is the invisible kind.

I love you too much.

This is a disaster, I am a mess. I’m so tired and I’m going to collapse, I’ve put all my energy into this for nothing.

I’m so sorry.

—  15 text messages I wanted to send but didn’t