and you're lying so bad

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I just really need to know what you look like. Is that supposed to be you in your profile pic?

yup. that is me. just a civil war dude with a song in me heart:

how good the signs are at lying
  • aries: don't even try please nobody believe you
  • taurus: scary good actually bc you look pretty innocent
  • gemini: hard to tell if you're lying or not you're so good
  • cancer: nope
  • leo: so so good but it's only to make you look cooler
  • virgo: also scarily good like you're a beautiful cinnamon roll you shouldn't be lying
  • libra: so bad not even worth trying
  • scorpio: hella pro
  • sagittarius: it's hard for you to keep a straight face and lie but sometimes you can do it
  • capricorn: second nature to you really
  • aquarius: nobody can tell if you're telling the truth, lying or just being sarcastic wtf
  • pisces: SO GOOD but nobody suspects

I’ve wanted to draw Iris Wildthyme’s incarnations for a while, because it’s difficult to find references for her and I’ll need some if I ever want to draw her (I’d still really like to draw a few scenes from The Scarlet Empress).