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Kissing Tropes (SLBP) Part 1

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“Kissing tropes that are giving me life right now”

1. when A grabs the B’s face and says “please - please” before devouring B’s mouth without waiting for a response - 


A solid month had passed since you had last seen him. You leaned on the railing of the watchtower, noticing the tell-tale signs of the troops returning from the war. But could you see him? Could you? A bustle and a shout brought you out of your revere.  

There, they were coming back, going through the gates.

You took off in a run, almost slipping on your kimono, making it to the courtyard just in time to see those familiar eyes lock with yours. He was alive, he was safe. You were in his arms in an instant, a gasp leaving your throat as he twirled you off the ground.“Lord Yukimura!” You cried out, throwing your arms around his neck, letting him lower you to the ground. His cheeks were flushed, his clothing stained with blood, it had been a bad battle. You reached up, cupping his cheeks with your hands, pulling his face close to your own. “Yukimura” You murmured, your voice softer this time as his eyes drifted over your body, a yearning, pleading gaze.

“Please - please” He all but groaned, capturing your mouth in a heated kiss, pulling you against him. You returned the kiss just as fervently, your body yielding to his touch, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

That is until…

“Come now, little lord and lady, you both realize you’re in public.”

 2. person A missing the first time they lean in and just catching the corner of B’s mouth and waaaaaaaaaiting for B to come in and fix it            


You ran your hands through your lover’s hair, relishing the softness of his pale locks. His eyes were closed, for once a contented look on his boyish face. You let out a happy sigh, idly scratching his scalp as you leaned over and pressed a kiss to his forehead. His eyes opened, their beautiful color meeting your own.

“Taking liberties now?” His sleepy voice sounding petulant. You laughed softly, tutting your tongue at him.

“I would never, Milord.” This was your favorite time to spend with Ieyasu, at the end of the day where he could be himself and you could love him as himself. He shrugged, leaning up and kissing the side of your mouth, falling back onto your lap and looking at you expectantly. 

You blinked, staring at him in surprise…Had he…missed? A soft blush was on his cheeks as he pouted at you.

“Well?” He huffed, looking at you.


“Aren’t you going to continue?” He tapped his lower lip with his hand. “Or do I have to punish you for disobedience.”  You shook your head, a different kind of sigh leaving your mouth, before leaning your face down, pressing a kiss on his lips, only pulling away to respond to him.


3. having to lean against each other when they pull back because the world is spinning and they just. cannot. breathe. yet. 


His lips were so warm in the coldness of the room. You shivered at the temperature difference, snuggling yourself closer to his warm body. His arms wrapped securely around you as he nipped your bottom lip drawing out a soft whine of discomfort from you. He used the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.

The silence of the room was only marred by the rustling of clothes and the occasional moan as your tongues battled for dominance. You did your best to ignore the light-headedness forming in the back of your head as you let yourself get lost in the moment, giving yourself over to the feelings of his desire. 

Finally, your lord Oda deemed it fit to pull away. You let out a soft gasp, panting and falling against him, pressing your forehead against his. His smirk couldn’t hide his own rabidly moving chest. Once you caught your breath you let out a laugh, kissing his cheek playfully. 

“Is that all you got, lord Nobunaga?” You fell back against the futon, eyeing him mischievously. “I want you to show me all of your divine rule.” 

4.foreheads pressed into each other’s, sharing breath, until they dive back in for more because they thought they were done but they so were not.


He was smiling at you, that beautiful boyish smile that made your heart sing. His cheeks were flushed a lovely pink color and you couldn’t help but run your hand across the skin, enjoying how it make the flush deepen, and blushing yourself when he captured your hand with his own, bringing it to his mouth and kissing your fingertips. His warm breath hit your lips making you shiver. 

He was so close, his forehead pressed to yours, your body tangled against his. You loved this.The tranquility of being tangled against him, safe and loved, sometimes made you want to cry.His breath was still coming out in short spurts, his panting evidence of what you two had just been doing. 

“Masamune.” You breathed, brushing your nose against his. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” His tone was shy, like it always was, but his action wasn’t, as he tilted his head up, kissing you softly, and then not so soft.

“mm, Masaa-“You moaned into the kiss, returning it in kind. 

You weren’t really done after all. 

5. that ‘oh hell is this actually happening?’ moment before it actually happens.


You weren’t entirely sure how you ended up in this position. Mitsunari on top of you, a furious blush on his face and you staring up at him wide-eyed. It had happened so quickly. You had just been returning a book, what had happened? You’d slipped, he’d reached for you to steady you, you’d both gone down and now…and now. 

Well he was so beautiful up close wasn’t he?

Blinking, you looked at him, confusion mounting with every second that passed.

He wasn’t moving. He was staring at you, the flush on his cheeks refusing to go down, and your faces were so close-

So close.You could kiss him. 

Oh yes, you could kiss him. 

You were going to kiss him. 

Your hands moved to cup his face, pulling him close to you, your lips meeting his softly. You smiled into the kiss, even as his body went rigid and then relaxed. 

There were some perks to being older. 

Slow Mornings // Spencer Reid x Reader Drabble

Prompt: Drabble #52 “Can I kiss you?” from this list

Requested by: Anonymous

The sun was peeking through the curtains as it began to fill the room with warmth. You hummed in happiness as Spencer slowly ran his fingers through your hair. The movement continued on for a few minutes before he stopped, grinning as he lightly shoved you.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” he chuckled as he stroked your bare back. 

“No,” you groaned as you buried your face in your pillow. You hugged the bedsheets closer to your body, simultaneously tearing them away from Spencer. He laughed before wrestling them away from you and pulling your body towards his.

You opened your eyes at the sudden movement and looked at him through heavy eyelids. You yawned as you blinked in an attempt to wake yourself. Spencer grinned as he watched your sleepy face. He loved seeing you like this- your face clean of makeup and a dreamy look in your eyes. It was the reason he enjoyed the fact that he was an early riser unlike you who preferred to sleep in. It gave him the opportunity to wake you every morning and watch you unfold from your sleepy grace.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked as he stroked your cheek with the back of his hand. Your head leaned into his hand on instinct, your body seeking his loving touch.

“You’re asking if you can kiss me after what we did last night?” you asked teasingly in a soft voice. A small laugh rumbled through his chest as his heart fluttered at your sleepy voice. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard.

“I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re always a gentleman. That’s why I love you.” You spoke softly as you kissed his lips tenderly. He smiled as your eyes fell closed again.

“Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you in an hour,” he mumbled against your hair as you nestled into him. You hummed in agreement before falling back to sleep in his warm embrace. He sighed happily as he held you, looking forward to waking you once again.

I’m falling in love with those beautiful eyes of yours, that messy hair, the sleepy tone in your voice when you say you love me when we end the call. I’m falling in love with your sense of humour, your singing, your talents. I’m falling in love with your wonderful laugh and your beautiful smile. I’m falling so in love with you even though I’m just your best friend and you’re 6,300 km away. I’m falling in love with the most beautiful girl in the world and she can’t even see it.

A Day to Do Nothing

Member: Seungkwan
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 456

You stirred out of unconsciousness, but you kept your eyes shut. You could feel a light breeze dance over your skin. You could hear leaves rustling outside the open windows, and the sound of birds quietly singing in the distance. It sounded so peaceful and perfect. The cool linens wrapped around your body felt heavenly. You could have easily drifted back to sleep, but you didn’t want to. You were so hyper-aware of everything around you, and it felt good just to exist in the moment.

A warm forehead nestled against the back of your neck, and a smile spread across your face. Memories came flooding back from the day before: the nervousness that immediately melted away when you saw his smiling face, the heartfelt ceremony, the rambunctious reception, and the slow, intense night that followed.

A soft sigh emerged from behind you, and you felt a hand snake around your body, coming to rest on your stomach.

“Good morning,” you whispered, eyes closed even still. You waited for a response, but received nothing but a gentle snore. He was still asleep. You let out a little giggle, and briefly considered treating him like he usually treated you in the mornings, but you decided against it. A “YO LADIES~” seemed rather inappropriate in such a serene setting. That, and yesterday was so long, he deserved as much sleep as he could get.

You finally opened your eyes, taking a moment to adjust to the bright sunlight. It looked just as amazing as it felt; with blue skies out the window, framed with white curtains that danced with the air that moved through them.

You glanced down at Seungkwan’s hand on your stomach. The golden band around his ring finger almost glowed. You stretched out your own hand, admiring the matching jewelry on your finger.

“It’s beautiful.” he said, his voice sleepy and low. He pulled you closer into him. “Almost as beautiful as you.”

You wiggled in his grasp, trying to turn yourself around to face him. He laughed and loosened his hold so you could roll over comfortably. When you were finally turned around he put his arms back around you and kissed you on the tip of your nose.

His face glowed even more than the golden bands you were just admiring. His usual talkative self was nowhere to be found this morning; the two of you spent a very long time communicating with just glances, soft touches, and smiles. You had the rest of your lives to talk.

Yesterday, you had married the boy from Jeju who had stars in his eyes. Yesterday, you started the rest of your life. Yesterday was a very big day. Today, you were allowed to do nothing.

- Admin Marcy ♡

Surprise (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted December 1, 2015

This is a little birthday surprise for one of my favorite people, imlostbutnotreally ♡ Happy birthday, darling! Hope you’ll like it and I hope your birthday will be awesome ^^ Love you~ ♡♡

Summary: After finally getting back home after a long period of touring, all he wanted to do was sleep. An unexpected surprise greets him instead, though.

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Secrets Part One

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Brothers are Stefan and Damon Salvatore

Requested by: katygracious

Your name: submit What is this?


Gradually you open your eyes as the sunlight beams into them, but you quickly cover them with your hand. As your eyes adjust you suddenly feel a slight pressure on the mid-area of your stomach. You look down to see a familiar pair of arms as he pulls you closer. Smiling to yourself you feel a kiss on your cheek as he says in a sleepy voice, “Good morning beautiful.”

You turn around to face him to see the smiling face of Stiles Stilinski to say back, “Good morning.”

He asks you, “Did you have good night’s sleep?”

“I slept great.” You say as you bury your head into his chest having him pull you into a tight embrace. This is the happiest that you have ever been in your hundred and fifty years, but soon your guilt kicks in once more. Stiles has been completely honest with you from the beginning telling you that his friends are werewolves, banshee, kitsune, and a werecoyote. Only you have a secret of your own that you have been keeping from him for the past year months.

That is when you hear the sound of your phone ringing for you to slowly get out of his bed and walk over to your bag. You grab your phone from your front jacket pocket to read the caller I.D, Damon Salvatore; your brother. Turning to Stiles you tell him, “I’m just going to go grab me a drink and maybe start breakfast while I take this call.”

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Dean's Apple Pie Life

A/N: This is my first imagine! So, bear with me, please. And thank you for reading! I’m excited for this. This is for the One Week Writing Challenge that @deanxkatherine-af posted! I decided to do it as sort of a series. This takes place in the future and all italicized wording will be a flashback.

Pairing: DeanxReader

PROMPT: “I know who you are.”

Word Count: 875 words

Warnings: None, really. (But if anything can be perceived as a warning, please let me know, I’m still new to all of this. Thanks!)

“Hey, mom. Can I ask you a question?” Your fourteen year daughter, Mary, sits down beside you on the couch.

“Sure, always.” You say, smiling.

“How did you meet dad?” She asks. “I have to do a project for school.”

“Well, I don’t think you can add that story to your project.”

“Yeah, well, I figured I’d make something up, but now I’m curious.” She says.

“Well, he saved me.” You simply say.

“You weren’t always a hunter?”

“No. I didn’t get into the hunting life until I met your father, although I certainly believed in it.” You say.

“What happened?” She asks. You look at her, smiling, thinking back to that day.

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New Beginnings {23}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Light Sexual Content

Words: 1,970

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22

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Ludwig Wittgenstein said,
“About what one can not speak, one must remain silent.”
I had always thought it didn’t make sense,
until I found out how there aren’t proper words for
how your laughter sounds when I tell you something funny,
how it feels when your palm is on my neck while we kiss
and I can’t describe the colour of your lips after we break the kiss,
or how your voice fills up with enthusiasm when you
talk about something you are so passionate about,
and when you do that, there aren’t words for how much
I am in love with your mind,
and how you can touch me in the most innocent way
and that one single touch contains all the love in the universe,
and how you wake up in the middle of the night to
pull me closer and mumble I love you into my hair,
how my name that I’ve always hated is the most beautiful
combination of syllables in your sleepy voice,
how you are the only person who has brought light
into my life and how thankful I am for that,
and how you are the only person I will ever love
with all the love that I have inside my ribcage.
Even if I tried, I could only throw meaningless words
into the void,
so I will remain silent about you.
—  In my silence, I found you


The previous night had been a good one for you two. You had stayed in to watch a movie and eat dinner. You ended up falling asleep at his side and when you woke up late the next morning, you didn’t know what to do. After awhile, it got pretty boring in the quiet and you missed Calum’s voice. His arm was still wrapped around your body and you could feel him breathing beside you. You planted a kiss on his bare arm and then made your way up to his neck. He murmured something that you couldn’t understand and when you reached his cheek, he whispered “Just kiss me already”. Laughing, you forced your lips onto his.

“Well, good morning!” His sleepy voice was beautiful and you could listen to it for hours. Waking up with him was amazing.



You and Ashton had gotten into a fight last night for stupid reasons. You wanted to go on vacation with him and your family but he denied it. After you couldn’t take the screaming anymore, you locked yourself in the guest bedroom and slept there. But waking up this morning, you felt absolutely guilty. So after your quick shower, you checked to make sure Ash was still sleeping and tiptoed to the kitchen. Half an hour later, you had a full stack of pancakes, a pot of coffee, a jug of orange juice and bacon frying on the stove.

“Did you do this for me, Y/N?” Ash asked, his hand tangled in his bed hair. “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry for last night. I overreacted.” You turned off the stove and plated the hot bacon. His arms snaked around your waist and kissed your cheek.

“If we end up eating after a fight, we might as well fight more.” You rolled your eyes but grabbed him to eat breakfast.



Luke always overslept so you have tried many different tactics of waking him up. You didn’t want to be rough but you wanted to get the job done. Today, he had to get up to go for an interview and would not budge. Looking around your bedroom, you decided to grab his acoustic guitar and start to play some chords. At first, you were strumming softly. But when he started to awake, you climbed on the bed and played his favorite song.

“Y/N, Stop!” He pulled the blanket over his head. You put the guitar down and climbed on top of him, pushing the blanket off of him. He groaned and tried to block his face from the sun but you forced his hands to his side.

“Wake up, Lukey!” You kissed his forehead and he gave a slight smile. “You have an interview soon. Don’t want to go looking like this, do you?” His smile grew even larger. “What?”

“I’m glad I have you. You’re a wonderful alarm clock.”


Michael had just returned from tour yesterday so you were pretty happy that you were able to curl up against him for the first time in months. With your job keeping you here, you had to result cuddling with a pillow. Having a warm human being next to you was amazing. Sometimes you didn’t know if he knew how much you appreciated him. You always told him you loved him but he wasn’t around for you to show it.

“I know you can’t hear me right now,” You whispered to his sleeping body. You watched his chest rise and fall before you continued. “I’m really happy you’re back. I missed you a lot and our Skype calls were great but they weren’t as great as having you here. Knowing me, I’ll probably start crying from being so happy but that is how you make me feel. Michael Clifford, you completely took my heart away.”

“That was a great speech.” He opened his eyes and looked at you.

“You heard that?” You buried your face in his bare chest as it turned a bright red.

“You’re cute. Thanks for waking me up. I want to spend every waking moment with you today, okay? I love you.” Your blush continued but instead of keeping your lips pressed to his chest, they were pressed to his lips. This morning was going to go down in history.