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Act Like You Love Me - Part Two

A/N: So here’s part two. I’d really love some feedback. 
Word count: 2,502
Part One


January 9 th, 2023

It was a rather chilly summer day in Pickering, when you made your way towards the house. You felt a lump in your throat, letting the sickness rush over you as you rang the doorbell.

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“You would not dare”



Spies AU

“What the HELL were YOU thinking?” Clarke’s voice echoed through the room as Lexa attentions were still fully concentrated on locking the door “What were you even…” the blonde continued, but this time the commander stared at her for some eternal seconds before answering. Her eyes were as cold as her voice, as harsh as her tone “I saved you, Clarke. You and your people. I don’t really see how you can complain, after…” and in that moment Clarke’s words cut off hers, possibly in the roughest way “You…” she started taking a step closer “Raven almost died! And Octavia… she could have ended up with…” she continued moving her body imperceptibly towards the other woman.

Lexa raised her eyebrows, and Clarke felt almost frightened from her icy gaze. Almost. After that, the Commander’s soft voice reached her ears “Success stands on the back of sacrifice, Clarke.” and after a moment of hesitation her tone became stronger and angrier, and, Clarke had to admit to herself, sexier. Her green eyes stared at her and Clarke felt so small, so powerless. It was the Commander of the Canadian Private Service she was speaking to, it was one of the most powerful people she had ever met, not just a random girl and it was difficult not to feel inferior in her presence.

She was so strong. And fearless. And brave. And beautiful, so beautiful that Clarke almost got distracted and almost didn’t catch her following words. Almost. “Even YOU should know that by NOW, Clarke.”

After that, Clarke almost felt the urge to laugh hysterically, energetically, but she fought that, and with her most serious tone she hissed “I DO know, Commander. But what you’ve done today…”
“What your fellow companions were willing to do, willing to risk…” the brunette continued for her, never avoiding the blondie’s raged eyes.

“Don’t go there” Clarke warned her, but Lexa needed far more than that to be intimidated “I know that those kinds of choices haunt you, Clarke. But you need to learn how…”
“I don’t want to learn how to live with that, Lexa!” she cried, calling the other with her name for the first time in a long, very long, time. In that moment Lexa made a smiled that was half exasperated, half amused and her voice reflected that “You’re not above it all, Clarke!” she exclaimed “You are just like us, stop pretending otherwise” she continued irritated, and the blonde looked at her with a gaze that almost showed… disgust.

After that, Clarke stayed silent for a couple of seconds, allowing her anger to full her before continuing “We are not like you. WE don’t work like that, we… we have a moral! We perform our duties, we serve our country WITHOUT causing irremediable damage, WITHOUT…”
“Really Clarke?” Lexa whispered almost offended “Really?” she repeated with a smirk.
“Really” Clarke confirmed “I genuinely don’t understand how you can justify it, in your heart, in your… soul! These… terrible… shortcuts! You’re a curse, you’re… an abomination!” and after that, she looked away, in a motion of angry discontent but Lexa rolled her eyes exasperated before forcing the other one to look at her, then she grumbled “You know what, Clarke? Our job requires our hands to be drenched in blood” and saying that she took a step closer, forcing Clarke to take a step back and after that, she continued “And you know it, you’ve always known it. You…” she stopped for a moment, mad at the hypocrites the blondie was showing, then she went on “You, who have led so many to their destruction know it, you… the one that killed her own boyfriend with bare hands, you…” and in that instant, Clarke’s arms reached Lexa’s shoulders in a desperate movement. Not that Clarke accepted that “Don’t you dare! I warn you!” she cried “Don’t you…”
And Lexa’s hands responded that frontal attack reaching Clarke’s neck, pulling it closer “You killed him” she started “You killed him, without hesitation because you knew that what we do is far more important than a couple of human lives, you did that even if it was an impossible choice for anyone, and you did that because you knew that it was the right call.”
“Don’t you dare!” Clarke responded trying to free herself from that twisted embrace “Don’t…” she continued but the only result was that Lexa tightened her grab “You are no better than me, Clarke” she said seriously, but after a moment her tone became more kind “This is what we both are, my love” she whispered with a small smile.
Then she continued, “You can’t run away from who you are. From what we both are”.
In that moment Lexa suddenly felt Clarke’s body shaking under her pressure, but still didn’t let her go, no matter how many tears Clarke was starting to spill in that moment.

“I was 18” Clarke began “I was 18, and he was my first love!” she cried desperately “And what I did to him it almost destroyed me! It surely changed me and completely broke me. I was 18! And I loved him!”

Lexa nodded and tried to reassure her, or at least this was what she was trying to do “I know, Clarke. I was there, and I respected and supported your choice.”
“You did more than that” Clarke replied, with a calmer tone this time, “You encouraged that choice… And you helped me… And I hated you for that…”
“And I let you,” Lexa whispered doing something that Clarke had never expected her to do. She hugged her, trying to calm her down “It was the only reasonable choice, Clarke” she whispered again “It was needed, Clarke, and you know it, as it could have been needed today, as it could be needed in the future”
“Shut up… Just shut up…” Clarke repeated “Just…”
“Clarke…” Lexa called her again, kissing her forehead in an infinite moment of peace and sweetness “You did the right call back then. You did what I would have done and what I pray I will never have to do.”
Lexa separated from her and moved her head near Clarke’s, staring at her, her beautiful, deep, green eyes. Clarke tried to control herself, but then those words escaped her mouth regardless.
“I hate you, I detest you.”
“No you don’t, you never have and you never will.” Lexa said shaking her head in a sweet movement, and after that, she kept staring at Clarke’s mouth without saying a further word, and the blonde noticed that and reacted accordingly “You would not dare” she warned her, and this caused the brunette to smirk evidently “You’re right, Clarke. I wouldn’t. And I won’t” and then she paused for a moment before continuing “I won’t because you will.”

Clarke rolled her eyes before saying “You’re such an arrogant, superb, petulant, irritating… pain in the ass.”
“I love you, t…” Lexa started, but Clarke cut her off by kissing her roughly “Shut up Commander” she said pushing the other to the wall and reaching under her shirt impatiently “Just shut up.”

Sweets (Jack Gilinsky)

The worst part of him being away was the things my mind convinced itself. I imagined him in some sleazy hotel room, with another girl gently stroking his abdomen as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. I wasn’t even on his mind, just her locks of perfect curled hair and how they tickled his chest when she pressed her body against his. 

“I thought I’d never fall in love, then I met you.” He would whisper in your ear each night before he left, but somehow tonight you were lying in bed doubting every sweet word he spoke to you. Did he really miss you? Was he really sleeping or hanging out with friends? No, he was probably with the girl in his instagram picture. You missed Jack terribly, oh god you missed Jack. It had been a week since he left, and the seven days were complete torture. You tried to be positive over the short three minute phone calls and texts that he took hours to send. It was hard, but you loved him. 

You roll over and sigh deeply, you wanted so badly to hear his voice but if you called him he might think you’re being desperate and clingy. Tapping your fingers on your tummy your eyes shut, and reopen, and you feel tears roll down your prominent cheekbones.

 It was the first time you had cried since Jack left. You hated yourself for crying over something your own mind convinced itself. You use your fingertips to wipe away the tears and let out a shuddering breath. You had hit rock bottom, this was the hardest night since he left, and you felt like you were going insane. 

Eventually, you begin to drift off and the thoughts of Jack turn dull as your sleepiness takes over, you hadn’t slept in days. You were just about to fall asleep when you hear your distant text-tone come from the nightstand beside you. 

“I love you, sweets. Call you tomorrow x.” 

He isn’t my boyfriend, but he’s something, and he calls me sweets and I haven’t talked to him in a week because he’s out field and my mind has come up with all sorts of things…so I made this.- Bri x 

“I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

Why would the ice skating rink be closed at this time? It was only seven thirty and Dan and I were in the cab on our way back home. We had planned the perfect day. We would go skating, then we would to grab dinner, and end with a night home cuddling watching movies.

I was now slouched my head against Dan’s shoulder muttering annoyed under my breath. “Who shuts down a ice skating rink in the middle of the day?” I asked annoyed. Dan played with my fingers interlacing them and locking them as he placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“I don’t know, but we can still have a great night. I promise.” He said looking at me his brown eyes soft as they locked with my own.

I let out a sigh and moved pecking a kiss on his lips as the cab drove us home. When we got to our flat I set my bag down and pulled my curled hair up. “I’m going to go change.” I said glancing at Dan who had already disappeared down the hallway. I shook my head and went to my room. I traded my jeans for sweats, my shoes for bare feet, and my nice shirt for one of Dan’s oversized ones.

I was about to leave the room when I heard a bang and a flow of curse words. I ran out of the room and down the hallway as fast as I could. I found Dan on the floor rubbing his head. The lounge was almost empty, the lights dimmed and music playing. When he noticed me he looked up and grinned at me. “I waxed the floors.” He began as he stood up his socked clad feet slipping a bit but he held onto the wall. “Go grab your fluffy socks.” He finished looking at me with a wide childish grin.

I let out a soft giggle and ran back to my room grabbing my red and green fluffy Christmas socks and pulled them on before making my way back to the lounge where Dan stood in the hallway with his hand out for me. “Shall we skate?” He asked as I took his hand.

Who needed ice rinks for a perfect night? The best nights were the unexpected ones like tonight had become. Dan did something I hadn’t expected. I thought we would order take out, and watch a movie after the evening had started off as a fail, but he did this all for me.

I gave his hand a little squeeze and nodded. “Let’s.” I responded and that was how the night went. We slipped and slid on the waxed floor of the lounge as our laughter danced in the air with the music.


Wow Hayley whats going on! youre posting so much! 
Well ive just been inspired lately so im using the inspiration i can now!

Secret’s Out  (Pietro Maximoff x reader)

Request: I love your blog! Could you do something where the reader is Tony’s daughter and he catches the reader and Pietro kissing? 

Here you go, doll!  Hope you like!

“Babe, we shouldn’t be out here.  We can just watch this in my room.”

The rest of the team was gone for a meeting in Washington D.C. and wouldn’t be home until the next day. Your boyfriend thought it would be the perfect time to finally see you outside of your respective rooms, locked away from Tony. If Tony were to find out his only daughter was dating Pietro, it would put a quick end to not only your romance, but your freedom and perhaps the life of your boyfriend as well.  Most of the team knew about you two and had promised to keep it to themselves, but you couldn’t help but be nervous and take extra precautions.

“My love, they will be gone until late tomorrow.  You worry too much.  We should enjoy this time together, and enjoy being out in the open.  We have the whole tower to ourselves.”  His voice has soft and low, soothing your anxiety.

The common room was dark with the exception of the movie playing on the screen before you.  You were both lying on the couch with your head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.  Despite its racing speed, it calmed you.  His hands were winding your hair between his fingers as he spoke, and you closed your eyes at the sensation of him gently pulling it as he moved.  

“Hmm,” you sighed, relenting to his reasoning.  “Okay, we can stay here.  I’m enjoying this to much to even think about moving anyway.”  A few seconds later, your empty stomach growled, ruining the moment.

“Do not worry, darling. I have a plan.”


“Piet, you can uncover my eyes now.  Please?” Within seconds he had grabbed you and dashed to the dining room, where an elegant and extensive dinner was set up for you both.  He uncovered your eyes, smiling at his surprise for you.

“You like?”

You stood motionless, marveling at the sight before you; the table was filled with ornate centerpieces of your favorite flowers and dishes full of your favorite foods, ready to partake. Wanda stepped out from around the corner, smiling at herself and the secret she was able to keep from you.  

“Wait, Wanda?  I thought you were gone with the team?  What are you doing here?”  You rushed over to her, grabbing her in a tight hug.  “Did you do all this?”

“My brother couldn’t do all this alone!  It’s time you know that now, (Y/N), before you begin a life full of disappointing expectations.”

Pietro huffed and pushed her from the room.  “Thank you, sister, that’s enough.  You can go.”

Snapping your head towards him, your expression turned skeptical.  “What did she mean by that, exactly?”

“I don’t understand much of what she means.  Here, sit. Let’s eat, yes?”  He pulled out a seat for you, caressing your arms as you sat down.  Once you were settled, he bent down and placed a soft kiss on your neck.  He paused there for a moment, then whispered into your hair, “Would a life with me be out of the question?”

Your eyes were wide as you realized what he was asking you.  It wasn’t as if the possibility hadn’t crossed your mind before.  It had, many times.  You had never talked about it though, and you had no idea that he was thinking the same thing you were; that it wouldn’t be out of the question. It was a question you wanted more than anything else.

Reaching for your water, you cleared your throat quietly as you took a drink.  Now was not the time for your voice to falter.  He saw the slight tremble in your hand and placed his over yours as you sat the glass down; you could see the ripples in the water as they matched the anxiousness you felt inside.

“It would not be out of the question, no.”  Your voice was a whisper, still at risk of failing you.  “Are you…are you asking me to begin one with you, Piet?  It won’t be that simple.  My dad-“

He spun the chair around, kneeling before you.  “I will speak to your father, my love.  He will understand.”  Placing your hands on his face, you pulled him into a kiss, sealing your promise to him. His arms moved to encompass you, his hands moving up into your hair.

The sounds of a charging repulsor broke the moment, as Pietro’s eyes widened with fear.  With a silver flash, he was gone, hiding from the man he had just promised to make understand about your relationship.  Is this what Wanda had meant about expectations?

Leaning back in your chair, you sighed, determined to not let your dinner go to waste even if the rest of your evening was ruined.  


Breakup Interview

    Heyyoo, so this is based off of this post cause I really wanted to make a story based upon it. Hope y’all like it

   Words: 2075

   Warnings: drinking, swearing

    There wasn’t any pleasant way to find a photo of your boyfriend locking lips with another girl but having your coworker tweet it at you was especially bad. That damn Twitter that Alex had you make. It wasn’t only her tweeting it at you though, oh no, your mentions were flooded with countless people sending you multiple photos. You never thought you’d live to see the day when Alex cheated on you, he had always been so perfect and the two of you made each other so happy. You couldn’t believe it at first, checking to see if it was some sort of cleverly photoshopped image but you quickly realized that they were as real as your broken heart.

  An hour into laying on the floor with tears streaming down your face, you hear your phone start to ring. You immediately sat up hoping it would be Alex, not that you even wanted to talk to him but just to see that he cared, however it was not. You answered your best friends call lamely, feeling the tears starting to form in your eyes again

  “Hello?” You spoke quietly into the phone as you laid back down.

  “FIRST OF ALL, he does not deserve you!” Your friend began loud and angrily, “And second, if I ever see that lowlife bastard again… you can bet he’s going to regret that for the rest of his life!”

  You couldn’t even respond to her, you just began sobbing loudly into the phone.

  “Baby girl, shhh it’s okay, calm down honey. I’ll be there in 30 minutes okay?” Her voice lowered dramatically and became soothing which helped you to stop hysterically crying long enough to mumbled an okay back to her.

   As promised, she showed up at your door shortly. She sat with you for what seemed like hours while you continued to cry. Eventually after your sobbing diminished she left as she had to go into work in the morning, and you were left alone in your apartment again. You checked your phone every 5 minutes to see if he had called but he never did.

   It must have been the early hours of the morning when you fell asleep because you woke up right where you had been sitting last night with the light streaming through the windows. The first thing you did was check your phone but he still had made no attempt to contact you. This was the moment in which you felt yourself snap, hurt turned into anger and you could feel your face reddening. This was the man you’d been dating for 3 years, the man you lived with, the man you loved. The only reason he wasn’t home was because he was on tour but he couldn’t even text you after he messed up that royally? Before you knew it you had your phone in your hand and you were looking for Alex’s contact, it broke your heart a little when you pushed call and saw his photo, but you had to stay strong.

   “Hello?” a groggy voice spoke through the phone. You could tell by his tone that not only had you woken him up, but that he was also hungover.

   “I can not believe you could be such a goddamn prick, Alex!” You started louder than you had originally intended.

   “Y/N? Wh-what are you talking about baby?” he mummered, sounding mildly more awake.

   “You fucking know, asshat! That girl you were smushing your face onto at that bar last night! I’ve had people tweeting me photos since yesterday,” you were in full out anger mode now. Especially after he had the nerve to call you baby in a time like this.

   “Oh… oh my gosh… Y/N…” he was now fully awake and you could tell he suddenly understood the severity of the conversation.

   “Yeah that’s right, why would you do this to me?” Most of the anger had left your voice and was replaced by the tears beginning to well up in your eyes.

   “I-I was drunk, I don’t know hat happened… it just kind-” you cut him off before he could finish his lame excuse though.

   “Do you know what Alex, that’s not good enough. I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye,” your voice got quieter and quieter as that sentence you uttered went on but you knew if you said anything else you’d breakdown on the phone.

   “Y/N PL-” you hung up on him mid-word and immediately began crying again. Your phone began ringing and when you checked, sure enough it was him calling you back. He tried to call you 57 times before he finally ceased.

   4 days passed and you hadn’t heard anything else from Alex. His social media was untouched as well, though from the official All Time Low account you learned that they had cancelled the show the day you had broken up. Fans were conspiring on twitter about what was up with him at the 2 others they had done since then but no one was really for sure. You figured after you got home from work you’d be doing what you had been doing every night since the two of you had broken up, drink a bottle of wine and watch some sort of sappy romance movie, but before you could get the cork out you noticed a text message from Jack.

  Have you seen it yet?

  You replied quickly, having no idea what he was talking about. He sent back a link to a youtube video. You clicked on it and a video entitled “Interview with All Time Low” popped up. You exited out and texted Jack back.

   I don’t want to see any old interview where he says he loves me, Jack. That’s not gonna work.

   He responded immediately.

   Look at when is was published.

   Begrudgingly you opened the link again and checked the date, and were surprised to see it had been published earlier that day. You clicked play and prepared for the worst, if only you’d known.

   The video began with Alex walking into the interview with Jack. The contrast between the two of them was ridiculous. Jack was put together and cleaned up,well for Jack anyways, while Alex looked like he’d just crawled out of bed. His hair was only mildly brushed down, he hadn’t shaved, his eyes were sunken with dark circles, and he had on a pair of sweatpants. The interviewer started talking to them and he didn’t even look like he was listening. Jack was answering every question while Alex stared ahead, occasionally nodding and making small comments about what Jack said. This obviously wasn’t working for the interviewer as she directed a question at Alex. He gave a half-hearted response and you could see her getting clearly flustered while Jack wasn’t even glancing over in Alex’s direction. After a few more questions came the grand finale, the apex, the part where the train came completely off it’s tracks. The interviewer turned to Alex with the sweetest smile and said the one question that was probably the worst thing she could have asked.

  “So Alex, how’s it going with you and Y/N? Any All Time Low wedding plans in the future?” You could see his face change at the mention of your name. His eyes dropped and he looked just absolutely defeated.

  “We broke up,” he spoke in a whisper, now looking down at his hands so the camera couldn’t see his face.

  “Oh… I’m sorry.” She responded to him as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, “I’m sure she’s kicking herself over whatever she did to have Alex Gaskarth dump her though,” she said, trying to lighten the mood slightly. Jack shot her a look that you had never seen on him before, even he was pissed. Alex’s face slowly rose to look her in the eyes, you had only seen that expression on him a couple times and you knew he was holding back tears. But after he met her eyes, it quickly turned to anger.

  “It was my fucking fault and she dumped me,” he gritted his teeth as he spoke, “Don’t talk about her anymore.” The video then cut to just the interviewer, both boys gone.

  “Alex and Jack were called for some last minute set up before their show so they had to leave before the interview was over. Don’t forget to like and sub-” you turned off the video, now sobbing again. He was a wreck and so were you.

   Why’d they post it?

   You typed to him not knowing what else to say.

  They were promised an interview and after that Alex stood up and left. No one could find him for hours. He’s such a mess without you. Talk to him?

   You stared at his text for a couple minutes before you could even begin to respond. So many things were racing through your head about if it was the right thing to do to take him back. Finally your sadness won and you pulled up directions on your phone to the hotel the boys were staying at, with some help from Jack to give you all the details. They were a state over but you could be there in 5 hours and 26 minutes according to google maps and you hoped if you drove fast that you could be there sooner.

   4 hours and 59 minutes later you pulled up out in front of the hotel. You got out of your car and brushed the chip crumbs from eating in your car off of yourself before pulling out your phone to text Jack. It was close to midnight now but you knew the band would still be up. You made your way through the lobby and up to the room Jack and Alex were sharing. You texted Jack when you were outside the door so he could quietly let you in.

   The door slowly opened and Jack popped his head around, looking relieved to see you.

   “Oh great, thank you so much. He’s over in bed. I’ll go see what Zack and Rian are doing,” he whispered before slipping past you and allowing you and Alex to have some time alone. You crept into the dark hotel room and instantly saw the lump that was Alex. He was curled up on the queen sized bed closest to the far wall and facing away from you. You walked over and climbed up on the bed and over so that you were sitting with his back towards you. You placed a hand on his shoulder, being uncertain quite how to alert him of your presence, and saw as he moved his hand up to pull out his earbud.

   “I told you, Jack! I’m not going out and I’m not gonna talk about it! I fucked up so bad and she hates me so please just leave me alone,” he spoke all of this without even looking in your direction. He then went to put his earbud back into his ear but not before you interjected a statement.

   “Jack left,” was the only thing you could think to say to draw his attention. His head darted over so he was looking up at you. His bloodshot eyes quickly began to fill with tears as he jolted upright and engulfed you in his arms.

   “Y/N, oh my god, you’re here. I’m so sorry, I’m such a goddamn drunk idiot who doesn’t deserve anyone like you but please give me another chance. I can’t function without you, I’m a mess an-” you cut off his rapid speech by wrapping your arms around him and pulling him closer to you.

   “I love you, Alex,” you whispered into his shoulder, feeling tears on your shirt from him crying as well as your own.

   “I love you so much, Y/N,” he replied as he pulled away slightly and looked into your eyes. You leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, to which he quickly returned.

   “Now let’s get some sleep,” you said smiling at him after you broke away from the kiss a few moments later.

   “That sounds perfect,” he said back. You shimmied off your jeans and climbed into the hotel bed with him. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you close to him before he began placing small kisses on your neck before you both fell asleep.


Two years ago I went through a kind of earth shattering break up, the kind that haunts you, and @sashayed, in her infinite wisdom, just sent me facts about animals. Like one or two a day. For weeks. It was an A++ Friend Move and I wrote a post about it somewhere.

ANYWAY two weeks ago my parked car was totaled while I slept and no one’s insurance wants to cover it and it’s become this total nightmare, and the animal facts began anew. They included a picture of a bunny at the start line of a bunny race (WHICH IS A REAL THING) and I expressed the desire to see him always as like “start your day! You can do it!” But his dimensions were wrong to set as my lock screen.

Long story not so short, I just got these in my inbox. There are actually 12 of them, but this is a small and perfect selection.

Anyway, may we all be so blessed.

“Drinking Coffee With the Captain” Part 3

Your neighbor comes back from his last mission; with a bottle of wine and romance on his mind?

Steve Rogers x Reader


Two days after Steve had gotten his last emergency call, and had run off into the night, shield in tow, you sat in your living room. You had the television flipped on, a mug of tea on the coffee table. Jake was out for the night with one of his many conquests; you weren’t sure when he would be home and you were enjoying the solitude. Your feet were tucked up under a thin blanket, and you were watching “Pitch Perfect”. About halfway through, you heard footsteps on the patio, a key in the lock next door, and the sound of a door opening and shutting. Steve must be home, you thought to yourself.

Things hadn’t outwardly changed since finding out that he was Captain America, but inside of your head, everything had gone from 0 to 60 really quickly. You had realized upon his leaving the other nights, business trips didn’t mean business trips anymore; they meant danger, and people trying to kill your friend, and not knowing if he was going to come back. And was he your friend? You were pretty sure he was your friend, but you were also sure the tall, handsome neighbor had also almost kissed you on the front porch two nights ago after firmly establishing that you two were the worst dancers in history… what would have happened if that emergency hadn’t occurred?

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Undercover Baking

Fluffiness, ya’ll. Fluffiness abounds. And a tinge of crackiness. Happy Friday, may all your weekends be fantastic!

Sherlock crouched in front of the oven and scowled. Inside was supposed to be the most perfect cake in all of creation. Rich chocolate with just the right combination of lightness and moistness. Yanking open the door, he retrieved the pan and dropped it unceremoniously onto the stovetop.

The edges of his cake were already burned and the middle was still a gooey puddle. And all he had to show for his efforts in this catastrophe was frizzy hair covered in flour, a messy apron, and a severe loss of pride.

‘Oh, my.' 

His nose twitched as the scent of cinnamon and chocolate wafted over him. 

'Would you like to try again, Mr Scott?’ The elderly woman teaching this ridiculous class laid her wrinkled hand on Sherlock’s arm in an attempt to placate him. 

He bit his lip to keep from snapping at her and adopted a forced chagrined expression, turning to look at her. 'I’m not sure another attempt would show any improvement, Mrs Foster.’

'Maybe Miss Souris would care to assist you.’

Sherlock turned to face the station behind him and didn’t even try to hide his displeasure. Piping intricate flowers along the edge of her perfectly round, perfectly frosted, and no doubt perfectly delicious, vanilla cake, Molly glanced up and smiled sweetly at him. 

'I’d be happy to in just a mo’.’ With a flourish, she finished the last flower and reached for another piping bag. To Sherlock’s growing surprise, she expertly dabbed yellow accents at the tips of the flower petals, spinning the cake stand with her free hand. 

'There!’ She declared it finished and stepped back. The rest of the class had abandoned their own projects to watch her work and applauded, several of the women crowding around and examining Molly’s creation with oohs and aahs while the undercover pathologist blushed prettily under their praise.
Sherlock looked back at his own pitiful attempt and, if possible, his scowl deepened. 

'Ready to go?' 

He nearly jumped in surprise. So lost in his sulk, he hadn’t noticed Molly approaching him. She stood right next to him and was pretending to examine his cake (if it could even be called that), all while speaking out of the corner of her mouth. 

'Sherlock?’ She whispered. 'Do you have enough evidence yet?’

Of course he did. He’d had it the moment they’d sat down for the class introductions. Mrs Foster, sweet old lady that she appeared to be, was embezzling from the school. He’d snatched her phone and forwarded the incriminating emails to Lestrade before they’d even broken an egg.
But he’d wanted to show off a bit. He was a graduate Chemist and baking was essentially edible Chemistry. 

Unfortunately, his ability to achieve perfection in all he tried his hand at apparently did not extend to culinary arts. And the cherry on top of this fiasco was that instead of being impressed by his inate baking skills, Molly easily showed him up while he floundered pathetically.

Not that he wasn’t impressed (and more than a little turned on) by her confident prowess in baking. But the case was not turning out how he had anticipated.

He’d been trying to work up the courage to ask Molly out for weeks. But the words would never come. He’d eventually resorted to asking her to accompany him on cases. They’d gone on seven in the past two weeks and John was beginning to get suspicious as to why Sherlock was leaving him alone all of a sudden. 

What Sherlock hadn’t expected this time was to discover that, despite his Chemistry background, he apparently couldn’t bake at all. And that Molly had managed to hide a secret talent from him for years.

'Where did you learn to do this?’ He blurted out.

Molly blinked and busied herself rearranging the ingredients on his station. 'I practiced. My schedule doesn’t allow me much of a social life. Baking became a bit of an obsession to cope with the harder days.’

He hummed in understanding. 'Maybe you could… teach me sometime.’

Her hands stilled and she looked at him in question. 'Like right now?’

'I don’t think this is the right place, considering the Met should be here to arrest Mrs Foster within the next seven minutes.’ They shared an amused smile. ‘But tonight?' 

She nodded. 'As long as we do it at my place. I have a feeling we may accidentally introduce some unfortunate chemicals if we did it at Baker Street, no matter how well you say you cleaned.’

He chuckled. 'Fair enough,’ he agreed as he unknotted his apron and tossed it to the floor. Molly opened her mouth to tell him to pick it up, but he cut her off. He wasn’t going to put this off a moment longer. 'Since you have the rest of the day off anyway, would you like to join me for coffee?’

His tone had been casual, but his heart was racing. Molly’s eyes widened in surprise and a becoming blush stained her cheeks. Her mouth opened and shut several times as she tried to speak. 'Join you? As in…a…?’

'A date? Yes.' 

Seven seconds of agonizing silence passed while Molly stared at him in shock. He was beginning to worry that she didn’t seem to be breathing when her surprise suddenly gave way to a beaming smile that lit up her face. 'I’d love to.’

Relief swept over him. He grinned as she eagerly jerked her apron over her head and tossed it toward the laundry bin. 

'Shall we?’ He held out his hand to her. She pulled her lips back to hold in her smile and dimples appeared in her cheeks as she slipped her hand into his. 

'Afterwards, back to mine for a baking lesson?’ She smirked up at him.  'I think your culinary skills are in desperate need of immediate assistance.’

He mock pouted, but preened when Molly squeezed his hand to pacify him.

'Don’t worry, we’ll start simple. Some scones or biscuits, maybe? We can always have John taste test them so we don’t have to.’ She smirked cheekily.

A wicked grin formed on his face and he snatched her beautiful creation, stand and all, in one hand and pulled her along behind him with the other. ‘You’re positively devious, Doctor Hooper.’

Molly turned back to the confused class and waved just as Sherlock pulled her out the door and out of sight.

Four Hours Later

'How did you like the biscuits?' 

Molly opened her eyes and giggled at seeing Sherlock upside down standing in the doorway. 'Best I’ve ever had, though next time we should try actually baking them.' 

Rolling over, she rested her chin on her arms and bit her lip as she stared at her boyfriend. Boyfriend! He sauntered over to her and dropped onto the bed. The sheets were wrapped around her haphazardly and the way he looked at her made her feel like a Greek goddess lounging about indulgently.

She turned onto her side, propping her head up. 'Never thought eating uncooked dough could be so sexy.’

He leaned down and began nibbling along her bare clavicle. 'Who could resist watching you lick it off your fingers like that? God, Molly.’

She gasped when his nibbles trailed toward her sensitive neck. 'So, what have you been up to for the past few minutes?’

'Just had to put something in the post,’ he mumbled and stretched out on top of her, pushing her into the mattress and kissing her senseless.

Any questions she’d had flew out the window as he successfully unraveled her from the tangled sheets.

Across London

'A package for you, sir.’

Mycroft glanced over to the door, his feet pounding the treadmill and sweat slicking his hair to his forehead. Anthea walked over to him holding a white box and a chagrined look on her face.

Slowing to a stop, Mycroft hopped off and grabbed a towel to dab at his face and neck. He eyed the box and immediately deduced what it contained and the bastard who’d sent it.

Anthea handed it over to him and quickly left the room before the bubble of laughter she’d been holding back burst.

His chest heaving from the exertion of running, Mycroft braced himself and flipped open the lid.

'Damn you, Sherlock.' 

Written in bright red edible gel in the shaky, yet unmistakable handwriting of his younger, pest of a brother across the surface of a delectable looking cake were the words To Mikey-Wikey XOXOXO in the middle of a sloppy heart.

He trailed his finger through the thick, perfectly creamy frosting and licked it off with a delightful moan, closing his eyes.

'Damn you.’