and you're being burned by satan

  • Beckett flirting with danny valentine: she's such a cutie look at how she plays with her hair little adorableball kbex omg omg i love her can i be her she's so funny i'm having a heart attack please god jesus christ and virgin mary come save me
  • Castle casually looking at some strippers: what the fuck what the actual fuck this is unbelievable you despicable human being what are you even doing you're married your wife is beside you you heartless piece of shit i'm in despair he's such a horrible creature you don't deserve kate beckett egoistical womanizer i hope you burn in hell while satan is cutting your penis off i hate this episode this is bullshit this is the
The Signs According to Me
  • Aries: Rad
  • Taurus: Chill
  • Gemini: Fun
  • Cancer: Sweet
  • Leo: Brave
  • Virgo: next to satan
  • Libra: Smart
  • Scorpio: Sexy
  • Sagittarius: Partier
  • Capricorn: Composed
  • Aquarius: Ridic
  • Pisces: Radiant beings. Literally the best people you will ever know. Seriously, they're so sensitive to other people around them and always want to be sure you're okay and want to help. Talented motherfuckers, especially when it comes to drawing and writing and they're fucking funny as fuck. Best friends you'll ever have. Sees your bullshit before you have a chance to spew it and you better have some ice and aloe on hand cos they're gonna burn you to the ground for it. They get caught up in their own heads for a bit but that's okay, leave them be and they'll always come back. They speak in puns. MAKES BAD DAD JOKES BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY'RE FUNNY BUT THEY areNT. They have nice butts.