and your candy earrings


And it sings in your ear:
“No more candy, my dear!”
In a way, it’s a little like the voice of God.


OMO!!!! OTTOKE….Lol the Fans’ Instagram Pics Gave him Away on his 2nd day …Now Park Min Young knows who he is while Joon Gi oppa is still clueless😂🤣😆😝😂…This is getting more exciting lol…It almost feels like I’m watching a drama instead~hehehe…I can’t wait for his reaction when they actually meet “again”…They are both so cute!!! 😚😘😍This makes me want him to do a rom-com eventhough he doesn’t like that genre that much…he said he wanted “richer” and “deeper” roles and no to cliched “rich guy roles” which is evident in his character choices….i hope he chooses a new project soon… I miss him and his great acting already…but this show temporarily fills up the void~lol

A New Miracle Everyday


I’ve seen potions that can fix (and even grow) bones. I’ve witnessed candies that blow smoke out of your ears and fountain drinks that change your voice. Hell, I’ve even watched in shock as a witch completely changed her own appearance by thought alone… Seriously Jessica, you should warn I guy before you do that.

But in all my years in this Earth I have never witnessed anything as shocking as what I saw in person today. A wizard living just off the main drag of Hogsmeade has a fully functional, all original, 1983 Apple Lisa home computer. To top it off, he is still using it as his dedicated device.

makonatoshimi  asked:

M!A candy bones and chocolate milk for miku :3

  • Candy Bones: Your character has animal ears and a tail (If a furry they become human with animal ears and tail) And have a leash and collar.
  • Chocolate Milk: Your character is now very busty.

The chubby Vocaloid’s breast became very busty as she was finished drinking the chocolate milk that also came with the candy bones which gave her neko ears and a tail.

the signs as things from mean girls
  • Aries: cranberry juice cocktail
  • Taurus: damian's pink shirt
  • Gemini: white gold hoop earrings
  • Cancer: candy canes
  • Leo: your mom's chest hair
  • Virgo: fetch
  • Libra: vintage skirt from the 80's
  • Scorpio: regina's halloween costume
  • Sagittarius: the burnbook
  • Capricorn: army pants and flip-flops
  • Aquarius: mathletes
  • Pisces: crack


“i am not a whore. i’m not your bitch–you know what i am; i’m your p a r t n e r.”

[for the girl with no place to go; for the criminal with a steady hand on the trigger, a spine of steel and a heart of gold–who loved too hard, too much, and got in too deep; for the woman who deserved better]

↳ a vanessa styles mix 

silent machine - cat power // look out young son - grand ole party // saturday night - natalia kills // black sheep - gin wigmore // prison girls - neko case // bones & skin - mirah // damned if she do - the kills // devil’s resting place - laura marling // rootless - marina & the diamonds // half hero - oh land // i follow rivers - lykke li // bees - warpaint // lawless - zola jesus // still true - feist // jezebel - iron & wine

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Rick and his pink princess are having a wonderful time traipsing around their neighborhood.  Rick walks up to the next door and rings the bell as Judith toddles up the path to meet him.

Michonne gets up from reading her novel and checks herself in the mirror (you are lookin’ cute in your black cat ears and tail). She looks down at her candy bowl to see a single chocolate kiss. Michonne opens the door, mentally preparing an apology and sees Rick standing there. He looks stunned, mouth agape. Michonne clears her throat, smiles sweetly and says, “I just ran out of candy, but aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?”

Rick laughs nervously and looks down realizing that Judith is missing. He sees her picking Michonne’s mums. Judith runs up to Michonne with a handful of the mums. “Trick or treat!” she yells, holding the small bouquet up to Michonne. 

Rick, embarrassed, apologizes profusely. Michonne laughs and smiles and assures him that it’s okay. Michonne gives Judith her last chocolate kiss, which Judith eats immediately. She waves goodbye to Rick and Judith, turns off her light, and returns to her book, still smiling about the little princess and her cute dad.

The next day Rick goes back to Michonne’s house to replace the mums in Michonne’s flowerbed. He’s so busy digging holes for the new plants that he doesn’t hear Michonne approach him. Rick freezes, and looks up, only to be greeted by Michonne’s wide, bright smile. His heart flips.

“You really didn’t have to do that,” says Michonne. Rick brushes his hands on his jeans and stands up to speak. Michonne’s smile fades as she is awestruck by beautiful blue eyes. She laughs nervously and regains her composure.

“I’m really sorry”, Rick said, squinting as he looked off into the sunny distance. “Hi, really sorry. I’m Michonne,” she says as she extends her hand to Rick. 

Rick grins. “I’m Rick”, he says shaking her hand.”Would you be willing to have coffee with me as soon as I’m finished?”

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