and you were a dove

Imagine Void's spirit deciding to visit you after your death.

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“Really (Y/N)” the demon wearing your friend’s face asked pointing to Tate. “him. After everything your father did to your family and after everything I did to destroy Stiles and have you to myself you chose to fall in love with a psychopath. I thought you were better then this Little Dove' 

Anything But Mine

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Pairing:Crowley x Reader

Line: “I missed you dove.”

You spun around, trying to figure out where you were.   One minute you were walking to your car with a bag of apples so you could make a pie when you got back to the bunker.  The next minute you were in an empty house.

I missed you Dove,” you heard a deep voice say.

You slowly turned around to see Crowley stepping into the room. “I should have known you were behind this. What do you want from me?”

“I want a chance to speak to you,” he said softly, stopping a few feet away from you.

“What is there to talk about Crowley? Whatever we had, it’s done.”

“Yes, so you’ve said before.  But what you’ve never said is why?”

“What does it matter?” you snapped, turning your back to him.

“Because one minute we are lying in bed together and the next minute you are leaving.  Pardon me if I’m bloody confused as to what happened.  Was it all about sex to you?”

“Wasn’t that all it was to you Crowley?” you retorted.

“Never.  You meant….you mean something to me damn it,” he said.

“Maybe I’m just not who you wanted me to be.”

“I never wanted you to be anything but mine,” he said, his hand landing on your shoulder as he spun you around in his arms and pressed his lips to yours. “I just want you to be mine. My Queen.”

You kissed him back. Months of missing his touch and his voice making it hard to pull away. Tears ran down your face as he slowly backed you into the wall, his hands settling on your waist.

When he felt the splash of salty liquid on his hand he pulled back from you. “Why are you crying Dove?”

“I left that night because I fell in love with you Crowley.  Being near you, it hurts me. I want more than you could ever give me.”

His eyes darkened as he pressed tighter against you. “That’s not fair.  I can give you anything you want. Money, clothes, cars, power, sex. What more could you possibly want?”

“Your love,” you demanded, your voice near a scream. “I don’t want any money or power from you. All I want is for you to love me too.”

He looked at you in surprise. “Y/N, I’ve loved you since the moment I met you.   I thought you knew that.”

Your mouth fell open. “You never said….”

“I didn’t think I had to,” he interrupted. “I thought you knew.  I love you Dove.”

“I love you too Crowley,” you whispered.

“Does this mean we can put this foolishness behind us?”

You nodded as he brushed the tears from your cheeks and leaned in for another kiss.

Rainy Day

Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: swearing, reader having a mental breakdown, fluff, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. references. (terragen crystal is a crystal which if it is held or dropped, it will turn the person(s) either into stone which will then burst into dust, killing them. Or it will transition them if they have an inhuman gene, meaning they are part alien and can possess very dangerous powers.)

Words: 3.2k

All credit belongs to Marvel

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It all happened so fast. The HYDRA agent dropped the terragen crystal and you yelled at your teammates to run and get out of the building. They looked at you uneasily for a split second before they knew you were right. You dove quickly to catch it and sighed in relief when it landed in your hand. You knew you had the inhuman gene in you, so you were the best person to catch it.

You took a deep breath as the black charcoal began to crawl its way up your arm and you watched as it completely enveloped you. Right as it was about to cover your right eye, your team came into view, watching in horror at your figure, laying on the ground, hand still grasping the crystal.

The Avengers stared at your still body, encased in charcoal, waiting for you to break out of it. Their eyes snapped to the broken window across the room, a storm was brewing, the sky getting dark and trees moving harshly with the wind.

While staring out the window, they didn’t notice your body beginning to break through the clay. Piece by piece, it fell off of you until you laid in a pile of the dust. Your friends, your team, looked at you, watching in anticipation as you pushed yourself up on one elbow, groaning at the sudden pulsating pain radiating through your head.

“You don’t look any different.” Clint said, putting his bow and arrows back in place behind his back.

“Do you feel any different?” Your husband, Steve, asked. His eyebrows were pushed together and his forehead creased with worry.

You rubbed your head. “I have a killer headache, but that’s about it.” A roar of thunder made all your eyes flicker back to the sky momentarily.

“Let’s get back to the quinjet. Y/N, we’ll call Dr. Cho on the way back to the tower and have her check you out, do a blood sample.” Tony said. He turned on his heel, his thrusters starting and flying himself out of the building. You looked at Steve and he nodded at you, putting his shield on his back.

“Can you walk?” He asked. You nodded, but when you tried to put your weight back on your feet, you nearly fell on your face. He chuckled and you glared at him, but gratefully took his hand when he held it out to you. Once you steadied yourself as best as you could, he swung his other arm underneath your knees, lifting you up and tucking you into his chest. “You’re a horrible liar.”

“Her blood sample is different from her previous, but I can’t pinpoint what she gained during her transition.” Helen said, pulling back from you after shining a ridiculously bright light in your eyes. Your eyes flicked to Steve, who was standing in the doorway of the infirmary, arms crossed over his chest, his biceps nearly ripping the seams of his blue button-up. His lips were closed in a tight line and he was listening intently as Dr. Cho went on talking. You should’ve been listening, but your eyes were locked on Steve. You knew that he was going through every single possibility, scenario, problem in his head. “We’d have to get her upset to determine-”

“Why would you want to make me upset?!” You snapped, turning toward Dr. Cho. A large clap of thunder nearly shook the whole tower and lightning soon followed. The woman remained calm though. She looked at Bruce and then at Steve.

“To determine that her mood can change the weather.”

“What? No, that’s insane. Do you even hear yourself?” You asked incredulously, except the more agitated you got, the louder the thunder got and the more frequent the lightning got.

“Y/N, if you don’t calm down, we’re going to lose-” all of a sudden, everything shut off and you guys were left sitting in the dark. “-power.” Bruce sighed.

“FRIDAY, I need backup power.” Tony said, snapping his fingers.

“Yes, sir.” The AI spoke. With a quiet whirring sound, everything turned back on with power.

“So what are you trying to say? My mood affects the weather? So when I’m on my period, we’re all completely fucked?” You asked Helen. You heard Bucky snigger from the back of the room.

“Yes, actually. Your brainwaves coincide with the weather, but naturally you feel things so strongly that your moods often win over the weather. So when you release dopamine, the sun will shine brightly and the birds will sing and it’ll be clear skies. But there’s no telling the extent of what could happen when you’re upset so I’m going to have to put you on a pretty serious dosage of vitamin d, to be taken daily in the morning.”

“So I can never be upset again? What if I cause a drought?”

“That’s highly unlikely. You’ll still be able to get upset, but the pills should keep you as happy as possible. Bruce, I’ll bring the vitamins back to the lab tomorrow afternoon.” Bruce nodded and with that, she turned on her heel and left the lab, her workers following after her.

“So… Now what?” Tony asked, tapping his fingers against his thigh and rocking backing forth on his feet.

“We see if Y/N can control this.”

You and your team stood on the roof of the tower. They brought out a S.H.I.E.L.D. containment unit for them to stay in for their safety while they watched you try to get a handle on your new-found ability. It had been 30 minutes and you were already drained.

You stared down the dummy in front of you and mustered up all the energy you could before screaming at the top of your lungs and pushing your hands toward the figure.

As if a miracle had happened, a bolt of lightning shot from the sky, splitting the dummy in half and sending you flying back towards the containment unit.

You stood up, brushing your knees off and turning towards your team who were transfixed on the shredded dummy. Steve looked at you in amazement and you turned back towards the dummy. You pushed your hands out once more and braced yourself as a large, powerful gust of wind knocked it straight off the tower, plummeting 70 floors before hitting the ground.

You clenched your fists and looked up at the sky. Rain began pouring from the sky, instantly soaking your clothes and hair. You spun on your heel and looked back at your team who were now looking at you. You unclenched your fists and looked at Steve. Instantly the sky cleared.

You opened the containment unit and everyone piled out, inspecting what you had done. There was a giant black spot where the lightning had struck and everything was wet, slowly drying with the sun’s help. “Guess I’m doing perimeter checks when we infiltrate HYDRA facilities.” You said, looking around.

“Guess so.”

It had been 3 weeks since you had mastered your abilities and it came more easily to you than it did when you first got them. You actually even used them more than you were expecting. Tony would often joke that the grass needed watering and you’d clench your fists for five seconds, giving the entire city a five second rain shower.

You hadn’t told anyone out of the Avengers what you were capable of. Fury thought it was too risky for people to know and that they’d lock you away or people would even try to kill you, because you’d be seen as a threat. That thought nagged you every day.

Were you dangerous? Were your abilities dangerous? You were supposed to be, that’s what an Avenger is, at least to its enemies.

This was a whole new level of dangerous, though. You could tear down buildings with your winds, cause tsunamis with your tears, cause earthquakes with your panic attacks, cause flooding, lightning, and thunder.

You lay on the bed in your bedroom by yourself as Steve went out for drinks with the guys and Natasha and Wanda had gone shopping. You had politely passed, making a bullshit excuse of wanting to clean up the place and maybe take a bath. Instead, you are frozen to your mattress, fighting the tears from rolling down your cheeks, breathing deeply to stop the oncoming panic attack. You had your wedding video playing on the TV in the background, which probably wasn’t helping but you couldn’t stop yourself from sliding the DVD into the player when you found it.

You hadn’t even heard that Steve had walked in until he plopped all of his weight onto the mattress beside you. Your body slightly jumped into the air with the amount of sudden force on the mattress. “Our wedding video?” He asked, peering over at you.

“I found it while cleaning. Thought I’d watch it for old time’s sake.” You said. Steve hummed, seemingly pleased with your reasoning.

“Did you know that 2 days before we got married, Sam dropped our wedding rings down the drain?” He asked, leaning over onto his side, placing his hand on your stomach, yours went to cover his and you felt the clink of your rings touch. You snorted at this, it didn’t surprise you in the slightest bit.

“I’m surprised that was all he did.”

“Bucky almost ripped the sleeve off his tux because the metal got hooked onto it when he was pulling it on. It took 3 of us, not including Bucky to unhook it.” He smiled at the memory and you let out a small laugh.

“You think the metal sometimes pulls on girls’ hair?” You asked out of curiousity. Steve shrugged. “Why are you telling me all of this?” He bit his lip and moved his hand from your stomach to brush your hair out of your face.

“You looked like you needed a pick-me-up. And I’m pretty sure that’s in the job description of being a husband.”

“No, that’s in the job description of being a super-hero.” You poked his chest and he feigned mock hurt before smiling again, his eyes lighting up.

“In a way, yes. But your happiness comes before saving the world. I know, I know. Captain America having priorities above saving the day, but you know it’s true, doll. I’d drop anything to see you happy. Now tell me what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.” His smile dropped the slightest bit and he grasped your hand in his once again.

“I’m okay.” Steve looked out of your large, balcony window, biting his lip to suppress his smile, but failing, when he saw the sky gray with clouds, a storm on the way. He nodded his head towards it, urging you to look. You bit your lip and turned back to Steve who had his bright smile back on his face.

“You’re a horrible liar. Tell me.“

You took a deep breath. “I’m dangerous, Steve, and I’m not talking about with guns and knives and hand to hand. Ever since the crystal, I’ve been causing all of this,” you gestured out the window, rain starting to fall as your tears did. Steve took care to wipe them away. “I’m so dangerous. When Daisy got her powers, we all thought that was the end of the world and that she was gonna cause the biggest earthquake we’ve ever seen. But then the inhuman outbreak happened and we got all people with all these abilities out there. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s taking care of the ones who really pose a threat, and they’re gonna come for me next.”

Steve hushed you, laying back down and pulling you with him so you were laying on his chest, tears quickly falling now. Rain splattered against your window. “You know I wouldn’t let that happen, not even Fury would let that happen.”

And then everything just hit you at once, from the past, present, and future. All of your pain built up inside you and you let out a loud scream and began pounding on Steve’s chest as he held you tighter and hushed you, pressing your head even closer to his heart. Lightning flashed through the sky to the rhythm of your cries. Your fists slowed down and the screaming stopped until you were just sobbing against your husband’s chest, his blue shirt now soaked with tears.

Steve looked up as he heard the door quietly open, showing your entire teams’ hearts breaking at your broken form, watching you as you were curled tightly into a ball as your sobs shook you. He made eye contact with each one of your friends, your family. Natasha. Bucky. Wanda. Sam. Vision. Thor. Bruce. Tony. Rhodey. Clint. You hadn’t heard them come in, and you were facing away from them. Steve nodded solemnly at them and tucked his chin back down to press a kiss to the top of your head. Your team watched as your body relaxed in Steve’s arm and they all felt a wave of sadness wash over them as they heard you begin to softly snore. Steve looked up at them again. You had cried yourself to sleep. “We need to do something.” Tony murmurred, before pushing past the rest of the Avengers and rushing off.

It had been about a week since your breakdown, and everyone was extra sensitive around you. Not to the point of babying you, but just enough to let you rest and take a break. Thor had brought seven puppies to the tower because he was told by a lady he met that no one can be sad around puppies. You had spent that day in your room surrounded by your friends and little bundles of love and fur.

Bruce took you to the (kids) science museum. You think it was more for his benefit, but you didn’t mind. Bruce is surprisingly a lot of fun when he geeks out about science. He’s definitely the happiest there, which in turn, made you happy.

Steve took you out on a date, or what a date in the 1940’s looked like. He gave Natasha and Wanda some pictures of what girls dressed like back then, and they styled you accordingly with your hair pinned back in curls and a gorgeous red knee length dress. Steve had dressed up in a blue suit with a bow-tie.

He took you to your favorite Italian restaurant and you sat outside on the back porch with twinkling lights illuminating everything and then you danced the night away in the tower’s training room. Tony and had decorated it to look like it was right out of a movie, or the 1940s. Bucky was especially proud of his handiwork.

Natasha and Wanda had dragged you shopping, of course, and to go get manicures and pedicures. They even tried to convince you to dye your hair which you weren’t refused to do. “I need to blend in for undercover missions! Bright magenta hair doesn’t blend in!”, you’d insist.

Tony had been keeping pretty distant, always working on something either in the lab or out on the back lawn of the facility. He had announced plans that he was building a big green house to make Stark Industries green and eco-friendly. The building had been covered with a huge tarp to hide it and you had yet to see it. Although you had seen Natasha and Steve go in there a lot with Tony. They’d come back and rave about how amazing it was and you bugged Tony to let you see it.

“Not a chance, buttercup.” He said.

“But why?” You pouted.

“Hey, what do you want for dinner tonight? I was thinking of something other than pizza, I feel really bloated.”



“Okay, fine! I’ll just see it when it’s done! Jeez.” You threw your hands up in the air, exasperated. He winked at you and you groaned, turning on your heel and marching back to your room where Steve was waiting with popcorn and your favorite movie.

“Just a few more steps, okay?” Steve bargained. You groaned at him and rolled your eyes, even though he couldn’t see it as you were currently blindfolded.

“Steve, if it’s only a few more steps, can’t I take this ridiculous blindfold off?” You asked. Steve was silent, looking at Tony for approval who sighed and nodded his head at your notorious impatience.

Steve undid the knot at the back of your head, letting the cloth fall from your face and onto the grass beneath you. You were out in the back lawn, all of the Avengers gathered in front of the big tarp covered building with the widest smiles you’ve ever seen on a bunch of superheroes and assassins. It was unsettling. “Boys, why don’t you lift up that tarp?” Tony shouted. A man in the way back who was manning a crane gave Tony a thumbs up and maneuvered the crane to pull the tarp from the building and your team led you inside.

It wasn’t a greenhouse. It was nowhere near a greenhouse. It was a glass building, but there were no plants inside of it. The ground was paved, but other than that, it was completely empty. “We know how scared you are of your powers, so we built you this. This is a self-sustaining ecosystem room. As in your powers, if you get upset, can be channeled in here as long as you’re in here. There’s drains in each corner so you can’t flood it and the walls should be thick enough that even an outside tornado can’t do damage,” Tony said, matter-of-factly. “Underneath us is 30 feet of concrete, in case you cause an earthquake. Go ahead, try it out.” Tony said, he stood back with his team and held an umbrella above him.

You squeezed your fist and you watched with amazement as grey clouds formed at the ceiling. You laughed, pure joy on your face as rain poured down inside the building, but not a drop hit the grass outside. All of your teammates laughed with you as they saw how genuinely happy you were when the clouds cleared. You looked at them with the biggest smile on your face and ran to Tony, throwing all of your weight onto him as you hugged him tightly, profusely thanking him and squeezing the daylight out of him.

You hugged Steve and Natasha and kissed both of their cheeks before hugging everyone else. “I can’t believe you kept this from me!”

“It’s all yours now, kid. You deserve this.” Tony said. Steve came up behind you, snaking his arms across your torso and pressing kisses to your shoulder and temples. “I love it, thank you. All of you. I promise to try my best not to make us lose power again.” You laughed. They laughed with you and each of them hugged you once more before heading back to the tower.

You turned in Steve’s arms to face him. “So now what?” He asked. You bit your lip, smiling, before clenching your fists. Rain clouds appeared at the ceiling.

“Well, I have always wanted to kiss in the rain.” You both smiled as rain began falling, immediately beginning to soak through your clothes.

On Friday the brunette who sits next to me had a stolen bottle of vodka in her backpack. Her cat eyeliner was black, her cheeks were fleshy peach.

And it was the middle of English class. And I don’t know her. And she’s too pretty for it to be okay for me to talk to her but I asked, “Can I have some?”

She looked up with a grin and said sure, and poured it under her desk into her water bottle. We shared. The room was freezing but I felt warm the whole time.

Mrs. J was talking about poetry and I had narcotics in my veins.

My arms were water. I felt like I was spinning. I remember her grabbing my arm and laughing, and the whites of her teeth.

Her smile reminded me of somebody.

She said, “Holy shit, I didn’t know you drank.”

I just laughed in response, because I don’t. And my loose tongue didn’t have the muscle to tell her it was because of a girl I know. Who is my friend, and my very best friend. Who maybe I wanted to not know for a little while.

Who decided that when boys hurt us we’d eat ice cream together and watch old movies. Looks like the summer, named after a flower in the spring.

Who I never want to be around anymore cause I can feel us moving away from each other. Gravitating like planets. Drifting like rowboats and islands in the middle of the ocean and there’s nothing I can do about it.

And who I don’t want to let go of but have to because my emotions are oceans and I can feel myself dragging her down.

She’s good and free and happy, and I’m making her drown.

Who said we’d get drunk together off the old bottles in her parents cabinet, but decided to do it with fresh liquor from the store on Lincoln with some kids I don’t really know.

So I guess we both broke that promise.

Who will be laughing at lunch with them in a couple of months. I wonder how light she’ll feel without me.

I took another swig after that and it burned. But it hurt a little less.

A girl who makes it hard to be emotionless cause I can feel the sunrise over the mountains in my ribs when I remember us falling off our chairs from sore cheeks and aching sides in Algebra. The summer before last, when we dove under the whitewash with biting saltwater in our eyes and jangling laughter dripping off our lips.

We didn’t give a shit. About the sharks, about the riptides. We floated in the surf, past where the waves break. We weren’t scared. We had each other. Our adolescent hands tangled like the seaweed in our hair.

Yeah. A girl I know. A girl a knew. Who will be a ghost in my memory by June. And the sea too cold to swim in. Who is the last person I want to say goodbye to. Who I miss all the time when she’s right next too me.

A toothless gap in her sunny smile.

—  I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

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Hi! ♡ Could I have a drabble with ayato and the reader, it being nsfw and the reader watched ayato during a basketball game and afterwards he felt that the reader was some what teasing ayato (they totally were teasing him!) and he wants to punish her in the nearest closet or dark room avaliable? Thank you so much! ♡ ♡

  • Word Count: 1391
  • Characters: Sakamaki Ayato & reader
  • Theme: NSFW

          Breathes huffed, sweat dribbled down his cheeks, as his fingers curled around your wrist within a puff of air fanned across your face. His chuckled groan thundered into your ear whilst the lightning lashed before you stretched across the surface of the small cage you dove yourself into. The trap had been set and you were the prey that dove right into the bait he had planted out in the open. An intellectual he may not be as he barely held himself together in a snatch of waves slapped across the rocks as he slammed you against the wall, however the little trickster managed to play out his plan within a couple of sleeve rolls as his teeth bite over his bottom lip.

Rustles and rackets of clothes shuffled in the heated mess of hands roamed across your body and tongue slithered pass your teeth as he ripped past the fabric constricted him of his desires. Torn underneath his finger tips as he threw the unnecessary materials towards one side, Ayato’s hands cupped over the meat flesh he could hold onto. Lips curved as his head crooked towards one side, his emeralds tuned upwards to watch as your face lit up in flusters of red painted across your cheeks. It didn’t help as your bottom lip stuttered before it had been bitten away by his fangs as his fingers squeezed at your breast.

Fangs grazed across your lip as he bit down onto the flesh, his lips mould against your bottom lip as he sucked at the flowed crimson into his mouth. Oozed out from your body as your eyes wavered from the sparked eyes gleamed over your expression to his hands plagued over your breast to hips with every ponder, squeeze and pinch he could make with each grunted growl slipped past his lips. “You tasted good as always, chichinashi… But Ore-sama wants to taste down here,” he poked your breast. “You’ve been pulling at that shirt around, and now you don’t have one… Heh, still small as always, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll make them bigger!”

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You’re Welcome (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Length: 1617+ words

Genre: Drama (I guess… Why do I even bother putting genre on my fics anymore lol)

TW: Fighting / Descriptions of Injuries (BROKEN BONES) / Dean getting hurt

A/N: I seriously thought I had something queue’d for today! Ugh- I’m so sorry guise! Especially since this is non-Hamilton related as well. I promise you I’ll get one up soon! Just give me time, please! Also, this was the result of listening to You’re Welcome from Moana on repeat.

Your idea of a walk in the forest hadn’t really consisted of stumbling upon a half-dead man, but there he was, on the ground in front of you. His leather jacket, jeans, and boots were caked with mud. Once you recovered from your shock, you quickly dove into action.   

“Hey,” you called, putting a hand on his shoulder, seeing as he was face-down on the muddy ground. His body jerked violently, a knife was suddenly at your throat.

Your idea of a walk in the forest hadn’t really consisted of getting murdered by someone you thought was hurt, but again fate had proved you wrong.   

“Hey, I’m not going to hurt you,” you calmly said, shocking even yourself. "Where are you hurt?“ You were by no means a nurse, but you had enough rational thought to help this man to the best of your ability. 

He groaned, lowering his knife, and trying to get up. "Y-You need to get out of here,” he said gruffly, his voice deep like gravel.   

“I need to help you." 

He laughed humourlessly before biting back another groan. "I’m fine."   

You ignored his clipping tone, and frowned. "You’re not.” Taking in his figure that was now facing you. You supported his body by putting a hand on his back, the other one on his thigh. You could see that his ankle was bent at an awkward way, and you knew it wasn’t just twisted, it was broken. You could see the white of his bones beyond the blood. He had a bruise near his hairline, and a few trails of dried blood trailing down his face. There was a large gash on his chest that started from his left shoulder to his right hip, and a stab wound on his right rib. The stab wound was the worst, gushing out blood at an exponential rate. You took off your scarf, and quickly wrapped it around his ribs.

“I’m serious. You need to go.” He tried pushing you away from him, but he didn’t have much energy to fight you off. “You’re going to get hurt."   

Just as he had said that, you heard twigs breaking. It was faint, but against the dead of the night, it would as loud as a gunshot. Your logic had told you it could’ve been another person taking a night walk, but the fear in the man’s eyes in front of you told you otherwise. Wordlessly, you put his arm around your body, supporting most of his weight as you half dragged him against a large rock cave, tucking in both your body parts so that they weren’t visible. You put both your arms on each side of his head, using your body as a form of protection. You felt a weight on your shoulder, and you realized the man was lulling to sleep. "Hey, hey, hey,” you whispered. “You need to stay awake. C'mon.” You gently patted his cheek, seeing beautiful green eyes trying to focus on you. “What’s your name?" 


"Dean. Good. Hi, Dean. My name is Y/N. Do you have any family, Dean?” It was the first question that came to mind because of all those thriller dramas you’ve watched where the characters were in similar position.   

“Sammy, my baby brother."   


"No. Sam."  

You smiled, nodding. "Right, Sam. Are you close with Sam?" 

"We’re brothers,” he responded with such conviction.   

You nodded again. Another twig breaking interrupted the conversation, and you stifled a gasp. You leaned your body closer to Dean’s, your body heat transferring to his cold figure. The adrenaline was starting to wear off, and panic had begun to struck. What could have possibly taken down this man? Was it even human? Dean wasn’t a small guy, and he looked pretty fit- he even carried a weapon! What did you get yourself into? 

“Take this,” he said, interrupting your thoughts. His hand lifted the blade that he had nearly killed you with. “And run."   

"I’m not leaving you."   

"Don’t be stupid-" 

"Stop arguing. I’m not leaving you."   

He could feel your heart pounding against his chest, and he berated himself for being so weak. He was going to die, and he was going to take an innocent bystander with him.   

"What are we facing?” You asked, figuring it probably wasn’t human.   


"Of course,” you scoffed, rolling your eyes. “It had to be a monster that thrives in these condition."   

He couldn’t help, but chuckle. He had told you that a werewolf was after them, and you were complaining about being at a disadvantage. "Silver’s their weakness. Stab him through the heart."   

His instructions made your heart skip a beat. He trusted you enough to protect the both of them. You weren’t the most athletic person out there- sure, you went to the gym to get in your daily workout, but you weren’t as fit as you could be. Though, if there was something you were good at, it was thinking on your feet. You grinned. "Silver, eh?” You took off your necklace chain, wrapping it around your fist right on top of your silver ring, and took his weapon in your hand.   

“You good, kid?"   

"How many are there?” You asked.   

“Just one."   

You raised an eyebrow. "Just one?" 

"I killed all the other ones for you,” he said defensively, his lips turning into a pout.   

“Of course.” Your free hand went to the back of his head, stroking his short blond hair.   

“I’m going to fall asleep if you continue to do that,” he commented.   

“Oh. Sorry,” you said sheepishly. It was second nature for you to make sure the people around you was as comfortable as they could possibly be, and Dean is no different.   

“Don’t be.” He gave you a soft smile, and you could tell he was fighting to stay awake.   

“So, what other kind of monsters are out there?"   

"Oh, you know. The whole lot of them. Demons, vampires-” Suddenly his eyes went wide. “Y/N!"   

Before you could process anything, something had grabbed you from behind, and knocked you aside. You rolled against the mud, seeing a huge werewolf (ones similar to the ones you’ve seen on TV), growling at you. His head turned to Dean ready to pounce, and you took the second of distraction to attack him. You lifted the blade, ready to stab him when he moved his hands in front of him. You stabbed through one forearm, and lightly grazing the other one. He violently shoved you off him, the force was enough for you to hit the tree several feet behind you.   

"Y/N!” Dean yelled.   

You scrambled to pick up the blade that you dropped as he was approaching you.   

“Hey! C'mon, leave her alone! Kill me! Just kill me!” Dean pleaded, trying to get the werewolf’s attention away from you.   

“Is that the best you can do?” You asked, taunting the monster.   

“Y/N, don’t be stupid! Run, and get help!"   

"In your dreams, Dean!” You yelled back. The werewolf launched himself at you, and you let yourself be pinned down by him. His claws taking a chunk off the skin on your stomach.   

“Y/N!” He roared.   

“Damn it, Dean. Save your energy,” you muttered, knowing he wouldn’t hear you. The werewolf was snarling on top of you, paw on your throat, and the other one on your left arm, rendering your hand with the blade useless. You used your other arm, your necklace had loosened, but your silver ring was still there. You punched his eye, hearing the slightly sizzle of the silver burning his skin. He howled back in pain while you fought against his weight, and picked up the blade, shoving it through his heart. He howled a couple more times before falling dead on top of you. You shoved him off, his blood soaking through your clothes. You ran back to Dean, ignoring the pain on your stomach, and put a hand on his cheek. “Are you okay?" 

"Are you crazy?! Why didn’t you run?!"   

"I had it under control,” you replied calmly. The blood on his stab wound had soaked through your scarf, and you started panicking, not knowing how long he has until he looses his battle with blood loss.   

“You’re hurt." 

"I’m fine.” The sound of fluttering made you whip your head around. A man in a trench coat appeared behind you. You picked up the blade, putting your other arm out, in attempts to protect Dean at all cost. “Who are you?"   

"I am an agent of God. Dean called for me." 

"He’s safe,” Dean said from behind you. “He’s an angel, and his name is Cas. Took you long enough!"   

You nodded, lowering your arms. "Can you help Dean?" 

Cas nodded, walking up to him.   

"Heal her first,” Dean instructed.  

“No!” You protested, grabbing Dean’s forearm. “He’s in bad condition. You gotta help him."   

The angel put two fingers on Dean’s forehead, and you saw the wound on his head, and chest disappearing. Even his ankle was starting to take its original form. He put his fingers on your forehead, but nothing happened. "I don’t have enough grace to heal your wounds, but they are not life threatening.” Dean was about to say something, but the angel had already disappeared.   

“Fuck!” He cursed. “Sorry, sweetheart."   

"It’s fine. Like he said, it’s not bad." 

"He said it’s not life threatening,” Dean corrected. You helped him get to his feet, ignoring the searing pain. “My car is that way,” he said, pointing to the direction you were coming from.   

“Okay.” You grabbed his hand, putting it around your shoulders, using your body as a crutch.   

“I’m fine." 

"Stop arguing with me." 

The both of you made your way to his car. He took a few breaths behind the wheels, and turned to look at you. His eyes widened a bit at the wound on your stomach. "Let’s get you to a hospital."   

You nodded weakly. "Animal attack?" 

"What?” he asked, turning on the engine, and speeding off. 

“Our cover story. Animal attack? Something big, like coyotes or something?" 

Dean grinned, his bright green eyes sparkling against the dark. "You’re a natural at this."   

You chuckled. "I guess I am, seeing as I just saved your ass. You’re welcome by the way." 

"Thanks, sweetheart.”


You were standing in the doorway of Jesse’s room trying to decide a good day to finish working on your project together. He was lying on his bed while his roommate, Benji stood with his back to you.

He was wearing a cape, and his side of the room was decked out with various star wars things. Benji had headphones on so he hadn’t even noticed you were there.

When he started to sing loudly Jesse threw a balled up piece of paper at him. Benji turned around and then stared at you in silence. He couldn’t believe how stunning you were. He scrambled to take of his headphones.

“Benji, this is my biology partner, Y/N.”

“Hello,” Benji said, swallowing his nerves as best he could.

“Why are you wearing a cape?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, uhm,” he was cut off by the sound of wings flapping. A dove landed on his shoulder.

You starting laughing as Benji’s face turned red.

“So you’re a magician then?” you asked, still laughing.

“Uh, yeah.”

“I love magic tricks, can you show me one?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Benji looked at you shocked before Jesse came to the rescue. He got up from his bed quickly wrapping an arm around Benji’s shoulder.

“Come by Saturday at around noon and he’ll show you a whole bunch of magic tricks. Right bud?” Jesse asked, squeezing Benji lightly.


“Okay, yeah, sounds fun. We can work on our project on Monday or something.” You turned and started walking down the hallway.

You could’ve sworn you heard cheering coming from the boys room.


Nogitsune: “You were really convincing little dove. I was starting to think I´d have to abduct you.”

Derek: “What?”

Y/N: “Why thank you very much honey, it was quite exhausting to be honest. Oh, don´t look at me like that Der, crazy psychopaths are in the family remember? Can we go fuck some shit up now please? I´m starting to get bored…”

Nogitsune: “And we wouldn´t want that now, would we?”

“I wanna be your babe” (x)

Link will do anything to cheer her up– too bad he can’t speak, and oh too bad she’s been crying because of him. 

Yes!! of course!! I drew malink to the malink song!! What were you expecting from me, cakes? No my doves, no cakes today.  

(I’m sorry, I feel I owe you cakes now)

leo: ok so we’ve established im here because i hate myself but why are you here
dove: oh yea they cut our water so im just here to use the toilet and stuff
leo: you didnt have to wake me up for that tho what the fuck man
dove: sorry?? i thought you were drunk or homeless or somthing i wanted to make sure u were ok??

turn’s out theyre next door neighbours and classmates! they have a lot in common like for example they both love to Not go to school and to hang out in parks at night

i had a friend who could tell a person’s lifespan from their palm lines; i had shown her mine once and she said i wouldn’t last long. maybe she saw you. maybe she saw the terrible way love would tear us apart. maybe she saw the way we straightened our shoulders against the winter winds, even while making love. but maybe, it was the kind of love she wanted.

in a dream, the afternoon rays felt so much like your fingertips, i woke up apologizing to a boy miles away because my rem cycle hadn’t caught up to the fact you were gone. understand i rarely get attached to anyone but when i do, my skin digs itself a river path, so that while you aren’t looking, i could steal bits and pieces of you to fertilize me.
but you caught me one day shoving your smile beneath my skirt while your dirty words held my hair back. and baby, you dove in to me as if humans were made with gills.

so forgive me for being unable to let go. we are completely tangled up in each other - a sticky mess of sex , laughter and sunrise confessions – cause even when we are not looking, we still see each other.

we may be bodies apart, but our souls have fallen asleep side by side, and have not awakened since.

—  SLEEPY SOULS // Camillea
[commission] rosewater.

This is a commission piece for @masked-outlaw , acting as if she needs to pay me money to have her Jhin creep the fuck out on a poor innocent woman.

In the palace of her stage, you are her most esteemed guest.

It has been ten years since you last looked at her in full. Ten years, withering and molding in Tuula. Ten years, hand-fed a vast expanse of nothing in the face of your calling. Ten years since the day your understudy got rowdy and attempted to upstage you (stopped as he was). Ten years since she ran, because she couldn’t understand – no, refused to understand – that you were her everything. The dove that walks towards you now, then about to kneel on the precipice of the end in the reel of your head, is ten years older and no wiser.

“Maia,” you whisper.

She barely hears you.

Looking you up and down, she offers nothing more than a small greeting. “Hello.”

“I watched your performance,” you say, meeting her gaze. “It was wonderful.”

“I would imagine everyone behind the set did,” she says, sounding distant. “Are you an agent? Don’t accost me before I even have a chance to get changed, please.”

“No, not an agent,” you clarify, still studying her eyes. Jade, just as you remember. It’s always so striking when left against the brightness of her skin and the darkness of her hair. “An admirer. But I’ll wait for you.”

“Okay.” She leaves and turns past the curtain. You doubt she’ll come out at the same angle, but use the time to look around. Dancers and musicians pass you without much notice, maybe thinking you a stage-hand. It isn’t as if your knuckles and fingers aren’t callused with some sort of work, but you wouldn’t ever bother with that rabble: not anymore. So you stand and you wait.

You don’t see her.

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What Are You Looking At?  (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request:  the-fandom-chooses-the-fangirl said:Do you have a one shot where Bucky walks in on the reader doing cute, awkward stuff dancing, singing, and Bucky sneaks up on the reader and just goes hm i didn’t know you could do that and it’s just clumsiness and pure fluff that reduces me to liquid.

Today was Sunday, your weekly appointment with yourself to clean the house and get chores done.  It was the day that you didn’t care about what clothes you had on, you didn’t care about wearing makeup, and you could throw your hair up into a messy ponytail without hesitation.  It was also the day that your boyfriend was supposed to know that you were off limits for anything.

Popping in your earbuds, you dove headfirst into work on your kitchen, scrubbing and singing along to your music, dancing from task to task to match the beats that played in your ears.  Your phone rang but you didn’t hear it, lost in what you were doing, and never bothering to check it since today was your day to yourself.

Grabbing your mop, you dunked it into the soapy water and slapped it onto the tile floor, swaying it back and forth to match your motion, still dancing to your music.  You loved the smell of a clean house, and always felt accomplished when you were done; you closed your eyes and took in the scents that filled your kitchen, but you startled from your thoughts when a hand rested on your shoulder.

“Aaahhhh!”, you screamed, stumbling backwards onto your newly mopped floor, your feet slipping out from beneath you.  One foot landed in the water bucket, guaranteeing your fast descent to the hard floor below.

“Woah, babe, I got you!”

You felt Bucky’s metal arm around your waist, holding you only about a foot from connecting with the wet surface.  “What are you doing here?  You scared the crap outta me!”  You slapped his chest as he pulled you back up to standing.  Pulling your foot out of the soapy bucket, you shook it off and ripped your sock away.  “Dammit, Buck.  I’m soaking wet,” you whined.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he laughed, grinning at you as he watched.  “I called a few times but you didn’t answer, so I thought I would stop by.”

“Why would you just barge in like that?”  You hopped on your dry foot over to the bathroom to grab a towel, trying to not get the rest of your floors wet as well.  “You shouldn’t sneak up on people.”

He dug around in his pocket for a second, finally producing the key you had given him weeks ago. “Um, doll?  You gave me this, remember?”

“Right,” you sighed.  

“You’re quite the entertainer, I must say.”

You could feel your face turning red and did your best to avoid looking at him when you walked past to clean the mess you had made.  “So, how long were you standing there?  Watching me and being all creepy?”

“I’m not creepy,” he pouted.

“No,” you chuckled, “you’re not creepy.  I’m sorry.”

Bucky walked into your living room and turned on your stereo, searching for several minutes to find what he was looking for.  “Alright, come here.  Let’s see what you can do.”  He held out his arms and smiled, waiting for you to realize what he was asking.

You stared at him for a moment and nervously ran your hand over your hair and down your long ponytail. “Um, I don’t dance, babe.  I was just messing around.”

“Well then, come mess around with me.”

Shaking your head in disbelief of what you were agreeing to, you walked towards him and reluctantly put your hands in his.  He raised your arm up and spun you, pulling you close then quickly dipping you back.  His hands held you firmly and your worry about your lack of skill didn’t feel like so much of a problem anymore.

“Woah, big guy,” you sighed, “don’t let me fall.”

Bucky leaned down to lay a soft kiss on your neck, then lifted you back up to stand against his chest. “Never, baby.  Never.”

Amulet Making

To make an amulet, begin with a piece of cloth or leather, about 8 inches in diameter. If you’re the rustic type, a section of burlap will do. For the romantic, a square of velvet or satin. It matters not what type of cloth, what matters is intention.

To this cloth you can add a few herbs, rosemary for memory, sage for wisdom, fennel for protection, choose a few of your favorite herbs and add a sprig or two. Next, add a colorful stone, maybe a coin from the year you were born, feather of a dove for peace, a poem you wrote for yourself or a loved one. An acorn to remind you that even though the acorn is small, it grows into a mighty tree. The oak tree is the most sacred of trees and he is royal. You may want to add a small branch from a willow tree, which bends so easily, that you may lean into a whirlwind and not break. All these items are appropriate if they match your intention.

Every part of an amulet has significance symbolically: colors, cords or ribbon, and the ingredients contained within. Some herbalists/wise women/medicine women, add everything all at once, state their intention and tie up the cloth and the contents. Then repeat this verse three times:

I charge this amulet, by three times three, to do harm to none, nor return to me. As my will, so mote it be.

Once the amulet is made and tied up with ribbon or cord, it should never be opened again. It has a sole magical purpose, and once that purpose is manifested, it is finished.

This amulet can make an excellent house blessing. Hang it in a tree or place it somewhere high up on your property. Replace it once a year on the summer solstice. Bury the old amulet without looking inside.

Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.