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There’s definitely a bit of me in Missy and a bit of Missy in me. | Happy birthday @twoheartsbothofthemyours! :)

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If you had to give one piece of advice to all girls, what would it be?

This is something I’m still working on.


Alright so I’ve been meaning to draw @circateas Cuphead Announcer design for a bit now and I’m glad I finally gave into the temptation cuz DAMN is he fun to draw (also please check them out their art is tOP FUCKING NOTCH)


You have to do the opposite of what people expect.
                                                  How else will you surprise them?

Victor Nikiforov for @miyukei​, happy belated birthday Dan! ♡ [09.17.17]


Interviewer“Does anyone else think Normani was sort of robbed on Dancing With The Stars?”
Lauren“Fact! She absolutely was… When they said her name, I was just mad… Listen, I commend everyone, but Mani deserved that shit more than anyone. She worked her butt off.”

Keep using Korean lyrics. What you’re doing with music and how you’re connecting people, no matter where they are in the world and realizing how one person’s struggle on one side of the globe is the same as someone’s struggle here… it’s a big deal. You’re doing a lot of good.

- Zack fucking Sang (my king)


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”