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heyhey, big snake, maybe you could try using your vines for thing??

“Otherwise I totally would! If I still had my vines life would be easier but alas somethings are given up for the sake of the world. For the record my move set is; Giga Drain, Coil, Leaf Blade and Slam. So no Vines for this grass snake unless I were to relearn a move when I could grow Vines.”


Magical Astronomy   (Satellite Café Terrace)

—English fanlyrics—

Maribel: asa-turney

Renko: lori-hime

Just imagine…

Hot chocolate darker than a midnight sky,

Cream swirling through it in a milky way,

Topped with a whipping of a cloud on high,

Fresh from the Satellite Café.

Glaze on the layers of the atmosphere,

White stardust sprinkles on a fine parfait.

I’ll take your hand and you can take me here,

Up to the Satellite Café.

Price is steep–  Oh, but the flavors are the richest.  Before you’ve gotten in

Too deep…  make sure you know what you want will be worth what you paid.

What’s your wish?–  Look at the menu, stretching lightyears into the night.

We choose our dish–  No choice is wrong if it’s one that we made.

Waning from the round fullest pie into a thin croissant,

This ball of swiss is any shape we say.

All of the cheesecake we could ever want,

Right at the Satellite Café.

Star caramel clusters with a sauce on top:

Dark matter softened to a thick puree,

Poured from the Little Dipper drop by drop,

Just at the Satellite Café.

Zero G–  Space is the best place for a coffee.  A vacuum

Of energy…  instantly boiling and freezing, a magical state.

Drink it black–  Deep as a black hole that just may take us anywhere.

No, take that back–  We’ll need some sugar to lighten the weight.

  Now with such a dazzling atmosphere outside the window,

  It’s a bit of shame we have to be indoor.

  But, if we make a special reservation,

  Maybe we can take a table out on the wing, and take in a bit more.

  Even here with no fresh air around us, why,

  The views would leave us breathless anyway!  Ah…

  Don’t be late (who’d be late?) for this important date;

  I want a small eternity to sit and stay.

  Kudos to our long-eared chefs above:

  The main course is coming soon, soon, soon.

  One rare treat any connoisseur would love:

  Mochi pounded on the moon.

  Gazing up at such a clear horizon,

  I’m thinking, it’s so pretty I could eat, eat, eat eat eat it up!

Now, when the sun begins its run once more,

Warming and rising like a great soufflé…

Soak in the taste that we’ve been craving for,

Soon at the Satellite Café.

Crêpes even thinner than the ozone flow,

Baked to perfection by a UV ray.

Macarons, in the spectrum of a whole rainbow,

New from the Satellite Café.

Try a bit of iced tea that’s flavored with a hint of peach,

Plucked from celestial branches this same day.

I’ll take the special;  make it two of each,

Here at the Satellite Café.

Pop bubbles popping at the speed of light,

All earthy senses are eclipsed away.

Now open, day and neverending night:

This is the Satellite Café.

  Earth is nothing but a satellite–

  And yet the place we seek is just a satellite of Earth.

  Because…  we humans really like to know that

  Something in this universe revolves around us.

  Spin, spin, spin, the pull is growing stronger.

  We can never let this vision fade away!  Ah…

  We’ll take it, escape it, this orbit of routine,

  And find a better way to measure out our day.

  If that café serves that famous brew:

  The elixir that would quench our worry…

  Come one day, if I could share it with you,

  Surely, surely, I would order in a giant hurry.

  In this moment, though, there isn’t much rush.

  This dream that we’ve imagined here is sweet, sweet, sweet sweet sweet enough!

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MMmMmMMM joining the Maddie hype train because everyone talk about how amazing maddie is??? and I must know who maddie is too so hello maddie 😘

cont. GIRLLLLLL you wrote Centripetal Force and At the World’s A Stage??????? 🙏🏻 #blessed ah you’re such a qt on here!!! Such a sweet personality and amazing fix writer!!!! 💞

ASLDKFJALKJSFD ((Who and where are these people talking about how amazing I am?? that is so sweet omg)) <3 <3 <3 Ahh I’m so glad you like my fics and blog!!! Thank you so much! ^.^

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Hamilton can I touch one of your cute horns??

And that is why you NO touchy the horns. 

More about this AU: James Madison is fascinated with other worldly creatures. Demons are right up his alley. Hamilton reveals himself by healing Madison who is slowly dying from a bullet lodged in between his bottom ribs. Hamilton removes the bullet and cauterizes the injury preventing bleeding.He heals the sepsis caused by the bullet. Madison swore never to tell a soul and they began to work together to figure out Hamilton’s powers. 

But eventually everyone finds out Hamilton’s secret. 

Feel free to ask questions. Hamilton will answers when he wakes up. 

Little Thieves (Final Rose)

“We can get them,” Diana whispered. “If we work together, we can get them.”

Ruby nodded eagerly. The pack of cookies on the coffee table was just begging to be eaten. The only obstacle in the way was her Uncle Qrow. As much as she loved her uncle, she couldn’t let him keep the cookies to himself. “Yeah. What’s our plan?”

Diana cackled evilly. “You have to distract your Uncle Qrow with your cuteness. I’ll steal the cookies while he’s not looking.”

Ruby’s eyes narrowed. She knew how much of an appetite Diana had. “How do I know you won’t eat the cookies while I’m being cute?”

“I promise I won’t eat the cookies.”

Ruby’s eyes narrowed further. “Swear on Gary that you won’t eat the cookies until we can each have half.”

Diana sighed. “Fine. I swear on Gary. Now, come on. If we’re not careful, your uncle will eat all the cookies, and we’ll get none.”

X     X     X

Qrow was immediately suspicious when Ruby ambled into the living room and started acting cute. His precocious niece was many things, but she was not a good actress. However, he couldn’t work out what her game was until he noticed something. There were supposed to be two bundles of mischief around, but he couldn’t see Diana anywhere.

And now… now the cookies on the coffee table were gone. He turned, looking for Diana, only to realise that Ruby had vanished too.

“Gah!” Qrow growled. “Those little twerps! Where did they go?”

X     X     X

Diana and Ruby were munching on some cookies up on the roof. Getting up would have been tricky… if it hadn’t been for grappling hook Diana had borrowed from her Aunt Vanille and the pair of Grav-con units she’d pocketed before her mom had dropped her off.

They’d even brought some milk up onto the roof too.

“Cookies are great,” Ruby said, kicking her legs back and forth.

“Yeah,” Diana said. “They are.”

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i'm gonna scream your art is so cute????? like??? also if you need ideas, maybe stevonnie or smoky quartz!! :D

i dont need ideas i need timeeeee hhhhhhhhhh!!
oh but thanks! :3 
i really wanna bring you guys new arts but really time is being an issue for me laterly because i started college again this year, im loving it but it is consuming a lot of my free time and i am not so fast at making my arts yet

Imagine your Otp
  • Person A: I need some advice...
  • Person B: Love advice? Trust me, I'm the expert. I'm experienced with everything
  • Person C: Says the virgin