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B.A.P Reactions/Drabble To You Having A Daddy Kink (Somewhat Smutty?)


“Stop that,” Jongup hissed in your ear.

“Stop what?” You asked innocently as you turned your head around to face him.

“Stop moving your hips around so much,” he said in a hushed groan as you teasingly twisted in his lap for what was probably the 20th time tonight.

You frowned and whispered, “I’m just trying to get comfortable, you pervert.”

His lip twitched as his eyes shifted around the table to see if any of the other members had heard you, “don’t play innocent.”

Luckily, all the other members were far too into their own conversations to notice that something was up with the two of you.

“Would you like me to get off then?” You raised an eyebrow as you began to lift yourself up.

His hands immediately came down on your waist, halting any movement, “stay. Just stop squirming around so much, the members are here.”

You smirked as you turned your attention back to the rest and began engaging Junhong into a conversation.

Every couple of seconds you’d discreetly swirl your hips against Jongup’s. Each time you’d feel the pressure of his hand on your hips considerably tighten.

At one point you ground your hips a certain way, resulting in a hushed moan from Jongup.

You smirked, “is everything okay?” You feigned concern. 

“Wait until we get home,” he threatened.

“I can’t wait…daddy,” you whispered and that was the last straw. Before you knew it you were being hoisted off his lap and onto the seat beside him.

Jongup got abruptly, and turned to face the table. 

“I’m not feeling well,” he lied to the group who looked at the two of you in curiosity. 

With that, he grabbed your hand and practically dragged you to the car in a rush.

The car ride home was full of tension…and more teasing. Except this time, it was your turn to be teased.

Jongup’s hand rested on your exposed thigh. As the silence drew out, his hand inched higher and higher, eventually cupping you through your panties.

You shifted your eyes to catch his expression but it was blank as he continued to stare straight ahead at the road.

Slipping a finger through he teased you with a couple of strokes before he lost his patience. He drove off the side of an empty road.

You looked at him startled, “Jongup what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer instead, “get in the back,” he commanded. 

His eyes were dark and you could tell that maybe your teasing had gotten to him a lot more than you had originally anticipated. 

Deciding not to test your luck, you did as you were told.

After he had joined you in the back he hoisted you up so that you were now straddling his lap. 

His lips were on yours before you knew it. His kiss was rough, just how you liked it.

When you tried to wrap you arms around his neck he abruptly stopped, “Daddy’s going to have to punish his little princess for being a bad girl. Don’t touch me until I tell you, you can,” he growled. 


“Okay, who?” 

“Okay, daddy,” you whimpered, slightly afraid, slightly excited, as to what was to come.

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A chat with my husband (a professional sports coach) about my weight loss frustrations
  • Me: I was SO GOOD this month! Ate clean, kept my calorie count low, worked out 5 or 6 days a week, balanced out cardio with lifting, and I only lost half a pound after two months of plateaus!
  • Husband: I know! I've paid attention! It looks like you've lost more than that, though. You look great and I can tell your energy is way up!
  • Me: Thanks hon... It's just frustrating to work so hard toward a goal weight and make so little progress.
  • Husband: You've been doing this for about a year and a half, right? And how much weight have you lost?
  • Me: 22 lbs
  • Husband: Ok, so, that's about 1.5 lbs a month, yes?
  • Me: Yeah, sometimes more than that, sometimes nothing, but on average, yeah.
  • Husband: Do you like working out at the gym?
  • Me: Yeah, I do! It's my me time!
  • Husband: And all that running you do to train for that marathon, are you enjoying that?
  • Me: Oh you bet!
  • Husband: Are you planning to quit eating clean or were you just doing it temporarily?
  • Me: I don't feel like I need to ever go back to eating junk. I've found a good groove!
  • Husband: So how many pounds do you think you need to lose to get to your goal weight?
  • Me: 22, I'm halfway there.
  • Husband: So let's say your metabolism is slowing a bit and a half pound a month is about the average of what you can expect. That means it could take 4 more years to get there.
  • Me: Oh no! Oh my god! That's too long!
  • Husband: Oh so all this effort was just temporary? You were planning to give up after a while? Stop exercising at some point? Eat junk again someday?
  • Me: Of course not!
  • Husband: Well, do you see yourself enjoying running, getting your "me time" at the gym, and eating clean foods for another four more years?
  • Me: Sure do!
  • Husband: So what's the problem then? You're having a blast, you look GREAT, you're feeling better than ever, you're making progress... What's four more years?
  • Me: I see now why you're such a great coach 😊
Can't Sleep- Jonghyun

My best friend has been begging me to do a Jonghyun scenario for her since I started writing them, so here it is!

Rated: PG

Just fluff I think (What else is new?) :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you stand outside of your boyfriend’s apartment, you check your phone for the time; it’s 1:00 am. You lift a hand up to knock and remember the conversation you and Jonghyun had while you were on a date two nights ago. You’ve known about his insomnia since you first started dating, and you decided to tell him that you never sleep much yourself because of constant nightmares.

“Well, next time you can’t sleep, just come to my house!” He offered with enthusiasm.

“I will!” You joked, knowing you wouldn’t be appearing at his front door in the middle of the night anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

Yet here you are, doing exactly that. ‘He has to be awake, right? He’s always awake,’ you think as you lightly knock on his door. There’s no answer. You lean forward to press your ear against the door, hoping to hear noise indicating he’s awake. You hear nothing except the thumping of your heart, still a bit frazzled from your nightmare. You finally pull your phone from your pocket and decide to text him.

[To: Jong <3

Hey, you up??]

That’s simple enough. He wouldn’t even know you’re standing at his door. Your phone buzzes.

[From: Jong <3

Of course! :P]

Thank goodness. Now how to say this nonchalantly?

[To: Jong <3

Funny thing, I’m kinda at your door… think you could let me in? :) ]

Suddenly you hear footsteps frantically coming your way from inside the apartment. The door swings open, and there stands Jonghyun: Your handsome, loving, sweet boyfriend. He squints at you from behind his thick- rimmed glasses and runs a hand through his platinum blond hair, which is slightly disheveled from lying in bed.

“Y/N?” He questions.

You open your mouth to recite the speech you prepared about having a rough night and just wanting to see him, when you feel that lump in your throat. You close your mouth quickly, look away, and think to yourself, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry…’ until the lump is gone. You glance back up at Jonghyun’s questioning eyes.

“Jong-” You can’t hold it together anymore, and you break down into tears. Your slight crying turns into intense sobbing as he wraps his arms around you and pulls you inside the apartment.

“Y/N, come here,” he coaxes you into his room gently. “Do you want lie down? I bet you’re tired.” You nod, unable to create words at the moment. He lays you down on the bed and pulls the covers over you. “Do you want me to lay with you?” He asks.

“Please…” You respond quietly, hoping he hears you.

He joins you under the comforter and once again wraps his muscular arms around you, bringing you extreme comfort. You attempt to bring your crying to a halt by taking slow, deep breaths.

After a few moments crying in Jonghyun’s arms, he lovingly asks, “Hey, would it make you feel better if I sang something? I know how much you like that.” You can’t speak without turning yourself back into a sobbing mess, so you just nod again. “So what song should I sing? Oh wait, I already know!” He lightly chuckles, and you realize just how many times you’ve asked him to sing for you, always requesting the same song. He takes a deep breath before smoothly vocalizing, “Hello Hello, Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo. Hello Hello, Jashi yaegi hallaeyo…”

As his voice lulls you to sleep, he runs his thumb back and forth across your cheek to soothe you more, until you allow sleep to overtake you completely.


You wake up with a light pounding in your head, most likely from all the crying the night before. The sun is brightly shining in the window, and you glance at the clock next to the bed; it’s 8:00 am. You decide to get up and find something to eat before your stomach starts eating itself from the inside. Jonghyun still has his hold on you, but you are able to wiggle out of it without waking him.

You enter into the kitchen in search for something edible. You find a loaf of bread, which you realize will have to do since there seems to be nothing else. You grab two slices, toss them into the toaster, and wait patiently at the kitchen table. You allow your mind to wander freely, as you’re still too sleepy to think actual thoughts. You’re lost in your own world, when a weight on your shoulder snaps you out of it. Jonghyun rests his chin on you and kisses your cheek four or five times before you push him off.

“Jong, stop!” You squeal as you shove him. Unfortunately for you, Jonghyun sees this as a challenge. He lunges at you, tangling you in his arms so you can’t move, and begins relentlessly kissing your face as many times as he wants. You try to wiggle free just to give up soon after.

He finally releases you and exclaims, “Good morning!”

You roll your eyes, but you can’t keep your lips from smiling at your boyfriend. “Good morning, Jong.”

“Whatcha making?” He asks as he chooses the seat next to you.

“Toast. I couldn’t find anything else.”

“Sorry, I haven’t been to the grocery store lately.”

“It’s fine.”

Your toast is done now, so you give one piece to him and keep one for yourself. The two of you munch on your toast for a few minutes, before Jonghyun finally speaks up.

“Are you feeling better?” He asks casually.

“What do you mean? Oh, y-yeah I am thanks…” Embarrassment rushes through you as you recall last night’s events: showing up in the middle of the night, sobbing in your boyfriend’s arms, crying yourself to sleep as he serenades you.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, really.”

“Thanks.” Well, if there was anyone you were okay with seeing you in that state, it was Jong, and you know he doesn’t mind that you showed up out of nowhere, so that makes you feel a bit better about the whole situation.

“So…” He begins hesitantly, “what was it about, if you don’t mind me asking?”


“The nightmare you had. What was it about?”

“Oh, uh… you.”


“Yeah, um… you… left me, Jong. Y-you said you didn’t care about me-” Your voice cracks and the lump forms back in your throat. Jonghyun immediately stops you, picking you up by the waist and placing you in his lap.

“Hey, hey, please don’t cry anymore, okay?” You nod weakly as a few tears escape your eyes. He rests his hand on the side of your neck and wipes away the tears before stroking your cheek with his thumb. “We don’t have to talk about it now, or EVER actually. It was just a dumb dream.” Those words are music to your ears right now. You meet his gaze, witnessing the genuine love and warmth in his dark brown eyes, then gradually lean forward until your lips meet his in an affectionate kiss. When the two of you part, lips still lightly touching, he whispers, “I’m here, and I promise I won’t ever leave you.”


Writer’s Note: There you go! My first Jong scenario! It’s longer than I expected, but I feel like most of my writings are!


Never have I been the apple of an eye
Hell, my pupils dilate and focus on nothing other than something other than me
I’ve never had my own piece of the pie
Hell, I’ve cut myself up and there’s nothing left covering me

I just thought you’d be different
I just thought you-
No, I would be the one
The only one
But I guess your eye holds more than one apple

It’s such a shame
How you need to let messages go, deleted
But two can play that game
Oh, you’re so “open and honest”
That just isn’t compatible with your name

When did things become like this?
Why does this road go on like this?
Love and Hate, void of an end
Unfortunately, relationships don’t have the same quality
I guess I expected too much

So what do I do now?
‘Fore room to breathe, I can’t afford
I guess hoping for the best
somehow only makes it worse
lift this weight up from my chest
the storm may whisk me overboard

I’m the apple of your eye, but you have two eyes..

Who do you harbor in the other?

I know I’m not the only one.

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OK but if Ford is an interdimensional criminal…  Imagine this:
Stan starts telling Ford about his years of homelessness and time in prison.  And Ford gets really quiet.  It’s not just because he’s finally hearing everything his brother went through, it’s because he went through it too.  Stan notices his silence and asks what’s wrong.  Ford’s hesitant to talk at first but eventually lifts up his sweater sleeve to show him a tattoo and a brand and explains they’re from his time in an interdimensional prison.  
Stan’s just stunned…  
“Wait…  What?”
“Yeah I’m wanted in like two hundred dimensions right now,” he laughs, trying to make light of it.
“So you’re a wanted interdimensional outlaw who’s been to space jail?”
“Yeah…  pretty much” 
“Jeez Ford, you have to one-up me on everything don’t you?!  I go to jail in Colombia, you go to jail in nightmare land!  I have a criminal record and am banned from more states than not, you get banned from entire dimensions!” He throws his hands in the air and walks away muttering…  

Cosplay Contest!

We decided instead of a giveaway this month we would do a cosplay contest! There are a few rules but nothing much. You don’t have to have made your cosplay but it has to be you and it has to be One Piece! and so we know you’ve not just lifted a cosplay picture off of the internet we are asking that in your cosplay picture you hold up a piece of paper/sign that says ‘askdoffyandcora’ and message us the pic! Or tag us in the pic.

July 31st is when me and Doffy will pick one winner each and one runner up each. The first prize is TWO One Piece figures and a Law hat each the runner ups will have ONE figure each and a small treat.


- Be over 18 years old
- One Piece cosplay [Any OP char]
- ONE Cosplay per person
- Have a sign saying ‘askdoffyandcora’
- You must be the person in the picture

That’s all really! have fun! All cosplays will be posted on the blog too!


Bucky Barnes x Reader (Welcome Home) Part 3

Originally posted by enochianess

 Summary: The reader is trying to find a place to live in Brooklyn. She then meets Bucky, a cute guy who offers her to move live with him as his roommate. But as their friendship develops, will it turn into something more?

Word Count: 2,032

A/N: Hey guys! I’ve been getting so much love for this series and I just want to say thank you! I hope you like this part, because I did. Continue to ask me if you want to be tagged. Thanks! Love ya <3

Part Two Here:


You woke up to the smell of eggs, wafting from the kitchen. You eyelids lifted open. You moved your head from the position on the couch to get a glimpse of Bucky. He was wearing your apron you had brought with you around his waist, tied with a perfect bow in the back. He was humming a little tune, as he flipped the egg over, making you smile. You stretched your arms up in the air and let out a blissful sigh. That was the best sleep you had in weeks. You glanced over at the empty spot next to you on the couch. Your cheeks began to flush when you realized you had fallen asleep next to him. You were so embarrassed. Did he go to his room when you fell asleep? Did he stay with you? All these questions ran through you’re mind. You fidgeted with your shirt, standing up and walking slowly toward the kitchen. Bucky licked some food off of his finger, when he saw you in the corner of his eye. He turned the stove off and slid the frying pan off the hot surface.

“Goodmorning, Doll.” He grinned, leaning his back against the marble counter. You moved some of your hair behind your ears, then crossed your arms over your chest.

“So, did we sleep together? You coughed. “I mean- did we sleep next to each other! On the couch! Completely clothed!” Bucky chuckled at you as you frantically corrected yourself. You slapped your forehead in annoyance, knowing you must’ve sounded like a complete idiot.

“Yeah. After you fell asleep during the second movie, I didn’t get up and leave because I didn’t want to possibly wake you.” He smirked. 

“Oh, thanks.” You mumbled. 

“No problem.” He grabbed a plate next to him and started filling it with eggs. “I made some breakfast if you’d like some?”

“Yes please. I’m starving!” You exclaimed, taking the plate from him. You poured yourself a glass of orange juice almost to the brim. You offered him some, but he politely declined. 

“I’m just gonna have some water.” He smiled, sitting down at the table ready to eat. He dug into his plate, scooping up his eggs and into his mouth. He ate them quickly to your surprise. He was like an eating machine.  

“Got some place to be?” You giggled.

“I have to go to work.” He wiped his face with a napkin, as he placed his dish in the sink.

“Can I come?” You asked, turning towards him.

“Why do you want to come?” 

“Because, you’ve seen where I work. And I want to know where the famous Bucky Barnes gets his paycheck.” You quipped, raising an eyebrow at him. He only smirked. He stroked his chin a couple of times, as you waited patiently waited for his answer. 

“Are you sure? It’s pretty extreme.”

You shrugged, “I like extreme.” He flipped the knife he had in his hand, and caught it swiftly with his left.

“Okay then. Be ready in ten minutes.” He left you in the kitchen, as you heard his bedroom door close. You shifted your body back to the table and gulped down the rest of your breakfast. You set your plate on top of Bucky’s in the sink. You headed towards the bathroom, putting on your makeup for the day. Bye the time you were done with it, Bucky hollered at you to hurry up.

“It’s only been five minutes!” 

“Then use the other five to hurry up!” You rolled your eyes as you presumed to put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. You scurried to the front door, as you and Bucky walked out together.

“This is going to be fun.” You looped your arm around Bucky’s, confident you were going to enjoy this.

He clenched his jaw, his grip on you tightening. “Hopefully.”


You were confused on where exactly you and Bucky were going. All you could see were a couple of buildings in the distance, accompanied by the famous Avengers Tower.

“Bucky where exactly are we going. All I see is the Avengers Tower.”

“You’ll see.” He tugged on your hand, leading you into the large building.

“Wait. Are you saying you actually work at the Avengers Tower? That’s so cool!” You were trying to contain your excitement. You wanted to touch everything.. The place was so big. You thought for sure you would get lost if you split even a second from Bucky. He lead you to a secured section of the building. “You have to have a key for that.” You commented, looking at the lock on the door. To your astonishment, Bucky whipped out a card and scanned it. The door flashed a green light and popped open before your very eyes. He motioned for you to enter. You wandered into the room, your jaw hitting the floor. You watched as well known faces were battling each other out on a couple of mats in the center of the room. Falcon. Black Widow. Iron Man. They were all here. 

You elbowed Bucky in the rib, “Why didn’t you tell me you worked with the Avengers?!”

“You never asked.” He joked. 

“Bucky, hey!” A tall blond man came striding over to the both of you. He was pretty sweaty as you could tell, your eyes trailing down his sculpted body. “I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Steve.” He held out his hand to you. 

“I know! I mean- hi, I’m (y/f/n). Bucky’s new roommate.”

“Oh so this is the girl you told me about?” Steve looked at Bucky. “She’s just as pretty as you des-”

“Well, (y/f/n),” Bucky interrupted. “We’d love to stay and chat but we’ve got to get down to training. You can stay if you want?” He told you, moving beside Steve. 

“Yeah, I’d love to see the Avengers fight in person.” You beamed, sitting down on one of the benches close to you. “I don’t have work today anyways.”

“Great! Well, it was nice meeting you (y/f/n).” Steve smirked, turning to Bucky. Bucky rolled his eyes and went up and greeted the rest of the Avengers. Steve saluted to you and ran back to begin sparring again. You pulled out your phone, when you noticed you had received a text.

Carrie: Hey! How’s everything going? :) 

You smiled, as you observed on Bucky, dodging everyone of Steve’s attacks. How did get such a cool roomate? 

You: Great, Carrie. Everything is great.


You were sucked into your phone pretty much the whole time Bucky was busy at work. You didn’t mind it. In fact, you enjoyed it. You hadn’t had a day off in forever and it felt good to just sit back and relax for a while. You were so zoned in to what you were doing, that you didn’t even notice Bucky walk up to you.

“Ready to go?” You jumped when Bucky spoke to you, clutching your chest in surprise.

“You startled me.” You gasped. You looked up at his sweaty physique. His bare chest was displayed before you, causing you to drool. His abs seemed to glisten in the light. You eyes peered over to his broad shoulders. All you wanted to do was touch him. Have your palms roam over his upper torso, taking all of him in.

“You like what you see, Doll.” He laughed, distracting you from your thoughts.

“What? No, I’m ready ready to go.” You stammered, unable to look at him in the eye. 

“Alright then.” His tone of voice told you he wasn’t convinced. “Let me just go get a shirt on. Unless you like me like this.” He winked.

“Just hurry up ass-hole.” You teased, sticking out your tongue.

“But it’s only been five minutes.” He sneered, repeating what you had said to him earlier this morning.

“Shut up.” You snorted, picking up your purse off the ground. You swung it over your shoulder as Bucky came back in with his bag in his hand. He wrapped his other arm around your shoulder as you both walked out the door, leading to outside. You walked for a while in silence until you made it back to Brooklyn. He bought you and him an ice cream from a vendor you had come to know. He waved at you happily, as you strode away into the busy street. 

“Hey. How come you didn’t tell me you worked with the Avengers?” You asked, licking your ice cream cone. 

“I didn’t know how you would react.”

“I think it’s awesome! Are you apart of the team? Do you guys go on missions with each other?”

“Yes. We go on missions with each other.” He was happy that you were so interested in him and the Avengers. “Just trying to make the world a better place.”

“Do you have a superhero name like Steve and Tony?” You said, crunching down on the last bit of your cone.

“I just like to go by Bucky.” He replied, sticking his hands in his pockets.

“Oh come on! At least one person came up with a name for you.” His smile ran away from his face as he looked down at the side walk. He combed his hand through his hair and let out an exaggerated sigh.

“I was called the Winter Soldier.” 

“What?” You stopped dead in your tracks. You remember reading that name in the newspaper once. You remember reading about innocent civilians dying in Washington, after Hydra took over S.H.E.I.L.D. ‘The Winter Soldier’ was the headline. You gaped in horror at the man in front of you. “You are the Winter Soldier?”


“”And you’re part of the Avengers? I thought you worked for Hydra?” You scoffed.

“I was being controlled by Hydra. I was there puppet, sent out to finish there dirty work. But I’m not him anymore. I’m not that monster. I’m James Buchanan Barnes. An Avenger.” His eyes met yours, as he saw tears start to form in the corners of them. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know what I would say.” He walked over to you and place his hands on your shoulders. “But I do know is that I would never, ever hurt you (y/f/n).”He placed his hand on the side of your face, rubbing your cheek with his thumb. You smiled at his kind gesture. “Are you scared of me, Doll? Please don’t be.”

“I’m not scared of you.” You paused. “I’m glad you told me.”

“Does this change anything between us?”

You shook your head, “No, not at all.” 

“Let’s say we get a drink.” He pointing at the bar only a few feet away from you both. “Since you work there, we might get a discount.”

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

He took your hand in his as you walked across the street. His grip was firm, as if he never wanted to let you go. “Thank you (y/f/n).”

“For what?”

“Just being you. Being a good person.” You felt a rain of emotion fall on you. I you wanted to do was grab him by the collar, and smash your lips into his. To see what he tastes like. How his mouth would move against yours. But you couldn’t. You’d have to swallow down your feelings. It would be for the best.

“Thank you Bucky. You’re a good person too.” You wrapped your arms around his torso. He flinched at your touch at first, but quickly pulled you into his embrace. He wanted to stay like this forever. His body pressed up against yours. He was worried you’d be able the hear his heart beating out of his chest. He rested his chin on the top of your head. God, he loved doing that. Couldn’t take it anymore. He had to pull back now or he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“And you work at a bar which is a plus.” He smirked. You pushed his body away from yours. He already missed the feeling of you close to him.

“Just shut up and buy me a drink.”

“It would be my pleasure.” He opened the door for you, waving you in. “Doll.”

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A Misguided God

Title: A Misguided God

Chapter no./ One shot: Chapter 3

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki finds out that you’re madly in love with him. He watches you from Asgard and falls for you too, but decides he’s not good enough for you, so he sends Tom instead. Suddenly, Loki (Tom dressed as Loki) is

Author: starrynight35

Rating: G for now

Notes/Warnings: Notes- None

Chapter Three:

“Loki, you can’t be serious! I don’t know this woman, and she does not know me. I have to be on set in two weeks. How much help could I possibly provide?”
Tom ran his fingers through his short curls, looking stricken.
“Tom, please. She just needs a lift. Something to get her spirits up.”
Loki’s eyes were soft and full of something Tom had not seen before.
Tom had seen Loki angry, belligerent, calculating, berating, cold, humiliated, and beaten down to almost nothing, but the look in Loki’s eyes at that moment broke Tom’s heart.
“Loki, she wants you. She didn’t ask for me; an actor from London. She asked for you, Loki; a God from another world.”

Keep reading