and your expressions omg

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Omg I'm so excited for part 3 honestly going to pee myself 😂😂😂 I can't wait any longer!!!!!

Well guess what? You’re in luck because unless we get anymore asks within the next few minutes this is the last one we need to answer before we post it! I’m so excited guys I can’t express it to you omg


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- Becca

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AAHHH I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG?!? Huge fan of kingdom hearts and your art is spot on, all of it! LOOK AT IT IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Your faces are so expressive!?

AAAAH THIS IS TOO NICE OMG ///////!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ironically I’m working on more KH stuff as we speak, so hopefully I’ll be able to post more stuff soon! THANKS AGAIN AAAH QAQ

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OMG! I cannot express how much I love your theory, seriously I knew it was going to be amazing but it went above and beyond what I had expected. Seriously I love it !! THANK-YOU so much for all effort and hard work you have put into not only your theories but into this fandom, not many of my friends watch the the show so it's been great to know there is a place full of people who are so passionate! (Ps. Congratulations on your HSC results amazing things are coming your way).

Aww this is so nice, thank you!!

Wow I haven’t mentioned my results since I got them back in December, you’ve got an amazing memory. What a loyal follower you are, to remember them too. Thanks so much! I’m off to university next week, beginning my double degree in psychology and teaching. So excited (and a tiny bit nervous)!

curiositykilledthefaux replied to your photo “TG!verse @eau-de-low-budget and me because I would be ded without this…”

Aaah, omg! The expressions are so cute! I love your art style.

asjjkdfjkasdf listen - this hoe already knows when shit is wrong with me before I know about it - if she were a CCG investigator my life would be over. ‘Why is your lipstick 2 shades lighter than it was 10 minutes ago?’ ‘Where is your tie?’ ‘What the fuck did you do for 30 minutes in the unused west wing of the building?’ 


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Sexual expression isn’t a sexual topic lololol tumblr logic

“gay and bi people’s existence is not inherently a sexual topic”

tbh the fact that you think gay and bi people’s EXISTENCE is the same thing as our sexual expression says so much

you presumably have some form of sexual expression. is your existence a sexual topic? no? omg ridiculous lololol tumblr logic