and your enemies even closer

Joji x Reader - How did this happen? (smut?)

Joji x reader - How did this happen?(Semi-Smut)
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How another argument between you and George had turned into him pinning you against a wall, you will never know.
At this point in time you were certainly following the saying to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer but there was no way either of you could stop now. The way his breath fanned your neck between heavy kisses and how his body presses into yours seeming to fit perfectly, drove you wild.
George’s breath mixed in with yours as his hips bumped into you repeatedly, you still had no idea how this happened. It seemed to move in a blur, one minute he was calling you an obnoxious brat, the next he was calling you baby, he perplexed you to say the least.
“Fuck, right there baby.” He moaned every time you moved on top of him, his brain was racing a mile a minute thinking of you and how you were moving around him, yours was racing with questions about how the hell this happened?
His body was ready to end the movements going on between the two of you, you knew this when he moaned loudly,pushing you on the bed so he could pull out effectively. It didn’t take him long, a few journeys up and down his dick and he was cumming on your stomach and chest; George was now ready to make sure that you too were finished. Although you didn’t care, you just wanted to ask him what had just happened - your brain whirred as he slid his arms around you pulling you against his chest. The questions in your mind multiplied, they ranged from “Why is he doing this?” To “What does this mean?
"What just happened?” He chuckled lowly, stroking your hair.

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Regarding Sansa

I say this with the utmost loving kindness, and I am using this gif because it makes me laugh:

I get it, in a way, how Sansa contacting LF to help her and Jon might seem like a betrayal to Jon, but I guess I don’t really see it that way? We kind of got that set up the last time they met that she might use him in the future. I see it as “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Even if she did basically tell LF to screw. But, she kind of put his information in her backpocket just in case she needed to cash in on his help. And so now that’s what she’s doing. 

Someone said that she’s supposed to be this master negotiator and D&D are fucking that up. So, her using her connections even though she HATES him is not being a negotiator? It’s not her playing the game still and using the resources she has available? 

First, I think we need to give the writers a chance to tell the story. I know when I am writing a fanfic and someone gets up in arms about something not being addressed, or for something not happening that should, I want to say - let me get there. Perhaps some groundwork has to be laid first, and when you’re getting the story in increments instead of it all at once like in a novel, you’ve got to give them a chance to let things unfold. Sometimes things need to be put in place and set up in a certain way and THEN it all comes together to create the bigger picture the writer was trying to create. 

I also think some people are quick to jump down the rabbit hole of listening to the haters and the conspiracy theorists who spell out gloom and doom for Jon and Sansa. All because they want to see Sansa fail. They went to make her out to be a bitch, incompetent, as being set up to be killed by Arya/Dany/the ghost of Ygritte/a White Walker/a dragon. And all because she called on the troops LF told her she had to send Jon into battle with an army, and not just,ya know, 162 soldiers to Ramsay’s upwards of 5,000 men? Okay, yeah, she didn’t tell him. But would Jon accept the help knowing where it came from? Probably not. So what is she doing? HELPING HIM. Helping Rickon. 

She didn’t learn that the game is played by always telling the truth. Honestly, I’m not sure you can get very far in that world by being completely honest in everything, even to Jon. 

I guess i am not seeing her omissions of truth regarding LF to Jon as a dealbreaker. Should he be put out by it? Annoyed? A little pissed? Sure. But her heart is in the right place, she is not “lying” to be cruel. She’s doing it to help him (and them and Rickon). 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.