and you would see how gentle a woman can be

sakura: *ends the only friendship she has over sasuke, effectively breaking ino’s heart*

pros: can you believe how mean ino was to her?

sakura: *mocks orphans in front of sasuke and only lays off because her precious sasuke-kun tells her she’s being a shitrooster*

pros: she was sasuke and naruto’s only support

sakura: *compares sasuke’s true loneliness to how she would feel if he left*

pros: what pure young love!!

sakura: *beats naruto half to death, effectively terrifying many villagers, right after seeing him again*

pros: she’s such a gentle and loving woman (:

sakura: *assumes naruto only wants to save sasuke for her sake and tries to emotionally manipulate him…after learning that hinata loved naruto and was willing to die for him*

pros: so selfless (:

sakura: *again confesses to sasuke, only considering her own feelings, and proving she has never thought about his emotions*

pros: wow he’s such an asshole for hurting her!

sakura: *stalks her husband after he tells her he wants to be alone- and does this while pregnant*

pros: so loyal! (:

sakura: *pretends karin never existed, even though karin believed they were friends, tapes her picture over karin’s*

pros: isn’t she just the sweetest? (:

sakura: *terrifies her daughter into silence by shattering their house…because sarada asked her a fucking question*

pros: and a great mother!!! (:

me: …have you been reading too many fanfics??

They never talk about how you wept with his hair still clinging to your hands. They never mention how your hands shook so you couldn’t use scissors, and instead severed his strength with a knife. 

That wouldn’t fit you see.

Here, Salome was a whore, not a girl pleasing her mother through the language of murder. Eve not only dishonoured herself, but forced the entire human race to fall with her, never discussing how a woman might want to plummet if she learned something as a reward. 

In a book written by the hands of dishonest men, Lilith was to be discarded like a toy, and her rage should have been quieter. Lot’s daughter’s names are forgotten, but their sin isn’t. They pay penance before they state their identities. 

The only good women is a virginal one, and the only ones suitable for wedding are gentle souls, who would just as soon raise their voice as dare raise a hand.

So can you be blamed for wanting to see how a man looked without his protection? Can you be blamed for kissing him sweetly before talking poison?

Oh, Delilah, you only wanted him to see things from your point of view. And of course, the entire temple came tumbling down around him, leaving nothing but dust and a few strands of hair.

—  Weakness became a weapon. (A.V.P)