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What are your overall feelings on the Yaya corset pattern, since the garment is made and finished? I loved it for an underbust corset I made, but I'm really curious about how the cupped corset plays out

Ironically enough, the cups on Yaya’s pattern were never in a thousand years going to fit me, so I did them myself. Given the extreme alterations I did to the underbust portion, I might as well have just done it entirely from scratch instead of wasting time reworking it.

The issue with any cupped bodice pattern is that the cradle does not grade properly. An A cup and a D cup will not have the same cradle, especially given that most people will have a variety of band sizes that SHOULD also affect that cradle’s size and shape. The more you deviate from the “standard sizing” of commercial patterns, the worse this (and any) corset pattern will get, to the point where it’s almost more worthwhile to just draft it yourself.

- Jenn

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How would Ink, UT sans and papyrus and UF sans react to triggering their S/O's panic attack?

Oh the poor baby wouldn’t know what in hells name to do. The creator is panicking…. Loudly. “Omg omg omg OMG my little Ladybug Im so sorry!” Inky is quick to apologize and is even quicker to comfort.

UT Sans
Sans instantly jumps into action hugging you and apologizing. He knows whats going on and he feels awful about causing it. Soon your being fed fries from Grillbys and have a cup of tea in your hands.

UT Papyrus

Instantly turns s/O into a blanket burrito as he apologizes profusely. “HE’S VERY VERY SORRY DATEMATE!!” He soon sets you on the couch and turns of your favorite show and makes you something to eat.   

UF Sans

Poor thing doesn’t know what to do. “Booooooooss heeeeeelp!” “GODDAMMIT SANS!” Argument ensues, good luck calming down by yourself. Afterwards Red feels guilty and takes you out and buys you anything you want.

one thing that’s always bothered me about most people’s depiction of Holmes’s usage of cocaine is that most people in Victorian England were only just beginning to realize how badly it affected people???

like tbh I feel like a better modern equivalent would just be Holmes dumping a five hour energy into his fifth cup of coffee while Watson, a trained medical professional, stares at him in horror

50 ways to practice self care when your mental health is crap

1. Snuggle an animal.

2. Pet others animals in public… with permission.

3. Say yes to a meal with a friend you love dearly.

4. Take a sick day from work. Don’t feel bad about it.

5. Dust a book off your shelf and read it. Or, at least read a few pages.

6. Go to work, do your best, and tell someone you’re struggling.

7. Take frequent breaks at work, even if they’re just to take a deep breath in the bathroom.

8. Read body positive blogs like the Fuck It Diet, Love, Food, and Bawdy Love.

9. Make yourself a cup of your favorite flavor of warm tea.

10. Make yourself tea, then add a bunch of ice cubes to the cup. Feel the sensations of the temperature.

11. Sit outside and stare at the sky. Lay in the grass if you can.

12. When your attention spans lasts 5 minutes, be okay with coming back inside.

13. Say no to someone asking you to do something you don’t want to do.

14. Avoid toxic people while you’re hypersensitive. Sometimes this means family.

15. Say no to events that will trigger you.

16. Be ok with many nights feeling like you’re acting selfishly by saying no.

17. Ask a friend if you can come crash on their couch and have a slumber party.

18. Bring popcorn and fuzzy socks to said slumber party.

19. Cook a simple meal from scratch with one of your favorite ingredients. (I made cardamom baked pears recently- YUM and super easy)

20. Do some therapeutic writing. Prompts can be found through a quick google search.

21. Donate books you don’t read anymore.

22. Workout for 15 minutes.

23. Don’t work out.

24. Don’t beat yourself up about not working out.

25. Mindfully eat a meal.

26. Totally un-mindfully scarf down a bunch of sweets. (I’ve been really into vegan ice cream lately).

27. Stop reading a book that you started and feel obliged to finish.

28. Pick up a new book that you’re excited about.

29. Only do exercise that makes your body feel good. (For me, simple stretching is all sometimes.)

30. Avoid exercises you think you “should” be doing. (Cycling hurts my knees. I hate cycling. I don’t do it).

31. Take “should” out of your vocabulary entirely. Quit “shoulding” on yourself.

32. Tell your partner how they can best support you.

33. Tell your roommate how they can best support you.

34. Donate clothes that taunt you or that you no longer wear.

35. Go to Goodwill and find a lovely outfit that fits great.

36. Take a nap. Don’t set an alarm.

37. Lower your expectations of yourself. Be ok with being mediocre right now.

38. Go to a 12 step meeting or a support group.

39. Call or text an old friend to meet up over a cup of coffee.

40. Buy a coloring book and some crayons. Color away.

41. Practice a 3 minute guided meditation.

42. Do a Pinterest DIY project with an old shirt that no longer fits.

43. Laugh if said Pinterest project ends up disastrous (mine usually do).

44. Binge watch Netflix. Watch a show that’s silly and not too emotional.

45. Throw your to-do list in the trash for a day.

46. Go for a gentle stroll.

47. Blast music that matches your mood (for me, this is often Slipknot or Katy Perry interchangeably).

48. Make a gratitude list about things you’re grateful for in your life.

49. Make a gratitude list about body parts of yours you’re grateful for and why.

50. Put on some nice scented lotion.

Out of the Blue 02

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk. 

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: in a world where shower sex is Effortless. LOLLL also plz enjoy the stereotypical dogs love peanut butter thing in this it brought me joy

Words: 5k

01 | 02

It was silent, save for the light clinking of the spoon Seokjin was using to stir his tea. Namjoon sat at the island in the middle of the large kitchen, staring down at his cup of tea which was untouched, worrying about one thing and one thing only.

“So what do you think they’re doing?”

Seokjin promptly stopped stirring his tea at the question and turned around away from the counter to look at Namjoon, his eyebrow raised and a small smile playing at his lips. “Do you really want me to answer that?” He sauntered over to the island where Namjoon was seated, taking a sip of his tea on the way over.

Sheepishly, Namjoon chuckled and ducked his head, cheeks turning red from the slight embarrassment and scratching the back of his neck. What a foolish question he had asked. “Oh- um, yeah, I guess not.”

“Yeah, they’ll be doing that for awhile,” Seokjin explained in amusement, taking a seat at the island across from him. “But later on, they’ll take a break.. Come downstairs, eat and drink something - recharge, perhaps. Don’t get it twisted though, you won’t be able to…. touch her, if you know what I mean. Not even a rub on the arm. Jungkook will be attached at her hip. He’s very territorial and possessive of his clients, I’m afraid. Well, I’m sure you know that well enough.”

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Summary: Sitting in a coffee shop, you decide to take a selfie. You notice the attractive man behind you, had photobombed your picture. This leads to an adorable confrontation and then to a date. (Idea by the wonderful Ashley, @marvel-ash). 

Word Count: 1,252

Warnings: None. 

A/N: Sooo, this is due to the wonderful ideas Ash has. I have a feeling I will be writing more of these as times goes on. Enjoy :) 

The café was sufficiently empty for you to sit back and relax, take a few minutes to yourself and unwind from the crazy day you had been experiencing today. It was time for finals and not only did you have to worry about passing your classes, but all the tension and panic that your roommates and classmates were experiencing seemed to seep inside you as well. It was as if there was no end in sight and you had decided to just go get a cup of coffee with just your phone and the novel you had bought at the beginning of the semester thinking you were going to have some respite from your classes. Which proved to be false.

No rest. At all. Just papers, group projects, research, labs, and reading giant textbooks from the first page all the way to the last one. It seemed endless and you were surprised you hadn’t given in to the insanity that seemed to loom over your head by now.

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day one: you leave him, saying that things just aren’t working out.

day one: you cry into his old sweatshirt for three hours.

day two: he sends you fourteen drunk texts and you send him three lonely ones like they aren’t the same thing.

day five: more drunk and lonely texts are being sent, but you can’t bring yourself to leave this part of him behind.

day seven: you drink three cups of hot cocoa while watching Rocky because everything feels a little too cold when his hands aren’t there to hold you.

day fifteen: you’re the one calling him just after midnight because you’re a little tipsy and really lonely and why does it matter who left who?

day fifteen: you leave him too many voicemails, some telling him about how your cat died and some about how you think your bed is going to swallow you if he’s not there.

day seventeen: you delete his number.

day nineteen: this isn’t how things were supposed to go. you hold onto old texts and letters like they are life-rafts.

day twenty: you left but somehow it feels like there are bricks tied to your ankles

day twenty: you call him to say that leaving hasn’t worked out like all the books say it will.

day twenty: he disagrees.

—  (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

Sirius Black was the calm before the storm, that sharp intake of breath, the intoxicating feeling of euphoria as you throw your middle finger up in the air and scream fuck the world! He was leather jackets and bruised knuckles. The telltale muted thrum as you pass a concert venue. He was all about soft moans and gentle touches behind closed doors. The pale curve of a back against worn out sheets, innocent and challenging at the same time. Grey eyes that could burn your eyes and lips that could soothe the aches of a bad night. He was dangerously proud and confident but ridiculously understanding and loyal. Sirius Black was a contradiction in every sense of the word.

Remus Lupin was the smell of earth after rain, the warmth you feel when you hold a cup of cocoa on a cold night, the thrill that runs down your spine each time you enter a library and the comfort of sweater paws. He was also a hurricane when he was writhing in the sheets, silver scars glowing something fierce against soft skin. A mouth full of lightning that looks like sin but feels like heaven, with fingertips that drew lines of fire down a lover’s throat, thin hips with edges that could cut but instead, tasted of the sweetest things and a smattering of freckles in between his shoulder blades that spelled out hope, love and something that was a little too wild to comprehend. Remus Lupin was the boy who refused to give up on a world that gave up on him.

tumblr makes it look like being an introvert is just not saying much and being happily wrapped in a blanket at home watching TV but the truth is one day you´ll be sitting at home on a friday night while everyone else is out having fun and you´ll feel so lonely like you´re the only person on this planet

It´s looking through your social media and seeing pictures of your friends out partying and being happy and you realize they eventually forgot about you. And you hate yourself so much because you´d love to be like them, just being able to go out having fun and you constantly beat yourself up about it .

oh and fuck everyone romanticizing it.

I am a ball of emotions after this chapter, every word Touka said, every honest feeling she delivers,,—how she gives Amon advice/helps him to have courage and go see Akira, speaking about her own personal feelings and fears, the exchange of thoughts.. the way Amon feels about the fact she’s rabbit but doesn’t blame her, he understands the circumstances&the other side of the story, honestly..  everything about this talk with Amon was everything I ever wanted and never expected.

You stood leaned against the building as you stared at Dean’s thick arms and broad shoulders as he bent over the hood of baby. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way the shirt was perfectly stretched taught across his back as he stood to reach for the hood, a wrench and oil rag in one hand, his regular cup of coffee in the other.

Your eyes wandered freely, noticing the dirt and grim that had built up from working on the Impala. You bit your lip at the thought of the feeling of his calloused, just worked hands running along the expanse of your soft, supple skin. It sent a tingling ripple throughout your body just thinking about the way his fingertips would dig into your thighs as he hoisted you onto baby’s hood, pressing into you with every inch of his hard, firm body.

You could just imagine the way his hair would feel between your fingers, soft and pliant. The fact that even though he had gotten completely covered in dirt from working on the car, his hair was still perfectly in place turned you on in ways you couldn’t describe. You were always the one to mess that up, and you had to squeeze your legs together at the thought of just how you could make that happen and soon. Your mind ran wild with the possibilities.

Dean turned and made eye contact with you, smiling as he caught you staring at him from across the parking lot. You pushed away from the wall, sauntering toward him, your hips swaying dangerously. It was his turn to bite his lip, his brow furrowing as you watched him swallow hard as he watched you cross the lot like a predator stalking his prey.

“Hey sweetheart,“he said, wiping his hands and tossing the rag before reaching out for your hips and pulling you roughly against his chest. The pads of his fingertips dug into your hips as he turned you and pressed you into baby, his lips connecting with yours.

When you finally caught your breath, you inhaled deeply taking in Dean’s scent. He smelled of grease, soap, and coffee. You threaded you fingers through his hair looking into his eyes. “I love watching you work on baby. In another life, I would have been satisfied watching you work on cars all damn day,” you sighed. Dean cocked an eyebrow at you in question. “Not that I’m not happy with our life. I’m just saying. I like this,” you said, running your hands across his chest and over his shoulders, slowly trailing down his arms.

His hands slid to the small of your back, pulling you close. “Well I like this,” he growled and dipped his head to nip at your neck. You tossed your head back against baby with a soft thud to allow him better access, moaning softly at the feel of his warm, wet lips on your heated skin.

“Dean,” you gasped, as you felt his hand move south and slip into your shorts, grazing over your soaked folds, briefly slipping his fingers between them. “Not here. It’s the middle of the day,” you moaned as you tugged at his wrist, but almost not wanting him to stop. “We’re a block away from a school,” you whined, as he sucked a mark into your neck as you dug your nails into his arm. He let a low moan from his throat before pulling away.

“Lucky for you our room is right there,” he said, pulling his head backward toward the motel door. He threaded his fingers with yours, dragging you behind him, causing you to have to jog to keep up. “Maybe you can help me get cleaned up,” Dean suggested as he unlocked the door.

“Gotta make me a dirty girl first,” you begged, kissing him roughly, pushing him into the room and kicking the door closed.

“That can definitely be arranged,” Dean agreed, ripping your shirt over your head. “You’re my dirty girl,” Dean said, his voice low and lust filled as he helped you undress, his lips trailing kisses of fire everywhere they went.

You loved every minute with Dean and if that was what it meant to be dirty, you never wanted to be Fucking clean again. Dean could be your mechanic any damn day of the week.

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing now look what you made me do.
Favorite Wolf - Smut

Originally posted by teenwolf

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Scott McCall/Reader
Words: 1,873

Request:  anonymous: can you please do another rough scott smut? your last one was so good but i’m insatiable
AN: Sorry this took so long! Enjoy!

Admittedly, you’d had a little bit too much to drink. But, a party is a party and Lydia Martin threw the best ones. Your boyfriend Scott was off god knows where, probably with Stiles, and you’d been left to your own devices. So, you’d been hanging with Liam and Brett. They’d stuck close to you all night, and you had a feeling it was Scott’s doing.

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Always Be

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader 

Word Count: 1,792

A/N: Just a love story inspired by Alessia Cara’s ‘I’m Yours.’ Enjoy :) 

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Don’t acknowledge him. 

Don’t acknowledge him. 

Don’t acknowledge him.

Holding back a groan, you forced out a closed-lip smile for Clint and Natasha before taking a sip of your coffee, disregarding the nuisance seated beside you. You told yourself to control the anger within and that the constant annoyance would eventually subside.

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No offense but gladio reminds me of a power fantasy for white men and is a complete asshole. I had a hard time really liking him.

It’s fine if that’s your opinion, but I think overall I personally liked him. My issue with him was that it seemed like the writers were more concerned with keeping him macho and manly feeling than making sure he was a consistent character. Like, getting in your face and yelling at you to get your princely shit together, then dipping out for a little solo mission action for an entire chapter of the game? What the hell! And a lot of his lines didn’t feel like writers going, “Hey, what would Gladio, the character, say about this?” and were a lot more “What would a tough character say here?” One of his most endearing character traits is his love of cup fucking noodles, but even that was kinda just there for product placement that fell to him by process of elimination, like “We need one of the boys to promote this product…Ignis would never admit to liking prepackaged, sodium-bomb food like that…it’d be too obvious to pick Noctis or Prompto to be the one who loved it…so who does that leave? Gladio.” At the end of the game, I felt really close to Noctis and Ignis after seeing all that they had suffered and lost along the way of this quest, and Prompto was always really open and let us see his struggles and fears so it felt like we really got to know him. And then it’s just like…Gladio, that crazy son of a gun. He loved him some cup noodles and talkin all deep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(that’s a bit hyperbolic and I did really generally find him likable enough as a character, but I’m trying to level with you here, lol)

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Jack and Ransom and Tim Horton’s, but somebody please give me Jack introducing Tater to Roll Up the Rim.

Tater: So I just roll rim up like this? Everyone in Canada do?

Jack: Yes

Tater: *squints at the words under the rim* I’m win?

Jack: No, it says “please play again”

Tater: … I’m need more coffee, Zimmboni

Jack: That’s your fourth cup…

Tater: I’m not win yet.

chowder is so petty like not in a relationships way (he is SO against those memes about not texting your partner back, making your partner feel bad, etc.) but in like a jim from the office way. one time holster throws away his pudding cup so he puts everything holster owns in jello. i love him

I was never much of a jealous person before I met you.. but then I began to fall in love with everything about you like the way you fall asleep and the way you hold your steering wheel and the way your face looks when you’re telling me about your day and now suddenly I’m filled with so much envy
im jealous of your bed because it gets to hold you all night and keep you safe and warm
im jealous of the strangers that see you on the street because they get to experience what it’s like to look at complete perfection for the first time
im jealous of your cups of coffee because they get to meet your soft lips everyday and when they do you feel a warmth running down your chest like I do everytime you kiss me I’m jealous of the drugs that you put in your body because im afraid that there are things that can make you higher than I’ll ever be able to
I didn’t mean to turn into such a jealous mess.. I’ve just fallen in love with the way you exist..

small steps and hasty mornings of tracing the creases in your forehead,
paintings on backs and cups of tea on Thursday afternoons.
screaming and flying ornaments,
apologies and meaningful kisses.
such a pretty concept, but we don’t fit into it.
we’re more:
late night jokes and imagining the feel of your body sat next to me,
cups of tea at 4am when we can’t sleep.
laughing so hard our stomach hurts and watching movies we don’t even like.
talking about how your face looks so fresh in the morning light and nose kisses to make things right.
—  my love,
we’ll get through this.
we are stronger,
than alone.