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Boyang Jin (CHN) || 2016 Four Continents Championships (SP | FS)

First skater to land 1) four quads in a free skate, 2) three different types of quads in a free skate, and 3) six quads total in a short program and free skate in international ISU competition. Boyang is also the first skater to land a 4Lz3T combo, first achieved at 2015 Cup of China.


So, apologies for being absent without leave, people! I’ve recently moved apartments again, and I’m not due to get Internet until the 25th, so it’s been rather dark and ‘data limit’-y this week. I’m lucky my hotel has wifi this weekend! But I couldn’t go off into reenactment land without sharing my latest project!

This is all @mercurygray and @calamity-bean’s fault, by the way. Merc had to go and write La Fille de Regiment, with the lovely Margaret Frances, 18th century laundress - and then @calamity-bean had to go and do some absolutely AMAZING fanart of Margaret, wearing such a cute little short jacket with a gorgeous print of columbine flowers all over it.
So, when I saw this verrrry similar floral cotton print in my local fabric shop - well, 18th century sewing happens. I did my own take on Margaret’s gorgeous swallowtail jacket in the picture, with ribbon and blue front lacing. Once I’ve made a blue petticoat and apron, this baby is going to @mercurygray to have fun with as she pleases…



happy happy (early) birthday! 

you already know that because i often let you know but it’s your birthday and i’m allowed to get sappy fucking fight me!

nikki, you are a person i truly admire. you’re smart, funny, beautiful, kind and insanely talented. your life is tough. but you manage to live and you  don’t let things to stop you. you always fight and keep on going and i’m so proud of you and i take and learn a lot from you, you’re like a big brother to me :’)

the thing i love the most about you, i think, is that you are a good person. literally. you have a heart of gold. you care, and you love, and you listen, and you are a great friend. you always try to remember facts and things about people so you could give them a more friendly, personal vibe when you talk to them even if you’re not even mutuals, you just want to be as nice as you can and that is something about you that i have mad appreciation for. like, it’s truly admirable. you’re also always there for anyone who needs a friend or someone to talk to and that is another thing about you i really do appreciate a lot. you’re just a lovely person. you put a smile on so many people’s faces daily and constantly.

i’m very bad at writing but i hope you know i love you and that i consider you as a close friend and a person i’m genuinely happy i’ve met. you’re an amazing person, so fun and interesting to interact with and it’s just wonderful to have you around! 

happy birthday nikki i hope you have a good one and may phil finally work on his horrible posture just for you <3

with all the love in the galaxy, millie

@pinofs  @pinofsappreciation

DOUBLE TROUBLE - (Reader X Taehyung X Hoseok)

Genre: smut
Word Count: 4k


“Are you just gonna fuck him already?” You almost spit out your morning coffee at Tae’s sudden and unexpected bluntness. You set the white mug down, splashing out more of the dark substance inside.

“Jesus Tae what the fuck.” You wiped your mouth while mumbling at the boy. He only shrugged.

“I mean come on. You’re so wet for this guy it’s painful to watch.” You cleaned the marble counter with the few napkins you found nearby. “Why’s it any of your concern anyways?” You grumbled, unamused at your roommate.

You had crushed on the popular, incredibly talented, and insanely hot dancer since your first year of high school. He had just moved to your school that year, immediately making friends. He was friends with all your friends, yet never once spoke to you. Not until graduation day when something strange had happened.

Your best friend had grown close to him in the years. Graduation day she wanted a picture with all of her closest friends, including you and Hoseok.

Everyone wrapped an arm around the one next to them’s shoulders. Hoseok’s right arm slung across the top of your back, fingertips resting on your right shoulder just as your left arm was doing to him.

He leaned over whispering, “You look really nice in that dress.” With a subtle smirk just before the photo was taken. Leaving you with a surprised look forever captured on the film.

“For fucks sake you went to high school with the dude. And now you’re in college. You’d think you would’ve hopped on his dick by now.”

“I don’t just wanna ride him.” You countered while rolling your eyes at the blonde boy. You slid off the bar stool, leaving the counter behind. “You’re so shallow Taehyung.” You shouted behind, heading down the narrow hall towards your bedroom.

You kicked the white wooden door closed behind you before falling onto the purple bed. Small particles of dust flew up as the sheets moved from your force. You watched as the dust swirled around the single beam of light coming from a window.

You sighed wondering if Tae was right. Were you being too cautious? Too scared? Was it really that big of a deal? Couldn’t you just go up and talk to him?

Final year of high school, that questionable graduation day, you thought nothing more of Hoseok’s comment. A pretty, popular, fuck boy trying to get another lay. You weren’t ugly. You knew that. Yet somehow, you never felt enough for Jung Hoseok.

You shook your head, clearing any thoughts your dumb roommate put into your head.

“He doesn’t like you, (Y/N) he’s just a player. Forget him. You can do it.” You repeated to yourself in your mind.

The following day you walked down the campus pathway, cold air hitting your skin. Your hot breath escaped. The smoky patterns formed in front of you and dissipated as you walked through them.

Tae followed beside you. His strides were larger than yours, you struggling to keep with him. “Jesus Tae slow down we’re not late.” He only scoffed at you. “Don’t you wanna have time to say hello to your lover?”

Your hands clenched into fists at your sides. You opted for gripping your bookbag straps instead. “I’m gonna fucking slap you, you piece of shit.” He skipped ahead of you slightly, spinning around to face you.

“A hot piece of shit though.” He teased with a wink. He continued skipping backwards to the main entrance. He mocked you the whole path up.

“Oh Hoseok!” He moaned in a high pitched voice. “Oh god yes please Hoseok! Deeper! Deeper!” He mocked your voice, failing miserably.

You only rolled your eyes harder and harder each time as you walked to the doors. Many times your finger flew to your lips, in attempt to quiet your roommate. Too many people begun staring in the short walk.

“Oh yes ple-” “(Y/N)!” Tae suddenly covered his mouth with his hands as Hoseok yelled your name from a distance. He tried his hardest to hold in his giggles, turning away from you and the approaching boy.

“Uh hey Hobi. What’s up?” You greeted, nervously rubbing your bag straps. Your arched back and forth slightly on your toes. He bounced in front of you while coming to a harsh stop. His orange dyed hair bounced with him.

“Hey (Y/N). Jin-Hyung is having a party this weekend. Wanna come with me?” He asked, referring to the elder. Kim Seokjin, infamous pretty boy, known for his parties. Even though “his” parties were always taken over by his close friend, Kim Namjoon. Infamous genius, with a bad boy persona.

Funny how all these people worked in cliché ways, like a typical high school. But this was college. A musical arts college.

You, the composing major. Your roommate Taehyung, the vocal major. Your crush, Jung Hoseok, the dance performing major.

“It’s a couple’s masquerade thing. Jin-Hyung told me to find someone.” He laughed nervously towards the end of his sentence. His hand stretched up to his neck, rubbing its back nervously while he looked at the floor.

“Uh. Yeah. Yeah sure.” You said, just as nervous as he appeared to be. You looked also. “I-I don’t have a mask though. Or..anything dressy for that matter.”

Hoseok suddenly bounced up, his excited state returning. He grabbed your shoulders tightly. “Oh don’t worry about that! I’m sure I could find something in the costumes for he dance sets.” He assured with a wink.

After Hoseok left, you were greeted by a smug Taehyung.

“Oh shut up you piece of shit.” You swatted Tae back with the magazine currently in your hand. He backed off the couch, rolling and falling onto the floor.

He held his sides, giggling as you continued your relentless attack. The magazine swatted at his cheeks, his hair, his arms, his chest. You took the open opportunity to swat his neck when he turned to avoid your chest-smacks.

His neck quickly swelled at the pressure. Tae immediately stood up, face twisted in pain. He gripped his neck while moaning. “Ow fuck (Y/N) what was that for?” He removed his hand from his injured neck, a large red spot appearing before your eyes. You gasped at the mark.

“S-Sorry Tae.” You said with your hand over you mouth. You tried not giggling at his apparent frustration. You feigned sympathy.

You sat trying to contain your giggles, before you realized what was happening.

The pair of much larger hands were suddenly latched onto your hips. The sweet and sexy scent of the blonde man right in your face. The light hairs tickled your cheeks. His lips were suddenly attached to your neck as you tilted sideways, confused at the sudden onslaught.

He sucked harshly. Pulling at your flesh hard, leaving dark purple marks that went deep. He playfully bit them, adding to the pain. Then licked them, as a silent apology. The attack continued up from your collar bone to the underneath of your jaw.

“Oh Tae.” You moaned in a whispering tone. Your voice had completely gone. Your hands flew to his hair, searching purchase in the soft, blonde locks. You rubbed circles in the strands as his mouth continued assaulting your neck. The intensity of the bites never let up.

You bit your bottom lip as he pulled away. You moaned in silent pleasure feeling his breath ghost against your cheek. He rested his forehead onto yours.

“Only fair.” He breathed, breath gone as well. “Now your neck has marks too.” He said mockingly. You scoffed, hinted with laugh. “That was… hot.” You whispered against him. He only smirked.

“Didn’t know you had a thing for me (Y/N).” Slight giggles escaped you both. “I could say the same for you.”

“Can I fuck you?”

“Tae!” You screamed at his unexpected bluntness. The boy never ran out of it.

“Can I or not because you look so hot.” You didn’t even realize how he was referring to your messed hair from the previous fight. And your oversized black shirt that covered your shorts, making you appear as if you weren’t wearing any pants.

You stuttered for moments, at a loss to find the right words. He simply pointed down to his crotch, impatient. The tent in his sweatpants easily visible. “If not I need to take care of this.”

Without even answering, still at a loss for words, you pushed Taehyung back by the shoulders. His back hit the floor, large hands coming up to meet your hips as you straddled him.

With each knee on different sides of Taehyung’s torso, you bent down catching his lips in a kiss.

As how unexpected this was, it felt so good. So normal and so okay.

You relished in the pleasure of his soft lips as he moved them against you. His tongue swiped against your bottom lip, asking for access. You easily granted permission. You opened your mouth slightly as his tongue slid inside. He discovered all the places inside your mouth, tongues battling each other as you fought for some dominance. His tongue, however, easily won.

Instead you opted to your hips, rolling them against his erection. He hissed into your mouth, whilst bucking his hips up into your own.

You continued, grinding at a painfully slow back and forth motion. He gripped your hair, pulling your head backwards. “Fuck, (Y/N).” His teeth bit into your bottom lip.

You retracted, leaving his mouth empty. He held a firm grip on your hips while you pulled the black cotton fabric over your head. Your hands lifted the hem of your large, black shirt. You pulled it over you slowly and dramatically, teasing Taehyung further.

His hands tightened on your hips as the fabric was discarded somewhere in the room. Next, you reached behind your back, searching for the hook of your bra. His expression grew sly as the black-laced fabric fell off your shoulders. It also was discarded somewhere within the room.

Taehyung leaned up. His arms wrapped behind your back, keeping you stable in front of him. He leaned his face down, level with your breasts. You continued to straddle him.

He took one of your nipples into his mouth, the hardened bud sensitive to his hot breath. He gripped it softly between his teeth, moving it around ever so slightly. He tugged it, causing the perfect amount of pain as he bit and pulled. And the sweet moans pouring from your mouth were only fuel to Taehyung.

He released the pink bud, only to swirl his tongue around it. Meanwhile, his other hand moved to your neglected breast. He began kneading it, also continuing to lick and suck the other.

You shifted your hips ever so slightly for the much needed friction. You could feel Tae growing harder beneath you. “Taehyung-Ah.” You moaned, drawing out your syllables sloppily. The sensations and pleasure proving all too much. Disorienting you.

He released both breasts. Only to grab under the hem of his own black skirt. He lifted the snugly fit, V-neck over his head. His blonde locks spilled out as the shirt was taken off.

A third garment, discarded somewhere unknown.

He smirked, pleased at your reaction. You starred at his chest. His sculpted pecs and abs, flexing as he moved. His body was hotter than you imagined.

In all the time you roomed with Taehyung, you never saw him shirtless once. You assumed men were just naturally made to always have their shirts off. You expected a half naked Tae roaming your dorm normally. However, it was quiet the opposite. He never was around without full clothing. Shirt, pants (always full pants, hardly ever shorts) and socks. Taehyung hated his feet cold.

But you never denied Tae’s looks. Of course he was beautiful, more than you thought of yourself. He was so hot and always so kind. “What a perfect guy.” You thought after the first week of living with him. That is, until you discovered his annoying child-like side. The side that had teased you no more than minutes ago about your “lover”, Hoseok.

As of right now, however, he was no child.

His hooded eyes were dark and full of lust as he looked up at you. You pulled his hair roughly, the blonde violently tugged between your fingers. You slammed your lips onto his. He again easily dominated your mouth, hands now roaming up your bare sides.

Your naked chests pressed together as you passionately kissed. His hands traveled up further, snaking up your sides to your breasts. He softly kneaded them, occasionally pinching your nipples between two fingers.

“Are you gonna take me on the floor?” You asked, a mixed laugh and breathy moan. Taehyung replied by standing quickly, grabbing under your arms to lift you with him.

Your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you down the hall of your shared dorm. He stopped at the first door, his bedroom, and kicked the door open.

Your back suddenly hit the soft surface of the mattress as he threw you down. He leaned over you, dark eyes staring into yours. His hands rested on the top of your pants rather than your chest. He hooked his finger under the seam, tugging it slowly.

He looked up at you, asking silently for permission. You nodded, unbuttoning the denim your self. The pants released their tight tension against your waist as they were unbuttoned. You laid back, sighing in anticipation as Taehyung began pulling them off.

The pants were thrown onto the floor, adding to the collection. The other clothes, however, lost in the other room.

He positioned himself in between your legs. You spread them slightly, opening your clothed womanhood to him.

Taehyung placed small butterfly kisses up your thighs. He held one leg in his hands, placing the open mouthed kisses from your knee to just near your panties. His lips ghosted over your slit as he moved to the other leg. You gasped at the contact, raising your hips and arching your back.

One of Taehyung’s hands flew up to your hips. He held them down harshly. “Be good and don’t move for me, princess.” He demanded nicely before returning to his task at hand.

He kissed your other thigh. This time painfully slower than the other.

He finally made it back to your clothed heat, blowing his hot breath against it. “Tae please…stop teasing.” You whined, hands reaching for purchase in his blonde hairs. “Whatever you want, princess.”

He quickly removed your matching (before the bra was rudely discarded) black laced panties. He continued to breathe against your heat, the hot of his breath painfully pleasuring. You attempted to close your thighs, naturally and subconsciously wanting the much needed friction.

He started slowly, given kitten licks to your core. The small licks provided little relief to your swollen clit. You moaned loudly, pulling roughly at his hairs. “Tae.” You complained.

He responded by wrapping his lips around your clit. He began sucking harshly, leaving little room for you to gather your composure. His lips sucked roughly as he groaned against you. The vibrations adding to the almost painful stimulation.

“T-Tae. Tae..too much.” You hopelessly gasped for mercy as he continued his onslaught. His tongue slid along your slit as he sucked on the sore muscle. His groans became louder and louder, the vibrations heavier.

“Ah! Tae!” You screamed out. You raised a hand from his hair to cover your mouth just as he threatened. “Don’t cover up your moans or I’ll punish you.”

You obliged, nodding in fear as your hand dropped back to his locks. He continued on your core, changing his pace, but not relenting.

He turned to long, slow, flat licks against your clit. Meanwhile, two fingers entered you slowly. He pumped them in and out. The painfully slow pace causing you to burn his scalp. “You’re so wet for me, (Y/N).” He teased. His fingers went deeper, slightly curling upwards. He searched for your spot while, again, humming against your clit.

You moaned the loudest yet as he curled his fingers, hitting your walls. You absently played with his hair as you began seeing stars behind your tightly closed eyes.

His fingers increased their pace. They curled up, searching every space of your walls. They pumped in and out of yourself quicker. They dove deeper. All while you laid, a moaning mess pulling relentlessly at Taehyung’s hair.

You walls suddenly clenched and tightened around Tae’s fingers. He knew you were close, increasing his thrusts. “Don’t come unless I say so.” He warned, dark eyes looking straight up at you. You stared back, afraid of looking away.

His fingers kept their fast pace. He continued curling, still searching for the special spot that drove you crazy. His lips no longer assaulted your clit, as he raised his head to make direct eye contact with you.

Suddenly, the tips of his fingers brushed up ever so lightly against that certain spot. Your back arched high, despite his one hand still holding your hips. The power of sensations from your g-spot overtook his hand’s power.

You moaned out loudly, pulling Tae’s head up with the rest of your body. “Ah-Ahh fuck!” You cursed.

Tae smirked, staring at writhing figure knowing he had found what he was looking for.

He returned to the spot. He relentlessly thrusted into you, brushing roughly against the spot each time. Your breathing increased and your moans grew louder. It became increasingly difficult to hold back the heat pooling in your stomach. You so badly wanted your release.

Your walls tightened even more as your orgasm was right on the edge. “Tae please.” You begged, knowing you wouldn’t last longer.

He said nothing, however. Only continuing his attack on your weakness.

In seconds you were seeing white, your release hitting you unexpectedly. Your eyes twisted shut as your walls closed around his fingers. Your came against them, your juices running down them.

Tae pulled out, a dangerous look in his eyes you didn’t see, your eyes still screwed shut.

He climbed on the bed, crawling over your heavily breathing figure. His unsoiled hand gripped your chin and pulled your face up to meet his. You opened your eyes as he suddenly faced you in close proximity. His eyes were dark and hooded with lust.

“I told you not come.” He reminded in a dark tone. You shrunk back against the bed, your head pushing into the pillows.

He took one of his two soiled fingers into his mouth. He sucked on it, making explicit sounds. His eyes teasing you while he did. He pulled it out of his mouth slowly. A string of saliva connected his mouth to the finger as he did. “Mmm.” He moaned. “You taste so good.” You only watched as he licked his lips before you.


He shoved his finger into your slightly parted mouth before you even registered what he had said. You took his finger into your mouth, surprised.

He moaned watching you suck on his digit, whilst tasting yourself. You licked up and down his long finger as you eyed him sexily. You swirled around the tip of his finger suggestively. He inhaled sharply at the sight.

He quickly removed his finger, the building pressure in his pants finally too much.

Taehyung backed off the bed. He stood at its edge, removing his sweatpants. They were pulled off in one swift move. They pooled around his ankles as he reached to throw them, discarding them with all other clothing items.

You were surprised to find him naked under the pants. “Commando huh?” You asked in a smug tone, your lips curling into a mocking smirk.

He only looked at you innocently. “Whatever works.”

He stood in front of you, completely naked. His toned chest and sculpted abs enough to have you dripping between your legs. His waist slowly descended into a v-line, his hips looking so delicious. You admired his figure as he stood. His now revealed cock, stood tall and proud against his stomach. The pink flesh of his tip gleaming, dripping with pre-cum.

He slowly moved towards your waiting self. He hovered over you, arms placed on either side of your head, resting on his elbows. You looked up at him, anticipating.

“You’re sure this is okay right?” He asked. His sudden nervous and goofy side showing through. You only giggled slightly while nodding. “Please for the love of god Tae, fuck me. I need you.” You pleaded, desperate to feel him inside you. The much needed friction and pain had returned to your core.

You guided his cock to your entrance while his arms remained at the sides of your head, stabilizing himself. His tip brushed against your entrance ever so slightly. You closed your eyes, moaning lightly. Taehyung grunted at the sight beneath him.

You pushed him in slightly yourself, allowing him to find where he was going. Once adjusted, he thrust inside quickly. Your hands moved to Tae’s back, gripping him roughly. You moaned as he filled you up, stretching you out perfectly.

“Move.” You demanded desperately. Taehyung responded, pulling his hips back. He pulled out of you almost completely (and so slowly), before slamming back into you at full force. His hips hit yours, the sound of skin slapping echoing in the room.

“Fuck Tae!” You screamed out at the sudden force.

He continued this pace, pulling out so painfully slow before thrusting back inside hard, and what seemed like deeper than the previous thrust.

“Ah Tae please. Faster.” You begged, your moans small and weak as your voice failed you. “And I told you not to come earlier.” You sighed, head falling back against the pillows. You knew he wasn’t going to relent on his painful pace.

He latched his lips to your neck as your head turned to the side. Your eyes closed shut, reveling in the pleasure. His lips sucked as harsh as they had earlier, returning your mind to the start of this all.

He left deep, dark marks as his hips thirsted in and out of you. His slow pace started to pick up, himself getting frustrated.

You began thrusting your hips down on him, looking for any extra force. You moaned louder and louder as his thrusts became quicker and quicker, sloppier and sloppier. He chased his own release.

The familiar feeling returned to your stomach as his pace had now reached acceptable standards. You moaned out, fingers digging into Taehyung’s back.

Red marks that slowly welled up began forming on his broad back. The marks stung as your fingers left them, the cool air hitting his back.

You tightened once again around Taehyung, you orgasm rapidly approaching. “Ah-ah fuck T-Taehyung.. I’m close.” You warned, your body beginning to shake.

He thrusted harder into you trying to bring you closer. One hand removed from the side of your head down to your hips. He rubbed small circles with his thumb against your clit. The double sensation almost sending you over the edge right then. “It’s okay.” He grunted. “Come for me baby.”

His thrusts became sloppier as his high neared as well.

He pushed down harder, the force on your clit increasing. Second later you were seeing stars again as your high hit you. You tightened around Taehyung, your walls clenching in pleasure. You gasped out, ripping into the smooth flesh of his back. “Ah ah f-fuck.” You drew out the words. You barely could produce any sounds other than moans, gasps, strings of curse words, and Taehyung’s name.

Which sounded delicious to him rolling off your lips in such a sweet tone.

Your high came to an end as Tae helped you ride it out.

He continued pounding into you as he still looked for his own release. The overstimulation began kicking in. You writhed under him in a painful and pleasurable mix. “Agh Tae, fuck!” You gasped as he brushed against your overly sensitive g-spot.

With a few more sloppy and quick thrusts, Taehyung reached his high, coming undone inside of you.

He sat still, shaking slightly as the pleasure washed over his body. The white, hot ribbons spilling inside you. You shuddered at the feeling.

Your hands slowly slid down his toned arms. He, also slowly, pulled out of you before falling next to you. You both panted, exhausted. The sweat on both bodies gleamed against the sunlight pouring into the room.


“Yea.” You smirked.

“I have an idea.” You stated. The television blinked in front of you, the rest of the shared living room dark. Taehyung turned his attention from the screen to you.

“What?” He simply asked, unaware of your dirty intentions.

“What if we invite Hoseok?”

Sketch: Bellamy Blake imagine

Earth. It was better than any school book describe it to be. It was better than what your mom told you. It was freedom.

Your eyes followed the fall trees, not caring for the teenagers that all rushed around. You were in a daze of wonder.

Maybe getting sent to the skybox was the best thing that could have happened to you. The Ark didn’t hold much of a future for you, you hated it up there. You were an artist and they saw no use for your talents. They called you insane for the mindless amounts of time you spent dreaming of something new. They didn’t see the potential in your work, your sketches.

You where the loner, you and your own thoughts. Even now on earth everyone else seems to not even know your presence. You didn’t mind, you basically locked yourself away from everyone else. You didn’t have that human nature for acceptance and friends. You were in the skybox for way too long. The only thing that mattered to you was the old worn sketchbook. It was filled with everything that haunts your thoughts.

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Camera Flashes {S.M}

requested//a Shawn imagine where you are an actress and Shawn is a singer {duh}

The oscars were kind of a big deal. And by kind of a big deal I mean a huge freaking deal. I mean, that’s where the best of the best get awarded for jobs they did in movies. So it was a big deal, especially to you. You were the youngest person to ever be nominated for an Oscar, at only nineteen years old. You were a huge movie star after your role in the movie based off of the Book, Red Queen as Mare Barrow. You were a pretty big deal.
And not gonna lie, your boyfriend was too. Shawn Mendes was a pop sensation, and he was nominated for a Grammy, which he won, which is also a pretty huge deal.
So I guess you could call you and him the Hollywood power couple, being two young insanely talented celebrities.
But tonight was your big night, the oscars. There was a possibility that you were going to be winning a huge award that only very few people even had the possibility of winning in their life time.
And as you looked at yourself in the mirror of you and Shawn’s hotel room at yourself in the floor length golden dress that looked stunning on you, you felt as nervous as you had ever been in your whole life. The whole world was watching you, the youngest to ever be nominated for an Oscar. People were waiting for you to mess up. Waiting for you not to be the perfect little Hollywood sweetheart. It was nerve wracking. It took forever just to pick out a dress so you didn’t look to old but not to young. You didn’t want to make yourself look like you were twenty five, but you didn’t want to look fifteen. So after two hours with Shawn at the designer’s, you decided on this floor length gold dress that was tighter at the top with no sleeves, but started to fall loose at the bottom. It looked lovely, but you worried. The Red Carpet was one of the most important parts. You were to busy trying to fix anything that was wrong you didn’t even notice Shawn was behind you. His strong arms wrapped around your torso and he rested his head on your shoulder.
“You look absolutely gorgeous.” He whispers in your ear. You plaster a smile onto your face.
“Thank you, but I wanna stay gorgeous and I won’t if you crinkle my dress.” You say, smiling comically large. He puts his hands up defensively and chuckles a little bit.
“Goodness, I’m sorry!” He laughs. You give him a weak smile, turning your attention away from him and looking back into the mirror. Your palms were sweating and you were shaking a little. You were way to nervous for something that should be exciting. You honestly didn’t know how this would end, and you just hoped and prayed that you didn’t mess up.
“Y/n, sweetheart you need to calm down. Things will do fine.” Shawn cuts in front of the mirror and puts his hands on your hips, still being careful not to crinkle your dress. “You look lovely, you are an extremely talented actress, and you are going to do absolutely wonderful tonight.” He says, pressing his forehead to yours. You let a smile grow on your face, a real one this time. He always knew exactly what to do to make you feel better even when you are stressed out.
“God, I love you.” You whisper.
“Yeah, I love you too.” He says, closing the small gap between the two of you, pressing his lips to yours for a brief moment. That was another way to calm you down that he knew about. “The limo is waiting outside now, let’s go be hollywood’s power couple at the oscars!” He says and kisses you on the nose lightly. You took a step back and took him in. He looked amazing. He looked slick and clean in his black suit. You smirked a little looking at him. His hair was slicked up and his little smile just completed the look. He looked like the little muffin man Shawn you loved.
“You look freaking adorable.” You giggle a little bit. He smiles too.
“Thank you sweetheart, but we gotta get going.” He smiles, taking your hand and lacing it through his, even though it took a second because you were wearing quite a few rings. You went outside of the hotel room door and made your way to the elevator, clicking the buttons and laughing and talking. When you made your way down to the lobby, there were some security guards there to escort you outside to the limo. You saw some camera flashes of people in the hotel, possible paparazzi, and you were so used to ignoring it because of the fact you and your boyfriend were celebrities. You smiled at a few iPhone cameras that had fans behind them. You waved at a little girl who looked starstruck and her cheeks turned bright pink. You laughed a little, seeing the flashes go wild. Shawn squeezed your hand as you walked out the automatic door and you instantly saw the black limo. Shawn’s grip tightened on your hand and you glanced over at him. He had a silly grin on his face and he looked like a kid in a candy store. This was his first time attending the oscars. You laughed a little and walked to the limo. Shawn opened the door for you and you kissed him on the cheek. You saw, even with your eyes closed, the camera flashes go absolutely insane the second your lips press to his cheek. You laugh a little.
“The life of a celebrity.” You whisper in his ear. He chuckles a little and you slide into the limo. He soon slides after you. He takes your hand and laces his fingers through yours again, learning his way around your rings. You give him a smile, and this time, it truly was genuine. You convinced yourself to learn to have a good time. It was the oscars, a freaking huge deal. So you might as well have a little bit of fun.
“I’m glad you are starting to have fun my dear.” He says, leaning in to kiss your cheek.
“Yeah me too.” You smile.
“I hope you win.”
“Me too.” You worked hard. You took acting lessons, you spent hours at the studio, you spent hours at home practicing your lines. You really tried so hard, and it truly paid off. The minute that movie came out, you were a sensation for your amazing acting, but you didn’t think you were Oscar worthy. Apparently, people would’ve been surprised if you hadn’t have been nominated.
“I think you will.” He adds.
“Don’t say that. It’ll jinx me or something.” You say with a laugh. He smiles with you. You were both silent for a few moments. But it wasn’t an awkward silence. It was a pleasant silence. You didn’t really have much to say. You were both kind of nervous, but that’s okay. You were glad you got to be nervous about it together.
“Oh well.” He says and squeezes your hand tighter. You didn’t expect to get to the event as quickly as you did, but you were there at the oscars. Your stomach dropped, but in a good way.
“Don’t be nervous darling.” He says with a smile. You nod at him, waiting for the door to be opened. The door opened slowly and Shawn got out first and then reached his hand out for you to take.
“This’ll be great.” You say as you take

idk if this is cute lol

mattchewpicchu  asked:

I seriously cannot stop looking through your drawing tag. It's insane how talented you are! Thanks for sharing your art with us

Thanks for the support cutie. I appreciate it. And I’m glad so many people seem to like my doodles.

anonymous asked:

I just went through your drawings tag, and I saw the Alex and Alex one from Alexandra's introduction video. In case you're still wondering what Al is holding, it's a guitar cable, it makes weird noises when you press your finger to the tip of it. You probbably know it by now tho ^^" Also, I absolutely adore your art, it's great, witty, and you are insanely talented!

Originally posted by imperator-phantom


Oh my goddd thank you so much! No, ma’am/sir, I never figured out myself what the thingy was 😂😂  I’m so curious to know what kind of weird noise it makes now! asldhfgs It makes the whole moment even funnier knowing why Alex had that expression on his face sakdhfgksjd

I’m sidetracking but !! You’re very kind! I appreciate a lot all the sweet compliments and the very important information you just gave me!! hahaha Makes me really, really, REALLY happy to receive such positive feedback, sweetheart. Wishing you all the best! 😚❤️

when i look at you

Request: linxreader where the reader is a a member of the hamilcast. Lin and reader have grown close over the course of the show. reader gets nervous every night before the show, and lin knows this, so he goes out of his way to make her smile and laugh and relax before the show. Little does she know that lin does this because he is in love with her. In fact everyone in the cast thinks it’s completely obvious!

Pairing: Lin x reader

Summary: Fluff!!

Warnings: Cursing

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anonymous asked:

i don't know who you are or how i stumbled upon your blog but oh my god your makeup skills are to DIE FOR. like holy shit balls you are so talented i am so jealous that like every single eyeshadow color suits your face this is insane. please post more photos of your makeup skills. Honestly, SO TALENTED


flyingdoombunny  asked:

I've been scrolling through your page and am completely baffled by your creativity. I don't know how much respect you get for this art, but you deserve more for this insane talent of yours.

“Thanks” is weak so I’ll let Patrick and Mephisto express my feelings ! 

I take this occasion to thank every follower who sent me a message, I try to answer to everybody but I’m late ! So,THANKS guys !

anonymous asked:

You're wickedly beautiful. insanely talented, open minded, speaks your mind, funny, I could go on... I can honestly say I get choked up about thinking for perfect you are.

that’s honestly so kind thank you. now if you excuse me i’m gonna go cry 🙂


800K BABY 💙
I am so incredibly proud of you! I didn’t doubt for a second that you would get here or be in the direction where you’re headed because there was no denying your insane talent. I can’t wait to see how far you go. Even though I’m sad to see this tour end, you’ve gained a whole lot of the recognition you deserve AND I’m excited to see what new music you release because we all know there’s an album coming!

Had to add Phil’s comment because lmao can you even?

reneebauer12  asked:

Hi! I really love your art, and as someone who attempts to draw, I'm insanely jealous of your talent! Could you draw Leonard Snart and Sara Lance slow dancing, please? Thank you so much! :)

i feel like this would happen undercover during a mission, and instead of actually focusing, they just say embarrassing things over the comms to embarrass Ray on the other end

((thank you so much also!! ;o; ♥))

Sweet Elite: An Otome Game made and Designed for you

Hi everyone! :)
I usually don’t post non-mcl related things on this blog but I’m very excited to share this project I’ve been working on with you!! 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am a very busy lady. Several months ago, I started developing a game with the help of other lovely My Candy Love fans (<3). This game is designed to fix many problems and controversial issues we’ve seen in the community, including: 

  1. No Same-sex Dating: Girl players want to date girl characters and boy players want to date boy characters. Most games do not offer an LGTBQA branch of the storyline.
  2. Lack of Diversity: Players often have to settle with a playable character that has no skin color/race options. Furthermore, characters in-game (datable or not) are rarely PoC and many of you would like a more diverse cast.
  3. Lack of variety & cliché characters and stories: Many players would like more dialogue options as well as choices that truly make a difference in the end. 

Therefore, I have gathered a team of amazing people to make our own game. A game that listens to the wants of our players, and a game that would solve all of the problems listed above. 

And now that I’ve hit 1000+ followers and that we have enough material to show, I think it’s time to introduce you guys to Sweet Elite and the characters you can expect to meet while playing! 

If you want to find out how to join the team and put your artistic, writing, programming, editing, etc. skills into the project, keep reading or visit this page for full details!

You don’t even have to be part of the team to help. Spreading the word around, reblogging this post and wanting to know more about the game is enough. It means a lot to us. <3

Keep reading to find out more about the game :)

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sherlock seattle rec list

Hello lovelies!

Thanks so much to everyone at Sherlock Seattle for a wonderful weekend. It was an incredible experience to meet so many talented and passionate people, and I was blown away by how welcoming everyone was. Love you all!

Now, on to the rec list: I asked people about their favorite fics at the con, and this list is the result of those fantastic conversations. Thanks to everyone who contributed! I’d love to pass the baton to all of you, now: if you have a favorite fic (or multiple), reblog this rec list and let us all know your favorites!

(As a side note: feel free to follow my non-rec blog at @brilliantlyburning! I mostly reblog Sherlock fics and meta, with a smattering of fanart and aesthetics.)

Saving Sherlock Holmes by earlgreytea68: The classic school fic. So lovely and wonderful (as are all fics by EGT, of course). If you love teenlock and haven’t read it–well, what are you waiting for? Go read it!

Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire, Give Me That Which I Desire by gigglesbatch: A great post-season three fic that weaves jealousy, intrigue, and whump together to create a very satisfying story.

Masked Ball by Waid: A clever ACD case fic involving tricksters–if you’re partial to ACD or case fic, I definitely recommend this one.

Who satisfies your desires with good things by Chryse: This a fantastic Bible AU based on David and Jonathan. Even if this doesn’t sound like your thing, read it–you won’t regret it. Someone else recommended all of Chryse’s fics, an opinion that I second.

adventures in adolescence by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse): Another great teenlock fic in which Sherlock and John solve John’s father’s murder. Angsty but wonderful, and brilliantly characterized as well.

Buthal by JessamyGriffith: A twisted fairy tale involving monsters and hearts. Gorgeously done, but mind the pseudo-cannibalism.

My Heart Is As True As Steel by prettysailorsoldier: This a wonderful teenlock story. Angsty and fluffy at turns, this is easily one of my favorites of the genre.

The Men Who Talked Between the Words by Odamaki: This is a masterful slow burn. Set after season three, Sherlock and John end up raising John’s daughter together. Intricate and realistic, this is one of the best parentlock stories out there.

The Gilded Cage by BeautfulFiction: This A/B/O fic has my favorite worldbuilding within the category–this author subverts the norms of the Omegaverse to create a brilliantly plotted fic with excellent characterization. Seriously, this is a classic.

The Unlikely Death, Vol.1 (The Adventures of the Late Sherlock Holmes) by Niko Ford: Sherlock Holmes in space! A brilliant story in which John is suspected of having murdered Sherlock Holmes, and as part of the rehabilitation process must spend time with Sherlock’s hologram, who is only too happy to solve the mystery of his own murder. Go buy this right now!

The Burning Heart of Molly Hooper by PinkGlitterMasturbation: A slow burn fic that ends with Sherlock, Molly, and Irene in a polyamorous relationship. Great for fans of Sherlock/Molly or Sherlock/Irene.

How the mouth changes its shape by breathedout: Genderswapped Sherlock and John investigate a murder in a lesbian club in the 1950s–in other words, everything I never knew I desperately wanted.

Pure By Night by crimson_adder: A spooky ACD story with werewolves and supernatural elements: perfect for Halloween!

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: Absolutely one of my favorite case fics. A masterful slow burn complete with shady art students, beautifully imagined original characters, and everything else you could ever want–read it immediately.

His Heavenly Cradle by BashfulBunny: A soft Omegaverse story chock-full of hurt and comfort. Lovely, but heed the tags: it deals with abuse and miscarriage.

A Land so Wild and Savage by doctornerdington: A Victorian AU in which John is an explorer and Sherlock is a botanist, and they explore the northwest passage. Currently a WIP.

The Paradox Series by wordstrings: Absolutely one of my favorites. Dark, disturbing, and absolutely fascinating, this series shows how a relationship between a sociopathic Sherlock and John might go. Simply stunning–if you haven’t already, read it now!

The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild: A classic post-season three case fic, this story deals with all of the tension between Sherlock and John beautifully. It’s never easy, but it’s masterfully done. Read it immediately if you haven’t already!

Naked, Stripped, and Raw by Nikoshinigami: This series won awards for characterization, and it’s easy to see why. Eerily similar to series three (although it was written prior), these stories get to the heart of the characters.

At Night In the Floating World by PoppyAlexander: This is quite possibly the most immersive alternate universe I’ve ever read: a dystopian world in which John is an assassin and Sherlock is a geisha. Gorgeously done, and nothing short of brilliant.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful weekend! It was incredible to meet so many insanely talented people. Thank you for sharing your talent, your joy, and your recs!

codedredalert  asked:

You are insanely talented, I wish I found you sooner! Your art is perfect and I think I'm in love with your Diego. I- I'm usually not so shameless that I ask amazing people to draw things but you don't have anything with yoghurt or pony petting stations and Kevin (and Diego)? Either that or I'm a dork and I missed it... *cough* ANYWAY. You're cool. Super cool. Subzero. Celsius. Even your textposts are adorable. Sorryforramblingpleasejustknowthatyou'reamazing.

Thank you that is so sweet!

Here’s their yoghurt date

And here’s their pony date:

REQUEST: Seb on the shoot of a new movie, with a young actress (not that young maybe 27-28 years old who started her career when she was 8 in a very famous tv show), they both play dancer/singer/actors in a musical company. She’s newly single and they have to repeat a scene for the movie on the song ‘Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me’ (she had to sing it too) with a very hot choreography. And they’re not really confortable with that


You needed a drink.

Scratch that. You felt like you two drinks to prepare for the scene that you had that day.

You would’ve thought that after being in the industry for so long, you wouldn’t be so nervous. The movie that you were starring in was completely different than anything you had ever been in before.

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