and your candy earrings

Bts reaction to you begging for them in public

Request: Bts reaction to you begging for them and their cock while you’re out in public? Like you being really needy and horny for them but are trying to control is cause you’re in public by letting out low moans and pressing your legs together and whining? And congratulations on your 4k followers, mommy. You really should get more followers you are the best best best reaction writer I follow and I hope more people discover you and your talent. Love you, mommy.

Genre: smut, daddy kink


“Daddy when we go home I want my candy” Jin gripped at your thigh, smiled and whispered in your ear “If you are a good princess, you’ll get a full course menu.”

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“Yoongiya,I feel so empty when you are not inside me. Filling me up.” Yoongi pats your head and smirk at you “To fill you? I haven’t left baby.” He said as he increased the speed of the bullet vibrator making you jump in shock

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“Daddy, your baby girly feels tingly and needs daddy to help her ease it. Or should your baby girl ease it herself?” Namjoons fingers slapped yours away from your pussy and instead he used his own.

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“I wish you would bite me like you bite those ribs.” You said looking at Hoseok eating his ribs “Baby, you’re in for a long night.”

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“Jiminie, I want to go home and..aghhh” Jimin moved his thigh just enough for you to feel your bundle of nerves moving around. “I know what you want, so be quiet and when we get home you may get it.”

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“I want to go home. I want your cock. Pleaseee. I was a good girl all day. Pleasee Daddy. Pleasee.” Tae smirked, grabbed your chin in his hands and hissed lowly “When we go home baby, I will fill your pretty mouth with cum and I’ll make you swallow it until there is nothing left in my cock.”

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“Please, please set it faster. Please, I promise to behave and do what you say, just please let me cum.” Jungkooks fingers pumped faster, the devil smiled “You’ll always do what I want, my little cock-slut.”

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Seven Minutes in Heaven // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: can i pls request a fluffy 7 minutes in heaven au with nct’s ten where both of them are rly shy bc ten is absoulute squish

words: 1746

category: fluff

author note: i kinda only made ten shy so sorry bout that. hope you like this one (im still learning how to write kissing scenes so sorry if it’s not up to par with your expectations haha)

- destinee

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Mark ; 87 (Drabble Challenge)

Mark Scenario

Prompt: “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” - “Well, kiss me so they see.”

words: 369

List of prompts

  You and Mark were out on a date. Usually, you guys stayed home and played board games or watched a movie but tonight you decided to do something special. There was a festival going on downtown and the two of you decided to go. It was a change of pace. A chance to do something special, out of the ordinary, instead of the usual routine.

   To say the two of you weren’t excited would be an understatement. The both of you had a lot of energy and were running from place to place like you were running out of time. You practically ran through the festival hand in hand in your own little world.

  After a while, you got tired and decided that you wanted to get a snack, specifically cotton candy.

 “Can I please get cotton candy?” You asked

 “No, I don’t feel like walking around the whole festival to find a place to get cotton candy.”

 “Pretty please.”


  This went on for a while but after some serious persuasion and pleading on your part, you were able to convince Mark to get you cotton candy. As soon as you take a bite into cotton candy you saw a face that you had hoped you would never see again. It was your ex-boyfriend who had cheated on you.

 “Ew,” you blurt out looking at your ex.
  “You don’t like the cotton Candy,” Mark asked you shook your head, he followed you gaze and say the person you were staring at.

  “Who’s that?”

  “That’s my ex-boyfriend,” you said, “ew, now he’s staring at me.”

  “Well, kiss me so they see.”  

  “What?! Why?!”

   Mark leaned over and gave you a quick kiss on the lips, “So he knows your mine and you don’t need him anymore.”

 “I’m okay as long as I have you in my life,” you reached out your hand which Mark gladly accepted “Now let’s go walk around some more.”

  As you guys walk Mark leans over and whispers “You taste like cotton candy” into your ear. You laugh and kiss him on the cheek and continue to walk hand in hand through the festival.

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Jaehyung (F/M)

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“Jagiya!” Jae called out to you the moment he entered the door. 
It was the first time the two of you were able to properly spend time together in almost a week. 

With an enthusiastic giggle you practically ran over to the front door, “Jae!!” You shouted as you jumped up into his arms. 
He peppered sweet, almost desperate kisses all over your face as he gently placed you back down onto the floor. His hands still had a tight grip on your hips, he looked down you at you with a bright smile and nothing but pure adoration in his eyes as he pulled you against his body. 
“I missed you so much, y/n.. I hate having to be away from you babygirl.” He cooed, brushing your hair behind your ear as he placed another candied kiss against your cheek. 

You softly bit your lower lip, grinning like a dork as his soothing voice brought a pink flush to your cheeks. Peering up at him through your lashes, you sweetly replied while running your fingertips up and down his forearms, “I know babe, but it’s okay, I know you have to- I missed you too though- so, so much.” 

Immediately after your loving words he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. As you lifted your arms, wrapping them around his neck the kiss transformed into this intense, lust fueled battle. He pressed you up against the wall, practically pinning you there as he used one of his hands to explore your clothed body. 
“Jagi-” Jae breathed, his voice become slightly raspy as his neediness flooded him. His hand soon finding its way up to the zipper of your hoodie, unzipping it in one swift movement. “Oh fuck..” He groaned as his eyes zeroed in on your bare, supple breasts. A pleased grin sprawled across his face as his hand ghosted over them- sending chills down your spine, “Did you miss me too , Jagi?” 

A muffled whimper flowed out of you as your back arched up towards him, the wetness between your legs seemed to drip down your thighs as he teased your wanting body, “Jae please d- don’t tease.. you know I missed you, please..” 

That smug smile of his stayed on his angelic face as his darkening eyes loomed over you, “I know.” He giggled, as he finally touched you; slightly pinching and tugging at your your pert nipples; drawing out your shaky little whines. “I bet you’re already so wet.” 

“Mhmm..” You whimpered while nodding, causing his hand to leave your breasts and travel down to the waistband of your sweats. “Touch- Touch me, please babe..” 

As he teasingly tugged at your waistband, he bit his plush lower lip at the sound of your needy plea. Cocking his head to the side, he watched at how lovely you looked with that wanting expression painted on your delicate face, “Oh?” He cooed smoothly, raising a brow, “You’re begging now?” 
He swiftly placed his hand inside your pants, grinning widely at the absence of your panties, “No panties either?” He teased while lightly tracing your drenched slit with his long digit, “Someone really wants to get fucked, huh?” 

“Where do you want me to touch you babygirl?” 

Places his finger on your throbbing clit, softly tracing circles as he watched your face contort in pleasure, “Here?” 

“Oh no baby, stop trying to be quiet- be loud, my love. I want to hear those gorgeous sounds you make.” 

He slides his finger down to your entrance, pressing two of his digits deep into you. “Fuck.” He groans as your tight velvet wraps around him, “You’re always so wet and tight, babygirl.”

Where is my Face?

[ReaderxJerome Valeska - Gotham - Just after Jerome has resurrected and woken up - S3E13 - Some smut - based on original material but changed - main character death ]

Your feet were aching, you’d been walking constantly today and were just dying to have a rest. You just had to get the medical files for Jerome Valeska for Dr Tompkins and then you could sit down, hopefully for at least ten minutes. The intern in the office handed you the file, you didn’t know her name, not yet. You had met so many new people, the detectives the CSIs all of the interns and your mentor, Lee Tompkins. She was kind enough, but having Jim Gordon as an ex kind of put a downer on your views of her. You see, Detective Gordon hated the people you considered friends, especially those such as your very much dead friend on the table in the morgue. You slid out his photo from the file and smiled. He was so handsome, his beautiful smile, shining eyes and bright hair. You hated how he’d died, you had sobbed for weeks, but then you’d found your escape, your emergency exit if you will. It was easy to get away with murder if you examined the bodies, and your interest in medicine landed you an internship with the Gotham Police Department’s ME. It was a golden opportunity to keep your dirty little secret. So many of your bodies had passed over the slab you now worked at, yet the one currently there… that body started them all. Sucking in a breath you tucked the photo away, burying your emotions before heading to the morgue.

Eyes fixed on the file, you pushed the door open and walked in. “Here’s the file you asked for” you said. Finally looking up you met eyes with a very frightened Dr Tompkins and then you saw a familiar smile shrouded by bandages galore. “Well, well,” you cooed, attempting to keep your cool, “this is unexpected.”
The barrel of the gun in Jerome’s hand moved, it was pointing at you now. Your eyes locked and he licked his lips, or what he had left of them. “Are you going to continue to tease me or hurry up and kill the spare?” you asked, impatient to rid the room of the witness.
“Have it out for the Doc, do you Kitten?” he purred.
You could feel the sides of your mouth pulling up as he called you his little pet name, you’d missed that. “No… just wanna talk without an… audience,” you replied, finishing with a wink.
“I get you babe,” the clown told you. Without hesitation, or even taking his eyes from you, he shot the Doctor in the head, her body slumping to the ground. The gun lazily found its way back to you. “It looks to me you’ve changed sides Doll” he spat at you.

You half contained a short laugh, “Look again Sugar.” A smug smirk plastered on your face.
“So what’s my little girl doing in the GCPD working for the good ol’ dead doc over here, huh?” he rested his chin on his fist, listening intently as you told him of the tales of the last year he’d missed.
“Wow” he used his gun to mimic an applause, “well that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead but doesn’t that seem kinda crazy to you?”
You chuckled, sliding onto the cold metal table behind you. “Hey maybe you’re crazy, try shooting yourself” you threw at him with a grin. He took his gun and held it to his bandaged head, pondered for a moment and laughed.
“So, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?” His voice was liked candy for your ears, it had been so long since you had heard it, teased it, played with it.
“A bunch of raving lunatics and idiots” you leant back on your palms, letting you hair hang loose behind you. You could sense his grin as he stepped up from his perch.
“Ooh lunatics and idiots?” He stepped toward you, reaching out a hand. His grip angled your face to his and he looked right into your eyes. “Our kind of people.” You laughed, he laughed, both of you enthralled in your madness.

Cough. Splutter. “Sorry” he croaked although the following giggle was reassuring enough. “Head’s still a little fuzzy, you know I was just reborn. The last year was nothing but darkness,” he leant into your face, his breathe warm against you, “as far as the eye can see.” He jumped on the spot and swivelled, the gun twirling until it pointed right at the limp corpse on the floor. “I know her, right?”
“Yes” you purred, not revealing anything.
“Did she and I ever… you know?”
“Gods no,” you flung at him.
“Ginger not her type?” he joked.
“I don’t share.” you said cooly, sinking back into your relaxed stance.
“Ohh, I remember you my little minx” he purred, tracing the skin on your thigh with his finger tips. Again, like a switch he snapped back to the doc. “Oh! She’s Jim Gordon’s… twinky”
“Well, she was” another cruel laugh from your lips.
“Oh… no? That’s a shame, I liked them guys. What happened?” his curiosity seemingly piqued, you filled him in on what you’d learned from Dr Tompkins about her… hilarious wedding! “Heh heh hah ha ha ha” his soft laughter filled the room again, once more Jerome’s joy sparked your fire. He spun in circles as you watched, simply enthralled by his liveliness after being stone cold less than an hour ago. “Wow… you miss a lot being dead…. including you my little carnival kitten.” A shimmer in his eyes shone as he took the two steps necessary to close the space between you.

You’d missed this. His touch, his everything. It felt so right to kiss him again. The table was cool against your now much more exposed skin, his too. He’d locked the door and climbed onto the examination table with you. Exploring your body with his tongue he found each new scar you had and licked it with individual care and precision. As he found his way between your thighs he moaned against the soft flesh of your thighs. The vibrations sent a new wave of heat through your core. He chuckled. Torture had always been his forte so with expert pace he crept up between your legs parting them for his head to sink in between. So slowly, he used his reborn tongue in ways you’d never felt before, toying with your clit until you shuddered under his touch. It wasn’t until your moans turned to pleads for release that he teased your entrance with his hardened cock. Beneath him you squirmed, attempting to thrust your hips into his, yet his firm grip kept you in place. “Did you miss me?” he leant down to your ear, gently biting the lobe of it.
A muffled “yes” was heard from within your moans, resulting in laughter and ecstasy as he plunged into you without restraint. Together you were harmony. He thrust deep into you and your combined cries were a lost symphony. It was a wonder that you remained in interrupted for the length of time the pair of you were together.

Panting you lay together on the now slightly less cold metal, sweaty and slightly craving a cigarette. You hear him sigh after a while has passed.
“You know, there’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again” you mentioned as though it were a casual remark. He scoffed, “I see your point…” he pondered for a moment. “To business, when I was last.. uh you know, alive. I was about to kill Bruce Wayne and I suppose I didn’t manage to…” you shook your head, “no. Right.” He got up from the table, irritated suddenly. “Theo Galavan killed me,” he seethed, “that jug eared judas. Well I suppose I should start by killing him” he added on the end nonchalantly.
“As much as I love your thinking” you soothe, “Theo Galavan is dead.”
Like a child who ran out of candy he groaned. “Aww, who beat me to it?”
Suppressing your own amusement you replied, “which time?” This did not impress Jerome, with a venomous tone and a thrilling calmness the asked you, “Theo Galavan came back to life too?”
“Mm hmm” you smiled sweetly. He echoed you then barked a rough kind of laugh.
“That Son of a Bitch is always upstaging me, well…” he smiled at you again, his anger vanished. “Yes I’m just missing one thing then…” he crept right back to in front of your face, his bandages brushing against your nose. He cracked a beautiful grin and laughed, “Where is my face?”


Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

Unwilling Bride Pt10

After your heart to heart with Peter the relationship between you two had changed.

On the surface it looked like we only argued, squabbled and got on each others’ nerves, but if you looked closer you saw the change. We argued over trivial unimportant things like schedules and methods, not over whose role was what. We treated each other as an equal, and after we’d argued for a minute or two they would compromise.

We had gone from enemies to a truce couple and ended up as the best of friends.

I would talk with him in our shared tent, he’d check on me and make sure I was OK if you got too into training and forgot eat.

In private Peter was teaching you magic, it was really just a practice of your imagination. 

‘Just believe you have it and it will appear in your hand.’ he said as he sat across from you in your tent.

‘I am believing and nothing is happening.’ you said back.

‘No you are thinking of having it, you have to believe it. Be confident that it will there and real.’ he instructed.

You took a deep breath and thought about what you wanted, a packet of green apple pop rocks. You looked at your hand, still nothing.

‘Its no use, I can’t do this.’ you whined.

Peter shook his head before he moved to sit behind you, he promptly covered your eyes with his hands.

‘Hey!’ you protested.

‘I’m just trying to help.’ he said as he settled into his new seat.

He covered your eyes with on hand and put the other around your waist and pulled you back against.

‘Forget about everything  around you, tell me about this candy you want. How it tastes, how it looks, how felt the first time you had it.’ he said calmly.

‘It comes in these little black paper pouches with cool looking writing and art. There are a lot of flavors, but my favorite is the green apple, it was the first one I ever had. I was a little girl, just sitting in class and a new girl came in and she was handing it out to everyone.’ you said as you leaned back.

‘I thought she wouldn’t give me any, no one gave me things when they handed out things like candy or snacks. They new my parents were strict and didn’t want to get close to me. But then she put one on my desk and I was so happy.’ you smiled.

‘You don’t love it because of the taste, you love the memory it gives you.’ he said.

‘I guess so.’ you sighed.

‘(Y/N), look at your hand.’ he said as he removed his hand from your eyes and put them both around your waist.

You look down and there it is, a single packet of pop rocks.

‘I did it!’ you cheered excitedly.

‘You did, now enjoy the fruits of your labor.’ he smiled.

You opened the packet and  got an idea.

‘Hey, you have earned this just as much as me, we should share.’ you said as you turned around and took his hand and poured some in his hand.

‘Just lick it off your hand.’ you told him.

He looked unsure, but did it anyway.

Immediately the sound of the candy popping hit your ears.

‘Oh my God! What the- it’s popping in my mouth!’ he panicked. 

You laughed as he freaked out.

‘That’s supposed to happen, see?’ you said as you poured the rest of the candy in your mouth, letting him hear the noise come from you.

‘This candy is evil.’ he said.

‘It’s fun.’ you smiled.

My Archangel

Characters: Gabriel x reader 

Word count: 400

Warnings: Thoughts of someone dying. 

A/N: Tags at the end 

The cold tiled floor sent shivers up your spine as you walked into the kitchen, “Gabriel?” you called out, you wanted to find your boyfriend. Your voice was sore, each time you called out for him your voice grew hoarser.

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Welcome to The Prime Corporate Video Store

Welcome to The Prime Corporate Video Store!

Currently operating out of an abandoned mall in the town where you used to live, we here at The P C V Store post the finest Vaporwave / Future Funk / Chillwave / Synthwave / Dreampop / Shoegaze and other ear candy tracks for your listening pleasure, as well as any music that I happen to make.

Please, do enjoy your visit.

~ Nimbus


And it sings in your ear:
“No more candy, my dear!”
In a way, it’s a little like the voice of God.

I Hate You, I Love You [ Subaru Sakamaki x Reader ]

Subaru! Stop it!” The full moon’s rays forced their enter through the window to which was framed by wine colored curtains. You tried to push the albino male away as his practical thirst for your life’s essence radiated off of him in a life endangering manner. Panicked breaths escaped your lips as you tried with all your body’s strength, but he grabbed your wrist. “You have no right to deny me,” came his gruff response as he slammed you up against the wall with your wrists pinned. His knee forced it’s way between your legs, and you were stuck with struggling in attempt to free yourself; kicking him where the sun never shone was a resort that was lost now.

The memory brought tears to your eyes as your body trembled beneath the sheets, slowly pulling them off of the bed as you rose to see that the person you wished to see was gone.

       I’m a monster,” he’d whispered one day, on the first day he didn’t call you any name. His eyes slowly rose themselves from the dull, tiled floor of the abandoned school hallway; crimson hues gazing into your eyes. “I’m not capable of love, so remember that.”

But somehow, he’d come so far, so far as to even create better memories. And you’d fallen for him, seeing a side to him that was hidden behind this angry exterior. To you, he was this hurt animal; any hurt animal had the instinct to lash out at anyone in the attempt of survival. You arrived to your bathroom’s mirror, and slowly lowered the blankets to see the bite marks he left you with, causing you to cringe as you recalled how you’d gotten them.

       His fangs sunk into your neck, making a sound similar to that of someone biting into the ripest apple; and the feel of blood escaping your vein to which he’d bitten into made your face distort into a cringe. Soft cries escaped your lips, but it seemed to only add to his pleasure as his fangs sunk deeper into your skin making a gasp escape your throat from how harsh it was. “S-stop it! Subaru!” You roared, puffing out your chest the best way you could, in attempt to end this terror. Blood rushed down from your wound, and he withdrew, pushing down your clothing in a hasty manner, with bites beginning to litter your skin.
       "Shut up,“ he hissed at you. "I’m not opposed by that fear in your eyes,” he murmured as he stared at your skin, pushing you up even more against the wall. “I told you, I’m not capable of love.” He growled.

I hate you,” you whispered in the present, the spur of the moment as you drowned in the memories consumed you. “I love you.” You covered the bite mark he’d pressed onto your skin, tears welling in your eyes. “I hate that I love you, Subaru.” You turned away, letting the blankets fall to the tiled flooring of your bathroom as you got yourself into your shower, the memories of what had happened rolling through your mind like the storm clouds that rolled over the blue sky.

       It hadn’t been long until he’d pushed you onto the bed, looming over you to lick at your bleeding wounds. The bed sheets tainting themselves in droplets of your blood, before you finally were able to bring your hand up as to slap him. “Snap out of it, Subaru!” You screamed. And there was a harsh moment where he pinned your wrists down above your head, staring into your eyes before it seemed to have finally clicked and he let go. Completely. And like a ghost, he was gone.

It was an hour or two later, when you were finally able to step out into the sun’s rays, and rushed away towards a park that was alone; children were off in schools, getting their education. So the ringing of their laughter did not grace the air, and you took a seat upon a chocolate colored bench. Above, there was looming branches of the cherry blossoms that surrounded the beautiful park, the sun tainted in a pink tinge from the beautiful blossoms.

       "You’re probably tired of me,“ your voice came out in a whisper. "You’re an idiot.” Subaru had responded to you as he leaned all the way back, propping up his elbow on the bench of the backrest of it. “I can be tired of a lot of other things, but I’m never tired of you.” He said. Blinking once, you were surprised by his words, before you looked down. “So shut up, you’re making me say stupid things.”
       "Sorry.“ You meekly responded with a sheepish grin on your lips as he watched you from the corner of his eye, his gaze making you blush beneath it, hiding your face as you thought the male was extremely handsome. And to be beneath his gaze was almost nerving.

Hey! You!“ Called out a voice that made you turn your head, just in time to see a bouquet of roses, and a box of chocolate that was suddenly thrown on your lap. "Take these damn roses, and take the candy, and shut up.” Subaru’s gruff voice arrived to your ears as you gazed up at him. He plopped right down beside you, taking his seat with you on the bench beneath the cherry blossom tree. He seemed as if he had something he wanted to say, before you could part your lips to let words escape, he spoke.
       "Look, I’m sorry, damn it. I told you, I’m a monster!“ He shouted, his rage surprising you. Noting such a alarm, he shrunk back slightly, knowing his mistake before he shook his head. His breath began to grow heavy before he shook his head. "I hate you!” He outburst, but then he reeled it back, and shook his head. “Fucking damn it! I love you,” he reached out, and grabbed you by the shoulders. In the instant his atmospheric tension diminished as his crimson eyes so full of fierceness softened.
       "I want you, and no one can top you. I lied, when I said I wasn’t capable of love; you proved me wrong.“ He murmured as he leaned his face in more as his lips pressed to yours briefly, pulling away in a shy manner as a blush coated his cheeks. "You took down the caution tape I had around my heart…and you entered, I’m sorry I did what I did. I couldn’t hold myself back,” all other times he’d managed to hold his thirst back, but that night had been the true moment. Grabbing the roses and candy, he pulled you onto his lap, and held you tightly, burying his face into your neck; his lips pressing against the mark he did.

I’ll try not to make it happen again, but I can’t make any promises.” He added silently, before he reached out, and gently opened up the box of chocolates, however, his pale hand took a moment to stop before his eyes wandered over towards your face as to survey your emotions. You did not speak, not a single word escaping your lips, as you were reflecting everything. Every word like a beam of sunlight that a flower took in from days of no sun. Soaking all that it could in. “Hey, what the hell’s wrong with you? It’s not the blood loss, is it?” Subaru’s wary voice came to greet your ears, like the water to that flower that held no sun.
       "Hey,“ he murmured once more, his cool hand slowly touching your warm face, the cold sensations were electrifying to every fiber of your being; so much that you shivered in response before casting your gaze to his eyes, where it was evident he held your attention. For a few seconds, the two of you stayed frozen, before you were just about to speak and a piece of chocolate was pushed through your lips.
       ”Don’t say anything, (Y/N), just know I’m really sorry.“ There was something else to it, his eyes almost growing with melancholy as you came to realize he’d regretted speaking of what was written on his heart. And it was almost as if he’d grown bashful, as you swallowed and opened your mouth, you grabbed his wrist, with your other hand you removed the candy that was between his fingers, and placed it onto the tray, lacing your fingers together as you pressed your cheek on his shoulder.

Don’t be sorry, Subaru, and don’t regret anything because at one time; you wanted to say what you did, right?“ With your other hand, you gently caressed the skin of his cheek as he gazed to you. Frozen like a deer in the headlights, before he subtly began to melt into your touch, his shoulders angling downward, and his eyes softening. "Right,” he responded quietly. “So don’t take it back, not when…. Not when I love you too.” You whispered as you smiled softly. But then, it wasn’t long until he slid his free hand up your back before pushing you to him so that by a bull’s eye shot that your lips joined together. The gently sway of the cherry blossom made the branches lose some of their rosy petals, just so that it rained in clear day pink petals.
       Pulling back to see petals land onto Subaru’s hair, and feel some land on yours, another sway arrived making more fall; all of the petals were pierced by the clear daylight so they looked like pink flames falling. In clear fascination, you looked around. “Wow, it’s so beautiful,” you whispered ever so subtly.
       Pressing his face into your neck once more with his thumb gently massaging small circles onto the back of your hip, the albino grumbled.
       "It’s not as beautiful as you.“

3 Years - Pt. 1

Genre; everythiinnggggggg

Length: 2,692 words

I got some inspiration to write something like this suddenly one night, so here ya go. Part 1, is probably a little ‘eh’ for some, but it’s mainly because it’s introducing everything and sort warming you guys up for the parts to come~ Hopefully, you all enjoy it!  💕 💕 💕

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3; It’s just a number for some, but for you, the simple number held so much meaning. Just thinking about that simple, silly number made you remember so much; your first boyfriend, your first date.. your first time. It’s insane how just a number can hold so many memories for an individual.

It had been 3 years, exactly, since you and the love of your life, Yoongi started dating. No one thought you two would ever be together for so long, hell, you both even questioned it at least once, but you did it. And here you were.

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As Sweet As Cotton Candy [V/Taehyung Smut]

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An aroma of cotton candy filled the sun-warmed air, making you groan. Today was your eighteenth birthday. Taehyung had taken you to the carnival, one of your favorite places, in order to celebrate, but the only thing that seemed to be on your mind was the fresh cotton candy you could only seem to get at the fair. You weren’t particularly hungry, but the overwhelming smell of the sweet spun sugar was enough to make you give in any day.

“Taehyung oppa…” you whined, tugging on his hand.

“Jagi…” he mimicked, rolling his head and eyes slightly to look over at you. You huffed slightly, narrowing your eyes and slipping your hand out of his to cross your arms against your chest, a playful pout evident on your lips.

“Can we please get some cotton candy?” You figured he might give in considering today was your birthday and you had already been at the fair for over an hour. He only smirked, shaking his head slightly.

“Are you even really hungry, Y/N?” You scrunched your face slightly in opposition to his question. Honestly, he knew you too well.

“Don’t worry about your appetite, I have something else planned that will satisfy you just as much,” he leaned in close, breathing softly into your ear. “If not more..”

His low whisper sent chills down your spine. You swallowed, trying to discard any dirty thoughts coming to mind by focusing on the brightly colored scenery and crowds around you. Taehyung’s smirk only widened, spreading across his entire face, his eyes crinkling at the corners in a way that you would’ve love more if he weren’t trying to turn you on.

You let out an uneasy breath as he unraveled your hand that was tightly tucked into your arms against your chest and placed it in his, jerking you forward slightly. Your hands tingled a bit at his touch. Looking at the ground, you were unable to look him in the eyes without imagining the most profane of circumstances he could have you at his mercy in…

Sooner rather than later, you found the two of you standing in line for the Ferris wheel, one of your favorite rides. In what seemed like mere seconds, it was your turn to ride. Sliding into the cabin, you looked over at Tae in surprise as he sat himself right next to you instead of across from you, as opposed to right next to you as you expected.

“What are you doi-” you started, getting cut off by the harsh slamming of the carriage door. A high pitched squeak escaped your lips  as Tae’s index finger had already crept its way up your skirt, gently stroking your slit through your panties. He looked at you with a fierce gaze and an eyebrow uplifted, as if daring you to ask him to stop. 

You didn’t, only biting down on your bottom lip to prevent any more unexpected noises from arising, making a sinful grin steal its way over your boyfriend’s face. Tae continued lightly grazing the inside of your thighs, licking his lips slightly, wanting to dive right in, but he couldn’t, not quite yet. The ride was far too short for him to fully taste you like he wanted and for you to reach your climax, so he settled on giving you a sneak preview before you were back at home.

Tae swiftly pinched your inner thighs, just centimeters from where you needed him most, causing you to let out a heavy gasp despite your attempts to hold back any sounds. He let out a long, low sigh, as if he were the one being pleasured instead of you, creeping his long and nimble fingers underneath your undergarments. Separating your folds ever so slightly, he placed his thumb just over your clit, rubbing at an uneven pace in a circular motion. 

The discomfort at trying to ignore the euphoria inside of you began to grow as Tae gradually began inserting his middle finger inside of you while still massaging you with his thumb. Pumping in and out of you, gradually increasing his pace, your breath became ragged. Adding a second finger, you instinctively tilted your head backwards, trying your best to not let any more loud hisses or groans out. 

As you tilted your head back you saw out the back window. Your carriage was now passed the halfway point and on the descent towards the ground, with people of all ages below. A minor surge of panic arose inside of you. What if you were to get caught? What if- 

Taehyung’s fingers brushed over a spot inside of you, an accidental touch that still meant you couldn’t help letting out an extremely loud groan, one teetering on the edge of screaming. Tae arched his two digits towards the spot, a mischievous gleam glinting in his eyes.

You shuddered, a wave of pleasure crawling down your spine with every thrust. Still you couldn’t help the anxiety of being caught. At this point, even with your eyes closed, you could tell the ride was no doubt nearly over.

“Tae…” You groaned, your voice just barely above a whisper. “We’re in public…” You still couldn’t manage to open your eyes, as the pleasure starting to coil up inside of you was beginning too much to bear. Even without being able to see his face, you could imagine the corners of his mouth twitch upwards as he proceeded to send jolts of bliss throughout your entire body.

“Do you want me to stop then, darling?” 

Just as you were about to answer, a light whimper escaped your lips. Tae had just pulled almost entirely out of you before roughly forcing himself back in. He proceeded to roughly push into you at a fast, uneven pace, ignoring any previous protests you may have had to him continuing. Immense amounts of bliss were building up inside of you. You could tell you were getting close to your release. Just as the pleasure was nearly completely coiled up inside of you and ready to release, Tae removed his fingers, leaving an empty feeling in your core and sickly taste of disappointment in your throat.

And that was it. The ride ended, and you hadn’t gotten off. You couldn’t help the frustration showing on your face as Taehyung slid his long fingers out of your undergarments and scooted away from you slightly to prevent any suspicions. Meanwhile, you were readjusting your hair and clothes that had become skewed in the process of Tae’s teasing.

Opening the door to the Ferris wheel cabin, you stepped out, your legs wobbling due to Tae’s swift actions just moments before. He lifted his index and middle finger to his mouth, licking up any liquid you may have left on them, making sure you saw him. You squeezed your thighs together tightly, trying to get rid of the discomfort you felt from not being satisfied all the way as you and Tae started to make your way towards the exit. 

He bent down slightly to whisper in your ear. “You know, I prefer Ferris wheels to cotton candy any day.”

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By the Roots

Summary: When a case pops up in rural California, it seems like a normal gank and get the hell out of dodge for you and the Winchesters. However, with mysterious circumstances surrounding the bodies, and a certain archangel popping by, things don’t go exactly as planned. 

Word Count: 1844

Tags: Gabriel, Gabriel x Reader, Reader Insert

Author: Stephany

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“They’ve been violated, brutally murdered… are we sure this isn’t just some sicko out here?” You leaned against the edge of the bathroom counter of the small motel room you’d just checked into, arms crossed firmly over your chest. It had been a long ride all the way out here to the middle of a rural California town from the bunker and you were rather cranky. “When is Dean getting back with the food again?”

“And it couldn’t be an animal scavenging because nothing is missing. No hearts missing, no limbs… no nothing,” you sighed.

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“i will never be y o u r s.”

[songs for the girl contending with gods, chewed up and spat back out, trying to claw her way out]

a paloma gutierrez mix

i saw a light - bat for lashes // things that scare me - neko case // holy holy - wye oak  // spellwork - austra // flesh - the indelicates //  little white things - cake bake betty // the brothel - susanne sundfør // porcelain - phildel // piece of it - emily wells // the lion’s roar - first aid kit // black silk - emily jane white // hold me down - halsey // the wolf - fever ray

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