and your enemies even closer

FF XV React: Words of encouragment for you

Noctis: Hey, c'mon look at me and listen. You want to know a secret about the future and how not to be afraid of tommorrow? Here it is: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So you keep dreaming, higher and more unimaginable than anyone else!

Gladiolus: You’ve got the makings of greatness in you! But you have to take the helm and chart your own course! Stick to it! No matter the squall! There’s gonna come a day when you’ll really get to test yourself and show the world what you’re made of! And I hope I’m there, seeing the light come off of you that day.

Prompto: Now you listen to me and listen good! A winner is just a loser who never learned to give up! So you be the best loser you can be and keep going! I’ll be cheering for you in the stands even if I cheer alone!

Ignis: Everything may seem hopeless right now, but there is a law in the world that is an undeniable truth. Good and better days will, and have to come. This storm will pass as all things do, and then you will be laughing at such a thing that you once feared.

Cor: In all my years I’ve learned many truths. Some that sound too good to be true, but they are. Let me tell you that what I am about to say is true; A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

Regis: There now, dry your eyes and lift your head up. Keep it up and may it never lower. Why you ask? Your crown might fall if you do so. A crown alight with all those brilliant ideas the world has yet to bare witness in this cold dark reality.

Cid: Take some advice from this old man, just do what you got to do to be happy. Life’s too short to be doing stuff to make other people happy. It’s real simple thinking, but too many folks don’t do it. Do whatever; sleep in a little, splurge a little, eat that treat youve been craving it dont matter what you do as long as it’s for yourself. Selfish? Maybe, but is it so selfish to take better take care of yourself?

Clarus: Walk tall and do not falter. You might think that it’s for a lost cause for you don’t see an audience, you don’t recquire one. Do it for yourself first and foremost, and if others are in awe of you wish that they can do the same for themselves.

Iris: Hey listen me! I know you might feel like a mess and that’s okay! Sleep it off or shake it off, but don’t let it stay! If it’s too much then let me carry some of that weight so you can stand tall again!

Cidney: Dont listen to the people who talk behind your back. You’re just two steps ahead of them is all! Instead of walking down other peoples paths, you go on ahead and make your own so other people can follow!

Gentiana: I know the days appear without end, a cold, dark barren wasteland. But it is in a wasteland where storms can be the strongest, and the deadliest. You are that storm. Nothing is in your way.

Lunafreya: Do not hide away your emotions. If you are sad, then cry. If you are mad, then scream. It is a reminder that you are human; and as any human you evolve. Stronger than ever before.

Ravus: Give no satisfaction to those who are attempting to destroy you. What words they speak they merely wish unto themselves, but are cowards to do so. You are no coward.

Areana: You beating yourself up? You a masochist or something? Heh, we’re our own worst enemies, but like they say; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Even if that enemy is yourself, with each time you decide to keep going you’re beating yourself for entitely different reasons. That’s the way it should be.

Ardyn: Now, now my dear, no need to fret. You may think you’ve lost and failed at everything. But to have never tried, is never to have lived and besides - when you have nothing to lose, you have all to gain.

Nyx: Y'know, most people would have given up a long time ago. They wouldn’t have even bothered at all to keep going…So why do you? Heh, dont know? ‘Cus you got “something” to still keep you going even if you dont know what that is yet. Keep going to find out what it is, and if you can’t find the reason - then keep going for me, cus I’ll always give you one.

Libertus: Listen to me, you might say I’m just telling you this cus I 'oughta but I say it cus I really do care 'bout ya.The world would be more dark without you here. I mean it. You’re one little light out of a million, a billion out there and you might not think that you stand out or shine - but you do. Sometimes one little candle is all you need to not be afraid of the dark.

Crowe: You know when all is said and done at the end of the day, no matter how horrible it was - you’re still you but only better. It may not be by much, you might not even notice it. You survived and you learned, so that’s an accomplisment unto itself.

Drautos: I’ll tell it to you straight and simple; just do it. Whatever it is or whatever it may be, go on and try. Learn from it if you fail, keep trying if you want to. Kick ass and take names.

Luche: Head back, back straight and deep breaths. Take your own time when it comes to things, at your own pace. No one is rushing you, only yourself.

Dino: Listen 'ere kid, greatness ain’t born, it’s made. Like a diamond. Little peice of coal takes forever to be something that everyone wants. So take your sweet 'ol time and be the diamond everyone wants, and then dont! 'Cus a precious stone like you belongs to nobody!

Just hear me out on this

So I was watching a video of Namjoon where he was trying to open a water bottle but couldn’t do it because he had that enormous cast around his hand and wrist when it hit me - while he had that cast on, he obviously wasn’t able to masturbate with his right hand so he probably had to do it with his left one and now I can’t stop imagining him trying to jerk off as he wants but to no avail because his other hand is not as well trained as his main one. And dear god I don’t know why but I’ve always had a thing for left handed men (I find them 2x sexier don’t ask why as I wouldn’t know) and just thinking about this leaves me breathless. Just imagine him struggling to get his left hand to do the right movements but it just won’t do and he would get so frustrated because he just wants some release and oh my gOD my imagination is my worst enemy but you know what they say: keep your friends close and your enemies even closer

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Do you see Russia as a threat or as an ally?

He’s my ally because otherwise he’d be a huge threat? He’s a huge threat but also my ally? Something along these lines. …I suppose keep your friends close, but your enemy even closer.

Приятелите ти не са ти приятели

Кой е най-добрият ти приятел?
Този, с когото можеш да си говориш с часове и да се смеете постоянно?
Този, който те подкрепя във всяко твое начинание, дори да смята, че е глупаво?
Този, който ти казва, че винаги изглеждаш добре?
Този, който ще се разроши, за да се почувстваш по-добре, когато не изглеждаш добре?
Този, който ще направи всичко за теб?
Този, с когото споделяш общи идеали и философия за живота?
Този, който винаги остава до теб, независимо колко е напечена ситуацията?
Този, който те защитава пред другите?
Този, който при нужда винаги ще се отзове?

Не. Това не е най-добрият ти приятел. Това е по-близо до твой враг.

В този обърнатия свят и реалност, в която живеем, всичко бяло е всъщност черно и обратното. Човекът, с когото се смееш постоянно или развиваш дълбоки, философски теми, всъщност дори не те развива, по простата причина, че вие нямате разногласия. Всички знаем, че “приятел в нужда се познава”, но в повечето случаи той те инвалидизира с това. Да те защитава, когато някой те напада? Супер, готино ли ти е да се чувстваш като жертва и сякаш не можеш сам да се защитаваш? С две думи, човекът, който винаги е на твоя страна, и с когото се разбираш с един поглед… не ти е полезен с нищо, защото той представлява вече интегрирана част от теб.

За пореден път - всичко извън теб е твое огледало. Огледало, което ти служи за осъзнаване на истинската ти същност, защото човек е сляп за себе си, преди да срещне друг човек. Начинът, по който разпознаваме неинтегрираните части от нас е простичък и се базира на два въпроса: “Какво не ми харесва в този човек?” и “Какво ми харесва в този човек, но аз не притежавам?”. Ако се предположи, че приятелите ни са хора, които по принцип харесваме изцяло, flaws and all, и хора, на които не завиждаме, защото “завистта е ужасно човешко качество”, то тези приятели, които отговарят на тези критерии, просто не са ти приятели. Те са вече част от теб. Така оставаш самотен, дори когато си в тяхна компания, просто защото те са перфектно твое отражение, без видими разлики. Сякаш стоиш със себе си в стая и взаимно одумвате трети човек (който всъщност е втори) за това колко зле е постъпил с вас (например). Ти казваш “Той беше тъпак!” или “Тя беше кучка!” и отсреща “приятелят ти” кима одобрително с думите “Абсолютно…”. Ти се чувстваш по-добре, защото не си сам и явно някой подкрепя тезата ти, но някак… вътрешно… не можеш да се излъжеш и все пак си лягаш замислен и празен. Защото всъщност истинските ти приятели са далеч и не са взели участие в този разговор.  

Истинският ти най-добър приятел го няма и в живота ти. Защото ти си го блокирал, изтрил или просто тактично забравил. Защо? Защото смяташ, че той те мрази.

Той е този, с когото можеш да си говориш с часове, но разговорът не е приятен за теб, защото всеки път, в който си позволиш да обвиниш някой, той връща отговорността в твои ръце и те кара да намериш причината в себе си, не в другия. 
Той е този, който те подкрепя във всяко твое реалистично и адекватно начинание, но никога няма да ръкопляска на отявлено тъпите ти идеи.
Той е този, който ти казва, че винаги изглеждаш добре, но винаги можеш да изглеждаш по-добре.
Той е този, който няма да наруши своето спокойствие и щастие, заради твоят избор да драматизираш и да се депресираш за глупости.
Той е този, който ще направи нещо за теб, само и единствено, ако е сигурен, че не можеш да се справиш сам.
Той е този, с когото споделяте някои общи идеали и философия за живота, но винаги се стига до момент, в който и различията се появяват и ви отвеждат до спор. В този спор не се цели да има победител. В този спор се цели единия да възприеме от другия, това, което му липсва.
Той е този, който ще остане до теб, независимо колко е напечена ситуацията, но няма да го направи повече от няколко пъти, само защото избираш да си чупиш главата по един и същ начин, без да ти омръзва и да ти “идва акъла”. 
Той е този, който ще вярва, че си достатъчно силен и осъзнат, за да няма нужда да се защитаваш от другите, защото защитата е проява на слабост. 
Той е човекът, който ще удря по най-болезнените ти места с меки чукчета и ще ти създава главоболия (на физическо и психическо равнище), карайки те да мислиш отвъд зададените ти рамки.

Казват, че приятелите ни са безплатни психолози. Но и психолозите се делят на два типа.  Тези, които те четкат и ти казват, че ти си прекрасен, просто другите не го виждат. И тези, които ти казват, че явно сам се лъжеш, че си прекрасен, щом другите не отразяват това твое вярване. 

Процесите на лечение и интеграция на липсващите ни части не са особено приятни и емоционално леки, по простата причина, че самата дезинтеграция е болезнен процес, случил се в още несъзнателните ни години. Да махнеш парче от пъзела вътре в теб боли точно толкова колкото и да го сложиш обратно там. Затова те съветвам да не подсилваш допълнително вече наредените парчета, мислейки си, че някак ще попълнят празното съседно. Фокусирай се върху болката, върху гнева, върху съпротивлението, върху завистта, върху всяко негативно усещане, което таиш спрямо някой, защото точно този човек… държи парченцето, което ти трябва. Твоята цел е не да отидеш и да се скараш с него, а да откриеш подаръка си в болката, през която ще те накара да преминеш. Блестящата звезда, в кутията му, привидно, пълна с мрак.

Затова всеки духовен учител държи най-близо до себе си някой, който всички останали виждат като негов враг. Затова Буда приветства Мара за чай. Защото го разпознава като неговата липсваща част, като парчето пъзел, което ще му донесе цялост. Защото Бог, Източникът е едно, което в нашето измерение се проявява като две. Като черно и като бяло. Следователно няма как да стигнем Бог, ако виждаме Бог като единствено бял. Няма как да разберем Бог, ако не го видим и в черното. В дуалността е цялостта. 

Когато хората казват “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” това не означава, че трябва да държиш враговете си близо, за да се подсигуриш и да предвидиш евентуалните им “злодеяния” насочени към теб. Това означава да ги държиш близо, за да учиш от тях. Затова и много учения съветват човек да бъде внимателен и да се пази от враговете си, които се крият под маската на приятели. Това, отново, не означава, че това са двулични хора, които не те обичат и искат да ти навредят. Не, това са хора, които просто не знаят, че понякога проявата им на любов и помощ, всъщност ултимативно ти вреди.
Но човек го усеща.
Човек вътрешно винаги усеща кое тежи повече.
Похвалите на веселия учител в училище, който всички харесват или добрите думи и напътствия на строгия учител, който всички мразят.

DAY 2668

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug ½,  2015              Sat/Sun  1:21 am

Birthday - EF - Vijaya Lakshmi , Anurodh Arun Gupta : to you I wish the best of the year and the years ahead .. for happiness and love and the goodness of life and its beauty boundless and abundant .. the fragrance of the fresh flowering beside you ..

The dark shadows that loomed large on August 2, 1982 at the Breach Candy Hospital, as I battled for life .. having been under surgery for the second time within days, and not coming out of it for extended hours .. Jaya being called in to the IcU to have a last glimpse of her husband, before I passed away .. and that last ditch effort by Dr Udwadia in pumping phial after phial of cortisone injections until miraculously, my toe moved and Jaya first noticed it .. the doctors then screaming at me to wake me up, and my consciousness coming back .. 

The details of those times spent at the Hospital are difficult to describe, and have been done often enough .. it would not give me pleasure to describe them again to you .. it would not give you pleasure to read of them again .. but it would never stop me from accepting that had it not been the prayers of millions that went up from home and across the world, I would not have been writing this Blog .. it has been a debt on my shoulders .. a happy debt .. for I know that I shall never be able to repay it .. !!

It would be the easiest to seek sympathy in the stories that I could retell .. but what would I do with them ..

“क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी क्या करूँ …”  

“Kya karoon samvedana lekar tumhari kya karoon …” 

says my Father in one of his most poignant verses .. the verse that brought my Mother and Father together .. they met in the evening at a common friend’s place .. in the evening the hosts asked my Father to recite some poetry .. he did .. in walked my Mother into the room, both saw each other for the first time .. by the end of the poem, both my Father and Mother were in tears .. by late night they had decided to get married .. !!

Its Friendship day .. and the PR machine that looks after the film ‘Wazir’, my next, needs to put up some content on the social medium that signifies the meaning in the relationship between Farhan and my character in the film ..

Nice ..

The questions are asked by a young lady assigned the task, loud and testy in her demeanour .. they generally are when they need to cover the complexity of their work assigned .. sweet, young, but sincere in what had to be done ..

“What does friendship mean to you…” ?

Friendship ? … hmmmm … knowing one who understands the saying ‘keep your friends close, your enemies even closer ! jo isse samjhe usse dosti kehte hain !

“How far would you go for your friendship..” ?

 You never measure distance in friendship … doston mein doorie nahin naapi jaati ..

“Share with us one instance that you have shared with your friend and will cherish for ever…” !!

Friends are forever - a lifetime ! How can I share a lifetime with you .. my lifetime is not yet over .. meri zindagi toh abhi samapt nahi hui .. !!

My Ef .. my friend .. my bestest !!

Amitabh Bachchan

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Bill made a deal with Mabel. We don't know much about the nature of Bill's deals, but since he has technically fulfilled every deal he's made, it's possible he's still bound to fulfill them in some small way. If inside Mabel's bubble is a time-frozen Gravity Falls, Bill's deal might break, and we don't know what effect that will have. After all, his offer was for her time to freeze "forever." If she gets out, that's not "forever," and his side of the deal's broken.

Oh man, Bill’s deals are quite interesting in how they work, and how he manipulates these deals as he isn’t truly “honorable” to them. I’m glad you bring this up, anon, ‘cause I almost forgot that I’ve wanted to discuss this after this latest episode! (I have been a very tired soul this week ahahaa)

This part of the SDCC 2015 panel stood out to me about Bill’s deals: [X]

What I can gather from how deals work with Bill, is that he’s only willing to make them if he gets what he wants, of course. If he gets what he wants before fullfilling his end, it’s pretty safe to say he’ll run with the money he’s sorta gambled out of these people. Kinda like conman Stan.

However, it’s not too known how bound Bill is to his deal-making. Perhaps he’s bound in some ways, or his deals are what bound others alone; or both.

Bill has wanted this apocalypse to come for a looooonnng time. That’s been his end goal with his deals, with some small steps and goals he needed to initiate so that he could reach his end goal.

Now that the apocalypse is here, what does he want out of it? Does he still want something out of the others who’ve made deals with him? Let’s look into this for each of the on-screen deals we’ve witnessed:

Bill’s Deal With Ford…

These two actually had similarities in what object they wanted when they made this deal. Just for obvious different reasons. Ford wanted to figure out where the weirdness of Gravity Falls came from, Bill (secretly) wanted to bring the nightmare realm over to Gravity Falls. So, Bill suggested a portal and showed Ford how to build it, where to get the parts, etc. He was also able to freely enter Ford’s mind (and possess him) any time at will after this deal.

Ford: “From now until the end of time!

Bill: “This armageddon wouldn’t be possible without the help of our friend here!”

Time is dead and meaning has no meaning!”

Ford is eventually turned into a gold statue by Bill.

Bill got what he wanted from Ford, even to the point of using his return as a way to split up the family even more in order for the rift to be more easy to obtain. I suspect this also ties into the deal he made with Dipper in a way… If Bill’s fullfilled his end of the deal with Dipper, he did so in a way that still allowed for him to get what he wanted.

Bill’s Deal With Dipper…

Dipper’s wanted answers to the mysteries of Gravity Falls. Bill bribes him with how he could share all the secrets and answers Dipper wanted. In a way, Bill’s end of the deal was interpreted as giving the password to the laptop. This wasn’t quite the case…

“A puppet sounds like a small price to pay for all the secrets of the universe!

As Bipper, he destroyed the laptop and aimed to destroy the journal Dipper has. For a while, people wondered why Bill would want to destroy the journal if it would let Ford come back, but… Stan already got copies of the pages. The portal was in full swing by the time Dipper made it to the basement with Mabel and Soos. Journal 3 became useless to Bill, but remained of high value to Dipper. Alex clarified that Bill wanted this journal destroyed because it would prompt Dipper into wanting to shut down the portal - which he nearly did.

So, where does Bill’s end of the deal come in? Ford himself. Dipper sees the author as someone who knows everything about Gravity Falls, and heck, figuring out who the author was had been his main goal upon discovering the journal! This could work for the “secrets of the universe” part even if it’s not exactly that.

This was a great opportunity for Bill to get what he wanted and tap into Dipper’s idolization of the author to isolate him from the rest of his family.

After all this, he’s got no more use for Dipper, it seems? Wanted 8-Ball and Teeth to pretty much kill and eat Dipper…

However, he also has a much bigger eye on Mabel, and his “deal” with her stands out from the rest of his on-screen deals. Why? The main difference is that he was fine with disposing of Ford and Dipper after reaching his end goal, but wants Mabel’s bubble prison to be guarded. He’s still got use for her… But why?

Bill’s Deal With Mabel…

This deal was it. Bill knew Mabel was oblivious to the dangers held in the rift, and oblivious to his goals to get ahold of it. He took advantage of this, AND Mabel’s vulnerable (and desperate) emotional state. Mabel couldn’t really suspect a thing without this knowledge about the rift and Bill. She’s been left in the dark because Ford only wanted to trust Dipper (the one he trusts because he sees himself in and projects himself onto Dipper) with this information. Because Ford believed this would “protect” the family, to keep this hazard warning from the rest.

Bill’s actually the one who also suggests, as time traveler trustworthy Blendin, that he can provide a “time bubble” for the town (though really just for Mabel alone) if she hands him the rift. A bubble where summer could last forever like Mabel wanted.

Mabel agreed.

And Bill wants to keep her alive and trapped in this bubble prison, aware that Dipper’s escaped being eaten from the monsters, confident that Gideon will be on his side and prevent Dipper from reaching Mabel.

In fact, when putting it together like that, Dipper once again poses a threat to this demon’s plans. He isn’t just useless to Bill, if useless at all… Bill wants to get rid of Dipper because he cannot risk having him reunite with Mabel or simply aiding in Mabel’s escape from the bubble prison.

Gideon now sides with Dipper, though. Dipper, Wendy, and Soos are all going into this bubble “designed by Bill” to the lack of Bill’s awareness. At least, until Bill realizes Gideon isn’t keeping others (especially Dipper) from the bubble…

But then, what is the purpose of Bill freely letting Gideon have the key to that bubble prison? If he wants Mabel heavily guarded, does he have specific orders for Gideon to act on in the bubble? Or did he only want Gideon to keep the key safe? It might be the latter. IF I recall correctly, Gideon seemed to want to keep Mabel in that prison too? So, he had no intentions of using the key on it. This was his creepy way of “keeping” her.

Things actually get QUITE interesting here. The way Bill wants Mabel to stay in that bubble, the fact that the bubble seems corrupt, and is practically kept locked and such.

Bill’s had a close eye on Mabel without it being that obvious… At first. After I dug into why Bill would want Mabel, I came to some revelations on the matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if this old theory of mine from way back in the NWHS hiatus, holds up in the main and key points now.

I believe Mabel is the “ultimate power” that’s been vaguely brought up a couple of times in the show. Gideon believed the journals were the key to this power, but I’m pretty sure it’s also (or has only been) Mabel. Bill has wanted Mabel not just because of this power, but maybe she’s more powerful than the demon himself?

Mabel’s symbol, the shooting star, is known for being powerful and worshipped in many societies. The meteorite iron was of high value, and some meteorites were kept in temples! There had also been people who see shooting stars as otherworldly, spiritual beings streaking across the heavens!

So, could Mabel herself be posing the biggest threat to Bill out of everybody else? Whether or not she reunites with Dipper? If she were to not be contained in this bubble, possibly unaware of the weirdmageddon? I believe it. And I’m pretty sure this is why Bill keeps her contained in that prison and doesn’t want her out. He also wants to destroy Dipper this time around, because this kid could very well end this plan and get Mabel.

Now… To the very core of this question… What could happen to the “deal” if Mabel escapes? What’s so threatening to Bill about her leaving? What’s gonna happen to his end of the deal?

Well, she could be a power source to the weirdmageddon. If she escapes what could not only be a prison, but some “battery” of sorts, then things will go downhill for Bill!

If she’s not a powersource, and she’s just getting this forever summer like she asked for (or something different/worse), then escapes that… What could threaten Bill? He’s reached his end goal. He’s probably not gonna care that his end of the deal breaks, ‘cause he’s got what he wants with this apocalypse. He usually only cares for the others’ ends of the deals, and not necessarily his own as long as he reaches his goals. So, in a sense, he treats these deals more as something bound to those accepting his deals, and not bounding the deals to himself (to an extent). Unless there’s a “natural demon law” for that or something, but yeah….

Mabel’s the biggest threat. Potentially an even bigger threat when reunited with Dipper, as the two work together really well. Whether she’s the power source of the apocalypse or not, Bill is NOT wanting her to escape for a reason.

Keep your friends close, and your (worst) enemies closer, huh? (Though even Bill is failing at this when he’s bloated his own ego from his success, and may only find out of Dipper getting Mabel’s key from finding out about Gideon’s betrayal.)

And yeah… If Bill’s end of the deal falls apart from Mabel escaping the bubble, he will be TICKED. Much like how he got ticked off from Gideon breaking off his deal with him in Dreamscaperers.

Prepare for more triangle rage and on a scarier scale because of him existing in reality!

Regarding Sansa

I say this with the utmost loving kindness, and I am using this gif because it makes me laugh:

I get it, in a way, how Sansa contacting LF to help her and Jon might seem like a betrayal to Jon, but I guess I don’t really see it that way? We kind of got that set up the last time they met that she might use him in the future. I see it as “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Even if she did basically tell LF to screw. But, she kind of put his information in her backpocket just in case she needed to cash in on his help. And so now that’s what she’s doing. 

Someone said that she’s supposed to be this master negotiator and D&D are fucking that up. So, her using her connections even though she HATES him is not being a negotiator? It’s not her playing the game still and using the resources she has available? 

First, I think we need to give the writers a chance to tell the story. I know when I am writing a fanfic and someone gets up in arms about something not being addressed, or for something not happening that should, I want to say - let me get there. Perhaps some groundwork has to be laid first, and when you’re getting the story in increments instead of it all at once like in a novel, you’ve got to give them a chance to let things unfold. Sometimes things need to be put in place and set up in a certain way and THEN it all comes together to create the bigger picture the writer was trying to create. 

I also think some people are quick to jump down the rabbit hole of listening to the haters and the conspiracy theorists who spell out gloom and doom for Jon and Sansa. All because they want to see Sansa fail. They went to make her out to be a bitch, incompetent, as being set up to be killed by Arya/Dany/the ghost of Ygritte/a White Walker/a dragon. And all because she called on the troops LF told her she had to send Jon into battle with an army, and not just,ya know, 162 soldiers to Ramsay’s upwards of 5,000 men? Okay, yeah, she didn’t tell him. But would Jon accept the help knowing where it came from? Probably not. So what is she doing? HELPING HIM. Helping Rickon. 

She didn’t learn that the game is played by always telling the truth. Honestly, I’m not sure you can get very far in that world by being completely honest in everything, even to Jon. 

I guess i am not seeing her omissions of truth regarding LF to Jon as a dealbreaker. Should he be put out by it? Annoyed? A little pissed? Sure. But her heart is in the right place, she is not “lying” to be cruel. She’s doing it to help him (and them and Rickon). 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

I suppose this is the part where I introduce myself, even though I’m sure everyone knows my name already. I’m Mason McCarthy and I’m a sophomore at Carmel High where I’m a member of Ohio’s raddest show choir, Vocal Adrenaline. Oh, and before you’re going to come for me for saying that because of Vocal Adrenaline’s defeat to the Warblers last year, I’m just going to tell you now that such an humiliating loss will never happen again. Not now our previous coach has been replaced with the one and only Mr. Jesse St James himself, winner of four consecutive National titles in show choir and also the fact that I’m going to be the new male lead this year now that our previous one got kicked out of school. Mr. St James made us all join this Tumblr website, something about ‘keeping your enemies close and your competition even closer’.  I guess there must be some logic to that if he says so.

I can totally imagine that the members of less cool and talented show choirs would love to follow me back and send me fanmail. I say feel free to do so, but you must be dreaming if you think I’m going to leak any of my amazing performance ideas on my blog. 

DAY 2268(i)

            London, UK          July 2,  2014          Tue 9:34 Pm gmt

There comes a time in our lives when the well managed and orderly, draws its attention to us. Systems, procedures, the understanding of matters that matter by those that have been given the employ to matter the matter, anticipation of acts that once told or directed to be undertaken without repeated instruction or guidance, the reading of the mind by those in service of the one that has deployed them …

The list is endless and the expectations far too great. In all honesty we look to get an object or a managed individual that virtually has to become a replica of the person he or she works for - to be able to apprehend, to preempt the mind of the minded and eventually to beat his or her thinking to it …

That look, that unobtrusive gesture, that unsaid word … all to be understood and acted upon without causing unnecessary pressures on the master, who in all probability has little or no time to exercise his or her personal effort to oversee the chores given out. Some individuals read the master’s mind exceedingly well … they ease the process, the work the involvement of the person they think and work for .. leaving him or her to concentrate on their professional pursuits, their area of work, their reasons and their needs for the deployment of the attendants, managers or whatever else they may be called or addressed as ..

These individuals are not ordinary people - the handlers I mean. They have substantially greater work responsibility than the master. Their wrong, their faults, their mismanagement can cause irreparable loss to the owner. They are in fact the shadow image of their employer - in mood temperament and behaviour .. they are the front that bears the first assault - good bad indifferent. They are the ones that form the impressions of them who they represent. Their wrong is taken as our wrong. Their attitude is taken as our attitude. Their word is our word !

Which is why, representation becomes an enviable yet sensitive presence ..

Many an employer has been judged and ostracised because his or her representation has been faulty or wanting. This onerous job of representation becomes an ogre for those in the domain of public life. The admirer, or the well wisher that binds his or her emotion to the public figure because of what he or she has associated the ‘figure’ with, expects and perhaps rightly so, to be acknowledged or reciprocated in the same vein that he or she has considered their affection.

The affection of the admirer can never ever be matched with the interest shown by the 'figure’. Admiration shall always be larger and bigger than any other. It is the feeling and matching that feeling by the 'figure’ which is the failing, and one that shall never be looked upon as been brought to an equal plane …

And for this … the 'figure’ can either show the heaviest of reciprocation, or live in the delight of his or her position without the bother or concern of those that in some way make him.

The numbers in such occurrences are difficult to match. Admirers shall always be in abundance … hopefully … the 'figure’ shall … well … remain just that - a 'figure’ ..

There are also some rather unique situations ! Were the admirer find a route unknown to the manager or handler for access or connect to the 'figure’ without being taken into consideration, there is that belief and strength that would, if deployed, put the handler to shame or a few steps back.

This causes friction in a few ways.

The handler, slighted by this reversal feels insecure and perhaps verging on the not required category, which could be devastating for him. And two, the 'figure’ would suddenly lose the option of referring any further matters to them, the managers, thinking and arriving at some conclusion that perhaps the services of the handler are not required.

Sensing the loss of a job with the 'figure’ - which I imagine could be a concern of mammoth proportion - the handler then in order to keep his reputation and value alive, would play his master stroke.

Knowing of his or her easy accessibility to the 'figure’, and knowing that the figure because of his or her reliance on them, would give them a definite ear, exercise this right of opinion .. their opinion on the master. Coming from one that has spent several years in honest and trusted association, the master, writhing in the travails of paucity of time, readily accepts the opinion of the handler. 

Result : the one that came in directly has been eliminated in one deft stroke. The position and the standard of the handler has been restored .. and not just restored .. it has been strengthened a hundred fold, because matters that may have been favourably ruled, now get disfavoured … and the reason for that lies directly with the handler in the eyes of the admirer …!!

Those then, that manage and handle them that be 'figures’, finally turn out to be the masters. Their presence can hoist the dullest of 'figures’ or destroy them.

It is often said : ’ keep your friends close, your enemies closer" ..

I say : “ keep your enemies closer and your handlers even closer ”

Good night …  my love and affection to all those that have shown me affection and care .. you are my handlers … you shall be the closest to me !!

Amitabh Bachchan

out of context quotes from my group : the starters pack.

- Hug me.It’s an order.  

- Oh no. It’s going to be bad,like the Hunger Games but with no winners.  

- It came to mind you don’t have silly nickname yet .We need to provide immediately.

- That’s it, I’ll become a stripper !

- I’m your new mother now.

- Do you remember that creepy old supposedly infested house in the near neighborhood? We should totally go there !

- I tried to evocate a ghost once, it was anwful idea. Don’t mess with the spirits guys, just don’t.

- Treat me with respect: I’ll be the president one day.

- Have I ever told you about that time I mistaken my friend’s father for a murderer ? It’s a funny story.

- We should drown our frustration in a pool of potato chips

.- I like her bag. I should steal it.

- I think those snacks might be poisoned. I don’t trust them.

- Among us,who do yuo think has the higher chances to become a criminal ?

- And it was beautiful. Until we realized we were totally lost.

- We need to talk in private. Lets hide in the bathroom !

- If we trapped ourself inside this room, throwing the furniture out of the windows and using pens and pencils like bullets, we could probably fight the whole school and win.

- Keep your friend close and your enemies even closer, it’s easier to poison them this way.

- Don’t you love the smell of coffee and hypocrisy in the morning?

- They hate us and we hate them, but for the love of free food we shall join the party like nothing was wrong. 

 -  I have an idea but it’s illegal.

 - I’m judging you

- Give me your slice of pizza and you’ll earn a new lover.