and you would certainly know harry


Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count:  4800

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes


“Harry,” Y/N says softly.

She rests her head on his lap as his long fingers comb through her hair. Her eyes are on him and she’s playing with the hem of his hoodie that she had stolen out of his closet. Harry tears his eyes away from the screen and looks down at her, her lip in between her teeth.

“Yeah,” he says.

“Couldn’t you go for a warm cookie right now?” Y/N asks, and Harry laughs. He’s perfectly content without a cookie, but he knows Y/N wants one, and he couldn’t possibly say no to her.

“We have no cookies to make,” Harry says, “we’d have to go on a hunt and we aren’t even dressed properly.”

“So,” Y/N shrugs, “everyone we know is most likely drunk or high at this time of the night, please Harry,” she sits up on her knees, batting her eyes, her lips in a pout and Harry knows he’s about to go for a late night cookie hunt in his pajama’s.

Y/N was the only one who noticed him.

She had noticed the boy hiding behind his book in the back of the classroom, the boy who people pushed past in the hallways to get where they needed to go, who they shoved in the lockers in an attempt to pass him, she noticed him.

Harry loved Y/N, like really loved Y/N. Not just the type of love that people have for their friends and families, no, Harry wanted to marry Y/N. He wanted to wake up besides, fold the laundry together, have little silly arguments over who walks the slowest or who left the fridge open, he wanted to run to the grocery with her-he wanted her.

There were times when Harry truly and honestly believed that Y/N felt the same way. The way she smiled at him, the way her eyes lit up every time she saw him, the way she laughed too hard at his jokes, he believed she felt the same way. But when Y/N mentioned her boyfriend Harry’s heart dropped. He felt his stomach twist and the lump in his throat form, and for the first time in his life he just really wanted to punch a wall.

Harry scrunched his nose, sneezing, and then adjusting his glasses. He shut his locker, pressing his back against it as a bunch of freshmen ran past him. He gripped his books, searching for Y/N and when he saw her, he couldn’t help the smile that came on to his face. She looked up from her phone as someone moved past her, shoving their shoulders into hers, she rolled her eyes and smiled at Harry.

“First last day of high school,” Y/N cheered, stopping in front of the boy in a sweater vest, “and then we are off to adult hood, can you believe it?”

“Yeah,” Harry chuckled.

When Y/N first heard Harry speak she was shocked. She sat next to him in her math class of junior year, and if she was being honest she picked the seat to cheat off of Harry. She had been doodling on her notebook when the kid in front of her slid his chair back (a little too hard) and hit their table, Harry had scoffed, mumbling “what a dick,” and Y/N had tried to not giggle. She had expected his voice to be much higher and even a little nasally, but it was deep and filled with an accent that was certainly not from her hometown.

“I mean Harry, we are going to graduate and then hopefully I’ll go to college, but you for sure will and I’m going to visit you like all the time even if you go to school half way across the world,” Y/N says.

Harry smiles, because with Y/N he knows she’s not kidding. Y/N had never backed down on a promise, and before Jason came along, him and Y/N were attached at the hip. Y/N would always be at the Styles’ house hold, baking cookies with Anne, doing her nails with Gemma (and if she wasn’t around she would make Harry get her toes), watching the game with Robin, and relaxing with Harry. His family loved Y/N.

She was Harry’s first friend and they were all happy when Harry started to come home with a smile on his face. He would go on to tell them about Y/N, and how cute she was, and how she sat with him at lunch, or how she had doodled on his paper, how they played little games of tic-tact-toe and Y/N believed that she was a pro when really Harry let her win. Anne was more than eager when Harry came home asking if it was alright if Y/N could come by and watch a movie, “as long as you keep your door open,” Anne had smiled, making Harry blush, “she’s just a friend mum, wouldn’t like me like that anyways.” That night after Y/N left with some of Anne’s cookies and an invention to come over whenever she pleased, Anne had turned to Harry as he cleaned up the popcorn, “I think she likes you like that,” and Harry had simply ignored her comment, because she was Y/N, and he was just Harry.

“You’ll go to college,” Harry says to Y/N, smiling at her.

Y/N’s cute, like really fucking cute,” Harry had whispered to Gemma once when he had one too many drinks. Y/N wasn’t even there, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, how she always smiled at him, how she just loved to cuddle up against him and watch a movie they’ve already seen eight hundred times. Gemma had laughed at brother, claiming he had said that once before and ushering him to put a quarter in the swear jar.

Y/N’s pink lips formed into a pout. She then sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of her face, and Harry took a second to admire her. She had on a pair of white shorts and birks (which Harry loved to refer to as Jesus sandals and he loved how Y/N would roll her eyes at the comment) their school’s mascot printed out on her blue sweater, and her hair pulled up into a ponytail and wrapped by a blue scrunchie.

“Yeah, community college,” Y/N says.

“Hey, community college isn’t bad, you can graduate and still get a degree, or go for a couple years and then transfer, or take a gap year, or not go at all, do what makes you happy,” Harry says.

Y/N groaned, “I don’t know what makes me happy Harry. I’m not school smart, I’m just above the line to graduate, and like I can’t waste thousands and thousands of dollars figuring it out, you’re lucky you know? You know what you want to do, but I have no idea,” Y/N sighs, her eyes light up for a second, “can I just like be your nanny, and you can buy lots of dogs and I can live in your guest house and take care of them.”

“I’m a cat person,” Harry corrects her, his eyebrows scrunch up as he looks at her, “wait, let me get this straight, you basically want me to buy you a dog and then pay you take care of the dog I would buy for you?”

“Dogs, as in multiple, and you like dogs,” Y/N says bringing her coffee to her lips.

“I like them when they aren’t mine,” Harry stated.

Y/N shrugs, “I’m just saying when you become a rich and famous song writer that’s what we can do.”

“Oi, are you just using me for the future possibilities of dogs?” Harry asked.

Y/N nods, a teasing smile on her face as Harry laughs. It’s moment like this that Harry really just wants to lean over and press a kiss to her soft lips, when he wants to wrap his arms around her and tell her how much her loves her and then kiss her forehead, but he can’t. He remembers that when he sees the tall brunette wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist from behind, kissing her cheek and making Y/N bite her lower lip.

“Good morning!” Y/N grins, turning to hug her boyfriend, “how was your morning Jason? You remember Harry right?”

Harry hated Jason, he always had. Ever since freshmen year when Jason seemed to make it his life mission to make Harry’s life terrible. Jason would subtly shove Harry into a locker, spill his drink on Harry’s work, remark on his clothes-anything that would get under Harry’s skin. But the worst thing Jason had ever done was take Y/N from Harry. All summer it was hard to make plans with Y/N, and Y/N wasn’t one to leave her friends for her boyfriend.

It was already difficult for the two meet, Harry didn’t like Y/N’s friends (they always seemed to whisper about him) and her friends didn’t like him. Y/N had managed between the two groups, spending most of her time with Harry, but when Jason came along Harry hardly saw her. He would watch as Jason would claim that Y/N didn’t love him if he didn’t spend time with her, forcing the girl into leaving Harry for him.

“Right,” Jason’s blue eyes flicker to Harry for a second and back to Y/N, “you’re coming to my game tonight right?”

“Oh, I can’t! It’s Harry’s sister’s birthday and we’re having a little party,” Y/N explained, “Harry and I have to pick up the last of the decoration and cake after the school.”

Jason frowned, stepping back, “you’re my main support and you’re not coming to cheer me on? Are you serious?”

“Jason, please, not now,” Y/N whispered, grabbing his hand.

“No, fuck you, you always prefer to hang out with this-what even are you man? A sweater vest-really?” Jason turns to Harry, smirking at him.

“Leave him alone,” Y/N says, “I’m sorry Jason, but you’ll have other games-“

“Clearly you don’t fucking love me or even care about me if you’re missing an important day of my life to hang out with this loser,” Jason snapped, “fuck you Y/N. Don’t talk to me.”

Jason turns and Y/N turns to Harry, “I’m sorry H, I’ll catch up with you later,” and then she turns on her heels running after Jason and calling his name, pleading for him to slow down and listen to her.

“Hey,” Gemma smiled grabbing a chip out of the pink bowl, she nudged Harry slightly with her hip to grab his attention, “where’s Y/N?”

Harry rolled his eyes, “her boyfriend threw a fit that she was missing his game and Y/N went with him, she did say she was sorry and will take you on a spa day, and something about giving you your gift later on.”

“I hate Jason,” Gemma sighed, “he’s emotionally abusive.”

Harry shrugs, grabbing a soda, “I guess.”

“He is, he always threatens to hurt himself if Y/N says no, or claims that she doesn’t love him and that’s not healthy, she deserves better-she deserves you,” Gemma says.

“She doesn’t like me that way, plus I’m going away for college and Y/N will make new friends and forget all about me, it’s fine really,” Harry stated.

The party had turned into a slump, Gemma’s friends left early, and Gemma didn’t mind-she herself was not a people person. She joined Harry in the living room eating the chips and salsa as she watched her heartbroken (even though Harry wouldn’t admit it) brother sit on the couch as think about Y/N.

“Y/N’s a nice girl, she’s just a bit oblivious and a people pleaser, I don’t even think she likes Jason she probably just feels bad breaking up with him,” Gemma says.

“Hey, where’s Y/N? I wanted to show her what I just planted,” Anne asks, walking into the living room with a trash bag.

“Boyfriend’s game,” Harry answered.

“I don’t like him that much,” Anne says, “is that bad? I liked that other guy more-what was his name? Neil?”

“Niall,” Harry corrected.

“What happened to him?”

“Moved back to Ireland,” Harry says.

“Now why haven’t you asked her out?” Anne asked.

Harry stands, “I’m not having this conversation again, good night,” he runs up the stairs, closing the door to his room.

Harry can’t help the smile on his face when he sees Y/N’s name on the screen.

Y/N: This is so boring and we are losing as usual and I hate it and I wish I was there and I’m really sorry please don’t hate me

Y/N: I’ll take you to get breakfast before school

Y/N: Nah forget that I’m not getting up earlier than needed but let’s get a late lunch after school

Y/N: Want to nachos

Y/N: That’s nacho your call we are getting them

Y/N: Ha

Y/N: Ha

Y/N: Ha

Y/N: Why aren’t you laughing

Harry: I didn’t see this till now but after school works for me.

Y/N: Don’t put a period it makes you sound all serious and mad

Harry: Sorry

Y/N: I miss you 

Harry: I miss you too

Y/N: I feel like I haven’t seen you in weeks can I come over after wards? Pleaseeeeee

Harry: Why are you even asking?

Harry tosses his phone back on the bed, running to shower and get some what decent before Y/N comes over.

Y/N sits on his bed, her legs crossed in front of her, laptop on top and her hand in Harry’s bag of Cheetos, “I think I want to break up with Jason,” Y/N stated.

Harry froze from his desk, the pen in his hand slipping out of it and his heart began to beat fast. He wasn’t sure if what he heard was real, but he knew he liked the statement, “what?” Harry asks, turning in his chair.

Y/N shrugs, “I want to break up with Jason-I just don’t have fun with him you know? It all feels so forced, and I really was going to wait till we graduated and then I wouldn’t have to see him again but that’s too far away. And anytime I’ve gotten some kind of courage to do it he gets upset and tells me he’ll hurt himself.”

“You know he won’t,” Harry says.

“I think I do, but it’s a risk and I can’t be the cause of someone hurting themselves Harry, I can’t,” Y/N says, sliding her laptop off her legs and on to the bed.

“Then I think you should break up with him and if he makes a comment like that you can go tell someone, we can go together to guidance or call his parents-Y/N what he’s doing to you is not okay,” Harry says.

Y/N groans, tossing herself back on Harry’s bed, “it’s just so hard Harry.”

“Y/N, does he like-does he hurt you?” Harry asks, his voice just above a whisper.

“No, God no, he’s never laid a hand on me, one on one Jason’s really sweet,” Y/N says, rolling on to her side and looking at Harry.

It’s small moments like these, when Y/N lays in his bed with her PJ’s on, that he wishes he could cuddle up with her and just talk about pointless things. It’s when Y/N is so comfortable in his room, on his bed, that he wishes she was his, and he was hers.

“I think you should break up with him,” Harry repeats.

Y/N doesn’t respond that time, instead she just lays her head on her arm, and Harry turns back to his work.

“Y/N,” Harry calls down the hall, making the shorter girl stop and turn on her heels. He runs up next to her and Y/N giggled, reaching out to tuck a strand of hair that curled over Harry’s forehead, “thanks,” Harry says, the heat rising to his cheeks.

“Harry, you need to lay off the gel, I like your hair when it’s natural,” Y/N says, “anyways what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over on tonight? Mum and Gemma are going out shopping and I hate being alone in the house,” Harry says.

“Hey, Y/N, is this guy bothering you?” one of Jason’s friends, Tyler, asks, stepping in between the two.

“Tyler stop,” Y/N says, placing a hand on his arm, “he’s my friend.”

“It’s okay,” Harry says softly, “I’ll talk to you later.”

“No you won’t,” Tyler hissed, shoving at Harry’s shoulders.

The action causes Harry to stumble back into the lockers, dropping all his books. Y/N gasps, quickly bending down to his side, “what the hell Tyler? I said I was fine, he’s my friend,” Y/N snapped.

Tyler steps forwards, his foot hovering over Harry’s glasses for a second before he steps on them, Y/N frowns, “sorry,” Tyler chuckled, “clearly I didn’t hear you.”

He turns walking down the hall and Y/N grabs the glasses, looking at them. She frowns looking back at Harry, “I’m so sorry Harry-really I am.”

“It’s fine,” Harry grumbles, sitting up and rubbing his forehead, “thanks,” he grabs his broken glasses from Y/N and sighs.

“Let me help you,” Y/N says.

“I’m fine,” Harry retorts, standing and making his way down the hall.

Y/N stands with a frown, her grip on her bag tightening as she stares at the boy stumbling down the hall.

When Harry opens the door Y/N is taken back. He stands with a towel wrapped around his waist, wet curls stuck to his forehead and chest exposed. She had never seen him so naked, so wet, and she finds it slightly hard to breath. Harry pushes his hair back, and crosses his arms, Y/N had never really noticed his biceps up until this moment and she can’t help but stare.

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked.

“You invited me,” Y/N says softly, diverting her attention back to his eyes, and she notices his glasses are gone, “are you still mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you, just not in the mood,” Harry stated.

Y/N holds her arms up, in them lays a brown paper bag, “well I come with Chinese food, and movies, and love,” Y/N says softly, a small smile on her lips and Harry can’t refuse. He steps aside and she quickly makes her way in, he shuts the door behind her, “where are you glasses?”

“Getting fixed, I just put on some contacts,” Harry shrugs, “I’m just going to get dressed.”

Harry wonders off into his room and Y/N sets the food on the counter. She’s singing softly to herself when Harry comes down the stairs, he leans against the wall, propping himself on his shoulder and watching her. He’s wearing her favorite shirt, a simple grey shirt with the Pink Floyd logo on it, and some plaid lounge pants. Y/N turns giving him a smile.

“I like your hair without the gel,” she says, pouring some rice on to his plate, “’s nice.”

“Thanks,” Harry says.

“What did you do before I came over?” Y/N asked, pulling out the container with the eggrolls.

Harry pulls back a stool by the island and sits on it, “nothing, worked out, showered, then you came,” Harry shrugs.

He looks different without his glasses and hair pulled back and Y/N likes it. She likes the glasses, and his other style as well, but she loved this Harry the most. The Harry that was relaxed.

“I, uh, broke up with Jason,” Y/N says, keeping her eyes on the food in front of her.

Harry turns his head quickly (a little too quickly and he’s surprised he didn’t break his neck), Y/N avoids his gaze as she bites her lower lip. She looks a bit disappointed but Harry’s trying his hardest to not show his happiness. He hated Jason and he hated that Jason had taken Y/N away from him.

“Oh,” Harry says softly.

“Anyways, I guess I’m back to square one,” she says, handing Harry his plate and grabbing her own, “back to being single dog lady.”

“You have me,” Harry says.

Y/N smiles, plopping down on the seat next to him, “for now, until you find someone as amazing as you and you fall in love with her and I only see you once a month,” Y/N joked.

Harry chuckled digging his fork into his rice, the heat in cheek started to rise. Harry just wanted Y/N, not anyone else.

“Harry,” Y/N says softly.

She rests her head on his lap as his long fingers comb through her hair. Her eyes are on him and she’s playing with the hem of his hoodie that she had stolen out of his closet. Harry tears his eyes away from the screen and looks down at her, her lip in between her teeth.

“Yeah,” he says.

“Couldn’t you go for a warm cookie right now?” Y/N asks, and Harry laughs. He’s perfectly content without a cookie, but he knows Y/N wants one, and he couldn’t possibly say no to her.

“We have no cookies to make,” Harry says, “we’d have to go on a hunt and we aren’t even dressed properly.”

“So,” Y/N shrugs, “everyone we know is most likely drunk or high at this time of the night, please Harry,” she sits up on her knees, batting her eyes, her lips in a pout and Harry knows he’s about to go for a late night cookie hunt in his pajama’s.

“Okay,” he sighs, rubbing his eyes, “let’s go get some cookies.”

Y/N smiled, standing and grabbing his hand. Harry stumbles behind her and grabs his shoes.

The ride is silent, Y/N has her knees to her chest and Harry rolls his eyes, “it the air bag came out your legs would break,” Harry stated.

“Well then, drive safe,” Y/N says. She’s scrolling on her phone, picking a song to play when she looks up and over at Harry, one hand rest on the wheel, the other on the gear shift, his eyes focused on the road in front of them, “Harry,” she says, and he hums softly, “have you ever kissed anyone?”

Harry keeps his eyes ahead of him, “no,” he says.

“I wish I saved my first kiss for someone I really cared about,” Y/N says softly, “I always wanted it to be on my wedding day, or at least with the person I would marry but instead I kissed someone when I was drunk.”

“I want mine to be with someone special,” Harry says.

“Is there anyone you have in mind?” Y/N asks.

“Maybe,” Harry shrugs.

Y/N gasps, “Harry, you like someone and didn’t tell me? I tell you everything!” Y/N says, turning in her seat to look at Harry.

Harry blows a raspberry in the air, and he knows he’s gotten himself in a hole, “’s nothing for you to worry about,” he stated, “we’re graduating and I’ll probably see her once a year if not I’ll probably never see her again.”

“You don’t know that, oh Harry! Who is she? Come on, I’ll set you up,” Y/N says, wiggling her eyebrows, “I bet she’s amazing.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Harry says.


“She doesn’t feel the same way, I know it.”

“Well who is she?” Y/N asks, Harry stops in front of the red light and turns to look at Y/N. His eyes are soft and his lips in a frown, and Y/N knows.

She looks away, her eyes dropping to her lap, her lips forming into her own frown and she’s thankful that her hair falls like a curtain, blocking Harry’s eyes from her.

“What kind of cookies do you want?” Harry asks, he’s the first to break the silence.

Y/N stands behind him, picking at the sleeves of his hoodie. Her eyes on her feet which are covered in Harry’s too big shoes, she looks up, “do you really think that when we graduate you’ll never see me again?” she asked.

“There’s chocolate chip, sugar, pumpkin,” Harry mumbles, reading the different kinds.

Y/N frowns, “Harry, just because we graduate doesn’t mean we can’t be together.”

“Ah, oatmeal, that’s your favorite, right?” he asks, grabbing the yellow package, “and we’ll grab a chocolate chip one for me, oatmeal is shit.”

“Harry,” Y/N snaps, grabbing his arm, “stop ignoring me.”

“I’m not, I’m picking cookies,” Harry says.

“You can’t tell me you think we’ll never talk again and expect for me to be okay with that!” Y/N yells, she takes in a deep breath and she’s thankful that no one is in the store besides two workers and an older couple, “why would you ever think I would want to leave you?”

“I never said it was you,” Harry says, brushing past her and down the aisle.

“You didn’t have to, and you have no idea how I feel about you, so you don’t get to say that I would never like you, and you don’t get to act like I’m going to leave you the second I get my diploma,” Y/N says, the lump in her throat started to form and she tried hard to swallow it.

“Because you’re you, Y/N,” Harry says, turning to look at her, “you’re great, and when I leave you’ll make amazing friends and forget all about me, I’m studying back in London and my family will most likely follow me back, and you’ll stay here.”

“That’s not true-“

“But it is, girls like you, don’t like boys like me. The only reason we’re friends is because you needed help passing your class and then you felt bad for me,” Harry says, “I’m not fucking stupid, I know.”

“I’m friends with you because I like you,” Y/N says.

“Great, okay, now let’s go pay for these,” Harry huffs.

“Do you really like me?” Y/N asks, her voice is soft and she looks so small standing there. Her eyes watery and Harry knows she’s still upset.

“Y/N, let’s just pay for the cookies and go bake them, I’m tired,” Harry says.


“Just drop it okay! It doesn’t matter, we aren’t going to be in contact with each other once I graduate we won’t see each other anymore.”

“I like you too,” Y/N says, sniffling, “I really like you. I like spending time with you, and being with you, and I knew I had feelings for you but I didn’t think you would feel the same way,” she says, “and I thought you would know by now that you’re my best friend and no matter where you go it doesn’t change that.”


“It just feels like-like that as point you’re the one who wants there to be no contact between us when we graduate, so I’ll make it easy on you, just don’t talk to me anymore,” Y/N says.

Y/N starts walking ahead of him and Harry frowns.

“Y/N, come on,” Harry sighs, running behind her, “let’s not fight-“

He stops when he sees Y/N tear stained cheeks, “how am I not supposed to be upset when my best friend is dead set on never seeing me again after high school,” Y/N cries, hiccups slipping past her lips and Harry feels his chest tighten.

“Shh, come on, let’s go to the car,” he says softly, tossing the cookies on top of the ice cream and walking out of the store with her.

He helps Y/N get in the back seat and he slips in besides her. Y/N muffled sobs fill the car as she sniffles and uses the sleeves of Harry’s hoodie to wipe her eyes, “hey,” Harry whispered, wrapping his arms around her, “sh, it’s alright.”

“No it’s not Harry, you made it clear-“

“I was being an ass,” Harry cuts her off, rubbing her back, “I’m sorry.”

“Do you really believe that?” Y/N asks.

Harry shakes his head, “I don’t know Y/N, I never believed that you would even talk to me.”

“I don’t want us to end,” Y/N says softly.

Harry closes his eyes, resting his head on top hers, he can smell the coconut shampoo and he closes his eyes, “I’m in love with you,” Harry admits, “and I guess I kept telling myself it was okay that you didn’t feel the same way, because in a couple months it wouldn’t matter.”

“You don’t know how I feel, you never told me,” Y/N says, she scoots back, wiping her cheeks with the back of her hands, “and I wish you had told me sooner, because I feel the same way Harry.”

Y/N places her hand over his, sniffling still, “I want to be with you, and I’m taking a gap year anyways, and I’ve always wanted to travel you know? I don’t think we should let college stop us from being together Harry,” Y/N says, “I don’t want anything to stop us from being together. You’re my best friend.”

“I don’t want you to say this because you feel bad-“

“I’m not, I’m in love with you Harry,” Y/N admits, biting her lower lip and letting her gaze fall to her lap, “and I want to be with you. For once, don’t over think it.”

Harry’s hand comes under her chin, “I think any fight is worth it as long as you’re with me,” Harry says softly.

“Promise,” Y/N asks.

Harry nods, “I’ve never done this before,” Harry whispered when she leaned closer.

“That’s okay,” Y/N whispers back, “I’ve never kissed anyone I’ve loved either.”

Y/N’s lips are soft, and her touch is gentle. Harry finds that it’s not hard, because nothing with Y/N is ever hard, she makes things easy, and he’s more than grateful for her. He likes how soft her lips are and how she’s careful with every movement, he likes how her hands tangle in his hair, pulling him closer, and he realizes that he really fucking loves Y/N.

Sweet Creature

Words: 7,500

Warnings: Smut

Harry sighed as he peered into the kitchen from his spot by the staircase in the living room. He’d like to be next to Y/N and Gemma right now, but his neighbor had whisked him off into a conversation about gardening that he truly had no interest. Nevertheless, Harry was polite, so he stood patiently and nodded and “mhmm”ed at the appropriate moments. He couldn’t help but let out a wistful sigh as he saw his sister and best friend slip out into the backyard.

As much as he appreciated Anne throwing a party in celebration of his first solo concert, he silently wished he had just gotten a private day in his hometown. Harry knew his friends and family were proud of him. But he was nothing if not humble and a little bit selfish. He so rarely got time at home to see Y/N, and he wished he could actually spend a moment with her now instead of playing host to what felt like the whole village. He’d much rather have been relaxing on the couch watching a rom-com with the girl he could never get enough of.

Just then, his mother swooped in to rescue him with a bright smile and gentle hand on his arm. “Sweetie, would you mind bringing the rest of the chicken out to Robin to grill? And maybe bring him a beer?”

He nodded much too fast for someone being asked to do chores. “Sure, mum.” He kissed her cheek and smiled brightly at their slightly disgruntled neighbor. “Sorry, mate. Talk to you later, yeah?”  

Harry wove his way through the crowd in the house to get to the kitchen. After slamming the refrigerator door shut with his hip, two beers clutched in one hand, he snatched up the last tray of chicken from its spot on the stove. He thanked Barbara from the bakery for opening the door to the back garden for him and offered her a cheeky smile she saw more than nearly anyone else.

Robin stood at the grill next to the deck, laughing and listening to the conversation going on in the chairs nearby. He saw Harry exit the door from the house and quickly waved him over.

“Having fun?” he asked, taking the tray of chicken and leaving Harry’s other hand open to start popping caps on the beer bottles.

Harry shook his head a little and snorted.  “You know how it is. Lots of small talk and cheek squishing.”

“And not getting to see Y/N,” Robin replied knowingly. He chuckled as Harry rolled his eyes before taking a pull from his beer.

“How has she been? I haven’t really talked to her much yet.”

“She’s lovely as always. I think her dad is having a bit of a hard time. You know the 15th anniversary of her mum’s passing is next week. She’s stayed with us the last couple of nights.”

Harry couldn’t help but frown. Y/N’s mum had died of cancer when she was only seven. Her father had been a dear friend of his mother’s, so they’d taken Y/N in when it happened. Her father hadn’t wanted her to see her mother like that, nor did he think he could properly care for her. Harry and Y/N had always been friends, but those four months that she lived with them had given them a bond no one could ever replace. They’d been absolutely attached at the hip their whole lives. To this day, the guest room at the Styles/Twist household was mostly considered Y/N’s and held some of her pictures and personal belongings. She’d long been a member of their family.  “She’s coping okay, right?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself, nosy?”

One of his only regrets about participating in X Factor and leaving home so young was that he felt like he had abandoned Y/N. She had come to visit him in LA and London a few times and had even joined him on tour, but she always felt obligated to return to Holmes Chapel to make sure her father was cared for. Though they were best friends, they often went months without talking because Harry was just too busy. He hated himself for that.

“Harry! Come sit a mo’ and have a chat?”

He turned to see his cousin Charlotte gesturing to the chair next to her. Robin’s clap to his back was taken as a dismissal as he made his way over.

“Hey there, rockstar. How ya doing?”

Harry settled in the chair and grinned. “Good, good. ‘N you?”

“Wonderful! Kyle just started his new job, so we’ve got a good income now. Not that you’d know anything about that,” she joked and leaned over to playfully nudge his shoulder.

Harry was sure his smile looked more like a grimace. While he may not have been hurting for money, there had certainly been a time when he would skip dinner just to save his mum a little money. He knew as much as anyone how hard it could be.

“Robin! Anne wants to know what’s taking so long with those birds!” Harry perked up at the sound of Y/N’s sweet voice washing over him like a lullaby. He quickly turned to see her leaning out the back door with a bright grin.

“Can’t rush these things, Y/N. At least gotta buy ‘em a drink first, love,” Robin joked. The crowd around him laughed along with Y/N.

“Right, I’ll be sure to tell your wife that!” Her gaze shifted to Harry and she smiled softly at him. He tried to wave her over, but she held up a finger in a “hold on” motion and disappeared back into the house.

“So what is Kyle doing, then?” He continued to make small talk with his cousin Charlotte as Gemma reappeared and took up the last chair on the deck right next to him.

Y/N returned about five minutes later carrying a bowl that Harry quickly determined was filled with fruit.  She stood by him and held the bowl down to offer him a piece, but he shook his head. “Come sit,” he told her instead.

She rolled her eyes at him. “There aren’t anymore chairs, H.”

Just as her hand holding the bowl of fruit started to retreat from him, he quickly grasped around her wrist and tugged her forward. When she stumbled just as he knew she would, he took a firm but gentle grasp of her hips and settled them down on his legs.

“Harry!” she scolded, knowing he’d made a scene. While Harry tended to thrive under the public eye, Y/N often did her best to hide from it. That was the primary reason Harry loved to take the piss out of her. Nevertheless, she shifted back to a more comfortable position on his lap and sat a bit sideways so she could hear the conversations going on. Harry wrapped one arm around her, resting his hand on her opposite thigh to keep her securely in place while the hand nursing a beer rested itself against her knee. He couldn’t help but chuckle as she flinched at the cold bottle just barely touching her skin. She finally went back to eating her assortment of pineapples, strawberries, and grapes as she listened to Charlotte.

“He’s just started work at the pub down the road from our house. The pay isn’t that great, but he’s been making loads in tips,” she finished.

“Where is Kyle, anyway?  I haven’t seen him yet, I don’t think.” Y/N was considered a member of the extended family and had attended every family event for the last 15 years. Since she had stayed in Holmes Chapel, Harry figured she probably knew more about his family these days than he did.

“Oh he’s off on a lad’s weekend in Bristol. His mate is getting married next week.”

“Oh good, that means he’ll be all freed up for when Harry and Y/N over here get married soon,” Gemma teased.

“Gem!” Y/N exclaimed. Harry noticed that her cheeks flushed to a pink very similar to the bath water on his album cover.

He just chuckled and gave her a little squeeze.

“Just saying! You two have that whole agreement anyway where if you’re still single at 28 you’re gonna get married. I hate to say it, Y/N, but you two aren’t getting any younger.  Plus you’re like in love anyway. It’s inevitable,” Gemma defended. She seemed unfazed by Y/N’s embarrassment.  

“Ooh, that just reminded me! Harry, you just have to tell me about that girl you wrote ‘Carolina’ about! That’s far and away my favorite song on the album, and I need to hear more about my future cousin in law!”  Charlotte gushed, looking at Harry with excitement in her eyes.

Harry didn’t miss how Y/N tensed at the mention of the song that he knew she for some reason despised. He hated to admit that it hurt him a little bit. He was proud of “Carolina”, and though he knew his opinion of his artistry was the one that truly counted, he didn’t like the thought of Y/N not liking one of his songs.  His hand slipped from her thigh and rested on the arm of his chair. “Oh, I don’t think she’s your future cousin in law.  Just a girl I met in paradise.”

Y/N quickly scarfed down the few remaining pieces of fruit in her bowl. “Think I’m gonna bring this back inside.   I’ll catch up with you later,” she told him quietly. She didn’t bother to look at him as she stood from her seat on his lap and retreated back into the house.

Gemma couldn’t help but sigh as she watched the exchange unfold. The two of them were too oblivious of the others’ feelings for their own good and were absolutely horrid at communication.

Robin finally finished the last batch of chicken and called everyone inside to make plates of food. If Harry thought the inside of the house had been busy before, it was nothing compared to when all the people that had been outside also made their way in for food. There was hardly room in the house to walk, much less find anyone.  Luckily, Harry was tall enough to see over the majority of the crowd, and he found Y/N sitting next to his mum as they split a plate of food.  

After he’d had his fill, Harry stood off to the side and leaned against the wall as he observed everyone around him. He finally had a moment alone as it seemed that everyone was too busy chewing to make conversation.  

He wasn’t alone for long, however, and he stood up straighter as soon as he saw Y/N making her way over to him.  She didn’t look particularly happy, but he put that down to her current family affairs. Though she tried to not let it show, Harry knew how much the loss of her mother affected her.

When Y/N finally reached him, she wrapped her arms tightly around  his waist and rested her cheek upon his chest.  He was much taller and could tuck her head snugly under his chin as he returned her embrace. “Missed you,” he heard her mumble.

Pushing his upset feelings about her distaste for his song aside, he squeezed her tighter and pressed a kiss to her hair. “Missed yeh, too, love.” His hands took to rubbing her back comfortingly as they stood in their embrace. He knew how much Y/N having her back rubbed soothed her. “Yeh look pretty today.”

Her hair had been curled prettily, her lashes long and full with the help of the mascara she had applied to them. Her outfit had been kept simple with a pink sweater over her flowy white tank that she had paired with jeans and flats. She didn’t try as hard as most did to look pretty, but Harry always thought she was the most beautiful girl in the room.

A rosy blush painted her cheeks as she pulled a little to look at him. “Thank you, bubs. You’re looking mighty handsome today, as well.”

Harry couldn’t help but smile at the nickname. It was the one she had given him when she was six and he was seven, and to this day he’d never heard her use it on anyone else. “Thank ya, love.”

“Harry!” they heard Robin call, and Harry chuckled as Y/N whined quietly and squeezed a little tighter around his waist. “Can you come help me clean the grill real quick?”

Harry left one last parting peck to her forehead before releasing his grip on her and moving out of her arms.  He followed his step dad into the back garden to provide assistance.

“I think now that everyone has full stomachs, they might be heading out soon. Hopefully we won’t have all these stragglers on our hands late tonight,” Robin commented as they went to work scrubbing the burnt bits from the grate.

Harry huffed in response. “Better not. I’d quite like a relaxing night in to be honest.”

Robin nodded. “I know you would, kiddo. You’ll get it, I’m sure.”

All in all, cleaning the grill only took about ten minutes. While they were outside, the two men wandered the yard holding trash bags to pick up garbage that had been left around to minimize the cleaning later. Finally, Anne called Harry in to start saying goodbye to guests as they began to depart just like Robin suspected they would.

When Harry made his way into the house, he saw that Y/N and Gemma had started to pick up the kitchen much as he and Robin had been cleaning the back garden. He saw them occasionally reach for their respective glasses of wine as they put food in containers and cleaned dishes.

Harry continued to play host and made small talk with the guests as they all gave him their closing remarks and good luck wishes. He thanked each of them sincerely and made sure to give an anecdote about their lives as well. Finally, after what felt like hours of talking, hugs, and handshakes, he collapsed onto the couch with the opening titles of The Notebook playing on the telly.

One by one, the family settled in with him. Robin took his usual recliner spot, and Gemma curled up with Dotty and a blanket on the love seat. Harry could hear Y/N fussing with Anne over helping to clean the kitchen.

“Y/N, I will not take ‘no’ for an answer. You go relax a bit. You’ve been picking up after people all day,” he heard his mother scolding and Y/N’s response in the form of an exasperated huff.

“We’ll get it done faster if I help you, Anne. You deserve to relax, too.”

“And I will as soon as I finish this. Now, shoo. Go be lazy for a tick.”

Y/N was still grumbling quietly to herself as she reached the living room and collapsed in a heap next to Harry on the couch. She automatically leaned her head against his arm, wrapping her own around his waist and craning her neck to see the move on the screen.

Harry chuckled. “You’re a snuggly little thing today. Budge up for a sec, love.”

Y/N groaned but lifted back off of him. He didn’t say anything as he moved a throw pillow to rest against the arm of the couch before swinging his legs up to the side and sprawling out across the length of it. With Y/N trapped between him and the back of the couch, she had nowhere to go but to rest against him as he held his arms open for her. After her head was settled against his chest and her hand against his heart, he reached down to pull her knee up and tuck her top leg between his. Once their ankles were comfortably tangled together, he clasped his hands together on her upper arm. “Comfy?” he checked, though he knew she was. Y/N loved to be held almost as much as he did, and this was their favorite cuddling couch. They were practically pros at the movie session cuddling by now.

She nodded against his chest but didn’t verbally respond as she had already gotten herself engrossed in Noah and Allie’s summer romance.

When Anne returned from the kitchen, she settled down with Gemma and pulled her daughter’s feet into her lap.  She took to reading a book while the rest of the family watched the movie on screen. Just as Allie discovered Lon was in town looking for her, Anne felt Gemma’s foot gently nudging at her thigh. Anne looked up at her, and Gemma jabbed her finger in the direction of the couch.

The Notebook was Harry’s all time favorite movie, but he couldn’t seem to be bothered by what was happening on the screen. His hand was wrapped up in Y/N’s hair, softly pulling his fingers through the tresses as he seemed to be humming to her. Her eyes were shut as she rested against him, but Anne doubted she was totally asleep. Unlike Harry, Y/N found it hard to sleep in public settings. Even this house, one she’d practically grown up in, was usually too public for her to sleep aside from in her designated bedroom.  Occasionally she’d see Harry whisper something and Y/N’s lips move in return, but her eyes never once blinked back open.

Finally, when the movie credits started rolling, Robin was the one to shatter their bubble. “Y/N, I hope you were planning on staying here again tonight, because I’m not letting you drive home at this hour. You’re too knackered. Get upstairs, kiddo.”

Y/N yawned and leaned up, Harry’s hands falling from her body in response. She had a few lines on her cheek from the wrinkles in his Harley Davidson tee, and she rubbed gently at her face to relieve the soreness. “Y’ can’t get rid of me that easy, Robin,” she replied, her voice laced with drowsiness. “I see your plan. I’m staying in that guest room forever.”

Anne laughed at her. “That’s your room, anyway, sweetheart. It’s for you to sleep in as long as you want it.”

Harry sat up as well so that Y/N wasn’t pinned behind him on the couch. “I’m pretty tired, too. Think I’m g’na head to bed.”

Anne nodded.  “Alright. Sleep well, love. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Harry climbed the stairs behind Y/N and watched as she went straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take her makeup off. He shuffled up beside her to brush his teeth as well and made sure to annoy her by bumping her hip with his to make her move to the side.

“You’re a right pest,” she grumbled, “D’ya know that?”

Harry grinned, mouth full of foamy toothpaste, and pressed a smacking kiss to her cheek.

“Ew, Harry!” she scolded, wetting her hand to wipe the toothpaste from her face.  

He finished his nightly routine long before she did and retreated in to his childhood bedroom to go to bed.  He stripped off his tee and jeans, opting to leave his briefs on just in case Anne came to wake him up for breakfast in the morning. He had just settled into bed and was scrolling through Instagram on his phone when he heard the quietest of knocks sound on  his door.  “Yes, love?”

Y/N just slightly peaked the door open, looking as shy as ever as she stood in an old shirt and her worn out plaid sleep shorts. “Can I come in?”

“’Course ya can,” Harry said, setting his phone down on his nightstand. He shifted a little further to the other side of the bed and sat up a bit as she quietly shut his bedroom door behind her and tiptoed over to his bed.  Instead of sitting cross-legged on top of the comforter as she usually did when she came in for their late night chats, she gently lifted the blankets up and climbed in next to him and settled her head against the other pillow.  She didn’t say anything but started to trace the tattoos adorning his arm as he looked down at her. “Y/N? What’s gotten into yeh today, love?”

She shook her head and didn’t respond, seemingly too caught up in the outline of his rose to properly respond.

“Y/N,” Harry said a little more stern, gently moving his arm away from her as he sat up fully against the headboard.

She shifted in response to his tone, backing up a little and sitting up in the bed.  Her bum rested on her feet as she stared at him solemnly.  “It’s just…”

“What, love?”

Y/N shook her head, features showing that of shame as she looked down at the bed linens instead of him. “Nevermind, I’m being silly.” She started to move to get up from the bed and make her retreat, but she was stopped by Harry’s large hand cupping her cheek.

“Love, if something is truly bothering you,then s’not silly. I can’t make it better if you don’t tell me what it is, hmm?” His hand against her face made it so that it was nearly impossible for her to look away from his piercing green eyes.  

“It’s just…Townes.”

Harry blinked, barely understanding what she meant. “Okay…? What about her?”

She sniffed, and Harry’s heart broke knowing she was struggling so much with what she wanted to say. “It’s stupid and selfish, but I hate knowing that you write all these songs about these girls and the world knows all about them and you thrive on it. You put her name in the bloody song, Harry! Everyone loves it, and I don’t even know her, but I feel like you guys just have this connection now that I was never good enough to have. It’s just…am I not special enough to you for a song? I don’t want you to be so ashamed of me that you won’t tell anyone about me.”

Harry’s mind scrambled as he intook this information. He never imagined this was how she would feel about the song.  Her words hit him like a ton of bricks and suddenly he knew. That feeling in the back of his mind that he’d always tried so hard to keep at bay…she felt it, too. She wouldn’t be so upset if she didn’t.  She loved him, too.  And he’d inadvertently made her feel unwanted. Y/N was all he’d ever wanted whether Harry had known it or not. He knew he had to make her feel better and hurried to grab her hips and pull her closer to him. She started to slip and fumble against the bed so she grabbed onto his shoulders to steady herself. Once her knees had been pulled to either side of his lap, he pushed her hips down to settle her into a straddle above him. “No, love.  That’s not it at all. ‘S that what’s had yeh upset ever since we were out in the yard today? Yeah, I wrote a song about a girl that I barely know. Think people might get a bit tired of me if I wrote them all about you like I’d like to do.”

Y/N’s eyes widened in surprise. “W-what?”

Harry chuckled, pulling her closer by the hips and nuzzling against her neck. “You beautiful, silly girl. You didn’t really think ‘Sweet Creature’ was about Gem, did you? You do have a song, and a very special place in my heart. But that’s just it. You’re too special, love. I’m too selfish to share you with the whole world.”

“W-wait, ‘Sweet Creature is about me?” her eyes watered as she looked at him in awe.

“’Course it is, love. ‘S just that you’re mine and the world can’t have you. Gotta protect yeh from them. Pretty sure I’ve loved you my whole life. But my love for you is just for you, and I don’t wanna share that with the world.”

Y/N seemed to sputter as she struggled to keep up. “You l-love me? Harry, I-I-” She started to get choked up and couldn’t seem to find the words to say.

“I know, love.  I know.” He reached up to hold her face in his hands, lifting his leg up to shift her closer to him. His gaze was locked on her mouth as he inched closer, and Y/N thought she might faint.

Finally, when their foreheads were pressed together and she could feel his warm, minty breath on her tongue, she let her eyes slip closed. One of her hands that had been resting against his shoulder moved up to fist at the back of his curly locks. “I love you, too, bubs.”

Harry felt as if he’d been struck by lightning when he buttoned his mouth firmly to hers. He was sure he could’ve spent his entire life just kissing her like that, but his body immediately craved to have her closer. She gasped when he traced her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, and he quickly took the opportunity to dive into her mouth. She let out a little whimper that almost made Harry groan aloud when his tongue touched hers. Her fingers tugged gently at the roots of his hair as she pushed herself as closely to him as she possibly could. Their tongues tangled between their mouths for a moment before Harry gave her what she thought would be a reprieve, but she let out another little noise when he took her bottom lip between his teeth and gently sucked. This time he couldn’t control the little growl that bubbled up from the back of his throat and quickly reattached his lips to hers.

Y/N could feel the vague smug smirk adorning his lips through their kiss over the noises he was making her generate.  To retaliate, she quickly disconnected their kiss and trailed her lips down his jaw and neck, finding a nice place to bite down on at the same time that she rolled her hips forward against his. He groaned in pain and pleasure and took her hips back in his hand. “D-Do that again, love.”

“Do what again, Harry?” Y/N teased as she soothed over the bite on the side of his neck with her tongue. She gasped lightly when his hands gripped firmly to her bum and pushed her hips forward again. This time, there was no mistaking the erection straining hard against his briefs. “F-fuck,” he stuttered in her ear as she moved against him once more in a wave, enjoying the feeling of him heavy and warm between her legs.

Y/N lifted her head to kiss him again as she continued to grind against him. While she had him thoroughly distracted with her lips, she quickly moved her hand down between them to palm at him through his underwear. As soon as she pressed down into the bulge, Harry parted from her with a gasp of his own. “Don’t h-have to, love.” The next noise he let out could only be called a moan as she pressed her small hand against him again.

She shook her head and pressed her lips against his in a quick peck. “Want to,” she promised.  

Harry nodded, eyes closed and head leaned back as he just absorbed the feeling of her against him. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth to avoid being too loud as he felt her hand dip inside his underwear and brush against his swollen length.

“Can we get these off?” She tugged at the waistband of his Calvins, eager to get him loose so she could put her mouth on him.

Harry fought to open his eyes and make them focus on her face as he nodded and tapped against her thigh to signal her to move off him.  As soon as she was kneeling at his side, he stuffed his thumbs into the side of the briefs and lifted his bum to shove them down his legs. Once they were successfully discarded, he looked down at himself to see his length twitch slightly against his tummy, the raspberry tip bubbling a little bit of pre-cum against the hairs just under his belly button. He could almost cry it felt to good to be out of the confines of his underwear.

If he thought that felt good, it was nothing compared to what the felt when Y/N leaned down to timidly kitten lick at the little spot he’d dripped on himself. He bit down on the skin of his hand to keep from making a noise too loud as her tongue accidentally brushed against his slit. She looked up at him as if to get permission, and he nodded quickly at her before she looked back down and began to kitten lick at the underside of him as she took his length in her hand. Her tongue brushed against the vein throbbing there before getting caught briefly on the ridge of his head, and already Harry was frustrated by the veil of her hair obscuring his view. He gently brushed it up into his hands to hold on to as she finally took the head of him into her warm, wet mouth.

“Baby, please,” Harry almost whimpered. His balls were starting to hurt because of how turned on he was.  Luckily, she didn’t make him wait any longer and quickly bobbed down on him, her hand following her mouth’s path back up before sliding down again. On her next pass up, she lolled her tongue around his tip like it was a lolly, and his head fell back at the feeling. “Ungh.”

Y/N began to move faster against him, dragging her hand up and down the length of him with her mouth provide sufficient lubrication. She could taste the occasional blurt of pre-cum against her tongue, and it only made her want more. His little groans and gasps spurred her on even more, and she finally reached up his hands to cup at his balls while she had him deep in her mouth.  He groaned a little louder than he should have at the feeling, and she slid her mouth back up for her tongue to swipe at the slit of him just as her thumb gently pressed to the space just behind his sac.  He immediately gasped and reached down to grab at her hand. “N-No, I’ll cum. Ungh. Can’t cum yet. Have to be inside you first. P-Please, oh God, please don’t make me cum.”

She pulled up and swirled her tongue against his head one last time before sliding off him with a little “pop” noise. She pressed kisses against his hips and fern tattoos while she waited for him to catch his breath.

He panted rapidly against her, struggling to keep a quiet level as he tried not to lose his mind. “Fuck, where did you even learn that?” He laughed a little deliriously as she smiled against his hipbone. Finally, Y/N pulled herself up against him and he didn’t waste time pressing his lips to hers. “Are you gonna let me make you feel good?” He asked between kisses.

She whimpered against him and nodded almost imperceptibly. “Please,” she whispered against him, and he took that as his cue to gently flip them over so she was on her back.

“Let’s get this off o’ yeh, yeah?” Harry gently pushed her shirt up her torso, pressing kisses to the skin he exposed along the way. His tongue just briefly caught against her erect nipple before he lifted up to pull the shirt completely from her body. He quickly returned to the area, suckling her right nipple into his mouth as his fingers tweaked her left. She let out a quiet sigh of contentment against him and tangled her fingers in his hair, gently massaging his scalp. After giving her left breast the same attention her right had received, he started kissing back down her torso.  His hands slipped into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, leaving her panties in place.

Harry almost groaned at the sight of Y/N’s underwear. Baby pink cotton was darkened slightly between her legs, and he couldn’t help but gently press his tongue against the wet spot she had made. He wasn’t sure if it was the pineapple she’d had earlier in the day or if she just always tasted that sweet, but he immediately knew he had to get a better sense. He dragged his tongue up and pressed it gently against where he knew her clit would be, and she let out a wet gasp at the feeling. “S-stop teasing,” she stuttered, tanking gently against his curly locked entangled between her fingers.

Harry chuckled against her and kissed gently at her hipbone. “Just returning the favor, love.” He gently pulled down her underwear, and his mouth began to water at the pretty pink feast in front of him. “Christ, baby. So beautiful. Are yeh wet for me? I know yeh are.”

She nodded, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she waited for him to move. Unfortunately, he seemed to be too preoccupied admiring her to actually do anything. “Harry, dammit, do something!” she groaned.

He looked up at her with a smirk. “Now, love. Gotta be patient fo’ me. Can yeh do that? Here, suck my fingers and get them nice and wet fo’ me, please.” He pressed his ring and middle finger against her lips and waited for her to close her eyes and suck them into her mouth. “Good girl.” Just when he was sure she was sufficiently distracted, he dipped down and licked a broad stripe up her sex. She immediately went slack jawed and struggled to inhale. He pressed his fingers against her tongue to remind her of her task at hand, and it took a moment before she wrapped her lips back around him and went back to sucking.

Harry’s tongue gently prodded against her entrance, taking the opportunity to lap up the sweet essence that was nothing but uniquely Y/N. When he had gathered most of her wetness on his tongue, he pushed his tongue into her briefly and made her whimper before removing his fingers from her mouth. “Thank you, love. Doin’ so good for me, aren’t you?” He brought his newly wet fingers down to her entrance and slowly pushed just one in, feeling her wet, spongy warmth wrap tightly around him. He fought against a groan of his own as his tongue gently lapped at her clit.

“Haoh, shit, Harry,” Y/N moaned, making sure to keep her voice low as her grip tightened in his hair. As soon as she pulled slightly against him, he groaned against her and set vibrations all across her clit. She whimpered and tugged a little harder, noticing how Harry’s eyes squeezed tighter shut and he licked at her with a little more enthusiasm. The knowledge that he liked having his hair pulled when he was eating a girl out nearly made Y/N fall apart. “Harry, please, more.”

He was apparently done with the teasing as well and pushed a second finger into her without preamble. He thrust them gently inside of her as his lips wrapped around her clit and sucked, and she turned her head and moaned into the pillow next to her. His fingers began searching her walls for that spot that would drive her mad, and he licked her clit into his mouth before gently shaking his head against her. His fingers brushed against a spongy spot inside her at the same moment and pressed into it. Her legs immediately snapped shut around his head as her muffled moans increased slightly in volume. Harry went back to licking against her for a moment as his fingers thrusted against her spot. Then he alternated between suckling against her and licking, noticing how the variety had her squirming underneath him. When he felt her walls begin to flutter around his fingers, he hooked his fingers against her little spongy bump and rubbed against it and his teeth sunk gently into her clit before giving her a good suck. His tongue ran just once against her clit, and she was falling apart beneath him whispering his name like a mantra. He worked her through her orgasm, only coming up when she tugged a little harsher against his curls due to sensitivity.

Her chest heaved against him as he journeyed up to her neck, pressing gentle kisses against her while she came down. “Yeh good, love?” he checked when he felt her breathing start to slow to a normal pace.

She managed the smallest of laughs against him. “I’m much better than good, bubs. I’d quite like for you to make love to me, though.”

Harry couldn’t help the elated grin that lit up his features, and he pecked gently against her lips twice. “Are you sure you’re still up for it?” When he saw her sparkly-eyed little nod, he couldn’t help but kiss her again. “Then it’d be my pleasure. Do yeh want me to use a rubber?” He knew she’d been on birth control since she was 17, but he’d still give her the option to see what she was more comfortable with.

She shook her head immediately. “Just wanna feel you.”

Harry smiled against her lips. “Never been bare with anyone before.”

Her cheeks got dusted with that rosy pink color he loved, but she didn’t seem as embarrassed as usual by his blunt language. “Me either. ‘M glad we can be each others’ firsts.”

Harry immediately shook his head and reached down to line up against her entrance, smiling at her gasp when his tip brushed against her still-sensitive clit. “Baby, we’re each others’ lasts.” He covered his mouth with hers before she could respond, he pushed inside her.

Y/N certainly hadn’t been with as many people as Harry, but she was no virgin. Despite that, she’d never felt anything quite like Harry inside her. She knew it wasn’t about the lack of a condom covering his length. It was her Harry, the boy she’d run through gardens with as a little kid. The guy she’d shared her first kiss with against a tree when she was eleven years old. She’d always loved him, and she’d never felt closer with anyone in her entire life. The knowledge that she, with her legs wrapped around Harry’s waist as he was buried to the hilt inside her, his lips gently rubbing against her collarbone, could not be any physically closer to him if she tried was enough to make her eyes misty.

“You’re so damn beautiful, Y/N. Swear I’m gonna love yeh forever.” She could barely hear the words uttered against her neck as he made his first careful withdrawal, all the way to the tip, before gently thrusting forward again. He looked up in alarm when he heard her sniffle, but she quickly took his face in her hands and pressed kisses to every bit of skin she could get at.

“I love you, too, bubs. Forever and a day,” she promised. He smiled against her just because she always had to one up him, then he pressed his lips to hers as he began to move a little faster inside her.

She gasped when the length of him brushed against that spot inside her, and her arm tugged him closer by wrapping around his shoulder.

“Shh, baby, gotta stay quiet. Can’ have them comin’ in, can we?” Harry gently hushed her his lips brushed against her temple.

She nodded against him and tried not to cry out as he reached down to grab at one of her knees around his waist. He gently hoisted her leg up into the crook of his arm to provide a new angle in which he could push deeper into her. His other hand braced against the bed to hold himself up as he pushed in all the way and grinded his pelvic bone against her clit. Immediately, her eyes snapped shut and jaw dropped open at the feeling, nails digging into his back as she fought for something to keep her grounded to earth.

Harry continued to thrust a little harder against her, always aiming for her spot, and stopped occasionally for those little grinds he quickly discovered drove her crazy. Her little gasps morphed into whimpers and whisperings of his names and quiet moans, and Harry nearly lost his mind. He began to thrust faster against her with the leverage his arm provided against the mattress, hitching her leg higher up in his arm so it was pressed between their torsos.

“Harry, Harry, ‘m gonna cum, please come back,” Y/N sounded desperate as she tried to hold off her climax. She wanted him close to her when she came, and she ran her nails down his back in an effort to pull him down to her.

“Shh, shh, I’m here, love. S’alright.” Harry immediately dropped her leg down from his arm and moved down to hover just above her. He took one of her hands from his back and intertwined their fingers together above their heads. He felt her legs wrap back around his waist as he pressed his lips against hers and moved a bit faster in an effort to get her to climax. He cursed slightly under his breath when the headboard started to gently tap against the wall in their efforts, and he reached up to hold the top to keep it from making to much noise. “Rub your clit for me. Can yeh do that, love? ‘M gonna make yeh come, I promise.”

The hand of Y/N’s that he wasn’t holding onto snaked into the narrow space between their bodies, and she gasped as soon as her fingers made contact with the nerves. She used her legs around his waist to pull her hips tight to his on every thrust he gave her, meeting him halfway. “Wan’ you to come with me. Please, please do it with me.”

Harry nodded frantically, feeling the coil burning white hot in his belly. “I will, baby, I will. Fuck, I love you so much.” He felt her walls begin to flutter around him, and he knew he was done for. He squeezed her hand tighter in his and thrusted as hard as he could while keeping a hand on the headboard in order to minimize the noise. “Come now, baby. Come with me.” They moaned into each other’s mouths as she clenched around him like a vice in her climax. He didn’t stand a chance as soon as she started to close in on him, and he disconnected his lips from hers to bite down into the spot between her neck and shoulder as he felt the coil in tummy snap. She continued to use her hips to thrust up against him as his orgasm hit full force and he emptied himself inside her. The feeling of rope after rope coating her walls was something she’d never felt before and never wanted to go without again. Finally, when she started to feel that he was spent, she released her legs from around him and reached up to brush a stray curl from where it was matted with sweat against his forehead. Her own forehead and body felt clammy with perspiration, but whether it was hers or his she couldn’t be sure. He shook lightly in her arms as he lowered himself down to her, pressing kisses to every bit of skin he could get at. He went to pull out of her, but she scrambled to put a hand against his hip and push him down into her.

“Not yet,” she begged, “wanna feel you just a little longer.”

Harry smiled, nodding his head as he lifted his head just slightly to kiss her. This kiss was less frantic than the previous ones had been. It was slow and unhurried and full of nothing but love. When Harry felt himself going soft inside her, he gently retracted his pelvis from Y/N’s before pressing kisses across her face. “Thank you for being amazing, love.”

Y/N felt her eyelids beginning to flutter shut from exhaustion but smiled nonetheless. “Thank you for loving me, Harry Styles.” She allowed him to pull the covers up their naked bodies, turning off to the side so that Harry could spoon behind her. She prayed they’d wake up in the morning before Anne came knocking on either of their doors and discovered what had happened before they got a chance to properly explain themselves. But when she felt Harry’s lips press gently to the shell of her ear, his arm around her waist and his whole body warming the back of hers, she decided to live in the moment. She’d worry about tomorrow when it came, because she knew she could handle anything with Harry by her side.

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Guess He’s really into Her, Mate

Hi lovely people! Hope you’re happy. x

Plot: Harry really likes Y/N and is surprised when his friend is less supportive.

Warnings: None. 

Pic isn’t mine but I love how it practically screams ‘cozy’.

“Hold on. Are we talking about the same person here?”

Harry’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he tried to bite back the embarrassment rushing through his body and painting his cheeks pink. Admitting this type of secret was to him as awkward as it had when he’d been 18 years younger. And now his uncomfortable feeling increased by the tone the question had been asked in as it was enough to let Harry immediately know that Jeffery wasn’t at all happy with the confession he’d just heard. Jeff arched his brows at his friend, making Harry shift in his seat once more before he focused on his manager with worried eyes. 

“S’no one like her out there,” Harry muttered, heartbeat increasing when Jeff’s forehead formed a deep frown, “So yeah… we’re both talking about her.” 

“But this is Y/N,” Jeff said almost defensively, “She’s… she’s… I mean… how? And why?”

Harry slid off his chair and walked around the counter in Jeff’s kitchen, for one so he could reach the coffee machine and pour himself the drink he very much needed after the long night he’d had, and for two so he could bring some distance between himself and his friend. His knees felt uncomfortably jelly-like and he hoped Jeff couldn’t notice how wobbly he was walking.
This he had not expected when admitting that he felt more than just friendship for the girl Jeff had made a habit of bringing around. Sure, he was aware of how protective Jeff and pretty much everyone else who knew the girl was of her, but surely him liking Y/N was a good thing wasn’t it? Y/N always appeared to care about him, too, so why would Jeff oppose the idea of them together so much? Harry could make Y/N happy, he was sure of it. She was kind and she was soft, her mind was bright and to him there was nobody more beautiful than her. And what she needed was a person who could be as kind and as soft with her as her soul was, someone who cared for her gentle being and would always appreciate her. 
Harry could do that. He wanted to do that and to learn that his friend doubted him hurt. A pout tugged at his lips. Sensing where his mind went Jeff cleared his throat.

“M’sorry, mate. Sounded like a prick, didn’t I? I want to be supportive of this, really I do. She’s a good girl and you’re a great lad s’just…”

“What?” Harry asked, unable to keep the tension out of his voice.

Jeff sighed as he desperately searched for the right words. “I’ve known her for quite a while now and I truly love that girl. I really do, Harry. She might as well be my sister by this point.”

“Good to know,” Harry muttered, not liking how his heart had dropped the moment Jeff spoke of loving Y/N even though he was of course very aware of Jeff’s girlfriend and knew that Y/N shared nothing beyond a brotherly bond with his friend.

“Anyway,” Jeffery continued, “I know that she’s been through a lot of crap with boys. Things that took their toll on her and though she doesn’t really talk about it anymore I know she’s influenced by it still. You’re great. Of course you are, s’just… I want you to know that you got to be careful with her. Make sense?”

“Well, kinda,” Harry moved to sit back down next to his friend, “But don’t you know that I would never do anything to upset her? Not as her friend and certainly not as her boyfriend should she ever allow me to be that for her. She’s… she’s so tender with me, you know? And she gets me and she cares for me and… I never had that before. With anyone, Jeff. I never felt like someone would be there and take care of me the way I do when I’m with her.”

Harry frowned at his fingers momentarily before meeting Jeff’s eyes. 

“Do you not think that I could be good for her?” 

“You could,” Jeff soothed Harry quietly, “You already are, no doubt. You’re not one of those shitty boys she’s been disappointed by. But I also know that you like the adventure sometimes, the excitement of something passionate and short lived with a woman who’s fascinating to you for the moment. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. However if you want Y/N it has to be with purely honest intentions and because you want her for more than just a week.”

“I do!” Harry argued, voice loud and desperate, “She’s not someone I want for the moment. I want her for every moment.”

“Awe,” Jeff cooed and Harry flipped him off. 

“Besides,“ Harry smirked, brows arched, “What would happen if I were to not take things seriously with her?”

He was joking of course and Jeffery took a long swig of his coffee before shrugging with a smug smile, “I’d kick your arse.”

“Oh yeah, right.”


Harry’s heart could have burst in his chest. Ever since stepping into Jeff’s house that night he’d been happy to find that Y/N refused to leave his side and instead stood by him and occasionally even brushed his arm with her soft hand in a sweet gesture. He felt like he could rejoice and his heart filled with hope. Y/N was so close, his skin was covered in a shiver.
When he tilted his head he could rest his chin on the crown of her beautiful hair, when he shifted his body he could press into her side and feel the curve of her chest against his ribcage and when he breathed in deeply all he smelled was Y/N’s sweet scent. She was so close to him and so adorably clingy he had to physically hold himself back from wrapping her into his embrace and never let her go again, oblivious to Y/N feeling just the same about him. Her fingers itched to fist his jumper in her hand, the tip of her tongue burned to say all the words that could describe how incredibly lovely he was to her. But she wouldn’t let herself. Not when it could mean losing him.

“Harry?” her voice spoke next to his shoulder. 

When Harry looked down his heart melted at the sight of his favorite person peering up at him with bright eyes and his stomach dropped when she leaned in and nudged him with her nose to get more of his attention. As if she wasn’t possessing all of it from the moment she’d murmured his name.

Harry chuckled and hummed against her temple as his lips pressed to her skin softly. “Yes, sweetheart?” 

She let out a small whine before her forehead pressed into his arm. “I want to go home. Take me there, please?”

Harry frowned at her quiet words, not liking her request. She wanted to leave? Already? On the other hand, she wanted to leave with him

He kissed her again, this time her head. “Of course, my love. Are you alright, though?”

“I’m okay,” she nodded quickly, not wanting to worry him, “S’just that I can feel how I’m coming down with a headache and Sarah drove me here but she’s having so much fun and I don’t want to trouble her.”

“Oh, so I look like I’m not having fun?” Harry joked, nudging her shoulder with his.

Y/N rolled her eyes before pinching his hips. “You know what I meant.”

“I do,” he laughed gently, “And the tube’s a pain at this hour so I wouldn’t want you taking it anyway.” 

“There’s nobody I can ask other than you,” she murmured into the fabric of his shirt, “Nobody I would want to ask anyway.”

Now his heart really was going to burst. Without thinking about it Harry let his arms drop around her shoulders so he could pull her against his chest, loving how easily the two of them fit together. If they ever needed to prove to someone that they belonged together, them fitting like two puzzle pieces was evidence enough. His fingers brushed her warm skin, her lips graced his neck.

“Let’s grab your coat, love.”

He began to move away from her but a pull to his arm made him still.

“Didn’t bring one,” Y/N peered up at him with guilty eyes and teeth biting back a smile as she knew exactly what reaction Harry was about to have.

His forehead was pulled into a frown she wished she were allowed to kiss away and his arms crossed, the words to scold her ready to fall from his lips.

“I wasn’t cold!” she argued with a laugh, “We got here so early it wasn’t even dark yet. Oh, stop looking at me like that.”

“S’damn windy outside, Y/N,” Harry sighed, remembering how last time they’d spent 5 minutes outside with the sun not out, she’d fallen ill for three days, “You’re bloody asking for it you know that right? You want to get sick again, don’t you?”

His fingers pinched her waist and she shrieked, quickly apologizing to the people around them who were disturbed by the loud sound.

“Oh, cut it out,” Y/N fought to raise her hands so she could press her palms against Harry’s lips but failed when his fingers wrapped around both of her wrists. Harry laughed and dodged her when she tried to kick his shins.

“M’not taking care of you again I can promise you that much,” Harry threatened.

“Of course you would.” Y/N’s smile made his heart flutter.

Harry nodded, finally letting himself grin at her. “Yeah, I would. Still, you’re gonna have to wear my jacket. C’mon.”

Harry’s fingers laced with Y/N’s and her cheeks blushed as he slowly began to pull her away from the couch where they’d been standing and over to where Jeff stood, chatting to his mates. Y/N felt happy. Harry was just such an easy guy and once more he proved to her that she could rely on him looking after her when she needed someone.
In all honesty Y/N didn’t want to leave. Ever since he’d entered the house Harry had at least one hand touching her somehow, be it by resting his palm at the bottom of her back or by squeezing her shoulder. But the back of her head ached and she knew the music Glenne had chosen to play would only make it worse.

“Hey, Jeffrey!” Harry called out, “We’re heading out.”

The manager looked up, frowning at first but quickly biting back a grin upon noticing that his two friends were holding hands. He moved to walk towards them.

“So soon? You’re really an old person stuck in a young man’s body, mate.”

“Leave him alone. S’my fault,” Y/N apologized, “I’m the ninny who’s getting a headache. I’m sorry, Jeff.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart,” Jeff cooed and again Harry felt an unnecessary sense of jealousy kick in. Without thinking about it he pulled her closer, standing so he was touching her back with his chest and away from Jeff’s hands.

“Chill out, Harry, would you?” Jeff laughed, noticing the lack of space between the two of them, before turning back to Y/N, “Take care of yourself, alright? Don’t want you to get sick. Though I suppose you have someone to look after you.”

“I suppose I do,” she smiled with a blush. 

After saying their goodbyes Y/N laced her fingers with Harry’s once more and guided him out of the living room, blushing when she felt his jacket wrap around her back.

“What’s up with those two?” Tom, Harry’s friend who’d gotten acquainted with Jeff stepped closer to him, looking after Y/N and the guy looming over her as they left the house. 

Jeff shrugged. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

“I bet you they’ll tell each other tonight,” Glenne chirped, her head coming down to rest on Jeff’s shoulder. She sighed. “S’like watching our babies grow up, isn’t it?”

Tom laughed. “I knew it! She was so obvious about it, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Jeff sighed, “He was, too. Guess he’s really into her, mate.”

And Harry really was very much smitten with Y/N and when he stood with her pressed to his chest as she was pushed into the door of her apartment building, their lips molded together while their hands explored the skin they managed to uncover by pushing away the fabric of their jumpers, Harry realized that he was lost. Lost in her scent, hair and soft voice. 
Y/N whimpered when Harry gifted her with another heavy kiss and he smiled before nudging her nose with his. 

“I never would have thought tonight could have ended like this,” he breathed against her cheek. 

Y/N nodded, lips kissing his jaw, his chin and then his lips again. “I’m so happy, Harry.”

“Me too, Y/N,” he swore, wrapping her into his arms as she cuddled into his chest, “Finally. God, fucking finally.”

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Worth the Pain

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

The earth’s actually flat and Harry must have fallen off of it. He was quite clumsy—you had scars from the countless occasions he couldn’t navigate around his own feet and brought you down with him—so him managing to fall off the edge of the earth wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.

At least he better be floating through deep space, otherwise there was no reason your texts and calls should have gone unanswered the last three days. No other reason you would accept, anyway.

When you’d woken up, brain foggy and mouth dry, you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten home, let alone anything that had actually happened. It wasn’t until you reached for your phone—after growing accustomed the dull ache in your skull—and saw the Bukowski poem that you remembered what happened. And you’d laid in bed for a while, trying to figure out how to move forward. Should you text Harry? Call him? Read into the fact that his last poem was much less explicit than the previous and maybe it meant he was trying to tell you something?

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Can you imagine Arthur Weasley discovering How It’s Made?

  • *furious note taking during the episode describing fuses*
  • “Do men wear pantyhose? The production looks a little tricky, but it looks like something that would taken on quickly among wizards at the Ministry… Harry, why are you laughing?“
  • “Who knew so much work went into the making of bacon…”
  • “Poor Muggles! If only they knew about goblin-made mirrors. I suppose it’s fair trade considering there’s no bad luck should they break one.”
  • Why do potato crisps need to be stackable? Certainly not all Muggle food is so orderly.“
  • *further note taking during the drill bits episode*
  • “Merlin, Muggles have to do everything the hard way, don’t they?”
  • “Highlighters! Does Hermione know about these? That one even sparkles!”
  • “Do rubber ducks have the same purpose as wooden ones? Why is there such a fascination with fake fowl?”
  • “*excited noises about the making of marbles*”
  • “I’d quite like a decorative sombrero. Mix things up at the office, don’t you think?“

cordelia-heronstairs  asked:

Why are people with ARCs allowed to spoil Lord of Shadows? Spoilers are popping up everywhere, including major character deaths, though some contradict each other. Blacklisting spoilers isn't helping, is there anything you can do?

Whoa, whoa! People with ARCs aren’t allowed to spoil LoS. And in fact, they aren’t that I know of? ARCs are limited to reviewers and by and large they’re a hugely professional group that takes their reviewing and blogging really seriously. They know if they started posting spoilers they would lose their audiences.

When a book is embargoed, that means a legal agreement between the publisher and booksellers that the bookseller won’t sell the book before a specific date. Sometimes a bookseller breaks that agreement — in this case sold early copies in Northern Europe before receiving an injunction to stop — and then the book winds up in the hands of people who aren’t reviewers and don’t have an agreement not to sell/spoil/whatever it. There is no way to stop them, because the agreement that was broken was broken by the bookseller not the reader who got the book early. The downside is that it can mean that for instance no books will be provided to next time a Shadowhunters book comes out, so no customers of the website/people in N. Europe will be able to buy it easily, so the people punished for spoilers are often the people who didn’t do the spoiling at at. I think it’s rotten to post spoilers, and if I hear about accounts doing it I will block them permanently, but that is all I can do.


I’ve talked already about blacklisting and muting, but I’ve definitely gotten the impression the spoilers are out of control (I have turned off my own inbox because it’s full of people yelling about spoilers, some of which aren’t true, but I can’t confirm or disclaim either way) and I certainly recall myself the spoiler situation of waiting for new Harry Potter books, for instance. If you genuinely don’t want to be spoiled I would honestly recommend a fandom blackout until after you read LoS. Walk away from the timeline/dashboard, avoid discussions, stick to safe spaces where you know everyone. 

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It’s the only way to be sure.

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it’s only fair


// after a few unfortunate events, harry and y/n find themselves at the fair and have some much needed fun


It was a hot day. Like a really hot day.

It’s times like these when Harry appreciates his short hair and doesn’t miss his heavy curls one bit. Sweat glistens on his face from the bright fair lights surrounding him and y/n. She’s sweating too but somehow the sheer layer of sweat coating her skin makes her look like a goddess. He thinks y/n looks like a goddess in all states– even in her frazzled and annoyed state, like this morning and afternoon.

The day did not start off the way Harry and y/n would’ve liked it to. For starters, the power died in the middle of the night which left the two of them in a puddle of sweat in the morning due to the lack of air conditioning. This did not leave y/n in a good mood. Her hair was frizzy and the shine on her face made her feel disgusting. She walked around the house in nothing but her bra and panties, trying to prevent sweat marks from appearing under her arms and around her thighs, which left Harry quite frustrated with her but did nothing about it, deeming it too hot for sex. Harry later decided that if he wasn’t going to get any sex, he was going to get food. He looked inside the fridge at least 6 times, which made y/n yell at him because she was sure that all of the food would spoil if Harry continued to open and close the fridge. So instead of boiling in their sauna, Harry suggested the two go out to grab lunch and maybe see a movie in an air conditioned theater.

All y/n wanted to do was to stay inside her air conditioned home with Harry and turn it down so much, they’d have to wrap themselves in blankets because it got too cold in the house. This was not the case. Instead, Harry and y/n found themselves on the shoulder of the freeway with two flat tires. It was nearly 100 degrees in the area and y/n, being the smart one, refused to leave the air on in the car because she didn’t want to overheat the Range Rover. The two had gotten out of the car and called a towing company, who said help wouldn’t get to them until 4:00, which was three hours away. They had no choice but to sit at the side of the freeway and complain. Harry wasn’t one to express his frustrations but y/n on the other hand was very vocal. The only words spewing from her mouth were “It’s so hot,” or “I’m literally dying.” To which Harry would say, “I know, love, I know it’s hot,” or “Yes, baby I know you’re dying.”

Harry was a very good boyfriend to say the least, and tried making the three hours go by quickly for him and y/n. He’d sing and tell her stupid jokes and then sing some more. Eventually the towing truck arrived, put on the two new tires and told Harry that they were good to go. Harry thanked the man, gave him a generous tip and opened the car door for y/n. She grimaced getting in, fearing the hot leather seat would burn her skin as much as the sun did. Y/n apologized profusely for complaining so much and asked Harry if he wanted to go to the fair instead of the movies. None of their day went as planned so she figured why not do what Harry has been begging to do. He always thought the fair was a romantic first date idea– one that he never got around to doing.

Now, here they are standing by the funnel cake and fried twinkies stands, debating which one they’d rather eat. “I’d prefer funnel cake,” y/n says softly, wrapping both of her arms around one of Harry’s and leaning her head against his shoulder. Harry nods as they walk up to the front and politely asks for one funnel cake with powdered sugar. He only got one cake because knowing y/n, she would never finish one on her own and Harry certainly does not want to eat his and finish y/n’s.

“Thank you,” Harry smiles to the kind lady who hands him his treat. Y/n finds a nice place for them to sit, right near the prize games. The bench was built around a big tree trunk so the leaves provide shade from the little sun that was left in the sky. Unfortunately, this meant Harry wasn’t going to get his moment looking at the sunset with y/n in the ferris wheel when it “breaks” on them when they’re at the top. He laughs to himself, thinking how cheesy he’s gotten since being in a relationship. Once swallowing her bite of funnel cake y/n asks, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Harry chuckles. “Just thinkin’ about how I was gonna ask the guy at the ferris wheel to stop it when we’re at the top.”

Y/n laughs too. “That only happens in movies.”

“Our life is kinda like a movie. I mean, we woke up with no air conditioning, we got two flat tires and my girlfriend complained the whole day. Yet, here I am sharing a funnel cake with her.” Harry concludes by shoving the fork into his mouth, savoring the sweet powdered sugar coating his lips.

“I’m sorry for complaining so much today,” y/n apologizes. “You know the heat just drives me crazy and I know I can be a bitch about it and-”

Harry cuts her off with a peck to the lips and he smiles when he notices the powdered sugar on his lips transferred onto hers.

“You still love me?” y/n jokingly asks him.

Harry purses his lips and shakes his head. “Nope, can’t stand you. We’re breaking up,” he laughs.

Y/n gasps and smacks his arm playfully. “Shut up, you love me,” she says, getting up and walking to the nearest garbage can to throw away their plate. Harry follows her and quickly grabs her hand as he notices some teenage boys looking in her direction. Harry can be quite possessive at times, always fearing that y/n will find someone better, someone who’s around more. The boys continue to look at y/n though, no doubt because of what she’s wearing. The weather, of course, influenced y/n to wear a cute sundress that might be a little too short if she raised her arms to the air— which is exactly what she’s doing as she points to the giant bears mounted to the walls at one of the carnival games. “Harry, let’s get that bear!” she exclaims. She runs over to the very bored looking worker and asks if she can play. He rolls his eyes and tells her it’s two dollars. Y/n pays with her own money and receives the three rings to throw around the bottles.

“Let me do it,” Harry says, reaching his hand out to get the rings from y/n. However, she shakes her head.

“No, I wanna do it,” she states childishly. She tosses the first ring and much to Harry’s surprise, it lands around the neck of one of the milk bottles. “Yes!” y/n whispers under her breath.

Harry stands behind her, admiring her little happy dance she made when the rings didn’t end up on the floor or between the bottles. Y/n successfully got all three rings around a bottle and the poor worker had to get up from his chair to ask y/n which prize she wanted. She very happily said the giant brown bear. The man trudged over to get it for her and Harry laughed. “What on earth are yeh going to do with that thing?”

Y/n grabs the bear from the man, spins around and holds it out to Harry. “Give it to you!” she replies. Harry looks at her like she’s joking. “C'mon, take the bear H, my arms are getting tired!”

He groans and takes the bear from her hands. “This isn’t right, poppet. I’m the one supposed to be giving you the bear.”

“Well you said so yourself, what the hell am I gonna do with a giant bear? I gave it to you for you to give to some little girl or something,” y/n shrugs.

“Okay,” he agrees. “But I’m going to win yeh something, so yeh can give a kid a bear too. iI mean, it’s only fair.” Harry looks at his girlfriend with wide eyes and a ridiculous grin, waiting to see if she got his pun. “G-get it? Because, like, we’re at the fair and it would be fair if I won yeh something and like-”

“Yes Harry, I get it you dork,” y/n giggles. “Alright well which game are you going to do?”

“Maybe the one you did?” Harry answers. “That can’t be too hard, right?”

Y/n doesn’t say anything. She just gestures her hand forward, as if it’s an invitation for Harry to proceed with the ring toss. He does so, repeating y/n’s previous actions by giving the guy, whose name tag says Dave, two dollars. Harry tosses his first ring and misses completely. Y/n snickers at his failed attempted and Harry shushes her. He says, “Quiet, love. I’m trying to concentrate.”

Harry misses again.

And again.

Harry gives Dave another two dollars.

He misses again.

And again.

And again.

“You know what man,” Dave begins, getting up from his chair. “You’re gonna be here,” he reaches for another bear, “all night so i’m just gonna give this to you. Dave hands Harry a white bear and says, “Now get out of here and have your girlfriend teach you how to throw.”

Y/n laughs and thanks the man with a smile. While y/n pulls Harry away from the game he yells, “I played football growing up, not football! Wait no, I mean soccer, not football!” Y/n laughs some more at Harry’s explanation for having a crappy throw, completely stumbling through his words.

“Wow, you’re really bad at that,” y/n chirps while swinging their joined hands front and back through the air. Harry stays quiet and lets y/n lead the way. She skips towards the ferris wheel so Harry can finally experience what it would be like to go on one with his girlfriend. “Sorry this couldn’t have been part of our first date,” she says as they get on. Their first date was in Milan, the day before the band filmed the Where We Are Tour at the San Siro Stadium so there’s not much for y/n to complain about. Harry nods and squeezes in next to her, each of their bears sitting on their laps. Neither of them speak but the silence between them is comforting. They both hold onto their bears while looking around the fair from their new point of view. Everyone looks a little smaller and the illuminating lights make Harry think about y/n’s eyes when she talks about things she loves.

“You met a lot of fans today,” y/n speaks up.

“Yeah, and some even wanted yeh in the pictures,” Harry remarks, dropping his arm over y/n’s shoulder, trying to bring her closer to him. He’s never been one for heights (despite the sign of the times music video), so he hopes keeping y/n close will comfort him.

Y/n scoffs. “Except for that one girl who made me take the picture!”

“Maybe she doesn’t like yeh! Also who else would’ve taken the picture?” Harry asks. His grip on y/n comes tighter as the ferris wheel makes a few bumpy movements.

“Uh, she could’ve just taken a selfie. Also, me? Not liked? How dare someone not like me?” She jokes. Y/n’s sarcasm has always been one of Harry’s favorite qualities about her. She has always been unapologetically herself and that didn’t change one bit when she and Harry started dating. She knew how to hold her own and take the hate thrown at her (which wasn’t much, everyone loves her).

I like you,” Harry cheers. “And that’s all that matters, right?”

“Yeah, never stop liking me. I don’t think many people appreciate my complaining when it’s hot.” y/n replies, along with leaving Harry a kiss on the cheek.

“Well that’s part of who yeh are, love. And yeh know, when it gets hot wherever we are, we can go somewhere that’s cold,” Harry explains. Y/n nods and their ride comes to an end. Harry is bummed that the ride didn’t break when they were at the top, but also a bit relieved because of the whole heights thing.

The two of them make their way to the exit of the fair, still holding both of the bears. While walking out, y/n spots a family of four in the parking lot: a brother and sister and their dads. Both of the kids are crying and y/n tells Harry she knows who she wants to give the bears to. Harry notices the family as well and agrees with his girlfriend. Y/n, feeling anxious about approaching the family, makes Harry speak first.

“Hi, um, I’m hHarry and this is my girlfriend y/n,” Harry introduces himself to the dad with the shaved head. “Well, um, we won each other these bears but um, we don’t really know what we’re going to do with them so would- would yeh like to take them off of our hands?” Harry asks, finally getting to his point.

“Oh, that’s very kind but-” the dad begins, but is abruptly interrupted by his son. His crying ceases and he runs for y/n’s bear, screaming with joy. He takes it in the tightest hug imaginable, while the little girl hides behind her other dad’s legs. Y/n gladly gives up her bear and introduces herself to the boy. She learns his name is Micah. Meanwhile, Harry crouches down in front of the little girl and gently extends the bear towards the girl.

“Hello, I’m Harry. My girlfriend over there,” he gestures to y/n who is still talking to Micah. “She won this for me but we both think that these bears will be a lot happier with you and your brother.” The girl comes away from her shield and steps out into perfect view for Harry to see her. She has on a pink dress with white flowers scattered around the fabric. Her hands remain behind her back while she wiggles around. She looks up to her dad, to see if she can accept Harry’s gift. He gives her a little nod and smile. This is all she needs because once she sees that nod, she snags the bear right out of Harry’s hand.

“What do you say, Lydia?” The dad asks his daughter.

Lydia whispers a small thank you and goes back to hiding behind her dad. “Thank you,” her dad repeats. Harry and y/n grin, happy that 1. they got rid of those bears and 2. they probably made those kids’ day. They bid the family a goodbye and struggle to find their car.

Uh-oh, not more car problems…

Harry raises his arm in the air, continuously pressing the buttons on the remote, while they look around the parking lot for their Range Rover. (Probably the nicest car in the parking lot of a fair). “Harrrryyyyy,” y/n drags his name out. “How do you not remember where you parked the car?”

“I do remember!” Harry exclaims. “But it’s dark and the car is black!” Harry continues to the press buttons. “Wait, aren’t yeh like, supposed to put the thing up to your chin and then you’ll find your car?”

Y/n furrows her eyebrows, though Harry can’t see. “I’m pretty sure that’s a myth, babe.”

Harry shrugs and tries it anyways.

Beep, beep.

Both of their eyebrows raise and they look at each other surprised. “I stand corrected,” y/n says, walking in the direction of the car. They both sigh once they reach the car and state their exhaustion. “What a day,” y/n says, getting into the vehicle.

Harry agrees and starts up the car without further conversation. Y/n is quick to fall asleep so her soft breathing is all Harry listens to. It’s too comforting to play music over. The drive home is brief as there’s not much traffic this late in the night. Getting y/n inside is a bit of a struggle as Harry doesn’t want to wake sleeping beauty up. He couldn’t figure out the best way to carry her; like, is he supposed to toss her over his shoulder? Is he supposed to carry her bridal style? He opts for the latter and somehow makes his way inside with out waking her. A heavy sleeper this one is.

Much to harry’s relief, the power came back sometime during the day which meant the air conditioning was on full blast. If only y/n was awake to appreciate the coolness. Harry settles y/n onto their bed and whispers to her that he’s going to take her clothes off to get her changed into her pajamas. All the movement leaves y/n stirring, but not fully awake. She mumbles incoherent things as Harry slides off her underwear. “Mmm, no Harry. Too tired for sex.”

“No, love,” Harry chuckles. “I’m just gettin’ yeh ready for bed, that’s all.” He pulls her dress over her head, unclasps her bra and somehow wiggles on her sleep shirt. “There we go,” he kisses y/n’s nose. “All ready fo’ bed.”

Y/n miraculously finds enough energy to shimmy her way under the comforter and tell Harry that she loves him. He tells her he loves her too and thanks her for the day they had. Harry places a kiss to y/n’s clothed shoulder and drifts himself off to sleep.


[authors note • i have lots of doubts about posting this but @helplesslyharry told me to bc she likes it so…. also, yes i named the girl lydia after the little girl at the OTRA concert. if u haven’t seen it or wanna watch it again, here’s the video lol. thank u for reading i love u lots and pls leave me talk to me!!]

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Imagine finding Loki

The four of you stand in shock at the sight before you. 

Loki, the god of mischief, is sitting right in front of you.

The poor excuse of a god chained up and sitting on a box right in front of you. 

The poor excuse of a god that you fell in love with years ago that you thought died (again) sitting right in front of you in all his glory.

“Suprise?” You finally question, he nods with a guilty smile on his face. You let out a scoff while you shake your head, anger building up inside. “Surprise?” You repeat, pushing him back off the box.

“(Y/N–” Thor goes to intervene as you step over his brother but Banner stops him.

“Surprise?” You bend over and pull on the chains around him till his face is only a few inches away from yours. “Surprises are supposed to be a type of celebration for a joyous occasion. Surprises are supposed to be a child getting the toy he wanted for Christmas or a proposal or a pregnancy, Loki. 

“You chained up…” You take a moment to remove your eyes from his to look around the room. “This…” You let out a sigh when your eyes meet his guilty ones. “This is not a surprise.”

“I’m sorry, love.” He apologizes. “I tried to come back for you after the Dark Elves but you weren’t there and I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could’ve not faked your death for starters.” You inform, tears filling your eyes at the memory of grieving all over again. “For the second time.”

“I know.” He whispers.

“I thought you were actually gone for good this time.” You quietly admit, caressing his jaw.

You both go silent for a few moments; both of you taking in each other's features, re-familiarizing yourselves with one another. Loki leans into your touch as he looks into your eyes while you scan over his face.

“I truly am so sorry, (Y/N).” Loki admits, his voice genuine and his eyes show nothing but guilt and sorrow. “If I knew it would do this much damage to you, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.” He says, you don’t respond.

“You know how I am…” He tilts his chin away from your hand to get your attention back up to his eyes. “always dramatic.”

You let out a loud scoff. “You’re telling me.” You let an amused smile slip onto your lips. “I’d compare you to the character Draco Malfoy of the Midgardian’s Harry Potter series if you knew who that actually was.”

“I’m actually very well educated on that series, thank you very much.” Now it’s his turn to scoff. “And I would like you to know, I would never fall down from a petty animal bite… and my father would certainly not be hearing about anything.”

You let out a soft giggle causing a wide smile to appear on Loki’s face.

“I hate you so much.” You mumble, leaning down a bit more to press a short peck to his lips.

“I love you too.” He gleams.

This was kind of bad lol

spiderkittene  asked:

Could you please write an imagine or a drable with Harry in which the reader is a fan of him and after taking a picture with him destiny keep bringing to meet again?

Hope you like it, love. x


Work has always been exciting to you. Maybe it was because you were surrounded by one old loving lady who treated you like a daughter and 6 other people who 3 of them were your age while the 3 other treated you like a sister, or maybe it was the scenarios you made of every customer who came in to order coffee. Some looked in a hurry, some looked sleepy, some looked giddy and every other emotion known to human kind.

But you certainly would have never guessed that you would meet your idol and celebrity crush.

It was a normal Tuesday morning. It was only you, 60 years old Fiona who owned the shop and Joe who was in the kitchen in the coffee place. You were standing behind the counter, humming the soft tunes of Meet Me In The Hallway to yourself, watching your fingers as they drummed soundlessly on the surface.

The twinkle of the rustic bell above the door bell signaled that someone entered the shop. You were too busy focusing on your drumming to notice the costumer standing before you before someone clearing their throat startled you, making you look up in alert.

And boy were you in alert.

There, before you, stood the man of your dreams, your idol and celebrity crush, Harry Styles. His eyes captivated you, you cursing at how the pictures didn’t do him justice.

Harry chuckled as you stood dumbfounded, your jaw dropped and your eyes wide. “Fan?”

You only swallowed, nodding reluctantly. “We can take a picture after I order? Would you like that?” Harry suggested politely as he stared into your own eyes before his eyes glanced at your lips for a moment before they moved back to your eyes.

You, once again, only nodded. “Can I have a vanilla latte with caramel cream, please?” He asked in his deep voice, a smile on his face.

You cleared your throat, your fingers pressing against the buttons. “That will be 3 dollars and 15 cents.” Harry handed you the money, your brows furrowing as he handed you a 50 dollar bill.

You were searching for change when Harry shook his head, “Keep the change. Tip for being adorable.” He chuckled.

You were almost sure that you were going to collapse any given moment. “Oh, thanks.” You managed to get out, biting your lip to contain your big smile.

You sneakily glanced at him while you made his latte as he stood waiting, on his phone. He was in a blue short sleeved shirt and plain black straight legged lamys that he now wore. His infamous brown Chelsea boots peaking out.

“There you go.” You announced, giving him his order to which he took from you with a polite “Thank you”

“So, uh, the photo?” You stuttered out embarrassingly, tucking your hair behind your ear nervously.

Harry chuckled, “Yes, I remember.”

You called for John, giving him your phone as you walked from behind the counter, standing beside Harry. You almost fell to your knees when he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, your body close to his as you both smiled for the camera.

“Does it look good?” He asked before taking a sip from his drink.

“I’m sure it does. Thank you so much.” You grinned.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Harry grinned back, giving you a quick hug, “Have a nice day!” Was what he said before he walked out of the door.

That was a month ago. Now, you were walking with your best friend, trying out different dresses for the wedding you had coming up 2 weeks from now.

“I feel like I won’t find it tonight.” You groaned, leaving the fifth store of the night.

“Relax, I’m sure you will. There are a lot of other shops, Y/N.” Your best friend chuckled before pointing at a shop, “Here, let’s see this one.” And with that she ran off.

You groaned, dragging your tired legs behind her before you felt yourself hit someone’s chest, making you stumble backwards before frowning, looking at the person.

“Very sorry, I wasn’t watch- hey!” Harry grinned as he looked down at you.

You gasped before grinning. “The girl from the coffee shop!” He exclaimed.

“In the flesh.” You said with a smile.

“I went back there a week ago and you weren’t there?” Harry asked, scratching the back of his neck.

Your heart warmed at that. “Oh, I’m taking more frequent days off since I’m helping with my cousin’s wedding.”

Harry nodded understandingly. “Congratulations.”


“For the wedding.” Harry chuckled.

“Oh! Uh, yeah. Thanks.” You smiled nervously at him before looking at the ground.

“Well, I better get going before people start noticing me too much. Bump into you later?” He smirked.

“Yeah, bump into you later.” You chuckled and waved at him as he left. You then ran off with a grin on your face to where your best friend were, ready to squeal out the news for her.

Now, 2 weeks later, you were leading the line of bridesmaids down the aisle as you walked gracefully in your beautiful dress, smiling warmly at the guests.

Someone waving their hand caught you, having to take a double take at the person — Harry. Your jaw dropped in shock as he giggled, pointing towards the camera in front of you, making you shut your mouth and stand on the side once you reached the designated place for the bridesmaids.

What was he doing here? In a beige suit with a light blue shirt underneath and a happy grin as he looked at you and waved. You giggled, blushing as you looked at the ground.

Once the ceremony began and your cousin, the bride, had walked down the aisle, making you look at her and her now-husband with dreamy eyes as they said their vows and “I do"s, everyone was escorted to the reception.

“Hey! Coffee shop girl!” You heard, making you grin as you turned, finding Harry struggling to get through the crowd of people, mumbling a few “Excuse me, please"s as he squeezed between them before finally standing in front of you. "That’s your cousin?”

“Yeah. Cousin of the bride. What about you?” You grinned, looking up at him. Despite wearing heels, Harry was still too tall for you.

“The groom is my friend.” Harry replied, the grin not leaving his face. “You know, I never caught your name despite destiny’s attempts in getting us to see each other.”

You giggled as you blushed, Harry taking a step closer. “Y/N.”

“Y/N. Well, Y/N, I’m Harry.” He offered you his hand.

“Hello, Harry. I’m Y/N. What would you like to order?” You joked.

“I’d like to order a dance from the coffee shop girl, do you think she’ll mind?”

“No,” You smiled, “She certainly won’t mind.”

Harry held his arm out for you, his dimpled smile making him look adorable. You hooked your arm with his as you both began not only a fun night, but a fun ride together.


Summary: this one was the most requested and it’s basically where the reader has to hide her and toms relationship from her brother Harrison but he walks in on them cuddling!

You and Tom had been going out for four months now. You had fallen for him because duh how couldn’t you! But you had fallen for your brothers best friend. You kept your relationship secret from Harrison because you weren’t really sure how he would react when he found out his best friend was dating his twin sister. You weren’t quite sure when you were going to tell Harrison but certainly wasn’t anytime soon.

You went along with Tom, Harry and Harrison to China. You visited the Great Wall of china,“look y/n it’s so long!” Has said in excitement, “you know what else is long..” Tom said with a smirk on his face. You laughed and so did everyone else. You and Tom were shamelessly flirting the whole time you were at the Great Wall, you wondered how Harrison hadn’t caught on yet, harry had a few weeks before and you had to pay him £10 each to make him shut up about it.

That night in your hotel room haz and harry left you and Tom because harry wanted to take pictures of the city and made Harrison go with him. That left you and Tom alone, together. You and Tom were cuddled up on the couch like you normally did whenever you sneaked over to his without haz. “What movie do you want to watch, love?” Tom asked flicking through them. “Cinderella?” You ask. Tom looks at you. “Really? You want to watch Cinderella? How old are you 5?” He says. You look at him. “You prance around all day in a Spider-Man costume and your calling me the 5 year old?!” You raise your eyebrows and he laughs,“fine! I’ll put it on!”

You and Tom lead on the couch, your head was against his chest and you listened to his heart beating in his chest. “If You were Cinderella, y/n, I wouldn’t pick up your shoe because it would probably smell like mouldy cheese” Tom said. “Hey!” You hit his chest jokingly. As the movie went on you began to feel more and more tired and Tom playing with your hair wasn’t helping.

You fell asleep intertwined with Tom on the couch, you were asleep so you didn’t hear the knock on the door or when it swung open all you heard was “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE THEN!” Harrison yelled and you and Tom were instantly awake. “Shut up, mate, your gonna wake her up!” Tom whispered. “To late!” You said sitting up off of Tom. “Well Tom? What are you two- what is this- h-how long?” Harrison stuttered breathlessly. “Yes, we are together and we have been for four months or so now” Tom said laughing. Harrison sat down on the arm chair to process what was happening. He then looked at harry, “Why aren’t you shocked about this?! I mean who would’ve thought y/n would be interested in someone as werid as Tom!?” “Everyone else but you haz,” harry chuckled,“ I found out a few weeks ago but it was completely obvious”

Harrison was completely stunned and you laughed at how stupid your brother looked. That night was full of haz asking you and Tom tins of questions about your relationship, “so… have you two…. Tom have you… you know…. have you had it with my little sister yet? Just asking…. she is my sister after all..” you and Tom laughed at this and didn’t answer which left haz irritated. You all watched Harry Potter and the philophers stone.

After it had finished you all got up and got ready for bed. “So I presume you two will be sleeping together tonight?” Haz said to you. “Only if you want me to?..” you replied eyeing your brother. This left him even more irritated as he didn’t like it when people don’t answer his questions. “I’ll sleep in your bed tonight y/n and you and Tom can share his bed.” He said before hugging you goodnight. You walked over to toms bed and got into your pjs. You and Tom lead cuddled up together in his bed in complete silence until Tom decided to break it. “You don’t think haz is mad, do you?” “Why would he be mad?” “Oh y'know he is a protective person and I’m his best friend and I am dating his twin sister…”. “Yeh but you are forgetting that he loves me and wants me to be happy, and you make me happy Tom, like really happy”. That made him laugh and pull you closer, he peppered you face in soft kisses before saying, “ you make me happy as well y/n like really happy.” You were both in a fit of giggles.

The next day was pretty awkward and you were all in silence, the only time any of you would say anything would be when the waitress I. The hotel asked you what you wanted for breakfast. You were all sat eating in the hotel restaurant when suddenly haz blurted out, “OH, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Y'know all the flirting and shit. HOW THE FUCK DIDNT I CATCH ON?!!?” You all stared at him

Will write number three soon so stay tuned!

A Cold and a Confession (Harry Hook x reader)

Words: 1,487

Warnings: threats, a cold

Sometimes, y/n wished that people could read her emotions. They always seemed to assume incorrectly what she was feeling. When she wanted someone to talk to, everyone kept out of her way. When she wanted to be alone, everyone seemed to want to start a conversation with her. After she was given the role of class president, she figured that things would be easier.

Of course, she was wrong.

There was no doubt that she did her job well. In fact, people told her that she was the best student president that they’d had in years. She cared deeply about the problems that others faced and was always eager to fix them. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the best people skills.

Once the new Villain kids came to Auradon, this became much more obvious.

The days leading up to their arrival, the teachers had reminded her to ‘be patient’ and ‘give them a chance’. Y/n had no problem giving them a chance, so long as they made an effort to follow her rules. For the most part, they did.

Harry Hook was the only exception. He skipped class, never took any notes, and handed in homework that wasn’t his. He did the opposite of everything y/n told him to do. Whenever he got in trouble, y/n was the one who was put in charge of his detention. She would do her work at the teacher’s desk, glaring at him every so often. Soon, it was a normal thing for them. In fact, it got to a point where they would study in the same room whether Harry had detention or not.

Harry hadn’t changed very much though. If anything, the promise of being able to sit in a room with the most interesting girl he had ever laid eyes on was only encouraging him to cause more trouble.

He kept getting into trouble, and she begrudgingly oversaw his punishment.

“If you click that pen one more time, I will slit your throat.” Y/n growled from her place at the front of the room. She was currently writing out a rather complicated looking formula on the dusty chalkboard in front of her.

“If ye keep grumbling about that bloody problem, I’ll slit me own throat.” The pen clicking ceased as Harry rose from his seat, stretching his arms out in front of them until they popped. “Honestly, ye’re making it much more complicated than it needs ta be.”

“Oh? Would you like to try it, your highness?” She snapped, thrusting the chalk out in his direction.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Harry snatched the chalk from her and nudged her out of the way so he could stand in front of the problem.

After a few moments, y/n spoke up. “I knew it, you don’t know how to-”

“Ye didn’t factor it all the way.” He interrupts, quickly erasing half of her problem and working it out in his own handwriting. He set the chalk down once he finished and grinned widely at y/n.

“You suck.”

“Ye know ye love me.” Harry laughed, throwing her a wink over his shoulder as he made his way back to his desk.

“In your dreams, Hook.” Y/n quickly wrote down the problem in her notebook, fighting the warm feeling in her chest.

I must be getting sick. I certainly can’t have a crush, especially not on him. Even if I did, it’s not like he would like me back. I mean, I’m not good at ‘people things’.

She shook the thoughts from her head, glancing over at Harry, not to glare, but just to observe.

He tapped lightly on his desk as he read the book in front of him. His eyebrows creased in concentration and his lips pursed slightly as he turned the page.

Y/n looked down quickly, clearing her throat in an attempt to clear her head. He was just a boy. An ordinary, extremely attractive boy. Who was also secretly smart. Feeling the heat rush to her cheeks, y/n stood abruptly.

“Alright, detention is over.” She gathered her things and shot out the door before Harry could even respond.

Just a boy. She thought to herself as she headed to her dorm. But she couldn’t help but think, that she was just a girl. Why couldn’t it work out her way?

As it turned out, y/n was sick. She had a cold, but the amount of stressing that she was doing was not helping her condition.

She slipped shakily out of bed as she mumbled a list of things that needed to be done to herself. She tiptoed over to her closet, poking lamely at her wardrobe. Eventually, she pulled out a dark sweatshirt and some black leggings. As she reached for her doorknob, backpack slung lazily on one shoulder, the door opened.

She stepped back, squeaking as she felt herself lose her balance. Y/n cursed her backpack as she flailed her arms about in an attempt to stay standing.

Cool hands grabbed her arms and yanked her upright. Y/n blinked as she saw Harry’s blue eyes stare into her e/c ones. He raised an eyebrow at her messy hair and flushed cheeks.

Y/n pulled her arms away and wrapped them around her chest after dropping her backpack to the floor beside her. “Out of my way, Hook. I have to get to class.”

If possible, Harry raised his eyebrow with more intensity. A smile tugged at his lips as he nodded towards the digital clock beside her bed. “Did ye even bother ta check the time?”

Y/n spun around, a bit too quickly, so she didn’t protest when Harry placed a hand on her shoulder to steady her. She stared at the numbers on her clock.


“There is no way that I slept all day. That’s ridiculous.” Y/n reasoned, turning back around to face the smug pirate.

Harry’s smirk vanished as she saw how close to tears y/n was. He placed a hand on her forehead and winced when he felt how warm it was.

“Geez, did ye stick yer head in the oven? How’re ye not dead?” Harry tugged her to her bed. “Ye need ta rest.”

“I’ve been resting all day, you idiot.” Y/n snapped, though she settled onto her bed anyway. “I just…I have so much work to do. I have a test tomorrow and the notes that I need to study were given in class today. I needed to review the applications for student council, I had to-” Her voice broke. She took a deep breath, trying to stay calm.

“These notes?” Harry held a red folder out to her. “Oh, and the applications are in there too. The posters for homecoming were set up around the school too.”

Y/n took the folder from him and gingerly opened it. She smiled as she flicked through the papers. “Who put the posters up? No one knows about that except for me.”

“Ah, well, ye mentioned it once in detention when ye were mumbling to yerself. I knew ye’d only make yerself sicker if ya stressed about that.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck and glanced around the room, looking anywhere but where y/n was sitting.

“The notes?”

“Sorry if the handwriting is bad.” He grumbled.



“Thank you.” She smirked at the blush that appeared on his cheeks. “But, why?”

He finally turned to face her, his normal smirk etching its way back onto his face. “Who else is gonna keep me company when I’ve got detention?”

“You really want me there?” Y/n seemed puzzled.

Harry blinked, eyes wide. “Well, yeah. Haven’t ye figured it out?” Upon seeing her confused expression, he elaborated. “Oh, come on. Why do ye think I’m always getting detentions? Why do ye think I only click my pen in detention?”

Y/n realized suddenly that he was right, he had never once clicked his pens in classes. In fact, she could have sworn that he hated it just as much as she did.

“You don’t mean-”

“That I like ye? Sorry, but I do.” He smiled a real, genuine smile before heading for the door.

“W-wait! Where are you going?” She hurriedly shoved herself off of the bed and shuffled towards him.

He raised an eyebrow, one foot out the door.

“Um, well…” She struggled to find the words that she wanted to say. “You can’t just confess and then leave me here, alone and sick. That’s…that’s just rude. I’m not very good with people. But, you’re the one person that makes me feel like I’m peopling right. That’s not a word. Uh, but, you get what I mean, right?” A blush was making its way onto her cheeks. “Basically, you can’t leave me alone right now.”

Harry stared at her for a moment before giving in. He chuckled, shaking his head as he closed the door. “Fine, but don’t expect me to make ya tea or anything.”

Tom Riddle x Reader: Surprise

It had been a couple of months since Christmas Break, and you had noticed your feelings for your friend growing into something…more. It felt awkward to be around him now, but you wanted to be around him more, it was a strange mixture of emotions. You hadn’t been speaking to him much in the past week because of this, and he had started to wonder about you as when you had seen him earlier that day you had looked like a deer in the headlights and quickly walked away.

Now you were “hiding” from him, avoiding the places you knew he would be, but your luck ran out in potions, where Professor Slughorn always paired you two up. You felt a nervous-excited dread overcome you, but squared your shoulders and walked in.

You were early of course, Tom had rubbed off on you with this habit of his, and you saw no one was there yet. You checked the time on the clock

No, I’m right. Where is everybody? You thought to yourself

Then you heard the door close behind you. Spinning, you found Tom leaning against it.


“Why have you been avoiding me?”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb, dear. It’s embarrassing” He started walking towards you

You backed up “To you, or to me?”

“To both of us”

“Where is everyone Tom?”

“I changed the time on the clock, you’re an hour early”

“What? No! I just got out of Transfiguration-”

He laughed “You really are out of it, aren’t you?” he kept getting closer


“You have an hour before potions, we usually spend it together, but since you’ve been avoiding me…”

That’s right! We usually go to the library, but we haven’t lately…

He was less than a foot in front of you now

“So, are you going to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” He held his arms behind his back as he said this

“I-I haven’t m-meant to, it just happe-” You stuttered

“Don’t lie to me (Y/N)” He said sharply

“Well, what do you want me to do?!”

“Tell me the truth” He said softly as he stepped even closer and you were close enough to smell his familiar scent of firewood and pine.

“You don’t need to be afraid of me…” he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and your breath hitched

“I-i don’t know what to say” You breathed out, caught up in his eyes

“So it’s true then”


“That you have…feelings for me” He said it with a look of concealed shock as he stepped away

Your eyes widened and you snapped out of your trance

“What?! No, no no no, you’ve got it wrong”

He scoffed “Nonsense. You’ve been acting strangely ever since Break and just then your cheeks reddened and your eyes dilated- clear signs of attraction”

“Fine! You want the truth? I like you, a lot more than a friend should. And I don’t know how to deal with it.”

That’s what you wanted to say anyways, but you were cut off by Tom’s lips

“Mmph!” You let out a noise of surprise but quickly melted into the kiss. Your hands found their way into his ever so perfect hair and his hands held your back and hip. Things began to escalate as you started to undo his tie and you felt one of his hands on your waist underneath your shirt. You broke away from him then, getting a grip on what was happening. “Tom” You said, out of breath.

“What?” He mumbled as he pulled away to look at you.

“I don’t think we should be doing this-”

“And why not? You have feelings for me, isn’t this what you want?”

“Well, yes, but… we’re friends. I don’t want to ruin that”

Your hands were off of eachother now and Tom was re-tying his tie.

“Oh?” A slight smirk came upon his face “You certainly didn’t think that a couple minutes ago”

Your cheeks reddened

“Oh hush” You lightly hit him

“….what’s the worst that could happen?”

“You mean, if we started…dating?”

“Something to that extent”

“I don’t know”

There was a moment of silence as you averted your gaze from him



“Let’s find out”

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OK, since Tom can’t actually love, I would say this is more of curiosity. He is a teenager after all, and it makes sense if the person he would date is his friend.

believe in me, part three

i finally did it, here’s the third and final part to believe in me!!! thank you all so much for reading i appreciate all of you so so much. i hope you like it ((:

part one | part two


questions, comments, concerns

Harry’s knee bounces up and down, hands clasped and resting on his legs as he watches her from a chair across the way. She’s crying quietly, curled on his couch, a blanket draped over her. He had put on the TV so she’d have something to distract herself.

She sniffed, “Can you stop staring at me?”

Harry keeps staring, "You really shouldn’t be here.”

"You already let me in.”

It was true, he had.

She had been standing there in his doorway, looking all helpless, and he immediately forgot he was upset with her, stepping to the side so she could walk into his flat.

But now, now he was angry again.

"Do you even care that you’re putting me in the middle of this again by being here? God knows what Jeremy would do if he found you here.”

She looks at me like this thought never occurred to her. "You’re right.” She stood up immediately, walking to the door where her suitcase was. “I’m sorry.”

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Goodbye, Darling

Prompt: Part Two to Oh, Darling
Rating: T
Warnings: More of Harry Hook being a massive flirt! And some angst, as usual
A/N: Once again, huge thanks to my friend Ella for inspiring this fic, I hope you guys like it! Thank you to @carlosfreckles for the gif!) Also @pizzaplanethq @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag @eli-cya @suviveallthefandoms @lovesharleyquinn @-voddeke-  

“Are you out of your mind?!”

After the whole Ben getting kidnapped, blah blah blah, Ben and Evie decided to band together to bring more Villain Kids to Auradon. Since you weren’t as conventionally ladylike and didn’t really fit in, they thought you could sympathize with the Isle of The Lost Kids and be able to help them. You didn’t mind bringing more V.K.s to Auradon, ecstatic actually, but a certain group of people they wanted to bring unnerved you.

“Why in the world would you bring Uma, Harry, and Gil here?! Did you not learn anything from the Cotillion mess?” You exclaimed, looking at the paper they handed you again. It just didn’t feel right. Something bad would surely happen.

Evie sighed and dramatically put her hand on her forehead. She expected this kind of reaction. “Y/N, it’s not going to be that bad. Me, Mal, Jay, and Carlos were the same, and look at us now! At least give them a chance.”

She had a point. You had your apprehensions at first but then you realized that they weren’t as evil as you thought. Maybe they would be the same?

"Fine. Let them come. They can’t be that bad. What could possibly go wrong?”

You were wrong. The limo looked absolutely trashed as Uma, Gil, Dizzy, and Harry exited the vehicle. Well, so much for the luxury treatment.

After you agreed to letting this group of V.K.s come, Ben insisted on providing them with the most grand (and expensive) welcome to greet them properly. Personally, you were against it since showing off Auradon’s riches would probably anger them more, but whatever the king wants.

Forcing a smile on your face, you cleared your throat and looked at them. “Welcome to Auradon!” Uma seemed suspicious of the new environment, but you couldn’t blame her. The clean and lush island of Auradon was way different from the filth and grunge of the Isle. Gil and Dizzy, on the other hand, looked very excited, closely inspecting everything. And Harry…

To summarize, he looked like he was ready to set the school on fire.

Ben quickly cleared his throat to get rid of the obvious tension, then began his speech about the history of Auradon Prep and what they would be doing, bringing the rest of the new students’ attention back to him. He was clearly trying his hardest to make them feel welcome. A lot was at stake. No one wanted a repeat of the Cotillion drama, yourself included.

During the days leading up to this event, you brainstormed ideas on how to go about the tour you would be giving Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy. It certainly wouldn’t be an easy task. Exhausted, you yawned, not even caring if it damaged the precious fancy image Ben was trying to portray.

“Probably shouldn’t be slacking during the job, isn’t that right, Darling?” A voice whispered to your ear and you gasped, turning around. Harry Hook, himself.

You hastily recomposed yourself, ignoring his comment and going back to your position. “Shouldn’t you be with the other villain kids?”

“I can stand wherever I want,” he trailed his hook down your arm, continuing to breathe on your neck. “You’re better company, anyway.”

Rolling your eyes, you slapped his hook away, glaring at him intently. “If you keep doing that, I won’t hesitate to put your precious hook right up your-”

“Y/N!” Evie intervened, pulling you towards her before things got messy. Gods know what would happen if you kept threatening him. It would certainly end up with both of you clawing at each other. This was going as horrible as you thought, but you shook off your reluctant thought. You have a tour to lead.

Today was going to be a long day.

Two weeks later, things were going smoothly and without a hitch, surprisingly. A little too smoothly in your opinion, but you ignored your suspicions. You were probably just being suspicious.

You fell in love with Dizzy and Gil right away. They were just so sweet and you felt guilty for doubting their innocence. Dizzy helped you whenever your mother came by to check on you, making sure you looked as ladylike as your mother thought. Gil, meanwhile, helped spar with you whenever your instructor was incognito.

Uma on the other hand, was civil. She was nice enough, after getting rid of your mutual suspicion of each other.

Harry was a different problem altogether. He certainly wasn’t as easy to deal with as the others, not that you expected any less from the son of Captain Hook.

He bugged you day and night, always finding you wherever you were and especially when to annoy you best. You couldn’t even remember the last day you studied in peace and quiet. The library wasn’t even sacred anymore!

The school cafeteria? He would be there and prepared, ready to poke and make fun of you as you ate. The bleachers? Sometimes he would even be there before you! Don’t even get started on your locker. He managed to figure to combo out and stuffed it with his own junk. (So. Much. Seaweed.)

Today was one of those days when he was even more annoying than usual. Normally, you didn’t mind, but today something happened.

Your mother stopped by that day, and she saw you sword fighting with Lonnie. Immediately, you got yelled at and lectured, your precious sword getting confiscated. Your mother shouted about how you couldn’t be more like your sister, proper and ladylike. She wished you weren’t such a disappointment. Her words were like poison and venom, and before you knew it, you were crying even after she left.

Running to your locker, you searched for a cloth, a towel, anything, to wipe off your tears. No one could see you cry. You were supposed to be the strong one, the brave one, not this weak and bawling person. You looked at a mirror and you sobbed, your eyeliner and mascara staining your cheeks. Maybe your mother was right. Maybe-

“Hello, Darling. Fancy seeing you here.” The infamous Harry Hook drawled, tossing his precious hook around his muscled hands. He was smirking, you could tell from the view on your mirror. You wished he would take the hint and go away. He didn’t.

“G-Go away, Hook.” You desperately tried to hide your red nose and glassy eyes, avoiding eye contact with Harry at all cost. You tried to push past him, but failed, his hand grabbing your wrist.

“Hey. Hey. Look at me. What’s wrong?” Harry’s normally cocky and self-assured tone was replaced by a caring, softer tone. He tilted your chin up until you finally looked at his eyes, concern in his ocean blue eyes. “What happened?”

You looked back down, sniffling. “My-my mother. She took away my sword. Said I-I-I wasn’t ladylike enough. Said she wished she didn’t have such a disappointment as a daughter,” you chuckled darkly. “I was never the favorite, anyway.”

“Darling, you’re not a disappointment. You’re far from it. Screw what your mother said. Her opinion doesn’t matter,” Harry gently wiped your tears away, smiling when you finally stopped weeping. “And your swordfighting is something to be proud of. You’re truly amazing at it, believe me.”

Incredulous, you cocked an eyebrow at him. “Did Harry Hook just compliment me?”

“Tell no one about this.” He chuckled as well, a smile gracing his perfect, plump lips. You never realized how attractive Harry actually was. You mean, you knew he was attractive, but up close, you took the time to truly appreciate his features.

“Thank you, Harry,” You smiled at him, looking down and trying to forget what you thought merely a few seconds ago. “You’re not that horrible as I thought.”

“You can make it up to me by doing my homework.” Harry jokingly teased, while you rolled your eyes and shoved him away. You couldn’t prevent the impending grin from your face, though.

It was exactly how you feared.

The pirate crew ambushed the school while everyone was asleep, Uma’s cackle ringing through the night. Fear gripped your entire being and you searched for your sword, only to remember your mother took it away. Curse it, you’re gonna have to improvise.

As you exited your dorm, you spotted one of the expensive knight statues in the hallway. The statue’s sword! “Bingo.”

Ready for battle, you ran through the halls and eventually reunited with Lonnie, Jay, Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Ben. They heard the noise as well. You decided to split up to find them faster. Wishing each other luck, you all went on your way.

You ran for a few minutes until you heard the clang of swords and cheers. Uma’s crew. Sneaking carefully past the paralyzed guards on the floor, you edged closer to them until you were roughly pulled away.


“Y/N, Darling, you shouldn’t be here, you have to-” He seemed to be nervous for a minute, looking around to make sure no one else was there. “You don’t have much time, go. Please.”

You crossed your arms and held your ground, ignoring the chilling feeling in your spine. You weren’t going without answers. “What’s going on?”

He took off his hat, exasperated for a moment by your stubborn behaviour. “Darling-”

“Tell me what’s happening!”

“Me and Uma and the rest of the crew are leaving. We’re going to do something big, something dangerous, but I can’t tell you. Please. Just trust me.” Harry held your face in his hands, desperate and begging you to leave and run to safety. Your eyes welled up, scared of what was going to happen next. You knew, but you didn’t want to accept it.

“I-I-I trust you.” Then you did the unexpected. You kissed him, and it felt amazing. But you knew it wouldn’t last, so you savoured it, afraid of letting go and forgetting this moment. “Please stay safe.”

“I will. I’ll come back to you, Darling. I promise.” He left a chaste kiss on your forehead and finally let go, his hand lingering on your own. “Goodbye, Darling.”

“Goodbye, Harry.”

Just a Hint of Pain

I love all the boys’ voices on “I Want to Write You a Song.” They almost sound like each other in the verses— on my recording it’s difficult for me, at times, to distinguish them.

I wanna write you a song
One as beautiful as you are sweet
With just a hint of pain for the feeling that I get when you are gone
I wanna write you a song

I wanna lend you my coat
One that’s as soft as your cheek
So when the world is cold you’ll have a hiding place you can go
I wanna lend you my coat

Everything I need I get from you
And giving back is all I wanna do

I wanna build you a boat
One that’s strong as you are free
So any time you think that your heart is gonna sink, you know it won’t
I wanna build you a boat

Everything I need I get from you
And giving back is all I wanna do

Everything I need I get from you
And giving back is all I wanna do

I wanna write you a song
One to make your heart remember me
So any time I’m gone, you can listen to my voice and sing along
I wanna write you a song
I wanna write you a song

Produced by: John Ryan & Julian Bunetta
Written by: Ryan, Bunetta, & Ammar Malik

Louis sounds like no one else in the chorus, because they caught him on a day when his voice was reduced to a scrabble — whether it was because of overuse, from touring and singing, or laryngitis from a cold, or from smoking and coffee and yelling late at night. We might never know.

But someone chose him to sing the chorus, and to sing those particular words, “Everything I need I get from you/ And giving back is all I wanna do.”

Louis recorded the track, and they didn’t erase or overdub it, but kept it, for some reason. Maybe it was just an interesting voice— it’s certainly far from a perfect voice. But right away, we know it’s Louis— his clipped Yorkshire inflection gives it away: “And givin’ back ‘es all I need from you–ooo-ooo.”

Someone meant for his scratched-out, brittle husk of a voice to contrast with Harry’s high, angelic, soaring voice, because only Louis and Harry sing the chorus.

Someone meant for Louis’ voice, at its most vulnerable and broken, to convey strength and support— always sending love and encouragement outward.

Who could have foreseen how prophetically his voice on IWTWYAS would serve as a metaphor for his situation now?

All the boys sing their lines so beautifully, in a song of appreciation to their fans. Louis, above all, reiterates his generous and honest love, in a couple of heartfelt, simple lines.

And that’s the real Louis.

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I'm tired of seeing Harry and all his models :((( if makes me feel bad about myself cause they all look so good tall and skinny and I'm the complete opposite. It just makes me sad and I'm always reminded that harry would never like a girl like me :(( and I know it shouldn't affect me but it does and I can't help it. I wish I wasn't so deep into harry and this fandom and tumblr. It sometimes has a bad influence:((( soz I just need to let it out :(






Reigniting Harry Potter (a task for Draco Malfoy)

for @purpledolphin-f, who certainly didn’t ask for it but who is getting it nonetheless. I hope this reignites your love for drarry even more.
length: <5k
content warning: depression

Harry has to hand it to Hermione. His heart hasn’t beat this fast since he last left the house, which is too far back to even recall properly. But it won’t last. Having Draco Malfoy let himself into your house would give anyone’s heart an unnatural jumpstart. It’s not going to do much of anything else, however.  He tells as much to Malfoy. He can’t have anyone else waste their time on him, even someone he once hated.

“No offence but you aren’t going to cure my depression.” Harry tries to say gently, so as not to provoke Malfoy, but it all comes out in a monotone anyway.

Malfoy only looks down at him from where he stands over his bed and laughs. At Harry. Harry wishes he could be bothered enough to care. “No shit, Potter. I’m not completely brainless.”

“Then why are you here?” Harry asks, curious. He is genuinely curious. It’s a relief.

Malfoy shrugs and takes a seat in the armchair by Harry’s bed. It’s where Hermione usually sits. She had levitated it from the living room downstairs. Harry has been meaning to take it back down. “I don’t have a choice, do I? Everyone’s got their eye closely trained on me, waiting for any excuse to lock up the last free death eater. So, they say jump, I say how high? They say go visit Potter, I say how often?”

Harry stares at Malfoy blankly, trying to work up the heart to be offended. He’s the same man as always: self-serving, status-orientated, arrogant Malfoy. And Harry doesn’t even care. Then something finally registers in Harry’s brain. “This is going to be a regular thing?“

“Until you’re cured, that is.” Malfoy says with a curt nod at Harry.

“You can’t cure depression.” Harry replies automatically. That much he is sure of.

Malfoy stares right back at Harry. He certainly isn’t laughing any more. “I know.”

There was a time when Harry wouldn’t have dared break eye contact with Malfoy, accepting the unspoken challenge with the loser the one to look away first. But that seems very long ago. And Harry is very tired. He looks away.

If Malfoy is surprised or disappointed, he doesn’t voice it. A loud silence follows. Harry would cradle his head in his hands but his arms prefer not to move so instead he does nothing. He lets the silence scream into his ears until it is broken by Malfoy’s quiet drawl.            

“Aren’t you going to offer me some tea?”

Harry wonders whether he has any tea left. He’s not sure. Hermione always drinks his tea. Perhaps she’s sent Draco over now so she doesn’t have to visit him anymore. They all stop visiting eventually. Ginny. Ron. Now, Hermione. He wonders how long Malfoy will last.

“Depression is no excuse for poor manners. My mother’s been depressed my whole life but she’s always courteous to guests.”

Harry realises he has forgotten to answer Malfoy’s question. He vaguely notices Malfoy leaning over his bed. He’s not interested in another staring contest so he closes his eyes. He wants to sleep.

“Fine then. I’ll make it myself, but don’t think you’re getting any.”

Harry is starting to drift into unconsciousness when a jolt near his head causes him to jerk open his eyes. A steaming cup sits at his bedside. Another remains in Malfoy’s hand as he returns to the armchair. Shortly after, Malfoy’s feet rise to rest on the side of Harry’s bed. There’s dirt on the underside of Malfoy’s boots.

Harry looks up to find Malfoy watching him intently over his teacup, a small smirk almost hidden on his face. If he is expecting a rise out of Harry just over a bit of dirt, he will be sorely disappointed. Harry lets his eyes close again.

“Accio,” Malfoy whispers. Harry is tempted to take a peek to see what Malfoy is doing in his bedroom but he stops himself. Whatever he’s doing, it doesn’t matter. He’ll get bored and leave soon. Leave Harry alone with the blaring silence.

“Are you going to sleep all day?” Asks Malfoy.

Clearly not. It’s not like he is able to sleep with Malfoy continuously interrupting him. Not that he gets much sleep on other days either. More so that he lies in bed, awake. Exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. So finally, he opens his eyes and bites back:

“Are you going to sit there all day?”

Malfoy scoffs at that. “Of course not. That would be terribly dull. You’re not much of a conversationalist, you know. I’m going to wait a couple of hours which will seem like a commendable amount of time to stay with you and then leave. And tomorrow I’ll do the same thing. Although perhaps I might bring my own reading material. This is dreadful.”

Harry’s eyes dart down to Malfoy’s hands and February’s issue of Broomsticks and Bludgers. It’s August.

“It’s Ginny’s.”

“Ah yes,” Malfoy says, smiling cruelly now, “the weasel always did have poor taste.”

“Don’t call Ginny that,” Harry snaps. He almost reaches for his wand until he realises he can’t remember where he left it.

Malfoy raises a single eyebrow, managing to make it look effortless. Harry notices his eyes scanning the barcode of the magazine, where the date is surely written. “Does she visit often?” He asks.

The smug bastard. Harry wants to rip his face off…no, he wants to punch the bastard until his face becomes unrecognisable and…no, he wants to hold a wand to Malfoy’s throat and make the coward beg for his life. Except he doesn’t want to do any of that. It seems like an awful amount of effort. And he still doesn’t know where his wand is. So instead, he does absolutely nothing.

When it’s clear Harry isn’t going to rise to Malfoy’s cruel bait, he sighs, long and obnoxiously. “You really are boring. I don’t know how you lie here all day doing nothing.”

Harry doesn’t want to reply to that either but he can’t help himself. “It’s not like I enjoy it, Malfoy.”

Harry can feel Malfoy staring at him but he doesn’t give him the satisfaction of eye contact. He waits until he feels Malfoy’s gaze drop and closes his eyes once more. Malfoy doesn’t say anything else. The only noise in the room is the odd turn of a glossy magazine page. Harry counts each turn until he falls asleep.

When he awakes, the sun is still up, but Hermione’s chair is empty.

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Dunkirk (Part Two)

(Part One)

Harry doesn’t know why he’s gotten so upset over Y/N chatting with Fionn, thinks he should be glad she’s having a nice time. But the more he tries to make sense of it, the more frustrated he gets. And he’s not sure how and if he’s going to apologize to Y/N. Maybe he can get away with telling her he didn’t see her wave, but he doesn’t think she’ll buy that. So maybe he should just apologize, tell her he shouldn’t have acted that way, but when Fionn walks over to him, with a stupid smile on his face and informs Harry that he’s invited Y/N out to join them at a bar tonight, Harry just about loses it.

“S'that fine with you?” Harry doesn’t know why he’s asking, he went ahead and did it anyway, and he sure isn’t going to make a fuss about it now and tell her not to go. Isn’t gonna act like a little kid and stomp his feet because ‘you’re here to visit me! Haven’t seen you in so long and you want to go out with Fionn instead?’ That’ll certainly only earn him a stern look. Even if he knows that if he were to ask her to stay the night with him, she would.

“S'fine, mate!” But Harry isn’t fine with it. Would rather have Y/N all to himself, doesn’t matter what they’re doing, just wants her attention on him.

Fionn leaves him to his own thoughts then. And Harry doesn’t like to be left to his own thoughts, s'why he always keeps himself so busy.


Harry had already planned it in his head. He was gonna act excited and surprised that Y/N’s been seeming to enjoy herself, talking with Fionn more than anyone else. Jack and Damien gushed to him about her, too, going on about how nice and smart she is. Harry thinks he can just about explode at the mention that Fionn might be chatting her up. Really doesn’t want to hear about how fit his best friends is, because he knows, and it makes him boil on the inside to hear the other lads commenting on it.

But when Y/N approaches him, his plan goes straight out the window.

“Y'alright, Haz?” She tries to wrap an arm around his, but Harry shrugs it off with an “m'fine” before walking off to join Cillian.

Y/N’s not sure what to think, specially cos she’s got no clue why Harry’s being so cold with her. And if they were anywhere else, she would be marching up to him and demand to know why he’s acting like this when she’s done nothing wrong. But he’s working, so Y/N holds back and instead watches him from far off, waiting for him to be done so they can head back to the hotel.


Y/N really didn’t wanna disappoint Fionn when she tells him she won’t be able to go out with them tonight. Tells him she’s not feeling well, and after much convincing, promises to join them next time, so he hugs her bye and opens the passenger door to Harry’s rental.

The drive back to the hotel is silent. And Y/N stares out the car window, watches building after building pass by, streets so lively with people walking about. Harry’s knuckles are practically white from the tight grip he’s got on the wheel because he’s upset with himself. Y/N took time off work and flew out to see him for Christ’s sake. He really shouldn’t be giving her the silent treatment just because he got jealous. S'not like she was making him feel like this on purpose. Knows that if she knew how he felt, she would do anything to make it better. And he’s doing that thing where his eyebrows are knitted in thought..or frustration, he doesn’t know at this point, and his teeth graze the inside of his lips, lightly biting at the flesh.

He relaxes the muscles in his hands, sighing in the process. “Not going out t'night?” The first words he’s spoken to her in hours.

It takes Y/N a while to answer, but she eventually whispers, “m'not feeling well. Didn’t wanna be a party pooper.”

And now Harry really feels like a proper wanker. Y/N could seriously be sick and he hadn’t even asked her how she’d been feeling all day.

“Whas’ wrong, pet?” His tone is now noticeably concerned.

Y/N doesn’t know what to say to that. She’s technically not sick really, more or so just feeling down, but she doesn’t wanna say that either.

“Nothing major, I’ll be fine.”

Harry hums in return, believing her. After that, neither say much, the only sound emitting being Y/N’s light humming to radio music.

Same on the lift up to their suites. Y/N didn’t wanna test the waters, and decides to avoid eye contact, but she can feel Harry trailing not too far behind her before she slides her key card and opens her room door.

“Night, Harry,” s'all she says before she slips into the darkness of her room after closing the door.

Harry looks at the door for a minute or so, runs a hand through his hair and over his face before opening his own room door. He toes off his shoes and removes his shirt and pants, walks over to the dresser he’s settled his clothes into and pulls out a pair of grey sweats, slipping into them before sitting on the edge of the bed. He now finds himself staring at the door that connects his and Y/N’s room.

On the other side, Y/N finds it hard to keep her tears at halt, small sniffles escaping her lips. Doesn’t seem like she’ll be snuggling up to Harry tonight either, so she slips into a pair of pyjama shorts and a tank and settles herself on top of the bed, not even bothering to pull the covers up, just lays her head on top of her arm, her back facing the door that connects hers and Harry’s room. She takes in a deep breath, closes her eyes, and exhales. That’s when she hears the low creek of a door being opened, and can only imagine Harry’s checking up on her before heading to bed himself.

“Y/N?” Harry’s voice is real low, probably expecting her to be asleep, “kit'n?”

She doesn’t make a sound. If he thinks she’s asleep maybe he’ll leave her and she can let her mind wander and sink into her own thoughts. Thoughts that always seem to lead into a time where Harry’s with her. Not as her best friend, no, but as something more. Thoughts that let her pretend Harry might feel something for her. But when she hears his steps growing closer, her thoughts falter. Instead, she feels the spot behind her sink, indicating Harry’s settled himself into her bed.

“Know you’re awake, poppet,” he tries again, “m'real sorry about earlier.”

“S'okay, Haz.”

And he’s glad she’s not ignoring him now.

“S'not!,” his tone apologetic, “won’ happen again. Promise.”

At this, Y/N turns her body around to face him, the light that the moon provides coming in from the window illuminates his face, and she can see the worry in his eyes, his face a few inches away from hers.

“Why?” She whispers, her eyes staring into his.

This catches Harry off guard. How is he spose to explain to her that the reason he was so upset was cos she was all chummy chummy with Fionn. How can he tell her he didn’t want her talking to him with out sounding like an asshole. But most importantly, how does he tell her, his best friend, that it’s as simple as jealousy. That watching her, because yes he did keep a close eye on her the whole time, both had him raging and falling even more head over heels at how polite and considerate she is.

“I know, Harry.”

His body stiffens. Harry didn’t know he’s been so transparent with his feelings for her, thinks he’s been rather good at keeping them hidden. But then again, maybe he wasn’t. With lingering kisses to her cheek, frequent hugs from behind that lasted longer than they probably should have, the adoring pet names for her that slipped out of his lips, and not to mention the occasional hand holding at fiends’ events. No wonder everyone gushed when the two of them were closed. So yeah, maybe he didn’t do a good a job at hiding it from her.

“Know you’ve always been protective of your friends. Shoulda just told me if you didn’t wanna share them.”

He’s baffled at this. How could she possibly think that’s what this is about. That he didn’t want to share his friends. How could she think he was being selfish and wanted the lot all to himself.

“Wha’?? No, pet. Everyone likes you, I haven’t got a problem with that at all, silly.”

He reaches out to her now, his fingers graze the skin of her waist at the hem of her shirt as he presses his palm to her lower back to pull her closer.

Y/N looks at him, a look that can have Harry spill everything in a few seconds if he can’t manage to get a hold of himself.

“We talked loads about you y'know.” And Harry really really didn’t expect that. Of all the things, he was a topic in their conversation.

She can sense the confusion in the way he looks at her, “asked Fionn how you were doing! He said you’re quite the trooper,” she laughs at her own joke, “mentioned that you like to talk about me quite a bit?” That last part comes off as more of a question than a statement.

“Did he now? He’s quite mad to have told you that,” he expects his chuckle to help deviate from what he might just reveal.

“So you don’t?” And the disappointment in her voice is evident, doesn’t know how that could have deflated her as much as it did.

“No, no poppet. Course I do. Like talking about you,” he’s mindlessly rubbing circles in her waist with his thumb.

“He also said he thinks you might just have a crush on me,” Y/N knows she’s pushing her limits. Doesn’t know what she’ll do if Harry denies her, but she’s gotten so tired at hiding it that she’s taking a chance.

Harry’s eyes crinkle and he laughs. “Oi! Can’t even imagine what he’d say if I’d actually admitted that I like you. Woulda spilled the beans wouldn’t he?”

And Harry feels so relieved that he’s finally said it.

“You do?” She asks. And he doesn’t think he will ever get used to how she finds it surprising that someone might like her. She’s bloody amazing.

Now, Harry can give her a simple reassuring yes, but instead he smiles down at her, slowly leaning to bring his face closer to his. And when she doesn’t move to prevent it, he knows she likes him, too.

“Long while now,” is all he manages to whisper before his eyes close and his lips meet hers for their first proper kiss. A pucker of their lips makes it light and delicate, but neither dare pull away. Harry’s hand makes its way up from where it was on her waist, skimming past her arm to her shoulder, then her neck, and setting his thumb on her cheek.

And Y/N’s bring her fingers up to wrap around Harry’s hand, right by her cheek, her other hand resting on his chest.

The kiss goes from light pecks and puckers to their lips moulding, and the only sound in the room is light huffs of air.

When they finally part, neither can hide the obvious grin plastered on their faces.

“And you’ve not even met Nolan yet. He’s got brilliant stories about me,” Harry teases, bringing an arm under and around Y/N’s shoulders, his fingers now running through her hair as she nuzzles into his neck.

Now she doesn’t have to lay awake and pretend anymore.

And neither does he.

If you think about it, it kinda makes sense that the Dursleys abused Harry. We now know that he was a horcrux. Being around one turned the Golden Trio into hypersensitive assholes after a few months, imagine what 10 years would be like. And this is on top of the fact that they were already horrible people who hated him at birth. I have at least a little sympathy for them because of the mental tricks Voldemort’s soul played on them. It certainly exacerbated their already nasty behavior.