and your jaw too


“Wake up, love.” George spoke softly into your ear as he shook you gently. 

“I don’t want too…” you grumbled, rolling onto your back and lifting yourself into a sitting position. George laid his head on your chest, hugging your waist. Your finger slowly made their ways into his ginger hair. 

“Too bad.” he pressed a kiss to your jaw. “I’ve made your coffee and mum’s made breakfast.” he smiled against your neck, accompanying the cold air of the house in shivers across your skin. He laughed at your sleepy one-eye-open look. 

“Did she put chocolate in the pancakes?” 

“Yes!” he chuckled, growing impatient as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you off the bed. Walking into the dining room, you realized taking George word was a bad idea. Molly hadn’t made breakfast at all. He had made your coffee though and handed you a mug full of it. “Two spoons of sugar, no creme, just how you like it.” he grinned and lead you around the corner into the dining area, stopping before the two of you could enter. You face-planted into his back, some of your precious coffee sloshing onto the floor. He was beaming when he looked back, pressing his finger to his lips as he put his hands on your shoulders to guide you in front of him. 

Ginny and Harry stood near the dining room table… snogging. 

“Morning.” he tried hard not to smile as the two teenagers’ heads snapped away from one another and stood in horror, staring at the two of you. George hid his smirk in a sip of his coffee, which he took with more milk and sugar than actual coffee. 

“George,” you suppressed a giggle. “George, leave them alone!” you smacked his arm. 

“Why should I?” 

“Nobody interrupts you when you’re kissing me.” 

“We’re married!” 

“Oh, George, we stood in the kitchen doing just that long before we were married. Come on!” you try to pull him away from the mortified pair, sending them apologetic looks.

“They’re just having a snog right in the middle of the kitchen! People eat in here, you know!” 

“Carry on.” you blush, pulling your husband from the scene. “As you were, good morning.” you call behind you as you push George with his coffee up the steps. 


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‘Because your lips and your thighs, and your everything fine.’

Namjoon (bts)

Genre: Smut

Word count: 395

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Could you write a dry humping scenario for the hip pop unit. Your bloggg is the bomb. Your so amazing! Saranghe <3 and thanks


“Have I yet said that I love you?” Seungcheol asked between your sloppy kisses, his hands in the back pockets of your jeans as you lay on top of him on the couch, your legs spread and hands resting on his chest.

“Not today,” you mumbled him an answer, slowly sliding one of your hands to his warm neck and up to his jaw. “But I love you too.”

He smiled into your kiss, his hands grabbing your ass through the fabric of your jeans and pushing you against himself, sighing quietly as your crotch pressed against his. You grinned and ground down against him as well, nibbling at his lower lip when you started feeling him get harder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Seungcheol asked, his voice low as he ended your kiss and pressed an open-mouthed kiss on your jawbone instead, bucking his hips up to let you feel how you were making him feel. Moaning quietly and feeling the effects on yourself, too, you then chuckled.

“Continuing what you started,” you replied and got up, standing on your knees with Seungcheol’s hips between them. His hands were now on your hips and he looked into your eyes with his own filled with lust. He took his lower lip between his teeth as he waited for you to proceed.

With a smirk slowly taking over your face, you lowered your crotch onto his, pursing your lips at the moan Seungcheol let out, trying to keep quiet yourself. “Yes, baby.”

You started moving your hips back and forth with the pressure increasing the more your clit was rubbed by your clothes as a result of pushing against his clothed, now fully hard cock.

“Come on, let me hear you,” Seungcheol said before grunting as he bucked his hips up while pushing you down on him simultaneously. You finally let out the moans that you had been holding back, the wetness in your panties getting painfully obvious to you. Seungcheol shut his eyes as he focused on the beautiful sounds you were producing and the way you felt against him even through all the denim between you - or exactly because of it all.

From the way his hands tightened on your hips and his breathing got more rugged, you knew he was getting close to his release. Knowing this, you leant back down again, latching your lips onto his neck, nibbling and sucking on the skin while you kept moving your clothed sex against him, now focusing on the upper part of his length.

With a moan and a quiet curse word, Seungcheol came in his pants, his mouth hanging open as he rode through the orgasm with you still moving on top of him at a slow pace.

“Shit, stop,” he gasped, causing you to chuckle a little. You moved to sit upright on his thighs and stroked his arms sensually, looking down at him with a small pout.

“I didn’t come yet,” you said with a whine, and Seungcheol’s face lit up in a matter of milliseconds.


You were too immersed in the video game you were playing to notice Wonwoo’s presence until he crawled to lie on top of your back, his lips brushing the back of your neck and his hands giving him support next to your arms. Losing your focus on the game, you sighed heavily and put the controller away, knowing you had already lost the mission at hand.

“Thanks a lot,” you groaned and shifted underneath him, Wonwoo’s sudden moan making you freeze immediately. Your ears burned as you began feeling him harden against your ass, the thin sweatpants you were both wearing hardly making it any less noticeable.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo said to your ear with a thick, slightly desperate voice, and swallowed hard before slowly moving on top of you, grinding his bulge against you. He held a grunt in and stopped as you remained still. “Can I..?”

You licked your lips and turned your head sideways, resting your cheek on the bed you were lying on. “Let’s turn around.”

Wonwoo complied without a single word, and soon you were straddling him, your hands resting on his chest and his hands placed steadily on your waist. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he took in the way you looked from the angle.

“You must’ve been really needy to get hard this fast, Wonwoo,” you spoke with a calm voice and sat down on his bulge, moving against it with a smirk on your lips while Wonwoo moaned. “You like that?”

All he could reply with was a nod and yet another moan, his cock growing hard at a quick speed with your movements and your words. His hands moved from your waist to your hips and he held them tightly, bucking up into you involuntarily. “Oh, yes.”

You gasped at the feeling of him grinding against you, as you were painfully turned on as well, a small wet spot forming on your thin sweatpants little by little. You picked up your pace, pushing a bit harder down onto him and getting as much friction on your clit as possible, which soon turned your gasps into moans.

“Are you close?” Wonwoo asked, his hips now moving a bit more sharply against yours. You nodded and bit your lip, trying to keep more quiet to fully enjoy each and every sound that Wonwoo was making. “Good, I am too– ah, fuck.”

His movements came to an end suddenly, and upon realizing that he had just come, his facial features contorting in the most beautiful way, you were thrown over the edge as well. You lay down on top of Wonwoo while panting heavily, kissing him before shooting him a glare, although it was a playful one. “You better make up for the game you made me lose.”

Wonwoo’s lips spread into a wide smile that revealed his teeth and made his nose crinkle a little. “Of course.”


Mingyu held you close to his chest and showered the back of your head and neck with kisses, a happy smile on his face as you giggled.

“Focus on the movie,” you said with a playful tone and moved to sit closer to his crotch, which made him tense up, the smile disappearing in an instant. You swayed from side to side, your lower back rubbing against him.

How was he supposed to focus on the movie when your every movement would brush against his length, especially when he knew that the only thing you were wearing other than the bra and his shirt, were your panties?

“Uh, Y/N,” Mingyu said quietly as he felt himself growing hard, and cursed in his mind. There went the cute and romantic movie night. You stiffened against him when the erection became obvious, poking against you in the way it often did in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon after a good nap. There was no doubt.

With a smirk, you swayed some more before turning around and straddling Mingyu on the bed, his back resting against the wall. You placed your hands on his shoulders and leaned down to place a kiss on his ear. “Now, I have an idea.”

“I’m all ears,” Mingyu replied, his breath hitching in his throat when you pushed your sex against his bulge.

“Do me like you would if there were no clothes on,” you whispered to his ear, dragging his earlobe between your teeth afterwards. Mingyu groaned at your words and placed his hands on your ass, as he loved to do, and bucked his hips up while pulling you close to him.

Hugging his head close to your chest and tugging his hair a little, you let out a high-pitched moan. “Yeah, just like that.”

Mingyu grunted and continued thrusting up while pushing you down, his clothed cock rubbing nicely against your heat that was only covered by your panties that were getting wetter with each movement.

“Mingyu,” you muttered, angling your hips so that his length was rubbing your clit, which nearly made you mewl. He kept your hips that way and thrust up faster, now desperate for his release, especially with you such a mess on his lap.

“Let it go, baby,” Mingyu choked before grunting as he came, his head falling back against the wall and his hands squeezing your ass while his hips kept bucking up against you.

“You didn’t give me enough time,” you groaned and continued moving against him. Only, he was quick to move one of his hands from your ass to your front, easily pushing your panties aside and slipping his fingers between your wet folds.


Woken up by the stiffness rubbing against your lower back, you opened your eyes slowly, becoming more and more aware of what was going on the more obvious it became that the rubbing was intentional. Vernon’s hand was on your hip, trying not to squeeze too tightly, as he grinded against your lower back with quiet sighs leaving his lips.

“Vernon?” you asked, trying to disguise your own arousal underneath a confused tone. He halted his movements, and you turned around with a silent groan, meeting his widened eyes. You raised your eyebrow. “Did you seriously expect me to sleep through that?”

“Not really..?” he asked, flashing you a grin afterwards and pulling you a closer by your hips, your panty-covered heat meeting his bulge, hidden underneath his boxers. “You being awake makes it a lot more fun.”

You bit your lip and locked your eyes with his as he turned you to lie on your back and got on top of you, pushing his hips against yours and groaning at the friction. You moaned quietly and bucked your hips against his, deliberately ignoring the way you could feel your panties getting wetter by the minute.

“I had a really nice dream,” Vernon mumbled while kissing your neck, his bulge pressing into your pussy as he moved his hips up and down in controlled movements, rolling them every now and then. “You were wearing that one lingerie of yours with your hands ti–”

“Vernon,” you said forcefully, teeth clenched as you pulled him into a kiss, frustrated with the way his words were affecting you - your panties were soaked, and the close proximity of his length hardly made it any better. Chuckling lowly, Vernon continued pushing against you, his breathing growing heavier and more erratic as he got closer to his peak.

Teasing his tongue with yours, you pushed against him as well, desperate to reach your own climax and knowing how close he was to his. As he finally gasped and the wet spot on his boxers got bigger, you continued moving your lower region against his clothed member, coming with a pleased moan into your own panties a moment later.

Vernon moved back to lie down by your side, his arm resting on your stomach as he caught his breath. Leaning up to kiss your jaw, he then spoke: “Shower?”

“Sounds good.”

- Kay

I hope you enjoyed!

Got7 Reaction - Being an Overprotective Boyfriend

Thanks to @izzy-bangtan for requesting this one - hope you liked it! Keep sending in your requests everyone.

Mark: If Mark knew you had been hanging out with one of your guy friends, he probably wouldn’t say much and would hide how jealous he felt. His overprotective nature would come out when you two were alone. He’d say something like “I don’t like you hanging out with your guy friends. I get worried you’re going to leave me for one of them.” And you’d probably cuddle him so he knew he had nothing to worry about.

JB: JB would be so protective over his girlfriend so whenever you told him you’d be hanging out with some guys, he’d beg to come along. Throughout the whole time he’d have his hand around your waist and he’s never leave your side. If a guy so much as looked at you for too long, he’d be kissing your lips, jaw, neck, anywhere he could to show that he was yours.

Jackson: I think Jackson would be a mixture of overprotective and nonchalant about you hanging out with a bunch of guys. I think he’d tell you that he didn’t really mind and that he fully trusted you but deep down he’d feel the need to hold you a little tighter before you left. He’d want to hug you and kiss you more than usual whenever you had been with them just to reassure himself that he still had a beautiful and amazing girlfriend like you.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be very protective of his girlfriend. He seems like he’d be a more traditional boyfriend where he has to protect you all the time. If you said to him that your guy friends had asked to hang out with you, he’d want to know about them and if there was any chance they’d try to make a move on you. In the end, you’d just bring him along and hold his hand so he knew that you cared about him and only him.

Youngjae: I think Youngjae would react in a similar way to Mark, he’d be pretty quiet despite his jealous and protective but would instead do little gestures to try and show that you’re his girlfriend and not theirs. He’d probably lace his fingers in yours and would kiss your cheek more whenever your guy friends were around.

Bambam: Bambam would be the least jealous or protective boyfriend in my opinion; he’d probably be pretty cool with you hanging out with guys as long as they were definitely just friends of yours. If he ever thought one of your guy friends was getting ‘too friendly’ then he’d full on make out with you just to get the other guy to back off.

Yugyeom: I think Yugyeom would also be quietly jealous of your guy friends whenever they hang out with you. He’d probably be a little scared to show his more protective side in case you got annoyed with him for being overprotective. If he ever felt that your friends needed to back off, he’d probably tell you how he felt and would ask if you could either see them less or bring him along.


New from WeirdFaeles stimmy jewlery: durable donut pendant! $4.75

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If you’re anything like me, you chew and you chew a lot. I personally chewed my way through many chew products. Durability is hard to find- and when it is found it can carry a hefty price tag.
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A Friend To Love (M)

►Character: iKON’s Hanbin || You

►Genre: Smut; Bestfriend!Hanbin

►Word Count: 2, 782

This might not turn out like what the anonie want though but I hope you like it. I’ve been losing inspirations lately and having a problem coming up wth plot so the update might be a lil bit slow. I’m sorry guys >..<

© to picture owner

You sat silently, the car was running at high speed at how Hanbin is flooring the gas with rage. You glanced at him to see that his tense jaw, his grip on the wheel is too tight. Your eyes landed on his knuckles, a scrape of blood decorated his milky skin making you gasp softly… “You’re hurt.” You grabbed his wrist, feeling how tense it is but slowly relax upon feeling your touch. “It was worth it. That bastard really deserved it. I would have cracked his skull open to stuff some sense into his dense brain if you didn’t stop me.” You smiled a bit. The bastard that Hanbin was talking about is your boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now. You two were at a pool party in his friend’s house. You were supposed to meet your ex there but you can’t see him anywhere. Hanbin helped you looking for him although what you found broke your heart entirely. You found him, in a bedroom, almost naked and shoving his tongue down a girl’s throat, his hands were somewhere that wasn’t supposed to be. You’ve seen this coming though. You’ve noticed how your boyfriend changed over the past week. He had been sneaking around, frequently texting on his phone and lied to you to avoid going on a date with you. Hanbin’s reaction was spontaneous, he pushed through you who was too stunned to do anything before grabbing your ex by the collar, punching him sending him sprawling on the floor. You were quick to stop Hanbin before he managed to throw another punch. You glared at your boyfriend who was shocked to see both of you there. “Babe, I can explain…” “Don’t you dare to call her that.” You pushed Hanbin behind you before pulling the necklace he gave you off your neck and threw it at the face of your boyfriend. “We’re over. Don’t ever come to see me anymore.” You dragged Hanbin out of the room, away from the party.

You sighed for the nth time, somehow feeling like a big load of weight had been lifted off your shoulders. “Don’t you wanna cry? Just shout out your frustration don’t bottle everything up inside.” You chuckled at him. “Like you?” He glanced at you, he open his mouth and was about to reply with a remark but decided against it as his gaze met yours. He heaved a deep breath instead, his frown dissolving away. Quietly, you scooted closer before linking your hand around his arm, leaning your head in the crook of his shoulder, releasing a breath along with all the frustrations built up inside of you, now feeling as light as air. Hanbin sighed, his muscles relaxed underneath your touch. “I’m just glad that it’s over.” You mumbled, loud enough for him to hear it. Hanbin peered down at you, sighing before placing a kiss on the top of your head. His action made your heart swell, that your chest ached. “I don’t wanna go home yet.” Hanbin smiled. “Who said we are?”

Hanbin had drove both of you to where you always come to watch the stars and the city lights at night sometimes. A hill at the end of the town, quite comfortable and non-dangerous if it was with Hanbin. Right now, you were cosily cuddled in Hanbin’s warm embrace, his arms tightly wrapped around you with a fur blanket placed on both your hips, another one spread underneath you for comfort at the back of his car, the back seats folded away to make some space for both of you. Because you had been doing this for several times already, he had tucked a few mini pillows and blankets in his car’s boot so it would be handy in a situation like this. Hanbin’s warm breath fanned on the crown of your head, the up and down of his warm chest lulled you in but the recent incident had you wide-awake. You shift so that you could look up at him, drinking in his profile. His sharps jaw that you’ve come to love, being so close to him you could see the fine stubble on his chin, the bridge of his nose that was so high that people sometimes mistaken him for being a foreigner, and his soft, ample lips. Secretly, you craved for them. You yearned for them to graze your bare skin, to leave marks on your body, drawing wanton sighs and moans, claiming you as his. You swallowed. All these times that you’ve been dating that bastard ex of yours but your mind was somewhere else. Always drifted back to Hanbin. He was always there whenever your ex weren’t which is almost all the time. You rarely meet your ex, saying he was busy with his work whatsoever. So most of the time you had, you spent it with Hanbin. He’s the one that knows you in and out. Then realization hit you hard like a bullet, straight into your heart that made it feel like the world had come to a halt. You’re in love with him. You love Hanbin.

“Hanbin.” You whisper was replied with a soft hum, his gaze shifted towards you. His eyes soften upon coming in contact with yours. “Do you love me?” You felt him tense, his jaw slacken at your question. “O-Of course, why do you ask that? We’ve been friends for…” “But I love you more than that.” Your answer halted him midway. His smile faltered. You pulled away from him but his hands didn’t leave your body. “I don’t know since when, but I realized it now. You’ve been with me, laughing with me, crying with me. Why didn’t I noticed it before? And I was too busy chasing someone who treated me like trash that I didn’t notice you and I didn’t even know if you like me too but.” He hushed you when you started to rant nonsense. Your tears-brimmed eyes stared at him, a blur image of him grinning filled your sight. “What?” He shook his head, biting his lips. Your brows furrowed and were about to snap at him for laughing at you but his action next silenced you. Hanbin curled his fingers around the back of your neck before pulling you towards him, colliding your lips with his. His lips that you were so lusting over. Reflexively, you wrapped your arms around his neck, flushing yourself against his warm chest. He wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you in even closer. After a few minutes, he pulled back, his eyes hooded as they stared back at you, breath ragged due to the stolen breath by the kiss you shared. He grinned. “I like you too… I love you too, more than a friend.” You huffed, pulling him in for another kiss, deeper this time, and passionate to wash away any hesitance. His fingers raked through your thick ponytail, cradling your head to have a better access to your mouth, his tongue shyly grazed you lips that you quickly granted, letting him explore the wet cavern of your mouth, battling with yours. By the time both of you separated, your messy ponytail was now loosened, you were settled on your knees in between his legs forcing you to look down with Hanbin tilting his head up. Your fingers gripped on his shoulders, clenching the material of his hoodie. His unoccupied hand was creeping underneath your blouse, feeling the cold skin of your belly encountering his fingertips. His eyes searched yours, asking for your permission which you granted with a curt nod. He smiled before closing the distance again, crashing his lips to yours, nibbling and sucking on your bottom lip that it had gone swollen. He push up your blouse, revealing your torso to the cold air making Goosebumps blossom on your silky skin, he caressed your waist, gliding his palm to the curve of your back, and his nimble fingers unhooked your bra swiftly. His touches never left your body, his lips danced across your jaw to the slender column of your neck, fulfilling your fantasies. He shrugged off his hoodie without breaking away from your neck. His cold fingers grazed your perky nipple before massaging them making you moan, your back curved into his touch as his lips had descended down to your chest.

Abruptly, he wrapped his arm around your waist before effortlessly lifting you up. You gasped in surprise only to find that he had lay you down on the fluffy blanket, your bare back tickled by the soft material. Hanbin hovered above you, his shirt grazing against the peak of your breasts making you shudder, and the cold air did not help it all. Your fingers gripped on his wrists, squirming underneath his stare. He dipped his head to kiss your lips before descending to your neck, nibbling on a patch of sensitive skin there that got you sighing in content. You curved your back to reveal more skin to his lips, moaned when his cold fingers grazed your nipples, tweaking them between his fingers to send jolts of desire through your body. Your fingers flew to the back of his head, lacing through the half moussed strands, tugging on them to anchor yourself when Hanbin’s lips clamped around your sensitive nipple. Twirling the little pink bud with his tongue, Hanbin focus on drawing out the melodic moans out of you, his fingers mapping your body to embed them in his mind. When the tip of his fingers meet the waistband of your jeans, Hanbin fumbled with the buttons before releasing it, pulling down the zippers before pushing the heavy material down. You shuddered when your body was exposed to the cold wind. You heard Hanbin suck a deep breath. Fluttering your eyes open, the view of his dark eyes ravishing your body greeted you, running his dilated pupils from your ruffled hair, swollen lips, the dark marks painted the skin of your collarbone to your lingerie-clad body squirming underneath his lean frame. Hanbin sat back to pull the material of his shirt off, exposing his chest to you. Your heart skipped a beat, although you had seen his body countless times before, you can’t help but admire it every time. Even though he’s not that built but his wide chest and milky skin always made your fingers ache to touch it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity presented in front of you, you reached forward, your cold nimble fingers come in contact with his chest, savouring the feeling of his soft skin underneath your palm. You could feel his heartbeat, beating as erratically as yours do. Hanbin leans down to place a chaste kiss on your forehead.

You closed your eyes, he wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you flush against him. “Are you sure about this?” His deep voice vibrated through your mind, suddenly feeling so petite being wrapped up in his arms. He stared into your eyes, seeking for answers when you smiled up at him before nodding. He smiled back, leaning down to press his lips against yours. You sighed. It feels so right, you should have done this sooner, you should have realized your feelings sooner so that you wouldn’t date that ex of yours. You let his tongue dominate yours as he let your fingers ran over his body, feeling a shiver raking down his spine at the feeling of your fingertips tickling his skin while his were hooked on your thighs, caressing and massaging them. Lodging his body between your spread thighs, he grinned himself onto your core, making you groan into his mouth. You could feel him straining his jeans. Deciding to help him, you slipped your fingers between your bodies, tugging on the head of his belt to unbuckle it. Hanbin parted his lips from yours, leaving you gasping for air as he started to undo his jeans button and zipper, pushing them down. You watch his bulge push against the material of his briefs. Hanbin smirked seeing how your eyes were always glued on his body, pride bloomed in his chest. He reached for your legs, caressing them up towards your hip before hooking his fingers on the elastic of your panties to pull the fabric down. A sudden blush spread on your cheeks, feeling your body flushing at being fully exposed to Hanbin’s eyes. His caressing doesn’t stop there, he started to massage your inner thigh before running his fingers along your slit, feeling your leaking juice coating his fingers. You gasped, your breath hitched feeling him teasing your nether lips. Out of sudden, he pressed one of his fingers into you, sliding it in effortlessly due to you slickness. You took a deep breath, your mouth went slack once feeling his finger deep inside of you. Without another warning, he added another digit, scraping them against your wet walls making you cry out his name. “Hanbin please don’t tease.” He smirked before placing a kiss on your forehead. Complying too your request, he pulled out of you although you frowned at the loss of contact. Hastily he pushed his brief down to let his erection free, standing proud against his lower body, his angry red head glistened with precum. He fumbled around his jeans, in search for a condom. “I’m on pills, Hanbin please I need you inside of me now.” Hanbin paused before returning to your squirming form.

Placing his hand on your hip, he positioned himself against your opening, sliding in inch by inch slowly that made you arch your back at the feeling of being stretched. Once he was fully inside of you, he let out a breath, slumping forward. You circled your arms around his neck reflexively while hooking your heels on his lower back. He grunts, feeling the position allowing him to sink into you even deeper. He let you adjust to his size, his chest heaving with his ragged breath, colliding with your hot breath. The cold breeze caressed both of you although it does not help cooling you down. In fact, you could feel your hair sticking to your neck, drenched in sweat and Hanbin’s chest gleamed with the moonlight that provides ample light for your sight. You moaned his name. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do this.” He breathed into your ear, his hot breath fanned against the shell of your ear. You bucked your hip making him groan. “Hanbin, move…” Your lewd mewl made him twitch, he let out a shaky breath. Obeying, he pulled back his hip only to snap them back down against you. You gasped with his repeating action, his hip slapped against yours pushing you nearer the edge every time. Feeling the tension built on your lower body, you urge him to keep going. Hanbin was drowning in the feeling of your hot channel clamping around his erection, the lewd sound of your entrance swallowing him and your quivering breathy moan filled his mind. Feeling you tightening around him only encouraged him to keep going, thrusting in and out of you. You felt the coil tightening in your belly, your eyes shut tight as your nails dig into his biceps. After a few more thrust, your toes curled, your body spasm as your orgasm washed through your trembling frame, drawing a loud cry of his name with your head thrown back and your back bow away from the furry blanket underneath you. Grunting, Hanbin reached his peak upon feeling your walls milking him, thrusting deep inside of you to spill his orgasm into you. You sighed. He collapsed on top of you, his sticky skin moulding with yours with his soften member still buried deep inside of you, trying to regulate his breathing. You felt your eyes drop, your arms wrapped around his shoulders and your cheek pressed against his. You could feel his breath on the side of your neck as he could feel the flutter of your eyelash on his ear. With a grumble, he pulled himself out of you before lying beside you, his arms still tightly wrapped around your figure. You scooted closer into his arms, tucking your head underneath his chin as you always did, a small smile crept up your face. Hanbin sighed in content before fumbling around for the blanket to cover both of you, not wanting to share the feeling of your soft skin with the whispering breeze. You let his arms tug you closer into his chest. Hanbin groaned. “I should have done that sooner, and then we wouldn’t be wasting our time for the past years.” You giggled. “That’s what I thought too.”

Do not put up with anyone who doesn’t make you feel like the Moon and the Stars in the night sky or the Sun that brightens up an entire day, boldly and freely showcasing another one of its talent in the evening sky displaying a jaw dropping array of colors. You and your life are too phenomenal to be filling it with people who don’t expand that love and phenomena in your life.  If you have to walk alone for awhile, walk alone for awhile and seriously use this time to work on releasing traits you personally feel are destructive to your well being, building a bond with yourself, learning to love yourself, re-connecting with yourself. <3

Voice Teacher: Can you think about breath support, resonance, vowels, consonants, expression, acting, staging, and looking good without using your jaw, tongue, larynx, or anything else too much?
Neck kisses with BTS

Thank you for the request!♥

Jin: He would be gentle, leaving sweet little kisses whispering sweet compliments as well.

Originally posted by god-please-save-my-soul

Rap Monster: He would love taking his time on your neck, first slowly but after a while harshly kissing.

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J-Hope: He would love burying his face in your neck. His kisses would be short but meaningful.

Originally posted by mykissingstyle

Suga: He would like kissing your neck, he would also like taking control and making you moan with his pleasurable kisses.

Originally posted by mykissingstyle

Taehyung: He would kiss teasingly, sometimes slow kisses, sometimes little bites.

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Jimin: He would make his way all over your neck, jaw and face with harsh kisses, using his tongue too.

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Jungkook: He would love to experiment and try something new everytime he kisses your neck. Although he would know your sensitive spots and would always make sure he gets them right.

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-admin Bae


When you can’t stand the mirrors.
When seeing your own face is agonizing.
When your cheeks are too round,
And you jaw isn’t square,
And you’re smooth and soft,
And don’t even get you started on your hair.

When your shoulders are too fucking small,
And your chest is too full of fat.
And there’s not nearly enough muscle.
And your body is smooth where there should be hair,
And your hips are as wide as a truck,
And dammit why can’t you be tall?

When you hear Miss instead of Mister,
And wonder what tipped them off.
When you Ma’am instead of Sir,
And stop talking for hours,
Because somehow you’re sure it’s your voice.
Too high, too sweet, too delicate and lilted.
Vocal cords you hate,
And wish you could wind,
Tight, so tight,
Around your throat,
Every single night.

When it’s she instead of he
And her instead of him.
When teachers and students and friends fuck up.
When your dad mourns your “beautiful long hair”
And refuses to call you his son.
And your mom pretends to understand,
But really she doesn’t have a clue,
And you’re all alone again.
Just your dysphoria and you.

When your skin is itchy.
Too tight, too loose,
Fat here, wrong spot,
Where is my muscle?
When your hands are too small,
And there’s a space between your thighs,
And your skin is smooth not rough,
And you soul continues its silent cries.

When you’d rather gouge your own eyes out,
And scream till your throat is raw,
Than look in the mirror,
Or hear “of course ma’am”

“Hurt Me, Heal Me” Lay/You

scenario: ER visits are literally the worst but maybe you’ll end up thanking baekhyun and tao anyway..

rating: pg-15 for: swearing, dumb baektao, dumb everything really, nurse!Lay  a/n *fans self because of nurse Lay, like wow* 

You don’t really have time to look up as you focus on getting Baekhyun over to an open bed surrounded by curtains. Zitao shuffles behind you silently, but he’s not on his phone, which is a first tonight. The guy takes Baekhyun’s other side, helping plant him on the bed without much fuss.

“Thanks, you’re a…” you trail off, meaning to maybe say lifesaver, but definitely not hottie. That’s not appropriate. You can feel the end of your response on your lips, but the next breath that hisses past your lips kind of sounds like fuck so you click your jaw shut.

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*** I didn’t wanna put the wrong plot for the story about the moms boyfriend and all that so I just skipped that one and went to the second one in the list. I’ll see if the person answers tomorrow and then I’ll resume with that one 😊***

“What about tomorrow? I thought maybe we could get some lunch, go for a ride or something.” You smiled and patted his cheek gently. “You’re so cute. Can’t get enough of those baby cheeks. I don’t know though Juicy, you’re just too nice. I like bad boys.” Juices smile fell and for the first time in all of your rejections, his jaw clenched tight. “How can someone be too nice? Every time I ask you out, you always got some excuse.” You smirked at his exasperation and shrugged. “You’re just not my type.” You laughed lightly but Juice didn’t find it funny at all and stayed staring you. Your attention was somewhere else though.

You looked over and patted Juices arm as Kozik walked into the clubhouse. “I’ll talk to you later.” You waltzed over towards Kozik with a nice swing in your hips, smiling flirtatiously as you walked up to him. He saw you coming and smiled himself, biting his lip and looking you up and down. “Hey gorgeous.” You bashfully smiled and winked. “Hey handsome.” He pulled you into a hug and whispered in your ear making a show of it so Juice could see but only you could hear. “He looks fucking pissed.”

Kozik knew that you liked Juice but that you also liked to toy with him a bit. Always playing hard to get and being aloof with his advances. Telling him how cute and adorable he was but never really taking him seriously because he was too much of a sweetheart. One day you’d gotten to talking with Kozik and after admitting your feelings, you’d also admitted that you just wished he was more dominant, more aggressive. At times, his soft and warm nature made him look somewhat weak when surrounded by his alpha male brothers. All you wanted was for him to take charge and assert his dominance a little, so you and Kozik had started to flirt to see if you could get a rise out of him. Kozik knew it was all for show and that you had feelings for Juice but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy the attention he got from you.

With his arms still wrapped around your waist, he let one hand slide down a little lower, resting half on your hip and half on the slope of your ass. Even with your back to Juice, you could feel him staring at you or probably more accurately, glaring at you. You could feel his eyes burning holes into your back but that was it. No causing a scene, no standing up and claiming you. Just staying in his seat and glaring. Kozik could see the disappointment in your face, the disappointment that he still hadn’t made it a point to try and make you his. Disappointment that maybe he didn’t think you were really worth fighting for. Kozik could see that you were losing hope and he decided to make one last move.

Squeezing your hip with his hand, he leaned forward and slowly kissed your cheek before nodding over towards the dorm hallway. “Why don’t we go to the back for a little bit…” His tone was very seductive and suggestive, leaving no room for misunderstanding what he was talking about. Even though Juice couldn’t hear him all that clearly, he got the gist and it was like someone had lit a fire beneath him. Now was his chance to prove himself. He shot up from his chair and stalked over to where the two of you were sitting, ripping Kozik’s hands away from your body and pushing you off to the side. It wasn’t rough to where you stumbled but it was enough to force you away a couple steps and you looked on, never seeing this side of him before. Closing the distance, he got right up in Kozik’s face and balled his fists up in the collar of his kutte, slamming him roughly against the wall. “Don’t let me see your hands on her like that again.”

His tone was low and very even. He wasn’t yelling or getting wild, he was near whispering but the bass in his voice was deep and you looked on with wide eyes as the two Sons had a stare down. Kozik was your best friend and although he didn’t have any real interest in having you as anything more, he did have interest in making sure that Juice was really down for you. So he tested him, moving his face closer to where their noses were almost touching. “Or what?”

The smile that spread across Juices face had you walking forward and placing a hand on either of their chests, positive that is wasn’t a friendly gesture. “Or I’ll take you to the ring and wipe the fuckin floor with you. She’ll be the last girl you ever touch.” You looked up at him with wide eyes, never expecting to hear him say something like that, especially not to one of his brothers but he didn’t look at you, simply kept his eyes trained on Kozik. You knew that he had it in him, you just wanted to see it but this side of him was blowing you out of the water and increasing your attraction to him by the second. With your hand still on his chest, you pushed him slightly and slipped between them when they separated, moving Juice away while Kozik straightened out his kutte.

Juice finally looked down at you and stayed quiet for a moment before he roughly wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into his body. “I was trying to be a gentleman. Guess that’s not your thing though.” You shook your head and smiled, running a finger down his chest. “That’s fine. You can be a gentleman. I just want you to be my bad boy every now and then.” He smirked and leaned his lips down close to your ear. “Oh trust me. I can be a bad boy.”


Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary: you get your wisdom tooth extracted and the one and only Pietro Maximoff gets the responsibility to look after you.

Author’s Note: I wanted to write something funny to detox my brain. This is my first Pietro one shot and its a fluffy one. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. I hope you find my sense of humour good and this one shot is not a cringe worthy experience for you! (guess who finally figured out gifs XD)

Warnings: none as such, slight state of undress maybe?

Word Count: 1849

Originally posted by ranrightintomyheart

You were walking in the hallway of the tower after your appointment with the dentist. You had decided to visit a dentist when the pain in your jaw had become hard to handle or when you had become too much to handle for the avengers. You had expected to be given some pain killers or a little fixing up but were you wrong, the dentist had first lectured you about your dental hygiene habits and had then broken the news that you will have to get your wisdom tooth extracted. Now it wasn’t the procedure you were worried about, you had some great pain endurance, it was how you would act afterwards on anaesthesia and who would take care of you. You were broken out of your thoughts when tony approached you.

‘are you with me (y/n)?’ he said as he snapped his fingers in your face. ‘wha- yeah, I was just thinking something. You were saying?’ you faced him completely.

‘I was asking how did the appointment go? Can we finally have some rest? I mean evil people we can handle, but you with all your fire and when you are highly irritate able- ‘he let out a deep breath in a mocking manner. ‘hey you can’t blame for that! I don’t just manipulate fire I am connected to it. That’s what gives me the temper.’ You explained. ‘and about the appointment, I am getting my wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow. Surprise! You waved your hands.

‘really? I would totally record it and-‘ he was saying it all grinning but stopped mid-sentence.’ Dammit! we are going on a mission tomorrow.’ He frowned

‘what! A mission!? What about me? I won’t be able to drive! What if I burn something down?!’ You all most yelled as you started panicking.

‘calm down kid, roadrunner is not going he will take care of you.’ he said trying to calm you down. ‘it will also give you time to settle things. You both either flirt ridiculously or try to murder each other. just give us all a break and sort it out.’ ‘what? No we-, ugh, fine.’ You folded your arms. You yourself couldn’t name your relationship with Pietro, it was complicated. Sometimes you were the best of buddies and sometimes you were after each other’s neck. ‘okay, I will get going now. I’ve got some work to do.’ And with that he went away.

They all left later that day leaving you and Pietro alone. You were curled up on the couch reading until a streak of blue appeared in front of you and your book and blanket were taken away from you suddenly.

‘Pietro!!! Give me my stuff back!!’ you yelled as you sat up. Your hair erupting in flames.

‘what? you didn’t see that coming?’ he said with an idiotic grin on his face.

‘as a matter of fact, I did but I didn’t want to melt your fucking face off!’ you said trying to calm yourself.

‘calm down, volcano’ he moved his hands to signal you to calm down and plopped on the couch beside you. ‘so, I will be babysitting you tomorrow, huh?’ he wiggled his eyebrows. ‘I have never seen you drunk it will be fun!’

‘no, it will be anything but fun for you maximoff.’ You faced him and pointed a finger at him. ‘I will get the thing done and you will drive me back and see that I don’t burn something.’

  ‘whatever you say fireball!’ he pulled your cheek and ran out of the room.

The day finally came and Pietro drove you to the dentist’s. ‘you won’t faint or something right?’ he asked in a teasing tone. You glared at him and got in the room.

After some time an assistant helped you out of the room.

‘mr. maximoff?’ the woman who was holding you asked. peitro got up and moved towards you.

‘that’s me’ he said with a small smile.

 the lady helped him and told him how the anaesthesia would be in effect for a longer time as it wasn’t the normal one, you were given a specially prepared one as you neutralised the normal one in a matter of minuets. He listened carefully and helped you walk to the car. You weren’t saying anything you were just doing as told like a robot. He finally got you in the passenger side and got in the car.

‘so how did it go?’ he asked whilst driving. You didn’t reply just looked at him. ‘you know that’s a little creepy, right?’

‘you look nice.’ You finally said in a much calmer tone you normally used with him.

‘what?!’ he grinned. ‘well if I have to be the nanny I might as well make it enjoyable’ he thought. ‘what exactly do you like about me?’

you thought for a while. ‘everything.’ You said with a smile. he felt a heat rise to his face. Was he blushing? ‘what do you like about me?’ you asked sweetly.

‘everything.’ He replied with a small smile and gave you a sincere look.

You wouldn’t remember most of it after all. He thought you were beautiful. You hid your insecurities by making fun of yourself. You were kind with those who deserved it and you were with him when he needed you. He had fallen for you and it was the truth. His chain of thoughts was broken when he saw some people staring from their car windows towards your side. Had they recognized you?

‘I am too hot’ you said as you fanned yourself with your hands.

‘what do you mean? its October and the heat- ‘he finally looked at you and was shocked.

You had taken off your shirt and were sitting in just your bra and jeans. You were moving your hands violently which made it difficult for him to concentrate on your face.

‘WHERE THE HELL’S YOUR SHIRT!!’ he shouted in a high pitch voice. He looked around and tried to cover the maximum part of your body by streching your shirt over you. He did it gingerly but quick as he didn’t want to touch you in a way you didn’t approve.

‘my powers are going crazy.’ you whined ‘my body temperature’s rising.’

‘okay, I’ll figure something out. Let me get you something cold. Maybe it’ll help.’ He said and you looked at him sweetly with your shirt still draped on your body. ‘AND FOR GOD’S SAKE WEAR THE DAMN SHIRT!’ he shouted ‘I am driving and you are distracting me!’

‘really? I have made ‘the Pietro Maximoff’ uncomfortable?’ you said with a teasing grin. ‘what about when I do, this?’ you brought your hands closer to the sides of your chest revealing a lot of cleavage. He glanced at you and the car jerked sideways.

‘WHAT THE FUCK (Y/N)! YOU ALMOST GOT US KILLED! WEAR THE DAMN SHIRT ALREADY!’ he said as he parked the car. ‘I am not driving until you cover yourself up!’ he folded his arms and looked outside his window.

‘why? Because you won’t be able to keep your hands to yourself?’ you wore the shirt and laughed loudly. He smiled but you couldn’t see.

 ‘is that a smile I am hearing? You can look now I am fully dressed.’ He checked before turning fully which made you chuckle.

He then took you to an ice cream shop but had to get out of there quickly as you were making fire butterflies in the car.

‘look piet! It’s a butterfly!’ you said with the enthusiasm of a toddler and made one fly in his direction.

‘yeah it’s a damn butterfly! Here is your ice cream, it’ll help you with your body temperature. And please don’t make more of these, stark will kill me if anything happens to the car.’ He said as he quickly got in the car and handed you the bowl.

‘thanks piet!’ You kissed his cheek and his face turned red. It was the first time you had shared such a kind of touch with him you were mostly trying to punch him. ’you’re so cute all flustered up and taking care of me.’ You gave him a sweet smile.

  ‘I-I am not, ugh, why do I like you so much?’ he said and started driving. Why had he said it out loud? You both didn’t speak till you arrived at the base where he helped you to your room.

 You sat on your bed. ‘you like me?’ you asked just when he was about to leave.

‘ yeah I do, no i-I’ he stuttered and spun in your direction avoiding your eyes.

‘maybe, you need a little push to decide.’ You got up and he locked his eyes on you. you caressed his cheek with one hand and got on your tip – toes.

‘(y/n) I don’t think-‘ ‘shhh…. Stay still.’ you hushed him. you waited for a few breaths, grazed your bottom lip on his and kissed him on the corner of the mouth before you took a step back. You left him with wide eyes, he didn’t know what to do, he craved more.

‘if you want more till tomorrow and think just about me; I am all yours.’ you winked and laid down on your bed. ‘g’night.’

He processed what had happened and ran to his room. The night seemed too long that day. He thought only about you and how he craved to kiss you passionately. All the others arrived at the base and he was up early. He just wanted to go to your room and tell you about his feelings. he tried to be patient but his hyperactivity wasn’t helping.

 You finally walked in the kitchen, the first place you come to after dressing up, muttering something about your head throbbing. You were wearing a deep burgundy sweater and jeans but for him it was still the most beautiful thing you could wear. he immediately got up from the couch where he was sitting with Wanda and vision and zapped to your side.

‘(y/n)! you do remember yesterday, right? Especially the evening.’ He was shaking at this point he couldn’t take it any more

‘hell yeah,’ you muttered as you drank some water. ‘so, what did you think?’ you looked up to meet his eyes. His hair was a mess, his eyes were red and his face had a hint of grey to it. he looked like he had not slept at all.

‘I thought about you. the whole damn night.’ He said using his eyes like mirrors to his soul. ‘I realized how deep my feeling are for you, how you helped me when I needed you, how you called me an idiot every time I injured myself. I realized how much I crave your touch and presence.’ He looked directly in your eyes and you froze for a second.

‘he is not lying! Please accept my love sick brother (y/n)!’ Wanda yelled from the couch and Pietro glared at her. You chuckled and hugged him. When you pulled back he was smiling like an idiot.

‘don’t you owe me something?’ he said with a proud look on his face and his hands folded over his chest. You rolled your eyes and kissed him.

  ‘finally!!’ Wanda squealed. You both pulled back.

 ‘what part of don’t read my mind do you not understand!! Pietro glared at her holding your hands. you kissed him on the cheek finding his childishness adorable. he looked back at you with adoration in his eyes.

hope you liked it!

That’s… some serious jaw action, Yugi. I didn’t know you could open your mouth bigger than your whole head. I thought that wasn’t physically possible. 

I’ve read that your facial muscles, especially the jaw can be trained to be stronger, too. You seem to be doing good in that department. Do you have no gag reflexes at all? You look like you’re swallowing everything whole. 

Caged [29]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2561 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 28  Part 30

The sharp click resounded in the quiet room and all you could do was stare at the gun in Taehyung’s hand. He was holding it with one hand, his stance too frontal and his index finger cramping around the trigger. You could tell that he wasn’t used to shooting guns, and that he had never bothered to learn how to do it correctly and effectively. Unfortunately, that didn’t make the bullets of the 9mm any less deadly.

“Why on earth do you want to kill her?”

Yoongi’s voice was the next thing to cut through the silence, but it did nothing to help you relax. Your body was tense and your jaw hurt from clenching it way too hard. It didn’t make sense to you how sad Taehyung looked while pointing a gun at your face.

“I don’t want to kill her,” Taehyung countered. “I have orders.”

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Imagine your dad finding out about you and Castiel

“I am disappointed in you, Y/N,” Lucifer told you, his face calm and contemplative, “I raised you better than this.”

“No, you didn’t,” you reminded him, “You barely raised me at all, Dad. If anything, Cas raised me. From hell. Where you had been keeping me.”

“Come on, now,” he sighed, “I wanted to keep the business in the family.”

You scoffed, “Torturing souls isn’t my idea of a fun family activity.”

“But Castiel,” he shook his head, “Out of everyone, why him? He’s boring. Not good enough for you.”

You clenched your jaw, “He’s too good for me, and I’m well aware that I’m punching above my weight. Now, if you would be so kind as to return to your cage, I’d be grateful.”