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Balconies: Chapter 8 - Loverboy

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Balconies Series Masterlist

Characters - AU Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean

Summary - She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin.

The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Word Count -  3278

Warnings - Harsh language and some physical assault in this chapter.

A/N - This one is incredibly long. Not sure if that’s a ‘sorry’ or a 'you’re welcome’.

The hustle and bustle in the bar relaxed you, the hum of voices always soothing you. You enjoyed the quiet of your apartment, but it couldn’t compare to the sounds of a bar. When night hit, the bar came to life. Friends meeting for drinks, dates cozying up over cocktails, and the occasional group of frat boys who just wanted to get smashed. You wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Your boss Ellen became almost like a surrogate mom to you. She was always making sure you were okay, often inviting you over for dinner or sending you home with food. Between her and Dean, you were sure you’d never have to cook again in your life, except for the desserts you always made to say thanks in return.

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Made in Brooklyn (Steve x Reader) Part 6

Summary:  Both born and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, Y/N Y/L/N and Steve Rogers are bitter rivals. As the leaders of two empires that combined cover almost all of the city of New York, there is no doubt that they are at war with each other. However, the involvement of a ruthless third party forces gravity to shift.

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Part Six

You tensed your jaw as you walked down the hallway, firm steps leading you towards your office. Your eyes were fixed on the wall in the direction you were walking, and you rolled your shoulders gently as you walked as if to warm up for the evening ahead of you.

After waking up in bed a few days ago, you had quickly realised what happened. Despite the pounding in your head, your surroundings told you something was different. You never slept in your bed. You always fell asleep in your office chair, after having stared at a sheet of numbers all night long.

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anonymous asked:

how are all the Signs in bed?

Aries: The charging ram (duh)

Straightforward, impulsive, passionate, love to take charge and pretty much the best partner for quick, hurried intercourse. Count on this sign to pin you up against the wall and do it right on the spot if they’re in the mood.

Taurus: The romantic bull

Opposite to Aries, this sign took their sweet damn time.Perhaps waay too much time, just to see you whine in frustration. If you want plenty of foreplay and romance, go get yourself a Bull.

Gemini: The chatty twin

Intellectual and chatty. Expect dirty talks and verbal seduction from this sign. They are saucy and sexy with their words. Has  phone sex fetish? Go woo a Gemini.

Cancer: The loving crab

Family man/woman, loving, passionate, emotional and intense. What happens in the bed is not a mere physical to this sign, but also a connection between heart and soul. Get into the bed with one and you’ll get a view of how true love-making might be.

Leo: The prideful lion

Passionate, adventurous, imaginative and ooze lusty confidence. They’re filled with pride and tend to narcissim, so expect less if you want to be with this one. They may think of themselves first before your satisfaction.

Virgo: The closet perv

Not the shy one, not the reserved one, not the classic virgins.These people could get down and dirty before you even ask once they know they can trust you. The reserved demeanour is a facade, people.  

Libra: The perfectionist romance

Artistic and detailed. Expect perfect harmony with them with lots of romantic materials. Massage oil, sexy lingerie, soft music, some time even food…Yep…This is your charming romantic prince/princess on bed, people.

Scorpio: The aggressive scorpion

Fiery, and the most sexual among the zodiacs. They ooze sexiness and dominance like sex god and if you decided to get between their sheets, please be ready to get stung. You probably can get the ride of your life, but less lusty signs might have their complains about this sign.

Sagittarius: The seductive cupid (lol, get it?)

If you attract this sign, get ready to be shot straight in the heart by their fiery arrow. Sags are the master of the art of seduction, and always ready for the hunt. Once they have their eyes on you, they’ll manipulate everything to pounce upon their objects of desire only after rendering them utterly helpless in the face of their sexual deftness.

Capricorn: The slow, patient goat

Slow to make the first move, patient to the point of annoying their partners. They may not the most sexual and agressive but they do have plans. This is the reserved genius of the zodiacs, ladies and gentlemen. They do have plans and if you’re patient with them, you will be well rewarded.

Aquarius: The toy collector/experimenter

Kinky. Downright kinky if you met an Aqua that is true to its sign. They probably has a box full of scintillating, slippery, and battery-operated toys under their bed. This is the experimenter sign. They always experimenting ways of pleasing themselves and their partners. Some times they’d come up with the unimaginable ways that will knock you breathless with their creativity.

Pisces: The old faithful fish

Just like Cancer, Pisces will value the emotional connectivity of sex over the physical one. Passion, love, attention, patience—these will all come into play with them. On the down side, they’re a bit lazy and spoiled, preferring to let their partners do the job instead of taking charge. You might want to borrow some ideas from Aquarius’ head to keep things interesting.

This must be the longest reply I’ve ever made. Hope this answer you anon and remember, this is very stereotypical. I’m not intending to offend any signs at all!