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Got7 Reaction to -

You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me.”


Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” .


The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. He’d be a little embarrassed, but overall he would try to come up with some kind of “snarky” remark. However after his remark he’d kiss you and then giggle a little after.

“Yeah well I have been told I give the best kisses, you need to up your game.”
*then he proceeds to kiss and hug you*


He would start giggling all happily after you told him. He’d give you kisses all over your body (in a non-sexual way) and he would keep making comments about how cute you are. Then he’d hug you from behind, still wearing his cute big smile saying, 

“No amount of kisses or hugs in this world could add up to how much I love you baby.”


He would get kinda quiet. Like he was a little shocked that you liked his affection. Although I don’t think he would be a person to give much affection, he would start trying to give more. Just because he wants to make you smile and laugh.

“Hmmm, jagi did I kiss you today?”


*kisses you* “There”


At first he’d joke about how cheesy it sounded. But then he’d look at you closely and smile when he realized you were being serious. He’d find it the cutest thing, in fact he’d even put reminders on his phone for you. 

“Look, these are your daily kiss/hug times but I still feel it’s not enough hmm.” *shows reminders for every hour of each day*


This boy would get so happy. He’d be smiling so much, and laughing a little. His arms would wrap around you and he’d pull you in really close to him. He would start leaving kisses all over your face too.

“I love your kisses more than you could ever like mine.”


His face would instantly turn into the biggest happiest smile ever. He would start questioning you like ‘Really? Me?’ and when you said yes it would make him even happier. He would start giving you really sweet kisses, while he was still smiling with his extremely happy grin.

“I can’t believe you love my kisses jagi!”

*proceeds to radiate sunshine*


This baby would start smiling so hard. He’d nuzzle his face in your neck & give you a quick peck. Then he would pull you closer and give you like forty kisses on your forehead. 

“Ill give you a million kisses and hugs to show you just how much I love you jagi.”

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Imagine #2.5 // JB

REQUESTED // I loved your last imagine, can you please make a part 2 about months later y/n finds out she really is pregnant?(: thanks in advance😅💜

After your little scare and Za’s blow up about the private situation, you forced Justin to be more careful. Not only were you receiving tons of shit about it from the squad (i know squad is dead but i refuse to let it go) but Justin was becoming increasingly more sex crazed than he normally was. You found yourself questioning all of his motives whenever he came onto you but you tried to put it behind you as you got on birth control and made sure both of your bedside tables were always fully stocked with condoms. 

“I wouldn’t honestly be surprised if he’s secretly tracking my period these days,” you told your best friend Kendall, exasperated. You laid your head down on your folded arms and closed your eyes as you tried to imagine a time when you didn’t feel like you were in a constant fight against your significant other. Kendal glanced around, still unsure if you were safe to be discussing this topic in your shared house with Justin - he was very much gone, though. “I want to trust him, and I do. I just am not ready for a baby and he doesn’t seem to know how much of a huge responsibility it is. He’s making such a joke about it, like I’m denying him from buying a puppy or something.”

“Y/N, honestly - maybe you’re just paranoid. Justin’s an adult, he knows what a baby entails. You’ve told him you’re not ready and he’s respected that hasn’t he?,” you nodded slowly, still unsure, “I think you’re fine.”

“I keep having this dream where I wake up and I’m like forty years pregnant with quintuplets or something,” you put a hand to your forehead, brushing your face on the way - only then did you realize a tear had rolled down your flushed cheek, “All I do is question his every move. I’m stressed - like I haven’t been eating most days and I still wake up nauseous and throwing up. I don’t know what to do, I know what I don’t want to do - my doctor will just send me to a shrink a-”

“You do realize you’re describing side effects of pregnancy, right?,” Kendall interrupted, putting a hand over yours to comfort you in your hysterical state. She really was your best friend, but that statement made you want to reach across the table and choke her. “I mean, do you have a tes-”

“No, no, don’t say that. That’s exactly what happened last time. Za got Justin all worked up and Kylie has finally stopped sending me pictures of baby clothes - and I wasn’t even pregnant!,” you rested your forehead on your arms, now, hiding your face from her as you became even more distraught, “Please take it back, Kendall, I’m gonna be even more paranoid.”

“Y/N, honestly, would it be that big of a deal? You know Justin’s not gonna leave you or anything, this was gonna happen for you two sooner or later - why not now?,” you were silent for a few moments and she continued, “No matter when you become a mother, you’re gonna be the best damned one you can, which I know will be a pretty fucking good one. And if Justin has been trying to get you pregnant, obviously he knows it too. You do know why we gave you so much shit? You and Jay are basically all of our relationship goals, you guys having a baby would basically be the best thing ever for all of us. We would all be here for you and the little nugget,” you jumped, sitting up straight as Kendall squealed, clapping, “Just imagine a little clone of you or Justin, it makes me so happy.”

You smiled, shaking your head. As you studied her giant grin, you stood and made your way around the table to hug her, laying your head on her shoulder. Just as this happened, the door opened and in walked Justin, extremely confused at the tears still collected in your eyes despite the beam on your face. 

That night, as Justin was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, you wrapped your arms around his bare waist - the first physical contact you’d instituted in two months. He furrowed his eyebrows, slightly concerned but smiled at you lovingly through the mirror. You stayed attached to him as he finished brushing his teeth, adjusting slightly as he bent over the porcelain to spit a couple of times. Finally, he turned around, grasping your hands in his slightly chilled, damp ones before leaning to press a tender kiss to your lips.

“Mmm, what did Kendall do? I was beginning to start thinking you were gonna freeze me out forever,” he brought you into the envelope of his warm unclothed chest, allowing you to rest your head there as he locked his arms around you tightly, leaning against the counter.

“I’m sorry,” you breathed, “Kendall’s just helped me see how unhelpful being a baby about it was. She’s really great.”

“Yes she is,” he agreed, “What exactly were you being a baby about?”

“You really don’t know what I was upset about, do you?,” he shook his head, shrugging, “Everything that’s happened since the pregnancy scare has made me just question everything. I don’t know how to make sense because it doesn’t make any sense. I guess I’ve just been scared for no reason.”

“And you’re not anymore?,” you shook your head, smiling warmly up at the man you loved. He kissed your forehead, lips lingering, “That’s good, baby. Wanna go to bed?”

Shaking your head, you leaved up to deliver a warm kiss to his awaiting lips, eyes opening quickly as he gently pushed you away, furrowing his eyebrows at your behavior. You simply smiled once again, grabbing his hands that had once been holding you back and kissing him again, “I need to take a pregnancy test,” you mumbled against his lips. 

You took the test, along with three others - all came back positive, and that night, you went to bed with the knowledge of how different things were about to become. Finally, you were excited for this change.

Jealousy suits.

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“You think I wanted this, Dean? ANY OF THIS? How dare you! You should be fucking ashamed, after everything I have done for you, for this damn family. Bobby always said, ‘Family don’t end in blood and it don’t start there too’. ” You stared at Dean while tears fell down your face, holding your ground you kept a tight grip on your character. In the corner of your eyes you see Jared making silly faces at you, trying to break you and after 6 takes, crying becomes annoying. You bit the insides of your cheek as your boyfriend walked up to you with a slight smirk on his face. **

“Don’t you dare bring Bobby into this. This is your fault and there’s n- DAMMIT JARED” Jensen broke out of his character as soon as Bob yelled cut. Everyone laughed at the 36 year old man acting like a complete child. Jensen’s face scrunched up in amusement and the crow feet wrinkles besides his eyes became defined. Jared came up to you with an idiotic proud smile.

“Great take Mr and Mrs. I don’t know how to act” Jared said. If it were anyone else they would have been offended but Jared’s intentions were always good and he constantly joked around. Everyone knew You, Jared, Misha, Jensen, Mark or anyone who comes onto Supernatural is a great actor. I mean there’s a couple of million people in our fanbase that prove we try our best. Plus if you were a horrible actor than you think they would’ve killed you off 4 season’s ago when you started.

“Yeh okay Mr. 9 year old stuck in a 50 year old man’s body” Jared gasped as he pretended to be offended, he instead picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. You squealed seeing your world upside down, your hair was sprawled all over your face as the blood rushed to your head.

“Damn Y/N, I have a great view of your butt from here and you never told me you did squats” You tried your best to cover your bum but you failed since Jared pinned your arms together, you felt the rumble of his laugh on your belly and you looked up to see Jensen’s pissed expression.

Over the years you and the actor developed feelings for eachother and about 4 months ago you both confessed to each other so you two were officially together. Though what you didn’t know was Jensen was the jealous type, if Misha kissed you on the cheek then Jensen’s grip on your waist became tighter. Or if Jared threw you over his shoulder and complimented your ass then Jensen would give him the death glare, sort of like now.

“Jaarrreeeeeeeed” You whined in his ear. “Put me downnn” You accidenatly pulled on his hair which earned a playful moan from Jared.

“Y/N… I thought we were suppose to keep my hair pulling kink private” You laughed at his flirtatious behaviour but your boyfriend was having none of it.

“Jared Tristian Padalecki put my girlfriend down” Jared snickered at his best friends commanding voice and agonizingly slowly he put you down. He loved teasing Jensen because normally he wouldn’t be affected by anything but if you’re involved he becomes a totally different person.

“You’re an ass you know that” Jared shrugged and he looked at you yet again with nothing but mischief in his eyes. You tilted your head, sort of like confused Cas, and your eyes widened when his face came closer to yours.

“No.. Jared… don’t you dare” you tried pulling your face away in time but he quickly held your face and licked your cheek. You cringed in disgust with your hands flailing at the beast of a man. You pulled away and ran to Jensen laughing but he was simply pissed. He stared Jared down and he slowly walked away with your hand, tight in his. You turned around to see Jared crouched over laughing, making kissy faces directed at you.

On the way to the trailer you were trying to get rid of all the germs Padalecki had passed on to you by wiping your hand on your cheek. As you entered the trailer Jensen sat on the bed while you looked for some baby wipes. You found the wonderful germ killer and started cleaning your face, removing some makeup in the process. You looked over to your unusually quiet boyfriend and suddenly you became worried.

“Jensen, baby. You okay?” He looked at you with those melting green eyes that make your legs want to give up.

“Are you happy with me?” Your brain didn’t process that question till five seconds later when you let out an extremely confused grunt.

“I mean you and Jared look happy together, if you don’t want to be together then I won’t forc-” you cut him off by laughing at his horrible accusation. He looked hurt when you started laughing but how could you not? That was absurd.

“Me and Jared… baby no?” You said in between laughs. You saw his sour expression slightly falter and you tossed your wipe in the nearest bin while walking over to Jensen. You sat in his lap with your arms around his neck. You pulled his face up to yours and kissed him passionately making sure you put in every loving emotion you could in that single kiss.

“Jared is my friend, nothing more. Well he’s more like a brother, when he’s not being a complete ass. “ Jensen looked down at your belt chuckling before looking back up to your eyes with love and kindness.

“You are the man for me Jensen Ross Ackles, not anyone else.” He smiled, kissing your lips one more time before speaking again.

“Not even Channing Tatum?” You teased him by pretending to think hard about that question but you shook your head.

“Not even Channing Tatum” You stated before attacking his lips once more, things between the two of you became heated as Jensen slipped off your leather jacket. So you slipped off his, you started to unbutton his pants while your hands slightly grazed over his crotch. He moaned in your mouth which created goosebumps all over your body.

“HEY FACE-SUCKERS. BOB WANTS US FOR SCENE 4… WHICH REQUIRES CLOTHES” Jared rudely interrupted your makeout session. Dean groaned and fixed up his messy hair, which you love.

“One day I’m going to kill him and make sure he stays dead” You giggled at his frustration while you fixed yourself up too in the mirror. Jensen came up behind you and kissed your neck.

“You know, jealous suits you. It’s an adorable look. You look like a puppy who’s had his favourite toy taken away from him.” Jensen pretended to be offended at your analogy.

“Psht. Women… I’d be a wolf since I’m a man” He deepened his voice even fuirther, you didnt think that were possible. You walked out of his trailer with him behind you.

“Nah… more like a poodle” You laughed when he chased you all the way to set where everyone had been discussing scene 4. You looked around feeling content, in the arms of the man you love surrounded by the people you loved and life was absolutely perfect.

anonymous asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously

aw this is cute. well i’ll try to narrow it down.  the 5 things currently making me happy are:

1. ziam

i.e. the gentlest face-cuppingest most affectionate exhibitionist weirdos ever to publicly court each other before a crowd of thousands

2. baby ziam

Actual Children

3. adult ziam

this gif actually causes me to become extremely enraged at the same time as making me very happy. it’s confusing but i don’t question it anymore

4. erotic protective kinky ziam

(sidenote: wHaT tHe fUcK)

and finally, of course, #5….

i literally thank every version of God for this photo every day of my life………

bonus #6

:) fling me into the sun :)

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I'm having trouble writing baby behavior without having the experience. Like, how would a baby react to things besides hunger or soiling themselves, things like temperature, discomfort, fear, or other things? Without the experience of being a parent, I'm not up on the smaller details.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Temperature extremes: crying
  • Discomfort: crying
  • Fear: crying

Unless you are actively making a baby happy or it’s sleeping, it’s crying. Sometimes they even cry in their sleep. 

OK, I take back part of the first two. Babies show minor discomfort by wiggling and/or making faces. By making faces, I mean the baby can frown and sort of smush its eyebrows together so that you can tell when it’s unhappy. 

YouTube is probably your greatest friend here. You can search “happy baby”, “cold baby”, etc. and find home videos with babies reacting to various stimuli. There are also extensive baby help sites in every corner of the internet, catering to all sorts of paranoid parents. I typed in, “How can I tell when my baby is cold?” and this came up as the first result. Basically, “How can I tell when…?” will net you good results.

Here is a post on babies if you want more general information.