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The Lady and The Monster Chapter One

Summary: A historical AU. You have lived a lonely life, the daughter of the richest man in your village. One day, you beside to see the legendary Monster who lives by the lake, only to find yourself pleasantly surprised. 

Words: 2771

Paring: Roman Godfrey x Reader

Warnings: I think one swear word. Mentions of sexual activity and seduction. Rude Roman. Angst. No smut in this chapter but chapters two and three are going to be SMUTASTIC. 

My first AU and my first Roman fic. I originally wrote this for Bill but decided Roman would be a better fit. If there is any interest in the Bill version, let me know and I will post it. There will be two more parts after this, with quite a bit of smut. There is a lot of angst in this part but I swear chapters 2 and 3 will be ridiculously fluffy and happy. 

I’m dedicating this series to the wonderful @supersoldierslover, literally one of my favorite people on the planet. She has inspired and encouraged me so much, she is just the best! Thank you for helping inspire all my fics! 

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Kill Zone: Part 13: Fighting for Life (TEASER)

We are coming close to an end to this series. As a matter of a fact I am done writing it now since I wrote the epilogue and part 13 in one go. I hope the ending will live up to your expectations. Until tomorrow (Tuesday 9pm CET) here is a teaser.


You froze in your place, stopping your flight to turn around to see Cas sprinting towards you, looking over his shoulder towards the mountain before returning his attention to you. A wave of relief rushed over you. If he was here then maybe it wasn’t over. Maybe you were safe. He had found you, just like you knew he would. If Cas was here maybe Benny had been apprehended.  

“NO! Y/N don’t stop!” he yelled at you, waving you on, “keep going. Head for the trees.” Tears fell from your eyes, because his words robbed you of the little hope that had started growing inside of you. It wasn’t over. Benny was still out there, aiming his rifle at you. The only thing accomplished with Cas being here was that his life was now in danger too. You couldn’t move, you just stood there staring at the man running towards you. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be the end…

“Y/N! Keep going,” Cas grabbed your arm the moment he reached you, pushing you in front of him placing his body between yours and the mountains as he forced you forward.

“Cas… No… Please… You have to get to safety,” you panted, trying to stop and force him ahead of you. You were the one Benny wanted, not him. You couldn’t let him risk his life for yours when there was zero chance of you both getting out of here alive. Not when he was alone, which you knew he was. If Cas had brought backup, you would have been surrounded by now.  

“Dean is here,” Cas spoke, keeping his hand closed around your arm, forcing you forward. “Sam called for help. You just need to keep going, Y/N. Keep running,” he ordered, as your tears streamed down your face.

Dean was here. You gasped as the realization dawned on you. He was out. If anyone could stop this nightmare, it was him. Then the tears started to pool in your eyes as a second thought entered your mind. If Dean wasn’t by your side trying to get you to safety, there was only one other place he could be, up on the mountain, trying to stop Benny from pulling the trigger. Dean was in as much danger as you both were and had you been stronger or had Cas loosened his grip on your arm for just one second, you would have turned around, running back up towards him. Even if you knew there was no chance that your weakened and battered body would get to him in time, everything within you screamed at you to try.

You were just starting to turn around to stop Cas, to plead with him to help you get to Dean, when the crack of a gunshot rang through the air, followed by a umpf sound from Cas as he fell forward, into you. Your scream rang through the night as his body pulled yours down with his and your head landed on the ground with a dull thud, before everything went black.

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BTS reaction to you feeling insecure about your body due to breast cancer removal surgery

Warning: Angst! (and lots of fluff)

A/N: Hello, I’d like to request a bts reaction to their girlfriend feeling insecure about their body due to breast cancer removal surgery? If you decide not to write this one, I will understand. Thank you 💓💞

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anonymous asked:

ey um... your characters for pjo seem a little whitewashed, they're extremely pale and saturated in colour. Could you maybe start using darker tones and shades?

it’s been 3 years since i’ve drawn for pjo, and i’ve gotten better at colouring since then, i hope. 15-16-year-old me could’ve really used this advice back in the day, probably! but i’ve long since realized and internalized this criticism of my art, and i’m no longer afraid of using bright, saturated, colourful colours when doing digital art.

this is a message that’s 3 years too late, but thank you nonetheless for not being rude about it. i’m going to have to seriously talk to pjovoices about asking before they use my old, old comics for their posts.

i don’t know if you follow me, or if you just dropped a fly-by ask in my inbox, so i don’t know if you or anyone else who’s sending me messages like this will ever see this post. but i feel like it’s worth putting out there just in case.

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Probably post SMA but just imagine Bamon in bed, Damon wakes up first and just watches Bonnie sleep for a little bit, he's stroking her curls that have come loose during the night, and is just staring at her super intense. She wakes up a slightly moody (not a morning person) and asks him what he's doing he replies something cheesy like "I just love your hair, you look like my little lion". She rolls her eyes but secretly loves the little nicknames and Damon being mushy in the mornings

10/10 - Bonnie is absolutely his little lion and he is absolutely her shithead mushball.


Agents of H.E.A.R.T.E.Y.E.S.  😍 😍 😍


8 reasons why we love Regina Mills (insp)

happy birthday @freifraufischer​!

♡ bts as boyfriends  [ jungkook ]

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- pairing: jungkook x reader

- warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, please skip past if this makes u uncomfortable!

seokjin - yoongi - namjoon - hoseok - jimin - taehyung - jungkook

request/ask - masterlist

  • jungkook invented being a big fat SOFTIE who’s head over heels in love

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BTS Scenario | Daddy Dom

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for supporting me. I’ll be re-posting my reactions & scenarios on my blog.

PS: All of my reactions/scenarios and fictions will be fixed and there will be new things added in.

Aftercare is not included.

Not requested.

Warnings: Smut

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Fangirl challenge  | Relationships
Farscape, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton