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URL Embroidery

Hey everyone!

As some of you probably know, I embroider a lot! And I’ve been practicing lettering, and I want to do something to express my love for you all and your beautiful URLs

🎨 Reblog this post
🎨 You don’t have to be following me but I would obviously appreciate it
🎨 Send me an ask with your URL, the color you want it in, and if you want any decorations with it (stars/flowers/etc)
🎨 I will embroider it for you, post a picture, and tag you in it!

I reserve the right to not do one if it’s super inappropriate/offensive but I trust you all! I hope to see your URLs in my messages soon!

A Very Important Note About Submitting Artwork

hello swamp friends, cecil here! 
Since people are begin to draw a thing and submit them to This Frog, please do not forget to sign your artwork!
cecil want everyone to know who made these beautiful thing, to make sure artists get the recognition you deserve! and there is on tumblr a problem of people deleting the original commentary on these posts, which is where your name is on these submissions! Also, gives protection to you as an artist if someone bad person were to steal these beautiful drawings and sell them.

So, is not a rule, am frog not police, but an encourage. if not comfortable with name (i understand this) write your url!
you deserve to Be Found for your beautiful creatings! no point in sharing on this Large Blog of frog if not be recognised later. 

many sticky hugs to all of you tadpoles, ily

the person who had the c3po url before it Went Into The Void Forever had some weird ass choices with what they were doing w their blog. you go make a blog on tumblr in 2008, get the url c3po, name your blog “Beautiful Girls” and continue to post erotica… mmkay bro

jaystrifes  asked:

For the ship thing: DirkJake (even tho I already know the answer lol). Also, Davekat and/or Johnkat?

Thank u u beautiful creature u i love u !! The thing w/these are that the people who are going to be proactive and send in questions already kno the ships I like and don’t like, it’s kinda silly !! 

10 = One True Pairing (OTP). I will fight to the death for this ship. 

DirkJake has been a favorite of mine for quite a while!! I wasn’t fond of the Alpha kids when they were first introduced, and I don’t really know when the fondness grew for them, I can’t quite remember! I got into DirkJake pretty early on, and they’re definitely the couple I roleplay as the most on parp. I have a lot of fun being both of them !!

9 = I REALLY like this ship and it should be/is canon!

This is only not a 10 because I like JohnKat JUST a bit more. DaveKat really grew on me !! I didn’t give it much thought until they had their nice arc in canon, and then I’ve grown really fond of seeing content about it all over tumblr. I haven’t gotten into rping it, because it’s tough to get a good Dave AND a good Karkat, but I’d love to open that up more!! DaveKat has definitely become a top tier couple I really love.

9 = I REALLY like this ship and it should be/is canon!

Okay JohnKat isn’t even a 10 anymore, solely because DaveKat has come into the ring. JohnKat was another ship I’ve been interested in since nearly the beginning of my experience, and I love to rp it out!! It’s got a lot of fun opportunities and ways to rp it out and so I am really fond of getting a good rp with these two going, but it’s pretty rare for me to get something I can continue and really enjoy. I would love to see more content if possible !!

music tag

I was tagged by @hoseokshoe ! Tysm beautiful !

rules: spell out your url with kpop songs

S -sting -Stellar
E- electric shock -f(x)
O- one and only - Exo
U - unravel -TK ( ok I cheated here but I don’t know any kpop songs that starts with u)
L- look at me - Girl’s Day
G - goodbye - 2NE1
I- i wait - Day6

Imma tag @1softee @namjun @hunandonly @josay @ramen25 @sullistan and anyone else who wants to do it !

anonymous asked:

Is your URL oh kimani bc we all gasp at your beauty when we see it? Bc I think that's why❤🚀

YOU ARE THE CUTEST AWE ! but no, my friends always say it when ever i do or say something that’s just very……me lolz. like i was just drinking water out of my glitter cup when i was studying with my friend just now and when i ran out, i got another water bottle out of my book bag and refilled the cup just because i wanted to drink out of the glittery cup rather than a bottle lmao

anonymous asked:

When I see your URL I think: Oh wow that cool, wonderful, beautiful person is on my dash again I'm so blessed to be followed by her and to live at the same time as such a wonderful human being

omgggg fdgfugyrnfiyufet anon ur so sweet im gonna fucking cry

avihfors  asked:


your blog is very beautiful!!♥

url: 8/10
icon: personal/10
posts: 1000+/10
theme: 10/10

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kardanvers  asked:

this isn't a book/tv show/movie/song/etc bc i'm a rebel but stephanie beatriz from b99 has this really lit podcast with her friend called reality bytes where they just talk about dating and stuff it's great

you know what? that’s okay bc if anyone was gonna throw me something different, i’m glad it’s you! and ayy, i will check this out!! i love her so why not amiright?

url: 10/10
icon: 10/10
theme: 10/10
song on shuffle: Hey You - Boys Like Girls 
blog compliment: yooo did you know that i am actually in love with your blog? bc i am! your icon is perfect, your url, also perfect! and your theme is so beautiful i could shed a tear. but more importantly you are amazing, like kassidy for real you are amazing ok. you are super nice, and just always great and you make me laugh, and you’re just amazing. congrats on being literal sunshine bc that’s what you are! 

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danisnotonfirewhiskey  asked:

My favorite song rn is probably Chained to the Rhythm or any song by BTS 👌

url: i don’t get it | good | it’s nice | omg i love it | asgshega beaUTIFUL

icon: not my thing | good | it’s nice | omg that’s so e t h e r e a l | IM IN LOVE

mobile theme: eh.. | good | it’s nice | omg what is that beauty | a e s t h e t i c

desktop theme: default | good | it’s nice | my eyes have been blessed | GIMME THE CODE PLS

posts: not my thing | good | nice | i’m in love | i can’t rate rn, i’m reblogging everything

following: no but ily | now i am! | yes | obviously wtf | if i ever unfollow feel free to kick me in the face

comment: asdhab your url is beautiful holy h e c k

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harrysfilm  asked:

me :D

bjanxa!!!!! you’re soooo sweet! if i had to describe you in one word that is what i would say. i love that when you haven’t been in the gc for a while and you come back to tons of messages, you always reply to so many! (sorry if that’s weird mzjdjd but i admire u for that) you’re really really funny and i love talking to you!! i also love your ig, your pictures are so beautiful just like you!! also your url and blog in general are iconic but then again so are you💓💓💓💓

send me urls and i’ll make a post about them!!

rhcdanthium  asked:

((if you can, please rate my sideblog @rhcdanthe ?)) i used to sing solos when i was in choir~

Of course I can! ^u^ Wow that’s so adorable?? *u* I bet your voice sounds beautiful! ♥

URL: not my style | okay | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl omg!!
Icon: not my style | okay | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl omg!!
Theme: not my style | okay | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl omg!!
Posts: not my style | okay | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl omg!!
Overall: not my style | okay | great | amazing | flawless | asdfghjkl omg!!
Am I following?: no, sorry (i love you!) | I am now | yes | follow forever!!
Comment: Your content is great, but not quite my aesthetic that’s why I’m not following - I’m sorry! uwu But I’m sure you’re a lovely person, you’re amazing!! ♥

Please don’t send any more! :3

knockturnalleys  asked:

hp marathons make me happy haha x

Oh boy, if I had an entire weekend off, I’d love to have a hp marathon… So yeah, that’d make me very happy too!

url: 9/10

icon: 9/10

theme: 9/10

content: 10/10

following: yes / not yet / now

thoughts: Don’t know how I never followed you, your content is wonderful and you have beautiful edits! Also, that url is awesome!

quote for you:Loves are like empires: when the idea they are founded on crumbles, they, too, fade away.” (Milan Kundera)

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