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for the love of a daughter || charles xavier

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So I’m home with my brothers because my parents are out of town, and they both woke up at an ungodly hour this morning so to put it kindly, I’m exhausted. 

BUT NOW I’M GETTING REQUESTS FOR CHARLES XAVIER AND I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THEM. Let’s get to it! Let me know if you want to be tagged!

DOFP Charles is my favorite. With his long hair. Oh my! But this will be a sad one, would you mind doing an insert where the reader has kept it a secret that Charles and her had a child. Once she learns from Beast about his state, she visits him and introduces him to their child in hopes he would better himself. Maybe have a small bonding scene with the kid who has his powers.

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lemon juice

more snowbaz fluff 

summary: an internet challenge on YouTube and simon’s camera shy. involves lemons 

warnings: none

(btw it’s like midnight and im tired so if there’s grammar or spelling mistakes im sowwy)



I would curse the Internet if I had a wand.

I would curse it so it never sees the light of day ever again. There would be no selfies or YouTube because you can’t see anything in the dark. (obvs)

Well, I hope there would be no YouTube. Making videos is stupid. Making challenge videos is stupider. Especially the ones involving your mouth. 

Baz sits next to me as we prepare to begin to film. He gets up and check the lights and monitor one last time. Then, he sits back down and turns to me. “You ready?” he asks.

“I guess so,” I mumble, looking down. Laying in front of us on the bed are two lemons. One for each of us.  

“Hey,” he says softly, placing a finger under my chin. He lifts up my chin, and looks me straight in the eyes. “Everything’s fine. It’s only a challenge,” he laughs. 

“I know.”

“Okay then.” He leans in and pecks me on the lips. As he pulls away, he puts on a small smile. Then, he reaches over and presses Record on the camera. 

My stomach knots.

As he sits back down, he starts the introduction. “Hey guys! In case you’re new to my channel, I’m Baz. And this magnificent boy right here is Simon. He’s showing up as a special guest today because we have a little treat for you all! We’re doing the lemon challenge. Now, if you don’t know wh…”

I drown Baz out. I can’t concentrate on his words if I’m thinking about his face. He’s so energetic on camera and seems so kind to his audience. I wonder how he does it. Get on camera, record yourself for the world. If it were me, I’d be unraveling right now. But he keeps himself together. It’s impressive. 


“Huh?” I ask.

“Are you ready to start the challenge?”

“Oh, yeah,” I blush. This is why I don’t get in front of the camera. 

He bends over and picks up the lemons off camera. He hands one to me. ‘Thank you,’ I mouth. 

‘Your welcome,’ he mouths back. 

We both take our own cut up lemon and place it in front of our mouths. “Okay, remember,” Baz says to me. “The first one to flinch or take out their lemon has to fill the other’s requests for the rest of the day.


We both bite into our lemons. As my teeth sink slowly into the tart flesh, I try my best to keep a neutral face. I look over and see Baz struggling. He keeps on sinking h teeth in, but these lemons are fresh from the fridge. They’re cold.

And Baz’s fangs are temperature sensitive.

After what seems like forever, Baz’s face makes a tiny twitch. “Aha!” I yell. 

“What?” he asks as he takes out the lemon. 

“You flinched!”

“How could you tell?”

“I’ve got hawk eyes,” I smirk, smug.

“Okay, yeah. You’re right. You w-”

“I win!” I completely forgot the camera was there as strut out my victory dance around Baz. He sighs.

“Okay guys, I’ll see you next time.” He pushes out a smile as he stares at my ridiculous moves. “Bye.” He leans over and presses Stop on the camera. 

“so, how was it?” he asks.

“It was fine, I guess. I relaxed more as the video went on.”

“I figured you would. I’m very proud of you, Simon.”


“Yeah, but my question is… what’s my first servant task?”

I smile and pull him closer to me. I’m breathing on his very close lips.

 “Get me some cherry scones.” 

Then, I laugh and pull away.


Title: Strong

Pairings: Jimmy Darling x Female!Reader, Dandy Mott x Female!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol. Implied smut. Swearing. Possible season 4 spoilers. ANGST!! But happy ending

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

Y/N could feel Jimmy’s brown, glossy eyes burning into the side of her head. She nervously picked at the hem of her dress, heart racing, pounding against her chest, her eyes - like Jimmy’s - glossy with tears, shining in the moonlight in the most tragic way. Her eyes flickered around the room, adrenaline was coursing through her veins in the worst way. Y/N frowned, forehead creasing slightly and head tilted to the side as she tried to focus her attention on Jimmy’s clustered caravan instead of the sincere silence that was almost deafening.

Y/N scrambled to her feet, wrapping the blanket around her bare body. She stumbled, legs sore and wobbly after the previous nights events, a night full of love and romance, lust and need. Her hair resembled a bird’s nest upon her hair, knotted and flying out of the braid it had been in.

Stirring from his slumber, Jimmy reached out for Y/N, her warmth absent, his figure effortlessly angelic and beautiful amongst the bundles of blankets and the odd strand of grass. Y/N could hear the camp just miles away, a faint chatter heard from where she was standing. She was tempted to leave Jimmy there, not wanting to wake him from his peaceful slumber. He looked so innocent when he was sleep - like he didn’t have a care in the world. His hair matted against his forehead - a few strands of grass found mixed in the mop -, the corner of his mouth tweaking up into a faint smile, his hand - exposed and for the world to see - draped across his stomach, twitching ever so slightly when the long grass brushed against his ankle. Y/N smiled, kneeling down to place a kiss on his head. 

The brisk April air nipped at her shoulders, reminder her she only adorned a blanket that was pathetically draped over her. She scrambled to collect her clothes and pull them on, by time she was done, Jimmy was sitting up, supporting his weight on his elbows, a dazed smile playing on his slightly bruised lips. 

“Good morning, sleepy-head.” Y/N smiled over her shoulder, pulling the strap of her dress onto her shoulder before twirling around. Jimmy collapsed back onto his back, elbows giving up under him as he released an exhausted sigh.

“Morning.” Jimmy grumbled, Y/N’s smile only grew - Jimmy had never been a morning person in all the years she had known him.

“Do you regret last night?” Y/N queried, raising an eyebrow. Admittedly, she would be hurt if he said yes, but she couldn’t not know, she couldn’t live not knowing if she was just like any of Jimmy’s other flings or she actually meant something. The previous night could be responsible for the end of their life-long friendship and Y/N couldn’t bare to have Jimmy not by her side. 

Jimmy’s brown eyes widened as he shook his head quickly, the stray grass strands flying out. He fumbled to his knees, perching himself below Y/N. His brown eyes once more blown with lust as he admired her pebbled, bare lower thigh. He licked his slightly chapped lips, leaning forward to place scatters of kisses upon the welcoming and soft flesh, the flesh Jimmy had previously nipped at, suckled and stroked as they made love under the stars. Y/N’s head lulled back on her shoulders, eyes fluttering shut. She didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to leave this moment when the pair of them were so hopelessly in love and without a care in the world.

“Do we have to go back?” Jimmy mumbled against her thighs, nuzzling his nose into the warm flesh. He inhaled, he could still smell himself on her skin and it drove him wild. His boxers tightened and he let out a breathless moan, teeth scraping against her thighs. 

“We must, Love, people will be wondering where we got to, especially your mother; she’ll chew my ear off for keeping you out all night long.” Y/N laughed, squeezing her thighs together slightly.

Jimmy groaned, hesitantly standing up, joints clicking in protest. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders bringing her into a warm embrace. Y/N’s hands fell on his back, making him hiss slightly, the scratches, - a reminder of how Y/N dug her blunt nails into his flesh whilst professing her love for him - red and raw.  Y/N apologised, smiling sheepishly up at him. 

Jimmy untangled himself from her, bending down and pulling up his trousers and pulling his shirt over his head, thankfully the love bites Y/N left behind were below the collar, not visible to anyone.

The two strolled back to camp, arms wrapped around one another, stumbling occasionally; drunk of each others company. 

Weeks had gone past and far too much had changed, Ethel was dead, Jimmy was a drunk and didn’t speak to Y/N anymore, and Y/N had found friendship and comfort in an unlikely person; Dandy Mott. 

Y/N smiled as Dandy strolled into camp, head held high - Y/N didn’t expect any less - she knew he wasn’t fond of Y/N’s fellow camp mates, frankly despised them. Dandy spotted her and waved, speeding up slightly - keeping his upper class strut nevertheless. He plopped down on the creaky bench beside Y/N, rolling his eyes when he noticed Jimmy stumble into camp; although he didn’t bother to inform Y/N.

“How have you been, Love?” Dandy asked, reaching out and rubbing his hand up and down Y/N’s bare arm, goosebumps rose from her skin as the chilled metal of the rings that adorned his fingers brushed against her skin. 

“Been feeling sick recently, Des got me an appointment at the local GP, thinks it could be seriously. ’m not too sure what it is, probably ate something dodgy.” Y/N explained.

The sight of Dandy touching Y/N sent a undeniable chill down Jimmy’s spine, his eyebrows knitted together as he glared at the pair. What was Y/N doing with someone like Dandy? A self-righteous, pretentious whiny person like Dandy. It confused Jimmy. Anger and jealousy bubbled inside Jimmy as he watched Dandy lean down and place a kiss on Y/N’s forehead, the way Jimmy had done in the past. He staggered forward, alcohol clouding his better judgement. He abruptly stopped in front of them, Y/N’s eyes flew up, an expression of pain and sadness washes over Y/N as she soaked in his state. Y/N was quick to her feet as was Dandy, who wrapped a protective arm around Y/N’s waist. Jimmy frowned, glaring down at his Dandy’s hand, did Y/N like Dandy because he wasn’t a freak like Jimmy?

“Take your hands off her.” Jimmy slurred, stepping forward and pointing his conjoined fingers into Dandy’s chest, making him stagger backwards before balancing. 

“Jimmy, please don’t. Dandy’s merely a friend, don’t cause a scene.” Y/N warned, placing a gentle hand on Jimmy’s bicep, however Jimmy was quick to shrug it off.

Jimmy frowned even more, he was a friend and look where they ended up, on a field, littered in love bites and scratches after a night of passion. 

“You’re the one causing a scene, basically throwing yourself onto him.”

Y/N frowned, that was most certainly not what happened. Perhaps it had appeared differently from Jimmy’s point of view, but Y/N knew herself and she knew she wouldn’t just throw herself at someone she didn’t love.

“Can you just stop? I was certainly not throwing myself at Dandy and Dandy, I think it’s best you leave.”

Dandy nodded, collecting himself and waving at Y/N before strolling off. Y/N looked back at Jimmy who groaned, rubbing his temples. 

“Go to bed, Jimmy.” Y/N demanded before walking off, leaving Jimmy to his own insecure thoughts.

Y/N sobbed into Eve’s shoulder, how could  this have happened? She was pregnant with a drunk’s baby, someone that she wasn’t even sure reciprocated the same feelings as she did him. She felt disgusting, Ethel had always told Y/N to settle down with a man who she loved, not someone she felt she needed to be with for money or whatever the need was. Yet here Y/N was, pregnant and single, the man she loved couldn’t possibly feel the same. Y/N was smart, she read books, saw couples, she knew what love was, and Jimmy did not seem to show the slightest ounce of love for her, apart from the night they made love, which was over three weeks before.

“Darling, it’ll be fine… Jimmy’ll come around, he’ll see. You wont have to worry about going through this alone, the whole camp loves and adores you, we’ll be by your side this whole time.” Des smiled, rubbing Y/N’s back as she hiccuped and choked on sobs. “Us women are strong, Darling, we don’t need no man to raise a baby.”

“But I love him, I’m not like you, I’m not strong; I need him like a heart needs a beat.” Y/N blubbered.

“Then tell him, Love. That’s the best thing to do.” Eve smiled sympathetically down at the girl.

Y/N inhaled, finally gaining the courage to steal a glance at Jimmy who was lost in his own thoughts.

“Please, Jimmy, say something - anything.” Y/N begged, eyes fluttering shut. Her hand placed protectively over her non-existent baby bump. “I’m having your baby, please, I need you to say something.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Jimmy admitted. “You’re having my baby…”

Y/N nodded, trying to persuade both Jimmy and herself, it didn’t seem real; like any second she’d wake up and be in her own bed, she would’ve never had sex with Jimmy, Ethel would still be alive and things would’ve been… normal

“Are you sure you even want me to be the dad? Wouldn’t you prefer Dandy to be the father? I didn’t even have a father myself, at least Dandy could give you a nice house, buy toys and clothes for the baby. I can’t even afford a milkshake at the diner.” Jimmy frowned, his insecurities getting the best of him. If only he knew. “What if the baby’s born with my hands?”

Y/N shook her head. “Then I’ll love them as much as I love you, Jimmy, probably even more. I don’t want Dandy, I want you, I’ve always wanted you. I’ve wanted you since we were twelve, Jimbo.” Y/N confessed, watching as the tears streamed down Jimmy’s flushed cheeks.

“You want me?” Jimmy questioned, not believing it. The words were something he had imagined a hundred or more times, dreamed about, but something he couldn’t believe someone - someone as beautiful and caring as Y/N - was saying. 

“I want you.” Y/N confirmed. “And I want this baby. I want you to raise our baby with me. I want you to teach them how to ride a bike, how to kick a ball. I wouldn’t want anything else.”

Jimmy nodded, not trusting his voice not to falter and break. He pulled Y/N onto his lap, a small tearful laugh escaped her as she wrapped her arms around him. The pair holding one another impossibly close, scared that this was all a dream. But it wasn’t, it was very real indeed. The love of Jimmy’s life loved him back, entirely, and was having his baby. The love of Y/N’s life wanted to be with her too, to raise their child in a welcoming and kind family. 

Stockholm Syndrome;

Stockholm syndrome: feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.

Genre: Abduction AU

Word Count: 3.7k

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Namjoon

A/N: I’m finnaly done with exams so i’ll be able to post more regulary during this next two weeks^^

Summary: In a life of luxury it’s hard to find fault, nothing could go wrong, at least that’s what you thought. Models have stalkers, it’s common but what if that one specific stalker begins to act on his obsession? All Hoseok ever wanted was your picture but now he wants so much more, he wants you, all to himself. 

>> Part.1 | Part.2 <<

“Excuse me, Miss.Y/L/N?” there was a tap on your shoulder, and when you turned around you found a dark haired male before you, “-You dropped your phone” he extends his palm out with your phone in hand.

“Oh my gosh… thank you so much” you never even realised you dropped it to begin with but luckily he found it, “You’re a lifesaver” you thank him again, about to walk away when he speaks up, this time asking you if he could get a picture.

“Sure,” you say with a bright smile, posing for one or two shots before you bid him goodbye but just like before he speaks up causing you to turn around once again,

“You’re really beautiful,” he says whilst looking at what must be your picture, “Thank you” you blush slightly because you found him kinda cute for a photographer “No really-” he continues with his set of commentary “–No wonder you’re a model… your smile is really-”

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This Kid - Brett Talbot Imagine

Request: Hi! So I don’t know if you’ll take it, but would you be willing to write a Brett Talbot imagine? Something where maybe his girlfriend is from Beacon Hills, and she gets hurt during one of the attacks by some monster. He has a freak out, but she ends up being fine. And maybe she’s a little older than him too, so sometimes, she teasingly calls him kid? Like when he’s about to hit Stiles or something?

Also a note to my followers, you should all go check out Arin’s Teen Wolf blog pupsofthepack because her writing is amazing and so is she!!

“You really shouldn’t be here Arin.” Scott gave you a questioning look, holding a branch out of the way for you pass through then letting it go to snap back into place.

“Dude!” From behind the two of you Stiles began to spit out leaves and rub his face, “Such a gentleman aren’t you.”

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