and your back is rick aww


“Shhh, bubba, daddy will be back soon,” you hush as the baby in your arms squirms and goes to cry. You rock your body to settle him as you walk around the kitchen, making yourself a sandwich for lunch. As your baby falls asleep, you place him in the pop up cot in the living room and eat your meal in silence. You quickly do some chores around the house as you wait for Daryl to come home from hunting, then give the baby some milk when he starts to stir again.
“There ya go little man,” you coo as his tiny fingers hold onto yours as you hold he bottle. You’d never thought you could love another human being this much, apart from Daryl of course, but your little bundle made your heart swell like never before. There was a small tap at your front door and you opened it to find Rick standing there.
“Hope I’m not interrupting Merle’s lunch,” he whispers, looking down at the baby’s little chubby cheeks moving as he gulps down the milk.
“No, don’t be silly, come in!” You smile, letting him walk past.
“How’s the night feeds treating you?”
“Oh god, they’re tough. I find myself napping when he does during the day to catch up on sleep!” You laugh.
“That’s good, you’ve got to look after yourself as well. How’s Daryl doing?”
“He’s a natural, honestly, I was unsure about how he’d adjust, but he’s perfect. Makes me so proud, he’s an amazing dad.”
“That’s great,” Rick smiles as Merle finishes his milk and starts making little noises.
“Ooh, do you want a cuddle with uncle Rick?” You say, holding his little hand.
“Uncle Rick definitely wants a cuddle!” Rick beams as you walk over to him and carefully transfer him to his arms. Rick rocks him, staring at his little button nose and wiggling his hand.
“Uncle Rick has a question for mummy actually. Judith was wondering if Merle was available for a sleepover tonight?” He asks, making funny faces at Merle.
“Haha, is Judith fed up with Carl?”
“A little, she needs someone to boss about I think, and Merle is top of her list!”
“Well, I think he would love it! I’ll check with Daryl when he gets back.”
“Erm, look, I’m not meant to say this, but it was Daryl’s idea. He has something planned tonight for you,” Rick admits.
“Oh! Right, okay, that’s… exciting! I’ll go get Merle’s bag ready then,” you smile. When you come back down, Rick’s stroking Merle’s little cheek as his eyes begin to close.
“Here’s his bits. He’ll need another feed in a few hours, then maybe twice during the night if he wakes up grumpy. He needs this to fall asleep, and take his little pillow as well, it’ll help him sleep,” you ramble.
“(Y/N), it’s okay, don’t worry, I’ve got this. Just try and enjoy the peace and quiet for the night,” Rick smiles.
“I’ll try. Bye bye baby, have fun at Uncle Rick’s, be a good boy. And no being mean to Judy,” you whisper at Merle, who was now asleep in Rick’s arms. He picks up his arm and waves it at you, then gives you a kiss on the cheek before he leaves, carefully carrying the little bundle to his house. You sit in the living room for a while, lost now that Merle wasn’t here, then Daryl comes in the door, chucking his bag down and heading straight for you.
“Hey you,” he whispers, “how you doin’ without little man?”
“Not great, I miss him, even though I could probably see him from our bedroom window,” you pout playfully.
“Aww, it is pretty quiet actually.”
“I hear this was your idea anyway,” you wink.
“Wha’? Rick told ya?”
“You know he’s rubbish at keeping secrets! He told Michonne I was pregnant about 2 seconds after we told him to keep it quiet!”
“True. Shoulda known. Well, I jus’ wanted us to spend some time together again, y'know, like before,” he mumbles.
“That’s sweet,” you smile, and lean over to kiss him. He’s on your lips straight away and doesn’t hesitate to take your face in his hands and pull you towards him. He lays back on the sofa, bringing you down to lay on top of him, then grinds into your hips as you start to moan. His hand goes down in between you both and unzips himself, then pulls your skirt up and your panties down. He thrusts inside you with urgency and you gasp at the feeling you hadn’t been able to have for a few months.
“Fuck!” You cry out. Leaning up, you quickly take your top and bra off, then push Daryl’s top up and over his head as well.
“I need ya so bad,” he pants, his hips bucking into you relentlessly. You try and lean away as it almost becomes painful, but he pulls you down onto him hard.
“Daryl! God!” You cry out as he dips his hand between you both and applies pressure onto your clit.
“(Y/N). Fuck ya feel so good,” he exhales. It doesn’t take long for you to both reach your highs and you both shut your eyes tightly as you come.
“Oh my god,” you whisper as you come down from your high, your pussy so sensitive it sends shivers through your body when he pulls out.
“I love ya,” Daryl smiles, stroking your hair away from your face as you lay on his chest.
“I love you too. Thanks for being the perfect husband and dad,” you reply. He sighs and holds you closer to him, feeling your heartbeat on his.


December 22, 2016 (Day 180)

“Mama, I’ll have Michonne call you back. She’s still in bed.” Rick paused as his mother spoke. “Mama, I’m very much aware that it’s 8:30 in the morning…trust me.” Rick paused yet again and then shook his head. “No, ma’am, I wasn’t getting smart with you. We just got in really late last night and I’m still a little out of it. As soon as Michonne gets up, I’ll have her call you. Alright. Love you, too, Mama. Bye-bye.”

Rick hung up the phone and looked over at his wife’s back. “You can stop pretending to be asleep now.”

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hawajulayman  asked:

Why do u love Richonne ? And as a black woman how do u feel about the way Michonne is written in the show and they way Rick is with her? I'm black too. By the way Lemonade is in my top5 Richonne's fanfiction. A masterpiece i hated and loved Rick. When i finished i was like " girl Richonne is fine, Richard didn't do that in the show ". Well done ! Gimple needs to take some advices form you. Excuse my english, I'm french.

Aww, thank you so much! 🖤And no need to apologize for your English, it’s perfect. 

Oh man, why do I love Richonne. For so many little reasons, but broadly speaking, because it’s a healthy, mature relationship that stemmed from a bond of friendship and trust and mutual respect. They went from almost enemies to bringing one another back from the brink of death – both figuratively and in some cases literally. And in those moments and their connection to Carl, they became this family inside the bigger family. They became intimate. And they’re just so well-written. No unnecessary drama, no badly executed tropes or stereotypes. Just two really beautiful people whose worlds were turned upside down, but they saw what they wanted and needed in one another, and they made a relationship out of it. Finally. I can’t believe this zombie show gave me one of the best onscreen relationships I’ve ever seen, but… here we are. It probably helps, though, that they aren’t the focus of the show. Just a really great byproduct of it. 

As for Michonne, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the way she’s been portrayed. When she first showed up, I was so enamored by her mere existence. This dark-skinned woman with dreadlocks and a sword saving white ladies in the woods. I was in. Then she refused to talk to people, even when she had important shit to say, and it got on my nerves. But… I was still in because she wasn’t dead yet. And then Scott Gimple came along and shattered all of my fears about her any longer being just the angry black woman who refused to cooperate. In season 4, her relationships with Rick and Carl were fleshed out, and the reason behind the guard she had up became clearer as the season went along, pretty much at the same time that the Grimes boys had managed to knock it down. Finding out she was a mother and how she lost her first family and seeing her break down in After was all so heartbreaking but necessary. It all went a long way to showing her as an actual person. And the subsequent seasons, while not as heavily focused on her at all, did reinforce that. They gave her the full range of the human experience, from loss and anger and heartbreak to love and sex and fulfillment and happiness. So seeing her journey and watching her relationship with Rick blossom into what they have has just been so satisfying for me. That’s not to say it’s been perfect by any means, but when I look at the picture so far, I love what I see.

"Beauty And The Beast" - Negan Imagine (Chapter 1)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count: 1028

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: violence 


Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine

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By this point you couldn’t hear, or feel, anything. The pavement beneath you pierced your knees, the cold feeling colliding with you. Your eyes didn’t wander past the ground, you saw Michonne on your left and Daryl on your right.

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Imagine 009: Dean Realizing that you’re his Type of Girl (Final)

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(Dean’s Point of View)

Looking at Sam I see him standing there with a serious look trying not to panic. “What do we do?” He asks in a stressed voice.

That is when I hear Sam’s email make a new email sound; racing over to grab a piece of paper and pen I begin writing down the address. “We’re not going to do anything Sam; I am going to do something.”

“What?” Sam asks very anger at me for leaving him out of the equation.

“I’m going to get her and you are going to stay here.” I tell him as I grab my duffle sorting through my weapons such as a sawed of shotgun, ruby’s knife, holy water, and salt. What am I supposed to do?

“Dean you can’t go in there alone!” Sam yells trying to get his point across.

“Yes I am Sam, it is my job to protect!” I yell back at him in a deep rough angry voice.

“No you’re not and you’re not the only one that wants to protect her.” He steps closer to me.

“Sam you heard what he said, if I don’t come alone he is going to kill Y/N. I just can’t let that happen, and I can’t have you getting hurt either.”

”You need my help.” Sam says as a last attempt to get through to me.

“What I need from you right now is for you to stay here.” That is all I say before I walk out leaving him in the hotel room.

(Normal point of view)

You spit out a mouth full of blood for the fifth time trying to make it where you’re about to speak. To be honest you can’t even feel the pain anymore, the only thing you want is for Dean not to show up. If there one thing that you could make come true is making sure Dean and Sam stay safe; then you can worry about yourself. You glare spitefully at Rick who is now sitting across from you where the camera used to be sitting. He continuously spins a huge knife in his hand trying to intimidate you, only it’s not working because he doesn’t scare you.

“Careful there with that knife it’s something you shouldn’t be playing around with.” You rudely smirk at him.

He holds the object up to smile asking, “Oh this knife here?” He throws it at you just missing and hitting the part of the chair near your neck. “As you can tell I’m pretty handy with it, I think I’ll be fine but thanks for your concern.”

You release a deep breath to see how close that knife was at piercing your neck. He slowly walks over to you jerking the knife out of the chair holding it still close to your face. You look up at him tilting your head, “Hmm that knife is pretty big for you; are we compensating for something?”

He leans closer down pressing the knife against your neck making your lean away from him. “Oh Y/N your smartass comments are hilarious; another one of those and next time I won’t miss.”

“Yeah I’m sure you won’t miss; Rick you do realize that you don’t scare me right?” You ask him in a confident tone.

That is when all the sudden he stabs your leg leaving the knife there sticking up in your thigh. He grabs your face by your cheeks as you let out a muffled scream keeping your mouth closed. “Do I scare you now?” He asks in a menacing voice.

You don’t say him all you do is jerk your head out of his hands to look away trying to act tough. He swiftly pulls the knife out, and instantly you see the blood start to spread in the fabric of your jeans. You try to keep the tears in as he walks back to his seat; you’re feeling the pain now. “Don’t worry your knight in shining armor will be here in no time to save you.”

“I hope not.” You mumble to yourself looking down.

He hears your comment, “Oh he’ll be here because I saw the look on his face once he realized it was you sitting in that chair.”

“Shut the hell up!” You yell feeling terrible that you’re the reason why he is coming here.

“Looks like that’s a touchy subject, must be a case of puppy love.” That is when you look behind him to see Dean standing there looking at you. Rick turns around saying with a smile, “Well speak of the devil, look who decided to show up.”

“Dean no I told you not to come here.” You say softly.

“You wanted me here so I am here, now I want you to let her go.” Dean says in a low voice not taking his eye off of you.

“Your right I did and I am always a man of my word.” He walks over to you and cuts you free, but before you can walk away he yanks you be your hair and presses the knife against your neck. “Only first I want you to put the salt, holy water and shotgun on the ground.”

Dean gives you a sad look as he lays everything down on the ground, “That’s a good little hunter Dean, you must think I was born yesterday.”

He pushes your head forward making you fall forcefully against the hard cement ground; Dean rushes over to help you up. He pulls you into a tight embrace to feel him sliding something into the inside pocket of your jacket. You look up at him from him to give you a kiss on your forehead holding it there for quite a while. Rick says in a sappy mocking voice, “Aww isn’t that just so cute, come on Dean don’t get all sentimental on me now.”

Dean lets go of you to start heading over to the chair; you try not to look too sad even though you know that you can get out of this mess. Rick looks at you with a smile, “Oh sweetheart don’t cry, I’ll make sure he has a quick death.”

You stand there with your arms crossed, “Sorry I won’t let that happen.” You say through gritted teeth.

He pushes Dean in the chair tying him up, and looks back at you. “Now Y/N don’t be dumb, the smart decision would be for you to just walk out that door and to not look back.” He points behind you.

You ask with a smile, “Never said that I was good at making decisions, did I?” That is when he comes lunging forwards hitting you in the face but you dodge it hitting him in the stomach. Next you kick his feet have him fall to the floor kicking him in the stomach with your good leg.

Only he puts his hand up before you can grab the knife from your jacket, and slams you against the wall. You fall to the ground as he says, “You’re such a weak pathetic little human, and did you really think that you could beat me?”

That is when Sam comes out of nowhere grabbing both of his arms to keep him confined. You race over pushing through the pain you pull the knife out from you inside pocket to stab him in the stomach. You say in an arrogant tone, “Who’s pathetic and weak one now?” You push the knife further into his stomach as his eyes light up to see him die right in front of me.

You pull the knife out as Sam let’s go of him to have his body drop to the ground. You go over to untie Dean as he asks Sam, “You never listen do you?”

Sam smiles proudly, “It’s a good thing too because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been here to save you both.”

You lightly punch his arm as he takes the knife from you, “I had it all under control Sam.”

“I could tell.” Sam says jokingly as he places the knife in his pocket. That is when he walks away leaving you and Dean alone, knowing that you guys will want to talk.

“So do you have something to say to me?” Dean says with an arrogant smile.

“Oh what? That you’re welcome since I saved your life, yeah I know I’m pretty amazing.” You give him a cute smirk.

He smiles once again walking over to you, raising his eyebrows as the corners of his mouth go down. “Hmm that’s funny, because I’m pretty sure I’m the one that slipped you the knife.”

You walk with your arms crossed meeting him halfway trying not to limp too much; so that your arms are touching his chest. “Yeah we can leave that little detail out.”

He looks at your leg, and puts his hand on your cheek to see your cuts and bruises, “Don’t worry Bobby and Sam will patch you up.”

“You know you seem pretty worried when you saw that he had me.” You change the subject.

”Yeah, because if something happened to you; I wouldn’t have anyone else to annoy besides Sam.” He says not wanting to admit you’re right.

You put your hands on your hips, “Hmm is that so?”

“Yeah it is.” He slides his arms around your waist pulling you even closer to him, “Come here Y/N.”

He puts his hand on your face to have his lips lightly touch yours; this is really happening. You wrap your arm around his neck wanting his body closer. You could feel him deepen the kiss as you feel his hands applying pressure to your waist. You stand up on your toes, to have your hands gliding through his hair. Only you pull away knowing the Sam is there, you look at Dean with the biggest smile. You whisper, “Took you long enough.” He doesn’t answer you all he does is pull you in for another kiss.

Daryl Imagine for Anon


You and Daryl walk through the forest, you and him have been tracking a deer for miles. Silently creeping through the Georgia brush, you push on only wanting some water. You hear a running stream nearby and stop to listen.

Daryl turns around furrowing his eyebrows and whispers, “What the hell ya’ listenin’ to?” You shush him as you listen to the blissful sound of running water. 

Daryl comes to face you, “Come on y/n. We’re losin’ daylight.” You lick your lips as you begin walking towards the source of the sound. Daryl grabs you by your shoulder and turns you around.

You speak louder than you should, “Daryl. We’ve been out here for hours and hours. The track has practically gone cold. And as a plus I am thirsting.” You quickly turn around and head once again in the direction of the water. Daryl trails behind you, and you know that he knows that you are right. 

You reach the water and you run down and splash some in your face. “Good lord. That feels good. Here Daryl.” You splash water on his face as you giggle.

He wipes his face with the back of his hand, and he smirks at you. “Oh no. Now your gon’ get it.” You laugh louder as he lunges himself on you, causing you both to fall into the river.Daryl even begins to laugh as both of you stand up, soaked in water. 

You and him both crawl out and you begin to take off your clothes. “What'r you doin’?” he asked clearly shocked.

You furrow your eyebrows, “I’m gonna let my clothes dry. Here hand me your shirt.” Daryl shakes his head as he leans against a tree, water still dripping off of him. 

You walk over to him and put your hands on your hips. You place your hands on the edge of his shirt, “Fine let me take it off.” Daryl pulls away leaving you standing there, a little hurt and confused. 

Daryl turns away from you, “Look now. I like ya’. But there’s just things, things I don’t like talking about.” You walk behind Daryl, wrap your arms around his waist, and rest your head on his back.

“Daryl. You can talk to me.” You hold his wet body closer to yours.

Daryl takes in a deep breath and you watch as he pulls away from you and begins undressing himself. He pulls off his shirt and reveals his back, which is covered in scars. 

You hold back a gasp, someone must of beat him badly. Most likely with a belt or some other horrible device. “Daryl..” You close the space between you two and gentle stroke his back, and then kiss it.

Daryl turns around and looks down at you. You grab his hand, nod and flash a light smile. “It’s okay." 

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