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I was bored after finishing 3 seasons of Hannibal (again) and I need some refreshment. I watched Confession of shopaholic. It was a typical generic Romantic comedy movie. but COME ON FANCY DANCY with boss-office worker, shirt and tie, and THAT ACCENT THO oh my god he was so young and cute and all that jazz OMG i swooned. like, crushing harder than my 15 year-old self. screaming and blushing so hard every scene he appeared. OMG. no. i’m not ready. I fall for him hard enough already.

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the chocobros and their s/o attend a masquerade ball and the bros try their best to be suave and mysterious?

Whew. Sorry this took so long but this was such a wonderful request that I wanted to try and do it justice.I LOVE MASKS (I actually collect them). I really hope you like this because I had so much fun writing out these little drables. Sorry they’re a little long :) I got a little carried away.

Word Count: 3053



The ball was being held in your honor and you were the center of attention. Your dress was tight and elegant but tasteful and quite flattering. The mask that Noctis had made especially for you for the event was fashioned from a thing and delicate metal hand-painted a marriage of blues and greens, setting off your sparkling eyes. Everything about you screamed royalty and refinement despite being raised outside of any form of a royal life. It was as if you had been born to be a princess.

Noctis had been pulled away by one nobleman after another. Everyone wanted to congratulate the new couple and assure the young prince they supported his decision to wed a commoner. In fact, the decision had been insanely popular amongst the general Lucian population. Each time Noct tried to slip away and finally take you into his arms, someone else stepped into his path, It was getting harder and harder to watch as men – both young and old – gently touched your arm, allowed their eyes to wander across your beautiful form, or earn the twinkling laughter than always made the prince’s stomach flutter with butterflies.

Ignis appeared from somewhere behind Noctis and gracefully took over the conversation. Noctis caught his subtle nod before navigating the crowd toward you. Gladio called out to a young man that was making a b-line for the prince and Prompto stumbled through a sloppy greeting with another. Finally, Noctis’ gloved hand traced across your bare shoulders before he gently pulled you by your waist towards him. “Good evening, princess.” He dropped his voice several octaves and did his best Iggy impression in hopes of channeling his elegant speech.

Your breath caught in your throat at the sound of the breathy honey-filled words as they filtered into your ears over the hum of the party around you. Without turning, you knew your fiancée was the one gripping you so sweetly and carefully, as if to shield you from the world. You were thankful that he stood behind you and couldn’t see the thrilled smiled you had no hope of hiding. You had missed him all night. “Good evening,” you drawled in your own accent. “I must warn you, sir, my fiancée will be awfully jealous if he sees us in such a position. And in front of all these people,” you covered your mouth with a lace wrapped hand to stifle a giggle.

Noctis chuckled and lightly trailed his fingers down your arm. He hummed, pleased at the sight of the goosebumps running over your flesh. “Allow me one dance,” he begged in his trademark whine, the accent barely audible.

One step forward and Noctis swept you around the floor, joining the already flowing circle of couples. Your dress fanned around you as he spun you to face him, your noses touching before he placed a kiss to your forehead. “You really are breathtaking.” He spoke in his usual quiet, reserved voice. The blush that peaked below his plain golden mask was enough to let you know his cheeks were burning. Ever your nervous prince.

“Have you looked in a mirror today? You’re not so bad yourself.” You winked beneath your mask as he twirled you once more, your skirts spinning around you before he pulled you close to his chest.

Your lips met in the sweetest of kisses. It didn’t last long enough to satisfy the need you felt burning in your chest but you were surrounded by the most important people in the kingdom and some foreign dignitaries. That would have to wait until later. When you parted, applause erupted in a mixture of “aw’s” and one “he’s quite the lucky man” from King Regis himself. Apparently, everyone in attendance had stopped to watch the two of your twirl and dance around the room.

“Guess they like us?” You nervously laughed and hid your face in Noct’s chest.

Noctis did his best to cover you with his arms, knowing your face would be redder than his own. “I think this is all you.”


Being invited to a royal function, one that was bound to be filled with the most important and powerful people in the realm, was enough to have Prompto preemptively sweating. Putting on the elegant black on black suit, picked out by Noctis and nearly identical to the one he wore minus the pinstripes, only made matters worse. Maybe Noctis had seen this coming and picked the black for that reason alone.

The nervous blonde stuck close to Gladio who stood sentry at the main entrance. Though he was off duty and dressed in his own custom suit, he relaxed against the wall as he spoke with several glaives that had been assigned to the post.  Prompto was doing his best to act as if he were interested in the conversation as he scanned the room for you. His heart sank, fear pooling in his veins before he finally caught sight of you tucked into a corner of the room.

Though you were half hidden by a column nearly twice as wide as you, the unmistakable sound of your laughter filtered through his ears and he found himself smiling like a love struck schoolgirl. There was no mistaking you. The mask you wore was more for show than actual concealment. The thin plastic had been molded to you face and painted a glittering silver with more holes in the design than actual material. It went perfectly with the back dress the clung to you in all the right places.

Gladio gave Prompto a shove in your direction before laughing at a lewd joke Nyx Ulric had made about another member of the glaive. The girl beside him punched his arm with a half-smile as Prompto positioned his own silver mask onto his face. Taking a few deep breaths to steady himself as he skirted the room to you, he cleared his throat and smoothed his hair to be sure it behaved for once. He bowed once he reached you in a practiced motion that he managed to make graceful and flowing rather than jerky and out of place.

“You, my lady, are a gift from the Astrals themselves. Tell me, what have I done to make the Six smile down upon me with such favor?” The words rolled off his tongue easily as he stood to his full height and forced his warm, ocean gaze to yours. He had practiced the line until he was blue in the face and had essentially traded his soul to Ignis in order to recruit his help. The words had been his idea and judging by the blush that colored your cheeks and the giggle it earned, Prompto decided it had been the right call.

The silver mask he wore was meant to match your own but covered much more of his identity. Even If his light golden hair had managed to cooperate, you would know the eyes of your lover anywhere. Always so warm and inviting, like Galden Quey even on the worst of days. “The gods do not reveal their secrets,” you inclined your head slightly towards him. “Though perhaps I am the one who has been blessed.”

Prompto coughed in an attempt to cover up the small squeak that your words had caused. Your friends giggled where they stood beside you and you waved them off. Using the column as cover from anyone other than your friends, you closed the small distance between the two of you and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. His hands naturally found the small of your back as he pulled you closer for a moment.

“How did you know it was me?” He asked when you parted.

Shaking your head, you pulled your mask from your face and handed it off to a friend. “We agreed on matching outfits. And I would know my gunslinger anywhere,” you promised with another kiss.


Tonight was Gladio’s night off – a rare thing for the Shield of the future king. The party was in full swing by the time he had managed to get into the monkeys suit that he felt was still a little too tight despite Ignis’ assurance that the tailor had followed the measurement precisely. He had ditched the tie the second the strategist had stepped from the room. His shirt was unbuttoned one button lower than was probably proper, but he didn’t care in the slightest. He wore the dark red mask – the color of dried blood, he thought – and stood posted by the door.

His large frame fit perfectly in the space just inside the grand entrance and a support column. Naturally, he sought a position where he could post up, survey the room to analyze it for exits and entrances, and to study the crowd. He frowned momentarily at the Champaign in his glass, expensive, sweet, and no matter how much he wished it to be, it wasn’t the cheap beer chilling in the fridge in his own fridge at home. He hated Champaign but he hated small talk more and drinking at least gave him an excuse to be anti-social. Prompto rattled on about something to his side, Noctis was apparently listening enough to encourage him to continue. Ignis had already lectured Gladio on his appearance and had moved on to greeting several of the nobles in attendance. Grumbling, Gladio pushed off from the wall with every intention of texting you to meet him back at his apartment but found himself breathless as you entered the ballroom fashionably late.

Your hair was piled up on top of your head, messy curls falling elegantly and glittering with subtle golden glitter. Your dress was skin tight and deep red. The top of the dress hugged your breasts firmly, a glittering golden band pushing them up as it secured behind your neck and accentuating your already full breasts. The slit running up the side ended just below your hips and allowed a glimpse of your toned and deliciously long leg as you stepped forward. You mask, made of golden glitter and painted so that black eyelashes framed your sparkling eyes, was clutched in your hand. Once you entered the room and every reveler turned to take in your sinful appearance, you slipped the mask on.

He would have known you anywhere, even if you’d worn the mask to begin with. Gladio knew your body with an intimacy that you had never felt before but seeing you clothed in such a revealing yet tasteful dress was enough to have his mouth watering as he approached you. He noticed several other young men turning towards you in hopes of gaining your attention, but one withering look from the human mountain and they retreated.

Large hands roughly grasped your hips and you gasped at the sudden contact. “You look good enough to eat,” the man growled into your ear and a sudden heat rushed to your core. Even without seeing his face, you knew the voice.

“In front of all these people?” You gasped in feigned innocence.

The grip on your hips tightened momentarily before you were pulled into the darkened and secluded corner he had claimed for himself before. Noctis and Prompto had disappeared into the throng of people and the two of you were alone. “I can’t believe you in this dress,” amber eyes burned into yours behind a golden mask.

Biting your lip, you fluttered your eyelashes behind your own mask. “You don’t like it?”

Gladio pressed his hips against yours, effectively thrusting his growing erection against your front through your thin gown. “Oh, I love it. I think everyone else does, too.” He smiled at the gasp that escaped you before bowing his head to capture your lips in a heated kiss.

“Don’t tell me you’re not going to let me enjoy the party. Especially after I got all dressed up,” you pouted.

Gladio stepped back, creating some space between the two of you and ran a hand through his already messy hair. “I think you might enjoy our time a little more.”

You couldn’t help giggling at the sight of Gladio struggling to contain himself. You knew he would never do something to embarrass himself, the crown, or you in front of so many important people. Yet, you couldn’t deny the thrill his behavior sent through you. It was wonderful knowing you were his one weakness. “So, we schmooze a little, dance a little, drink a lot, and sneak off for own party?” You stole a kiss before pulling him back out into the dimly lit party.

Gladio kissed you again, this one longer and just forceful enough to elicit a whine from you, before waving to a member of the council as he approached. Your head spun as you bowed, your arm threaded through the young Shield’s for balance as well as show, and greeted the elderly man.

Your family name required you to smile and laugh at every poor joke and to interject only whenever appropriate. The two of you worked the room just as well as any noble couple would be expected to. Ignis, Noctis, Regis, and Clarus each took a turn speaking with the two of you. Once all the names had been crossed from your list and Gladio had achieved the perfect buzz from the expensive wines being served, he pulled you onto the dancefloor for one dance. Although he claimed to hate it, his feet navigated the elegant steps perfectly and he pulled you along in his strong arms with confidence.

“You’re good at this,” you mused as he twirled you carefully once before pulling you close to his chest once more.

Raising an eyebrow behind his mask, he smirked. “You what else I’m good at,” he purred into your ear.


Halfway through a conversation with a visiting dignitary from Altissa, Ignis’ cool gaze was pulled from the elderly man to the center of the ballroom. You were there, your hair curled and braided just messily enough to scream effortless while still looking elegant without trying. Your dress was green and hung just off your shoulder and fell in a trumped shape to the marble floor. Again, the dress was simple but somehow stunning as it hugged you in all the right places.

“My apologies, sir, but I’m afraid there is something I must…see too.” Ignis bowed his head slightly in respect before slipping into the crowd. He noticed the wine glass carefully resting in your relaxed hand and how it reflected against the mirrored mask you had chosen. The small hand mirror you had sent him earlier than evening had been his only hint as to what you would be wearing and he mentally applauded your choice.

Ignis had smoothed his hair, long from lack of time to have it properly trimmed, back from his face in a sort of vintage pompadour style, a single rogue lock falling into his seafoam eyes and onto the plain back mask. His classic suit and thin black tie added to his classic look. He smirked, quirking one corner of his pale pink lips to the side as he approached you. “You, my darling, look positively ravishing. Surely a creature so divine is without an escort?” Though his speech was the same, he did his best to disguise his accent.

Your cheeks burned a beautiful rosy color as you curtseyed in greeting. For all his efforts, Ignis did look quite different from his normal self. However, you were just as sharp as the strategist and you knew your lover well enough not to be fooled by his appearance. “It appears I’ve been forgotten. Perhaps I could find someone else to keep me company this evening.” You sipped casually on the wine in your hand.

“Such a man would be a fool to leave you unguarded. Allow me, my lady.” Ignis offered his arm and waited for you to take it before guiding you towards the other dancers. He paused to allow you deposit your now empty glass onto the tray of an offering waiter before spinning you elegantly in time to the music.

You fell into step with Ignis with such ease that it was difficult to keep up the act. He was a perfect gentleman and kept his hands properly in the small of your back and clasped your hand delicately in his own. You noticed the appraising gaze of several around the room at your show. “I must say, you are quite the dancer, sir.”

“Come now, my love, surely you have not forgotten my touch,” he purred into your ear as he dipped you low and supported your weight with his arms. His eyes sparkled behind his mask with mischief before he pulled you pack to your full height. He removed his mask with one hand while keeping you close.

An airy giggle escaped you as you covered your mouth with your silken gloves. “Oh my, Ignis, I had no idea you were such a skilled dancer.”

With a chuckle, Ignis carefully removed your mirrored mask so as not to disturb your makeup or hair. “Must you tease me?” He chided you with a click of his tongue.

Rising further onto your toes than your shoes already forced you, you stole a chaste kiss and blushed at the chorus of “awe’s” that filtered over the elegant music. “Never, my love.” Leaning close, you whispered so that your breath fanned over his ear, “I would never forget your touch, Iggy.”

The only indication that Ignis heard you was the tightening of his grip where his hands rested at your side, forcing you closer to his front. The pressure was enough to let you know that you had cracked his cool mask of composure. He was barely holding himself together and that knowledge sent a thrill through you. He let your name slip through his lips in a hushed whisper. “Perhaps we should take out leave of this soiree.”

“Lead the way, my love,” you laughed and laced your arm through his once more. Once you had retrieved your coat, Ignis helped you into it and steered you towards the exit of the citadel. Smirking, you pressed the key to your apartment into his hand before climbing into his sleek town car.

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What would be there reaction if your purposely annoying them?

Author’s note: I had to hold myself back from making Zen’s a full scenario


  • Literally the hardest person to annoy
  • He just keeps laughing AT YOU
  • Finally, you decided to take a different approach
  • You walked over to him and leaned on his gaming chair
  • “How come you always play LOLOL? Why don’t you pay attention to meeeeee?”
  • You stuck your head in front of the screen
  • “Hello? Earth to Yoosung, it’s your amazing girlfriend speaking!”
  • Yoosung stared into your eyes and hit the pause button
  • “Is that really how you feel? Do I play too much? I try to give you-“
  • You rolled your eyes and moved away
  • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • “I was trying to annoy you.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Annoy you! That’s what I wanted to do! But you just keep laughing and apologizing!”
  • He smiled and stood up, kissing the top of your head
  • “That’s because nothing you do can annoy me. I love you too much!”
  • “You’re so cheesy… I love you too.”


  • Zen was up late memorizing a script when you decided to make him your next victim
  • “Whatcha reading?”
  • “Just my part for this new movie. Wanna help?”
  • You gave a sinister grin
  • “Sure.”
  • “Okay! Just start here, MC.”
  • You two began reading a conversation
  • “I heard that you could help me out with a little… situation of mine. Can you?”
  • “Depends.”
  • “On?”
  • “How much money you got.”
  • Once Zen started getting into his role, you enacted your plan
  • You raised your voice two octaves higher and gave your lines the weirdest accent you could muster
  • “bUT, hOw daRE yoU, sIr? SinCe-“
  • “MC?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “What the hell was that?”
  • “What was what?”
  • “The accent.”
  • “What accent?”
  • “The accent you just did.”
  • “That’s how I normally talk??”
  • “No, it’s not.”
  • “…Ohhh, you mean tHIs accent?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Ok, I’ll stop!”
  • Zen sighed. “Now, where were we?”
  • You smirked
  • “riGHt hErE!”
  • “MC, stop!”
  • “I sTILL have nO-“
  • “MC!”
  • He ran his fingers through his hair and huffed
  • You giggled and leaned forward, giving his lips a little peck
  • “I think it’s time for bed-”
  • He nodded, “You’re right.”
  • “-because you must be hearing things!”
  • “THAT’S IT!”
  • He grabbed you and started tickling your sides
  • “Z-ZEN STOP!”
  • “NEVERRRR!!”


  • She was hunched over a pile of paperwork when you came up behind her
  • “Jaehee, it’s time for dinner!”
  • “Just a couple more minutes…”
  • “You said that ten minutes ago!”
  • You crossed your arms and tapped your foot
  • “Stop.”
  • “Stop what?”
  • “Stop tapping your foot, you know I hate that.”
  • That gave you an idea
  • You crouched down next to her and blew in her ear
  • you smirked
  •  “I know.”
  • She looked over at your smug face
  • “Well, don’t do it again. I’ll go eat in a second.”
  • “…It’s been a second.”
  • “You know what I mean!”
  • “I’m not sure I do.”
  • “Are you trying to annoy me?”
  • “Is it working?”
  • “…No.”
  • “No?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Yes it is?”
  • “No, yes to the no.”
  • “Yes to the no?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Wait, so yes to the yes? Or no to the yes?”
  • Jaehee sighed and stood up
  • “Let’s go eat dinner.”


  • He had been working alllll Saturday, and you were bored
  • And worse than that, you had just had a cup of coffee
  • So you were hyper too
  • “Juuuuumin!”
  • “…”
  • “Juuuuummmiiinnnnn!”
  • “…”
  • “Juuuu-“
  • “What is it, MC?”
  • “Hi.”
  • “I’m working, MC.”
  • “Whaaat, and I can’t say hi?”
  • “No.”
  • “Hmph. You’re no fun.”
  • You stared at him as he continued to work
  • “Jummiin!”
  • “…”
  • Juuuminnnn!!”
  • “What now?”
  • “Hello.”
  • He stopped typing and closed his eyes
  • Quickly, he stood up and grabbed your hand, leading you away from his home office
  • “Where are we going?”
  • “You seem to have a lot of pent up energy, and I’m going to… take care of it.”
  • Oh
  • You liked the sound of that


  • You sat a few inches away from Seven and stuck your finger out
  • “MC, what are you doing?”
  • “Nothing.”
  • “Why are you so close to me?”
  • “Well, I’m not touching you.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “Nope. I’m not touchingggg youuuuuu!”
  • he laughed and took off his glasses
  • “Well, two can play at that game.”
  • He spun his chair toward you, and put his face centimeters away from yours
  • “S-Seven?”
  • “What? I’m not touching you.”
  • You stared at him, and then down to his lips, and then back up to his eyes
  • “You’re such a tease.”
  • You tried to lean forward and close the gap, but he quickly pulled away, standing up in the process
  • “Hey! You said no touching!!”
  • You stood up and slowly walked toward him
  • “I know, but… now I want a kiss!!”
  • He gave you a smirk and took off running
  • This did not turn out like you planned
  • It turned out much better

The Kitchens - Ancient

So this is the first chapter of the ancient version of The Kitchens… not sure exactly what time period but some time in that kind of medieval high point of kings and queens. ENJOY!

Sirius set out for the West parlor, wondering if maybe he could sleep a while on one of the couches. His bare feet were cool against the July-warmed stone, even at night. He wished he could enjoy this more like he usually did, with the absence of prying eyes. But his head ached, spinning with thoughts of the ever-looming events that summer’s end promised. There were fall’s many festivals, hunting trips. And among these things, a bride. He’d be eighteen in November. He’d known what eighteen meant for as long as he could remember. It was inevitable, like a pressing weight on his chest. He could hear his mother’s voice in his head: Alliances are needed, Sirius. You’ll be a King one day and you’ll need a powerful Queen at your side. And besides, fall weddings are lucky.

Sirius rubbed at his eyes, huffing as he turned blindly into the room he knew to well, only to find it bathed in a soft warm glow. He let his hand drop to his side, taken off guard by the light-soaked walls, and he froze. Because there was a boy there. His heels were coming out of his shoes as he crouched over the softly roasting coals of the beginning of one of the Black castle’s many fires. Sirius realized he’d been standing there too long to make any sort of proper introduction too late.

Of all the words in his grand vocabulary, his mind decided to settle on, “Oh.”

The boy jumped. He went to stand up too fast and ended up thumping his head painfully against the brick under edge of the fireplace. Sirius cursed at the same time the boy did.

“Christ James, I told you to do the East Wing-“

The boy spoke at the same time that he turned. He cut off just as he saw Sirius.

“Oh.” He inhaled sharply, eyes widening for a fraction of a second, “My Lord. I didn’t realize…”

And Sirius watched it happen, just as it always did. He watched the boy’s back straighten, he watched the front go up.

Sirius huffed, annoyed. He made his way around the sofa slowly, fingers trailing against the plush fabric as he did, “Didn’t realize I’d be in my own castle?”

The boy frowned. He looked like he wanted to narrow his eyes but thought better of it, “Not at these hours. My Lord.” He added the last part hastily, half-heartedly, and a bit heatedly.

“I’d ask you the same question.” Sirius did narrow his eyes. He was allowed to.

The boy looked like he was biting his tongue before he spoke, “I was to light the fires this morning, my Lord.”

Sirius froze, expression flickering, “Morning?”

The boy glanced out the window briefly, “Morning, my Lord.”

Sirius followed his eyes, only to see that it was morning. He blinked at the dawning sky, the world still pink, and cleared his throat, “Oh.”

“Have-“ The boy hesitated until Sirius looked back at him. His expression slightly softer but guarded still, “have you been out all night? Around the castle? My Lord.”

Sirius hesitated, then sighed, rubbing his face, “You don’t have to add that after every sentence.” He pressed his thumbs into his eyes, as if trying to rub the fatigue out, before looking back at the boy. He had flour on his cheek, a bit of ash on his temple.

“Yes.” He looked back out the window, “I guess so.”

He didn’t think he’d been walking all night and yet there was the sun, peaking over the mountains.

The boy crouched down, scraping the iron fire poker back up and prodding at the coals with it, “Sometime on your mind, my Lord?”

Sirius jerked his head downward, “I said-“

But he stopped, words catching in his throat. He shouldn’t admit it, really he couldn’t admit it- not out loud anyways- but, now that he was looking, the boy was a bit of a beautiful sight. Maybe it was just the firelight, or lack of sleep, but the thought sprang to the front of Sirius’ mind so quickly he just… thought it.

He shifted, clearing his throat, “No.” He meant to turn away, maybe leave, but instead he sat down, “No. I simply lost track of time.”

The fire light made the boy’s eyes look like a a pot of melting amber when he turned towards Sirius, expression forwardly quizzical, “Yes, my Lord.”

Sirius frowned, “Do you not know my name?”

The boy raised an eye brow, “My Lord?”

“Do you not know my name.” Sirius repeated, “Is that why you refuse to use it, even upon my request?”

It was still quite dark, but Sirius could have sworn the boy flushed. He turned back to poking the fire.

“You know, you aren’t doing that right.”

The boy kept poking, not looking away, “I’m not usually in charge of the fires.” He mumbled.

Sirius leaned forward, “No, you see, they aren’t going to stay alight like that. Didn’t you- no, stop, stop.” Sirius swiftly moved to crouch next to the boy, putting his hand over his on the poker, “Watch. You need it to be…” He guided their hands to push the embers towards the center, “Like such. That way the smoke goes up and the heat goes out. See now?”

“I… Yes. How did you…”

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “I’m royal, not helpless.”

“That’s not what Sam says.”

Sirius did his best to look aghast but it ended as more of a smile, “That’s how you address your superiors?”

The boy grinned, “A moment ago you were begging me to call you Sirius.”

Sirius turned sharply away from the coals, taken off guard. He tightened his grip on the iron. It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard his name from a servant’s mouth before. Sam, his valet, called him Sirius. He had just never heard his name quite like that. Soft, gentile. The way this boy said it… it almost made him sound like a good person. The boy seemed to roll his eyes a little, surprising a smile.

“So the truth is out. You do know my name.”

He wrapped his arms around his knees, watching the coals. His sandy hair flopped nicely into his eyes, “Everyone in the world probably knows your name.”

Sirius laughed softly, “I think you’re sorely misjudging the size of the world.”

The boy looked at him, features extraordinarily soft in the firelight. Sirius’ heart caught.

“That wouldn’t surprise me.” He said quietly, “It isn’t like I’ve seen any of it.”

“S’not that great, really.” Sirius said softly. It was, but Sirius wasn’t about to say that. He cleared his throat instead, “Well, I should-“

He cut himself off again, this time with a curse. He tumbled back on his heels, the poker clattering to the floor, his left hand burning.

“Fuck-“ He unclenched his fist, seeing an angry red mark already forming across his knuckles.

The boy cursed, “Shit, the coals. I forgot to put the gate up- one rolled out- I- your highness-“

“I’m fine,” Sirius grit his teeth, trying his best to smile, “It’s just a little hot, I-“

“Oh come off it, that’s more than a little hot-” The second the words were out of the boy’s mouth his eyes were wide, “Oh god. I-“

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Sirius resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the your highness, at the horror on the boy’s face when he’d slipped and spoken to Sirius like a normal person.

The boy pressed his lips together, the hollows of his cheeks pink. He directed his gaze to Sirius’ injured hand, “We should really get something for that.”

Sirius nodded, “You can rouse Pomfrey for me?”

The boy stood, “I think I can help you, actually… if you like.” He offered Sirius a hesitant hand.

Sirius took it. He didn’t even think about it, he just let this boy pull him up, cradling his injured one to his chest, “I don’t even know your name.”

The boy arched an eyebrow, “I’m sure I can help either way.”

Sirius suppressed a smile, “You know mine.”

“Everyone knows yours.”

Sirius stood up ridiculously straight, holding his nose in the air accentuating his posh accent, “Sir, your prince is asking your name-”

The boy snorted, “Merlin, it’s Remus, it’s Remus.” He turned, leading the way out of the room, “Now stop that…”

“Like the myth?” Sirius followed him.

“What myth?”

“The Roman one. With the wolf.”

Remus glanced behind him, “What?”

Sirius furrowed his eyebrows, “Didn’t you learn it in school?”

Remus raised an eyebrow as Sirius fell into stride with him, “You’re assuming I went to school.”

Sirius’ steps faltered, “I- oh.”

“Not all of us grow up in castles, not to mention princes.”

Sirius glanced at Remus’ profile as they walked down the servant’s staircase. It was hard to read, “I didn’t mean any offense.” Sirius offered.

Remus sent him a small smile, “And yet…”

Sirius suddenly felt very aware of his words, his accent, even his attire, all in comparison to Remus. He felt overdressed in his maroon robe, the gold embroidery feeling flashy and unnecessary next to Remus’ plain white shirt, littered with stains from work.

Remus shook his head gently at him as they entered the kitchen, “I’m joking. It’s alright, you didn’t know,” he nodded towards the countertop, “sit there.”

Sirius rubbed at the back of his neck, “I suppose I should have known…” His eyes widened, “I mean-“

Remus rolled his eyes, “Sit.”

“-not that I would assume you didn’t have an education-“

Sit, Sirius.”

Sirius pushed himself up onto the counter, silently kicking himself. He watched wordlessly as Remus set ingredients out on the counter next to him. Honey, and a lemon.

“Well… this is odd.”

Remus looked at Sirius, “You’ve never seen this before?”

Sirius shook his head.

Remus smirked, slicing the lemon in half, “Well, you’re obviously not learning everything with that education of yours, are you?”

Sirius grinned back, relieved.

Remus held his palm out, “Give your hand here.”

Sirius glanced nervously at the lemon, “Won’t that hurt?”

Remus huffed out a laugh, reaching and grabbing Sirius’ injury for himself, “What do you think the honey’s for? It will only sting for a moment…”

He trailed off as he gently pressed the the cross section of the lemon across Sirius’ slightly blistered knuckles. Sirius hissed, then tried to turn it into a cough. He pointedly ignored Remus’ smirk.

Remus’ fingers were cool against the irritated skin around the burn, and Sirius drew his lip between his teeth as Remus carefully smeared a bit of honey over the aching cut. The thick paste relieved the throbbing to a duller pain.


Remus wiped his hands on a kitchen rag, “More useful than a Roman myth, huh?”

Sirius groaned, “I apologized.”

“Is that how world affairs are settled then? Apologies?” Remus smiled, producing a bandage from the same cupboard the honey had come from. His long fingers worked nimbly as he wraps Sirius’ hand.

“There. If it starts to hurt again, I- or I mean Madame Pomfrey can-“

“I’ll find you if it hurts.” Sirius said, sliding from the counter.

Remus nodded slowly, “Right.”

Sirius drummed his fingers on the countertop, looking down at Remus, “Right.”

Remus glanced around Sirius nervously, “People will probably be waking soon.”

Sirius nodded, although he hadn’t really heard what Remus had said. They were standing quite close, “Right…”

Remus seemed a bit breathless when he spoke again, “We have to prepare your breakfast…”

Sirius arched an eyebrow, “Do you prepare the breakfast?”

Remus huffed out a laugh, “I prepare your breakfast.”

Sirius smiled slowly, “Really?”

Remus shrugged one shoulder, “When you take it in your room at least. Which is-“

“-most days.” Sirius finished, laughing, “But how do you know?”

Remus shook his head, confused, “Know?”

“That I’m having it upstairs.”

Remus paused for a moment, as if waiting for Sirius to continue, or to laugh. Then his eyebrows raised very high to his hairline and he let out a burst of laughter, “Honestly?”

Sirius stepped back a step, “What?”

Remus shook his head again, reaching out and catching Sirius’ wrist either to keep himself steady in his laughter, or to keep Sirius from moving away, “No- No, I’m sorry,” he gasped, “It’s just… you really don’t know how we work down here, do you?”

Sirius shuffled uncomfortably, trying not to jostle his hand too much. He didn’t want Remus to let go, “Well…” He tried to think of some excuse, shrugging, “When I come down here everyone stops working to ask what I want!”

“They’re suppose to do that.” Remus points out.

“Yes, but that explains why I don’t know how it works!” Sirius spluttered.

Remus smiled, “Fine, fine… Lord, I’m sitting here arguing with a Prince… Sam tells me.”

Sirius, fully prepared for a defense again, deflated some, “Oh.” He contemplated for a moment, “Well, I guess I should have thought of that.”

Remus shrugged, eyes still teasing, “I guess.”

There was a creak from the floorboards above causing both boys to look up, then back down at each other. They were nearly nose to nose, and Sirius quite enjoyed that he had to look down a bit to meet Remus’ eyes.

“You need to go.”

“Kicking a royal out?”

Remus rolled his eyes, “You need to go your highness.”

He guided Sirius somewhat forcefully to the door as footsteps quickly approached the staircase.


Remus froze in his act of shutting the door, only Sirius’ face visible from the other side.

“What?” He said impatiently.

“The eggs are always perfect.”

Sirius grinned at the eye roll he received before the door was shut in his face.

My Heart Will Go On (Solangelo Titanic AU)

Disclaimer: I did not proofread that last half because I couldn’t bring myself to reread this. I made the mistake of playing this song on repeat and I can’t stop crying. 

Also, this includes both fact and fictional things. I did research, but I also used scenes from the movie. I tried to make this as accurate as possible, but I’m just a 17 year old with a laptop. 

It’s super lengthy because I had to build it up, add the smut, and make the end as intense as I could without experience of writing action scenes. Sorry. 

ALSO COUNTS AS SMUT REQUEST AND “How you said ‘I love you’” PROMPT NUMBERS 26 (broken as you clutch to me and beg me not to leave) AND 28 (when I am dead). 

April 11, 1912

If he didn’t think about it, Nico could imagine himself sitting in a normal restaurant dining room. The chairs and tables were in perfect order, the afternoon sky allowed a gentle glow from the windows. And as usual, he was surrounded by important people.

Mr. Aster, handsome man that he was, was glowing with pride as he looked around the room. Beside him sat Benjamin Guggenheim, a man almost as rich as Nico from New York. Then there was Mr. Ismay, a pathetically ignorant man that Nico quite enjoyed to hear talk out of sheer entertainment. Eventually, Nico preoccupied himself with watching his moustache bob with his words.

“Would you like to see the plans, Mr. D’Angelo?” Mr. Aster offered. “My wife chides me on never being able to leave the room without the plans.”

Nico smiled and nodded, not really caring, but knowing he had to pretend for his father’s sake. His father had been the business man of the family for the last several decades, and when Nico turned twenty, he passed on the responsibility to him. And his first order of business was aboard the RMS Titanic after boarding from Southampton the day before.

Mr. Andrews spread out his papers along the table, allowing Nico to see intricate plans for each deck of the ship. “Magnifico,” he said under his breath. And it was. Every small detail was planned, and it was real. He was on it now. “This is wonderful, Mr. Andrews. I’m certain my father would agree to sponsor the Titanic’s future voyages. Given that this one goes smoothly.”

“I can assure you it will,” he promised.

“The Titanic’s supremacy will never be challenged. Size means, stability, luxury, and above all strength,” Mr. Ismay said. “God himself could not sink this ship, my friend!” he exclaimed.

Nico raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t test Him,” he mumbled.

“I must agree with Mr. D’Angelo,” the ship’s designer said. “No ship is unsinkable. Rest assured, my good man, this voyage will be the best you’ve been on.”

Mr. Ismay and Mr. Andrews began another conversation with Mr. Guggenheim about the mine industry he was to inherit, and Nico again began to wonder at the design of the dining room.

“More champagne, sir?” a waiter offered. Nico waved him away without peeling his eyes from the delicate carvings of the pillars. “More champagne, sir?” he heard the waiter ask one of the businessmen around him. Then again.

“Mr. D’Angelo, what on earth are you looking at?” one of his companions asked.

Nico allowed his gaze to return to the people around him, but he stopped dead at the sight of the waiter. Eyes as blue as the ocean in the morning sunlight looked at him curiously as he was called out by his table, only to dart away and finish serving the man’s drink.

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Charlie Hunnam, Rhoticity and Raleigh Becket; OR, Good Sir, What Even Is Your Accent?

I am not a linguist, nor am I any sort of articulation or phonology-affiliated professional. That stated, my collegiate area of study was English Writing, which included multiple linguistics and language-history classes, I am a native speaker of North Midland American English, and I have beyond-passing familiarity with French language and speech pathology. What follows is a theory, and it may not be a popular one, but I just can’t take it anymore: I have to talk about Raleigh’s (and therefore Charlie Hunnam’s) accent, and how it pertains to characterization.

Hold onto your butts. We’re gonna get meta.

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When I See You Again - Winter Soldier X Reader - Finding Hope

Originally posted by phoabetonkin

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any here.

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Steve X Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 2412

A/N: THis part comes right after - Voices -


Reader’s Pov

“Alright Genie this is getting really old,” You say as you practically jump into Steve’s injured arms when the blue man suddenly decided to appear behind you.

“What? You don’t like my little appearing and disappearing act?” You narrow your eyes at him and he scoffs as he says, “Now I see why you like metal boy.”

You tilt your head as you say, “Excuse me?”

He sighs as he says, “Nothing, so how has your little experience been?”

You sigh as you say, “I don’t know, I can’t remember.”

“Well even I know you can’t remember. It’s a little price for not dying.”

You felt rage surge through your body and as you stand up turn to face him and say, “You mean you took my memories?”

He folds his arms over his chest as he says, “Did I stutter?” You jump toward the genie fists ready when you feel Steve grab you from around the waist.

“Calm down ____!”

You thrash around as you cry out, “How dare you! This isn’t fair! I want so bad to remember but I can’t!”

“Would you rather it had never happened at all?” You freeze your eyes staring at him in confusion. “How about I make you a new deal, I’ll send you home and in return you won’t remember anything about this place and what happened here.”

“You mean all the memories will be gone and it’ll be like I never came here in the first place?” He nods and you chuckle as you say, “As much as I want to say yes, I’m going to have to turn you down. If I do return home I want to remember everything and somehow I will remember it all again.”

He raises an eyebrow in shock as he says, “How interesting, you know you’re the first person who has ever turned down one of my offers. It’s a rather new and unpleasant feeling.”

You chuckle as you say, “Well I’d get used to it. However there is one thing you can help me with.”

He smiles as he says, “You want to know where the soldier is don’t you?”

“You know where to find Bucky?” Steve says instantly reminding you of his presence.

“But of course Mr. Rogers, I am all knowing. I happened to know that he is in a rather bad place mentally, I’d hurry up and remember him if I were you ______, or else he might revert back to his Winter Soldier ways.” You feel an unknown emotion well up inside you and your breath catches. Was this emotion caring? Love? What was it? How could you have feelings for someone you couldn’t remember and on top of that a man who had attempted to kill you?

“Where can I find him?” You ask as you stare at the Genie with worry in your eyes.

“By now he’s most likely gotten as far from here as possible, you know since his mind’s becoming play-doh.” This time it was Steve who jumped up from his bed only to throw a punch into thin air as the genie disappears and reappears on the other side of the room. “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.” You grabbed Steve’s arm and glancing up at the super soldier see him glaring at the Genie. “You’ll find him a week from now at the Smithsonian.”

You nod as you say, “Thank you,” You say as you turn your attention back to him.

“Oh and when you wish to return back to your home just give my name a shout and I’ll come running.” He winked at you before he disappeared.

You turned to Steve and say, “Sorry about him, he’s an acquired taste. Any who, I guess all I can do is wait.”

“Or we could just camp out at the Smithsonian.”

You laugh as you say, “Right, cause no one’s going to recognize Captain America.” He cocks his head to the side before he says, “Okay maybe not such a good idea.” You nod as you lead him back over to his bed.


After that day you had went back with Steve to his apartment. You had decided that since he had taken care of you when you first got here you were going to return the favor. Your wounds were healing but they still pained you. You found that as the days past you kept getting small fragments of your memory back. You stared out the window of your room as Bucky’s smiling face filled your mind making your body start to yearn for his touch.

Your dreams were filled with him. You had gotten Steve to tell you different things about Bucky to see if it would help you with your memories but all it had done was make you crave this mysterious mans touch even more. “Are you ready?” You heard Steve say from behind you and you turn to see him dressed in normal clothes. You nod as you grab the coat you had gotten from Natasha and head toward him.

“So today’s the day, are you nervous?” Steve asks as we head down the stairs to his Harley.

“That’s an understatement. I hope he helps me remember everything, if not I may take Genie up on his offer cause the dreams are getting more vivid and a lot more painful to have.”

He wraps his arm around your shoulder as he says, “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, I kinda like having you around.”

“You mean you like having someone around to clean your house and cook you meals.”

“Hey I never told you to do that, if I remember correctly I even asked you not too.”

You smile as you say, “I was living in your apartment rent free what else was I supposed to do. Besides it made the time fly by.” He laughs as he holds the door open for you.

“Why thank you kind sir,” You say with your best southern accent. He laughs as the two of you climb onto his bike and head to the Smithsonian.


You had been there for almost the whole day when you started to feel the urge to give up and just call Genie. “Maybe we should split up?” You hear Steve say and you nod. You head off toward the howling commandos exhibit that sat next to the Bucky Barnes exhibit while Steve went toward the Peggy Carter Interview room. As you neared Bucky’s exhibit you hear the Smithsonian Narrator say, “Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield. Barnes is the only Howling commando to give his life in service of his country.” You feel tears sting your eyes and you groan as you feel annoyed at yourself. How could you feel like this about a man you couldn’t even remember?

You stand there for a few moments before you became aware of someone standing rather close to you and you turn to see a rather rough looking Bucky staring at his picture. “Bucky?” You say as you turn toward him. He turns toward you and his eyes fill with a mixture of fear and longing.

“______, what are you doing here?” You feel your body move on it’s own as you throw your arms around his neck and hold him tightly to your chest. It was a few moments before he returned your hug. “I am so sorry,” He starts to say but you cut him off by saying, “Shhh, it’s okay. I’m sorry too.”

He pulls away and looking down into your eyes say, “You don’t have anything to be sorry for I’m the one who tried to kill you.” You look up into his sad blue eyes and you feel your body take control of itself and reaching up pull the collar of his coat down making his lips crash against yours.

You feel a surge of heat fill your body as all the sudden you remember everything. All your memories suddenly flashed through your mind making you deepen the kiss. You feel Bucky’s hands reach up and entangle themselves in your hair holding your lips to his. It felt like heaven to be in his arms. You felt his stubble tickle your face and you let out a giggle making him pull away and stare at you with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m sorry your beard tickled my face.” He smiles as he leans back down and gently places another kiss on your lips. When he pulls away you look up at him and smiling say, “I’m sorry I forgot you.”

He pulls you to his chest and sighs as he says, “I guess now we’re even.” You chuckle as you hold onto him tightly.

“I haven’t remembered everything yet but I know one thing,” He pushes you away from him and you tilt your head as you look up at him confused. “I couldn’t live with you dead.” Your eyes widen as you realize how you had survived.

“You saved me?” He reaches up and gently moves a strand of your (H/C) from your face as he nods and says, “I had a little help from that Genie of yours.”

You raise an eyebrow as you say, “He helped you?”

He nods again as he says, “He’s a little bit of an ass and to be honest I don’t really like or trust him but he did grant my wish.”

You reach up and grabbing his hand from your cheek say, “Well I’m glad he did, although I could have lived without him taking my memories away. I don’t wanna forget you ever again.”

“Neither do I.”

“Oh I know one other person who would be happy that I found you.” You say as you take his hand and start leading him toward where Steve was supposed to be.

“______, I don’t think this is a good idea.”

You roll your eyes as you say, “Who better to help you remember than your best friend.” You stop and turning toward him smile softly as you continue, “He misses you and I know you miss him. Remember I know the future. I can tell you everything is gonna work out just fine. Trust me.”

He stares at you a worried look on his face before he nods and says, “Okay, I trust you.” You smile softly as you knew how much just that simple sentence meant. He trusted you even when he didn’t trust anyone else and it made your heart flutter. “Good then let’s find Steve.” You say as you intertwine your fingers with his and start looking for your friend again. You found him walking out of the screening area for Peggy’s interview his face sullen with disappointment. “Steve!” You call out causing him to turn toward you his eyes lighting up as he saw who you had in tow behind you.

“Bucky,” he says as he nears the two of you his eyes staring at his friend in happiness. Without so much as a warning Steve practically ran over to the two of you and wrapped his arms around Bucky.

It took a few moments before Bucky returned Steve’s and when he did you watch as his arms wrap tightly around his friend as if he was holding on for dear life. You start waving your hand toward your face as you try to keep from crying.

“What are you doing?” You hear Bucky say and turning toward him say, “Trying not to lose my feels.” They both tilt their heads and you smile as you say, “I’ll explain later.”

They both nod before turning back to each other as Steve says, “It’s good to see you. I hate to say it but you look ruff.”

Bucky half smiles as he says, “I feel it.”

You step over and reaching up take Bucky’s hat off to let his hair fall in his face. “Now I’m just throwing this out there and you don’t have to if you don’t want too but how about I give you a trim.”

He raises an eyebrow as he says, “As much as I am contemplating cutting my hair I don’t trust you with a pairs of scissors.” You could tell he was making fun but you narrow your eyes at him and hit him in the arm playfully only to discover that you in fact had hit his metal arm.

“OH SWEET JESUS!” You cry out as you shake your fist trying to get feeling back to it.

You heard Steve chuckle and you raise an eyebrow as you say, “I may have just hurt myself but that won’t stop me from punching you too.” He immediately stops laughing and turning to Bucky says, “She’s a little hostile isn’t she.”

“You better believe it wonder boy!” You say as you shake your hand some more.

Bucky chuckles at your nickname for Steve before he says, “I like the nickname Stevie.”

You chuckle as you say, “Oh no I’m gonna call you Stevie all the time now.” Steve narrows his eyes at the two of you before he sighs and says, “I’m surrounded by children.”

You raise an eyebrow as you say, “Well then since I’m a child I require a piggyback ride big brother.” He raises an eyebrow at you then looks back and forth from you to Bucky who also stares at you in disbelief.

“It’s a joke; geez I know you guys are in your 90’s but, dam.” You say as you turn and start to walk away from them.

“Is she mad?” You hear Steve ask and Bucky replies with, “Not sure?”

“I can still hear you, you know.” You say as they start to follow you out of the museum.

After a quick taxi ride with you and Bucky followed by Steve on his Harley, the three of you were walking up the stairs to Steve and your apartment when you hear Bucky say, “Where do you live _____?” You clear your throat as you look from Steve to Bucky and say, “I live with Steve. I’m not from here so I don’t have any ID or money so he let me stay with him.” Bucky nods as he says, “Makes sense,” You let out a sigh in your mind as you thank god that he didn’t take you living with Steve the wrong way.

Will continue in - Too Good To Be True -

"The Naming" One Shot
Author: lovelikerain611

Original Imagine Link: Imagine you and Dean deciding what to name your first child.

Warnings: Some strong language.


You lay on the couch, absolutely miserable. Your ankles—okay, your cankles—were the size of a small child’s torso. Your feet—your puffy, sausage-toed feet—were propped up in Dean’s lap and you sighed, resting a hand on the curve of your belly.

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anonymous asked:

i might join the military. how bad are drill sergeants?

Well, Drill Sergeants are exclusively in the Army, but since I joined the Marine Corps, I know how horrible Drill Instructors are. Drill Instructors are 10x worse than Drill Sergeants though mainly because the Marine Corps is the toughest military branch to get into. However, despite the difference in military branches, all of them are the most evil people you’ll ever meet in your life, because they can tell you to do whatever they want and they like to abuse their power.

My Drill Instructors were psycho. There was one that picked on me particularly and it was this crazy ass Irish looking dude. I really felt like punching him in the face, hell everyone hated him. He was the Kill Hat, or Disciplinary DI, so normally everyone dreaded his presence when he walked in the Squad Bay.

He especially hated me because he got really angry when I didn’t respond to him the way a normal recruit should respond in fear to their Drill Instructors. I never gave a fuck when a Drill Instructor yelled and spit in my face. I always had a calm expression, and me not “screaming” in fear really pissed him off.

I was my Senior Drill Instructor’s favorite since I knew how to Drill well and he made me The Guide, so one of the things my Kill Hat did to get to me was fire me from being The Guide every time he was on duty so I felt like I worked hard for nothing, until my Senior Drill Instructor fired my replacement and reappointed me whenever he got back. 

The thing that pissed me off the most though was that my Kill Hat always made comments about my russian accent whenever I had to address a Drill Instructor, command my platoon, or speak the recruit head or rifle count. He would always make me repeat myself like a million times until I said it “right”, which I found kind of offensive because there were guys with spanish accents that he excused, but not me.

I still remember his awful lizard voice.

Me: Good Evening, Gentlemen! There are 92 M16A4 Service Rifles properly secured to the racks and on safe. There are 92 RCOs. There are 92 footlockers properly secured. There are 83 recruits in the squad bay standing online and waiting for further instruction. There are 2 recruits getting the hot trays, 4 carrying the coolers, 1 in bed rest, and 3 at Medical. Today is Training Day 28. Good Evening, Gentlemen!


Me: Aye, Sir. Good Evening, Gentlemen! There are 92 M16A4 Service Rifles properly secured to the racks and on safe. There are 92 RCOs. There are 92 footlockers properly secured. There are 83 recruits in the squad bay standing online and waiting for further instruction. There are 2 recruits getting the hot trays, 4 carrying the coolers, 1 in bed rest, and 3 at Medical. Today is Training Day 28. Good Evening, Gentlemen!

Him: Did you hear that, Platoon 3081? He did it again. ARE YOU TRYING TO START THE COLD WAR WITH ME, RECRUIT?!

Me: …No, Sir.


Me: Aye, Sir. This recruit was appointed by Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant-


Me: …Aye, Sir. This recruit has no discipline, Sir!


I never cried in Boot Camp. It was one of the most depressing times I’ve ever had in my life, though. Every time I laid in my rack during bed time, I thought about why the hell I decided to join the military when I could have easily just went into College.

My Drill Instructors made my stress reach a level that has never been reached, I was constantly trying to correct the way I spoke, there were tests I had to study for and pass about the military and history of a country I wasn’t born in, and being the Guide was an honor but also a major burden because of the responsibilities I had to uphold. I was responsible for the entire platoon, so every time another recruit did something wrong, I got IT’d and punished for it as well even if I didn’t know what the fuck happened.

Not only was it a culture shock, but most of the guys I met at Bootcamp were the biggest douchebags I ever met in my life. I got punished for guys I hated. I felt like I was a boy trapped on an Island, Parris Island for me a.k.a. Hell on Earth, and surrounded by assholes just like in The Lord of the Flies.

The only reason I even made it through Boot Camp is because my mom and my friends back at home always sent me letters and supported me. Simple letters became diamonds during that time, and even in my deployments. If you plan to join the military, just make sure you have someone to talk to back at home, because I guarantee you’ll break.

Even when I was a regular recruit with no leadership position in the beginning, Drill Instructors were still hell to deal with.

Narry threesome

I knew it was only a matter of time before they made their advance. Why else would they have hired me? I wasn’t their fucking ‘maid’ as they made out I was. I knew what they wanted to do with me; I could see the animalistic looks directed at me from both of them. How Niall’s eyes lingered over my curves, mentally undressing me. How Harry licked his plump lips and gave me looks a predator might give to its pray.

And they forced me to wear this ridiculous french maid outfit, it was so tight and absolutely tiny. I remember the night I first got here, how Niall had thrust it at me and smirked, demanding me to put it on. I managed nothing more than a meek, “Yes, Sir.”

I heard Harry’s voice calling me now. I hurried downstairs, stumbling in my towering black stillettos, also a ‘gift’ from my employers. I found them both sitting in the living room, grinning at me. I saw Niall do his usual survey of my body, pracctically violating me with his pale blue eyes.

Harry cleared his throat, “Go clear out the bottom cabinet in the kitchen,” He said, pointing. I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly why he wanted me to clean out the bottom cabinet. Niall saw.

“Did you just roll your eyes?” His accent was thick, intimidating. I bit my lip, “No, Sir, absolutely not.” I replied, moving my eyes to gaze at my stillettos. He didn’t pursue the subject so I made my way into the kitchen, bending down to open the cabinet.

I heard hoots of apreciation behind me, and I knew my skimpy little outfit wasn’t doing a good job of hiding anything. I tried to ignore them, but before I knew it, I felt rough hands grab my hips and pull them backwards, colliding my ass with a very hard crotch.

“Who’s your daddy?” I heard the thick Irish accent, chilly breath against my ear. I gasped as Niall started grinding against me. “W-What?” I managed to stutter before I felt him chuckle behind me, “I said, who’s your fucking daddy?” I gulped, knowing I had to listen to him, “Y-You are,” I replied, feeling the heat rush down to my core as I said it.

Niall still wasn’t satisfied, “What was that?” I bit my lip, “Y-You are, daddy,” I replied. Niall placed a wet kiss on my neck approvingly. From the corner of my eye, I saw Harry approach us, standing in front of me, I looked up to see his tall frame smirking down at me, “Don’t kiss her, Niall, she’s a horny little slut.”

Harry grabbed my hips and pulled me into him before he began to grind me from the front. I let out a moan and heard Niall whine behind me- lack of attention I guess. Niall cleared his throat, “I guess I’ll have to punish her then.” I bit my lip at the thought of Niall “punishing” me. Harry grabbed my chin with his thumb and forefinger and lifted my face to look at his piercing green eyes, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little slut.” I just licked my lips fervently, feeling light headed at the way he was touching me. I heard Niall snicker from behind.

“You know what, mate, I think she wants us both,” I moaned out loud at the thought, verifying to both of them that is was exactly what I wanted.

Harry smirked then shifted his gaze to Niall, “Get her ready, then bring her upstairs.” And with that the curly haired boy disappeared and suddenly I was left alone with Niall.

I turned to face him and he ran his tongue over his lips, eyeing my up and down. “Take it off,” He said, “Strip for Daddy,”

I took a deep breath, not daring to disobey him before I unzipped the tight black and white dress from behind and let it fall down to pool against my stillettos.

Niall grabbed my breasts, now only covered in black lace, gazing at them hungrily before giving each a firm squeeze, “I’ll work on ‘em in the bedroom, yeah?” He said to me. I pursed my lips, “Yes, daddy.”

He then wrapped his arms round my waist and threw me over his shoulders. I let out a light squeal and Niall smacked my behind lightly. “Gotta see that pretty little ass of yours, baby.” He chuckled. “Yes, daddy.” I agreed. My ehart started to pound at a faster rate as he began to climb the stairs. I knew I was shortly going to be at the mercy of two very horny boys.

Niall walked into a room and threw me on the bed. I quickly sat up and saw both Niall and Harry standing in front of me, smiling evilly. Harry climbed onto the bed beside me, stroking my cheek. He cupped my jaw with his large hand and pulled my face closer to his. His lips felt plump and wet against mine as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I then heard a not so subtle groan and pulled away to see Niall glaring at us, his hand palming his obvious erection through his jeans. “Leave off, mate, I want her to blow me,” Niall growled. Harry smirked and shoved me off the bed onto the floor in front of Niall.

“Get on your knees, slut,” Harry sneered, even though he was kissing me tenderly just a few seconds ago. I obliged anyway, rising up to my knee so I was face to face with Niall’s crotch. I heard Harry’s voice behind me, “Apologise to Niall for ignoring him,” I bit my lip and looked up at Niall, “I’m sorry I was ignoring you, daddy,” I murmured.

Niall reached down to stroke my hair, before grabbing it harshly. He hastily pulled his zipper down, letting his jeans fall down along with his boxers. His huge cock sprang out of its refinements, dripping with precum. Niall looked down at me expectantly, “Get sucking, ya little whore,”

And without as much of a warning, Niall shoved almost his entire length into my mouth. I would have gasped if I could, but I slowly began to suck on his length, bobbing my head up and down as he thrust in and out of my mouth, roughly throat fucking me, causing me to choke round his cock a few times. I heard a grunt from behind me, “That’s right, slut, gag on his fucking cock.” It was Harry, who I was pretty sure was jerking off to the sight of me and Niall.

I felt Niall twitch inside of me, and I knew he’d want me to swallow. But he pulled out at the last second and released all over my neck and chest instead. I glanced down at his glistening white cum that I was covered in, biting my lip at the sexiness of the fact that he had cum all over me.

“You look like such a slut,” Niall remarked, “Your all covered in my cum. Why didn’t ya just swallow it, sweetheart?” I decided it would not be tactful to let him know that he’d practically aimed at my tits right before he came.

I heard a shuffling behind me and Harry appeared beside Niall, completely naked and hard as ever. He sexily ran his hand over his hair as he looked me over. “Your such a bad girl,” Harry murmured in his rough, dark voice, “Only bad girls don’t swallow or say thank you.” Niall grinned, “I guess I’ll have to punish you now, since your such a bad girl.”

But before he could do anything, Harry had yanked me up to my feet and had hold of me tightly. “No, mate, let me. It’s my turn anyway.” Niall glared at Harry before nodding. He sat down on a nearby chair while Harry turned me to face him.

“You know what happens to naughty girls, right?” Harry asked softly, lifting my chin up to look into his eyes. I blushed, for no particular reason, before looking back down at my stillettos and shook my head. Harry laughed in a sinister way before he tore off my bra, in one quick movement before I knew what was happening, the black lace fabric lay on my floor. My matching thong followed in similiar suit. I heard Niall groan and pant behind me. I stood completely exposed in front of both of them. Harry smirked.

“Don’t get shy now, baby, I’m about to punish you.” Then, in a flash he sat down at the edge of the bed, leaving me stumbling in my heels. He beckoned me over before pulling me over his knee, my bare ass facng upwards towards him. Harry stroked the soft flesh and made a sound of appreciation, “What a pretty little ass you’ve got here, darling,” He muttered, “It’s a shame I’m gonna have to ruin it.”

And once again, before I knew what was happening, he’d smacked his hand hard down on my ass. I let out a cry of pain as the sound of his hand colliding with my ass echoed the room. “You feel the pain, baby? You feel it? That’s what sluts like you deserve!” Harry roared before he slapped my ass again, repeatedly. He ignored my cries of protest, spanking me again and again till I was numb and some of the pain had gone. I was positively soaking by now, and I knew some of my juices had dripped onto Harry’s thigh, causing him to get even harder underneath me, if that was possible.

Harry stroked my ass cheeks with one hand, holding them firmly with the other, “You want more, you whore?” I shook my head, “N-No please, daddy, p-please no more,” I practically begged him. I heard Niall mutter profanities right when I said that. Harry continued to sroke my bum before smacking it hard again. “Your gonna be a good girl for daddy now?” Harry asked. I nodded eagerly, “Yes, daddy, I’ll be a good girl for you, I promise.”

Harry pushed me off him so I was once again on the floor. He inspected his legs, “Look, you slut, you’ve dripped all over me. You really love getting spanked, don’t you?” He chuckled. I just bit my lip and didn’t say anything, for fear he’d start spanking me again.

Suddenly I felt two rough hands grab me and pull me back up, “Your so fucking sexy when your getting spanked,” Niall whispered into my ear before he dipped his fingers into my heat. He ran his fingers up and down my slit before curving upwards into my pussy. I moaned in pleasure before bucking my hips into his hand. I felt his lips near my ear again, “But I bet you’d look even sexier when I fuck you.”

Harry seemed to have heard that, because next thing I knew, he’s grabbed my arm and pulled me into him, “No way mate, I’m fucking her first,” He said. And then, before I knew it, the two were in an argument over who would fuck who first, while they promptly shoved me on the bed to wait for whoever was the winner of the argument.

In the end Niall won, and he quickly fondled with Harry’s balls as a thank you. Harry moaned and slapped Niall’s hand away. That made me wetter then I already was, seeing them go at each other. I imagined Harry blowing Niall, the older boy gripping his curls. Oh fuck. I slipped one hand between my folds as I thought of this. Next thing I knew, Niall was on top of me, wrenching my hand away from my core.

“Naughty girl, your not given attention for two seconds and you start playing with yourself,” Niall chuckled before his features straightened, “Now, get on all fours so I can give you the raw fucking you deserve, you little slut.”

I quickly scrambled onto my hands and knees, still in my stillettos. I had barely gotten into this position before Niall rammed his entire length into me. I gasped at the sensation of being filled to the hilt. “Oh fuck, daddy,” I moaned, “That feels so good..” I felt him groan behind me before he began to thrust in and out, getting a steady pace. “Tell me you love it, tell me your my little whore,” Niall bellowed as he continued to pound into me.

“Oh my God, I love it, daddy! I’m your little fucking whore!” I screamed in ecstacy as Niall continued to wreck me from behind. “So fucking tight!” Niall hissed, “How the fuck can a slut like you be so tight?” I was slipping into pure ecstacy by now, before Niall pulled my hair harshly and made me look up, “Your close, aren’t you, little slut? I want you to scream for Daddy, got that?”

“Y-Yes, daddy,” my voice was shaky as I felt that feeling in the pit of my stomach, I was approaching my orgasm. My stomach clenched before I let go, screaming profanities in the process, “Oh daddy, I-I-” I screamed as loud as I could before I came. “That’s right baby, cum all over my cock,” Niall hissed before he released into me, muttering his own profanities.

Before my orgasm had even completely washed over me, I was turned back onto my back as Harry straddled my chest. “Had fun fucking my mate while I watched?” He breathed. Niall sat up beside me, breathing hard before he took Harry’s cock in his hand, pumping it with his hand till Harry let out a groan and came all over my chest.

Niall collapsed on one side of me, while Harry laid down on the other. For a few minutes we lay there, breathless and spent, before I heard Niall clear his throat.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” He asked me, “I want this place cleaned up right now!” I started at him in disbelief. Did he really still consider me as his maid after all that?

Apparently he did, because the next thing I knew, I had been pushed off the bed, naked in only my stillettos, while the two smirked at me.

“And stay naked,” Harry smiled, “I’m in the mood for a show.”