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YAS KATHERINE!!!!!! I can't believe there are only 2 more episodes left and I've managed to stay spoiler free, mostly in part to you always warning/tagging so Thank You! but I just had to express my excitement for Katherine! and still hope Kai stays till the end bc he/ Chris Wood are f-ing awesome, would love to see scenes wit Kai and Katherine but probably a long shot :) So Kai and Kat made some kind of bet that the others wouldn't be able to kill Cade but since they did, Kat now controls Hell?

Don’t read if you haven’t seen 8x14 (I tagged the post as tvd spoilers just in case)!

You’re strong, girl! I can’t manage to stay away from the spoilers, lol!

I think Chris couldn’t stay longer because he’s also shooting Supergirl. I’m afraid he couldn’t stay more than two episodes. But I absolutely agree he’s awesome!

But I would have been curious to see Kai and Katherine interact, too!

Exactly. Now that Cade is not in charge anymore, Katherine has control of hell.

types of marvel fans i have seen on my dash during my time as a marvel fan
  • type 1: really love loki to a disturbing degree. probably joined around the time the first avengers movie came out. are rare nowadays but you occasionally still see one and cringe a lil bit but u do u fam
  • type 2: think the winter soldier is one of the greatest films ever made. would literally take a bullet for bucky barnes
  • type 2a: people who enjoy steve rogers (just kidding, this is everyone)
  • type 3: people who are in love with our lord and savior peggy carter
  • type 3a: people who are in love with our other lord and savior sharon carter
  • type 4: the guardians of the galaxy-ers. i'm pretty sure they're high like at least 40% of the time when they're not making fantastic edits
  • type 5: the Tony Stans™
  • type 6: the deadpool fans. interestingly probably the most respectful of the bunch
  • type 7: the comic book fans. always good for a good movie/comic comparison thanks guys
  • type 7a: the fraction!hawkeye fans. would die for kate bishop and think clint barton is A Mess™ (he is)
  • type 8: the Netflix Fan™. the only people capable of being adults here
  • type 9: never in my five years on this site have a seen an exclusively thor blog. but they must be out there. they must
  • type 10: people who have seen uncle ben die like three times too many. stop making origin stories for spiderman
  • type 11: people who needed the black panther movie yesterday (just kidding, this is also everyone)
  • type 12: people who would let natasha romonov kick them in the face
  • type 13: people who do not enjoy brucenat (just kidding, also everyone)

Those “if someone from your favorite show found your blog how would they react” posts are so hard for the Supernatural fandom because it’s like 

Kim Rhodes finds a smut account? She would high five you and look under the Briana tag. 

Jensen Ackles finds a Destiel account? This is awkward….

Jared Padalecki finds a Sabriel account? “Haha, no way! Oh my god, Rich, have you seen this?” 

Rob Benedict finds a Richard Speight Jr account? He runs it.  

Matt Cohen finds a Dean Winchester fanfic account? “No way. His lips are way better than that.”

Misha Collins finds literally any account? He loves it. Supports it 100%. Could be gayer, though. 

Richard Speight Jr finds a Crowley account? He literally just starts imitating Mark’s voice.

Like there are so many different outcomes 

Incoming long post about Ezra Miller

If you don’t like Ezra Miller I’m sorry but have you seen him

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 why would you not like him

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 he’s precious

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but also very attractive

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and he’s so open about social problems and wants to raise awareness

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and don’t even get me started

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on his range

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as an actor

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he was the saving feature of We Need To Talk About Kevin for me

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and basically

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i love my queer son Ezra Miller ok

Having a Youtube Channel with Barry Allen Would Include...

  • you starting a vlog bc you think it would be fun
  • and you’re making your little videos
  • and start to get a little bit of a fanbase
  • just a few hundred, nothing major
  • then one day barry comes in as you’re recording
  • and you’re so embarrassed bc you haven’t told anyone about it
  • but he thinks it’s cool and your whole conversation is hilarious
  • so you think
  • hey
  • i’ll put that in the vlog it’s funny
  • and people
  • freak
  • out
  • like you keep getting followers who are like
  • ‘omg have you ever seen two people more in love???’
  • ‘do the boyfriend tag with barry!!’
  • ‘i ship this’
  • so you keep making vlogs with barry
  • and he never reads the comments he just watches the video and helps you edit
  • so he’s
  • as always
  • oblivious af
  • AND
  • AND
  • sometimes barry does videos where he like
  • explains a science
  • and you’re like his lab assistant and he’s trying to be like
  • youtube bill nye
  • bc this is barry allen
  • biggest nerd of all time
  • and your fans are literally like ‘au where they’re scientists!!’
  • anyway yeah
  • and omg
  • one day barry posts a video that’s just of himself doing a vlog
  • and it’s like
  • ‘ok Y/N is taking a nap and i’m just hanging out here so i’m going to prank her and post this video before she sees’
  • ‘…’
  • ‘can i trust you guys with a secret?’
  • ‘…you should start spell checking your comments.’
  • oh and also there’s a weird conspiracy that your house is haunted
  • bc whenever you make a video alone there’s always a weird red streak that flashes by at some point

I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 

thoughts on “the lying detective” from a sherlolly shipper

(aka why I believe there is still hope for us)

I have seen a variety of reactions from fellow shippers from mildly disappointed to “the ship has sunk” and thought I would give my two cents (spoilers ahead).

No matter how you frame it, this season has been disappointing for us. Molly has had maybe three minutes of screen time in the 2/3 of the season that has already aired. She was mostly mentioned instead of shown which is really frustrating, but from this season so far we have that:

  • Molly has medically examined Sherlock. Jokes aside, I feel this means he trusts her enough to do so. He also feels comfortable enough, which is important. A medical examination can be rather invasive (depending on the type), and Sherlock isn’t keen to be touched by anybody most of the time. He could have gotten someone else to do it, but he specifically wanted Molly.
  • Molly watched Sherlock at 221b to make sure he didn’t relapse. This means that John trusts her enough to do so, and Sherlock is comfortable enough around her to let her stay. You might not have caught it, but John said he would be back at 6am, meaning Molly got the night shift. Sherlock probably doesn’t sleep much so they probably talked long into the night. 
  • Molly knew Sherlock’s birthday even though John didn’t!!!
  • Sherlock and John had cake with Molly to celebrate Sherlock’s birthday. The only people that could have planned this were Molly or John, and I don’t think John was chummy enough with Sherlock to plan a birthday celebration, AND he didn’t know his birthday so how could he have set it up? I think it’s also worth noting that Sherlock could have refused to go but he didn’t. He seems like the last person in the world to want to go to a birthday celebration for himself but he went.

The bad:

  • Molly’s lack of screen time. This is the most frustrating one for me. WHY is she in all of these promos and WHY do I feel there’s some sort of arc for her character coming if she’s never around? It makes me mad, but at the same time I feel that maybe she’ll be in the finale a lot more than the other episodes. Why would some who’s in all these promo photos be in just a few minutes of the whole season? Even if her time is short I think she’ll be integral somehow. I feel that Molly wasn’t prevalent in this season yet because it’s not her time yet. I have a good feeling that she’ll be much more prevalent in the finale, and wouldn’t you rather have her be integral in something as explosive as the finale? The first episode had to focus on Mary, and the second episode had to focus on Sherlock and getting back into John’s good graces. 
  • THAT ad/lock scene. Yes, that one. The one that people seem to think confirms that ship. While it disappointed me a lot, I don’t think it confirms that ship at all. She texted him because it was his birthday. It was probably another “let’s have dinner” text or something stupid. Sherlock admitted that he texts her back, but has he ever made any effort to see her in person or get to know her further? Nope. Maybe he flirts with her and maybe he doesn’t. We don’t know, and it wasn’t relevant enough for them to state explicitly, so I’m not going to worry about it or give it another thought. I thought that scene was very out of nowhere and I doubt she’ll be in any episode or even mentioned ever again. 

We also still need to remember the canon facts we have pre season 4:

  • Molly matters THE MOST to Sherlock out of anyone. That is canon and out of Sherlock’s own mouth. That can never be taken away. 
  • The whole “you’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you” speech. That is still true.
  • Molly helped Sherlock after he faked his death. She knew he was still alive. John didn’t even know!
  • THE KISS which is probably not real but I like to think that it is, and I think it’s interesting that they included it even as an imaginary sequence
  • Molly’s whole engagement ordeal. Given that Molly has a very limited amount of screen time, WHY would the writers decide to give her a fiance and then break the engagement off? What would the point of that be if Sherlock and Molly have no significant kind of relationship (romantic or otherwise)? I think that would be very strange. Why would they mention that she’s in love with him at all? In the pilot they probably showed it so they could show how Sherlock manipulated her, but he doesn’t do that anymore. Through the engagement scenes we saw that Molly is still in love with Sherlock. Why would that fact still be relevant? For these reasons I believe there will be good Sherlolly scenes during the finale.
Shut Doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Title: Shut doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Reader and Doctor Strange, the Avengers

Request: Doctor Strange x Reader with 10+17, annnnnnnnnnd smutty-ish, please? If you could write it, I would be appreciate so much. And thank you in advance. Hoping that you would have a nice day! By @septimaseverina (sorry the link didn’t work the first time around, silly me. 

10. “It’s not what it looks like…”

17. “Oh please! It’s not like you’ve never seen something like this before.”

Summary: When a one night stand leads to awkward silences, awkward glances and awkward conversations you feel you’re never going to get your best friend back. But, when a mission threatens your life will everything change?

Word count: 965

Warnings: Mentions of potential death. SMUT, yep, you heard Doctor Strange smut. 

Tags: @tmntwhat-you-get-is-what-you-see @trinswhimsys

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What shopping with Vernon would be like

•A LOT of skinship. Whenever you were looking at something in a store, he would come up behind you and give you a hug, complimenting whatever you were looking at

•You would get annoyed at him because he would always start singing and rapping along to the music that´s being played at the mall

•You would catch him staring at the half naked models in the add signs. “Yah!” “Y/N I-I swear I wasn´t staring! I was just admiring how good the underwear they are wearing would look on you”

•He would buy you clothes, no matter the price, because he wanted to see you in them

•He would beg you to buy matching hoodies and you would tag along at the end

•”You really suit pink, you should get this!” You would say pointing at a pink shirt. “Y/N you know I don´t like pink. Have you ever seen me wear pink?” “Yup! In the Very Nice music video” “Yah but that´s different”

•You would show him a teddy and beg him to buy it to you as a `boyfriend-girlfriend gift` but he would act cool and say something like “Pft, teddies are for kids” but when you disappointed made your way over to somewhere else in the store he would secretly buy it and give it to you later on

•He would sneakily take pictures of you while grabbing a coffee together at one of the cafés at the mall

-Admin Karoline

Tumblr likes broke for a bit, here’s why

This awful awful website uses HTML, like every other site. HTML is usually only used for the basics, such as the name on the tab, a bit of basic positioning etc. For more professional websites, it’s just used to house other programming languages, such as JavaScript and CSS, both of which Tumblr uses frequently. 

JavaScript is usually used for animation, and general things to make the site pretty, and CSS is for styling, like text and background

The most common, and usually best way to format a website is for each page to have a separate HTML document. Not always necessary, but it’s recommended because it’s then easier to fix. Some would argue that you can tag certain parts, therefore reducing server costs by having less files. To that I say nah, having multiple files is easier to see for someone who’s never seen your code if you need an outside look on it, and tbh file size will add up in a single file anyway

That’s the background out of the way. Onto the problem

So after a fairly long time of searching through, trying to find anything related to tags, I found the section that seems to be the culprit, in which there was a bit of JavaScript. Annoyingly, I’ve closed the tab and really don’t want to try and find it again, but it was this kind of format:

blog.isFollowed = true;

Now here’s the problem. I searched for “isfollowed”, but nothing related to likes came up, only other pages containing similar code. So I searched through every part of the likes section, and found the culprit.

if(blog.isFollwoed) doAThing;

One single spelling error broke it. Because due to that, the likes page couldn’t check for just a few important things. Ya know, simple stuff like the tags you’ve used before, the blogs you follow, nothing too important (because they copy-pasted it)

So what about your own blog name?

Because it couldn’t check your blog name, the tags reverted to the previous code they had, which would then give you the latest likes from the most recent person to have liked something on tumblr. So every time you refresh, guess what? You could get anything! From rp blogs, to porn blogs, you name it. Kinda like the lottery, but you don’t win anything and are left scarred for life at some point of time

Oh, quick fun fact btw, every coding application has an in-build spellchecker, so they have no excuse. They could be using freakin notepad and it’d tell them

tl;dr Tumblr messed up by spelling “followed” wrong

Title: In Need of Comfort - Pt. 4 

Characters:Dean x Reader

Warning: Angst

Word Count: 550

A/N: Gif Blurb Mini Series Part 12 & 3.  I will be accepting gifs in my submit box (or whatever) of gifs you would like to see as a part of this series. They have to be gifs in which Dean is need in need of obvious comfort. That’s what this gif blurb series is about. Sorry there won’t be any tagging for this series, but it will be scheduled for 7-8 Central/Standard Time daily.

So without further ado… Enjoy.

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Late Night Distraction

Warning: cussing, SMUT, UNPROTECTED SMUT (WRAP IT PEOPLE), i think that’s it, oh MORE SMUT

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader, Hank

Request:  Charles Xavier x Reader with the idea of “You distract him from work sometimes by sitting on his lap and trailing kisses along his jaw, down his neck until he gives in.” I just saw this somewhere sooooo kudos to that person!!!

~ anonymous

A/n: I hope you like it. I had fun with this one, its pretty much almost smut . I hope this is some what you had in mind because I took all day to do this while chasing my 3 year old daughter around. James McAvoy is sexy as fuck and I clearly wouldn’t mind having him in my bed. (-;

Tag list: @marvelismylife @the-winter-sokovian

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               It was a little past 10 and the love of your life was nowhere to be seen in the room the two of you shared. He tends to be working on something that would end up with him staying up most of the night or until you go in search for him. Well, tonight you wanted to fall asleep in his arms and you were going to do anything it takes to make it happen.

               You slid off you silk nightgown, along with you panties. You walked over to the closet and pulled out one of his button up shirts, slipping your arms into the sleeves buttoned the buttons up to the middle of your breasts. You looked at yourself in the full length mirror on the back of the closet door. Once you thought you looked perfect, after adjusting the shirt a little to show off the top curve of your breast. Charles had a thing for leaving dark marks on the top and bottom of your breasts, you never minded actually you loved it.

               You walked out of the room, walking down the hall and down the stairs. You saw Hank as you made your way to Charles study. Knowing damn well he would be there, books spread over his desk. Which at the moment you didn’t mind if it was you instead. God knew you wanted to be under him so bad and tonight you were damn sure you were going to get exactly what you wanted.

               You stood at the door of his study, leaning up against the door jamb watching him. He looked so handsome as he concentrated on one of the books in front of him. You pushed yourself off the door jamb and made your way over to him. You knew he noticed your presence but he hadn’t looked at you and saw what you were and weren’t wearing. You walked around his desk and slid your hands over his shoulders, squeezing lightly which caused him to groan at the pressure.

               “Hello love.” He didn’t take his eyes off the book in front of you.

               “Hi, my sweet.” You leaned down slightly to whisper in his ear. “What are you working on tonight?”

               “Just a little something for Hank, he asked me to look up a few things for him.” His hand skimmed over the book as he looked for the information he needed. You were now starting to get annoyed that he hasn’t even looked up at you. He was so into what he was doing.

               You slid softly into his lap, wrapping your right arm around his neck and placed your head on his shoulder. He finally looked down at what you were wearing.

               “Is that my shirt, love?” His voice was a bit low but his eyes went right back to his book.

               “Yes it is. Do you know what time it is, my darling Charles.” All he did was hum, his eyes working their way across his book. “It’s almost 11 and you should be coming to bed.”

               You started to place soft kisses along his jaw. You could tell he was trying to concentrate on what he was doing but you weren’t going to give up so easily. Not while wearing his shirt, just his shirt. You started to make your way down the left side of his neck. His concentration was wearing very thin and you were becoming very aware of how hard you were making him. He still hasn’t figured out that you were not wearing any panties, well until he took his right hand and slid it up your exposed leg to the bottom hem of the shirt. The shirt barely covered your ass but you knew he loved seeing you in his shirts. As his hand slid under the shirt his head shot up and looked you dead in the eyes, conveying his shock.

               “Really, love. You came all the way down here to come fetch me for bed while you’re wearing just my shirt?” Now you had his attention.

               “Oh sweetheart. You think I would come all the way down here, wearing this and only this. Just to come get you to come to bed?” You looked at him completely innocently. You bit your lip and stood up from his lap. You started to walk towards the door before you stopped and turned to look at him. He was turned on and you could see it in his eyes. “If you want to see what else I’m not wearing, you have to come to bed.” You smirked at him before you walked out of the room. You heard his chair slide back as he stood up. You managed to get to the bottom of the stairs before you saw him walking towards you with a smile on his face. At that moment, you decided to run up the stairs and towards your room. You heard him laugh just before he started to run after you.

               You had managed to get to the room before he grabbed a hold of you. “Now that’s not nice, my love.” He was slightly out of breath from running. “You can’t turn me on like that then get away that easily.”

               “Who said I wanted to get away?” You looked at him. Your eyes conveyed love and lust for the man in front of you. “I just didn’t want the edge of your desk digging into my lower back like last time.” ‘God that was fucking amazing.’

               He leaned down, pressing his lips to the side of your neck like you did to him. “I clearly remember not complaints last time.” He bit the side of your neck softly, pulling a moan from your lips. His hands started to undo the buttons of the shirt you were wearing, revealing that you weren’t wearing a bra ether. “Fuck.” His voice was low as he placed his forehead against your, looking down at you as the shirt laid open exposing you to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands skimmed down your sides to your thighs. “Jump.” You didn’t need to be told twice. You jumped as his hands held you against him. He didn’t realize how wet you were until he grinded himself into you, causing the both of you to moan at the friction.

               He walked you to the bed and laid you down. You scooted up to the pillows as he climbed up the bed like a predator, kissing and nibbling his way up your legs. He skipped over the place where you really needed him the most. He placed a kiss on your hips before continuing his ascend up your body. He reached your breasts, one hand slid over one breast as his mouth took the other. He grazed his teeth across the nipple causing you to through your head back and moan. Your hands weaved their way into his hair, gently raking your nails against his scalp drawing a moan from him. It sent shivers down your spine as you felt the vibrations against your breast. He released your nipple with a wet pop then doing the same thing to the other. You tugged slightly at his hair, causing him to look up at you. His eyes were completely blown with lust and by god you loved it. He bit down on the tops of your breasts, leaving marks there just like he always does before making his way to your neck. He nibbled and sucked at your neck, almost like you did to him. He dragged whimpers and wanton moans from you.

               “Charles, please.” You were practically begging him, you only hoped that he would give you what you wanted.

               “Oh love. You think you could tease me like you did and get away with it.” His voice was low and husky, making his accent even more. It sent shivers down your spine and you moaned. His right hand slipped down your body until it was buried in between your legs. Running his fingers through your folds, flicking your clit from time to time. He then inserted a single finger which caused you to arch your back off the mattress, moaning his name softly like a prayer. He started work his finger inside you as his lips attached themselves to you neck, leaving small dark marks. When he was satisfied with what he had done, his lips captured yours. His tongue skimming over your bottom lip, you parted your lips allowing him to slip in. Your tongues fought for dominance but he won like always. He added another finger as he continued to work your pussy. You threw your head back against the pillow and moaned loud, he took this movement to attack your neck again.

               “Fuck, Charles. God please.” You moaned, his stubble covered chin grazing the soft skin of your collar bone. He knew you were getting close. He lifted his head and saw the way you looked, a thin layer of sweat covered your exposed skin and your hair fanned out over the pillow. To him, you were prefect. To him, you were his everything.

               “As you wish, my love.” He withdrew his fingers from you, causing you to whimper in protest. Which didn’t last long when he buried his face in between your legs.

               “FUCK!” You moaned, bordering on a scream. Your hands instantly buried themselves in his hair, keeping him in place the best you could. His tongue pushing past your folds, entering you. He started to fuck you with his tongue. His pace matched the pace that he had when he finger fucked you. You were getting closer to the edge and he knew it. He slipped his fingers back inside you as his lips attached themselves on your clit. He felt your walls tighten around his fingers.

               “Cum for me love.” Just like that, your body obeyed his order. He worked you through your orgasm, lapping at everything you offered him. He moved back up your body once he knew he got everything. His lips attached yours, you moaned at the taste of yourself on his lips. You could feel him hard and heavy against your hip. You needed him inside you, NOW.

               You slid your hand down in between your bodies, gripping him. You stroked him slightly before you aligned him at your entrance. He took this and pushed his way into you. Stopping when he bottomed out, filling you completely. Both of you moaned at the sensation.

               “Fuck, darling.” He held himself over your body with one elbow next to your shoulder as he buried his other into your hair while your arms were wrapped around his shoulders. You looked into each other’s eyes, his blue eyes were as bright as ever while being completely blown. You nodded your head, letting him know he could move. He slowly pulled out of you, leaving the head of his cock still buried inside you. With force, he slammed into making you cry out in pleasure. He kept this pace up. The sounds of skin slapping skin mixed with the sounds of your moans filled the room. Nether of you caring if anyone heard you, you were so wrapped up in each other that the world could end and you would be happy.

               He kept this pace up, fast and brutal. He was getting close and you knew it. You felt him twitch inside you, which caused you to moan louder. “Charles.” You moaned, digging your nails into his back which caused him to fuck into you harder. If that was even possible.

               “I know, my love. I right there with you. Now cum for me.” Your body shook hard as your orgasm wreaked over you. Cumming hard around him, dragging him over the edge with you. He bit down on your shoulder, causing you to scream in pleasure as he began to cum. He continued to work inside you, milking your orgasms as long as possible before collapsing on top of you. His face buried in the crook of your neck as he laid there, catching his breath. Both of you covered in sweat and it honestly didn’t bother you. He lifted his head and saw the mark on your shoulder. “I am so sorry love. I didn’t mean to bite that hard.” He looked down at you, his eyes were filled with regret for it.

               “Darling, there is no need to be sorry. I loved it and I love you.” His eyes softened when he looked into yours. Your eyes showed love, compassion, and adoration for the man above you. All he did was nod his head before getting up and walking into the bathroom and returning with a warm wet washcloth. He cleaned you up and tossed it into the laundry basket across the room. He slid under the covers and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into him. You buried your face into his chest, you loved it when you cuddled after he just literally fucked you into the mattress.

               “Now, darling.” He kissed the top of your head as he started to run his fingers through your hair. “The next time you tease me remember this.” You looked up at him. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

               “Oh my Charles. You think that was teasing?” You smirked up at him. “I should show you what I do when I tease.”

Substitute Teacher

Requested by the lovely @negans-fucking-wife: “Hii I was wondering since negan was a school teacher before the apocalypse do  you think you could do like a dirty one shot about him being a teacher?”

Word Count: 2,162

Warning(s): lots of smut, dirty talk, Negan cussing of course

Tagging: @zombeeegurl @5sos1dsex (if you would like to be tagged in any of my works, just ask!)


Yesterday, your English teacher, for grade 12, left early due to be sick which meant you would probably have monotone, boring, old substitute until your regular teacher would return. You had expected the same thing for today, but when you walked into the small classroom, you found out that you were wrong.

In front of the room stood the most handsome guy you have ever seen, well you were assuming since the only thing you could see at this moment of him was his side profile and his back. This man was like most teachers, and you could just tell that just by the way he was dressed. He was clothed in a simple pair of jeans and a black button down shirt, that was pretty tight. As he would write today’s assignments on the board, his arms would flex, making the button down grab against his arms.

It was when the teacher turned around that you just noticed how handsome he was. The bottom half of his face was covered in a pepper colored beard. You definitely had an eye for guys with a beard. As you eyed his body down, you also took notice that the first button of his shirt was popped open and the same pepper color that covered his beard seemed to also cover his chest hair.

“As you can see, Mrs. Smith won’t be here for today, or for the rest of the week for that matter. While she is out, I will be your sub. You all can call me Negan, nothing else.” The teacher, Negan, had such a deep voice, it was hypothetically making you melt.

Negan had to in his mid-late 40’s, but you weren’t complaining. He looked good for his age.

You were staring at him, trying to figure him out, but he quickly caught you. Negan cleared his throat, catching your attention and making you face flush a bright red. He quietly chuckled, starting on a lecture about Romeo and Juliet.

It was only Monday, and if Negan was going to be here the rest of the week, you sure were going to have a hard time concentrating. He had already taken up most of your thoughts and class had only start 20 minutes.


Usually, by Wednesday, you were wanting to crawl in a hole, but knowing that you got to see Negan again, made you excited. Just in the short amount of 2 days, you had learn a lot about Negan, well, you learned about him along with your classmates.

You had learned that he liked to play ping pong. At his old school, he wasn’t just a English teacher, he also couched their ping pong team. One thing that you had learned about him, maybe a couple of other students had caught onto it too, but, you had learned that when he was frustrated, he would run his fingers through his beard. It was a simple thing, but that simple little thing he did had thoughts running through your mind.

Usually, you were a bit of a shy student, but Negan brought something out of you. You find yourself flirting with him, but not enough for the others to find out, but Negan quickly caught onto the little game you were playing and he decided to play along too.

Some things you would to catch his eye would include, biting the end of your pen and acting oblivious to what you were doing, or even wearing low cut shirts and leaning forward just the slightest bit giving him a little peak. You could tell you were getting to him when he would squirm in his seat, more than likely adjusting himself.

His payback was worse though. Negan would make eye contact and slide his tongue across his lips, wetting them. As his tongue would dart out of his mouth, your thighs would immediately clenching together, trying to help yourself from falling over in the middle of class. Negan made you weak in the knees, literally. He knew what kind of effect he had on you and he loved it. He loved seeing how hard you would try to concentrate on the task at hand, but slowly give up. Negan got a little satisfaction knowing what he did to you and you couldn’t deny that you got satisfaction as well.


Finally, as Friday had came around the corner. You were sick of it. Sick of the game you two were playing with each other. If Negan wasn’t going to do anything about it, you sure as hell would.

As you walked into class, you ignored his greeting and tried your hardest to ignore him. With ignoring him, you did let a little flirtation slip out here and there, but not too much. Just enough for him to know that you couldn’t take it any longer and with today being his last day, you both had to do something about it.

“(Y/N), why don’t you stay after class? You look like you have something on your mind and I wouldn’t want your teacher coming back to school with confused student.” You heard Negan’s voice echo throughout the small classroom along with some ooo’s from your fellow students.

You honestly didn’t know why he had actually called you to stay after class. Did Negan want to talk about the little interactions you two were having? Did he think that they were inappropriate and it was a simple mistake that you thought that he wanted you as well?

With questions swimming around in your head, you didn’t notice the last student leave the class and Negan walking over to the door, locking it.

The locking sound was what slipped you from your thoughts. You were alone with him, finally, and the air in the room felt thick. There was so much tension flying around that it felt as if you couldn’t breathe.

Negan made his way to the front of you, where you were standing, not exactly being able to move. The closer he got to you, the more shallow your breathing was getting. Negan had this pull on you. It was like every move you made was controlled by him.

He crouched down until he was eye level with you, making sure you were listening to him. “Now, I think you and I have something to talk about, right?”

You began to stumble over your words, not knowing how to answer him. “Um, I-I think we do, sir. I mean N-Negan.”

Never have you been so shy in front of someone before. You weren’t even shy with him after all the flirting,  but the glint in Negan’s eye made you question every sentence and every move now. His eyes were filled with lust, you could tell just by how much they had darken from their usual color of light brown.

Negan moved behind you, his body hear radiating onto your back. The heat of his body sending a shiver down your spine. Each movement he made had a different effect on your body, but along with that, each movement also brought the same effect of wetness pooling in your panties.

Suddenly, you felt his soft, yet rough, lips against the nape of your neck. He was trailing kisses up and down, making sure he didn’t miss a spot. You let out a soft moan from his actions, quickly bringing your hand up to your mouth, trying to quiet the moans.

“Now doll, you don’t have to quiet those fucking pretty little sounds falling from your lips.” Negan covered your hand with his, pulling it away from your mouth.

You felt his lips start to kiss at your neck again, this time nibbling just the slightest bit. The small nibbles helping short moans fall from your lips again. You began to feel his hands and the top of your jeans, working to get them undone. As his was slightly struggling, you decided to help.

Negan smirked against your neck, “always a teachers damn pet, aren’t you?”

A laugh couldn’t help but come from your throat, but it was quickly replaced with a gasp as you felt his fingers slide between your panties and skin, finding their way to your clit. Once he began slowly rubbing, rolling your clit between his two fingers is when you became putty in his hands.

It was at this moment that you mentally thanking yourself that you were 19 a couple of days ago when he was getting to know the students. If you were any younger, this wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

When Negan began pumping his fingers, you moaned loudly. He was so good with his fingers, that you could only imagine how could he was with his cock.

The thought of Negan’s cock made you wetter, making it easier for his fingers to slick back and forth.

“God, you’re so fucking wet. Is this all for me? Hmm?” His fingers pumped fast, making it hard for you to answer, so you just stuck with a stifled moan.

You couldn’t take it anymore, you needed him and quick before a teacher or student walks in, even though school was over. As Negan was still working his fingers, making you weak, you tried your best to strip yourself of your shirt and bra. You didn’t want to waste anymore time.

Once your bra hit the floor, you felt his fingers pull away. You let out a involuntary groan, turning around to look at him.

You were surprised to see him practically naked. The only thing standing between you and his cock was the boxers that he had on that were very tight. Just from the outline, you could tell his cock was big and quite thick. A little precut stain where the head was let you know that he was just as ready as you were.

Deciding that you wanted to give him a little relief, you went to drop to your knees, but he quickly stopped you.

“Let’s save that for another time. Why don’t you bend over that fucking desk for me.” You didn’t have to be told twice before you were already bending over pulling down both your pants and parties.

Behind you, you could hear Negan moan at the sight of you all ready for him. Your wetness dripped down your thigh, it catching the light from all the fluorescent lighting on the ceiling.

Growing impatient, you began to squirm. You needed Negan and he was purposely making you wait and you were growing tired of it.

“Negan, please, just fuck me.” Saying that was all it took for Negan to slam into you from behind. His thrusts quickly becoming hard, but to hard.

Negan’s hands found your hair, pulling it into a makeshift ponytail. The tighter he would pull, the louder you would moan, the roughness bringing you closer to the edge. His hand pulling on your hair brought your body up to the point where your back was pressed against his sweaty chest.

The feeling of his cock inside you absolutely drove your crazy. You craved more and he was giving you everything he had, not wanting to stop. Negan brought his free out around and started rubbing you clit in sync with his thrusts. The faster he would thrust, the faster his fingers would move.

What drove him crazy was the fact that you were moaning his name over and over again. Different pitches over it coming from your mouth.

“Yes, just like that. Saying my fucking name.” Negan began to go even more harder, making you lunge forward a little bit. You obeyed him, moaning his name even more than you already had been.

“Mmm, Negan. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.” The sound of your voice bringing him closer to the edge as well. Which each thrust he did, the closer the edge seemed to be.

The sounds of moans, grunts, and skin slapping together filled the small classroom. Making this whole situation 10x hotter than it already was.

Finally, Negan thrusted hard one last time, bringing you both orgasms together and bringing a long moan from your lips and a hard grunt fall from his. His thrusts slowed down, letting you both ride it out.

You felt him pull out, leaving you with an empty filling you didn’t want. Trying to stand tall was difficult as your legs were still shaking from all the pleasure had had just given you.

The two of you started to get dressed and as you put on the last piece of clothing, you wondered if you and Negan would ever have an interaction like this again. You didn’t want it to be a one time thing, but then again, you had no idea how to get ahold of him outside of school.

Negan must have been thinking the same thing, because he looked at you, answering you mental question. “Don’t you were your pretty fucking head. I’ll be back, trust me.“

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This gif has nothing to do with this imagine but whatevs

Imagine: you leave scratches on Peter’s back after a night of getting frisky and the next morning the team sees

Warnings: Smut, embarrassment (? is that a warning?? I’ve seen it tagged so i figured i would but it’s not that bad of embarrassment more poking fun ya feel)


“Peter are you sure it’s okay we do this here?” you asked from under your boyfriend. The two of you were making out on his bed in the Avengers compound. You knew you two on your way to having sex, but doing it here, so close to all your friends made you a little nervous. What if someone heard? Or worse walked in?

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A/N : This is entry for @mysteriouslyme81 challenge, the Supernatural Music 2016/17 Challenge. I was given the prompt song “Little Black Box” by Stan Walker. Lyrics from the song are in bold. This was Beta’d by the amazing and talented @babypieandwhiskey, she is absolutely fantastic. Tags are below the cut, I have used the tag lists from SPN Fanfic Pond and @mrswhozeewhatsis. If you have been tagged and would like to be removed please message me and I will remove you ASAP.

Summary: Reader is upset with dean and dean tries to prove his innocence.


Pairing: Dean Winchester X Reader.

Word count: 2125

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It had been two long weeks since you had last seen Dean Winchester and it had been the worst two weeks of your life. You had been dating the eldest Winchester for about two years before you realized he had been cheating on you. It had broken your heart when the two of you had a massive argument. He had repeatedly lied to you about being on a case and he was well known for being a womanizer. Dean denied that anything had happened and you hurled abuse at him in an attempt to make him feel as bad as you did.  After the fight, you had packed your bags and left the Bunker quickly, driving for hours before pulling into a motel and crashing for the night. You meant to move on the next morning but you just got consumed with your grief and started dragging yourself to the local bar, trying to forget your sorrows by watching the people around you but never succeeding.

You had run into a few hunters about a week ago, who were passing through the town on the way to their next hunt. As you chatted with them, they mentioned hearing from Dean that he was looking for you. You made them swear not to tell him where you were but apparently that meant nothing because now you were stuck in a bar with the one and only Dean Winchester. You really needed to find a way to change your luck.

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My hopes and thoughts on YOI Episode 9

Do you know what I want, what I really really want for episode 9?

Yes, I get that the development with Makkachin is huge and I am praying for his continued health and wellbeing even as we speak (no, seriously, half my posts yesterday were tagged ‘prayer circle for makkachin’) I am pretty excited for episode 9 still, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

With Victor away and Yuuri in Yakov’s hands, I think it would be a great opportunity for Yakov to come to terms with Victor’s decision to stop skating this season and coach Yuuri.

Yes, Victor might have been an incredibly selfish shit when he first dropped everything to go halfway across the world (as Yakov sees it, anyway:

case in point.) but as we now know and have seen, Victor and Yuuri develop a much deeper relationship as people than as coach and student. Yuuri grows tremendously as a skater, Victor is learning to be a coach (with some bumps along the road), and the two of them develop into wonderful people together.

Of course, the world hasn’t seen this yet, and Yakov certainly hasn’t either since he thinks Victor is only playing at being coach and not taking neither himself nor Yuuri seriously even at the threshold of the Cup of China.

So with Victor going back to Japan for episode 9 (pRAYER cIRCLE FOR MAKKACHIN) and Yuuri doing the equivalent of a sister school switch, I want Yakov to see that special something in Yuuri that Victor saw in that video so many months ago.

Of course, this separation for Yuuri and Victor also means that they develop as people apart as well and are not overly dependent on each other like the Crispino siblings, who will eventually crash and burn if they do not change from their current course. I think this temporary parting will let Yuuri grow even more as a skater, gaining even more confidence, like doing something independently for the first time.

I don’t really care when the realization comes for Yakov. Maybe during practice? Or even right in the middle of Yuuri’s free skate program and Yuuri probably surpasses everyone’s (but most importantly Victor’s) wildest imaginations. But I want, eventually, for Yakov to realize that perhaps everything turned out for the better. I want there to be some kind of reconciliation, since it’s very clear that Victor respects Yakov very much, even if Victor does piss him off on a regular basis. 

In some ways, Yakov can be seen as the forefront of what the world thinks of Yuuri and Victor; he’s almost the personification of what Yuuri thinks of as the world against him. So if Yakov can see that special something in Yuuri, it will mean a victory for Victor and Yuuri. It will mean that the world has changed, has seen Yuuri’s and Victor’s growth.

So as I sit here (sTILL IN THE PRAYER CIRCLE FOR MAKKACHIN), a full week before the next episode I hope from the bottom of my heart we get to see more character development from this. Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei still haven’t let me down yet, and I can’t wait for them to surpass my wildest imagination.

hey, this has been bothering me for a long, long time and i’m finally going to say it. stop with this ‘krp’ bullshit.

korean people are not a genre. we aren’t an aesthetic. do you not find it strange that theres a whole subgenre of roleplay dedicated to korean muses? literally no one else in any other subgenre does this. i have never seen a genre of roleplay for a specific ethnicity. anime and comic rp group themselves as a genre because of the similarities in artistic medium, but

korean people are not an artistic medium. we’re fucking people. you are accessorizing us. this is racist. 

reblogging gifsets of kpop idols you like or kdramas you want to watch and tagging it as ‘omg my muse would definitely have a crush on this person’ is the most shallow, obvious form of yellow fever ive ever seen. whether your muse would have a crush on this idol or actor is not even relevant to the blog, it’s relevant to you, the mun, who sees a pretty korean face and decides that it fits the ‘aesthetic’ of your blog. i’ve never seen anime rp ever reblog gifsets of an anime that’s entirely different from the series that their muse is from and claim that their muse would have a crush on this irrelevant anime character whom they have had no interactions with. so why do you do that to real people? it’s just a tag of korean people who you think are hot? do you not see how fetishizing that is?

and why do you constantly treat korean people like fictional characters you can just fuck around with? does it not strike you as weird to write aus of real people? they’re not even ocs, you just take the idol, their name, their age, their face, and then change everything else around them. these people are not characters, they’re real life entertainers and you treat them like fictional characters, like accessories. writing aus of fictional characters comes from the sentiment of wanting to create something new based on what’s already given of a person who isnt real. it’s fetishizing, it’s dehumanizing, and it’s so painfully uncomfortable to see as a korean person. and it’s not in the same vein as writing an oc and having a faceclaim for them because when you retain the name and ‘character’ of the faceclaim, you’re writing this idol, not an oc, as if the fc werent people. i’ve never seen a ‘benedict cumberbatch au rp blog’ or a ‘tom hiddleston rp blog’ so why is this such a common occurrence to korean celebrities?

so before you write a korean muse using your ‘bias’ as a fc, ask yourself: are you writing out of thirst for your fc or interest for your muse’s characterization? because too many times i’ve come across korean muses with nothing but kdramas and kpop idol gifsets for pages and pages that have nothing to do with their muse and 0 research on our culture (seriously? your muse is special because they’re part of the kim family? 20% of korea has the last name kim, i have the last name kim. i assure you your muse wouldn’t be shit if that’s all they got going for them). i’m sick and tired of having my identity treated like an aesthetic. tone down the yellow fever, thanks.