and you want a kiss then you're getting an awkward one

Some Kpop groups in a nutshell
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> old school legends, no one can compare. Loyal af fans, still stan them after Hyukjae's bad eyebrow era and all the scandals. Kings of hosting shows. Literally it's just Heechul holding down the fort and exposing everyone he can while everybody else gets their military service done. #justiceforSungmin #makeSiwonCEOofSM<p/><b>Big Bang:</b> kpop kings, basically carved the way for third generations. Were hella problematic sometimes but tbh who hasn't. G-Dragon could literally sing about crayons and make a music video with TOP while they pee on each other and still top the charts....oh wait, he did. Daesung out here setting the beauty standards for everyone in s. Korea. #getTaeyangashirt #makeSeungriCEOofYG<p/><b>SHINee:</b> kpop princes, but everyone and their mom knows they're kings. It's just 4 proud moms taking care of their sonshine, Lee Taemin. They don't attend variety shows, variety shows attend them. Out here roasting everybody including themselves, and every producer is scared to have them guest tbh. Vocals out of this world, get ready to be blessed. #shineeorpinee #whereisJonghyun'skazoo<p/><b>Infinite:</b> invented synchronized choreography. Hella supportive of each other and will probably jump off a cliff if Woohyun suggested it. Tbh no one knows what's going on in Dongwoo's head, but it's all good bc he's the resident happy virus. Only the members are allowed to pick on their leader, they'll bite your head off if you do. Still one of the most underrated groups, it's insane. #redchilipepperpaste #kingsofsychronization<p/><b>EXO:</b> just a single mom raising her 8 kids after a tragic breakup. There are two types of fans: ot12 China line forever & everyone is gay for each other. Still waiting on Baekhyun to adopt us all. Everyone suffers when EXO isn't promoting. Always fighting something/are angsty in their MV's ??? #lipstickchateau #yixingcomehome<p/><b>BTOB:</b> legit the most extra group ever. Besties with Vixx, Ilhoon was probably a love child between Minhyuk and Hakyeon. A member can fit his whole fist in his mouth, and the other can break a whole watermelon with his head...don't test them. Have the most amazing ballad songs but are always underrated. #Peniel'swalltwerk #stopChangsub<p/><b>VIXX:</b> concept kings, there isn't a single thing they couldn't pull off. We were all baptized by Hakyeon's dancing. Have the best relationship with their fans, even wrote a song about Starlights. Call Ravi if you wanna make a cute diss track about your enemy. Possibly might be the epitome of contradiction, you're gonna have whiplash after every comeback. #whereisLeo'ssolo #KenVi4life<p/><b>BTS:</b> actually are hella cool once you get past the problematic fans. Massive headaches are all you're gonna experience after trying to figure out the meaning of a music video. Buddies who watch porn together, stay together. They go so hard on their choreography ?? Shook. The true definition of "started from the bottom now we're here" #gucciislove #gucciislife<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> could probably rule the third generation of kpop if they weren't so underrated. They have nothing to do but go around and kiss men's lips all day. Peppero embasadors. Titty Boyz. Fans are loyal af, and probably have one of the cutest fan names ever. They're each others biggest shippers, probably. #hanjooruinedme #WOW<p/><b>Got7:</b> if you thought btob was bad, you're gonna have a stroke. Dab7. Diversity at its finest. Always needing to be in trend and act hip, just don't let Bambam near the aux cord. Besties with probably every group out there. Stop taking off your shirt literally no one cares ???? No cucumbers. #EEEEEAAAAZZY. #welcometoYoungjae'sclass<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> were so awkward around each other during No.Mercy but are now the best of besties. Everyone wants to know what Changkyun is thinking. Shownu, please drop that screamo album. Someone is always screaming at some point and no one knows why. Hyungwon is on his way to becoming an international meme/runway model. #pepewho? #bringwonhosomenoodles<p/><b>Day6:</b> not the Fandom name we wanted, but it's the one we deserve. It's just jae trying to westernize his 4 meme kids, while also attempting to teach them the meaning of life: Bob. Everyone is shook now that JYP finally knows what to do with them. Tough love with father jae, but he totally doesn't hate the second maknae. #lobsterforjae #wonpildumbasalways<p/><b></b> lmao don't be offended by any of this bc I literally have no life so u have nothing to be offended about<p/></p>
  • Tim McGraw: The name of my first summer love.
  • Picture To Burn: Someone who's picture I'd like to burn
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: The last time I cried during a song
  • A Place In This World: The Place I'd like to live the most
  • Cold As You: The worst rejection I've ever gotten.
  • The Outside: When did I feel most alone?
  • Tied Together With A Smile: Who is the strongest person I know?
  • Stay Beautiful: Who is the most beautiful person I know?
  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My): The name of my first crush
  • Our Song: A song that means a lot to me.
  • I'm Only Me When I'm With You: A person I can be myself with
  • Invisible: An awkward confession.
  • A Perfectly Good Heart: I'll tell you something sweet about your blog.
  • Fearless: My biggest fear.
  • Fifteen: A memory from when I was fifteen
  • Love Story: A story about something romantic that happened to me.
  • Hey Stephen: The name of my crush
  • White Horse: Have I ever been in love with someone who was taken?
  • You Belong With Me: Which celebrity shoyld see, they belong with me?
  • Breathe: Something I can't breathe without
  • Tell Me Why: A question of mine that has yet to be answered.
  • You're Not Sorry: Something I'm sorry for?
  • Forever & Always: What do I wish to have forever and always?
  • The Best Day: What was the best day so far?
  • Change: What do I want to change about myself?
  • Jump Then Fall: Who's laugh is the best sound I have ever heard?
  • Untouchable: My biggest dream
  • Come In With The Rain: My favourite kind of weather.
  • Superstar: My celebritycrush
  • The Other Side Of The Door: The last person I fought with
  • Mine: The best thing that's ever been mine
  • Sparks Fly: Who captivates my like a fireworkshow?
  • Back To December: If I could go back in time, where would I go?
  • Speak Now: *Insert any question here*
  • Dear John: Something I wanna say to my exboyfriend/girlfriend/crush
  • Mean: The meanest thing someone has ever said to me.
  • The Story Of Us: Tell a story about someone you know
  • Never Grow Up: A memory about growing up
  • Enchanted: Someone who enchants me.
  • Better Than Revenge: Someone you want to teach a lesson
  • Innocent: How easily do I forgive?
  • Haunted: A memory that haunts me.
  • Last kiss: The last person I kissed/wanted to kiss.
  • Long Live: Who will I remember forever?
  • Ours: Who has a pretty little mind?
  • If This Was A Movie: If my life was a movie, who would play me?
  • Superman; If I had any superpower, what would it be?
  • State Of Grace: Who is my achilles' heel?
  • Red: Someone I just can't forget.
  • Treacherous: The most dangerous thing I have ever done
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: The last time I got in trouble
  • All Too Well: Something someone said, I remember all too well
  • 22: My best birthday ever.
  • I almost do: How often do I doubt myself?
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Together: A couple you wish would get back together
  • Stay Stay Stay: Someone you can depend on
  • The Last Time: The Last Time I....*insert something here*
  • Holy Ground: I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with....
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Something that makes me sad
  • The Lucky One: My biggest dream
  • Everything Has Changed: Something that has changed about me
  • Starlight: The most marvelous tune
  • Begin Again: What would I do again and again?
  • The Moment I Knew: The moment I knew...*insert something here*
  • Come Back...Be Here: Someone I miss
  • Girl at Home: Have I ever cheated on someone?

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Your………… friends to lovers au………………… it gives me life. If you have the time (it's fine if you don't!), could you so one for svt's woozi? Even if you don't, I just want to say your writing is A+++++++ and you're the best, mom!

find friends-to-lovers! seungcheol (here) & joshua (here

  • you meet woozi when he first becomes a trainee at pledis and ,,, you’re one of the only people who when he explains that he wants to become an idol doesn’t just laugh it off or tell him to study on college entrance exams instead
  • nope, you genuinely tell him you’re going to cheer him on until he sees his dream through to the end
  • and that’s how woozi figures out that,,,,,you know what,,,,you’re someone he wants to have around
  • that and you guys bond over the fact that you’re polar opposites
  • like woozi can sometimes seclude himself and come off brash,,,but you’re always open and sweet
  • and woozi might not admit it aloud but your constant encouragement and telling him to look on the bright side of every bad situation he had to go through as a trainee,,,,like,,,
  • it helped him. it really helped him not lose his grip on debut
  • and when he finally debuted,,,,you were one of the first people he told
  • and you could remember for the first time hearing him choke up over the phone and you just !!!! told him that seriously - he was always going to make it, you always believed in him!!!
  • and woozi regards you as one of the friends that he can be 100% honest with
  • which is hard for him as a leader he takes on burdens for others and doesn’t let his feelings out
  • but you know,,,,,his hardships and you make him feel better about anything,,,,
  • which is why when he asks if you two can meet on his off day you’re really surprised because,,,,,as an idol,,,,,,the chances he gets to rest as scarce
  • but you happily agree to let him come over
  • and you’re like sitting beside him in your living room,,,,you guys are watching s movie and woozi isn’t making his usual sarcastic commentary and you can tell something is weird
  • so you turn off the tv and you’re like,,,,,woozi,,,,,,i know when you’re not yourself - is something wrong?
  • and woozi denies it at first,,,,because he’s headstrong - he’s always been like this
  • but you just shake your head and tell him that as his friend, he doesn’t have to lie to you
  • and you can see the hesitation in his face, his eyes darting toward the ground and then his shoulders relax and he’s like 
  • “there is a problem,,,,our next music video is going to have,,,,,,,,,a kiss in it,,,,”
  • and you tilt your head and you’re like ok????and???? and woozi makes a face and is like “i just,,, i just don’t know how to go about doing it - it’s been a long time since,,,,,,,,since ive done that!” and you’re like
  • trying not to giggle because,,,,,,,right woozi spent his teenage years training,,,,he didn’t date
  • but also,,,,,,he’s sitting there getting frustrated over a kiss for a music video,,,,,and you’re like wouldn’t your fans enjoy it if it seemed a bit fake??? you know if you made it awkward because oh no woozi you can’t kiss other people!!
  • and woozi gives you the -__- face and you’re like ok ok fine,,,but how can i help???
  • and woozi suddenly starts going red and he’s like i haD an idea,,,but,,,,,it’s dumb you know what nevermind
  • and you like lean closer and poke his side as he squirms away and you’re like teLL me,,,, and woozi crosses his arms and is like “no,,,,,,the more i think about it the more dumb it is”
  • and you’re like WOOZI as your friend ive heard and seen you do dumb stuff before - c’mon!!
  • and he’s like clicking his tongue with a sigh because f I ne,,,,,,,,,could you possibly let him practice a kiss on you,,,,jUST ONE ,,, he just wants to remember what to do
  • and you sit back in shock a little because even though you’re close your skinship is at a bare minimum with him,,,,but now,,,all of a sudden,,,,
  • and woozi takes your shocked silence as a no as he gets up and throws the pillow he was holding and he’s like sEE I saID IT WAS DUMb,,,anyway i have to go-
  • and you’re like “no, it’s ok! if it helps you lets do it!”
  • and somehow you and woozi end up sitting face to face,,, beads of sweat on both your forehead and it’s one fliMSY little kiss
  • but now that you’re facing each other,,,,you can clearly make out the handsome features of woozi’s familiar face,,, how you’ve always found him so,,,,,,,so cute even with his personality
  • and woozi keeps letting his inner thoughts ring in his brain about how he really really reA L L Y should ignore the pounding of his heart in his chest and how much ,,,,,,, he’s grown to find you,,,,his friEND,,,,,so attractive
  • and finally you can’t take it anymore the nudging closer but then pulling back,,,you and woozi debating quietly about how to do this
  • so you just put your hands on his shoulders and pull him toward you,,,,,
  • and it’s a kiss,,,, at first that’s ,,,,,,like a middle school kiss. just your lips touching, nothing else and you tense up because oh nO,,,,,you shouldn’t have done that
  • but suddenly woozi eases up and his hand falls onto the small of your back and he closes his eyes as he tilts his head
  • and oh god you’re kissing woozi???? whose grip tightens on you and who smells so good up close it kind of makes your head spin a bit
  • and how you think back over the time you watched him grow into this handsome, talented idol,,,,,,,,and how,,,,maybe kissing him,,,,has made you realize you’ve wanted this for a while
  • and by this you mean the feeling of being in woozi’s hands
  • and woozi is thinking the same thing about how he wants to hold you like this,,,,,,how he wants to be the only one who holds you like this
  • and the kiss turns into something that should have lasted a total of five seconds into something more
  • and when you pull away from each other woozi is the first to try to stammer out some excuse like,,, ooh,,,,im sorry i don’t know what came over me,,,
  • but you don’t want to listen to it you just lean in to kiss him again pulling him ontop of you as you fall backwards,,,
  • and when woozi finally has to leave he’s ,,,,, like,,,,,,,,about the music video,,,,, i don’t really want to do the kiss but the company-
  • and you’re like “it’s fine!!! did you think i’d be jealous?” and woozi jumps a bit because lmao it’s obvious that’s what he was getting to but he’s like huh what no im just saying,,,,,,,
  • and you grin and tell him to do his best during the filming and that you’ll cheer for him like you always do
  • but before woozi leaves, he tells you that this time cheer for him not just as a friend but as,,,,,,,,,something more
  • and he kisses your cheek so gently you can hardly feel it but the he turns around to go and you stand there with your hand over your cheek like,,,,,,,,,,,after all these years of knowing him,,,,,,,,,he really is cute,,,,,he really shouldn’t hide it,,,,
  • (but also he only shows it to you,,,,so you’re special hehe) 

anonymous asked:

Could you please write a one shot where Harry and y/n go on a vacation with their families together because their families are close friends, but their families don't know about harry and y/n's relationship. I really hope you can write this!!! Also I love you're writing xx

You tiptoed past your parents’ room before dashing towards the elevator, pressing the button too many times as you waited impatiently, looking left and right for any sign of yours or Harry’s family. You got inside the elevator, pressing the ground floor.
You peaked your head out first before walking outside. Just when you thought the coast was clear, you felt someone bump into your shoulder. You looked, your heart dropping. “Gemma, Gemma, hey,” You chuckled nervously.

“Hey, Y/N, couldn’t sleep?” Gemma asked before she yawned.

“Yeah,” You nodded, “Wanted to take a walk so I could.”

“Oh, yeah. Right,” She chuckled, “I came to replace my kettle, the one I had wasn’t working. Anyway, I’m going now.” She nodded at you, giving you a smile before walking towards the elevator.
You watched her, waving at her awkwardly to make sure she got inside and left.
You released a sigh of relief before hurrying outside, running towards beach that was basically right in front of you.

You tiptoed towards a cave that was hid by bushes that you and Harry found, bending down to see him waiting there, his eyes lightening up when he saw you, opening his arms for you. You grinned, getting inside and sitting between his legs, your back pressed against his chest as he pecked your cheek.

“I ran into Gemma.” You giggled.

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impossiblyeclecticduck  asked:

Hey, so, um... talk about your handle on Bill. What do you think of her?

half a handle, i said. quicktake guesses:

  • part of her awkwardness and stream of consciousness brain-vomit seems to be down to how she’s, like, genuinely surprised that anyone is listening to her
  • like i’ve seen some posts saying she’s closeted, and i don’t want to take helpful headcanons away but i think it’s more that she could be wrapped in a rainbow flag kissing 10 girls and her foster mom would still be like ‘so when you getting married to a nice boy’
  • she’s got that Spunky Spirit half of fandom seems to hate (do they just not like fun people i mean what do their friend circles look like) but she turns that off real fucking quick when the Dr is being a dick. eager to trust but quick to back off and protect herself.
  • all the empathy in the world, maybe a partial clue as to how to express that
  • the comparisons to Rose are inevitable but there’s a massive difference between a kid still living at home and working at a shop and being kind of happily ensconced in that bubble, and a 20-something young adult, living at home because they can’t afford not to, and working in the cafeteria of the school they can’t attend. she knows what she’s missing, even if she makes the best of it. like Rose’s narrative was ‘so there’s this whole other world out there btw’ and Bill’s is more ‘you know that other world you kept looking at from the outside well we’re going there now hop in’.
  • “we’re all looking for someone who’s looking for us” or w/e the line was is one of those Moffat statements of purpose (see: the “just see me” scene in “Deep Breath”). her resignation at getting cash as a gift vs her ‘no that’s fine’ disappointment at the Dr not getting her anything. and her immediate jump to ‘ok guess you don’t like me’ when she first meets Heather. she’s super primed to assume no one gives a shit about her, fuck does she want someone to give a shit about her. hope for the best, expect the worst
  • that bit where she’s snooping on 12 and Nardole is a facet of that (and bulletpoint 3), i think. like she’s curious and brave but very ready to bail
  • and the “do you really think i’m that dumb”/“can i just have a week? a few days? a day? please? whatever fuck it” bit. like, of course she cannot have nice things, obviously. please no one notice how much she cares about that.
  • she goes back, tho, and she goes back in more than a few scenes. that’s her companion superpower, where Clara would be cocky and Amy would be stubborn, Bill just like…runs out of fucks to give, and goes for broke
  • her arc’s gonna be some self-confidence thing where she pulls back from the eternally fuckless Dr. the mento will become the manatee.
  • “i don’t like my face, it keeps doing an expression when i’m trying to be enigmatic” i love
  • i love her

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Sorry i dont know if you're taking requests or whatever, but i havent seen any virgin phan smut where both of them are virgins, and i have a kind of plot thing but not really, Phil sneaking to dans house in the middle of the night and knocking on dans window. Then they go up on the roof and have sweet, cute sex under the stars I dont know why i need this so badly but i do

i love this

starry lights & touch-me-nights 

“Psst! Dan!”

Dan sat up quickly, his eyes shooting open. 


He turned toward the window in the dark, focusing on the soft navy light emitting from the glass. His eyes slowly focused on the outline, the outline of a boy. The boy knocked three times, and Dan visibly jumped. 

He stood up quickly, stumbling on his own feet to get to the window, throwing it open.

Phil’s eyes twinkled, and he flashed him a crooked grin that made Dan’s heart melt. “Hi.” 

“What the hell are you doing?” Dan laughed, shaking his head; astonished. His boyfriend was known to do some crazy things, but sneaking into his bedroom in the middle of the night? That was a new one. 

Phil shrugged. 

“I missed you.”

Dan rolled his eyes. “I saw you less than twenty four hours ago.” 

Phil shrugged again, biting his lip. “Can I come in?” 

Dan sighed, nodding and grabbing his hand, tugging him through the window. Phil stumbled, leaning on Dan for balance. He still had that dumb-ass grin on his face; he looked so happy it was contagious. Dan giggled, sitting down on his bed and pulling Phil down next to him. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi can you write a bts reaction where they come back one night from practice and see that you're sleeping with a stuffed animal wrapped in your arms and snoring slightly? (Sorry if it sounds confusing) Thanks 💙

Here you go baby


It would hurt his heart a little. He would see you in your deep sleep and wish it was him you here holding tightly to. But still, to see you sleeping so calmly made his heart flutter and as he crawled in bed next to you and wrapped his arm around your waits the feeling of you melting into his touch and grabbing for his hand made it explode.


The sight of you would make him smile, he loved how much you loved that stupid stuffed animal you made him get you. He would secretly spray his cologne on it so to see you with your face pressed up against the plush animal made him feel extra special. 


The moment he saw you his deep dimpled smile would spread across his face. He’d try his hardest to make his way from the dresser where he changed to the bed without waking you up, but given his awkwardness while moving around the dark room It was inevitable when you shot up and found him frozen in the dark, his foot still caught on the desk. When you smiled tiredly at him he’d make the rest of his way over to you and replaced the stuffed animal with himself. 


It would be a heartwarming thing to come home to, seeing you so at peace while clenching your childhood toy. He wouldn’t be able to hide the smile that reached his cheeks and as he snuggled in behind you he couldn’t help but picture the far future. 


He’d smile softly as he pulled his shirt off and and crawled across the bed till hovered over you. He’d plant a sweet kiss on your temple before leaving the bed to go shower. When he got back and saw you turned over facing his side of the bed with one hand outreached and the other still holding onto the animal he smiled and moved your hair back before placing himself under your arm and pulling you further into your chest. 


Tae would find you so adorable as you curled up around the stuffed animal and clenched it to your chest as hard as you could possibly manage in your sleep. Instead of waking you so you could roll into him he just placed himself behind you so when you needed to you could roll back into his chest and he would be right there to hold you tighter. 

Jung kook:

He would actually be a little jealous of the animal you held in your arms but was too tired to get worked up about it. He’d crawl in bed next to you and cross his arms not wanting to wake you up, but when you rolled over and dropped the animal to hug him closer to you he smiled and pulled you as tight as he could get you, just not before he picked it up off the floor and placed it on the other side of you. 

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Pleasepleasepleaseplease write a friends-to-lovers with Hobi if you have enough free time! Your other ones are so amazing, you write the boys so well and just OH MY GOD I CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTENESS. I really love all of your imagines, and that Tae friends-to-lovers one has a special place in my heart. YOU ARE SO AMAZING, I HOPE YOU'RE FEELING WELL <3<3<3

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi | taehyung 

  • you meet hoseok at a party,,,,,but the thing is you’re not supposed to be there 
  • like literally,,,,,you don’t know whose party this is it’s just that you’d heard music from downstairs and when you’d checked it out the door was open and some tipsy girl had let you in
  • and inside it was dark, messy, and crowded but you could smell free food and possibly free drinks so. why not
  • but you didn’t expect someone to go “ive never seen you before, how d o you know jungkook?”
  • and banging your head on the roof of the fridge as you stood up you saw a boy,,,,with a smile that radiates like the sun looking at you
  • and you,,,,with your hands full of a stack of pizza slices, an unopened bottle of cola, and three popsicles went: “oh i know him from college”
  • “jungkook isn’t in college.”
  • “,,,,,we meet at summer camp in the 8th grade.”
  • “jungkook’s never been to camp.”
  • “,,,,”
  • “,,,,”
  • you’d contemplated just making a run for it but that’d be awkward to push back through the crowd so sighing you just admitted. you had no idea who jungkook was. you were trying to get some free food. you are a good person just a broke good person right now.
  • the boy’s smile had only widened and he laughed out loud because honestly,,,,,this isn’t even jungkooks party. it’s taehyungs. he knew you were lying from the start 
  • you’d got embarrassed and went you tricked me!!! and he was just like hey you’re the one holding all of my friends food and you don’t even know him so -
  • and you were like good point ,,,,, and that’s when he’d introduced himself as hoseok and helped you carry the rest of the pizza back up to your apartment 
  • and,,,,since then hoseok had become sort of a friend,,,,
  • his friend taehyung lived in your building so you’d see him around frequently and every now and then you two would chat or whatever
  • and hoseok always,,,,has this good vibe around him
  • like this positive energy that makes you feel comfortable and at ease even though he’ll call you pizza thief on occasion and you’ll be like SH what if taehyung hears and hoseok just laughs because he’s pretty sure taehyung doesn’t remember what happened yesterday,,,he probably wont remember pizza you stole months ago
  • and it’s not like you and hoseok are super close,,,,,you don’t text or hang out you just know each other because of that one incident 
  • and you mutually like each other as people so it’s like ,,,, really casual friends
  • until one day you’re walking home and it’s poURINg RAIN 
  • given it’s summer so it’s warm outside,,,but still the rain is coming down and ur flimsy umbrella is about to break so you’re thankful that you’re almost home
  • but as you pass to the front door you see someone standing out in the rain,,,,hair and clothing drenched and you realize that it’s hoseok
  • and you’re like dude??? come inside i have keys
  • but hoseok just smiles and shakes his head and is like the rain is nice and you’re like ????
  • hoseok chuckles and is also like taehyung isn’t home yet so i thought id wait outside,,,,it started to rain but i kinda liked  the feeling,,,,,its freeing you now??
  • and for a split moment you think that his smile,,,,warm like sunshine,,,,and his prefrence for standing out here in the rain,,,,it’s really something
  • but you just shrug and you’re like suit yourself- when hoseok reaches out and pulls you back and he’s like “i bet you’ll enjoy it too?”
  • and you’re like hoSEOK and he’s like “c’mon what do you have to lose?”
  • and for some reason,,,,hoseok’s charming voice and face are enough to make you close the umbrella and the rain on your skin,,,,,doesn’t feel so bad 
  • hoseok takes both your hands and starts twirling you around and you’re like giggling but you’re also like what are you doing??
  • and hoseok stops just to slip his hand around your waist and the other lifts your other hand up and you realize he’s leading you in a dance
  • and you’re like “what is this ,,, dancing in the rain???” 
  • and hoseok is just grinning,,, at this point both your hair is plastered to your faces and your clothes are heavy with water
  • but none of that annoys you like it usually does,,,,, just being with hoseok makes it totally fun and enjoyable
  • and you’ve never realized it fully but hoseok’s got some sort of magic in the ways of making weird situations feel good,,,,,doesn’t he?
  • and as you’re laughing,,,,swaying in the rain with him 
  • hoseok suddenly pulls you in close and your noses practically touch when he mumbles that even the rain cant make you look bad
  • the wet hair, the wet clothes, the little goosebumps on your skin,,,,,,you still look gorgeous to him 
  • and you’re stunned at the sudden words,,,,but you can only say that you feel the same way
  • that even now,,,,he looks handsome 
  • and the dancing stops but hoseok’s eyes flicker between your lips and gaze and it doesn’t take him long to slip a hand onto your neck, tilt your head a bit so he can kiss you under the rain
  • and it’s,,,,,,more romantic than you expect,,,,breaking away from each other you ask what it is that made him want to kiss you
  • and hoseok shrugs and says that maybe it’s because you’re the only person he’s ever met that willingly danced in the rain with him 
  • and also the only person he’s ever met that came to a party just to steal food,,,,,,
  • you shove him playfully and tell him that isn’t a reason to start liking someone but hoseok begs to differ,,,,,,he thinks it makes up your charm hehe

anonymous asked:

Enjoltaire + "Are you flirting with me?!" if you're taking requests!

A/N: here, anon, have some fluff ^-^ sorry for any mistakes- this was written on my phone haha

Grantaire doesn’t know who told Enjolras, but he is going to kill them. That being said, it was probably Courfeyrac, and Grantaire quite likes Courfeyrac, so he’s not really sure where he stands on the whole ‘killing’ part.

It had started off as a normal conversation; Enjolras had been talking about some issue or other when Grantaire had slipped in with his usual lewd comments. The same wink that would usually have earned him an eye-roll had today turned Enjolras’ lips downwards into a frown.

“Are you flirting with me?” he’d asked, and Grantaire- Grantaire is still trying to formulate a response because what.

Grantaire flirts with Enjolras. This is a known fact to all inhabitants of the earth, except Enjolras himself. Grantaire teases and baits and irritates Enjolras, who doesn’t react to any of it except for the occasional sigh or look of disdain.

Enjolras does not know Grantaire flirts with him. Enjolras has remained oblivious to Grantaire’s flirting since day one, which leads Grantaire to the only logical conclusion: one of their traitorous friends has gone and clued him in.

“I’m glad you finally noticed.” Grantaire says dryly, because what is he if not honest?

Enjolras just stares at him. “How long…?” he asks, leading the conversation into a stretch of silence that’s going to get awkward pretty fast. Grantaire would take this opportunity to run and never look back if he didn’t wholly revel in the feeling of Enjolras’ gaze on him.

“I can’t give you an exact date but in looser terms, probably from around the moment we met.” He says, grinning in an attempt to keep everything playful and hide the sincerity the confession would have otherwise uncovered.

Enjolras looks strickened. “Courf said you were but I always thought you were just trying to wind me up.”

Ah, so it was Courfeyrac, Grantaire thinks grimly. They’re going to be having a Conversation later.

“Who’s to say I wasn’t doing both? Flirting with you is fun, seeing you wound up is a nice side effect.”

“Oh.” Enjolras says, his expression twisted into one of confusion.

“I can stop, if you want.” Grantaire says after a lengthy pause. Enjolras hasn’t moved away yet, still stood in front of Grantaire in contemplation, and Grantaire isn’t that much of an asshole that he wants to make Enjolras uncomfortable. “I didn’t think you minded because I’ve been doing it for so long, but if this changes anything, if I’m crossing some boundary-type-thing, I’ll stop. Promise.” he adds, placing his hand over his heart because, yes, he is just that sincere.

“No, no, it’s not that,” Enjolras dismisses, waving his hand as if to clear the air of Grantaire’s words. “I just haven’t had that much experience with flirting. That’s all. You’re welcome to continue, if you like.”

Now it’s Grantaire’s turn to stare. Did Enjolras just… give him permission to flirt with him? That can’t be right, Grantaire’s ears must be broken. Can ears break? He’ll have to as Joly later.

“I- What?”

“Maybe it’ll give me a chance to get better at it, too.” Enjolras’ face is as stoic as ever but there’s a spark in his eyes different from the usual Revolutionary Fervor, and Grantaire is so fucked.

“Sure.” Grantaire says. His brain is only capable of monosyllables at the minute.

The barest hint of a smile makes itself known on Enjolras’ lips. “See you around, R.” he says, leaning forward and pressing them against the stubble of Grantaire’s cheek.

It takes a second for Grantaire’s brain to register the use of his nickname, and another few to register the kiss. By the time he’s caught up with his body’s reactions, Enjolras is on the other side of the room, casually chatting with Combeferre.

Far from killing him, Grantaire decides he’s going to send Courfeyrac the biggest flower arrangement he’s ever seen.

send me prompts!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing! If you're still taking prompts could you write some an analogical fic, maybe where Logan is pining or decides that *logically* they'd make the perfect couple and decides to use logic to persuade Virgil he's right? No worries if it's not your thing tho <3

Logan sat at his desk, hands in his hair and frustration on his face.  He couldn’t even close his eyes without seeing his face.  That cute little smile, the way he covered it when he laughed, the way he chewed on his hoodie sleeve-

“Ughhhh!” Logan groaned and threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing them fervently.  This had to stop!  He had no time to deal with mushy, disgusting, lovey-dovey feelings!  No matter how much Virgil made him want to deal with them.  Gah, this was so not fair!

True, logically speaking, if any of the sides were to be together, it made sense that it would be the two of them, right?  Virgil was very fond of pointing out issues and questions that Logan easily answered and solved.  Logan also kept Virgil grounded, kept him calmer and happier.  Happier enough to see that cute smile - OK ENOUGH!  

The two of them together would most certainly benefit Thomas, Logan believed.  After all, his anxiety working through issues with his logical side makes sense, and the more time the two spend together the less anxious - oh, who was Logan kidding.  Certainly not himself.  When this dumb crush, this infatuation, begun to grow, he was not thinking of Thomas’s health!  Why throw him into this awful mix?!  Logan groaned and dropped his head down, banging it gently on the desk.  He had to get rid of these feelings, restore his sanity and get some peace.  He had to tell Virgil, that was the only way.  With renewed vigor and some excitement in his step, Logan shot up out of his seat and propelled himself toward the door - 

Wait.  What if Virgil didn’t reciprocate?  Or worse, what if Virgil thought he wasn’t serious?  After all, as the embodiment of Thomas’s worry and anxiety, Virgil had a very difficult time with trust.  Many times when one of them tried to be nice and give kind words, Virgil immediately defaulted to “you’re just saying that,” or “don’t lie to me; I know you hate me.”  Logan wasn’t sure at this moment if he could handle hearing that come out of his crush’s mouth.

And, just like that, Logan backpedaled all the way to his bed and flopped down face first.  This was impossible to deal with!  Why him?!  Then, an idea popped in his head.  He could write a letter, a stone-hard, cold and concrete letter of his seriousness.  

Logan snatched up a memo pad from his desk along with a pen.  Twelve cited sources, four Teen Vogue quizzes, and 16 points later, Logan had his essay, properly MLA formatted and ready to send under Virgil’s door.  He produced an envelope and neatly tri-folded the pages, tucking them in.  Logan didn’t lick the envelope closed, finding that utterly disgusting.  Instead he simply tucked the opening inside.

Quick as a flash, Logan darted out his door, down the hall, and threw the letter essay under Virgil’s door.

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Samuel,seonho,guanlin,youngmin,and seongwoo reaction to them trying to kiss you but you runaway because you're shy(he's you're boyfriend) that makes sense right?


  • “thanks for leaving me hanging” would adjust his cap and raise his eyebrow at you
  • you’d be hiding behind a tree
  • he’s really embarrassed in the inside and would try to understand why you abandoned him like—
  • did he have bad breath??
  • was his kissing face ugly???
  • did you nOT LIKE HIS KISSES????!!
  • inside he’s a total mess
  • and so is his outside lol
  • he’d be kinda fiddling in his spot and trying to lure you back in
  • “it was too sudden yeah?” would sniffle a little
  • kinda heartbroken you backed away
  • in the end you’ll have to muster up all your courage to come back to him and initiate the kiss first
  • samuel would be jumping off the moon
  • …if he could
  • “i was just misunderstanding you wasn’t i?”
  • you would smile and nod
  • he would give you a tight hug and exhale in relief “thank you for loving me”

Originally posted by uenaws


  • his first instincts/reflex when you ran away from him was to chase after you
  • his legs are long so he’ll overrun you in a short period of time
  • but during the course of the chase,,,
  • you’d be like “wHY ARE YOU CHASING ME??”
  • he’d be like “i don’t know but i didn’t get my kiss!”
  • “i’M SHYYYYY” you would confess while screaming your heads off and running down the park
  • he’ll be like “wHy Are YOU SHY SHY SHY?”
  • he’ll overtake you at this moment and kinda trap you in a back hug
  • you’d tilt your head up for a second to see him going for a second kiss and lowered your head too quickly, which accidentally knocked him on the lip/jaw
  • he’d be in pain but wouldn’t let go of you
  • “i’m so so so so so sooo sorry seonho!” you’d apologise and turn around
  • he’d cower like a kicked puppy
  • “you hit me”
  • “yes i did… i’m sorry”
  • “you hit me”
  • you would nod
  • he would be like “you hit me so give me a kiss”
  • you would be kinda confused at his reasoning but he’ll catch you off guard and peck your lips real quick
  • “transaction complete!” he would chirp once again and wink at you (tries to wink anyway)

Originally posted by lai-guanlin


  • would sigh in offense
  • like
  • did you just avoid him
  • or are his eyes playing dirty tricks??
  • you’d be kinda embarassed (not kinda but a lot rlly lol) at your own actions and would kinda repent by going back to his side and hopefully comfort him
  • his pride is kinda broken
  • like
  • his own gf doesn’t want to kiss him????
  • “guanlin?”
  • “…”
  • “my bad…”
  • would glance at you and sigh
  • “are you mad?” you would lean in closer and do a bit of aegyo to try to sooth his mood
  • “no i’m just offended” he would bluntly say
  • you would be kinda down hearing him say that
  • he would feel bad immediately “ok i’m not offended” he would give in “but next time i try you have to comply ok? it was…. awkward when you ran away” he would try to put his feelings into words… but it wasn’t that clear to you
  • “…i was just shy” you admitted
  • he would chuckle slightly “well i’m currently more shy”

Originally posted by brodueces101


  • “i’m sorry that scared you didn’t it?” he would be concerned that you moved away
  • he does feel hurt but not to the extent that he would neglect his first priority
  • …which is you
  • “i won’t do that again” he would comfort you by simply holding onto your hand
  • you would be like “no! no! you can do it again…”
  • he would be sort of confused but nods anyways
  • “i was just- hmm just—-” you would be shy to confess to him
  • you knew you could trust youngmin to make you feel 10000000 better than before but even you’re feeling second hand embarassment for yourself
  • “honestly, it wasn’t your fault” youngmin would speak up first “if i was in your position i would be shocked too” he would smile
  • you’re kinda like–
  • wHAT DiD I Do tO DeSERVe such an ANGEL???
  • “y-you can kiss me now!” you’d muster up some courage
  • he’d be kinda surprised and shy with wide alpaca eyes and all (he’s also looking around)
  • “when you ask for it now… i’m kinda shy” he would laugh

Originally posted by im-youngmin


  • would stare at you at first
  • then he would gasp dramatically “oh no how can you avoid me?? the handsome sexy daebak ong seungwoo? the love of your life and the sun of your world? without me you’ll fade into dust my loooove” he’ll kinda opera sing this whole verse
  • you’d be standing there… not knowing what to do
  • *maybe that was a bad move* you thought
  • he would kinda ramble on and constantly glance at you for some reactions
  • you’re kinda used to ong by now
  • “seungwoo will this be solved if i kiss you?”
  • “oh yes thy fair lady please bless muah with your crimson red luscious-” you would cut him off in the middle of his sentence with a kiss and slowly part
  • he’ll stop his drama now
  • would stare at your lips
  • “if i behave will i get a second one?”

Originally posted by coolpotatouniverse

Life Choices

In which Dean and Castiel’s date is going great until Castiel gets pizza… with pineapples on it. 


“Do you want to grab dinner?” Dean asks hopefully.

His date with Castiel is going swimmingly and Dean doesn’t want the night to end just yet.

And neither does Cas if the way his eyes light up is any indication.

“Yeah, of course,” Cas says, shoving his hands into his coat’s pockets. “There’s this really great pizza place a few blocks down if you don’t mind making the trek.”

It was freezing, sure, but Dean didn’t want to say goodnight yet so he was going to brave the cold. Turning up his collar he says, “Come on, lead the way.”

“I swear it’s worth it,” Cas reassures him as they make their way down the street shivering. “You don’t have to order full pizzas. You can get individual slices so that way you can have more than one flavor.”

“How’d you find it?” Dean asks curiously. “I’ve clearly never been.”

“It was an accident, really.” Castiel runs a hand through his hair and Dean’s heart skips a beat. “I was going to my brother’s bakery and I could smell the pizza from out on the street.”

“You’re a big fan of pizza, aren’t you?” Dean teases, nudging Cas with his elbow.

“It’s good pizza!” Cas exclaims, smile big and gummy, and seriously, Dean’s heart is about to fucking give. “And, because of all the pizza ovens, the place is warm,” he says enticingly.

They turn a corner and, yeah, that’s definitely pizza that Dean can smell. He doesn’t realize that he’s literally sniffing until Cas smirks and says, “I told you so.”

Cas was right. The place smells like Heaven and is warm as Hell. As soon as they enter a girl with bright red hair shows up.

“Hey, Cas,” she greets him, nods a hello at Dean and turns back to Cas. “Your usual?”

“Yes, thank you, Anna,” Cas says to her before taking Dean’s hand and making his way to the serving counter. “There are millions of options.”

“And yet you have a usual,” Dean says absently, more focused on the, seemingly, millions of options. “Man, this is going to be like choosing between Star Wars and Star Trek.”

“You can come back for different flavors,” Cas repeats. “I’ll go catch us a table, yeah?”

Dean hums in acknowledgment even though he’d rather be holding Cas’ hand. After scanning his options one last time, Dean picks a slice of plain old pepperoni and makes his way to where Cas is.

He sits down just as Anna plops Cas’ pizza in front of him and-

“Dude, no!” Dean exclaims.

“What.” Cas pauses, pizza halfway to his mouth.

“There is pineapple on your pizza.”

Cas rolls his eyes. “I am prepared to argue about this till the end of time itself.”

“So am I,” Dean says, just as determinedly. “What kinda life choices man…”

“Pineapples have tons of health benefits,” Cas tells him.

“You’re eating pizza!” Dean counters. “I’m pretty sure anybody eating pizza isn’t really thinking about their health.”

“Well, I don’t see the problem,” Castiel asserted. “It’s sweet and savory at the same time.”

“Why would you pay extra for people to put that monstrosity on such deliciousness?” Dean asks, sounding genuinely worried about Cas’ logic.

“Ugh, Dean, what-” Castiel starts indignantly before a glass of soda is placed in front of him.

“Don’t you two fight like an old married couple?” Anna says.

“This is our first date, actually,” Dean tells her feeling a smile making his way onto his face. He really likes Cas.

“Couldn’t have guessed myself,” Anna smirks, walking away.

Turning to Cas, Dean holds out his hand, sighing. “Truce?”

Cas stares at him for a moment before leaning over the table and kissing him. Dean’s a hundred and ten percent sure his heart is going to combust because, oh my god, he’s kissing Cas. He doesn’t even mind the awkward angle or the fact that he can taste the pineapple Cas has been eating.

Cas pulls away and smiles down at his lap before looking up at Dean. “Truce.”


“Just remember that every time you put pineapple on a pizza an Italian dies.”

“Dean, we are literally naked. Shut up.”

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you're back babe❤️ can you do a reaction to you never wearing lingerie bc you think you look awkward in it

Of course lovely


After his question hung in the air as to why you never wore the lingerie he’d bought for you he’d grow a little worried that he was pushing you to far for him, but when you told him it just didnt look good on you he’d chuckle and pull you down on his lap. ‘You could wear a table cloth and still look sexy. Just try it once, for me.’


He could care less wether you wore it or not, what he care about was the fact that you didnt think you’d look good in it. He wouldn’t pressure you though in fact he make it very known that he didnt need skimpy lace to turn him on, although he wouldn’t mind to see it. 


It would bother him that you had an extensive collection of lingerie but never wore it. He’d even go as far as personally cornering you in the bathroom holding the lacy three piece in his hand and with pleading eyes ask you to wear it, just once. But when you told him it made you feel uncomfortable and didnt like the day your body fit into it he’d hook his arm around your neck and pull you closer. ‘Thats okay baby, I like it better when your naked anyways.’ he’d say with a wink making you blush. 


He’d be so upset that you didnt feel comfortable enough around him to even try it but he wouldn’t even dream about asking you twice, instead he’d just change the subject and pull you closer before the two of you crashed on the couch for the rest of the day, constantly reminding you how beautiful and perfect you are. 


He’d probably be the one who is actually able to talk you past your insecurities and get you into the set he bought you for valentines day. When you exited the closet after staring at yourself for a good 10 minutes his expression would change for the best and in that he’d make you feel better about how uncomfortable you were. He’d treat you like a princess that night and give you enough confidence that when ever you wanted your way with him you could slip on a little something and he’d be putty in your hands. 


If lingerie made you uncomfortable it made him uncomfortable. He’d stop you by kissing you when you started rambling about it, hoping that it wouldn’t make him mad. But instead he’d laugh softly and hold you close so you can hear his rapid heart beat as he pulled you back to the bed and held you close.


Jungkook would be so infatuated with you that he wouldn’t even realize you were uncomfortable when he started to unknowingly pressure you to wear the lingerie. It wasn’t until you yell at him to stop and went to lock yourself in the bathroom did he realize what he had done. He’d sit against the door softly asking you to please come out and then you did he’d pull you down to the floor and hold you close while kissing your temple, not sure what to say other than gaspy sorries.

Preference "How they cheer you up whenever you're having a rough day"

(Just felt like this request was perfect :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by making funny comments throughout the day until he’d finally make you laugh. Whenever those would seem to fail, he’d purposely challenge you in a playful way to a ping pong match against him, making you have no choice but want to join him.

Daryl-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by giving you a handful of flowers or really just a cold drink before just sitting down right next to you. He’d stay by your side, not too close or too far but perfectly where he can just reach to hold you when you’d seem to need it, and be open to talk to you about anything.

Rick-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by giving you a shoulder massage at the end of the day and afterwards relax on the couch with you. He’d take things slow with you, letting you accept what he’s doing before suddenly stopping just to kiss you and make you smile.

Merle-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by flirting with you all day and doing all sorts of gestures to get you to at least smile at him or even yell at him. Seeing how upset, he’d want nothing more than to change your mind and would gladly pull you by your wrist to your shared room for a moment.

Glenn-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by surprising you with some snacks and sitting down next to you. He’d feel like sharing a moment with you and would gladly talk to you about anything and everything, only to end up making you laugh with one of his stories from his days back when it was normal.

Carl-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by taking you out by the hand to go join him on a run. He’d then surprise you with the roller skates you both found a while back and really be playful around you, trying to make you forget what bothered you.

The Governor-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by bringing you out by the gardens and remind you how much your happiness means to him. He’d have a few drinks with you and pull you to sit closely to him as you’d both have a small chat before it turning rather intimate.

Abraham-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by suddenly picking you up out of nowhere and grabbing you in for a tight hug. He’d pat your back and tell you loudly to not worry about it too much as he’d be right there to help you through it.

Eugene-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by asking you for help with something, only for it to be a rather fun experiment for the both of you. He’d always try to impress you, wanting a great reaction from you and of course a smile.

Ron-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by inviting you over to his house, only to surprise you along with others. They’d all hang out with you to play games and eat some snacks just to make you forget about your worries.

Jesus-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by walking over to wrap you in a blanket before sitting next to you. He’d just want to get you comfortable and let you know that he was going to stay by your side no matter what.

Dwight-Whenever he notices you having a rough day, he’d usually try to cheer you up by getting you some beer and pretzel and trying to make you laugh about how he isn’t that forgetful. He’d truly try to seem cheerful himself for once and comfort you as best as he can.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do like the Panthom Thieves S/O being their childhood friend (how they met, and how their feelings develop)? Thanks i love your blog, you're amazing!!

suayhxjkhch No, thank YOU for being such an amazing sweetheart!! This is gonna be a long one lol. Anyway, thank you for the request! Please enjoy!

SPOILERS AHEAD. There is also mention of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.


  • Akira was the same way as a child as he is now; quiet, reckless, and very courageous.
  • Unfortunately, he didn’t have many friends. His quiet and analytical demeanor appeared as ‘weird’ to the other kids; as a result, he became a loner.
  • One day during recess, he witnessed a student being bullied by three others.
  • Akira interfered immediately; he knew he wasn’t a match for them but he couldn’t just watch, either.
  • Two of the bullies took their aggression out on him instead, while the other was holding the victim back; they struggled and begged the thugs to leave Akira alone.
  • Once they left, Akira was on the ground, and the victim helped him stand on his feet. “Thank you for standing up for me. I’m sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to do anything for you… um…”
  • “Akira,” he spoke gently.
  • “Akira,” they repeated. He thought his name sounded nice coming from them. “My name is S/O. Can we be friends?”
  • He smiled and nodded. “Sounds good to me.”
  • From then on, the two were inseparable. They did almost everything together: skateboarding, sharing lunches, and attending festivities. 
  • Their feelings even blossomed together; by the time they reached their first year of high school, they were already in love and dating.
  • Akira fell for S/O’s warmth and boldness, and S/O with Akira’s quiet determination and independence. 
  • He ended the relationship the day of his arrest; he didn’t want them to receive backlash from dating a criminal, and he didn’t want them to become a target. S/O put up a fight, but Akira proceeded to block their number and delete any trace of them.
  • The only trace of them that remained was the impact they left on his heart.
  • They encountered each other in Tokyo during a holiday, and after a bit of fighting, Akira kissed S/O and whispered, “I missed you so much.”
  • Their relationship continued where it had left off, and they fell in love all over again.


  • Ryuji and S/O met in elementary school by being assigned as partners for a project, and they butted heads throughout the ordeal; he’d get enraged by their smarty-pants, know-it-all attitude, and S/O got irritated with his laziness and ignorance. 
  • They often wrestled and stuck their tongues out at each other, and they scoffed whenever adults said that the two were like a married couple.
  • One day after school, S/O bought some ramen in celebration of not seeing Ryuji all day, but then they came across an isolated alleyway that echoed with sobs.
  • Curious, S/O checked it out and discovered Ryuji balled up with his face in his legs, and his shoulders were heaving.
  • The awkwardness was unsettling as S/O asked, “What’s the matter with you?”
  • Ryuji glanced up to reveal a face covered in bruises. His surprised expression had turned into one of annoyance. “Dammit, it just had to be you. Just leave me alone.”
  • S/O’s initial shock upon seeing his battered face had morphed into frustration. “Don’t be stupid, you need help!”
  • “What’re you gonna do?! Dad’s gonna keep hurting me no matter what! Go away!”
  • S/O was silent as they planted themself right next to Ryuji. They extended their ramen to him. “Eat it.”
  • He nearly flung it out their hands as he yelled, “I toldja to go a-!”
  • Ryuji was interrupted by the ramen that was shoved in his mouth. “It’ll make you feel better, now shut up and eat,” S/O demanded.
  • He begrudgingly did as he was told, and S/O never left his side until it was evening. Ryuji was embarrassed when he thanked them the following day, and from then on they became close friends. 
  • They’d have weekly ramen hangouts, and it hastily grew to be Ryuji’s favorite food. 
  • He asked S/O out in high school pre-Phantom Thieves, when he realized just how much he hated the thought of them dating anyone else. To his surprise, S/O accepted.


  • Ann and S/O had known each other since birth; their parents were close friends and they worked together in the American fashion industry.
  • The kids clicked instantly; since Ann’s parents were always traveling, she’d be dropped off at S/O’s house and they’d bond over the sweets Ann’s parents had left her.
  • The two were always hugging and playing games together, with a carton of cookies always within their proximity.
  • Unfortunately, Ann’s parents’ work forced the family to move overseas, so the two friends had to be separated when they were only in middle school.
  • Ann quickly became self-conscious of how different she looked from everyone else in Japan, and she constantly called S/O for consolation.
  • “Ann, you’re more than your looks. It’s their loss for missing out on such an incredible person because they can’t see past the physical. Take pride in your beautiful heart.”
  • “Y-yeah… thanks, S/O. You really are my best friend.”
  • The two called each other nearly every day; they’d talk about their day, joke around, and discuss all the things they were going to do when they met again. 
  • Ann became a famous supermodel during college, and it eventually led her back to America.
  • The first thing she did was visit S/O. Except seeing them this time felt… different. Ann would blush and find herself at a loss for what to say.
  • S/O asked Ann to be their girlfriend that day, and it was then she realized that what she felt before was romantic.
  • Ann accepted rather aggressively, causing S/O to laugh and abruptly kiss her.
  • They had been waiting to do that for a very long time.


  • S/O had been accepted as Madarame’s pupil in their first year of middle school, after they won first place in an art contest.
  • Their parents had a nasty divorce and they didn’t want anything to do with S/O, so Madarame accepted custody over them.
  • They were already acquainted with Yusuke, but they weren’t close until he heard them weeping in bed one night. He didn’t know what to do other than trudge over to S/O and awkwardly lay in bed with them.
  • “Th-there, there,” he said, patting their shoulder.
  • S/O turned to face him and implored, “What are you doing?”
  • “I-I thought this would comfort you. S-sorry.” He began to leave the bed when S/O halted him by gripping his arm.
  • “Please don’t go.”
  • Yusuke stared at them for a moment and complied. “Y-yes.” S/O snuggled up next to him, and his heart skipped a beat.
  • The two were good friends after that, and they always went to school together. S/O usually stayed after to hang out with their friends while Yusuke simply went home, eager to paint.
  • One day, S/O brought their friends inside the shack because they needed to retrieve some of their belongings. While they were gone, their friends glanced at Yusuke and loudly whispered, “I can’t believe S/O lives with that freak. It must be so tough.”
  • Little did they know that S/O was standing in the doorway, seething at their every word. “He’s a better person than any of you. Get out,” they demanded.
  • Yusuke and S/O were best friends now. They’d always paint together and go for walks, returning with their favorite ice cream in hand.
  • Right before starting high school, S/O decided to move out because they couldn’t tolerate Madarame’s plagiarism any longer. They extended their offer to Yusuke but he refused, stating that he owes Madarame his life.
  • They got into a fight; S/O wanted to protect Yusuke from the art theft, but he defended Madarame and told S/O that he couldn’t wait until they left.
  • “Good-bye, Yusuke,” S/O said softly on moving day. He didn’t even glance at them, but he dropped his face in his hands the second he heard the front door shut.
  • The two often passed by each other in school, and Yusuke gave S/O the cold shoulder the first and only time they tried to approach him.
  • A year passed, and on the evening of Madarame’s confession, he saw S/O standing outside the desolate shack. He took a deep breath and approached them. They gazed at each other for a while, seemingly conversing with their eyes.
  • Yusuke spoke first, his voice heavy with guilt. “I…”
  • S/O nodded. “I know… I’ve missed you.”
  • He didn’t know why, but his heart fluttered upon hearing those words. “Yes… I’ve missed you, too.” Silence rang in their ears. “…Would you like to come inside?”
  • They spent the rest of the night chatting, with S/O stopping Yusuke every time he attempted to apologize. 
  • S/O teased him by addressing how they noticed that he stared at them in school, and he spitefully silenced them with a kiss.
  • They were already a couple when dawn arrived.


  • Makoto met S/O in elementary school. Some student bumped into her and all of her pencils/pens fell out of the open pocket in her bag.
  • “I must have forgotten to close it…” she muttered as she bent down to recover her fallen supplies. 
  • S/O was just passing by and decided to assist Makoto. They saw her place the utensils in the bag’s pocket and they asked, “You don’t have a pencil case?”
  • Makoto sighed and peered up at them. “I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one yet.”
  • S/O nodded. “Here, take mine. I have some others at home I can use.” They pulled out the Buchimaru-kun pencil case that Makoto had been eyeing for a while. 
  • She gasped. “A-are you sure I can have this?”
  • S/O smiled. “Just take it.”
  • From that day forward, they were joined at the hip. They studied together and had slumber parties at Makoto’s house. Her father and Sae were pleased that she had found a good friend, and he’d occasionally cook dinner for everyone when he wasn’t on duty.
  • Their crushes began in middle school when S/O made chocolates for Makoto on Valentine’s Day. Both of their faces were red during the entire exchange.
  • However, they never established a romantic relationship.
  • After the death of Makoto’s father at the end of middle school, she wholly dedicated herself to her studies, thus distancing the friendship.
  • Makoto felt guilty for feeling so exuberant and comforted around S/O when her father had only just died, so she pushed them away.
  • They reconnected when Makoto had started investigating the Phantom Thieves. She was following Akira in Shibuya when she crashed into S/O.
  • “I’m so sorry!” Makoto helped them stand and froze when she realized who it was. “S/O…”
  • They smiled warmly. “Hey.” Their faces flushed.
  • Makoto completely forgot about her investigation in that moment. “S-so, would you like to join me for a cup of coffee at the diner?”
  • S/O nervously nodded. “S-sounds good.”
  • They became close once more, and they didn’t start dating until the Thieves had defeated Kaneshiro.


  • S/O noticed Futaba sitting alone during lunch in elementary school. They also noticed the video game logo on her shirt, so they approached her and complimented her on it.
  • “You like it too?!” Futaba’s excitement made S/O giggle.
  • “Yeah, I do! Can I sit with you?”
  • She nodded. “Mm-hm!” 
  • The two introduced themselves and energetically discussed video games together.
  • After that encounter, S/O accompanied Futaba during lunch ever since.
  • Futaba would often invite S/O to her house, and her mom would go crazy since their appetites were so colossal that they could eat an entire fridge full of food and still be famished. 
  • S/O was always fascinated by Futaba’s broad range of knowledge, and Futaba admired S/O’s sense of adventure.
  • They’d often play in the rain together and stomp in puddles, and their crushes eventually came to fruition.
  • But after Futaba’s mother died from the car accident, she was forced to move away because custody of her was pawned off to a distant relative.
  • She never even got to say good-bye to S/O.
  • Futaba gathered her courage and reached out to them one day after destroying Medjed. She arranged plans with them to meet up at Leblanc.
  • When they saw each other, Futaba nearly suffocated from S/O’s constrictive hugging. 
  • All of her nervousness had vanished. 
  • Well, most of it.
  • The two spent the entire day exploring the city, rekindling old feelings as they did so. Their fun was cut short when S/O had to drive back home.
  • It was a gradual process, but they finally started dating that summer, and their feelings gave birth to love by the end of the season.


  • Haru was raised to be kind and polite, so when she saw S/O struggling to carry their books, she offered to help. This occurred near the end of elementary school.
  • S/O crushed on Haru upon seeing her, and they nearly dropped their books as a result. 
  • The two became fast friends, but S/O’s crush remained unrequited until Haru’s third year of high school, after her father died and after her refusal of the arranged marriage.
  • During their friendship, they loved to create arts and crafts. They’d playfully attach stickers to each other and doodle on their arms. 
  • Things continued like that throughout middle school, except their new hobbies were sewing and gardening. 
  • Okumura considered S/O as a second child, up until high school. He changed as his business expanded, and when freshman year came around he forbade Haru from seeing S/O, since he was beginning the process of searching for a fiance.
  • That didn’t stop either of them though; they continued to text each other, and meet up in secret after school.
  • However, Haru became reclusive when Okumura introduced her to her vile fiance. 
  • It pained her to ignore her only friend, but she felt like she needed to comply to her father’s wishes to protect S/O, and meeting up would have become difficult with her fiance keeping such a… close eye on her.
  • Shortly after Okumura’s death, Haru texted S/O to come over to her house, and of course, they did. They comforted her, and that’s when Haru confessed her feelings.
  • S/O was elated, but they refused, explaining that they felt Haru was too emotional and that she needed time to recover.
  • During a particularly freezing Saturday night in December, Haru once again confessed her feelings to S/O while drinking tea on the couch. 
  • After S/O reconfirmed that she was certain of this, Haru set her tea down and boldly kissed S/O.
  • Haru flushed and apologized for her brashness, but S/O simply pecked her on the cheek and cuddled with her. The couple fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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if you're still accepting these, 16 for y+v please!!

Viktor and Yuuri have two different fight-modes, one of which is infinitely more common than the other.

The more common way they fight is short-lived and generally not important. Viktor will say something careless or Yuuri will neglect to tell Viktor something important and cause a minor uproar. They don’t really raise their voices at each other, but this usually ends up with Yuuri glaring at Viktor with his arms crossed, and Viktor doing that conceal-don’t-feel smile thing that he does in return.

“Viktor,” Yuuri will say, and this is the only time he doesn’t call Viktor by his diminutive now that they’re married. “You’re being careless.”

“And you, my love, are being withholding,” Viktor will reply, and Yuuri will roll his eyes and toss his hair and glare out the window for a minute as he finds his words.

These things usually resolve pretty quickly and generally end with apologies (Although not necessarily on the same day as the fight) and amends in the form of kisses and food and maybe little gifts. Yuuri’s also a big fan of make-up sex–Viktor is at his most tender when he’s trying to apologize, and at his most sensual when he’s feeling vindicated, so it’s honestly a win-win.

The other type of fighting has only happened two or three times while they’ve been together, and usually sources from some sort of huge misunderstanding that leaves Yuuri feeling insecure or Viktor feeling like Yuuri is purposefully trying to close himself off, and they’ve let it go on for too long without talking about it to the point where it just explodes one day when they’re fighting about something else, something stupid and trivial.

These are fights that see them standing on opposite sides of the bedroom, screaming. These are the fights that see both of them red-faced, crying, throwing pillows and slamming doors.

What’s really dangerous, though–what’s really dangerous is when Yuuri’s voice goes quiet, almost like a guttural whisper, and Viktor’s jaw is fixed while he’s breathing heavily through his nose and there’s a terrible stillness in the room.

“You know,” says Yuuri, or something like it, scarily calm. “You can be a fucking selfish bastard.”

“Fuck you,” Viktor snaps back, because he loses all his eloquence when he’s angry like this.

“What was that? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your massive ego–”

“Get out of my fucking house!” 


And Yuuri leaves with more door-slamming and more swearing and it takes both of them exactly 6.2 seconds to realize what they’ve just done. Yuuri wants to go back immediately, and Viktor wants to chase after him and drag him back to the apartment, but they both know that maybe being around each other isn’t a good idea right now–they need to calm down and find their sense, and then they can sit down and talk it over.

Yuuri gets back late that night after walking around the city for several hours and buying a sandwich from a deli down the street for dinner. Viktor’s dinner is in the sink, barley eaten, and the apartment is dark–Yuuri tiptoes into the bedroom and cracks the door, sees Viktor laying in bed with his arms around Makkachin.

“Yuuri?” Viktor mumbles, groggy.

Yuuri hesitates, then says, “Yeah.”

Viktor hesitates for a moment, then: “Are you okay?”

Yuuri’s eyes, for some reason, water. “Um, yeah. I’m fine.”

Viktor can hear in Yuuri’s voice when he’s crying–he sits up and turns on the light, his hair all disheveled on his forehead and his eyes red from his own tears.

“Come here, baby,” Viktor says, and Yuuri goes to him.

They curl up, Yuuri still in his jacket and shoes, and they’ll have to talk about this at some point–and probably also spend a day or so in some amount of awkwardness after their respective outbursts–but there will probably never come a day when Yuuri doesn’t take comfort from Viktor’s touch, and so he lets himself be held.

What is Love?

Request: “ Can you plz do a one shot where the reader is best friends with Damian, Jon and Billy, but she’s in love with Damian and is really awkward and doesn’t understand emotions ”

Pairings: Damian Wayne x Reader, Jon Kent x Friend!Reader, Billy Batson x Friend!Reader

Warnings: swearing.. i’m sorry it’s a fucking habit at this point.. whops..

a/n: i tried.

You were at the watchtower hanging out with your three best friends, but a certain Kent made things the exact opposite of fun. “You like him!” Jon shouted throughout the room as you gave him a ‘seriously?’ look. He ran around you like a child on Christmas. You face was lightly flustered as Jon chanted ‘(y/n) likes Damian!’.

You honestly did not know if you like him or not. You loved his company and conversations, but have a crush on him? You were not quite sure. You have seen how love has blossomed a few times now, but you still did not understand it. You saw this one person say some nice things and the other person say some nice things then love would flourish. Other times, they would say some mean things towards each other and end up making out. This made no sense, at all. Damian’s older brother, Dick, said that love was simple, but complicated. That did not help at all either.

Love was an intricate manifestation of adoration towards another creature, but at the same time a series of snags and misfortunes.

Jon’s screams finally brought you out of your thoughts. You stood and grabbed Jon by the shoulder stopping him from running around.“I don’t like him, okay?” You sigh letting go of his shoulder.

“Then why are you less mean to him?” Jon questioned crossing his arms.

“He’s much more mature.” You replied in an obvious and sassy tone.

“That’s true, but I’m much taller.” Jon replied proudly, puffing his chest. You rolled your eyes and smiled.

“Okay, well that’s true.” You said as a chuckle escaped your lips. Suddenly, a small young boy seemed to discreetly sneak into your conversation. Damian stood by the door frame glaring at Jon.

“I swear on my honor, Kent, if you don’t stop making that joke, I’m going to rip your tongue out.” Damian says walking towards you two. You just laughed at Jon’s revelation. Although, You loved your three best friends it was fun to see Damian and Jon fight about simple things, such as height. Damian put an arm on your shoulder and face immediately flushed red.

“And you need to stop terrorizing (y/n) with your nonsense.” He continues his arm still dangling over your shoulder.

This wasn’t normal. You didn’t even believe that Damian would ever do such a thing. Damian realized this and quickly, but subtly took his arm off. You both looked away from each for a moment, looking in completely different directions. Jon just smirked at both of your obliviousness towards each other.

“It’s not nonsense it’s advice.” Jon answered looking you straight in the eye, with that stupid grin. You shook your head at him slowly all while giving him a death glare. You pushed Damian behind you and blocked him from whatever Jon was going to say.

“It is nonsense, now stop.” You growled at him and with that another boy entered. Another boy who insisted your infatuation towards the robin. Shazam, or more notably as his form right now, Billy Batson.

This was perfect, absolutely perfect. It was just what you needed.

“I see the two are together.” He mumbles walking towards Jon. Jon just nods and Billy’s response is a simple sigh, but simple things can make big differences. His eyes lit up like Jon’s running frenzy a while ago, a child on Christmas day. He nudged Jon and glanced at the door. Jon eyes lit up as well and he nodded once again.

“Well, I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Anyone else?” Billy asked walking towards the door.

“Didn’t you jus-”

“Me! Let’s go.” Jon raised his hand. They both exited the room and shut the door. Now, you were left awkwardly in the room with a person who you possibly like. You could leave, but it would just leave Damian lonely.

“What the hell was he talking about?” Damian asked walk sitting down on a chair. You sat down as well and took a deep breath. “He kept on teasing me because I liked you.” You paused for a moment to see Damian’s reaction. His face went completely burned up, but he somehow still managed to look you in eyes.

“But uhm, no offense, but I’m not sure if I do.” You said looking down. Something broke in Damian’s heart, but either way he was determined to help you get your feelings sorted.

“Why not?” He was barely uttered. He was still in shock, because of your confession. At the same time he was shattered on the subject of not truly knowing whether or not you loved him. He knew he loved you, he admitted it to himself for months already. Honestly, He was trying his best not to break the

“Well, what exactly is love?” You asked looking back at him. You were looking at each other deeply, both relishing the moment. He did not know how to say this. He did not know how to explain love himself, but he tried his best.

“Well, it’s when someone just takes away your breath in a good way and she makes you feel less shitty and not want to kill the rest of humanity. She gives you hope. Essentially,she just makes everything feel alright.”  He gave a slight smile hoping he at least lightened the situation. You were in awe at the poetic description of what he felt Love was. Your mind was set and you were ready to reveal your feelings.

“Oh, then I’m sorry Dami, If this is going to turn out to be a bit awkward.” You trailed off quietly. In that moment his tiny heart was definitely crushed into a million pieces.He smile turned into a quiet frown.

You pulled his face closer to yours, and planted a kiss on his lips. He was surprised at first, but then eventually went along with it. He caressed your cheek gently which made you feel safe.It felt true, passionate and right. You knew now that you genuinely did love him, you were just scared such a terrifying thing. You both pulled away.

“Don’t worry that wasn’t awkward.” He replied with the biggest grin on his face.

“I guess I should thank Billy and Jon.”

Exo Reaction: they're in the mood but you're on your period

Chanyeol: The two of you would be sitting on the couch watching a new drama when his hands would start to roam. 

“Not today Chan.”

“Why not?” he’d whine.

“I’m bleeding everywhere. Not today Chan.” 

Throughout the week he would cuddle with you in attempts to make you feel better. He’d be very excited once your period stopped. 

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Sehun: This little brat would have his hands all over you, whining that he needed you. When you pushed him off of you, he’d pout saying “You’re no fun jagi.” 

“Sehun, I am not playing games. Either cuddle with me or leave me alone.” 

He’d probably do very small things in an attempt to make you feel better and when your period stopped he would say “well don’t I get a reward for making you feel better?” 

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Baekhyun: You would have made him buy you chocolates on the way home from practice and him being the little perv he is would assume you wanted to try something new. However, when you thanked him and asked him if he’d also bought you the pain killers you’d asked for, his face would go blank.

“Pain killers? What pain killers?”

“The pain killers that help with my cramps. I specifically asked for them.”

His expression would turn sheepish and you’d roll your eyes, smacking him and mumbling “perv”. 

He’d return to the store and buy you pain killers and would receive cuddles in return. 

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Kyungsoo: You two would be cuddling in bed, him trying to help you forget about the cramps. You’d be moving too much, however, attempting to get comfortable and he’d have to gently push you off of him mumbling, “Sorry jagi” and blushing. 

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Yixing: He wouldn’t understand at first. He’d come home from practice to see you in underwear and his baggy t-shirt on the couch. 

“Not today. I don’t feel well,” you mumbled.

“I can make you feel better.”

No, Lay. I don’t feel well.”

He’d eventually get the hint and would probably do everything in his power to make you feel better, even making a one am trip to the store to get you some of your favorite ice cream. 

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Jongin: Kai would wake you up in the morning, kissing you passionately, his hands roaming around. You’d turn and mumble sadly, “sorry, not this week.”

He’d understand and would immediately try to make you feel better. He’d make breakfast and have a movie marathon day with you. 

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Suho: The second you told him you were on your period, his hands would stop and he would pull you in for a hug. 

“I’m sorry, jagi. What can I do to help?”

Suho would be the sweetest boyfriend. But as soon as your period stopped, he would release all of the energy he’d been storing throughout the week. 

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Minseok: He would be disappointed that you were on your period and would be very impatient, waiting for the week to be up. 

“How are you feeling today jagi?’

You’d sigh. “Xiumin, I still have another two days to go.”


However, he would comply to your every need and make you coffee and be all around loving.

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Jongdae: Chen would immediately pout when you stopped his hands, thinking maybe you were in a bad mood. When you told him you were on your period, he would understand. All week he’d crack jokes and cuddle with you. When the week was up, he’d make you feel good in other ways. 

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Tao: He would be super impatient. He would be in the mood and need you and you would have pushed him off.

“Can’t you make it stop?” he’d whine.

“Tao, I have had blood coming out of my body and the feeling of my uterus being twisted. Don’t you think I would stop it if I could?”

After your little outburst, he would stop complaining, uttering a small “is it really that bad?” and when you nodded he’d cuddle with you until you felt better. 

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Luhan: His hands would be all over you until you hissed, “for the third time, Luhan, I do not feel well. I cannot have sex with you this week.”

“Why not jagi?” he’d whine, missing the hint. 

“I’ll be too busy bleeding. So sorry to inconvenience you.” 

His eyes would go wide and he’d walk out of the room only to return with blankets and ice cream, two spoons clutched in his hand. 

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Yifan: Kris would be so awkward. You’d tell him you were on your period when he’d started whispering that he needed you in your ear. 

Pulling back and clearing his throat he would stare straight ahead, asking, “Is there anything I could get you that would make you feel better?” 

He’d do little things that would make you feel better, little things that wouldn’t go unnoticed. 

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Request something! 

brandileeder  asked:

not sure if you're into human au's, but i think you could do an amazing spideypool human au, dorkey cute peter falling for badboy scarred wade and it's just typical and cheesy!

Andrew Garfield is Peter/ Ryan Reynolds is Wade

“Parker, there you are.”

Peter jumped when his quiet spot was invaded by about two hundred pounds of leather wearing, smack talking, chain smoking Wade Wilson.

“Hey Wade.” Peter pushed his glasses up his nose nervously. “What–what are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” Wade returned, reaching into his pocket for a cigarette. “Theres about a thousand highschool kids in the bleachers above us screaming their heads off for the football team and you– you are hiding under the bleachers, doing what? Drawing? You know most kids sneak away under the bleachers to smoke pot and make out right?”

“Yeah well.” Peter shrugged. “Um, didn’t want to go home, don’t want to be at the game so–”

“So here you are. Hiding that sweet ass from the world instead of showing it off like you should be.”

“Wade.” Peter mumbled and looked away in embarrassment.

He knew Wade was like this everyone– flirty and suggestive and a little hands on. The senior didn’t take a whole lot seriously since he had changed schools mid year and only needed a few credits to finish anyway. All anyone knew was that there had been some sort of accident, resulting in most of Wade’s skin being scarred, and that Wade didn’t give two fucks about anybody but himself. \

Most days he wasn’t even at school, working at the local mechanic shop or racing the backroads with his rough riding, jacked up truck that he was so proud of.

And when he was at school, he spent the day trailing Peter, walking him to class, carrying his books, and trying to talk him into a date.

Peter hadn’t quite figured out why Wade was interested in him. He was a junior, so younger than him at barely seventeen. He was captain of the chess team, played the violin, took art classes at the college and wore glasses to go with his polos and skinny jeans.

Peter had no idea why Wade was interested in him.

But Peter was interested as hell in Wade. More than interested. Halfway to heads over heels in love. Which of course, translated to him being awkward and jumpy and stammering over his words anytime Wade was anywhere near to him. Because while everyone said that Wade didn’t care about anyone but himself, Peter knew Wade cared about him– or cared enough to beat the crap out of Flash Thompson when he had chased Peter down last week and tried to beat him up.

Wade had caught up with them in the hallway, pulled Flash off of Peter and put him on the floor with one solid punch before picking Peter up and stalking away.

Peter had nearly died of embarrassment before nearly swooning because you know… muscles, and had promptly avoided getting anywhere near Wade for the next week.

Which is why he supposed Wade was a little annoyed to finally find him under the bleachers, hiding.

“You’re avoiding me, Pete. What’s up?” Wade asked, stretching his long legs out and lighting up his cigarette, blowing the smoke away from Peter.

“Not avoiding you.” Peter denied and had a hard time keeping his voice from cracking when Wade shifted just enough so their thighs were touching.

“Sure you are. I went all alpha male on that asshole Flash and carried you away like a damsel in distress and now you’re avoiding me. And here I thought I deserved a kiss for all that.”

“I–” Peter closed his eyes. “I like you? And I know you’re like this with everyone, so it drives me crazy when youre like this with me. And I was embarassed because you sort of swept me off my feet and everyone saw and now everyone says…”

“Everyone says what?” Wade glanced at him. “No wait, lets go back to you liking me. You like me?”

“Well yeah.” Peter drew his knees up to his chest. “And I know you don’t like me so–”

“Is that what everyone says? That I don’t like you?”

“Why would you like me?”

“Because good boys like you attract bad boys like me like bees to honey. Flies to…fly paper… or something. I don’t know. Anyway. Of course I like you. I don’t just carry anyone off like a princess.”

“Oh.” Peter pushed his glasses back up his nose and Wade laughed.

“Plus you’re about the cutest nerd I ever met. Who knew glasses did it for me.”

“Oh. So maybe we should—”

“Make out?”

“I was gonna say hang out.” Peter replied, blushing furiously.

“Alright, but lets make out first.”