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Falling For The Right Guy

Summary: Being the Queen B came with it’s perks… but guys flirting with you non stop was definitely not one of them. Well.. that was until you met him.

Requested: Yes. Thank you for the request @imaginesyes! xo If you really wanna dig the vibe… I suggest listening to this <– as you read! :))

Word Count: 3.9k+

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Warning(s)?: None? Light swearing and adorable fLUFFFF

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Falling For The Right Guy

You strolled through the hallway in a tired manner, you only woke up 15 minutes ago and it felt like death was upon you today. You removed the sunnies from your head and popped them into your hair, reaching your locker.

“Have you been watching Runway social suicide again?” Your best friend Allison comes up to you, eyeing your outfit. You glance down at yourself and shrug your shoulders, not really caring today what the hell you looked like. 

“No, these are express from” You sassed back, placing a hand onto your hip. She rolls her eyes at you and laughs.

“Only you can manage to pull off an outfit like that” She states, finishing collecting her books for her next class, English, which also happened to be yours as well. 

“Me and my label whores take great offense to that” You reply with mock hurt, placing a hand of your heart for a dramatic effect. Allison rolls her eyes at you and shuts her locker, beginning to walk away from you and off into the classroom.

You turned to your on locker with a tired sigh and grab your books out, closing it shut once you were done. You turned back around to notice you were getting some very unwanted attention. You sighed again, noticing some of the guys were even wolf whistling at you. 

Plastering a fake smile, you beamed it towards them, causing their eyes to widen in shock. It wasn’t every day that the school Queen B noticed them. Yes, you heard that right, you were popular in high school. In fact, Some even referred you to the Queen B. How stereotypical seeing you were no where near in fact a mean girl. 

“Hey baby, can I have your number?” A sleezeball called out as you made your way past the crowd. With a smirk you didn’t even bother turning around to voice your response. 

“Yeah, 1800-kiss-my-ass” You sassed back as you walked away and into the classroom. Okay… maybe you were a little. 


“I swear to flipping god if I have to sit through another god damn lecture I’ll kill myself” One of the girls complained from around the table. You rolled your eyes at her softly smiled as you took your seat, placing your jacket next to you. 

“Why don’t you commit suicide? It’s more effective” One of the girls responds. Your eyes widen and a laugh seems to lodge itself in the back of your throat. Oh gosh where was Allison when you needed her. You could only handle these airheads for so long before heads began to roll… literally. 

“Killing yourself is suicide Stacy” The blonde beside her nudged her shoulder. Stacy turned around and frowned, seeming to put the pieces together. You laughed at their exchange and began to tuck into your lunch that you brought from home. You hardly ever liked what they sold here so you brought your own lunch from home. 

Rice crackers, your favourite.

“Y/N?” Your head popped up at the mention of your name across the table. You finished the bite you were on and smiled. 

“Nick wanted me to give this to you..” Eleanor trailed off, passing you a slip of paper. You began to unfold the note and read the messy writing. 

~Meet me under the bleachers, fourth period ;)

You scrunched the paper into the ball and threw into the middle of the table. The other girls looked up at you, not seeming surprised. This was a daily occurrence, you would receive letters and what not from guys asking you to ‘hook up’ with them or 'go round’ with them like seriously… who uses 'go round’ anymore?

“Who was it from?” One of the girls piped up interested. Stacy reached for the paper and unscrew it, reading it aloud. 

“Wait… the Nick McHottie asked you out?” She spoke up with envy. Ugh, he was a disgusting creep. Yeah he was hot but he had no personality what so ever.

McDonald” You replied, snatching the paper from her hands. She frowned. 

“How the hell could you turn him down? He’s like the hottest guy in school!” Emily piped up, the other girls joining in chorus. You stopped eating your cracker and looked up with a frown. 

“I’m sorry, but a guy that can’t pronounce archaeornithomimus isn’t the guy for me” You replied, causing all the girls eyes around you to widen. You took another bite of your cracker and spoke with a full mouth.

“Wha?” It came out slightly muffled though due to the food. Some of them sat there in shock while the others tried to figure out what the hell that even was.

“Isn’t that a type of like… sleep disorder?”

Paralysis” You replied with an eye roll.

“And no… it’s not” You responded. Seeing how Allison has ditched you for lunch you decided to pack up your things, wanting to be alone. 

“Where are you going?” Eleanor asked. 

“I’m going to head to the library to get some last minute studying done” You replied easily. You waved them off with a smile and left the cafeteria, feeling multiple pair of eyes on you. 

Peter’s eyes followed you as you left, his head placed on top of his palm as he watched you leave. This was a daily ritual for him. After he got his lunch he would sit down quickly and begin to eat, his eyes and ears searching for any signs of you. Once he found you he often drifted off into la la land. 

“I seriously don’t get what you see in her…” Ned spoke from beside him. Peter ignored him, to lost in his trance with you to care.

“She’s… perfect” He would reply dreamily. Ned would just roll his eyes at his friend and continue reading his comic.

“She’s a bitch” Ned would often reply. This would always snap Peter out of his daze. He would turn to Ned angrily.

“No she isn’t she’s just… misunderstood” He tried to persuade him. Ned just hums in response, still reading his comic. Peter would sigh and rest his head back onto his open palm.


You strolled into your class with a smile on your face, AP Physics, this subject happened to be one of your favourite. Seeing there were no seating arrangements for this class you often sat near the back, keeping your head down and completing your work with a snide comment here and there from a few guys.

You walked through the classroom looking for an empty seat. You sighed once you saw most of them were pretty much full. 

Peter walked into the class shortly after with wide eyes. You were standing right next to his bench. Well… it wasn’t his bench but that was where he sat pretty much every lesson. 

“There’s a spare seat on my lap baby” One of the guys flirted to you with a wink. You wanted to scoff at his forwardness. Instead you settle for rolling your eyes and glanced around the classroom, noticing most of the empty spaces were next to useless, sexist pigs who would probably try to trail a hand up your skirt. Why were guys such sleezeballs in high school? 

“…Excuse me” You heard a tiny voice speak from behind you. You turned around and smiled once you spotted you fellow class mate, Peter Parker.

“Oh, hey Peter” You greeted with a smile. You moved out of the way, assuming this was his stop. His eyes widen at your greeting and his mouth drops. Have you never greeted him before?

“H-h-i” He stuttered out with an awkward smile. You couldn’t help but to smile at his nervousness around you. 

“Y/n baby… leave that dork and come sit next to me” One of the jocks called out to you. You sighed angrily, wanting to just go over them and shut him up yourself.

You turned around to see his facial expression. 

“You know you want to” He flirts. Ugh. Instead you just smiled sweetly at him, placing your books onto the bench beside you. Peter’s eyes widened at the action, noticing you taking the spare seat beside him. No one ever sat next to him because he was the 'loser’ or 'nerd’. 

Holy sugar crackers is she actually sitting next to me? Is this real? I think I’m going to faint…

You slipped into the seat and turned your head towards Peter, noticing how he seem to shy away from you. A frown fell across your lips. Never before have you had that response. 

You decided to leave it and instead concentrate on the lesson for the day. 

~Through the lesson

Peter couldn’t seem to control the shakes in his hands. His nerves were so bad that he didn’t want to speak aloud in cause he stuttered like a total loser in front of you. You, on the other hand, just sat there copying down your work silently. You were enjoying the piece and quiet actually, no on was bothering you. 

You stumbled upon a question that seemed a little tricky and rested your head into your open palm with a sigh. Peter noticed this action and looked over towards you. He battled with himself whether or not to ask you if you were okay but decided against it. 

You stared at the page for a few minutes, trying to figure out the answer to the following question. You let out a defeated sigh and closed your eyes. Peter heard this and turned to face you with a worried look. He looked at your face as it was scrunched up in confusion. He found it adorable. 

“Peter?” He heard your voice speak up. By now you were looking at him as well. He immediately blushed, cursing himself for being caught staring at you and quickly looked away. 

“Hmm?” He asked out as casually as he could. You smiled at his response, noticing the tinge in his cheeks grow slightly darker.

“Do I have something on my face?” You asked, wondering why he had been staring at you. Peter’s eyes widen at your question. He visibly gulps. He turns his head to face you and quickly shakes his head. You smiled at his awkwardness. 

“Then why were you staring?” You asked. You had grew curious with the boy sitting beside you. Peter’s eyes almost looked like they wanted to fall out of his head. The poor thing could feel his heart practically racing inside his chest. What the hell was he supposed to say?

“Y-y-y-ou had something on your face..” He stutters, not bothering to look at you. You reach a hand to your cheek and started to wipe, hoping to get whatever it was off of your face. You hadn’t had worn makeup today thank god. 

“Got it?” You asked. He turned to face you with red cheeks. He just smiled shyly and nodded in response. You smiled at him and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You looked over at him curiously. 

“There was nothing on my face was there?” You asked. He froze again, the poor thing was going to have a bloody heart attack. 

“…no” he mumbles out ashamed. You just smiled at his honesty and shook your head,your focus returning to your work. 

“I don’t mind…” You spoke out, softly enough for him to hear. You bit your lip, feeling your own nerves beginning to grow inside you. Never before had you been nervous talking to a boy cause they were all so immature but with him you did, he was… different. And you quite liked it. 

“M-m-ind w-what?” he stuttered. How was it that you found his stuttering even adorable? Knowing the effect you had on him causing you to smile.

You...” you spoke up. He turned to face you confused, his eyes widening with a soft smile playing at the edge of his lips. He was blushing like crazy, he could feel it, but had nothing in him to stop him from looking at you. 

You guys stared into each others eyes for a little while, seeming to be getting lost in them. He noticed a tinge of pink spread across your own cheeks. His stomach did a flip at the sight.

Peter was the first to look away once he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to the guy sitting behind him that held a piece of paper in his hand. He gave it to him with a smile, pointing towards Y/N who was now turned back around, working on her work sheet. Peter sighed and opened up the paper, hearing the sound of hissing behind him as he did so. He turned around once he felt a paper ball hit the back of his head.

“It’s not for you, idiot” The guy spoke up, pointing at your back. Peter’s eyes widen as he nods, slipping the piece of paper beside you. You glanced away from your work and looked to your side to see the piece of paper.

You fingers slowly opened the piece of paper, you glanced over your shoulder as you did so, noticing the jock from early with a smirk on his face. You turned back around and read the paper, your eyebrows furrowing in disgust. You screwed up the piece of paper and placed it in front of you, deciding to get back to your work. Another piece of paper came hurtling towards Peter. He caught it due to his reflexes and sighed, grudgingly passing you the second note.

You glanced at Peter before opening the second note. Once you finished reading it you grabbed a pen, writing down a firm NO! underlined before passing it back to Peter. You turned back to your work while Peter sat there dumbstruck. 

Without realising another once was thrown across the room and hit Peter in the face this time. He angrily grabbed the piece of paper and placed it beside you. Once again, you stopped what you were doing and read what it said, writing down a response. Peter could feel himself growing angrier by the second. He knew it, he fucking knew it and Ned tried warning him but did he listen? No. 

One more came and this time Peter caught it, throwing it down in front of Y/N. You looked up confused as you saw the piece of paper slam down in front of you. You turn to your side to see a very angry looking Peter.

You opened this letter, this time not even bothering to read what it said. You grabbed a pen and responded.

~Your making my boyfriend angry, fucking stop Michael 

With this you crumpled up the piece of paper and gave it back to Peter. He looked at you wide eyed, not believing how you were using him. He took it from your hand angrily and threw it across the room back over to the jock. 

The jock, reading the letter, rolled his head back in laughter. That was it. Peter had snapped. Peter felt utterly humiliated and hurt but most of all, he felt angry.

“I’m not a fucking messenger boy” Peter seethed at you. Now it was your turn for your eyes to widen in shock. You turned to face him, noticing just how angry he really was. Whoa… Never before have you ever heard Peter swear so he must be really pissed off.

“What?” You asked out, not quite getting why he was mad at you. He closed his eyes and let out a angry sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Do you get off on this or something?” He asks angrily. You dropped your pen, your focus being on him now. You stared at him wide eyed.

“Excuse me?” You responded.

“Little miss 'Popular”’ That had hit a nerve. 

“Oh get off your man period Peter” You responded harshly. He dropped his hands and shook his head, biting his bottom lip angrily. 

“Once your done being an asshole let me know” You spoke out, turning to face your work. 

“I’m the asshole?” He argued. You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, your certainly acting one” You responded. He just glared at you in response, packing up his things.

“I’m a person Y/N, not a friggin play toy” Okay where the hell did that come from? You look up once you heard him walk past you and out of the classroom. The teacher didn’t seem to notice seeing he was busy writing on the board. You watched his retreating figure, your eyebrows furrowing. 

You packed up your own things and decided to leave the class as well to go after Peter. Something definitely wasn’t right and you were going to figure out what it was. 

“Y/N!” The teacher called out but you ignored him. You glance down the hallway to seem him walking down towards his locker. You followed behind him, jogging a little to catch up. 

“Peter!” You called out to him. He ignored you, seeming to wipe something away from his face as he stopped by his locker, opening it to block his face from your view. You reached his locker and stopped.

“Peter..” You spoke up, this time more softly. He stiffened at your presence. He angrily wiped away a tear that had slid down his cheek and threw his books into his locker carelessly. 

“I’m sorry…” You said sincerely, not liking the fact that you had cause him to be angry at you. Peter just shook his head at your response, feeling more tears pool in his eyes.

“No your not…” He responds, his voice slightly breaking at the end. It was only now that you could tell that he was in fact, crying. Your stomach dropped. 

You reached a hand out slowly and placed it onto his shoulder, enjoying the warmth that traveled it’s way up your arm once you did so. He angrily shrugged your hand off of him leaving you hurt and confused. 

He slammed his locker shut and decided to turn to face you. 

“The guys flirt with you 24/7 and you flirt back, always replying to the letters they send you. You relish in the attention that’s showered over you, soaking it up.” What?

“You use them for your own personal enjoyment! You use guys then throw them away like they’re trash!” You stood, dumbstruck as he continued on with his rant.

“You let these useless guys walk all over you…” His tone started to drop. 

“You let them use you and then spit you out… so maybe that’s why you do it too but it’s not right… what about the guy who actually likes you for you? Who actually cares about you? And cares how you feel?” Your mouth dropped. 

“Who?” You asked, cutting him short.

“What do you mean Who? Me! Obviously!” He calls out without realising. Your heart melt at his confession. His eyes widen once he realised what he had said and turns around quickly, his face flushing a dark shade of red. You bit your lip as you stepped closer towards him, he sensed you growing closer and froze.

“You… like me?” You asked out shyly. He glanced over to you and quickly shook his head. You smiled in response and stepped closer to him, noticing him gulp at the close proximity between the two of you.

“N-n-n-o” He stutters out, his eyes drifting from your eyes to your lips. You noticed this and brought and subconsciously brought your tongue out to dampen your dry lips. He followed this action with his eyes, the butterflies doing black flips inside his stomach. 

“What’s a archaeornithomimus?” You asked. He looks you back in the eyes with raised eyebrows.

“What? Why the hell are you asking me about dinosaurs when you know when your this close to me I can’t even breath-” You cut him once you heard what you had wanted to hear. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer towards you, cutting him off at the action. His eyes widen and on instinct his hands wrap around your waist.

“Breathe…” He mutters out, staring at your lips. 

“Would it be incredibly cheesy for me to say that I really want to give you my first kiss?” You ask out. His eyes widen at your words. 

“F-f-first ki-s-s-” You cut him off when you gently placed your lips onto his. He froze underneath you, not believing what was happening right now. You pulled back slowly, your eyes slowly opening once you could feel the tingle on your lips.

“C-c-can we do that again?” Peter asks out shyly, looking you in the eyes. You smiled with red cheeks and nod your head. Peter, this time, brought you to him and placed his lips onto yours, slowly beginning to move them against yours. You followed his lead. He gently snaked a hand from your waist to cup your cheek, tilting your head slightly for easier access. You heart fluttered at his gentleness, knowing he was taking his time with you. He softly massaged your cheek with the pad of your thumb causing a rush of tingles to shoot up your spine. You never knew kissing would be this… Amazing?

He pulled you even closer and deepened the kiss, lightly sucking at your bottom lip for you to grant him access. You did so happily and enjoyed the new wave of pleasure that was sent through your body when his tongue met yours. You moaned at the contact, enjoying the feeling oh so much.

He quickly pulled away and smiled.

You keep doing that and I’m not going to want to stop” He spoke up hoarsely. You just chuckled and pulled lightly at his curls, urging his face closer to yours again as you met him for another passionate kiss. 


A/N: Hope you enjoyed this Hun! Thank you for the request Darling xx


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autumn moments to cherish
  • the smile on your friend’s face when you give them the perfect gift
  • discovering new songs you adore that fit the season
  • leaves crunching under your feet
  • drinking hot chocolate together with a loved one
  • buying lots of new books because you’ve finally got time to read in the autumn holidays
  • being proud of oneself for little accomplishments
  • strolling through the city after school when it’s already dark outside
  • finding a new great study-spot/cafe
  • the taste of pumpkin flavored everything
  • the cozy feeling of being inside while it rains
  • buying new oversized sweaters and scarves
  • preparing for halloween with your friends

A little something I made in honor of this amazing blog!


*I wrote this with the sun and mars signs in mind*

Aries: It was a cool summer night. “You’re crazy.” I said as you pulled me towards an abandoned building. “Don’t be scared, I just wanna check it out.” We wandered through the decaying concrete, graffiti on every wall possible. I was so scared but I was trying hard not to lose my cool. After all you were absolutely loving this. There was a loud creak and I jumped, grabbing your arm. “Babe calm down, look at me.” You said soothingly, rubbing my shoulders. We made out there in the middle of the building; in the middle of the night. Your kisses enthralling, and for a moment I forgot about everything else. The creak came again but louder, “Okay, fuck this.” You laughed, grabbing my hand and we ran as fast as we could out of there and into the summer air.

Taurus: It was pitch black, our kisses growing more urgent as you fumbled around trying to undo my buttons. “I can’t see anything.” you chuckled. I sparked my lighter and you looked around for a candle, finding one and lighting it with my flame; never taking your eyes off me. You undid my pants quickly with a smirk on your face and threw them dramatically across the room. Your lips finding mine again, making up for the loss of contact. “You are so fucking hot” you whispered, running your hands down my body, a trace of goosebumps forming on my skin. You pushed in slowly, moaning as you felt my heat. You buried your face in my hair I lost all focus. I just held on for dear life as the candlelight flickered erratically on the ceiling.

Gemini: Your bedroom was covered with so many posters I couldn’t see what colour it was painted. You had not one, but two lava lamps, one purple and one orange. We were laying on your floor, listening to Frank Ocean on vinyl, “Sometimes I think about faking my own death, and leaving the parts I don’t like about myself behind.” you said somberly, drawing lazy circles on my stomach with your finger. “Where would you go?” I asked. You propped your head up, your adorable face flushed purple in the light from the lamp. “Anywhere but here,” you said pulling me even closer, “only as long as I could take you with me though.” I ran my finger across your bottom lip and you bit it, we giggled quietly, then sighed. You kissed me so deeply, like an ocean tide that ebbs and flows. We made love, slow love right there on your bedroom floor. Every now and then, when things are quiet, parts of that night come back in flashes when I close my eyes.

Cancer: Snow had been coming down like crazy all day and everybody was staying inside. We had made the heroic journey to the store to get the bare necessities. Popcorn, paprika Pringles and those fruity toffees. Now we were cuddled in an abundance of duvets and pillows watching Spirited Away. “Are you cold?” you asked softly. “No I’m actually really warm.” I said adjusting the pillows behind me. Your eyes shot around the room, you bit your lip as your gaze landed on me. “What?” I asked when I noticed you staring. You grinned, “I’m kinda cold.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I lifted my blanket and pulled you into my cocoon. Your hand slipped under my shirt as you got comfortable. “Oh my god, your hand is freezing.” I shrieked. “Warm me up then.” you teased as you kissed me gently.

Leo: “You are such a goddamn hypocrite, why are you being so possessive?” I yelled at you. “Because I fucking love you!” you screamed even louder. My eyes shot wide as the words left your mouth. I felt like I was about to faint. Like everything I’d known for the past two months had been wrong. I put my hand on my forehead and slowly sat down on the sofa. “Since when?” I asked warily. You sat down next to me, leaving a little space between us, not wanting to scare me away. “Since the day I met you.” you said more gently. I shook my head in confusion. All these months I’d been crushing on you, telling myself I was a fool for thinking you could ever feel the same. “Look, I should go.” you said standing up, I grabbed your arm quickly and pulled you to me. I kissed you with my eyes open, I didn’t believe it but my eyes couldn’t lie. You picked me up and put me in your lap. “We can’t do this.” I whispered into your neck. You grabbed me even tighter, not ready to let me go. “Tell me to stop,” you breathed kissing down my collarbone, your finger toying with the band of my panties, “just tell me to stop.” Your eyes searched mine for an answer. Your finger inching further, grazing down the lace in front. I moaned into your mouth, giving you the answer you needed. The one we both needed.

Virgo: My phone buzzed next to my laptop. It was almost midnight and my chemistry notes were making less sense than ever. “Hi baby.” I half sighed as I answered. “Where are you?” you asked. “On my bed, what’s up?” I could hear your breathing through the phone, “Nothing, just thinkin’ about you. ‘Bout us.” you said cheekily. I closed my eyes as that familiar lightness hit my stomach. “Oh really, what are we doing?” I teased. You half groaned on the other line, “Thinking about your skin, running my tongue up your spine, and swirling it around your-” Now I was the one who moaned. “Can you come pick me up?” I panted. You laughed, “Thought you’d never ask.”

Libra: It was my first birthday in the new city and I was feeling more homesick than ever. You knocked on my door and told me to get dressed while you poured two shots of tequila. You took me on an adventure, stumbling through a regal museum slightly tipsy. I was laughing at this modern piece, you asked why I didn’t get it, I said the shape was a bit funky. From behind you wrapped your arms around my waist, pressing yourself up against me, “I think it’s a quite stimulating.” you whispered with a sly grin, and my entire body shivered. Then you took me to dinner, your eyes staring into mine the whole time and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. It was like moving between worlds, reality changing from hour to hour. I don’t even remember what we talked about, only what I was feeling. We couldn’t even last until desert, our minds running away from us. As soon as I opened the door to my place your lips crashed onto mine, and for the first time that night I felt like I could breathe.

Scorpio: “Do you wanna wrestle?” I asked you with a wicked grin on my face. “I’m not gonna wrestle you.” You said not taking your eyes of the TV. I jumped on you and the Xbox controller went flying. “You asked for it.” You growled as you started fighting me back. I knew I had no chance, I just wanted to get you all fired up. Before I knew it I was on my back, hands pinned down above my head and your strong thighs straddling my torso. “Who’s the winner?” you demanded. “You’re the winner daddy.” I purred, reaching up and biting your lip. Your expression shifted, your eyes going from that watery blue to devilish dark in a split second, and I knew I was in for a ride.

Sagittarius: It was 3 a.m. I knew I had school in the morning but at this point I didn’t care. Cruising around the city in your parents BMW, the bass in the sound system making our blood vibrate. Like it hadn’t been already. We didn’t say anything, we couldn’t. We couldn’t afford to lose control. Then L$D by A$AP Rocky came on. My hands were shaking in my lap, your knuckles white from squeezing the steering wheel so hard. The engine purred as you drove faster, now with a purpose, pulling into the beach parking lot. The car came to an abrupt stop and I couldn’t take this any longer. You moved your seat back as I jumped over the console. You kissed me like you were drowning and I was air. All that tension finally snapping like firecrackers as the music pumped through our bodies. Your strong arms lifted me up and pushed my dress up my thighs, the windows fogging up. I could feel your biceps trembling under the palm of my hand, and thought how could something that felt so right be so wrong?

Capricorn: The whole day had had a weird, electrifying feel to it. Now I knew why. We were standing out there on the balcony, face to face in the middle of the crowd. “Kiss me.” you said nonchalantly. “You kiss me.” I incited. You took a long drag of the joint, gently pressing your lips to mine as you blew the smoke into my mouth. I just stared back at you, blowing the smoke out again calmly, your fingers still caressing the back of my neck. You almost smiled but stopped it midway by biting your lip. I grabbed your shirt and pulled you to me. I kissed you like it was the last time. You pulled back slightly to catch your breath, “Wanna get out of here?”

Aquarius: The night I first met you. I didn’t wanna go out but my friends convinced me. The bar was so packed but somehow I got to the front of the stage. There you were, and that cherry red guitar, in your own world. I remember I couldn’t take my eyes of your fingers when you played. I didn’t even notice you were looking at me until the song was over. You laughed and playfully tugged on your shirt. I didn’t get why but then I noticed we were both wearing the same Led Zeppelin shirt. When the show was over you found me so quickly I knew you had been watching me. “I feel like this was meant to be.” you said leaning up against the bar. I took you in, your knuckles had little cuts on them and your black jeans were splattered with green paint. “I’m not really in the mood to make friends tonight.” I said, taking a sip of my beer. You ran your hand teasingly through that dirty blonde DiCaprio hair, “How ‘bout we just stay strangers then?” I knew I’d already lost this fight. The next thing I remember is literally falling into your foyer, your lips on my neck as I moaned in your ear. You held me so tight, pulling my shirt up ever so slightly just to put your skin on mine. I pushed you down, taking my shirt all they way off while I straddled your hips, and you looked at me like I had just discovered fire. When it was all over you grabbed my face with both your hands, “What’s your name?” you breathed. I smirked as I put my clothes back on, “I thought we were gonna stay strangers.” I was halfway home when I realized that the shirt I was wearing wasn’t mine, it was yours.

Pisces: The record had finished all the way through. That needle scratch sound from the record player filled the silence in the room. I was in your arms, tangled in bedsheets and your sticky bodyparts. You grazing my back lightly with your fingers. “I need to pee.” I said trying untangle myself limb by limb. Your arms tightened around me, “No, you can’t go.” you pouted. I giggled and wiggled around in your embrace. “I have to pee, I’ll be quick.” You pressed your forehead against mine. “Promise?” you said softly. I pecked your lips three times. “I promise.”

tease || t.h

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: When you tease Tom all day, he decides to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: another tom smut was highly requested so here ya go bust a nut !!!

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You Have No Idea

Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the Reader go to school together, however once Peter shows up at Stark tower, the Reader is curious as to why he is there.

Word Count: 1,930

Warnings: language, fluff, adorableness, talk of powers, annoying Tony, shy reader (bc I’m trash). (Err, that’s it?)

A/N: To the anon that requested this, I hope you like it! I sort of changed it up a little bit, so I hope you don’t mind. The length of this, I apologize, holy shit. I could not find a way to end this. *Also, the Reader’s powers are based on the character Catiana (in case you are wondering!) Please let me know what you guys think of it, I’d love some feedback. Enjoy reading!

Walking into school, you held tightly to your backpack and moved swiftly through the crowd, avoiding an “accidental” bump in with anyone that came unexpectedly.

Since you had a few minutes before your first class, you went to your locker and replaced the books in your backpack with the ones you needed today for classes.

Rolling your eyes and groaning as you picked up your heavy Algebra book, you stuffed it roughly into your backpack.

It’s not that you hated math, it’s just you weren’t that great at it, which definitely bothered you since you were in a class full of legit geniuses.

Not only did that class give you anxiety with being called on or not understanding anything, but it was also because there was one nerd who always caught your attention. The one that should probably be in college level math rather than Algebra in some high school. The one who looked so soft and cuddly. The one with the never ending collection of sweaters.

The one named, Peter Parker.

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A merm pretending to be a blue sea slug.


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

badboy!jungkook + the reality of us

Six years ago…

“I told you I hate that flavor.” He glared, swiping at your lips with his thumb until you were slapping his hands away because he was wiping it all off.

“Well when you start paying for my lip gloss I’ll take it into consideration.” You spat, licking at your lips anyway because they taste less like grape and more like Jungkook.

Jungkook glared down at the little black bag sitting in the cab of his truck, a muscle in his jaw ticking until he reneged, ripping open the glove compartment to shove it in ‘til it was out of eye sight. After a final curse he unlocked his phone.

Jungkook [6:01:45]: when I say 5:30 it doesn’t mean make me wait in your drive way for 30 goddamn minutes

Jungkook [6:05:34]: what the fuck are you doing up there

Jungkook [6:07:23]: one more minute and I’m leaving your ass here

Jungkook [6:10:12]: fuck right off

He had only just sent the text when your front door was flying open, your very flustered self sprinting down your driveway until you could yank open the door of his truck with a grin. He wanted to glare, do anything but return your stupid goo goo eyes but he couldn’t help himself.

Not when it’s been an entire month since he’s seen you last, save for through the small rectangular screen of his phone. Especially not when you had returned home from camp looking gorgeous and brown from the summer sun, nearly blinding with your own radiance. He hadn’t understood, even all this time the point of going to a stupid fucking cheer camp the summer before college started and you would end whatever little thing you and Jungkook had had for the past year for good. But you had patiently if but a little patronizingly explained to him that you wanted to keep in shape for the fall tryouts at your school.

You sure had kept your fucking word about that. Somehow your body looked even more delectable than when you had left, the smooth expanse of your back revealed in a tank top cut so low there was no way you could possibly be wearing a bra under that. The ripped and frayed state of your jeans and scuffed white converse proved to be much less scandalous than your shirt choice. However—

“You cut your hair.” Jungkook said lamely, stating the obvious.

Your only response was to turn back to him with a grin, before attempting to throw yourself on him over he middle console. He still caught you though, his firm grip around your waist betraying the sneer he was sporting—it only made you grin wider when you brought your lips together.

Jungkook’s eyes widen the slightest when an eager tongue swipes over his lips and your physically climbing over the middle console to get to him, his hands catch you around the waist and he’s suddenly just as invested in the kiss. His mouth is scalding on your own, lips sealed over yours in an almost feverish haze as though he’s trying to communicate just how much the distance affected him in a single kiss. Your touch is just as desperate though, reaching up his shirt to press against the smooth muscle there. It had been so long, you just needed to touch him, feel him, feel the familiar press of his erection—one that never failed to make an appearance in your presence.

And then he’s pulling away from you, hands clutching your face a safe distance from your own, “Your parents.”

He asks the logical questions because it appears you weren’t going to be the level headed one this time around. Still, you try and dive back in for another kiss, but his grip only tightens with a frown.

“Out of town.” You whimper, making another attempt to get closer to him. This time you succeed and Jungkook waits all of five seconds with his mouth against your own to pull away again.

“Then why the fuck,” he says between kisses and swipes of tongue, “are we hooking up in my truck?”

“We’re not.” You groan, pressing your core deeper against the zipper of his jeans, “We’re not fucking. I’m just… I just—”

“Will you stop grinding long enough to finish your goddamn sentence. Jesus Christ,” he curses when your head dips back, and a hiss slips through his teeth on a particular roll of your hips, “You act like.. l-like we’ve been apart a year instead of a month. Fuck baby, quit that.”

“Okay, okay I’m s-sorry.” You say on a shudder when his teeth nip roughly at your lower lip. You still can’t help but dip your head into the crook of his shoulder and inhale his scent, “I don’t do good with distance s-sorry. I missed you.”

“I couldn’t tell.” He replied dryly, sending you a cocky grin when you glare at him.

Your glare is gone just as quickly as it came though and your eyes flutter shut in defeat, or a pout, Jungkook could never be sure with you.

“I’m so wet.” You whined before exhaling with a shake of your head, “We are not fucking today.”

Jungkook snorts, “Are trying to convince me or yourself?”

“You,” you answer firmly before cocking your head to the side with a frown, “No me. Wait… both of us?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes but catches you by the scruff of the neck, gaze laser focused on your full lower lip before he’s dipping in for another kiss—it’s slower this time and reverberating a softness you weren’t aware Jeon Jungkook was capable of.

“You irritated the hell out of me for a month.” He glared, but he was hugging your waist, you cocked an eyebrow at his contradictory behavior. As though a switch had been flipped, his gaze narrowed to slits and he was cocking his head at you.

“What?” You sigh.

“How was camp?” He implored, but his words were laced with suspicion.

“It was good.” You shrug, “Actually I kind of miss it. I made a lot of friends there.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook asks stiffly, “Then why’d you bother coming back at all?”

“Don’t start.” You groan, hands going to cup his face and though his pouting was adorable it ruffled your feathers.

“And what about that nerd…. Taekyung? You two keeping in touch over break?” He sneers.

You let out a deep exhale at the mention of your companion—you and Jungkook had been getting along well, fucking great in fact, as though the distance had triggered something in the both of you and lit a fire under Jungkook’s ass. He would call almost everyday, text you when he was busy, it was almost… domestic of him. You had gotten too comfortable with the Jungkook that was caring in his own roundabout way that you forgot to be wary of the green eyed beast that lurked just beneath the surface of his cool exterior. He had asked for a selfie and you had tugged one of the girls in your squad, and a very discombobulated Taehyung into a picture after one of the more intense days at camp.

Safe to say, Jungkook didn’t appreciate it—your lack of clothing or Taehyung’s close proximity.

No. I haven’t been keeping in touch with him.” You snapped, “But how are you and Jennie, I saw you tagged in more than one of her pictures on Instagram. Is she doing well? Still sucking dick under the bleachers?”

“If she is its not fucking mine.” He bites out crudely, “Considering I’ve only had my dick in one uptight bitch for the past year and half. I haven’t even seen her since we fought on the phone for a fucking hour because of that stupid ass picture.”




You pinch the bridge of your nose before matching Jungkook’s glare with intense scrutiny, “We’ve been together all of five minutes why are we fighting already?”

“It’s not a fight.” He spits.

“Then what the hell is it?” You scoff.

“A discussion, a very loud fuckin’ discussion.”

“Are we seriously fighting over whether or not we’re having a fight?” You exasperate, running a hand through your hair. You pin him with a look, “I came here to hang out with you. I… I haven’t even bothered to call anyone else because you were the first person I wanted to see. So could you stop being a dick long enough so we can go on a da….”

Jungkook raised a brow at you. The two of you had long since been toeing the line of domesticity and while you were both aware of it neither of you was willing to swallow their pride long enough to show all your cards.

Movie. Let’s go to that movie and then when we get back we can do something that you like.” You say with a teasing smile, going to straighten his the ties on his hoodie.

Jungkook sighs but lets you pull him in by his sweatshirt for another kiss, this one longer but less heated than the first. 

“God that blew.” Jungkook stretches and you roll your eyes at him.

“How would you know, you slept through the entire thing.” You snorted.

“Not the entire thing.” He smirks, throwing an arm around your shoulder.

“Right I forgot you woke up in the middle to finger me.” You scoff.

“As if you didn’t enjoy it.” He chides.

“I never said that.” You hum before shoving the popcorn at him, “Hold this, I have to pee.”

Jungkook grumbles something that sounds dangerously like an expletive and you don’t wait for him to agree, rushing to the restroom to relieve yourself.

It isn’t until your washing your hands that you remember the crumpled brown bag in your purse. Your hands flutter uselessly as you try to take it out, hoping to God that it’s not wrinkled. You grin to yourself when you find it in perfect condition.

“Would he feel put out if I got him something?” You grumble before worrying your lip between your teeth, “You’re overthinking it, ___. Its just a stupid t shirt.”

Right it was just a shirt. No big deal. Just something you saw in passing that you thought would look good on him, no big deal.

“No big deal.” You repeat to yourself before taking a last minute glance at yourself in the mirror. You looked nice… or you thought you looked nice but Jungkook hadn’t mentioned anything about your haircut other than the initial shock he sported when you were coming down the stairs.

You push back through the bathroom door, taking extra care not to touch anything after having already washed your hands, your eyes scan the room for Jungkook, letting out an annoyed huff because you told him to wait outside. You falter when you come across a broad back, his hand rubbing at the back of his neck in a familiar fashion.

“Jungkook I told you to—oh.” You hesitate at the halting laughter, whatever inside joke they were giggling about brought to an abrupt close when you draw near, “Hey.”

“Hey unnie.” she greets, hand coming up in a stiff wave, “… are you two here together…?”

Jungkook hesitates for the briefest of moments, eyes searching yours for an appropriate response. You don’t know why it annoys you so much or why you’re suddenly schooling your features into a tight grin.

“No. I, uh… we ran into each other and he was holding my stuff for me while I peed.” You lied, taking in the way the younger girls shoulders slump in relief.

“Cool.” Jennie grins, “Jungkook’s really helpful like that.”

Isn’t he?” You agree curtly, your gaze hesitates at the familiar black fabric wrapped around the girls shoulders, “Cute jacket.”

“O-oh this?” She asks before sending a shy grin Jungkook’s way, and you swear his eyes close in defeat, “He lent it to me a while ago I never did get to give it back so I was excited to see him and maybe return it but we got a little side tracked.”

You send a questioning look Jungkook’s way but he’s as silent as he had been the entire five minutes you spent having the fucking conversation.

“I’m sorry, don’t let me interrupt.” You feign apologetic, “I’ll just leave you two to it.”

Jungkook lets out an exasperated sigh but if the younger girl notices she doesn’t say anything, only smiles politely at you.

“Wait, er… what about that ride you asked me for earlier?”

He’s grasping at strings.

“It’s fine, I’ll find my own way home. Don’t worry about me.” You send a fake smile their way.

“Quit being ridiculous.” He seethes before turning back to Jennie, “Uh… it was cool seeing you or whatever but I’ve got stuff I got to handle and—shit. ____ will you wait up?”

“Jungkook!” Jennie calls.

You don’t even bother turning around, your feet are eating up concrete before you have half a mind to realize that the heavy footsteps are getting closer. No, you don’t realize that until a hand is yanking you back by the wrist.

“Will you wait a damn second?” Jungkook grits out.

You bite back the immature words that are clawing their way up your throat and feign innocence.

“Oh. Sorry. Were you calling me?” You hum, but the angry flush in your cheeks give you away and Jungkook’s narrowing his eyes at you.

“What the hell was that about?” He implores.

“What was what about?” You frown.

“I’m not in the mood for your fucking games tonight alright, would you—would you just,” he ends on a growl, “tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Nothing.” You chime, “Absolutely nothing is bothering me. If you were talking about in there when I came out and saw you talking to some random girl who you said you had nothing to do with and yet she’s wearing your hoodie then you’re wrong.”

Jungkook blinks at your for a moment.

“We’re not fucking… we’re not anything!” He groans, running a hand through his hair and trying to figure out how the hell you two ended up here.

Why you always end up here.

“Are you talking about me and you or me and Jennie?” You spit back, “Because you’re right about at least one of those things.”

You try to storm away again but he drags you back by a belt loop, bring you toe to toe with.

“We’re not anything—is that what you’re saying?” He queries and he doesn’t know why it irritates the hell out of him.

“We’re not.”

“Then why are you so fucking pissed, why are you so jealous about some random girl if we’re not anything, huh? Does any of that make sense to you?”

“I’m not jealous.” You hiss, “But if I were mad about this entire thing, which I’m not I’d tell that you I’m not fucking mad about you talking to some random girl I’m mad that you lied to me.”

“Stop fucking talking in hypotheticals!” He yells suddenly and you’re only partly aware of the fact that he’s already dragged you to the car and you’re slamming the door angrily. “When the hell did I lie to you?”

“You said you didn’t talk to her anymore but why is she wearing your jacket, are you two fucking?” You shout back and your tone has Jungkook reaching for you, hands clenching around nothing like he wanted to choke you before he was dropping his head back against the headrest.

“No I’m not fucking her!” He huffs, “I’m not fucking anyone but you and okay I admit I did lie I saw her last weekend, we’re in summer school together and the classroom was cold so I gave her my fucking sweater. I only lied for your benefit.”

“Do I look like I’m benefitting from your dumb fucking lie?” You spit, “And are you her goddamn boyfriend, let her freeze to death for all I care.”

“Well am I your boyfriend?” He demands and the car falls into utter silence around his question.

You inhale through your teeth before turning to face him, a frown marring your expression, “You’re right. You’re not my boyfriend because a stupid fucking boyfriend would at least say something about my haircut that I dumbly got for him but no you’re not my boyfriend you’re not my fucking anything.”

“What the hell are you talking about, when did I ever say anything about your hair? You look fine either way, who the fuck cares—”

I care!” You shout, “I care because I care about you and you’re stupid fucking opinion and I want to be your dumb girlfriend, okay? I don’t want to look fine either way, I want to look beautiful to you. I want you to call me for a change. I want… I want to be able to give you this stupid fucking gift without having to overthink the consequences—if I’m going to be moving us forward or back two steps and I… I like you, I like you so much that I remember things you say when you’re not paying attention like how much you liked some dumb actresses hair and so I do… I do stupid fucking things because of you.”

Your panting by the end of your confession because it was a lot, it was all the things you wanted to say, all the insecurities weighing heavy on your mind while you were away from him. And in a perfect world, Jeon Jungkook would have looked back at you and wiped your tear streaked cheeks and coo back all your rushed declarations.

But this wasn’t a perfect world and this was very much the reality of you and Jeon Jungkook.

“I… you… we said that we wouldn’t complicate things.” He says quietly, hands gripping the steering wheel, unable to meet your gaze.

All you can do is let out a bitter laugh.


“I think that it’s better this way,” he says lowly, “you’re going off to college and I’m probably not fucking going anywhere. It’s better if we end this now before either of us gets too invested.”

“Either of us… gets invested,” you repeat slowly before unbuckling your seat belt, “Why sugarcoat it? I’m the only one that’s invested, clearly. It was fun while it lasted right?”

Jungkook lets out an exasperated sigh when you open the truck door, “Let me at least drop you home.”

“Fuck you and enjoy your stupid fucking present. And in the very unlikely future you feel inclined to try and talk to me—don’t.” You throw the brown paper bag at him before slamming his truck door.

“____!” He calls, but you’re already jogging back to the theater. Jungkook yanks open the glove compartment and grabs his idiotic present before throwing it out the window, watching as small tubes of ridiculously priced lip gloss go flying.

Context: we had just infiltrated the enemy’s base and cleared the enemy soldiers out of one of the lower rooms. The paladin (me) had just found a pretty important looking key.

Rogue: I’m going to steal the key.

DM: Alright, both of you roll.

*Rogue rolls a nat 20 on her slight of hand check, while I roll a 1 on perception*

DM: Alright rogue, you have successfully stolen the key. Uh, paladin, you are super convinced you still have the key to the point that you can still envision it and feel​ it in your hands.

Me: *approaches a locked door* Alright guys! I’m going to try the key on this door.

DM: Roll a perception check to see if you notice you don’t have the key anymore.

*I roll another 1*

DM: In your mind, the door opens to reveal a room full of the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen, who jump all over you and lick your face. 

Me: Oh my god, you guys! Look at these adorable puppies!!

DM: Everyone else in the party sees you rolling around on the floor, giggling about the puppies that don’t exist.

Monk: So… We’re just leaving her here, right?