and you'll have lemon all for yourself

Messy, Romantic Poetry For The Signs
  • To, the signs
  • Love, Aquarius <3
  • Aries: You were bubbly pink, laughter that could echo inside of you and never stop. You were a dangerous kind of safety. Being with you was diving off a cliff and knowing you'd float, and your embrace like meeting a river current. You captured me with the intensity of a lightning storm, and loving you makes the moon reverse its orbit.
  • Taurus: You shake the world quietly and shroud yourself in clouds of gentle mystery. Then, on those rare moments when the fog clears, you're vibrant. Your eyes are late nights and soft lamplight, your arms, spilled tears and hot chocolate, your bearing like a forest rendezvous at first daylight.
  • Gemini: You are lightning when it meets spring air. Your heart is an ever-floating balloon, and knowing it is like an exhale in a rain forest. Locking eyes with you turns mist to rain, and you smirk through the downpour as you set it all on fire.
  • Cancer: Pastel sunrises and snow flaked lashes gather in your smile. You're like the last wisps of some fantastic dream, and yet you're an intense reality, the kind that paints life outside the windows and distracts you. You matter like the sun, without you nothing would breath.
  • Leo: Victorian waltzes and dripping sun rays live in your skin and reflect in the sparkle of your eyes. Danger breathes in your shadow, but your aura says it's worth it. A moment in your sights is a gust of wind to a bird and the craters in the moon. Everyone is a sailor, and you're the one who stole the northern star.
  • Virgo: Your footsteps fall with dusty books in heavy wind, and golden sunlight sleeps in your hair. Your voice is sweet like flower petals when your fingernails scrape at a future of stolen kisses and tongue-tied wishes, and your speeches smile in my dreams.
  • Libra: Palm trees sway in our memories, sending warm waves of purple sunsets into our present. The future is cultivated by your Caribbean eyes that swim with cherry gardens and summer breezes. You were like life and death, and neither made sense without you.
  • Scorpio: Love is something you create, like smoke to a wildfire. Your cigarette smile is smothered by the crystalline tears that rage underneath your skin, and dreams stick to the backs of your eyelids. Ice shards freeze your handshakes, but daisies melt your winter embrace.
  • Sagittarius: Fire. That is all. A love with you could turn heaven to ashes and hell to ice. You were incensed, psychedelic dreams in smoky water, weaving yourself through history. You were eternal, your eyes caught divinity, and together we broke the world.
  • Capricorn: 296. That's how many times I dreamed of meeting you last year. Multiply that by the weight of your gaze and you get how much I want to love you this year. 177,600.If you throw your lemon-zest laugh and nebula eyes into the'll have lost count because you're too easy to get lost in. You remind me of snow capped mountains and angel wings, and every other indescribable beauty that got lost in the weight of this world.
  • Aquarius: You were everything new. Whether it was frostbite in summer or heatstroke in winter, you breathed every second and spare molecule. You lived in spring run off, but winter yearned for you. If I hadn't settled into your light, If you hadn't reached for my shadow, life would still be a cold, hard place. Now it's become a galaxy of surprise, and death is like a cold, hard kiss of wind and stars.
  • Pisces: You brought the world in your inhale, and exhaled its darkness. All the world's light stayed trapped inside you, only to be seen through your laugh, saturated in sun. Together we were breathless, because you were the long drawn exhale of life to crushed winter lungs. You were beauty and rain and stars and purple clouds, but mostly, you were alive.