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Write down the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle - no skipping, no cheating. a new twist has been added on - quote a favorite lyric from each song, and at the end, tag 10 people.

  1. Poison - All Time Low : “I’ve got a road and it leads to decadence/But a dead end sign waits down the line”
  2. Bow Ties Are Cool - Alex Carpenter : “Because bow ties are cool/All of time and space/It could be mine”
  3. Fucking Perfect - P!nk : “Change the voices in your head/Make them like you instead”
  4. Mother Earth - Within Temptation : “Once you will know my dear/You don’t have to fear/A new beginning always starts at the end”
  5. J’te mentirais - Patrick Bruel : “J’te mentirai/Et pourtant moi j’me suis menti de nous croire tellement à l’abri, de nous voir plus fort que la vie/Mais ces choses là, on ne les sait pas”
  6. The Misery - Sonata Arctica : “I am the playwriter and you are my Crown/make me cry for your love/like you’ve done many time”
  7. Dark Side - Glee Cast : “From a diamond/from black to dust/it’s hard to know/what can become/if you give up”
  8. Faith of the heart - Rob Stewart : “I’ve got strength of the sould/And no one’s gonna bend or break me”
  9. El Tango De Roxanne - Moulin Rouge Cast : “You’re free to leave me/But just don’t deceive me”
  10. If I were a Boy - Beyonce : “‘Cause I know how it hurts/When you lose the one you wanted/’Cause he’s taking you for granted/and everything you had got destroyed.”

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How would the lovers react to first hearing the guys' character songs? (Songs are in my blog btw. Love your blog!!!! ❤️😍) {Sakamakis and mukamis}

-Shuu: {Well…I didn’t expected you to sing a full of energy song! You sing…wow, really good. I like it– gya!!} “…What was that…? Something scared you?”  {W-What was with that mid-term drama cd!? And the…k-kissing sounds!? It’s the dummy head mic, doesn’t it!?} “…Maybe? Heh…the song was fully dedicated to you, so enjoy it.”

-Reiji: {To be honest, I think the other one fitted you better. The song is enjoyable, though.} “I appreciate your honest opinion, (Y/N)”. {Oh, I like how the guitar sounds! Your voice is perfect.} “Thank you.”

-Raito: {…Eh…} “Bitch-chan? Is everything okay? You didn’t like it?” {…Raito-kun…} “Was it my voice? The rhythm? Lyrics?” {…Your song is so perfect! I’m out of words! You finally did something seriously, not with half-effort!} “Thank you, Bitch-chan~ You scared me at first, nfu~”

-Kanato: {The song is just like you, Kanato-kun.} “Like me, you say? What do you mean by that? {It feels as if you are in a carnival when you listen to it, or more like a parade!} “Oh, I see, (Y/N)-san. That means it’s fun to be with me, right?”

-Ayato: “Bastard…why are you giggling!? I didn’t wrote anything fun on the lyrics!” {S-Sorry, it’s just that I imagined you dressed up as Snoop Dogg when you rap in the song!} “Tch, you are a really ungrateful Chichinashi! I wrote it thinking about you!” {Haha, thank you then, Aya-chan~!} “T-Tch.”

-Subaru:  {Itoshiki Pain…hitori janai kara–} “W-Why are you crying and singing at the same time? Is it that bad?” {N-No…It’s just that this song is full of feelings, your feelings, Subaru-kun.} “Sorry for making you cry, I didn’t want it to happen…” {You are a really sweet person.}

-Ruki: {The lyrics are really heart-warming, as the song and your voice but…} “But? Is there something you are hiding, Livestock?” {I bet your singing voice is perfect! I have heard you singing some songs in a low voice, and it sounded really good!} “…I just didn’t have the mood of singing.”

-Kou: {Oh my god.} “Is there something wrong, M Neko-chan~? I wanted to show it to you before putting it on my new disc!” {I love it, Kou-kun! Your voice is like…wow! I expected this from you!} “Hehe, thank you, M Neko-chan~! The voice parts are for you~”

-Yuuma: “So, how is it, Sow? Do you like it or nah?” {It’s really wild and noisy, just like you!} “HAH!? THAT MEANS YOU DON’T LIKE IT!?” {No! I love it! It’s like you, and I love you, dummy!} “Tch, don’t say cheesy things like that, Sow!”

-Azusa: {I’m really surprised, Azusa-kun.} “Eh…? Why are you…surprised, (Y/N)-san…?” {You talk in a slow manner, but in the song you speak, well, sing really fast!} “Is that so…? I didn’t noticed…fufu…”

Noise Complaints

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this imagine :) please feel free to leave any sort of request in my ask!

Pairing: Jordan Parrish/Reader

Warnings: Some swearing

Jordan was just happy to get off desk duty, to be honest. Ever since the whole deadpool incident, the deputy had felt as if he were chained to the damned thing. He had literally jumped at the chance to check out the noise complaint on Third Street.

As he turned onto the street, he wasn’t sure what the complaint was about. Usually by then he could hear dogs barking or loud music. Still, he drove up to the address he had been given and parked in the driveway.

The door opened just a few seconds after he knocked and he was absolutely floored. You were the most beautiful person he had ever seen and it was all he could do to keep his jaw from dropping open.

“Hi,” you said and- God! Even your voice was perfect. “How can I help you, officer?”

It took Jordan a second to snap out of his trance and remember what had brought him to your door.

“Um, we received a, uh noise complaint,” he told you. “But I can’t figure out what it was about.” You looked confused for a moment, but then it was like a lightbulb flashed on.

“Do you happen to know from what number you received this complaint?” You asked so sweetly that Jordan forgot that he wasn’t supposed to give you that information. He showed you the phone number.

You looked furious when you saw the number. “Excuse me one moment, please.” You said and you marched up the stairs behind you, leaving to door open and Jordan not knowing what to do.

“YOU CALLED THE FUCKING POLICE ON ME?” He jumped a little when he heard you yell. “OH MY GOD. OH MY FUCKING-” There was a door slam and then you stomped down the stairs, your beautiful face twisted with annoyance.

“I’m so sorry Deputy.. Parrish.” You said, taking a deep breath to calm yourself.

“Jordan,” Jordan corrected quickly. He didn’t like the idea of you thinking of him as just a deputy.

“Well, I’m sorry, Jordan.” You restated. “My grandma just moved in with me for a couple weeks and she keeps complaining that the toilet is too loud when it flushes.” You rubbed your temples. “She’s eighty and going a little nuts. She kept threatening to call the cops on me but I didn’t think she’d actually do it.”

Jordan couldn’t help but chuckle. “Wow, um, would you like me to talk to her for you? Try to explain that she can’t complain about toilets or something?”

You giggled but shook your head. “No, she’ll get used to it in a few days. I’m just sorry you had to drive all the way out here for nothing.”

“I’m not.” Jordan surprised himself when he spoke. You smiled. 

“Well, goodnight Jordan,” you said softly. He hesitated a moment and then decided to take a chance.

“Could I- could I get your number?” He asked. Your smile turned into a grin.

“You’ve already got it, haven’t you?”

No matter if people say you’re ugly or false, for me and for all your fans you are perfect, you have a beautiful voice, are funny, friendly and know respect your fans and your superiors

 you respect your friends, the years that I’ve been as a sone I have learned to respect you and love you, I hope some day i can go to their concerts, I would be the person most happy in the world - Always Support you in everything Choi Sooyoung ♡

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Plus also just imagine Ben's voice. Hear it in your head. I think it's the perfect dirty talk voice. Like when he gets quiet it gets lower and just UGH

I like you, anon. THIS is the kind of quality posts that I like on my blog. Ben Wyatt sex voice (new band name, I call it) in my head all day long.
link to my cover thing!

hopelesslyhowell : so my wifi is currently Shit, which means that I can’t upload anything and the only way I can show my cover video to you is through wetransfer
if u end up listening to it then enjoy!! if not then that’s ok too

im crying tthis is so good i cant even express how much i love it

its so beautiful thank you so much for this

Dear taylorswift !
Thank you so Much for this apportunity taylorswift ! WORDS cant describe How Much it means to me! To see you live, to listen to your calm, Nice and warm voice! It was Incredible perfect!❤️ I’m so HAPPY that I got this apportunity!❤️ Even though I broke down with my anxiety.. But your voice and speaches just calmed me down and helped me to relax and forget my anxiety. Thank you for being so good and Nice to everyone! You’re my biggest hero and I really love you!❤️ taylorswift - you’re the best one!