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Not Just Yet - Zach Dempsey

can you do a zach dempsey imagine where y/n and him are together and she is a nice sweet innocent girl and they are making one night and she doesn’t want to go any further bc she wants to wait until marriage to have sex and she’s afraid that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore but he does. Sorry if that’s weird.

It’s not weird! Thank you for requesting ^.^ This is my first 13RW imagine so yaaay. I love Zach <3

Words: 1,440

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff / making ouutttt  / lil’ bit of swearing

“And then… we did it,” Jessica’s blush tainted her cheeks a dark red, as she described yesterday’s date night with Justin Foley.

Your eyes widened. Jessica and Justin had already had sex? They’d only been together for a few months. It’s not that you had an issue with that, it just surprise you. You and Zach had been together for almost 2 years, and you still hadn’t had sex. You had decided to wait until marriage to lose your virginity, hopefully to Zach or if for some reason not him, someone as great as him. You couldn’t describe how lucky you felt to have a guy who respected your wishes like he did, especially with the crowd that he hung around with.

You couldn’t help but feel guilty though, when his friends bragged about their “summer conquests” in front of him. Sometimes you felt as if you weren’t even good enough. You wouldn’t be surprised if Zach thought that way too.

“Congrats Jess,” You forced an enthusiastic smile, and she giddily skipped along the school corridor.

You stopped by your locker, reaching in to exchange some textbooks, when you felt a pair of arms snake themselves around your waist. You turned around, only to come face to face with the guy himself. Zach Dempsey.

He was grinning down at you, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed before reaching up on your tiptoes to place a chaste kiss on his soft lips. He rested his forehead against yours, before pecking you on the nose, causing you to giggle childishly. 

“How’s my girl today?” He took your hand, fingers intertwined, as you walked around. You blushed at his words, only causing him to grin wider.

“Stressed. How about you?” You sighed heavily, staring down at the ground. He stopped, turning to you with his eyebrows furrowed adorably and with a frown on his face.

“How come?” He played with your hands therapeutically, tracing circles on the palm.

“Bio. I’ve got a big test coming up and if I fail like last time it’s going to bring my average down, it’s my worst subject Zach,” You whined, resting your head on his shoulder. He tilted his own head to press a soft and lingering kiss on your forehead.

“Well lucky for you, future Marine Biologist here!” He pointed to himself, feigning a cocky attitude and you rolled your eyes playfully. “Are you free tonight? I can come round and help you study.”

“That sounds like an excuse to spend time together,” You raised an eyebrow at him, although to be honest, you would much rather hang about and cuddle with your boyfriend than study biology.

“Maybe,” He drawled mischievously and you smiled at him, grateful that he could take your mind off of your problems. You reluctantly slipped your hand out of his and began to walk off to your next class.

“See you at 7, lucky for you it’s pizza night,” You called over your shoulder, leaving Zach grinning like an idiot in a busy crowd of high school students.

“(Y/N), over here!” Jessica waved frantically at you as you stepped into your French class. She had reserved a spot for you next to her, and you sent her a grateful smile as you dumped your bag down beside her and sat down. “Okay, so I’m having an existential crisis and thought why not get over it by a little hot chocolate date tonight?” She tapped her fake nails on the desk excitedly.

“I actually can’t, I’m studying for the Biology test with Zach tonight,” You replied and Jessica’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“It’s just… he was going on about it earlier but I didn’t think he was actually gonna. Damn Dempsey,” Jessica seemed to be muttering more to herself and you didn’t want to play the pronoun game.

“What’s it Jess?” You folded your arms and gave her the ‘mum friend’ look.

“Wait, just to check, he was the one asking to come over?” Jessica had now grabbed both of your hands, squeezing them excitedly and you didn’t really know how to react.

“Uh… yeah, I uhh, think he was,” You didn’t sound 100% sure, but that didn’t stop Jessica from squealing.

“Okay, okay so Zach was talking to us earlier about how you guys were like, waiting for the right moment to have sex and that you two had a really good thing going on right now and shit. He is definitely going to make a move and try and go all the way tonight!” 

You paled slightly. Zach knew that you wanted to wait, perhaps he’d just phrased it wrong. Perhaps Jessica and co had gotten the wrong end of the stick, or come to irrational conclusions. You loved Zach with all of your heart, but you were sticking to your morals. The only thing that was going to happen that night, was studying.

A few hours later, you’re pressed up against your bedroom door, sloppily kissing your boyfriend of two years. His hands were roaming your curves, exploring your figure whilst yours were tangled in his ruffled, matted hair.

Small whimpers and moans would spill from mouths as you knew the actions that drove one another crazy. You would tug on the roots of his hair, he would attack the sweet spots on your neck and jaw with passion.

His voice was rough and lust-filled as he whispered in your ear.


You did just that, wrapping your legs around his waist, slipping your tongue inside his mouth desperately. The two of you battled for dominance before he pulled apart and let you go to roughly pull off his shirt. You took a moment to appreciate his muscular build before advancing towards him with fire in your eyes. He hastily pulled you onto your bed, and you let your hands trail his toned chest, leaving quick kisses as you went. He pulled you forwards into another searing kiss before flipping you over so he was on top.

His tongue slipped back into your mouth like a puzzle piece and you groaned in response, your nails reaching up to claw his back. As you were distracted by his fiery kiss, Zach’s hand slowly crept towards your bra clip. When you felt him tug on one of the straps, you abruptly broke apart, panting heavily.

Your face was flushed red and you grabbed a pillow, hiding your look of shame from your boyfriend. Zach sat up awkwardly before pulling the pillow from your grasp and carelessly chucking it behind him. He laid down beside you, pulling you into his embrace and you let him, snuggling into his shirtless side.

“What’s wrong babygirl?” He whispered softly, and you melted at the consideration and care in his voice.

“I’m…I’m not ready to go that far yet Zach, remember?” You sighed, hoping he wouldn’t be annoyed at you. He stayed quiet for a while and you were cringing, knowing you’d screwed something up, before he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), heat of the moment I guess,” He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck as he sat up and rested against your headboard. You crawled over, so your head was lying on his lap and he affectionately played with your hair, an action that seemed to always soothe the both of you.

“I just feel so bad, because you wanted to go all the way tonight but I’m just want to wai-.” You began to ramble but he interrupted you.

“Wait… what? I wasn’t planning on having sex with you tonight. I respect your ‘waiting until marriage’ approach,” He looked confused, and so did you. “Where did you get that idea from?”

“Well, Jessica said-”

“I told the guys this morning that we were waiting to have sex until we were both ready and that we have a good relationship so I don’t want to mess that up by trying to force the idea of sex on you,” Zach explained and everything suddenly made a whole lot more sense.

“Ooooh, I get it,” You nodded and Zach snorted. “I am so screwed on this Biology test.” 

“Dork,” He shoved you off of him playfully and you jumped right up, shoving him back. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer to him so he could give you the dreaded tickle assault. You squealed and laughed uncontrollably as he attacked your sides with his evil fingers.

“I LOVE YOUU!” You managed to stumble through your heavy laughter. Zach stopped, smiling up at you lovingly before clasping your cheeks and placing a gentle kiss on your swollen lips. 

“Love you too babygirl.”

I liked thiisssss <3

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Me; * sees two females acting friendly in a show *

Yes good character interaction I love gal pals like I love my best lady friends I hug them all the time I say I love you we have great dynamics I can relate to this-


What? What?????? Two characters of the same gender even interact and boom gay. Uh oh watch out I hugged my best friend who is a girl and we shared an emotional touchy feelsy moment that was deep and enriching relational development. We must be gay.

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YOUR ART IS SO GOOD AND YOUR COMICS ARE AMAZING IM IN LOVE. Ever since I stumbled on your page I stalked and liked all of your stuff lol! You're so amazing and I've dreamed for forever of doing comics like you, but have been too scared to post any of my art (also don't have proper tools) but seeing your art has really inspired me to just go for it and I've order equipment and such. Just curious, are you going to keep doing just the two miraculous and mystic comics or do you plan on doing more?

Don’t be scared!!! MAKE YOUR COMICS! You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll improve at art and if you love and believe in the story your making it’ll keep you motivated! And of course I plan on making more comics! I want to do so many (fan comics and originals hahaha)! but the main one I’m developing right now is an original Fantasy comic “Eternal”~ here’s a few sketches ^^ there’s vampires, elves, werewolves, humans and magic and I love the story ^^. I hope you all will like it too~ 

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mels, cher*l's got the tabloids on speed dial again. facetiming :/

Oh good! I was worried that it had been roughly 12 hours since the last time she talked to the tabloids and I was wondering if she was okay. 

In case you were all wondering guys, Cheryl is so supportive.  So, so supportive. Not only is she sacrificing her own career for motherhood, she’s just the most supportive of the only man she’s ever really loved (someday I’m gonna be able to type that with a straight face), as she does all the work of two parents and sits on conference calls about how best to monetize motherhood every day:

An intern a rep for Cheryl said:

“Cheryl has always been supportive of Liam’s career and understands he has to be away for work,” her rep told the Daily Star in a statement.

And that’s not all! A source who was 100% Cheryl added:

“Cheryl knows Liam’s solo career means the world to him. They FaceTime a minimum of three times a day, talk on the phone, WhatsApp or email all the time.”

If we could just go ahead and fast forward to the inevitable Independent Single Mother Cheryl™ rebrand we all know is coming, that would great, please and thanks. 

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Okay, so headcanon that Remus isn't weak at all. He is after full moons, but otherwise he's pretty strong. The Marauders find this out after James challenges Remus to a round of arm wrestling and almost has his arm broken. They learn that Remus squeezes things when he's stressed and, after he literally smashes a teacup with one hand just because he's nervous about exams, buy him a squash ball to clutch instead of anything breakable. Remus keeps it until his last living day and is buried with it.


I just had a really funny image of Remus during the war. Two death eaters walk up and are all grr and such and he just hold out a finger like, hold on guys, and takes out his stress ball. He squeezes it, takes a deep breath, and then he’s like okay we’re good.

Imagine meeting Harry for the first time

You were running to potions class. You were late. Again. You didn’t want Snape to dock more points from your house.

Suddenly you bump into something. You fell down and dropped your book bag. Your book bag split open, spilling all of your books, quill and ink.

“Oh god i’m so sorry.” Someone said reaching down to help you clean up the mess.You looked up. You saw two green eyes looking at you full of concern. It was Harry Potter. The harry potter. The chosen one.

You had seen him around school but you were too nervous to talk to him. He was a year older and in a different house. You couldn’t help noticing that he was really hot.

“Oh my goodness i got ink on your bag i’m sorry.” You said trying to wipe the ink off his bag. “Its fine. Seriously.” He said.

You crammed your stuff into the ripped bag and started to run in the direction of the dungeon.

“Wait!” You heard behind you. “I didn’t get your name!” Harry said. You turned around still running backwards.

“It’s Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N”

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Yeah, uh. Not only does the wiki outright say it's canon (so no, other interpretations are really not valid, if you have an issue about that go talk to them), Karkat's ancestor was panquadrant as well, so when he says "I want someone in every quadrant" on top of all the foreshadowing and never retracts it, there's no reason to dismiss that.

voidfire said:    Also, offering a poly ship feat. two characters who both expressed wanting a monogamous partner (no, Dave literally said they broke up because he couldn’t handle her having someone “on the side”) especally one that erases their queer narritive (as well as Jade’s, but since when does anyone care about her expressed discomfort with it), as a ‘solution’ to a homophobe ranting about it, is kinda shitty, ngl   

 wow, okay, you are making way to big a deal about this, like chill out man, we’re talking about fictional characters smoochin, like geez

Love at First Video Part 19: Comfort

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You knew you shouldn’t let what those two girls say bother you. Understanding that was easy, but actually doing that, not so much. Their words dug deep, making all the good memories fall to the back of your mind as they rang over and over again.

You hadn’t even thought about the fans reactions to you being in his video. After all, the two of you hadn’t even really announced your relationship yet. But you hadn’t expected that sort of reaction, the utter disdain and rudeness that had leaked off of them as they glared your way. They hadn’t even been careful in their hatred of you, they had wanted you to see it.

Clutching your pillow tightly to your chest, you let the sobs tear out of you. It was hard, when someone was rude to you like that. You always tried to be a kind, and considerate, and other people’s words always hurt your more than they should.

You were so lost in your own pain, that you didn’t hear the gentle knock on the door, or even the creak when it opened. But you did feel the gentle hand, as Misha rested it on your shoulder. “Y/N, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

You felt the bed sag as he sat down next to you, and you rolled over, letting him pull you into his arms. You tucked your head into his chest, the sobs continuing as you had a hard time catching your breath. You felt Misha rubbing your back, soothing circles that helped calm you down. Minutes passed by, and slowly your crying slowed down, enough that you could breathe and relax a little.

Noticing you had calmed down, Misha tilted your face so he could see you. You wanted to duck back under, and press your face to his chest. You knew you must look a sight, with your red eyes, and mascara dripping down your face. But he kept a gentle pressure on your chin, his eyes full of worry and concern. “Care to tell me what that was about?”

“It’s stupid.” You muttered, wanting nothing more than to wallow in your own misery. You loved knowing that Misha cared about you enough to be concerned, but you didn’t want him to see you like that.

He let go of your chin then, and you sank back into the comfort of his chest, his arms once again wrapped around you, his chin resting on the top of your head. “It must be something if it got you this upset. I don’t care how stupid it is, maybe it will make you feel better to talk about it.” He prompted you.

Without his deep gaze on you, it was a little easier for the words to get out. “I just overheard a couple of girls talking today. I let it get to me a little more than I should have.” You said, trying to skirt around the issue, not wanting Misha to know the real reason.

“Come On Y/N, that’s not all of it.” He said, not giving in. “What did those girls say?”

You sighed. “They were fans of yours. And they recognized me from the video. I guess they don’t like me. They said I was just a fling, that you would never stay with a girl like me. And that I probably did some favors to get in your video.” You told him, the tears starting to well up again while you remembered those horrible girls. “And I know it’s stupid to get upset over words, but I couldn’t help it.”

You felt his arms tighten around you as you spoke, and you knew what those girls had said, upset him too. “That’s the worse thing about my job. I love it, and the fans so much. But they can be a little obsessive. But it’s not because they hate you. Hell, they don’t even know you yet. They are just jealous, and they should be. Because you have my heart, and they never will.” He told you, his words having the effect he wanted. They calmed you down, making you see that he was right.

“But they don’t actually know I’m with you. That we love each other.” You said.

“That’s right, you haven’t seen the video. Come on, wipe those tears, and let’s go watch it. I think that will answer a lot of your questions.” He said, pulling back from you, his callused finger surprisingly soft as he wiped away the last of your tears.

Taking a deep breath, you nodded, grabbing his hand as he pulled you up. He didn’t let go, holding onto it tight as he led you down the stairs and into his study. “Where are the kids?” You asked him, amazed at how quiet the house was.

“They’re over at the neighbors. I was so worried about you, I figured it was a good idea to get them out of the house for a little bit.” He said, squeezing your hand. He pulled out his desk chair, sitting down before pulling you down so you were sitting on his lap. His laptop was still open, and reaching around you, he had the video pulled up with a couple of clicks.

“Here, watch and see.” He said, turning the volume up. Your mood immediately brightened as you watched West attack his dad with the flour, watching as Misha turned on you. It showed all four of you covered in flour as West did most of the mixing and baking.

It wasn’t the baking that had you so enraptured with the video. It was the interaction between you and Misha that had you riveted to the screen. Little touches here and there, like Misha leaning over and tucking a stray hair behind your ear. Or a hand on your lower back. The glances between you and Misha were often, and either sweet, or steamy. It was easy to see from the video that you and Misha were more than friends, so easy that you were sure anyone who watched could figure that out.

“Wow.” You breathed, as Misha ran his hand up and down your arm, before pulling you back to lean against his chest.

“I didn’t realize we were sending googly eyes at each other until I started editing. But anyone who sees this should realize you are more than just a fling to me. That we both care deeply for each other.” He explained, and you nodded, agreeing with him.

“There will always be fans like that, won’t there?” You asked him, tilting your head back so it rested against his shoulder. The video had worked, had calmed you down, but your fears of being hated, and ridiculed were still there.

“I hate to say it, but probably. They are a passionate group, and I love them. But maybe, once they say how happy I truly am with you, they will be happy for the both of us, and welcome you into the family.” He told you.

“Are we going to do that by doing more videos?” You asked him, as he leaned down to kiss your cheek.

His mouth stayed next to your ear, nibbling on it, before he whispered into it. “No, I was thinking you should come to the convention with me, this weekend. Let them see you, and you can see them. Most of them are sweet, and smart. And they would love you.”

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I accidentally ended up finding this Japanese electroswing band called FAKE TYPE., and tbh they’re REALLY good and have really neat vids! I wanted to recommend “Nightmare Parade” (this doesn’t have a vid tho), “FAKE STYLE”, “La Primavera” and “Witch Hat -Waltz of the Witch and the Hat-”! I’m sorry to say none of these are translated, but I’m working on translations myself and have finished two!

They’ve also worked with this Swedish(?) swing band called Movits, who have a song here! I hope you find any of these enjoyable~

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I did not know how much I needed a bad boy AU until I read it. Can I request similar headcanons with Kuroo, Tendou, and Ushijima? Thank you!

Thanks for the request! I struggled a little bit with Tendou, so his are a bit shorter than the other two, but I hope you enjoy them!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Your friends are genuinely scared for you when they first meet him
  • All of them ask you constantly if you’re sure that you’re okay with him
  • They’re convinced that he can’t be a good person based on how scary he looks
  • But they don’t just how much of a dork Kuroo really is
  • Like sure he skips school, he doesn’t do homework, and he smokes
  • But he also made you a terrible looking cake on your birthday
  • And he constantly tells people about his amazingly smart, class representative S/O
  • And he takes you out every weekend
  • He makes sure every date is special because he knows he doesn’t get to spend much time with you during the week
  • He’s actually really smart despite not going to school all the time
  • He helps you with science stuff a lot
  • Until he gets bored
  • And then all bets are off because he has to be entertained 24/7 or he’ll d i e
  • Sometimes he can get you to go out on a school night
  • By annoying the heck out of you until you agree to go
  • Even then, he can only drag you out for about an hour or so
  • Then it’s back to studying for you and he goes out with his friends
  • You know they shouldn’t, but his friends definitely make you nervous
  • You try not to check up on him, but sometimes you can’t help but send him a quick “Be safe, I’ll talk to you in the morning.” text before you go to sleep if he hasn’t texted you that he’s home
  • You sometimes feel like that annoys him
  • But he always answers with an emoji and an “Okay, babe. I love you.”

Tendou Satori

  • Probably tries to drag you into doing things with his friends
  • He’s fine with you staying at home while he goes out
  • But he definitely likes it a lot better if you’re with him most of the time
  • He doesn’t show it, but he gets lonely without you there
  • If you ask him if he wants you to go, he won’t say it outright
  • But you can read the shrug of his shoulders, the attempt at a nonchalant look on his expressive face
  • And you just grab your things and go with him
  • He’s not great at school, so he leaves you alone when you need to focus on your work
  • Your friends really like him
  • They think he’s hilarious, even though his ripped jeans and leather jacket are a bit intimidating
  • He never fails to send you a goodnight text every night
  • He loves the thought of you falling asleep with a smile on your face and he always wants to be the reason you smile

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • He was actually nervous to ask you out
  • You seemed like you would never want to date someone like him
  • And he doesn’t express himself well, so he convinced himself that you would want someone who could express what they felt
  • But you had had a crush on him for a long time, so you were ecstatic when he asked you on a date
  • The date had just been dinner and a movie
  • And you could feel people’s eyes on you both since you definitely looked like you didn’t belong together
  • He had just worn a simple black t-shirt, jeans, and motorcycle boots
  • And you were in your normal casual clothes
  • But you felt like you and Ushijima fit together perfectly
  • For someone who looked like him and drove a motorcycle, Ushijima didn’t actually have a lot of friends like him
  • He hangs out with you and your friends more than you hang out with him and his friends
  • Your friends thought that that was strange, but you knew he didn’t want you to be a part of that, which wasn’t really your place anyway
  • He helped you study a few times, but he got a little frustrated with how little he could help
  • When that happened, you simply kissed his cheek and told him that you could figure it out
  • He has his lip pierced, and you love how it feels against your lips when he kisses you
  • He convinces you to get your nose pierced
  • He’s not much of a cell phone guy, but he calls you every night to hear your voice
  • And he always asks you about your day if he didn’t see you, because he loves you and wants to make sure you know it, even if he can’t always say the exact words

artmunstudios  asked:

I'm just gonna add to it because why not—I personally like Henry's whole "just go with it" attitude. It makes a lot of sense to make to make him a WWII veteran so massive kudos to you there! You made his appearance rather befitting for the voice. While I really love a good portion of the interpretations of Henry, and think a lot of them are befitting, yours is the only one I can ACTUALLY hear the voice coming out of him. (1/2)

Like in your recent comic, I was able to clearly hear his voice while reading his dialogue. For others, I sorta have to mentally force it in. Just wanted to pit my two cents in—I enjoy your character designs thoroughly! Keep it up! Youalsoinspiredmyownlittleideasforbendysorthanksforthattoo .u. (2/2)

Oh my gosh aaaaaaAAA thank you so so so much!!  What a high compliment! ;v;

i hear complaints here and there about maxwell making woodie ‘obsolete’ because of the resource gathering? i don’t personally see that as any kind of problem because the majority of servers are going to have a six player cap so your ‘infinite logs’ character can be either maxwell or woodie depending on what your group prefers to play and there’s generally no need to have both etc etc which is also why its nice to have two combat characters (and a half? WX-78 is a good combat choice when upgraded) because people have options to pick from and you can still get a good team with a combat player, a resource gatherer, someone really specialized like webber and/or wicker, and… uh… you can throw wilson in there if you need beard hair or one of your players is bad at dont starve… uh… willow for charcoal farming… uh

teambattlebuddies  asked:

oOooOOoo C6?? Jeremy???

Prompt thing! Jeremy as a medusa (medusae? gorgon? idfk)

Michael walked into the office to see Jeremy wearing his beanie and signature sunglasses while reviewing some footage.

Jeremy looked up briefly at Michael, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Michael plopped himself into his own seat next to him. He booted up his machines then leaned back gesturing to Jeremy’s hat, “Expecting Geoff to show up today?”

A chuckle, “Gav said he might drop by. You know how he is.”

Michael rolled his eyes, “He hired you, and you’ve been here two years now. If he still can’t get over the snake thing, you have every right to bite him on the ass.”

“I bet it tastes great.”

“This can’t be good for your hair… or whatever.”

Jeremy let out a hearty laugh, “Oh they hate it.” He held up a bandaged hand, “Really hate it.”

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You're one of the few KS blogs that really matters. Very good analysis and serious information, no sugar-coating the shite. There's no room for romantizing or fetishizing those two characters, Sangwoo mainly. BL my ass. A big part of KS fandom is going insane, like, literally. I was on the verge of throwing up when I came across chibi, lovey-dovey figures of them together. What the hell.

Is that why other blogs never interact with me? xD yikes
Anyways, thank you, i’m glad you like my blog but I think people are free to like whatever they want and nobody can control what gets someone off so y’know, whatever floats your boat.
Especially art. Art is imagination and creativity. You can’t really judge art. Art can interpret everything in infinite forms and it’s not wrong so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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so how was percy jackson? you never told us your thoughts.

Oh, you’re right!!!
(I got distracted by Indecent that weekend tbh)
Ok, so I was OBSESSED. OBSESSED with the books when I was younger, right, like I would go to the bookstore on release day obsessed. And like many a fan I was hugely disappointed with the movie attempt.
This is not like the movie.
It was actually a REALLY GOOD adaptation.
And since I’m now a theatre nerd seeing those two worlds come together was something else.
It’s in the same vein as Heathers- that very angsty rock, kinda low-budget, humerus feel.
Also Chris was AMAZING as Percy!!
I love him and seeing him in a title-character-staring role was awesome and it’s great that non-theatre people (which the audience was packed with) can experience his amazingness.


#WrapUpChallenge day 10

2016/2017 the comeback season, the year of this time is gonna be for us and really understand how special our relationship is

For season 2017/2018 I hope they have another gorgeous season with wonderful and strong programs probably they will destroy our mental health with rumba but it’s ok, we will survive
I wish them to have fun creating new programs, enjoy the competitions, be shine,wonderful, flawless athletes but overall two amazing people who believe in their dreams and try to accomplish them on and off ice
Thank you Tessa and Scott

Good idea this challenge @balletfever89

I just finished my ACOTAR reread and in a day or two I’ll start on ACOMAF. I’ve reread it before but this was my first reread of ACOTAR

Not because it’s not a good book or the writing isn’t absolutely fabulous, it’s just really weird and I’m tired

It’s 4:30am so that’s rightfully so but I’m also exhausted because of how emotionally draining that book is once you know what ends up happening

Especially that part where Rhys just looks at her on that balcony and freezes… It kills me every time and I just hate and love this book, this damn series, with my whole heart

Just like Feyre loves Tamlin in the first book, and just as abusive​ly obsessed with Feyre as Tamlin is


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Today’s Spam Email

There is reason for excitement. A good friend of mine who works at a high place which I will not name told me about a crazy opportunity…

There is an acquisition about to be completed by a very large company.

They’re buying out a small medical firm at more than 20 times what it’s currently trading at.

This means that every ten thousand bucks you put in will turn into two hundred grand the moment the announcement becomes public.

The symbol for this company is the first letter of each of the following words: Quick, Should, Must, Get.

These 4 letters are what you must type in to your brokerage account or tell your broker in order to get the shares.

I really, really recommend you move on it quickly because the announcement will become public at any day now and this may be your last chance to get in before it’s too late.

Best Wishes,

Sadie Rocha

Dear Sadie, I have a good friend who is going to jail for securities fraud.

So I live down an actual two track, with giant crater like potholes and you should really go less than 5 mph, and even then you’re bouncing around quite a bit.

This dumb mother fucker in a POS 150 just came bombing down the road “going mudding” and blew out a tire and damn near crashed into a tree 😂😂😂

I go outside to ask if he was okay, and his response was “yeah I’m good, I’ve got a spare tire! I just heard this was a good spot to get a little muddy!”

………. really dude?

anonymous asked:

How did ur rough draft go over with your professor? Hope you are having a better less nerve wracking day today! 😚

!!! Oh thank you love! It actually wasn’t that bad tbh– I was really nervous bc I procrastinated and wrote my rough draft the night that it was due, but apparently he said that it was pretty good, I just have to fix my grammar mistakes that I overlooked and just the two last sentence structures for my intro paragraph. I was surprised that he gave me an A on it– so I have to make sure on the final draft and presentation I can also get an A TT v TT