and your eyes and your smile

When the universe blesses you with the opportunity to prosper, rejection is not the answer. Everything must be aligning for you, your hard work and dreams are coming together for you. The universe is acknowledging every little thing you have achieved. Don’t fear opportunities, accept every single one with a smile on your face and twinkle in your eye. You are greatness.

Greatness by Amy Kennedy


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Ok but if Shiro is wearing Keith's clothes... This takes the "when bae wears your clothes" meme to a whole new level when considering shklance (which I have indeed fallen into) like... Lance... In Shiro's clothes... But its really Keith's clothes. I'm breaking here- I need a cute drabble of this now omg (・∀・)

Only because I love you

“Good morning,” Lance mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “Shiro, I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your shirt. I couldn’t find mine.”

Shiro glanced over to Lance and smiled. The shirt that clung so tightly to Shiro’s broad shoulders and chest seemed to hang on Lance, but the material was comfortable and breathable and hung in flattering folds. 

“It’s actually Keith’s,” Shiro clarified. Lance looked confused. 

“But I took it from your closet.”

“I stole that shirt from Keith when all I had to wear was my Galra prison uniform,” he admitted. “But it looks good on you. Cute.”

Lance flushed red. “Keith?!” Lance lamented. “Keith has no fashion sense!”

“Yeah, well, that shirt is his.”

“Can’t believe I’m in the mullet’s shirt,” he muttered, but Shiro cracked a smirk. 

“I’m sure he could help you take it off, if we asked him to,” Shiro said lowly in Lance’s ear. Lance thought it might be a good idea.

Redecorating (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request from: @introvert-wallflower
Prompts: “Well obviously nothing is going on here!” and “By the look you’re giving me something is going on here!”
Warnings: Swearing.
A/N: My computer started acting up and I was starting to get really worried I was gonna lose everything and not be able to post this, lol. Sorry for the wait, I hope it’s worth it :)

You’re opening the door to your shared apartment with Jason when you hear the sounds of scrambling, things being knocked over, and just the sounds of a struggle in general. When you rush to the room all the noise was coming from, your eyes practically bulge out at the sight in front of you.

There’s blood drops here and there, the furniture is all skewed, and then there’s Jason who’s panting while leaning his entire body against the closet door, as though it’s the only thing keeping him standing. He smiles at you as though nothing’s out of the ordinary.

“Hey, babe!” He wheezes out between breaths. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here so soon.”

“Jason, what the fuck?” You say, staring at the bruises that are beginning to form on his face and arms. “What happened?”

He scoffs, “Pfft, what are you talking about? Nothing happened.”

“What’s all this then?”

“Our furniture.”

“Don’t you dare get smart with me, Jason Peter Todd. Why is it all scattered like this?”

He laughs, and seems to regret it if the wince and him raising an arm to his side is anything to go by. “I thought the place could use a little redecorating!”

“With your blood?” You fold your arms, growing tired of your boyfriend’s antics.

“It gives more personality, don’t you think?”

“Damn it, Jason! What is going on here?!”

“Well obviously nothing is going on here!”

You march up to him glaring at him dead in the eyes. You feel a tiny sense of satisfaction when his confidence falters and his guilty eyes do their best to look anywhere but at you. “By the look you’re giving me something is going on here!”

He opens his mouth to retort, but before he’s able to speak up, the door behind him shoves him forward a little, though he’s very quick to shove back and all of his desperate attempts to keep you from finding out whatever was happening die right then and there.

“Jason who’s in the closet?” You ask, concern in your tone.

“No one!”

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I took a look,” You say, grabbing at him in order to move him aside, but of course he stands his ground.

“It’s just the Boogey Monster, he’ll leave when the sun rises!” He grits out.

“I’m not sure that’s how the Boogey Monster works, Jay!”

“It’s a wild animal, then!”

There’s muffled screaming behind the door and you’re becoming just as frantic to open the door as Jason is on keeping it closed. Finally, you full on body slam into Jason, causing both of you to tumble to the floor, and as the door flies open you feel something land on your legs. When you look to see what it is, you take a deep breath in.

“Jason. Why is your friend tied up and beaten up? And why does he have sock shoved in his mouth?” You ask as calmly as you can.

He remains silent for a moment before muttering: “He started it.”

“Oh my god, what has my life come to?”

“Hey, at least I was being honest about the wild animal part!” That statement earns Jason a kick from Roy, and an extension to this headache for you.

“Why are you guys like this?”

Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: With all of the Homecoming hype, I figured I would write another little thing about our cute web-slinger. Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: cute, cute, cuTE, and the cheesiest of tropes

Originally posted by jessikaort

It was a new year. A new year of hell. Peter always did fairly well in his classes, especially his science classes, but he still hated the idea of being invisible as he navigated the crowds of hormonal teenagers. He also hated listening to guys and girls complain about broken phones when he had to worry about broken bones as he kept the streets safe. 

He didn’t hate school quite as much, however, when he walked into chemistry and saw you. You were a new student and you sat perched on a stool, alone at a back table. Your hair shone in the sunlight that streaked through the classroom window. Peter would swear that your eyes glittered like (Y/E/C) jewels when your eyes met his. You flashed him a shy smile before looking away. It was only for a moment but Peter was undeniably head-over-heels. 

“Parker,” the teacher barked. Peter snapped his head to look at the teacher. He gripped the strap of his backpack nervously. “It is nice of you to finally join us. For the rest of the year, I think it would be kind to your new science partner that you arrive on time.” The teacher gestured to you with one liver-spotted hand. 

Peter’s heart leaped into his throat as he willed his feet to move towards you. He placed his bag down with a thud and nervously took the stool next to you. “I’m (Y/N),” you whispered, tapping his shoulder lightly. 

“I’m Peter!” he blurted out as the teacher was going over the syllabus. His face went as red as a tomato and a few students snickered. The teacher shot him a threatening glare before continuing. You smiled and giggled lightly, pink creeping up your cheeks. 

The entire hour, Peter kept stealing glances at you. Everything about you was perfect. The shape of your lips, the color of your eyes, the rise of your cheek bones, the curve of your nose. An oral pop quiz was given and Peter was impressed by your intelligence. You raised your hand for almost every question and every time you were right. 

Every now and then you would catch Peter staring. Your heartbeat was rapid the entire class period. His chocolaty brown gaze made your breath hitch and your stomach flutter. When he wasn’t looking, you would also steal glances. His jaw clenched in concentration. His messy hair fluttered in his eyes. His surprisingly defined arms and chest moved gracefully under his sweater. 

Towards the end of class, the teacher handed out a list of various labs you could choose from to get yourself acquainted with the lab. You looked over the purple paper and looked up at Peter who was staring directly at you. His chin was propped up on his hand and he had a dazed smile on his face. “So, um, Peter, what do you think?” you asked.

“I think you’re amazing,” he mumbled. His eyes grew wide as he realized what he said. You looked away, hoping to hide the intense blush on your cheeks. “I.. I mean no, well, yes, you are, but I, uh…” You could say that Peter was saved by the bell, for the high pitched school bell began to ring and Peter was out the door before anyone else. You stared at the empty stool and your shoulders drooped a little. This was going to be an interesting year. 

Peter made his way to the lunch room, trying to block out the embarrassing image of him making a fool of himself. He somberly waited in line for his lunch and then took his usual seat with his friend, Ned. “New year, dude. New year means new girls,” Ned said, nudging Peter’s shoulder. Peter just slowly shook his head, staring down at his grease soaked pizza. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I met the new girl,” Peter mumbled. 

“Dude, tell me about her! Is she that bad that so you’re like this now?”

Peter shook his head once more. “No, Ned. She’s astounding. She’s so intelligent and she made this really funny joke in class and her face… Ned, her face. She’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. And she’s my science partner..” Peter went on and on with great enthusiasm about you. Ned encouraged it. 

You walked into the lunch room, gripping your bagged lunch and looking around nervously. You finally found who you were looking for and made a bee-line for the table. “And Ned, her shirt fit in all of the right…”

“Um, Peter?” you interrupted nervously, standing behind him as Ned eyed you humorously. You saw his shoulders tense and his ostentatious hand gestures freeze in mid-air. He slowly turned in his seat and looked up at you. “You forgot this in chemistry,” you held up the hand not holding your lunch to show Peter’s backpack. 

He gingerly took the bag from you, his fingertips brushing against your hand. You would laugh at yourself later but you could have sworn you felt sparks when his hand touched yours. “Thank you,” he mumbled, looking into your eyes. You could feel a heat creeping up your neck and you gripped your lunch nervously.

“Would you like to sit with us?” Ned piped up, breaking your attention away from Peter’s gold-flecked eyes. 

You flashed him a smile, and nodded. “Yes, thank you,” you stammered. 

“You wouldn’t mind, Pete, right?” Ned winked at him. 

“Not… Not at all,” Peter said, scooting over so you could sit next to him. You made yourself comfortable as you slid in next to your cute new lab partner. Your shoulders brushed together and Peter cleared his throat. 

“So, (Y/N), I’m Ned. Peter has told me a lot about you.” Peter angrily took a bite out of his pizza. You giggled shyly and began unpacking your lunch. “Peter here is very good at chemistry with other people, just so you know.” The boy in question let out a very angry sigh, his jaw clenching. You bit your lip and saw that Ned was playing wing-man. 

“Is he now?” you asked, sounding intrigued. “Maybe you could show me a thing or two… In the lab, of course.” Peter perked up but continued to stare down at his food. 

“So, (Y/N), have you ever studied anatomy?” Ned asked, waggling his eyebrows at you and nodding towards Peter. You suppressed a giggle as you felt Peter kick him under the table. 

You made sure to flutter your eyelashes a little as you looked sideways at the very embarrassed boy and said, “The human body happens to be a.. main interest of mine.”

Peter almost choked on his milk and you couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Ned roared with laughter and Peter was once again bright red. “He’ll get this flirting thing down eventually,” Ned said through fits of laughter, patting your hand reassuringly. “So, where ya from?”

Ned made pleasant conversation the rest of the lunch period and Peter gradually came out of his shell. You could tell that you would become fast friends with the two boys and your feelings for Peter had already begun to take root. Peter, at one point, even attempted a pick-up line. 

“What lab were you thinking of doing?” you asked Peter. 

“Well,” he began, puffing out his chest and looking at you through half-lidded eyes, “I was thinking we could mix copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe.”

“Impressive, Peter,” you said with a giggle. He looked very proud of himself for the “effectiveness” of his flirting. The lunch bell rang and all three of you stood up to leave. “Well, I’ll see you in gym, Peter. See you tomorrow, Ned!” you shouted over your shoulder. 

“Gym, huh? You guys can be gym partners! You can help her with her squats, spot that a… ouch, dude!” Peter punched Ned’s shoulder as he was talking. Peter watched you walk away, a soft smile on his face. You glanced once more over your shoulder and flashed a gorgeous smile at Peter. Peter was not going to hate school at all this year. 

A/N: This ended up a little longer than I expected. Also, this is set up perfectly to become a series! What do you guys think? Would you want that? Let me know and send in requests!! xx

  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *sulking*
  • Molly: *working* It's all in your head, you know.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* No. He's got it in for me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* He's a cat.
  • John: *confused* What's the matter?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Oh, Sherlock's declared war on Toby. He thinks he hates him. I've told you not to antagonise him.
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* And I've told you, when we're in bed, the only pussy I want to see is the one beneath your nightie.
  • John: *mortified* I swear to GOD.
  • Sherlock: Swear all you like; won't stop being true.
Teacher Taeyong

Request: Can I ask for an teacher!Taeyong scenario, who’s really interested in you but can’t do anything because he’s your teacher?

A/N: this is short & bad im sorrry :-(

  • this could be a new series aw
  • a cute idea!!
  • and im sorry im writing it in markdown format because i feel like it’s easier??
  • but if you want me to do a scenario based on this you can request again!
  • hopefully this goes well
  • okay let’s go

  • so you’re currently in university

  • so he’s your korean teacher
  • and he’s the youngest teacher there like??
  • he’s only a few years older than you, probably 4-5 years
  • first day he came in to class your eyes couldnt leave him at all
  • and everyone’s shookt
  • because how can one be so good looking?
  • and when he smiled your heart just melted!!
  • “good morning class, i’ll be your teacher for the year, hope we’ll go along well”
  • and his eyes catches yours and you smile at him
  • and he gives you the sweetest smile back and you just??
  • “what did i do to deserve such a handsome teacher it’s gonna be a great year”
  • class starts and you cant keep your eyes off him
  • and occasionally he’d catch eye contact with you
  • not anyone else but
  • you
  • they’re intense yet warm
  • and he gives you a small tiny smile every time
  • after a long two hour lesson his class finally ends
  • and you’re the last to leave because you had a lot of things to pack
  • plus you wanted to stare at him even longer
  • so of course he notices
  • and he gives you a smile again, but this time different
  • it’s much brighter and you can see his cheeks flaring up
  • they’re all pink and he’s trying to hide it but it’s so obvious
  • but you were also blushing like mad
  • “so… how was my lesson?”
  • “ah haha it’s great!! really fun and surprisingly i didn’t doze off”
  • “glad to hear! haha, uhm…”
  • “oh and im Y/N btw!”
  • “nice to meet you Y/N! i hope we become closer throughout the year”
  • “sure uh-mr lee”
  • “lee taeyong, my real name haha”
  • so after that incident your head is just full of him
  • same for him, he’d stare at you a lot in class
  • and for some reason your korean wasnt improving
  • and you had to do well for the exam
  • so you had no choice but to ask taeyong to give you extra lessons
  • and since the school would be closed, he suggests to go to the library
  • and being the nice person he is, he’d agree right away
  • probably also suggesting to treat you to lunch
  • throughout the whole session you cant even concentrate because he was so close to you
  • but he was fully focused on helping you out
  • much more sincere than when he’s in class
  • for some reason he’s much softer? and he’s also very sweet with his words
  • eventually extra lessons turned into small little dates at cafes
  • and he even asked you out multiple times to watch movies together
  • he buys you gifts
  • and tries to help you out be it with school work, or personal problems
  • five months of all that
  • and you could already feel yourself falling for him
  • when you know you shouldnt
  • but you couldnt help it
  • likewise, he was falling even harder for you
  • yall were more of friends rather than a teacher-student relationship, and only your close friends knew
  • you have his number saved as “taeyong 💘”
  • while he has yours, saved as “y/n!! 💖💖”
  • but of course each of you dont know
  • you dont know how much his heart races everytime he looks at you in class
  • and how he tries to concentrate on teaching
  • but he gets so distracted by you he often blanks out
  • “so this word means- uh… it means…”
  • awkward silence
  • “mr lee? what does it mean?”
  • “o-oh it means …”
  • and you know it’s because of you because he’s straight up facing and looking at you
  • after school ends he always waits for you so he can pick you up and send you back home
  • even when you have extra classes or activities, he was willing to wait
  • by this time you could tell he was in love with you
  • and you knew that he noticed your feelings too
  • after that time yall subtly held each others hands in a movie theatre but acted as if nothing happened
  • so one day after school he’s waiting in his car like always, for you
  • and when you get in, he gets all nervous and flustered
  • his eyes are shifting around a lot
  • and suddenly he takes up the courage to tell you
  • “y/n i know a lot of things have been going on between us throughout the past few months and im sure we both know how we feel about each other. but i cant go against the school’s rules but at the same time i cant bear to not be with you, i just- im so confused as what i should do i really really like you-”
  • before you know it you shut him up with a kiss on his lips
  • and he stares at you with his enlarged eyes
  • and blushed up cheeks
  • “i need to be with you too”
  • this is very bad i sincerely apologise that yall had to read this
Spare Me ~ Stiles Stilinski


#21 Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

“Whaddup losers!” you smile walking over to Scott and Stiles. 

“Big talk for someone so small Y/N.”  Scott laughs petting your head. You reply by giving him a playful punch in the arm.

Stiles pulls you into his arms for a soft kiss. “Scott don’t scare her away!” he jokes, rolling his eyes.

You clear your throat as you look up at Stiles, batting your lashes.

“Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Stiles looks down at you with a mischievous smirk raising an eyebrow.

“He gave me his last piece of gum earlier” Scott says cutting him off as he’s about to say something. “You can have a piece of mine!” Scott says innocently, offering you the gum.

You and Stiles let out a small chuckle in unison.

“Oh god Scott please him that innocence.” you say trying not to laugh.

“C’mon McCall spare me the innocence.” Stiles jokes. “Will you cover for me at practice?” 

“Sure!” Scott says rushing off as he eyes the time.

Stiles takes your hand as he leads you to an empty classroom. “Stiles what are we doin-” you try to say but you are cut off when his lips attack yours.

He lays you on the desk as he attacks your neck. Your fingers tangle in his hair when he lets out a low muffled moan. You grind against him as he tries to push down his jeans. “Stiles…..quick” you cry, desperate for release.

“Well we’re eager aren’t we?” he smirks as he undoes his belt.

“Yes very!” you exclaim “Now is not the the time Stilinski.” You exclaim ripping both your shirts off. while he fishes around his bag for a condom.

All of a sudden the door flies open.

“Stilinski! Why aren’t you on the f-” Coach yells as he realizes what he’s barged in on. His eyes widen as he notices the condom at his feet.

“Uhhh hey Coach…..” Stiles says hastily zippingg up his jeans and putting his shirt back on.

You scramble to find your shirt, avoiding the aghast gazes of the lacrosse teams.

“What were you two doing in here?” Coach exclaims hoping to avoid the obvious answer.

Stiles gulps. “Ahmmmm…. Biology.”

“Stilinski you better be on field in five minutes or so help me god!”


“Excuse me,” you knew that voice, “may I talk to the manager?” His tone was serious and probably caused the poor sales associate he was talking too a slight panic attack. You saw him walk in, dressed in his normal attire of a vacation dad shirt and skinny jeans and his worn out brown boots. You weren’t expecting him to stop by today, he had informed you earlier that morning at breakfast that he was swamped with meetings.

“I’m the manager,” you couldn’t help but smile as you made your way over to him and your newest employee. “What seems to be your issue sir?” Your voice was sweet and professional and the poor girl he was talking to before looked relieved when you stood next to her.

“Well ya see my lovely girlfriend wondered out tha house this mornin without giving me my goodbye kiss.” You couldn’t even stop yourself from rolling your eyes as he spoke. The sales associate standing next to you went wide eyed as she looked from him too you.

“Well sir, I’m sorry what is your name?” His face went into a smirk as you went on to act as if you didn’t know him.

“Harry, my name is Harry.” He couldn’t help but laugh a little as you extended you hand and when he reached out you expect him to shake it, instead he just grabbed it and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

“Well Harry,” you snatched your hand from his hold and turned to face your employee that was now in total shock. “Thank you Erica I will take care of Mr. Harry here, you can go on break.” She looked relived as she quickly turned and walked away from the two of you.

“Oh so ya gonna take care of me yeah?” You felt his arms slide around your waist as he spoke. You just shook your head as you turned and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“This is a surprise,” you told him before you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “A very pleasant surprise.” You added causing him to smile and show off his dimple.

“I do love ta surprise ya every now and then petal,” his voice was soft and sweet in your ear causing you to just smile. “Got ta keep ya on your toes.” You felt him give your waist a squeeze.

You unwrapped your arms from around his neck as he reluctantly removed his from your waist. You grabbed his hand and lead him towards a corner of the store that was a little more private.

“Ah look mugs! We need more mugs don’t we love?” You laughed as you watched Harry look at the shelves lined with rows of tea cups and mugs, “they got ones with cats on em, we need those.” He reached for a mug that had two cats sleeping on it and you just rolled your eyes.

“Came all this way for a cat mug Harry?” You teased and he shot you a playful glare as he put the mug back on the shelf.

“Came all the way cos someone,” his voice was low and deep as he stood in front of you. “Didn’t give me my goodbye kiss this mornin.” His voice was now a whisper as he leaned in closer to you. You just placed your arms loosely around his neck as his nose started to touch yours.

“Oh silly me,” you teased as you felt him place his hands on your hips. “How could I forget your goodbye kiss?” With that you pulled him closer to you so you could place a sweet kiss to his lips. You felt him smile into the kiss before he pulled away.

“Now that we got that outta tha way,” he gave you a smile as he looked up at the shelf above your head. “We really do need these cat mugs lovey.” You just laughed at him causing him to laugh as well. You kissed his cheek quickly before letting go of him.

You loved when he would come and see you at work, most of the time it was a scheduled visit that mainly involved him brining you lunch. But it was the surprise visits like this that made your heart burst because you knew he was a busy man, and the fact he would squeeze in time to come by a ceramic shop all the way on the opposite side of town from the house you two shared meant the world to you. It was just another little thing that made you love Harry even more.

Home At Last

Request: “Is that my picture as your home screen?” With Lafayette
Requested by: @hanakatsumi
Pairing: Lafayette x Reader
Word count: 1,167
Tag squad: @musicalmoriarty @imagineham @imaginebeinghamiltrash @butlinislin @drugsdiggs @secretschuylersister @icanneverbesatisfied @daveedish @diggs4life @americanrevelation @tempfixeliza @patron-saintof-sluts @adothoe @shamagangster @crazypurplebananas @chloehamiltonn @getupoffathathang @wolfphantom-m @y-lue

You stared at the calendar on your phone and let out a sigh.

“Only two more weeks to go,” you lament.

Lafayette had already been gone for two weeks, off visiting his family back home in France. When you closed the calendar app you stared at your home screen for a few moments. Lafayette’s handsome face stared back at you with his wide smile. You loved how he got little crinkles around his eyes when he smiled like he was in the picture.

He was a central member of your small group of friends and while their shenanigans kept you busy things just didn’t feel quite the same without the Frenchman. He texted often, but you found yourself missing his voice.

Tonight was group movie night and everyone had piled into your apartment with various snacks, throw blankets, and drinks. The genre that had won the vote for tonight was romantic comedy. It was barely halfway through the movie that it dawned on you that even though you were surrounded by your best friends you felt alone. Laf was always the person you sat with, the person who comforted you during sad movies, made you laugh when you were scared during horror night, shared a blanket with you, and he always brought those sour gummy worms and let you have the blue and red ones.

Looking around the living room you saw Alex and Eliza cuddled together, finger woven together as they watched the movie, John was shamelessly flirting with Peggy while Herc distracted Angelica by throwing popcorn on her. You smiled at their antics and sank lower under your blanket and unlocked your phone and looked and the picture again. It made you feel warm.

-(Y/N) 8:30pm: You’re missing movie night.-

-Laf 8:35pm: Is that so? What genre is it this time?-

-(Y/N) 8:36: Rom-com. I didn’t think you’d be awake. It’s 5:30 in the morning isn’t it?-

-Laf 8:38pm: Yes it is. I wasn’t sleeping well so I got up.-

-(Y/N) 8:40pm: I miss you Laf.-

-Laf 8:41pm: I miss you too ma chère.-

Ma chère… he had never called you that before. You felt your cheeks heat up and a giddy feeling filled you, but the more you thought about the butterflies you were feeling the more nervous you became.

Three weeks. Three weeks of Laf being gone and you had come to the conclusion that you were hopelessly in love with him. Angelica was quick to point out when you confided in her that she had already known that and it has been obvious long before he had left.

“Please you have been in love with him since that first stupid party my family threw at Christmas. You looked like some cartoon with hearts for eyes when he danced with you,” Angelica quipped.

“That isn’t true… I just thought it was sweet of him to ask me to dance,” you countered.

“Keep telling yourself that,” she scoffed.

She was right though, the more you thought about it. You had stamped down those feelings quickly when they had first appeared, ignored them completely, and instead of going away they had come back stronger than ever. His absence had shown you how much you truly depended on him and how happy he made you day in and day out and you had one week to figure out what the hell you were going to do.

So here you were sitting in the apartment Hercules shared with Laf. It was Herc’s turn to host movie night, tonight’s theme was 80s slasher.

“Hey (Y/N) I’m going to run to the store and replenish my candy and booze stock,” Herc said cheerfully, “you’re welcome to tag along or just kick it here.”

“I think I’ll just stay here and hold down the fort.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be back in twenty.”

Hercules has been gone for roughly ten minutes and you sat quietly with your legs tucked under your chin. Just one more week and Laf would be here. You unlock your phone again and look at the background and smiled.

“What am I going to do?”

You mulled over how to proceed after Lafayette got home. What if he didn’t feel the same? Angelica and Eliza both had said it was obvious he felt the same, but if that was true then how come you both hadn’t realized it?

“Is… that my picture on your home screen?”

You slowly turned around at the sound of his voice, it couldn’t be. As you look up Lafayette was leaning slightly over the back of the couch, jacket still on, his bag in hand, the same kind brown eyes and curly hair piled on the top of his head. You stood up quickly and ran around the couch.

“Laf? What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be back until next week,” you say in a rush.

“I had to come back early ma chère.”

God you had missed his voice.

“Is everything alright? Did something happen?”

“Oui, you could say that,” he said with a nervous smile.

“What’s wrong Laf? You can tell me what happened,” you say concerned.

“I missed you (Y/N)… I missed you so much,” he said closing the distance between you.

“Laf… I don’t see why you left early… that doesn’t…”

You were struggling to figure out the right words to say when he was this close. He reached up and gently brushed his thumb along your jawline. You had a million questions that were erased when his lips met yours. When he pulled away his forehead rested against yours, he looked so at ease and you felt like your heart was about to beat out of your chest.

“I couldn’t sleep. I was alright at first and I was so happy to see my family and be home, but after a week I missed you. I missed everything about you (Y/N). You consumed my thoughts and all I wanted to do was get on a plane. I wanted to come home and see your face and hear your voice,” Laf’s voice was barely above a whisper.

You weren’t exactly sure at what point tears has begun to flow when he had been speaking, but you felt his fingers brush them away. You quickly pull him into another kiss and wrap you arms around him tightly.

“Je t'aime,” he mumbled against your lips, “je t'aime tellement.”

“I love you too Gil.”

“Well, well it’s about God damn time!”

A startled yelp escaped your lips as you look over and saw Hercules standing in the kitchen with an arm full of groceries. Lafayette’s chest rumbled with laughter and it didn’t take long before you joined him. Today had definitely taken an unexpected turn.

“It’s good to have you back,” Herc said.

“Oui… it’s good to be home,” Laf said meeting your gaze and planted a kiss to your forehead.

Good to be home indeed.

Luck // Conor Maynard

Requested by @profoundly-fantastic - Number 68 “Well, this is where I live”

You met Conor a little over 4 months ago when Mikey tried hitting on you in a club, the boys found the way you rejected him so hilarious they invited you to join their booth. You were going to decline until the cute brunette with an enchanting smile caught your eye and instantly made you change your mind. Soon after joining them they came to the decision that you were what their friendship group was missing and within an hour you were a Buttercream.

From the moment you sat next to him you knew you wanted more than friendship from Conor, everything about him that night had you intrigued and it was quite obvious to you that he was special.

He was the first one you gave your number to and he was the one you allowed to take you home that night. Most people would assume that it was just for a drunken fumble that meant nothing and would just be one big blur in the morning but it wasn’t. You weren’t drunk and neither was he, you didn’t even have sex but instead talked until the sun rose getting to know each other while sat on his balcony.

A few days later you shared your first kiss. It was short and simple yet it still made your skin tingle and left your lips desperate for more. Then maybe a month and numerous dates after that Conor asked you to be his girlfriend which you jumped at the chance of as you’d been waiting for that moment since your first kiss.

Today was your 3-month anniversary and you’d spent the whole day with Conor celebrating but you were all too aware that he’d have to leave soon as you got closer to your flat. You sighed as your building came into sight and dragged your feet as the door came closer to prolong the amount of time before saying goodbye to him.

“Well. This is where I live,” you told him with a pout, squeezing his hand a little tighter in an attempt to stop him from leaving.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulder pulling your body into his and laughed, “I know babe, I’ve been here many times before.”

A blush crept onto your cheeks and you hid your face on Conor’s chest to disguise your embarrassment.

“Do you have to go?” You asked him lifting your head so you could, once again, flash him your pout.

He smirked down at you and allowed his arm to lower from where is was embracing your shoulders until his hand stopped just before it reached your bum, “well that depends, doesn’t it?”

“On what?” you asked cautiously.

“Whether the beautiful lady who has just showed me where she lives is going to invite me in to give me a tour or not.”

Your lips quirked into a smile and you pulled his head down so you could kiss him, “In that case I think you may be in luck,” you whispered against his lips.

“why’s that?” he mumbled back, refusing to create any distance between your lips.

You pulled back and stood on your tiptoes allowing your hot breath to tickle his ear before whispering “I think she’d be more than willing and if you’re lucky she may even show you the bedroom.”

“We better get inside before my luck wares off then,” he replied eagerly, he threw you over his shoulder making you squeal and swiftly made his way to your apartment unwilling to waste any more time than necessary.

i.The first day you see her she takes your breath away. She is the breath of fresh air you were needing after so long of holding your breath.
ii.The second day, she touches your arm. She ignites a fire in your heart and reawakens your soul. Your arm tingles all day and you wished you’d held her hand. You settle with the passing touch.
iii.The third day you don’t see her, and its like your world has turned grey. She was the light in the darkest of nights.
iv.On the fourth day she is down the hall waiting for you. Her smile is contagious. You have to take a minute because by god she is beautiful. For the first time in a long while you’re happy.
v.By the fifth day you see her, she looks broken and that breaks your heart. Tears are forming in those crystal eyes, she looks at you and she breaks. Its like your the only two in the room so you walk right over to her and all you can do is just hold her and wipe away the tears.
vi.You know your going to see her again when the sixth day comes your like magnets drawn to each other. You found home in her arms, and you don’t know whether you’ll find peace but you know you found a safe haven.
vii.The seventh day comes you know meeting this girl has been your fate, you destiny all along. And after all that bitterness and pain she is calm after the storm. You love her and I think she loves you too.
—  The week you’ve known her.//t.c

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#10 from the A/b/o list with laffersonxreader? 💚

10 - “What does my omega want for breakfast/lunch/dinner?”

Laf picked you up out of bed, cooing at you softly. You looked so cozy, so soft from where you hid underneath the fluffy comforter. He was tempted to come in and snuggle beside you, but he knew he couldn’t have you there all morning. 

He rubbed your back, easing you into waking up. He smiled down at the fresh marks on your neck. You had one on either side–one from him and one from Thomas. 

“Come here, love.” He shushed you as you whimpered a little. “I know.” He chuckled a little. “It’s hard getting up, huh?”

You reluctantly sat up, eyes still closed. You weakly reached forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. You tightened your legs around his torso and Laf scooped you up with ease.

“There you go, ma belle,” He said to you, walking out of the room and going to take you downstairs. You nodded against him, nosing his scent. He rubbed your back and kissed your head. “Alpha’s here.”

You looked up from his shoulder when you heard the sound of cabinet doors opening and closing. You heard the sound of someone rearranging things in the kitchen and weren’t surprised to see it was Thomas.

 Laf set you down on the marble counter top and softly kissed your cheek. You rubbed your eyes and looked around the kitchen.

“Hey, cutie.” Thomas gave you a little smile. “Sleepy?” 

You nodded, but you managed to smile back at him. 

“You’re awfully quiet too.” He teased. You felt him kiss your cheek, humming a little as he did so. 

“You can sleep after. You just need to eat something, darling,” Laf said, opening up the fridge. “We’ve been in the nest all morning.” 

You nodded a little, swung your legs from where you sat. Thomas smiled down at you. You timidly looked up at him as he came closer, blushing a little as his eyes locked onto the mark he laid on you just hours ago.

“What does my omega want for lunch?” He tilted his head a little, coming in between your legs and rubbing your side. “Hmm?” 

Your smile widened–mainly at the sound of Thomas hearing you call him his omega. The sound of it is sweeter than anything you’ve ever heard. To be marked, to be claimed, to be loved, and to be cared for brought you no greater joy. 

Thomas held you in his lap as you ate, feeding you bites every once in a while with his arms around your waist protectively. He mainly nosed at your neck, leaving kisses just around your mark. He likes that it’s still fresh, still new. 

Laf leaned over and kissed your temple. Thomas squeezed your side gently, noticing how your eyes grew a little heavier.

Now, you were full. You turned from where you sat in Thomas’ lap and kissed his cheek softly. You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling your face into his neck.  

He made eye contact with Laf and the two of them share a sweet smile. 

This is the signal that you’re tired and ready to go back to sleep. You’ve eaten, you drank plenty of water so the boys know you’ll be okay when your next wave hits. 

With that in mind, Thomas was more than happy to take you upstairs, just wanting you and Laf close. Once you’re settled in bed, back underneath the warm covers, you finally speak up. 

“Love you, alphas.” You said, voice barely above a whisper. Thomas and Laf both feel their hearts warm a little, feel their hearts soar with pride and affection at the sound of you calling them by their titles. It’s your way of acknowledging them as what they are to you.

Laf pressed a sweet kiss to your cheek just as Thomas does. You smile widened a little. You pulled them closer to you in response.

“We love you too.” Thomas smiled, rubbing your side gently.

“Rest up now,” Laf whispered, kissing your head. “We’ll be here when you wake up.”

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50. from the prompt list with monty where myb they take a selfie and she's the one saying and they kiss?

combined two requests!!! 

from this prompt post

50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”

Originally posted by chriswoods

“Y/N?!” A loud yell awoke you from your slumber, and you lazily rolled over onto your back, flipping your sunglasses up to your forehead as you opened your eyes. A large shadow covered you, blocking the sun as you raked your eyes over the figure standing in front of you. He was tan, totally ripped, and a bright smile spread across his face, dimples shining brightly. You felt your heart start to pound slightly harder as you recognized the tall boy.

“Monty! What a coincidence, running into you here. It’s nice to finally see you off a Snapchat screen.” His smile grew even wider, if it was possible, and he plopped down onto the sand next to you, showering you with the scratchy substance. You didn’t even notice, you were so enraptured with him.

“Sorry.” Monty took off his Ray Bans, his honey brown eyes eagerly shining as he wrapped a heavy arm around your shoulders. “I’m so glad I saw you here! I was just kind of wandering around aimlessly and then, thank god, I saw you. Whatcha doing here?”

“Nothing, really. Just working on my tan. None of your friends are around?”

“Nah. Dempsey’s working. Bryce is somewhere in Europe. I’m riding solo.”

You laughed. “No girl you dragging around with you?”

Monty smirked, his cheeks flashing slightly red as he looked away. “Nah, there’s this one girl I’ve been sort of talking to, but… I don’t know what she sees us as.”

“Dude…same. Except, like, it’s a guy so….”

“Are you serious? Any guy would be totally lucky to have you. C’mon, you’re funny, athletic, and smart, like so freaking smart…. and I mean….” He motioned up and down your bikini clad body. “Damn.”

You’re making me blush! Besides, Cruz, you’re not too bad yourself.” You poked his stomach, smiling up at him as you casually reclined in the sand, holding yourself up by your hands, making sure to graze the side of his pinkie with yours. He didn’t pulll away.

“Aw, thanks babe.”

You felt your stomach bubble at the nickname, the typical feelings of an angsty, teenage crush. But this time, through the late night Snapchats and the hours of missed sleep, you had fallen harder than usual for this boy, with his wry smirk, and his cocky self confidence attracting you like a magnet. So you gave yourself the small indulgences, the thoughts that you may actually be the only girl receiving the shirtless mirror pics, the only girl getting the “goodnight beautiful” snaps, the only girl he spoke to. But you knew that that just wasn’t the way that Monty worked, and despite his previous words about falling for a girl (who you were certain wasn’t you), you still held on to the tiny flutter, that tiny grasp of faith, the one thing that you kept, like a secret scarf tucked away as a final act for a magician. Except, this time, you didn’t know whether that scarf would fall from your hand before the big finale, or if it would be produced with a flourish, astounding not only the audience, but also yourself.

“Hey, let’s take a selfie for my story! That way I don’t look like a total loner this summer!” Monty laughed, flipping his sunglasses down as he moved closer to you, wrapping his arm around your bare stomach as you grabbed your phone. He took the small screen from you and raised his eyebrows, smiling widely.

In a leap of faith, you turned and placed your lips on his cheek just as he pressed the shutter, and you felt him shift slightly closer to you just before you pulled away.

“How’s it look?”

Monty shielded the top of the screen from the glare.

“Wow. That’s adorable. You’re adorable. Shit, girl. Stop being so cute, Y/N.” You snatched the phone from him and glanced down at the screen. Monty looked blissfully happy, and a small smile was visible on your profile even with your lips on his bronzed cheek.

“Damn, Monty. Your jawline looks amazing here.” You took a breath, pausing for a moment to steel your nerves before continuing. “Y’know, we’d make such a cute couple.”

“We would, wouldn’t we? And thank God you said that, because I was wondering how many more shirtless snapchats I’d have to send before you realized I was really freaking into you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

You smiled, eyes shining as you looked up at him. He wrapped you in a bear hug, pushing you to the ground as he hovered slightly over you.

“I’ve always wanted to make out on a beach.” You whispered, your eyes flashing down to his lips as a coy smile played across them. You reached up and tangled your fingers through his hair, pulling him down to your face. Monty paused just before your lips met, his just brushing yours as he whispered back.

“Good thing I can start this relationship off by making a dream come true.”

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"I gove up. I see no point in living if i can't be beautiful" with Jack

Jack winced as you gently pressed the cotton swab to his cheek, dabbing carefully at the days old wound. You fought the slight smile that tugged at your lips as he tried to grab your attention, the flirty blonde from Iowa quite popular in the Red Cross camp he had been dragged into after the last big battle in Brussels. For what it was worth you were finding it difficult. Professionality,especially in these times was important, having to decide who was at deaths door and could be brought back or who was too far gone and had to ‘made comfortable’. You tried to keep a smile on your lips and a strong face but you knew without a doubt he could see the bags under your eyes and the exhaustion in your movements. Still, you would treat him to the best of your ability; set the broken index finger he needed to hold his gun, treat the bullet wounds that were already healing and make sure no infection attacked the rapidly stitching flesh. 

“Does it look alright Nurse?”

Your eyes darted up to his baby blues, mirth dancing in his tired gaze. Okay, maybe you could play along with this. 

“Well I don’t know dear”, you started, your other hand lightly turning your chin so that you could follow the scar that drew almost all the way to his ear. “This could leave a nasty scar…”

He gave a dramatic gasp, his hand lifting to his forehead, twisting to the side and away from you. His eyes squeezed shut tight and he gave a mock sob, the hand on his forehead pressing against his chest. 

“I give up”, he practically wheezed out.”I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful!”

You froze for a beat before you snorted, your wrist jumping to your lips as you laughed hard. You doubled over, the forceps holding the cotton swab almost falling as your shoulders shook. Jack carefully propped himself onto one elbow, smirking triumphantly as he looked at your smiling, laughing form. The man had made it a personal goal to make people smile wherever he went and he’d be damned if he broke that today. 

I found myself today looking through what we used to be. The pictures, the videos, and the moments I captured between us, only showing clips of what we were. In the months that I loved you, the way you looked at me changed. I saw the light fade out in your eyes, the spark you once had looking at me only dimmed. Yet in the days where you no longer looked at me as your future, I ignored it. I ignored the way you stopped smiling at me in pictures. I pushed away the fact that you looked out of love. I held on to the little hope I had left for us, and exaggerated it to the point to in believing you loved me the same in that March that you did in the previous summer.
You were never capable of loving me the way I needed you to. I no longer believe that’s my fault. I loved you in a way that you couldn’t reciprocate. I don’t disbelieve that you loved me. But I do question how real it was when I remember how many times you chose to kiss another pair of lips other than the ones you claimed to fall for. I will probably get to a point in my life where I realize you never truly loved me if you hurt me the way that you did. But right now, even after the months I have been out of love with you, I don’t want to believe that.
I still hate myself for not seeing it earlier. I hate that I let you put me through the months of pain that you did just because I loved you too much to let go. I should’ve let go so many times, so many times that you proved you didn’t deserve what I gave you. But I gripped on tightly. I clawed on to a hand that I thought was molded for me, when in the back of my mind I knew our fingers were no longer meant to be intertwined.
Maybe we were meant for each other when I was 17 and you had just turned 18, when we were so naïve to what love felt like. I still believe our paths crossed exactly when the world wanted them to. As much as you damaged me, I still thank you for kissing my scars. I still remember the way you picked me up off my bathroom floor as I laid heavily on the tile, convinced I couldn’t get up. I still thank you for showing me what happiness felt like, how it felt like to love someone so much I could’ve screamed it on roof tops and claimed it to every passing stranger.
I thank you for letting me love you too much; to show myself that I deserve a love just as strong, just as deep and pure, as I give.

A Hamster?

You and Daniel bicker over whether you should adopt a cat or dog next. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Daniel your boyfriend, muttered from his position, head on your lap. The two of you were snuggled on the couch, Rooney and Peter the cats snuggled at the other end by his feet, and your dog Pebbles on his chest.

“What’s up, babe?” You asked, turning your attention from the TV screen to his face, staring up at you.

“I think we should adopt another cat,” Daniel said with a smile, eyes crinkling up adorably.

“What?” you sighed, patting his hair gently, “No, we already have two cats! We should adopt another dog!”

“But Peter and Rooney need another friend,” Daniel whined, sending you puppy eyes.

“They have each other!” You exclaimed, “Pebbles has no one, and dogs are so much easier to care for.”

“You have to walk dogs,” Daniel complained, nose scrunched up, “and clean up after them. Cats just go in the litter box.”

“Cats also vomit,” you said pointedly, “and whenever we have guests over, they always misbehave! My sister doesn’t want to come because Peter wouldn’t stop hissing at her.”

“Dogs bark a lot.”

“Cats just nap and lick themselves!”

“Dogs are way too hyper, then.”

“Oh my god,” Jisung, who was over just to raid your refrigerator, butted into your conversation, “you two bicker like an old married couple, I swear. Why don’t you just get a hamster?”

“A hamster?” You and Daniel traded suspicious looks.

And so, thanks to Jisung, you two ended up the parents of not only two cats, a small dog, but also a hamster and the enormous cage that came along with it.

this was so short omg im so sorry

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OH MY GOD CONGRATS!!! You totally deserve it!! For the sentence starters could you do “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…” with Jason please?

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

You opened on of your eyes and looked up at Jason. Groaning at him.

He chuckled “Don’t you have to work?”

“Mph” you huffed while hiding your face in his chest. Hearing a low chuckle reverberate in his chest. “Calling a personal day?”

You nodded and looked up at him. “Will you stay home with me?” asking groggily.

Smiling he nodded, “For you? Anything”

1,100 Milestone - Sentence Starters: CLOSED

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sad shawn please

Good Lord, sad Shawn makes me want to cry. Okay guys, buckle your seat belts we’re about to go down Sad Shawn City.

Heres a heartbroken Shawn imagine if you need it –> (X)

  • When Shawn’s sad, it’s not just him that feels broken. It’s breaks your heart, making you feel broken as well.
  • You don’t see the perfect, genuine smile.
  • You don’t see his brown eyes light up the room.
  • You don’t see the enthusiasm or passion.
  • The songs he writes and sings are nothing but negative, but that’s how he lets it out.
  • When he cries, its like the most precious and fragile thing broken into a million tiny pieces. 
  • His whimpers and sobs, pull on your heart string in a bad way.
  • His large hands covering his puffy wet eyes tremble.
  • He doesn’t even have the will to cry on the bed, he lays back against the wall, and slowly sinks to the floor bringing his knees to his chest.
  • Tugging his hair because he’s that frustrated.
  • But don’t get me wrong this isn’t like Humpty Dumpty. Where all the kings men couldn’t put him together again.
  • You could, along with his family, closest friends, and music. But you of all people, is the one person he’ll truly let out all his emotions and thoughts to. In a way that he couldn’t with his music
  • “Y/N…I just…just hold me and tell me everything is going to be okay. Tell me that no matter what happens, we’ll be okay.”

Okay my heart hurts now…whose got tissues?