and your candy earrings

Bts reaction to you begging for them in public

Request: Bts reaction to you begging for them and their cock while you’re out in public? Like you being really needy and horny for them but are trying to control is cause you’re in public by letting out low moans and pressing your legs together and whining? And congratulations on your 4k followers, mommy. You really should get more followers you are the best best best reaction writer I follow and I hope more people discover you and your talent. Love you, mommy.

Genre: smut, daddy kink


“Daddy when we go home I want my candy” Jin gripped at your thigh, smiled and whispered in your ear “If you are a good princess, you’ll get a full course menu.”

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“Yoongiya,I feel so empty when you are not inside me. Filling me up.” Yoongi pats your head and smirk at you “To fill you? I haven’t left baby.” He said as he increased the speed of the bullet vibrator making you jump in shock

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“Daddy, your baby girly feels tingly and needs daddy to help her ease it. Or should your baby girl ease it herself?” Namjoons fingers slapped yours away from your pussy and instead he used his own.

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“I wish you would bite me like you bite those ribs.” You said looking at Hoseok eating his ribs “Baby, you’re in for a long night.”

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“Jiminie, I want to go home and..aghhh” Jimin moved his thigh just enough for you to feel your bundle of nerves moving around. “I know what you want, so be quiet and when we get home you may get it.”

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“I want to go home. I want your cock. Pleaseee. I was a good girl all day. Pleasee Daddy. Pleasee.” Tae smirked, grabbed your chin in his hands and hissed lowly “When we go home baby, I will fill your pretty mouth with cum and I’ll make you swallow it until there is nothing left in my cock.”

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“Please, please set it faster. Please, I promise to behave and do what you say, just please let me cum.” Jungkooks fingers pumped faster, the devil smiled “You’ll always do what I want, my little cock-slut.”

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Seven Minutes in Heaven // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: can i pls request a fluffy 7 minutes in heaven au with nct’s ten where both of them are rly shy bc ten is absoulute squish

words: 1746

category: fluff

author note: i kinda only made ten shy so sorry bout that. hope you like this one (im still learning how to write kissing scenes so sorry if it’s not up to par with your expectations haha)

- destinee

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halloween with Bucky Barnes...
  • so Bucky was definitely not into the whole Halloween scene, and it’d obviously changed since his days 
  • dating you meant dating Halloween, let’s be honest
    • “Babe it’s October first, is this necessary?” 
    • deadpanning at him as you’re putting up decoration around your cozy apartment, “Do not question the Halloween festivities,” 
  • after that he never goes against your Halloween choices
  • he pretends to hate Halloween but on the inside he’s actually enjoying it so much 
    • he goes as far as researching the different Halloween traditions, Halloween recipes, couple costumes

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Ours to Choose (pt. 1)

The group of boys are shouting and laughing as they jeer at the smallest child in the center. They shove him around until he trips and ends up in the dust of the playground lawn. Three of the boys from the group, the biggest and meanest, break off from the rest and start to approach the smaller boy lying in the dust.

“We-we can talk about this,” the little boy whimpers, wiping the blood from his nose and scrabbling back on his hands and feet. “I’ll do your homework for a week—two weeks!”

One of the boys pounds his fist into his other hand. “Three weeks, Goldhart, and even then, I still might break your nose.”

Damien nods. “F-fine.”

Out of nowhere another boy, small and dirty and screaming at the top of his lungs, tackles the biggest boy to the ground, swinging his tiny fists just as hard and as quickly as he can. Another boy jumps into the fray when the smaller kid starts getting beat up, and before Damien can react, the teachers are rushing over to break them up.

It takes three of them to pull the scrawny, dirty kid off of Damien’s attacker, and when they do, Damien sees that it’s William Wilford. Mark Fischbach, the other boy and Will’s closest friend, starts trying to explain the whole thing, but it’s no wonder that the teachers don’t seem to believe him. Instead, Damien gets to his feet and tugs on one teacher’s arm until he gains her attention. “Yes, Damien?”

That afternoon, when the kids are all walking home, William and Mark catch up with Damien. “Hey, pipsqueak! Thanks for getting us out of trouble!” Mark slings an arm around Damien’s shoulders.

Will skips down the street ahead of them, turning around and pumping his arms in the air. “That was like magic! You had the teacher wrapped around your little finger! You gotta teach me!”

Mark snorts and shakes his head. “You’re all cotton candy between your ears, Will. No brains at all!” He and Will share a laugh despite Damien thinking that the snide remark was rather mean.

“So where are you headed, kid?” Mark asks loudly in Damien’s ear.

Damien keeps his eyes on the sidewalk and blushes all the way up to his ears. “Um, well, I was going home.”

Will’s jaw drops. “You mean you’re not going to the picture show?”

“Yeah, the theater is opening today, and it’s free to get in!” Mark loops the arm across Damien’s shoulders through his arm instead and turns them around. “You’ve gotta come with us!”

Damien plants his feet and pulls his arm from Mark’s hold. “I-I can’t. If I don’t get home soon, my dad will be awful mad at me.”

Will and Mark exchange a confused glance before looking back to Damien with a shrug. “Alright whatever ya say,” Will says, poking his bottom lip out. “But do ya at least wanna eat lunch with us tomorrow? Mark’s mom always packs us extra sandwiches, and you can have one!”

Damien rubs his sweaty palms on his pants and tries to ignore the fact that Will noticed he rarely has a school lunch. “Sure, whatever.” He looks down again, walking away from them backwards until Mark and Will wave good-bye and run the other way towards the theater. Once they’re out of sight, Damien turns and starts to run home, hoping he’s not going to be late.

But when he bounds up the steps to the tiny apartment, the moment he opens the door, he knows he’s in for it. Damien tries to sneak past to the room he shares with his sister, but their father is standing in the hall waiting for him. “You’re late.”

Damien swallows and nods slightly. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry.”

“Where were you?” his father asks, raising his voice a level. The door to their bedroom is cracked slightly, and Damien can see one of Celine’s eyes watching. He just hopes she stays out of sight of their father.

“Some boys from school wanted me to go to the picture show with them, but I-I told them that I couldn’t. I knew you’d want me to be home.” Damien hopes that the explanation will be enough, but it seems to make his father even angrier. Celine opens the door an inch wider, but Damien shakes his head minutely. After a moment, the door closes quietly. There won’t be any screaming boys jumping out to save him now, but the last thing Damien wants is to involve his sister.

There aren’t many choices in his life, but this is the one thing he can choose, to protect Celine no matter what.

Jaehyung (F/M)

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“Jagiya!” Jae called out to you the moment he entered the door. 
It was the first time the two of you were able to properly spend time together in almost a week. 

With an enthusiastic giggle you practically ran over to the front door, “Jae!!” You shouted as you jumped up into his arms. 
He peppered sweet, almost desperate kisses all over your face as he gently placed you back down onto the floor. His hands still had a tight grip on your hips, he looked down you at you with a bright smile and nothing but pure adoration in his eyes as he pulled you against his body. 
“I missed you so much, y/n.. I hate having to be away from you babygirl.” He cooed, brushing your hair behind your ear as he placed another candied kiss against your cheek. 

You softly bit your lower lip, grinning like a dork as his soothing voice brought a pink flush to your cheeks. Peering up at him through your lashes, you sweetly replied while running your fingertips up and down his forearms, “I know babe, but it’s okay, I know you have to- I missed you too though- so, so much.” 

Immediately after your loving words he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. As you lifted your arms, wrapping them around his neck the kiss transformed into this intense, lust fueled battle. He pressed you up against the wall, practically pinning you there as he used one of his hands to explore your clothed body. 
“Jagi-” Jae breathed, his voice become slightly raspy as his neediness flooded him. His hand soon finding its way up to the zipper of your hoodie, unzipping it in one swift movement. “Oh fuck..” He groaned as his eyes zeroed in on your bare, supple breasts. A pleased grin sprawled across his face as his hand ghosted over them- sending chills down your spine, “Did you miss me too , Jagi?” 

A muffled whimper flowed out of you as your back arched up towards him, the wetness between your legs seemed to drip down your thighs as he teased your wanting body, “Jae please d- don’t tease.. you know I missed you, please..” 

That smug smile of his stayed on his angelic face as his darkening eyes loomed over you, “I know.” He giggled, as he finally touched you; slightly pinching and tugging at your your pert nipples; drawing out your shaky little whines. “I bet you’re already so wet.” 

“Mhmm..” You whimpered while nodding, causing his hand to leave your breasts and travel down to the waistband of your sweats. “Touch- Touch me, please babe..” 

As he teasingly tugged at your waistband, he bit his plush lower lip at the sound of your needy plea. Cocking his head to the side, he watched at how lovely you looked with that wanting expression painted on your delicate face, “Oh?” He cooed smoothly, raising a brow, “You’re begging now?” 
He swiftly placed his hand inside your pants, grinning widely at the absence of your panties, “No panties either?” He teased while lightly tracing your drenched slit with his long digit, “Someone really wants to get fucked, huh?” 

“Where do you want me to touch you babygirl?” 

Places his finger on your throbbing clit, softly tracing circles as he watched your face contort in pleasure, “Here?” 

“Oh no baby, stop trying to be quiet- be loud, my love. I want to hear those gorgeous sounds you make.” 

He slides his finger down to your entrance, pressing two of his digits deep into you. “Fuck.” He groans as your tight velvet wraps around him, “You’re always so wet and tight, babygirl.”

Behave (M)


This is a little gift for all of you since my Yuta series is doing so well. Also my friend made me write this because she’s a Yuta slut.

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Pairing: Yuta/Reader (Female)

Warnings: Sexual Content/cursing/hair pulling/hickeys/yuta the lil shit(yes he’s a warning)

Summery: Yuta doesn’t know how to behave in public, but neither do you.

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Life’s More Fun When You’re On The Run {Mafia!Au} || Chapter 1

**Yes, I started another mafia series, I will still continue the other one, but I have too many ideas that I need to branch off of and I wanted to started the other one off differently but it was too late so you get two Mafia!Au series at once! Happy Holidays!

Prompt: Y/N’s been caught due to being set up.

Pairing: None

Word Count: 2.039k

Warning: mentions of violence, 

Part 1, Part 2

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Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

Unwilling Bride Pt10

After your heart to heart with Peter the relationship between you two had changed.

On the surface it looked like we only argued, squabbled and got on each others’ nerves, but if you looked closer you saw the change. We argued over trivial unimportant things like schedules and methods, not over whose role was what. We treated each other as an equal, and after we’d argued for a minute or two they would compromise.

We had gone from enemies to a truce couple and ended up as the best of friends.

I would talk with him in our shared tent, he’d check on me and make sure I was OK if you got too into training and forgot eat.

In private Peter was teaching you magic, it was really just a practice of your imagination. 

‘Just believe you have it and it will appear in your hand.’ he said as he sat across from you in your tent.

‘I am believing and nothing is happening.’ you said back.

‘No you are thinking of having it, you have to believe it. Be confident that it will there and real.’ he instructed.

You took a deep breath and thought about what you wanted, a packet of green apple pop rocks. You looked at your hand, still nothing.

‘Its no use, I can’t do this.’ you whined.

Peter shook his head before he moved to sit behind you, he promptly covered your eyes with his hands.

‘Hey!’ you protested.

‘I’m just trying to help.’ he said as he settled into his new seat.

He covered your eyes with on hand and put the other around your waist and pulled you back against.

‘Forget about everything  around you, tell me about this candy you want. How it tastes, how it looks, how felt the first time you had it.’ he said calmly.

‘It comes in these little black paper pouches with cool looking writing and art. There are a lot of flavors, but my favorite is the green apple, it was the first one I ever had. I was a little girl, just sitting in class and a new girl came in and she was handing it out to everyone.’ you said as you leaned back.

‘I thought she wouldn’t give me any, no one gave me things when they handed out things like candy or snacks. They new my parents were strict and didn’t want to get close to me. But then she put one on my desk and I was so happy.’ you smiled.

‘You don’t love it because of the taste, you love the memory it gives you.’ he said.

‘I guess so.’ you sighed.

‘(Y/N), look at your hand.’ he said as he removed his hand from your eyes and put them both around your waist.

You look down and there it is, a single packet of pop rocks.

‘I did it!’ you cheered excitedly.

‘You did, now enjoy the fruits of your labor.’ he smiled.

You opened the packet and  got an idea.

‘Hey, you have earned this just as much as me, we should share.’ you said as you turned around and took his hand and poured some in his hand.

‘Just lick it off your hand.’ you told him.

He looked unsure, but did it anyway.

Immediately the sound of the candy popping hit your ears.

‘Oh my God! What the- it’s popping in my mouth!’ he panicked. 

You laughed as he freaked out.

‘That’s supposed to happen, see?’ you said as you poured the rest of the candy in your mouth, letting him hear the noise come from you.

‘This candy is evil.’ he said.

‘It’s fun.’ you smiled.

Stroke of Midnight- Chapter 24 (Pennywise x reader)

The shower water cascaded down your back as if it could wash away more than just the dirt and grime of that day.

As if you could be so lucky.

Your headache had finally subsided, but now you had a different one to deal with.

The one in your heart.

Pennywise was a child eating demon.

Just thinking about it caused an actual pain in your chest. You turned off the shower and dried yourself off. Your whole relationship with Pennywise had been a lie. Or had it been? Did he really love you? Or had he just been using you all this time?

And what if your unborn child? Was she safe?

You dressed yourself in your night clothes. You were coming out the bathroom when you heard your phone ring. You made no hurry to answer it. You numbly made your way to the kitchen. Your stomach was growling even though you had no real appetite. But you still needed to eat. It looked like a cereal and milk night. You grabbed a box of cereal and turned around. You gasped loudly and dropped it.

Pennywise was standing in your kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” you demanded, your voice coming out more harshly than you’d intended it to.

A look of shock and sadness came over his face. You almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

“What is wrong, my kitten?” He spread out his hands and stepped towards you.

You took a step backwards. “Don’t come any closer,” you said sharply.

Pennywise stopped. He slowly lowered his arms. “Why are you afraid of me? I was worried about you.”

“I’m not afraid. I’m pissed off. And disgusted.”

You bent down and picked up your cereal box. You slammed it on the table and then got the milk out of the fridge.

“Have I done something to upset you?”

“You mean besides eating my own kind? Eating innocent fucking kids?” You slammed the milk jug on the table next to the cereal. “Just what the hell am I supposed to do with that?”

Pennywise lowered his gaze at you. When he spoke, his voice was laced with anger. “And you would want me to be normal? You would want me to be human?”

You gawked at him. “I don’t want you to eat humans! Oh my God.” You ran your hands through your hair. Pennywise seriously did not realize the wrong that he was doing. This is what you had brought into your life. This is what you had brought into your family’s life.

“I can’t believe this.” You cupped your hands over your mouth and tried to control your breathing. You shook your head. “I seriously cannot believe you right now.”

How would you ever be able to leave your daughter alone with him? How would you ever be able to trust him with anyone? You didn’t even know what happened to Chris. You froze. Chris. You had heard him scream after he had fired his gun at Pennywise.

You took your hands away from your face. “Penny, what did you do to Chris?”

Pennywise giggled. “Is that what you’re worried about? What I did to Chris? The human who tried to destroy everything I have built? Everything that matters?”

“I don’t know Penny. You tell me. Did he destroy us?” You opened your box of cereal, but your appetite was completely gone now.

Pennywise came right up to you. You didn’t look at him.

“I destroyed him just as I would do to anyone who tries to take what is mine. There is not a breath left in his body.” He put his face right next to your head. “There is not a body left to breathe. Or at least not all of it.”

You pushed your cereal and milk away from you. There was no way you were eating now.

“Was he as good as all the others?” you asked Pennywise, your voice deadpan.

Pennywise swept his arm out violently, sending your half gallon of milk and box of cereal flying across the table. Pieces of cereal sailed through the air. You stood frozen in horror.

“You wanted him to kill me! Why did you want him to kill me?”

Pennywise was back in your face. Spittle flew as he shrieked at you. You shrank away from him.

“You were going to kill my cousin,” you managed to get out in a squeak. “You might have tried to kill Bill too for all I know.”

Pennywise turned away from you and hunched over the table. “He and his little friends were going to kill me. Should have I have let them? Would that have made you happy?”

“No!” you hollered. “No! I don’t want you do die! I love you so much, but you have to understand that there are some things that you just don’t do.”

Pennywise rounded back on you. His eyes were so yellow, they were almost glowing. “Humans. Humans do not do,” he said in a growling voice. “I am eternal, my dear. I am the eater of worlds and children. You have paid the price. You have chosen me. Mated with me. Begot a child with me.”

As he spoke, he advanced on you. You kept backing up until your back hit the counter.

“In several months, I will hibernate. I will sleep for 27 years. And you…” He reached out and grabbed you around the throat.

You let out a squeal. Pennywise put his face right up to yours. “You will join me.”

“What? Sssleep? I can’t sleep. What do you mean? What about Eleanor? What about my family, my life?”

Pennywise leered at you as his large hand massaged your throat. “I am your life, my queen. I am everything. And soon…” He leaned down and put his face next to your ear. His sweet cotton candy breath tickled your hair. “I will be your only.”

Pennywise released you. A whimper escaped your throat. You had made a deal with the devil. That was all that it boiled down to. You had fallen in love with him. Given your heart and body to him. And now your soul was his as well.

You were stuck with Pennywise forever. A thought that had once given you joy, now filled your heart with dread. And there was only one way out of it. You may have to sacrifice yourself as well, but so be it. There was only one option left.

Pennywise had to die.


You knocked on the Denbrough’s door. You hated showing up at night, but it was still early enough and you desperately needed to talk to Bill. Aunt Susan showed up at the door.

“Y/N? Hey, honey.”

You gave her a small smile. “Hey, Aunt Susan.”

“Is anything wrong? Do you want to come in?”

“I’m fine. Uh… is Bill around?”

“Sure. I’ll go get him. Bill?”

Aunt Susan went back inside and you waited on the porch. A couple of minutes passed, then Bill showed up. He opened the door and came met you. As soon as he walked out, you felt your face turn red. You hadn’t seen him since that evening when he and Richie had walked in on you and Pennywise.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Hey.” You shoved your hands in your shorts pockets.

“Do you w-want to come inside?”

“That’s ok. I won’t be long. I just wanted to talk for a minute.” You stared at the porch and rocked back on your heels.

Bill joined you and the two of you sat on the steps.

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. For everything.”

Bill scratched his head. “It’s okay.”

“No. No it’s not.” You laced your arms behind your knees. “I was mean to you and Richie. More than once. I just got so overprotective. Now I see I was protective of the wrong thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“My family. My baby. I’m pregnant, by the way,” you said quickly.

Bill frowned. “I know.”

“I didn’t think I was going to have to protect any of you from Pennywise. I still don’t know if I have to. He said he…” You didn’t want to continue. It was just going to make it all the more real. Knowing you were going to outlive your family was one thing, but now Pennywise wanted you to go into hibernation with him, something else he had kept hidden from you.

“You knew about all this, didn’t you? About Pennywise. The disappearances, the children. Everything.”

Bill nodded. “Yes.”

“And you tried to tell me, only I didn’t want to listen.”

“It’s not your fault, Y/N. Pennywise b-blinded you.”

You turned to face Bill directly. “But that’s just it. He didn’t. Yes there were some things he kept from me, but everything else…I knew what he was, maybe not exactly, but I knew. And I let myself fall for him anyway.”

“Do you love him?”

“I do. I honestly do.”

Bill nodded slowly, his face solemn.

“I’m sorry. I know he’s done some horrible, monstrous things, but I… I knew him. I knew him before I knew the truth. The whole truth. I just…something needs to happen. I don’t know what, but something. I just wish I knew what the answer was.”

Your voice broke. Tears cascaded down your face. You really didn’t want Pennywise to die, but if he didn’t he would just keep doing what he had done all these centuries. If only there was some way you could get him to leave. But then where would he go? To another realm? Would that be possible? To get him away from people? But then he would be alone. He couldn’t help the way he was. And you couldn’t help the fact that you still loved him either. But something needed to change. Before he ended up killing someone you loved.

Because if he did that, then he just as soon be dead.


You sat on your bed that night, feeling like the most wretched creature on the planet. Well, not the most wretched, you reminded yourself. You closed your eyes and slowly rocked yourself back and forth. After a few minutes, you felt a weight on the edge of your bed. You opened your eyes.

Roman sat there looking at you. “Hey, princess,” he said softly.

“Go away, Pennywise. I’m not in the mood.” You started to sink under the covers, but Roman grabbed your wrist.

“Why this sudden hatred towards me?”

“I don’t hate you. I’m pissed. Royally.” You pulled your wrist out of his grip and laid down, turning to face the wall.

“You know you’re the only thing I care about, right?”

You sighed. “You know I have other things to worry about, Roman. My daughter. My family.”

“And you know I would never hurt them. You know that,” Roman said hotly.

“I want to believe that, Roman. Really I do.”

Roman grabbed your arm and bent down towards you. “Then look at me and tell me you do, Y/N.”

You sat up to face him. You didn’t quite look him in the eye, afraid he would see the despair and frustration on your face.

“Look at me,” he commanded. So you did.

“You know I would never hurt any part of you. You, your family…and not our daughter. Especially not Eleanor.”

“Really? You wouldn’t hurt her?” A tear fell down your cheek. “You would be able to deny your nature? To deny the main thing that has kept you alive all these millennia?”

You saw a muscle tighten in Roman’s jaw. He didn’t answer you.

“No you wouldn’t,” you said coldly.

“I would never hurt my own kin, Y/N. You have to believe that.”

He brushed his hand against your cheek. You leaned against it. More tears fell.

“I want to believe that, Penny. I really do. But I need to think.”

“Think about what? There is nothing else but this, Y/N. Not for me. Not anymore.”

His voice was so desperate, so sincere your heart broke.

“I love you, Penny. I love you so desperately, it hurts. But I need some time. I need space. I can’t handle this stress anymore. It’s not good for me. It’s not good for the baby.”

Roman stood abruptly. “You want space? Then take it. If it’s what you think is best for you, then take it. But if you think it’s what’s best for us, if you think it’s best for me…then, kitten… you are dead wrong.”

He turned and stalked out of the room. You stared after him with a look of shock on your face. You had never seen him like this before. Not towards you. A sick feeling settled in your stomach. Had you pushed Pennywise away for good? What would become of him if you weren’t around? And more importantly, would anyone suffer because of it?

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Request:  An imagine where Shawn’s daughter/son wants to take home one of the Koalas in Australia Zoo and he did his best to satisfy his kid

“Daddy I want one of those!” His son cries in front of him. Shawn picks up his little boy to keep him from causing a scene in the middle of the zoo.

“We can’t take the real ones because this is their home but I can get you a stuffed animal that looks like him.” He tries to make a deal with his son. Is even willing to throw in ice cream and candy if it means that he’ll be good and let you enjoy the zoo.

You have been dying to see the zoo since the first time Shawn came and told you all about it.

“Fine.” His mini me sighs, Shawn grins. He didn’t even have to bring up ice cream and candy.

“Babe.” He whispers in your ear.

“Hmm.” You hum to him. 

“I’m gonna take the little man to the gift shop, get him a stuffed Koala. Stay here, I’ll be right back.” 

“Okay, I love you.” You say still not really hearing what he was saying.

“I love you too, don’t move.” He says kissing your cheek. 

He runs off to the gift shop, getting a Koala for your son and then a Koala who is wearing at shirt that says; 

“I give top-koality hugs!”

Knew you were gonna love it, he had to get it. 

When he exits the gift shop, holding hands with your little boy he looks over and finds you right where he left you. You are leaning against the fence, elbow rested on the top, side of your face rested against your balled up hand. He just stops and stares at you, and how peaceful you look. 

Andrew walks by, soft drink in hand.

“Hey, I found you. Are we ready to go back to the hotel?”

“Can you watch him for a second, I need a minute with my girl.” 

“Sure.” Andrew says starting a conversation with your son about his new Koala his Dad bought him.

Shawn walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Hey Beautiful.” He whispers in your ear.

“Hey Handsome.” You whisper back.

“Got you something?”

“A koala to take home.”

“What is up with you and the boy wanting to take koalas home?” He asks looking over at your son, laughing with Andrew.

“They are so cute, and cuddling.”

“And give Top-koality hugs?” He asks moving the stuffed one he got your in front of your face. 

You laugh and lean back into him.

“This is for me?”

“Yeah, you like it?”

“Love it.” 

“Good.” He says kissing you quickly.

“You have given me a top- koality life, and I can’t thank you enough for it.” You say looking deeply into his eyes.

“Give me your forever, and that’s enough.” He says cupping your face and kissing you again.

touch like aching like
poems wet with sweat like
my voice in your ear and mouth on your neck.
touch like candy like liquor like
every dream coughed up on your bedroom floor.
touch like sparks like
your hands sliding down my back and
baby I’ve never wanted anything like I want this because
you make it so goddamn easy to want you to miss you and
sorry if this isn’t the kind of poem you read out loud in church but
i don’t know how this could be considered a sin when
i can see god when you say my name like that.
i can see god when you say my name like that.
—  isn’t this a love story?– lily rain
Imagine Pennywise x Teen!Reader, part 2

So, you where asking for more, and I will give you it. YOU CAN MAKE A REQUEST and if I will like the Idea I will gladly make it.
You where unable to move. He was right, so damn right. The feeling of him on top of you is so good, but in the same time so strange. ‘He will eat me, he’s just playing to make me more “tasty” ’.

- Fear and desire at the same time… I’ve never sense it before… - Pennywise gently fingerd your neck. He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked your collarbone. Little moaning out of your mouth made him smile, - You’re bad kitty, very, very bad… - the way he touchd you made your body melt. This animal lust was a new expirience for you, yes, ofcourse you’ve had a fantasies about sex, boys|girls, but now its real, he is real. So tall, so strong, laying over you and touching wherever he wanted to.

- Please… Stop, - you moaned. You were pleased, even though you knew that all of this is wrong.

- You can lie to me, but you can’t lie to yourself, - he pushed his body even closer to yours. The feeling of his kisses on your neck was incredible, - You’re so sweet… Like a candy… - Your body was in heat. Than he whispered in your ear - You want me, and I know it.

The next feeling was so sharp. He was inside of you. Slowly pushing back and forth making you groan from pane … And plesure. It was your first time with a … man? At least this allien creature looking like one of them. You gave your virginity to a beast, and it was good. He was gentle, supporting your head with hand, while the other held your waist. Your nails where digging in his white shirt so tightly, that you ripped it.

- Oh, the kitty has claws, - he giggled - I need to punnish you, - he began to move faster, making everything beetween your legs blaze.

- Ugh, please… Not so… Fast, I, - but he just gained speed.

- Say that you like it, - he groaned in your ear, but it was hard to say something. You feeled like he was growing inside of you.

- So… So big, I…

- Say that you like it! - he was pushing himself so deep into you.

- I like it…

- Do you?!

- Yes! Yes! Yes!! - the last push made your whole body pulsate. It feels so good to feel this fever. Pennywise groaned and than… He laughed, - Why… Why are you laughing?

- Isn’t it funny? You want to be with your worst nightmare! - he was really laughing out loud, but suddenly he stoped and leand closer to your face, - And you will be. Forever.

Where is my Face?

[ReaderxJerome Valeska - Gotham - Just after Jerome has resurrected and woken up - S3E13 - Some smut - based on original material but changed - main character death ]

Your feet were aching, you’d been walking constantly today and were just dying to have a rest. You just had to get the medical files for Jerome Valeska for Dr Tompkins and then you could sit down, hopefully for at least ten minutes. The intern in the office handed you the file, you didn’t know her name, not yet. You had met so many new people, the detectives the CSIs all of the interns and your mentor, Lee Tompkins. She was kind enough, but having Jim Gordon as an ex kind of put a downer on your views of her. You see, Detective Gordon hated the people you considered friends, especially those such as your very much dead friend on the table in the morgue. You slid out his photo from the file and smiled. He was so handsome, his beautiful smile, shining eyes and bright hair. You hated how he’d died, you had sobbed for weeks, but then you’d found your escape, your emergency exit if you will. It was easy to get away with murder if you examined the bodies, and your interest in medicine landed you an internship with the Gotham Police Department’s ME. It was a golden opportunity to keep your dirty little secret. So many of your bodies had passed over the slab you now worked at, yet the one currently there… that body started them all. Sucking in a breath you tucked the photo away, burying your emotions before heading to the morgue.

Eyes fixed on the file, you pushed the door open and walked in. “Here’s the file you asked for” you said. Finally looking up you met eyes with a very frightened Dr Tompkins and then you saw a familiar smile shrouded by bandages galore. “Well, well,” you cooed, attempting to keep your cool, “this is unexpected.”
The barrel of the gun in Jerome’s hand moved, it was pointing at you now. Your eyes locked and he licked his lips, or what he had left of them. “Are you going to continue to tease me or hurry up and kill the spare?” you asked, impatient to rid the room of the witness.
“Have it out for the Doc, do you Kitten?” he purred.
You could feel the sides of your mouth pulling up as he called you his little pet name, you’d missed that. “No… just wanna talk without an… audience,” you replied, finishing with a wink.
“I get you babe,” the clown told you. Without hesitation, or even taking his eyes from you, he shot the Doctor in the head, her body slumping to the ground. The gun lazily found its way back to you. “It looks to me you’ve changed sides Doll” he spat at you.

You half contained a short laugh, “Look again Sugar.” A smug smirk plastered on your face.
“So what’s my little girl doing in the GCPD working for the good ol’ dead doc over here, huh?” he rested his chin on his fist, listening intently as you told him of the tales of the last year he’d missed.
“Wow” he used his gun to mimic an applause, “well that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead but doesn’t that seem kinda crazy to you?”
You chuckled, sliding onto the cold metal table behind you. “Hey maybe you’re crazy, try shooting yourself” you threw at him with a grin. He took his gun and held it to his bandaged head, pondered for a moment and laughed.
“So, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?” His voice was liked candy for your ears, it had been so long since you had heard it, teased it, played with it.
“A bunch of raving lunatics and idiots” you leant back on your palms, letting you hair hang loose behind you. You could sense his grin as he stepped up from his perch.
“Ooh lunatics and idiots?” He stepped toward you, reaching out a hand. His grip angled your face to his and he looked right into your eyes. “Our kind of people.” You laughed, he laughed, both of you enthralled in your madness.

Cough. Splutter. “Sorry” he croaked although the following giggle was reassuring enough. “Head’s still a little fuzzy, you know I was just reborn. The last year was nothing but darkness,” he leant into your face, his breathe warm against you, “as far as the eye can see.” He jumped on the spot and swivelled, the gun twirling until it pointed right at the limp corpse on the floor. “I know her, right?”
“Yes” you purred, not revealing anything.
“Did she and I ever… you know?”
“Gods no,” you flung at him.
“Ginger not her type?” he joked.
“I don’t share.” you said cooly, sinking back into your relaxed stance.
“Ohh, I remember you my little minx” he purred, tracing the skin on your thigh with his finger tips. Again, like a switch he snapped back to the doc. “Oh! She’s Jim Gordon’s… twinky”
“Well, she was” another cruel laugh from your lips.
“Oh… no? That’s a shame, I liked them guys. What happened?” his curiosity seemingly piqued, you filled him in on what you’d learned from Dr Tompkins about her… hilarious wedding! “Heh heh hah ha ha ha” his soft laughter filled the room again, once more Jerome’s joy sparked your fire. He spun in circles as you watched, simply enthralled by his liveliness after being stone cold less than an hour ago. “Wow… you miss a lot being dead…. including you my little carnival kitten.” A shimmer in his eyes shone as he took the two steps necessary to close the space between you.

You’d missed this. His touch, his everything. It felt so right to kiss him again. The table was cool against your now much more exposed skin, his too. He’d locked the door and climbed onto the examination table with you. Exploring your body with his tongue he found each new scar you had and licked it with individual care and precision. As he found his way between your thighs he moaned against the soft flesh of your thighs. The vibrations sent a new wave of heat through your core. He chuckled. Torture had always been his forte so with expert pace he crept up between your legs parting them for his head to sink in between. So slowly, he used his reborn tongue in ways you’d never felt before, toying with your clit until you shuddered under his touch. It wasn’t until your moans turned to pleads for release that he teased your entrance with his hardened cock. Beneath him you squirmed, attempting to thrust your hips into his, yet his firm grip kept you in place. “Did you miss me?” he leant down to your ear, gently biting the lobe of it.
A muffled “yes” was heard from within your moans, resulting in laughter and ecstasy as he plunged into you without restraint. Together you were harmony. He thrust deep into you and your combined cries were a lost symphony. It was a wonder that you remained in interrupted for the length of time the pair of you were together.

Panting you lay together on the now slightly less cold metal, sweaty and slightly craving a cigarette. You hear him sigh after a while has passed.
“You know, there’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again” you mentioned as though it were a casual remark. He scoffed, “I see your point…” he pondered for a moment. “To business, when I was last.. uh you know, alive. I was about to kill Bruce Wayne and I suppose I didn’t manage to…” you shook your head, “no. Right.” He got up from the table, irritated suddenly. “Theo Galavan killed me,” he seethed, “that jug eared judas. Well I suppose I should start by killing him” he added on the end nonchalantly.
“As much as I love your thinking” you soothe, “Theo Galavan is dead.”
Like a child who ran out of candy he groaned. “Aww, who beat me to it?”
Suppressing your own amusement you replied, “which time?” This did not impress Jerome, with a venomous tone and a thrilling calmness the asked you, “Theo Galavan came back to life too?”
“Mm hmm” you smiled sweetly. He echoed you then barked a rough kind of laugh.
“That Son of a Bitch is always upstaging me, well…” he smiled at you again, his anger vanished. “Yes I’m just missing one thing then…” he crept right back to in front of your face, his bandages brushing against your nose. He cracked a beautiful grin and laughed, “Where is my face?”

free candy

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

pairing: wonho x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 672

“Really, a bunny?” You asked your husband as he walked through the door with your daughter’s Halloween costume.

He smiled sheepishly, taking off his shoes. You rolled your eyes, picking your daughter up off the floor. She gurgled happily when she saw Wonho standing by the door. Her legs kicked excitedly as he walked closer coaxing a laugh from your lips. “Looks like someone’s happy to see their daddy.”

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My Archangel

Characters: Gabriel x reader 

Word count: 400

Warnings: Thoughts of someone dying. 

A/N: Tags at the end 

The cold tiled floor sent shivers up your spine as you walked into the kitchen, “Gabriel?” you called out, you wanted to find your boyfriend. Your voice was sore, each time you called out for him your voice grew hoarser.

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