and your friends are too

Hi Perf! A friend of mine drew TK sans but they didn’t have a Tumblr so they couldn’t show you the drawing themselves. I am simply a messenger XD
here’s their original message:
“Time kid saaaannsss!
this was requested by @rc-dragons so I hope you like it!
sorry about the lame looking background I couldn’t figure anything out.”
Hope ya like it, Perf!


THANK YOU SO MUCH SUNSHINE! I LUV IT!!! >//w//< Tell your friend too that I luv it a lot! you guys are so sweet! >//w//<

BTS REACTION: Being jealous when your friend surprises you

HELLO I am also doing snapchat and imessage imagines too so DM me if you want one! xx

Rap Monster: He had shown up to your work to pick you up for your date when he noticed that your co-worker had gotten you a ton of balloons and flowers for your birthday. Namjoon would pull you aside and ask who he was and why he did that. “Joon, he’s a friend and it is my birthday after all.”

“That’s my job. Not his,” he would whisper to you. “I’m your boyfriend.”

Suga: You were just enjoying your day off together when the door bell rang. On the front step was a big bear and a basket of fruit. It was from one of your friends back at home. He was sending you your birthday present a few days early. Yoongi would notice and become very quiet. He knew your friend liked you and would be rather annoyed whenever he heard his name. You would ask what was wrong and he would ignore you. He would leave the house instead and come back three hours later with a bigger bear than the one you got from your friend.

“Let’s see him top THAT.”

Jin: You had been having a pretty rough time lately but didn’t want to bother Jin about it since he was busy with his own stuff. Your friend noticed and took you out to your favorite restaurant and got you tickets to a concert that was playing downtown. Jin heard from Suga that you friend had done this all for you and it struck a fire within him. When you got home that night, Jin would be there with tons of flowers filling up your apartment. You’d be rather confused as you walked down the hall into your bedroom. Jin would be there, smiling while holding roses.

“I know you’ve had a hard time and it was nice of your friend to do that but you’re mine. Come to me next time.” 

J-Hope: You had just gotten a new promotion at work and your co-worker had decided to surprise you with flowers. It was a small gesture but once Hoseok showed up to congratulate you and saw that someone already beat you to it, he would be rather upset. He would make his way past your desk and right to your co-worker.

“Hi sir I know it was a nice gesture but don’t get my girl flowers again. Thanks.”

Taehyung: He would be very subtle about his jealousy. He wouldn’t make a scene or call out the guy, instead he would make sure to be really handsy with you. He found out that your co-worker was the one who sent the flowers that said “from a secret admirer.” When ever you two would be around your co-worker who was obviously into you, he would make sure to kiss you in front of him and made sure he was looking.

“He needs to know you’re mine and doesn’t have a chance with you.”

Jimin: I feel Jimin would be a bit more sensitive to the subject. He would give you the silent treatment, trying to hide his jealousy. When you got into the car with the flowers your co-worker got you for your birthday, he wouldn’t talk until you guys got home. That’s when he would take the flowers from your hand and set them on the table. He would intertwine you’re fingers, kissing the top of your knuckles gently.

“I’m bad at being jealous because I know at the end of the day, you’re mine.”

Jungkook: You hadn’t seen your friend since high school and had the plan of going to catch up with him. Jungkook was very uneasy about the situation but just let it slide. When you showed up to your lunch date, your friend had flowers with him to give to you. Before you had the chance to accept them, Jungkook would jump in front of you out of nowhere and hold out his hand.

“Hi I’m Jungkook, y/n’s boyfriend.”

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Hi idk if you care but my friend used to be a huge anti for almost 5 years but she recently became a Larrie after finally watching some Larry videos. And she confirmed what we've all "known" for years but it felt really good to hear it from an ex-anti. She said that deep down she always knew it's real and that's why she refused to look at any proof cause she didn't want it to be real. she said that all antis think like that and idk it just felt satisfying to hear it 😂 just wanted to share haha

I LOVE THIS KIND OF STORIES!!! YASSSSS BRING IT ON!!! I’m happy for you (and your friend too), now teach her everything 😎

Birthday Present

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,686

Notes: mostly sub!Jhope and dom reader, some light bondage, a bit of orgasm denial, a little pet play

You had been dating Jung Hoseok for a while now. You trusted him with just about everything; he was your ray of sunshine after all. But there were a few things that you had not told anyone, well…except maybe your best-friend that you probably told too much.

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I love your blog and came across a couple of posts where you say that you are just like Steve Rogers. This sounds intresting and I just wanted to know if you could elaborate a bit on it? Also, do you have other Marvel characters in your life then? Who is Tony among your friends? Which Steve Rogers are you? (among the way too many Steves of the multiverse). Thank you for the A+++ content you always deliver on your blog!

Oh buddy, my pal, my lovely honeybunches, this is one question that came out of the blue and now has me all perked up on happiness! So, thank you for that!

Ah okay, so Pearl, why are you a Steve Rogers creature, you ask? Let oldie goldie Pearl open up her trunk and bring out some receipts of the past:

1. My birthday falls on July 5, IST (Indian Standard Time) which means 9 hours ahead of the US, which actually makes my birthday fall on July 4 if I were in the US or if you were wishing me from the US. I quite nearly share the same birthday as Steve, and this is pretty trivial in the long scheme of things, but it all started out right at birth is my point.

2. I don’t have siblings, and I am extremely picky with people I let too close despite the fact that I love people in general. I have a case of what my mother calls ‘Everybody’s friend but not everybody is her friend’. Despite me being (or trying to be) as accepting and friend-like as possible at times, I click with very few people and I have certain specific qualities I earlier searched for - very Bucky like qualities to put it bluntly. 

3. I have had a serious issue of needing to prove myself at every turn of my life. You tell me I can’t do something and I will try to do it till I get it done. I will definitely join the job you said I never could do, to prove my worth. I have done the latter, and I have done it in ways that people still refer to it as one of the Incidents of my group. 

4. I have Steve’s unique brand of ‘I believe in honesty but I can lie if it will get the job done and will keep me from being a vulnerable ass’. 

5. I’m an expert at repressing feelings. An expert. You will not know at what level I am bothered till I let myself explode and even then I will regret exploding because I never wanted to let anyone know that I had that chink in my suit. Silence is golden, buddy.

6. Depression and I are old buddies, and so are a twisted sense of inferiority complex and I. Everything special about you came from a bottle - buddy, I have had a similar toned thing said to me and let me tell you, my reaction was FITE ME. Also, that person is the Tony in my real life and we have had a ridiculously cliched story of our own till now, but that’s for later.

7. If I fail, I withdraw into my shell. You will not hear me lament and bemoan about how I failed, but you will notice if you know me really well. And I will not let that failure go. Not in a Tony-way of trying to make up for it by preventing it from happening again, but in a Steve-way of remembering it for a century and then obsessing over it with guilt issues, going on to risk everything to make up for it by any means necessary.

8. I am an amalgam of Steves I would say but after AA, I have seen a lot of similarities between me and him. So, AA Steve it would be, because I too am a dork with a dry sense of humor and people don’t really think of me as capable of being devious when necessary but I am (think of Steve fooling Doom during that UN security episode).

9. I am a Cancerian to boot (as I have said a million times maybe), and security means everything to me, even if stability doesn’t.

10. I love teams. I genuinely love teams. I can work extremely well on my own if necessary but you put me in a team and I thrive. I have also ALWAYS been the team leader, or the person who becomes the team leader eventually. I legit go into the Team Is Family mode and I cannot forget the number of times my teachers have tried to talk me down from my ride or die attitude. If you ask my friends on this site too, they might tell you that I won’t stand for anyone of my group talking low about themselves and will scramble to find ways to make them believe that they are capable (think AA Steve).

11. I give off an air of someone who is Pure™ and Good™ but I also have a disastrous temper when I really get into it and have faced issues in the past where I had to see the effects of my tendency to hold on to a grudge or not let go of past issues. I don’t get hot when I get angry, I get cold. A LOT of my current manageable state is because of my mother and the mirror she keeps showing me when I forget or am about to lose it. 

This is turning into a self-expose but honestly, I really did like your question, so I won’t mind it much. I am pretty sure I’m going to be thinking about this for three nights and days at the very least, obsessing over what I said and if it was too much, but hey, it’s okay. 

As for the second part, of people being Marvel characters around me, well I already told you that I have a Tony in real life but for here, let’s just focus on the people I know on Tumblr alone:


 is the Natasha to my Steve. I know that she calls herself a mix of Pepper & Nat but for the purpose of the frequency in interaction, she is my Natasha. She knows when I’m in need of a back-up or when I need to be left alone. 

@feelingsinwinter is the Sam to my Steve. I know that Snow is a Bucky fan but to me, she is Sam. I usually don’t have to say anything to Snow for her to know what my mood is. 

@ishipallthings is the Janet to my Steve. I KNOW that I once hinted at Jen being the Tony, but if I think harder, she’s the Janet of my Tumblr life. She also loves Tony as much as AvAc Janet does, and she is as badass as Jan Van Dyne is. 

@cyborgrhodey is the T’Challa tbh. I know, I know that Bianx is the biggest Rhodey lover I know so it would make more sense to call them that but this is my perspective, right? Bianx is the T’Challa to my Steve (the EMH and AA T’Challa). Bianx is a treasure trove of information and smartness, and the level of respect I have for them is on a high plane.

@kiernaserea is the Peggy. I could call Kierna a lot of things but this is what I can settle on. She isn’t the Sam, isn’t the Phil, isn’t anyone else. She is my Peggy because she has checked me when I have gone down a bad hole at times and has seen me for me, not the image I try to portray. My first darling, my first soul sister in Tumblr, and the one person who won’t take my shit but won’t give me shit either. 

@fr0st6yte is the Clint. I get the most shit and teasing from Frost. the equivalent of Clint calling Steve grandpa is Frost calling me grandma. 

@riverlander974 is my Bruce. River is an anxious puppo at times but also one of the smartest people I know. 

@saved-by-the-notepad is my (AA) Kamala. Precious is genuinely precious but also strong.

@usenecessaryforce is Thor. Alyx isn’t the type to sit silently when something wrong happens and they make their point. They also make it a point to not mince words and see both sides when they get the points. Also, they are as precious as our fave Asgardian and genuinely want people to get along. 

@bothwaystrustgoes is Peter to me. Witty, not the kind to sit on their hands if they can do something about things, loves tech, looks up to Tony Stark. 

@priyasfinalfantasy is the Tony of my Tumblr. He is my bro, my point-checker, my co-captain of metas. There has been no one on this site whom I have argued with or debated with other than Priya. There is also not many people I would ask to correct me if I am wrong, and whom I know would tell me an honest opinion without worrying about soothing my ego. Also, our zodiac signs match that of Tony & Steve, so bro-fist!

Okay, nonnie, I hope this was what you expected when you asked this. Thank you for following my blog and to anyone reading this, please don’t run away after reading my Steve parallels :P

anonymous asked:

Hey Angie, I know you've answered these kind of asks about 1,000 times but my style of art is very similar to yours, my friend keeps saying it too and I want to post my art on insta but I'm afraid people will start accusing me of stealing ur style or you getting mad @ me or something and I'm just wondering if u think I shouldn't post anything or change my style?

dude if U came up with it it’s urs no matter what anybody says. If u ripped it off intentionally then ur in the wrong. If u didn’t, then there’s no problem lol ppl have similar art styles sometimes it happens, it’s only an issue when it’s intentional.

But uhh to be more precise Yeah u should post it if u aren’t guilty. or No u shouldn’t post it if u are guilty and if u are guilty you ought to try and work towards creating ur own thing.

It actually kills me when we don’t talk, it kills me when you ignore me, it kills me when you’re busy with your life.
But how can I stay mad at you? How can I look at those big, gorgeous eyes and decide to look away? I cannot. It is out of the scope of possible things for me.
And what would I even say? “I can’t be your friend anymore because it hurts too much?” or “I accidentally fell in love with you and I would sell my soul to the devil if I could reverse that because it hurts too much?” How could I, knowing how much that would break your heart. I cannot add to the list of people who disappeared from your life and let you down. Not because of my own, selfish needs; I cannot.
So I will keep being your friend, and I will stay as close as possible, trying to help you on your pursuit of happiness, weather it’s with her or anyone else, and all the while I will be quiet, I will keep my mouth shut, and I will keep smiling. You’re worth too much for me to do anything else.