and your brothers

As-salaamu'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa wa barakaatuhu.

Look after your manners. Subhana'Allāh. The way some ikhwaan and akhawaat respond to each other is truly disgusting. If you don’t agree with a post then ask the person for further explanation as to why he or she holds the opinion of what he or she said in the post.

Social media is a nice way to share your reminders, but by Allāh, protect yourself from the evils of it. Because of one single post we don’t agree with, our blood easily starts to boil and we easily respond in the most disgusting way and that very single hate message we write will be written in our book of deeds. Like the kuffar say ’ If that which we utter would appear on our skin, we would only utter good words’. No one would come near you. But do not forget; it will be written in your book of deeds bi'ithnillah ta'ala. Be careful.

If you have given your points as to why you are right about a matter and you have daleel of it and this person still does not want to listen then khalas, you did all you could do. Leave arguments and debates aside IF it will only lead you to becoming annoyed and use foul language at your very own brother or sister in Islaām. Even if you are certain you are correct and he or she is upon falsehood. How can we give dawah when when we haven’t even learned the basics of how da'i should behave? Answer ONLY with kindness, respect and especially in a calm way, without indulging in bitter arguments with the other person. You know you are right and you did your job. Ask Allāh to guide them and leave the rest to Him.

•“Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and debate with them with that which is best. Truly, your Lord best knows who has strayed from His path, and He best knows those who are guided. ” 16:125

•Ibn Kathir on “that which is best” ( Āyah mentioned above) meaning, if any of them want to debate and argue, then let that be in the best manner, with kindness, gentleness and good speech.

•Haytam ibn Jamil reported: I said to Malik, “O servant of Allāh, if a man has knowledge of the prophetic tradition (sunnah), should he argue to defend it?” Malik said:

No, rather he should convey the Sunnah if they might accept it from him, otherwise he should remain silent.

Source: Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Ḥikam 1/248

Fear Allāh and ask forgiveness from whoever you just used your foul language at. Never stop conveying the message of Islaām! Convey it in a way our beloved nabi sall'Allāhu’ alayhi wa sallam used to convey it.

May Allāh protect us and may we convey the message of Islaām in a good way. Amīn. Take care of your manners.


Cas ran his fingers through Dean’s short locks, pressing a soft kiss to his mouth and then trailing his lips down Dean’s freckled chest.

“You know, they say freckles are angel kisses.”

Dean smiled. “That true?”

“Let’s find out.” Cas smirked, sliding his hands down Dean’s sides. “Because I’m going to mark you up.”

You jumped when two hands reached from behind you and grabbed your laptop. “Hey!”

“Whatcha workin’ on, kiddo?” Dean held the computer right out of your reach.

“Dean, give it back!” You pounded at your older brother’s chest, to no avail. “Don’t read that!”

You watched as Dean’s facial expressions morphed from interest, from confusion, to embarrassment. “Y/N, what the hell is this?”

You sighed, rolling your eyes. “What does it look like, dipshit?”

“Hey,” Dean smacked you on the side of the head, “watch your language. And I don’t know, you tell me.”

You stuck your tongue out at him. “Read it and find out for yourself.” Dean was about to shoot back a response when a gust of wind interrupted him.

“Hello, Dean. Is this the case you were telling me about over the phone?” Cas suddenly appeared out of nowhere, taking the computer from Dean’s hands and quickly skimming over the document before Dean snatched it back.

“Dammit, Cas! Don’t look at that!”

You grinned. “What’dya think, Cas?”

Castiel squinted at you. “I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but freckles do not come from angel kisses.”

“Seriously, dude? That’s the problem that you have with this?”

“You just don’t know what you’re talking about.” You grinned up at your brother. “Sam loves my stories. He captains the Destiel fanship.”

“Destiel? Sam-” Dean pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. “SAM!”

You sat back in your chair, watching the scene unfold with a smile on your face, Dean yelling at Sam to “get the hell in here” while Cas was intently focused on reading what you’d written. This was going to be a fun night.

Idk where this came from but enjoy lol

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BTS reaction to their S/O coming home smelling like another male, only to realize it’s your brother

Jimin: Y/N…. Who were you with today? Was it another guy? You reek of his smell. Get rid of it” 

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After: “Sorry jagiya, I was just a bit jealous…”
You: “A bit?”
“Okay.. Maybe a lot.. I just love you a lot” 

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Jungkook: “Your smell change. Who were you with? Tell me”

Originally posted by sugutie

After: “Sorry baby. I love you too much. I just don’t want you to leave me for any other guy”

Originally posted by osyub

Jin: “Y/N… My scent is covered by another scent… Who were you with?”

Originally posted by saintminyoongi

After: “Forgive me jagiya! I didn’t know!”

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Jhope: *Laying down on the bed waiting for you* “Tell me baby girl, who were you with today? Another guy that’s not me?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

After: “I’m sorry jagiya. I should’ve known it was your brother. No wonder why the scent is a bit familiar.”

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V: *You walked in on him changing* “Since you’re here, I guess I don’t need to put on clothes anymore. I need to teach you who you belong to”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

After: “Heh sorry  baby. Do you still want to head to the bedroom though?”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Suga: “What happen to my scent? It’s gone”

Originally posted by jeonbase

After: “Sorry, but you should’ve told me you had a brother” 

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Rap Monster:”Why do you smell like another man?”

Originally posted by daeguboy

after: *clings onto you* “I’m sorry”

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Castle on the hill

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Genres: a lot of angst, mention of tortures (nothing descriptive), fluff
Words: 3.325
Summary: Based on “Castle on the hill” by Ed Sheeran; a story of reader’s and Bucky’s meeting, getting together and then parting. There’s a happy ending, thou. 

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dreamfar628  asked:

If you're still doing the prompts could you please do wrist + Nobuyuki?😶

  • Nobuyuki + Wrist (desire/lust)

“Are you trying to seduce someone, Lord Yukimura?”

She says it with so little forethought and insight into the mind of his dear brother, he’ll have to snort in amusement. So sudden will it burst forth, like a gale of wind from his chest, he won’t have enough time to catch the sound against his sleeve before it travels across the wind to where they are huddled. 

“Milord, have you heard?” she calls out. “Your brother has a lady crush.”

Of course he does, but how she hasn’t recognised it escapes him. It’s not that he thinks her dumb, quite the contrary, but one would have to be a little thick in the head to not notice how his brother’s mood oscillates between extremes thanks to a girl with eyes so big and true he himself risks falling into them.

“I’m sure my brother has been very subtle in his bid to win her hand.” He’ll give Yukimura a pointed look, stopping beside him. Calm down, it says, she doesn’t know.

She gives them both a toothy smile, and the strangest sensation will flood him. A warmth low and sultry pushes against his skin. He suddenly understands why Yukimura acts the fool around her. It’s that smile, he concludes. It’s a very lovely smile, without a trace of guile, so forward and bright he feels an itch in his fingers to reach out and curl his hand around her hair. How utterly absurd, he thinks a moment later, and the disappointing lack of restraint he shows will irk him.

“Perhaps we can help. Show your brother how to woo her off her feet.“

“And what would you suggest, my dear?” 

Damn. Too forward. Her brows arch. She noticed.

“A demonstration,” she says, after a meaningful pause. “Look alive, Lord Yukimura. This is for your benefit.”

He has but the space of a heartbeat to catch on before she reaches out for something, and then he doesn’t know what to think because his mind will have suddenly fled for the sudden heat that jolts and curls around his fingers. He looks down and sees it’s her hand around his wrist and, dear god, he can’t be thinking this but oh how he wishes she would just step closer and engulf him.

“So Lord Yukimura, you see how I’ve grasped your brother? This is what you do next.”

And for all of Yukimura’s embarrassed wheezing, it’s nothing compared to the fierce hunger crashing through him in that moment. As she turns towards him and gazes into his eyes, his body will feel like it’s shedding years of musty cobwebs to become moist and dewy.

She tugs at his hand then, playfully, until it goes slack and she lifts it, with great care, letting it hang in the air between them.

“Milord, excuse me,” she says softly, breath tickling his fingers.

His poor, dear, fool of a brother will look at them with such conflict it will make him feel like a bully when he’s alone in his room later. But right now, with so much heat coiling around him, there’s only his plonking heart and her lips pressing delicately into his wrist. Then her tongue flicks out, like a butterfly’s kiss, licking at his flesh. All the while her eyes stay locked on his, and he won’t believe what she shows him. She’ll let him see inside those big depths, past the sweetness and light and down and down into a chamber of flames and scathing desire. All consuming and wreaking havoc on his self-control, pulling him both ways until there’s nothing but fire, fire everywhere, in her eyes, his eyes, all around them. He knows he should run, but he wants nothing more than to be strangled by the chains keeping her shadows at bay.

Then it’s gone. All of it. So suddenly he sucks in a rush of air, hand falling innocently to his side.

There will be a moment too long between them, a crackle they share with their eyes, before she smiles that toothy smile and strolls off, chuckling at Yukimura and sending him a jovial wink.

The destruction she leaves behind devastates him. He won’t know what to say afterwards for the longest time, only that his heart will henceforth murmur the same thing every day to itself whenever he sees his brother: 

I’m in trouble.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

Please forgive me.

“What am I to you? Am I a joke, your knight,  or your brother? What am I to you? Do you look down on me ‘cuz I’m younger?”

Got inspired while watching Adventure Time the other day and decided to do something involving my favorite song/episode/scene from the show. 

Unspoken Rule for Award shows

Just like the rule to root for Black Families on Family Feud.

Root for black actors and actresses. Even if you have never heard of them or seen the current film that’s up for nomination! Support them!

deanthecat  asked:

Yo just curious - do you ship anyone with Daryl? Or have any interesting headcanons?

god help you for sending me this ask

listen my pal my buddy my angel

for me, the ultimate, the one true pairing is rick and daryl. HOWEVER, i love rick and michonne so much, so i have settled my life to acknowledging that daryl loves rick and its one sided but he is so happy for michonne and so will never put it on rick

but he loves him so, so much. it has been eating him up all this time and when the words “youre my brother” came from rick, something cracked inside of daryl–it fell apart and broke and he didnt know how to put it back together because is love supposed to hurt this much?

but he would never trade it. never would he give up what he has with rick. if rick wants to be friends, daryl will be his friend. daryl would give rick his blood if he asked. 

until he meets paul jesus rovia. 

suddenly he cant think or breathe and wonders if its possible to love more than one person or love people differently, because everything is spinning and jesus never stops smirking and every touch is a flirt and every look makes him shiver and daryl is desperate for that emotional connection and jesus is more than willing to give it to him

and he goes to rick for guidance and blessings and rick tells daryl that of course he should want this, of course it’s okay for daryl to like jesus, of course rick will always be his friend because nothing in the world will ever change what they have

and daryl who has never cared for any of it until rick and now even stronger and different with jesus finally feels everything coming together as he decides to tug jesus in by his jacket for a kiss and jesus laughs into the kiss and there is no better taste or sound than that

it finally becomes a little bit easier to live in a dying world

Monarch - Damian Wayne X Reader

(A/N: I’m back from the dead! I apologize for my hiatus, but now I should be able to get back to updating this blog more frequently.)

“What do you mean you can’t go there? He has Y/N! Nothing matters except getting her back. Come on, we’re wasting time!” Damian shouted. Bruce shook his head.

   “I’m sorry, Damian, I really am. I know how much Y/N means to you, but you have to wait for your brother. I cannot go there, which is the reason Joker took her to that location,” he said calmly. Damian wanted to scream.

   “Why? What the hell is so special about the Monarch Theater? She could be dying and you’re making me wait? I’ll just go alone!” he raged. Bruce put out a hand to catch him, but Damian evaded his father’s grasp. He stormed out of the cave, somehow managing to avoid Bruce on his way out.

“Damian, stop.” The older man’s orders fell upon deaf ears.  

Robin couldn’t even recall most of the fight. His recollection was blurred by the rage coursing through his veins. The clown himself hadn’t even been there, a fact that made Damian even angrier. I would have made him suffer for this… the boy thought to himself. He was pulled from his musing by Dick.

   “What the hell were you thinking? Robin, you would have died if I didn’t come in when I did,” he scolded. Damian ignored him.

   “Belittle me when she’s safe,” he said, continuing to search for Y/N. Dick sighed but gave in. It wasn’t long before they found the girl. As Damian took in her appearance, he let out a sharp breath. She was barely conscious, decorated with bruises and dried blood. A rag gagged her mouth, and her leg was bent grotesquely out of shape. A bloody crowbar lay near her.

   “Y/N!” Damian called to her. “Dick, get help, she’s here!” Y/N raised her head slightly, clearly exhausted by the effort. Damian ran to her, untying her bindings. When he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she coughed.

   “Robin…” she whispered in a croaky voice. Tears mingled with the blood on her face. Damian took the mask off, letting it slip to the floor.

   “It’s me, Y/N. Damian. I’m here,” he said softly, gingerly taking her into his arms. It was then he realized how bad her condition was. Several of her ribs were broken and her heartbeat was incredibly faint. His heart, however, slammed harder against his chest with each wheezing breath that escaped Y/N’s lungs.

   “I knew you would come for me…” she said, wincing when Damian strengthened his hold on her. There were so many things Damian wanted to tell her he was sorry for. Letting the Joker get her, not realizing what had happened sooner, taking so long in coming for her… words started spilling from his mouth, but his apology was interrupted by her coughs.

   “You’ll be okay, Y/N. The ambulance is coming, you’ll be okay,” he said shakily. She shook her head slightly.

   “Everything hurts so badly,” Y/N murmured.

   “I know, I know, but everything will heal… Just stay awake, keep going…” he tried his best to comfort her. More tears fell from Y/N’s eyes.

   “I don’t… Damian, I don’t know how much longer I can… I think I’m dying, Damian,” she whimpered. He shook his head, almost able to hear his heart shattering.

   “Don’t say that. Don’t. Y/N, I love you more than anything in this world… which is why you have to stay here. Stay with me,” he begged, voice cracking as he spoke. Hot tears ran down his face. A broken smile graced Y/N’s lips. Sirens could be heard outside.

   “Just hold on for a little while longer,” he said desperately.

   “Your mask,” she responded weakly. Damian nodded, quickly fastening it over his eyes just before several EMTs flooded into the room and lifted Y/N from his arms. A haze descended over Damian. Dick appeared at his side, guiding him out of the building.

“It’s probably not the best idea going to the hospital in costume, but I’ll drive you as soon as you change…”  Everything Damian heard sounded like it was echoing through water.

“You can’t die,” he whispered, watching the ambulance drive away. “Please don’t die.”

Stuck in the Middle (with who?)

A/N: This is written for @splendidcas‘ birthday challenge! My prompt was, “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” It is a rewrite of 12x12 but it’s been tweaked quite bit so that Sam and Dean’s half-sister could be thrown into the mix. It’s a bit angsty but with a fluffy ending. <3

And happy birthday Shannon! <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: If you watched the episode, you’ll live.

Word count: 3.8k (Oops)

Originally posted by subcas

5:20 PM

“Dean.” you tried to get your brother’s attention as the waitress was trying to take his order. Even with you shouting across the table from him, he still wasn’t listening.

He finally looked up, reading the waitress’ name tag before asking her, “Mandy, that short for Amanda?”

You chuckled a bit when she looked at him with the most I’m so done face and replied, “Duh.”

You looked back down at the menu, quickly trying to figure out what it was that you wanted to order, because even though you’d never admit it, you took longer than Dean. You zoned out for a moment as you looked over all of the diner’s breakfast items, before deciding on scrambled eggs with bacon, and a side of syrup. When you looked up at the waitress, she’d been looking to the right of you, directly at Castiel.

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One should keep away from everyone who speaks ill about your Muslim brothers or slanders them, or accuses them and casts aspersion on their intentions. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “O you who have spoken the words of faith but faith has not entered your hearts! Do not backbite about the Muslims or seek out their faults, for whoever seeks out their faults, Allaah will seek out his faults even if he is his house.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, no. 4880; classed as saheeh (authentic) by al-Albaani.

Ride or Die

Summary: In your hometown, there’s a special place where drag races go on every weekend. One fateful night, an old racer by the name of Ben Solo returns from his “retirement,” and returns to the thrill of drag racing, much to the displeasure of many of the other racers in town. While your friends and all of the other racers are annoyed by the return of Ben Solo, you can’t help but be charmed by him.

 AN: Okay I actually originally intended this to be a Kylo fic but the plot just fits Ben soooo much better. I’ve actually had this just kinda sitting there for a while, but I looked back at it and I’m pretty satisfied with it

Warnings: minor swearing

Word Count: 2.9K

The races had existed in your hometown for as long as you could remember. You remembered your father talking about his racing days, and your brother talking about going to see them even when he was told he couldn’t go. People of all ages lived off the races, betting whatever cash they had in their pockets for who would win this weekend. They were the life of the once small town, and almost everyone lived to watch or to race, and you and your friend Poe were no exception. Though you were merely apart of those who lived to watch the races, Poe lived and breathed racing, as if he was born for it. He was a natural driver, and had been the king of the track ever since he’d turned eighteen. Everyone seemed to marvel at Poe’s skills. He was undefeated, greater than all of the other drivers who dared to race against him. Poe took his racing honor very seriously, after all, it had defined him for the last few years.

This cold winter night was no exception. The icy wind blew your curtain of (y/h/c) hair with it, momentarily blindfolding you as you walked closely behind Poe. As the days got colder, the more you regretted your fashion choice, but at the same time, you didn’t really have time nor patience to care. Watching Poe pull his jacket tighter around him, you pushed your hair back behind your ear. Next time you came to one of these races, you were wearing your hair up.

“Well, there she is, just like Finn promised,” Poe said, turning back and smiling at you. You never missed a single one of his races, and for that, you knew he was grateful. You watched him look back lovingly at his worn down sports car. Even though sometimes it looked like it was going to fall apart from all the dents and scratches it had attained over the years of dominating the track, the car had never let Poe down in function or speed

“Well that’s good. Can’t race without a car, can you?” You said, smiling to him and shoving him towards his beloved red car. Poe smirked at you before climbing in. He sped up towards the beginning of the track. Years and years ago, the tracked had been created around the parking lot of an abandoned hospital, and over the years, the track had progressed, going into the back roads of the woods behind it. You watched Poe’s car pull up to the starting line as you walked towards the over-enthusiastic crowd, their cheers deafening you as you tried to find Rey and Finn. Thick as thieves those two were, so if you found one, you were bound to find the other. Giving up after being pushed and shoved around, you decided to get prime seats, making your way to the curb so you could get a good view of the race. Before you had reached your ideal spot right at the curb, the race had started, and you joined the crowd in their jovial cheering.

A few races went by, but the crowd’s enthusiasm never died, and it never would. As you stood on the curb, waiting for the next race to start, you noticed that everyone’s attention had shifted. Looking over everyone’s heads, you noticed another car entering the premises. It was an all-black Challenger, windows tinted so dark that you couldn’t even see through them unless you were looking into the windshield.

“Is that really him?” came a voice from behind you as people pressed against you to get a better look at their new contestant.

“I didn’t think he’d ever show up again. Thought he was done racing after that accident a couple years back.”

You tried desperately to figure out who it was they were talking about, but eventually the crowd become too much for you to see over as people had pushed past you just to see exactly who everyone was talking about. With a huff, you tried to listen to other people’s conversations to see if they would let on.

“That’s Ben Solo.”

You froze, remembering that name. If Poe was a king at racing, Ben Solo was practically a god. According to all the stories you had heard, Ben was undefeated for four years, and was a better racer than anyone who had ever braved the track, at least until he had an accident that totaled his car and put him in the hospital. He was only a couple years older than you, but he seemed so separated from you because of his status as a racer. Pushing through, you shoved people to the side, wanting to get a better glimpse of this legendary racer. Eventually, you made your way to the front, where you could see someone getting out of the car. He was wearing a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt, dark jeans, and black leather gloves to compliment, and you could tell by the way he held himself that he screamed cockiness.

“What are you doing back here, Solo? Thought you had better places to be,” said the strong voice of Alex, one of the racers.

“I heard you guys had a new champion. I had to see if he was worth the hype,” Ben shot back. The crowd fell silent, anticipating Ben’s next move with bated breath.

“I want to challenge him one on one.”

You could see Poe’s jaw tighten from his lowered windows. His grip on the steering wheel also tightened as he looked up at Ben, fire in his eyes. Never in his years of being king of the track had his ability been challenged, and you knew his honor was going to dictate his next move. You knew he felt he had to hang on.

“Alright. Let’s go then,” Poe said, turning to face the track again. Ben Solo ambled back towards his car and took up the vacant spot next to Poe. The two started their engines up, the roars they gave off were intimidating yet thrilling at the same time. The crowd, previously silent from Ben’s arrival, started roaring again. From off in the crowd, you could hear the bets beginning to be made, people fishing their pockets for whatever spare cash they had left. This would undoubtedly be the last race of the night, and it would definitely be the worth the while.

“Alright, on my mark. One…Two…Three!”

With that, the two cars were off, their engines roaring as each driver floored the gas. The crowd screamed, waiting for the two cars to come around for their first lap. Despite not seeing most of the race the crowd still roared, the sounds of the engines far off in the distance feeding their adrenaline. After a few minutes, the two cars, neck and neck, came back around the start, completing their first lap.

“I hope Poe wins,” came a voice from beside you. You looked up to see Finn and Rey, both of them smiling at you. You smiled back up at them widely, thinking about how happy that would make Poe.

“Yeah, me too,” you said, turning your attention back to the race.

“Can’t believe my idiot cousin is back,” Rey said with a groan. You smiled up at her as Finn laughed before all three of you turned back to watching the race. This time, the Challenger went by first, followed a few seconds later by Poe. Your stomach dropped. Despite your hopes, Poe was probably not going to win, how could he? You watched with anxiety that rose even more when you heard the sound of tires screeching. The crowd was silent for a second, making sure to pay attention for any sound of a crash, but when none came, they resumed their boisterous cheering. As the cars came back around for their final lap, you could see that Poe was far behind Ben. The crowd screamed, seeing their old legend basically return from the grave, but neither you, Finn, nor Rey were screaming, rather staring on with bated breath. As the cars came towards the finish line, you saw that Ben Solo had indeed won.

When he crossed the finish line, his car came screeching to a halt, swerving around and making skid marks in the grey asphalt. Soon afterwards, Poe’s car followed, but stopping right in front of the finish line. He had finally been defeated, and you knew he would be devastated. The crowd screamed even louder, but you pushed through in order to reach Poe. Once the three of you had gotten to his car, he climbed out and leaned against the car with a sigh. You all gave Poe your condolences as out of the corner of your eye, you saw Ben Solo heading in your direction.

He had removed the helmet, and from what you could see so far, he was reasonably handsome. However, that opinion changed as soon as you turned to face him. He was gorgeous. Everything about him struck out to you, from his golden eyes to his regal nose, and even the sly smirk on his face.

“Nice try Dameron. Maybe you shouldn’t brake next time,” Solo said, holding his hand out for Poe to shake. You could see Poe’s grip tighten on Ren’s hand after taking it, and you felt yourself tense. This didn’t last long though, when Poe started laughing and pulled Ben in for a hug.

“It’s good to see you again! What made you decide to start racing again?” Poe said, a smile illuminating his face. Upon seeing that Poe had no ill will for Ben, you let out a breath you hadn’t been aware you were holding.

“I missed it too much. Besides, couldn’t let Poe Dameron’s reputation become better than mine,” Ben said with a smirk, pushing some of his dark hair back.

“Well I’m glad you’re back,” Poe said, stretching his hand out to Ben one more time. After they both let go, you locked eyes with Ben for a brief second before he smirked and winked at you.

“What a dick,” Rey muttered under her breath. “Can’t believe he’s back.” Poe and Finn both laughed in unison at Rey, who was anything but happy about Ben’s return.  While the others started walking back towards Poe’s car, you couldn’t help but watch in awe as Ben sauntered back to his car, climbing in and then driving off without a second to lose.

After that, Ben Solo came to every race, causing Poe’s former friendliness to fade away, and fast. Ben had moved on from just racing Poe to participating in the full races as well, which was beginning to make the races a little more interesting. However, every chance he got, Poe was beginning to complain as much as Rey. In the calming dark of the reception room of the abandoned hospital, you, Poe, Finn, and Rey were all gathered around the reception desk. As Poe ranted on, you stared off into the distance, thinking about Ben.

Every time you had turned to steal a look at him, he was already looking at you, and he always gave you a smirk when you caught him. You couldn’t understand why he seemed to always be staring at you. You weren’t anything special, and you were just apart of Poe’s friend group, so you couldn’t even begin to think why he was always watching you. But you always felt a small bit of thrill when you caught him staring, wondering about what he could possibly be thinking about. Falling from your thoughts, you turned to Poe again, watching him rant on.

“I mean he’s gotten so arrogant, the way he smirks like he’s better than you, he never used to be this way,” Poe muttered, leaning against the once reception desk. He carried on his complaints to Finn and Rey, as you had started to tune out again. You felt bad for being so bored at your friend’s complaints, but it was always the same thing now, from both Rey and Poe. Reaching for your phone in your jacket pocket, you felt panic settle in your stomach as you realized that it wasn’t there.


“What’s wrong?” Rey asked, turning her attention towards you.

“I think I dropped my phone outside, I’ll be right back,” you said as you made a beeline towards the hospital entrance.

“Want one of us to come with you?” called Poe after you.

“No, I’ll be fine, thanks,” you said, hurrying out of the dirty glass double doors. Once outside, you scoured the ground, hoping to come across it when you bumped into something. Nearly falling over, you felt yourself get caught by a pair of hands. Oh no.

“You might wanna watch where you’re going,” came a deep baritone voice. Looking up, you found yourself staring at the golden eyes of Ben Solo. He was smirking, like always, which both flustered and infuriated you.

“Oh, sorry, I was trying to find my phone,” you muttered nervously, looking away. You saw him rummage through the pocket of his leather jacket, where he procured your phone, holding it out for you to take it from him.

“Is this it?” He said, looking down at you, this time, the smirk replaced with a smile. Looking back up at him with wide eyes, you nodded, quickly taking your phone from his large hands.

“Where’d you find it?” You asked, looking past him at the now empty curb and grass where the crowd once raged.

“Over there on the curb. I thought about taking it inside, but I just figured I’d hold onto it in case whoever lost it came looking for it,” he replied, running a hand through his dark hair. “Guess we both got lucky.”

“Both?” You asked, looking back up at him with a confused look on your face. He gave you his signature smirk before running his hand through his hair again.

“See ya later, (y/n).” He said as he turned around and walked to his car where a redheaded man and tall blonde woman were waiting for him. They both seemed to be smiling cheekily at him, but you paid it no mind as you headed back inside, staring at your phone. Shit, you thought, staring at the screen that was now sporting some nice cracks. As you pushed past the door and looked up, you saw everyone’s eyes on you.

“Did you find it?” Poe asked as you looked up from the depressing view of your destroyed phone screen.

“Oh, yeah, Ben found it, so he was giving it back. Except now it’s shattered,” you said, holding up your phone to show everyone the cracks. They all winced before heading towards you.

“We should probably go now, it’s getting late,” Poe said, leading you all out of the hospital. As you all walked out to Poe’s car and seated yourselves accordingly, Finn in the front seat and you and Rey in the back, you began to feel that your phone case was loose on the bottom. You removed the case and saw a neatly folded piece of paper hidden there. Deciding to save it for better light, you shoved the note in your jacket pocket and put your case back on your phone.

Once you’d gotten home, you plopped down on the couch with a groan.

“You’re home later than usual,” came the voice of your older brother, muffled by the pillows that covered your ears. You looked up from the pillows and saw your brother smiling at you from the tiny kitchen of the apartment you two shared.

“Sorry, Poe wanted to stay a little later to blow off steam before we headed out,” you said before.

“It’s alright. Alex told me Ben has been getting on everyone’s nerves. So, same results?” He asked from slightly further away than before. You simply nodded, not really feeling in the mood to lift your head again. “You should probably get some sleep, you have places to be tomorrow. And don’t forget you promised dad you’d go see him.” With a groan, you got up off the couch and then headed to your bedroom.

“Goodnight,” you said with a yawn, moving your hand to cover your mouth as you walked into your bedroom, closing the door behind you. You plopped down on the bed as well, feeling the warmth of your bed envelope you. You moved to get under the blankets, taking your jacket off as well and throwing it to the ground, causing the note from earlier to fall out. You stared at it for a few seconds before sighing and getting up off the bed, reaching for the note. Carefully unfolding it, you smiled as you read the note, the messy handwriting just barely legible.

I lied, someone told me this was your phone. You should text me some time – Ben

Looking down at the phone number written next to the signature, you shook your head lightly. You would never admit it to anyone, not Poe, not Finn, not Rey, not even to your own brother, but Ben Solo had grown on you. Setting the note onto your bedside table, you climbed back into the bed, turning off the lamp that you assumed your brother had turned on for you before your return. As soon as you were settled, you began to drift off into sleep, thinking about Ben Solo, and whether or not you should text him. Before sleep had fully taken over, you decided you would text him in the morning.

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I'm so happy and proud of you and your brothers. You guys were awesome! (And im sure Bebop and Rocksteady will be feeling that for a week)

I feel like that was some comeumppance for something they have done I am only vaguely aware of in another universe. 

Also, it just felt good. 


Reader x Taehyung // Jumper!AU // 5583 words

Summary: You’ve always hated your birthdays until you turned 15 and found yourself in the place you had always dreamed of.

Originally posted by kths

Genre: Fluff, Angst

A/N: Based off the movie called Jumper! This is me trying to get out of my writer’s block sigh ): Reposting because guess which idiot accidentally deleted the post while trying to edit it?


“Who sold me out?!” He screams. “Which fucking brother sold me out?!”

Yoongi laughs darkly, an evil smirk on his face as he stares down at Taehyung.

“Who ever said it was one of your brothers?”

“They’re the only ones who know what I can do,” He sneers, tongue darting out to lick at the dried blood at the corner of lips. “Was it Jimin? Jungkook? Who was it?!”

“Are you sure you want to know?” He laughs. “I have a feeling you won’t like the answer.”

“Just fucking tell me so I can cut off the bastard’s tongue when I get out of here.”

“If you insist,” He smiles and gestures for you to step out of the shadows.

You take small steps, cautious and afraid. The Taehyung you see all bloodied and tied up was not the same Taehyung you know, not the same Taehyung you love. The Taehyung you love is soft and jovial but this one, this one in front of you, scared you. From the moment you saw him in the chair, his expression was fierce and the words he spit out dripped with venom. Even though you hadn’t locked eyes with him, just standing here from afar and seeing the dark expression in his eyes sent shivers down your spine. Maybe you didn’t really know Taehyung at all and maybe he didn’t really know you at all either.

15 years ago

You sit there awkwardly staring at the 7 candles flickering in the wind as you hear the birthday song echo throughout the room. You’re not sure what to do so you fold your hands on your lap and smile as you look around the room. Although everyone here in this room was not related to you by blood, you still love them all the same. After all, they are the closest thing to family you have.

♪ Happy Birthday to you….

Make a wish!

As you blow out the candles on your very modest home-baked birthday cake, you are filled with warmth and love. You smile as you watch the people around you clap and congratulate you once again for making it through another year. Everything was perfect except… you only wish your parents were here clapping along with them.

If you shut your eyes and think hard enough, you’re able to see them, the only memory you have of them playing over and over again like a tape on repeat. The memory is warm, calming even and you imagine that’s what being loved must feel like. Though the memory is old, you have spent years trying to decipher it. It’s not much but really it’s all you have to remember your parents by.

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Tfw your brother wants to switch chores (it's the same chore in two different places) but doing his is different and uncomfortable and you don't know how to do it right, but then your parents make you switch with him because "he does for you it all the time" as if it's some great gift to you to do a job, and then they make you do his and you're trying to keep from crying because when you try to explain your dad says to "stop arguing because you're not getting out of it" - ninja