and you too people who just found my tumblr

        HONESTLY i cant believe this !! less than 3 months ago there was just 100 of you on my first day but suddenly 800 of you have just HOPPED ALONG THE TRAIN ! ! ! and though I haven’t had the pleasure to know all 800, I KNOW I’VE TRIED MY DARNEST TO JOKE AROUND OR INTERACT WITH EVERY LOVELY PERSON I COULD REACH OUT TO ! in such a short time i found myself loving tumblr as just, a second home i can feel comfortable being who i am and just ENJOYING what roleplaying truly is ! its an experience, and one I’m so glad to share it with all of you <3

         THERES JUST WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE TO THANK THOUGH, so i’m dividing it between those i just, LOVE WITH ALL OF MY HEART who give me their all each and everyday, even if its a little pun or joke, OR A LINE OR TWO IN A REPLY! and those i just keep on my watch list as fun or cool people i’d love to know better or do much junk with !! 


         TRULY — FELLOW OVERWATCH AGENTS :  those who i cant EVER imagine leaving without a word ! you really do make the dash a special place and I adore you from the bottom of my heart !! you go beyond followers and are the friends anyone could ever ask for !! 

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         HONORED CITIZENS — THOSE I DONT HAVE THE PLEASURE OF DOING SO MUCH, but honestly really make my dash feel alive and color me a fan of everything you do! 

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Today, instead of uploading a picture of myself, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate and thank my best friend for being in my life. Also, this time next week, she’ll be in Zimbabwe volunteering with tribal kids and animals of the Nakavango sanctuary and I could not be more proud! AND, today marks another milestone for our friendship and of us being best friends so I just wanted to make a big deal out of it and go all PDA on her ass. 

So, here’s my best friend. 

The woman who has held my hand through it all. She has wiped my tears whether it be physically or from miles away, making sure they don’t stain my cheeks for too long. She has made sure I survive and not succumb to my addictions and demons, sacrificing sleep (time zones) and energy on countless occasions, just to make sure I am alive and breathing. She made my brother a better man and gave his life meaning by loving him the way she did. Even though she lost the love of her life when my brother passed away, she pushed away her pain and heartache to make sure I got through the grief. She is the strongest human being I have ever come across. Her bravery and ability to love astounds me and I am rendered speechless by her strength of character. If anyone out there went through even one aspect of what she has endured, they would not have survived nor would they have been able to continue living with the grace that she has. From the time I can remember, she has always put everyone before her, prioritising everyone else’s happiness over hers and I just wish for once, the world treats her right because she deserves it, more than anyone else I know, this beautiful woman deserves it. 

She is so remarkable, intimidatingly intelligent (the woman is a human Google, I kid you not and yes, she has an above average IQ), talented as fuck (sports, arts, you name it, she’s skilled at it) an adrenaline junkie who is always out looking for the next adventure, charmingly witty, hilariously sarcastic and is just so humble with such a pure heart of gold. 

The woman I am growing up to be, I owe it to her. She has taught me to be selfless, loving and ultimately, a good, kind and patient human being. The person I am, the one all of you interact with, it is all thanks to her. She has been it all to me; a mother, sister, best friend and every day, I thank the stars for creating such a precious woman as her and for blessing my life by making our paths cross. If there’s one thing my brother did right in life, it was loving her and introducing her into our lives before someone else realised just how amazing and precious she is.

These are some of my favourite pictures of her. Here’s why: 

a) she NEVER in her life has put on any make up except eye liner and looks so effortlessly beautiful (I don’t care if you think I’m biased. Also, this is not a jab at girls who wear makeup or anything, I wear makeup too! It’s just that in my eyes, the fact that my best friend looks so beautiful barefaced, I can only wonder just how stunning she’d look should she ever choose to apply make up and enhance her features.) 
 her smile is so contagious, warm and welcoming (just like Gray’s ! Again, call me biased, I DO NOT CARE.)
c) it never fails to surprise me how she just IS such a selflessly good human being and how she is so beautiful, without even trying to be or even realising, like she literally does not realise or comprehend the wondrous effect she has on people be it based on appearance or interaction (I have seen this with my own eyes, the woman is very oblivious that way) and I feel like these pictures reveal a glint of it, somehow. (I AM BIASED, WHATEVER, BUT YOU WOULD BE TOO IF YOU KNEW HER.)

So I thought I’d upload these although she looks like a sexy badass now with her septum pierced. I just couldn’t come up with a reason convincing enough for her to send me pictures with the latest piercing, hahaha. (She’d kill me if she found out I uploaded these or my logic behind why I uploaded them)

So go ahead, my Tumblr family, how about today you share the person or people in your life that is/are YOUR PERSON, your best friend(s), the one(s) who makes life bearable.

I know I wouldn’t be here typing all this or being friends with any of you was it not for this gem. Trust me, if ever you come across her or have the privilege of being her friend, your life will be the better for it. I can bet my life on it. So, yeah, if you couldn’t tell, I love my best friend to pieces and am incredibly grateful I get to call her mine and have her in my life.

P.S: On a lighter note, I feel like Grayson and she would make a beautiful couple and have the most gorgeous babies. So yes, I ship them very very hard. 




Shout out to all the 12.9 year-olds

To all the 12.9 year olds who bitch about being too young for tumblr, and try to prove their “maturity” by shouting “F U! HU THE H3LL R U 2 TEL ME I’M NOT OLD NUF???!!! WE HAV SEX! MY BF FINGERD ME JUST YDAY AFTR WE GOT TOASTED!”

Here’s the thing:

SEX does not equal MATURITY
DRINKING OR SMOKING doesn’t automatically make you MATURE.
Just because lots of people your age are doing something, doesn’t mean you are “mature” or “old enough” because you do it too.

Maturity is responsibility. It’s not sneaking around to do something because “OMG! THE RENTS WLD B SOOO MAD IF THEY FOUND OUT! LUZ!”

Being mature and responsible also means following rules, like Tumblr’s age rule. It doesn’t make you a conformist slave to follow or respect simple rules.
However, bitching about simple rules decreases your age by about 9 years. That’s right. when you bitch because you because OMG someone dared to make an age limit on something and not cater to your every whim or let you do whatever you want, then yes, you are a 3 year old and your bitching and screaming at the internet only hurts your case. 

Want to be seen as mature?
Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.
And while you’re at it, clean your room or spend some time with your family. I bet your mother has asked you several times by now, and is probably tired of the old “OMG MOM! YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!!! *slams door and resumes bitching at tumblr* ” excuse.


My best friend honestly told me she cannot support my wedding, and cannot be in it. YEAH, it hurts, and will probably hurt more in the morning. But it’s not in my nature to burn bridges so fast. She’s been my friend since we were 4. I still love her, we’ll still hang out. I just needed to make this Tumblr post.

TO my fellow lgbtqa people: If you can’t justify completely shutting out a person because they don’t agree with who you are, I get that. I’m with you. To those who can walk away from people, I don’t know your circumstances as to why it had to end, I just hope that you found the love and support you so richly deserve. I support you too, and stand with you.

As for me: I’m getting Bi

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enchiridionelm  asked:

Hi, found Falser than Vows Made in Wine on AO3 recently. Never geeked out that hard about a fanfic before, ask my poor best friend who's been getting messages about it for the last two days. Was considering printing it off and getting it bound by my other friend so I can take it on vacations forever (obviously with your permission). Just going to quietly geek out over your tumblr now too, don't mind me, bit star struck (better than star crossed, that hasn't ended well for anyone yet.)

Thank you so much! That is very lovely to hear, especially since that story is very dear to my heart. I just love the two of them so much I want to give them all the modern AU happiness they deserve! Do take pity on your poor friend and give them a break though ;) I’m not sure you need my permission to print it out, tbh - as long as you don’t make a profit selling copies, I’m sure you can enjoy the fic on whichever medium you choose. 

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I found your tumblr like 3 seconds ago and I already love you. I just love people who talk (or scream) in the tags

ohhhhhsdkfj nonnie u found me on a rlly wildt night too godkdj


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Hey love! I've been a huge taylor fan for years but only recently started a tumblr account dedicated to my love for everything taylor (I didn't know this community existed. So happy to have found this side of tumblr!) I'm wondering if you have any tips for getting connected with others who are fans here? Thanks for your time and input💗🌹

hey, welcome to the tumblr fandom!!! we may be annoying at times but most of the time we’re just chilling. tbh i don’t have too many friends here, most of the people i talk to are my mutuals. i think that i started talking to people when i started posting my own stuff. it’s a pretty easy way to gain followers and that’s how i got to know most of the people i talk to– we started adding things in the tags on each other’s edits, or we’re members of the same blog. i always feel like the content creators and editors of the fandom are this nice lil community of people who like and support each other. but yeah once your blog grows you’ll naturally start interacting with your mutuals and making friends.

I know it’s been ages, but here it is: My FOLLOW FOREVER 2013.

I follow a lot of incredible people who make my Tumblr life the best it could possibly be. I probably forgot a lot of great people or didn’t find them because of name changes, but lists like this are always incomplete anyway.

You are all wonderful, exceptional, special, lovely, amazing people with quality blogs that keep enriching my daily life and, obviously, my dashboard. I might not talk to each and every one of you as frequently as I want to (if at all), but I love you and I’m truly happy I found you. I’m just too shy and awkward and clueless to know how to talk to you, so don’t ever think that I don’t truly appreciate your very existence.

You all deserve the very best and I hope all your dreams and whatever you might wish for will come true in 2014. I JUST LOVE YOU VERY MUCH OKAY?!

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Aren't you afraid of being associated with the misogynistic shitpile that is 4chan?

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid that the modern way of life might become unsustainable. I’m afraid of falling asleep on the road, because I was out too late at night and too tired to know any better. I’m afraid that being an independent illustrator now might leave me with no retirement funds for if my hands go arthritic or my eyes go blind.

But one of the things I’m most afraid of are people who don’t know a thing about what they’re talking about. People have always found ways to simplify entire groups of “others” just to make sure they’re right. And if all you see when you see 4chan are the worst people there, get a mirror and look at tumblr here, or reddit there, or twitter over yonder. People who have to simplify things into evil little boxes are what make me truly afraid. Because I can take myself getting abuse, I’m grown up enough to know better. But when people in general stop understanding that the world is a complicated place with dimension and character and beauty and problems, that’ll be when the species truly ends. I am deeply afraid of that.

I ain’t afraid of being associated with 4chan, any more than I am afraid of being associated with tumblr, with gamers, with America. Each of those things have harbored some of the worst examples of subhuman shit stains the world has ever seen. But that doesn’t matter all that much does it?

All I can ever promise is try to be a good person. If all people want to do is put a label on me and dismiss me for frequenting a place that is also traveled by the obscene and the hateful, then forgive me for trying to live.

Because I’ve seen a couple of people on my dash talking about it recently, I thought I’d make a post on what tumblr fic authors should remember when changing their theme.

Unfortunately, unlike with ao3, tumblr formats aren’t standard. While that’s great for personalizing your blog, that can also make text inconsistent and sometimes difficult to read. And if you write anything of length on tumblr, you’re probably going to put it under a “read more.” This means that people get redirected to your blog for the full text – and if it’s difficult to read stuff on your blog, then sometimes people will decide it’s not worth the effort and just quit reading, which is definitely not something any author wants!

So here are some important blog aspects to consider:

1. Text Size

A lot of people who design tumblr themes use smaller font sizes, from 8-12 pt. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the easiest to read. As a rule of thumb, I’d remember your high school teachers and not use anything smaller than 12 pt. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to try and zoom in on my screen to read a fic – and then found out that I’d zoomed in too far and cut off part of the text. Eventually it became too much of a hassle and I just quit reading. You definitely don’t want your readers to do that.

2. Text and Background Color

On a lot of themes you can change the background and text color! Which is great! Unless your text color is cream and your background color is white. There have been blogs that I’ve gone to where I literally could not read any of their posts because of this problem. So, in order to allow people to read what you’ve written, contrast the text and background colors as much as possible. While pastel on pastel may look good, remember that some of us with less good vision have a difficult time deciphering it. So, light background/dark text, and dark background/light text.

3. Text Spacing

You know how ao3 has nice even spacing between paragraphs? (I think it’s probably about 12-14 pt. spacing?) Well, some themes don’t have that. Granted, I think a lot of themes generally do, but some slip through the cracks and only leave 2-4 pt. spacing. Which is hell on my eyes. It’s like when you run into a fic on ao3 without paragraph breaks – you “nope” out of there as fast as possible, unless you’re really dedicated. So try to keep your paragraph spacing to at least 10 pt.

4. Distracting Imagery

I’m not sure if this is true for other readers, or if it’s more just a pet peeve of my own. But have you ever been on a blog that has so many images and gifs embedded into its theme that your eyes hurt afterwards? Don’t be that blog, especially if people are trying to read stuff on your blog for an extended period of time. A couple images or gifs at the top usually isn’t too bad, but occasionally gifs that follow you as you scroll down the blog can be distracting when you’re trying to read. Maybe that’s just me though.

If you want good examples of blogs with themes that are still fun and unique, but are reasonably legible, then I’d suggest checking out: bleep0bleep, petals42, foxerica, and stilesinwonderland

Author Spotlight: peetasbunmyoven

This feature is a collaboration with panempropaganda and everlarkedalways as part of Panem Propaganda’s 100 Days of Mockingjay: Shipping and Fanfiction.

This interview is a companion piece to an article written for Panem Propaganda, available at X.

With many thanks to panempropaganda, everlarkedalways, and peetasbunmyoven.

Graphic by everlarkedalways. Interview by papofglencoe​.


“Buns has an amazing gift of expressing a character’s inner thoughts and emotions by putting them into words… it is very easy to connect with a story when you’ve experienced the same kind of heart-leaping joy or soul-crushing anguish. With her accessible writing style Buns… provides a refreshing take on Katniss and Peeta’s relationship.” -lovesbiggerthanpride

What is so unique or special about Everlark to you?

At this point I am so enamored and invested in them it is hard for me to think of anything that quite frankly isn’t special or unique about them. I guess as a lifelong avid reader and, well, romantic… the real question I have for myself is why they hit me so hard and took root so deeply- because very few characters in fiction have done this to me.

I suppose the universe itself compelled me and, like everyone else, you are just sucked in so quickly. I fell in love with this fragile relationship from the moment Katniss thought, “not him.” The tether they have to their past, the uncertainty of their future, and in the middle of it all you are left screaming at them that they love each other for three entire novels. And the characterizations are all so unique and in so many ways opposite to what is normal for your leading protagonists. I loved that.

I loved these books. I loved the political message, and I applaud Suzanne Collins for creating such a beautiful thought-provoking series. That being said, I am romance trash. Peeta Mellark as a male love interest is a breath of fresh air in his genuine goodness. He’s attractive and intelligent and charming and appealing and without an ounce of chauvinism. I adored that. It made me fall hard and want to fight for them through each book. They go through such an impossible story, and they are children. God, and they find their own happy ending after everything… and I am not certain I will ever be over it.

What inspired you to write Everlark fanfiction in the first place?

Probably a couple glasses of Chardonnay and stupidity. I was late to the fanfiction game. I literally did not know it existed. I stumbled upon a comment about it under a youtube video of the cast for the first movie. I was like what is this? That night I did not sleep. I just binged. I was running on an Everlark high for months.

In school I was always good in English but never set out to write anything for other people. So I started to try in secret, and one night I sat down and just drabbled some nonsense. I never shared it. I saved it and protected it like a preacher’s porn collection. Over time a few lovely people [on] tumblr encouraged me to write. At this point it was not Everlark. No, I was not ready for that because I was like a frothing, rabid fan for the Everlark writing base, and I loved the ship too much. I didn’t want to tarnish these two with my mediocrity and those who write it. I mean, have you realized how spoiled we are? Finally, over time I just couldn’t not try to write them. They were the reason I found tumblr, and for some reason people there wanted to read the things I thought up. So one night I probably prayed and maybe cast a spell or two and for good measure lit some candles before giving a round of PiP a go.

What’s your personal favorite of your own fics and why? What inspired it?

You are in so much trouble for this question. You can’t ask me these things! I am still and probably never will be thrilled with any of my stories. That being said, since I have been warned that I am required to answer this, I go with Landslide. For a couple reasons. First of all, it was the first time I contributed to a fanfiction charity with S2SL. I loved the idea of writing to make some kind of difference, even a small one. It is the longest story I had written up ‘til then, and, to answer the next part of your question, it was very loosely inspired by that hot guy I married and the year I broke his beautiful heart because I was scared and an idiot. So there are some little tidbits throughout that mirror some things we went through. (For the love of god do not read into the crazy smut… I mean we did and do just fine, but I write Everlark porn like they are Olympic champions of sexual triathlons. Which they are okay?)

What’s the greatest challenge for you to writing Everlark?

Words. LOL. No, the hardest part for me is plotting. I am not an organized person. I don’t outline, and I can never stick to a plan. I usually write in these huge four-hour writing segments where I finish a 7K one-shot in one go because if I have to come back [to it] I panic. This is why starting a WIP is such a bad idea for me. So… instead of coming up with well-thought-out plots I do dumb shit like sigh and stare into space thinking, “I want Peeta to be a lifeguard and come out of the ocean dripping wet….” Then I write around that and pretend to construct meaningful backstory and use the distraction of gratuitous Peeta topless scenes so readers never realize they are actually not reading anything of substance. I tie it all up with a smut bow and somehow no one notices. [Crosses fingers this formula carries on a little longer].

Buuuuuuuut I also sometimes struggles with Katniss being in character. Personality-wise I am much more a Peeta, so sometimes I worry her voice is lost- which, since I love her to the moon and back, stresses me out. [Throws out another shirtless Peeta scene to distract from Katniss being ooc].

When you’re pushing the limits of character or situation, what ineffable traits of Katniss and Peeta/Everlark do you keep intact to preserve their characters?

Man, with Peeta it a truckload of frivolous things like his beautiful eyes and hair and, god love him, those shoulders, am I right? I also to make him smell like a baked good. This is just how is must be, okay? But beyond those surface things I love Peeta to be charming, and warm, and, only with Katniss, a little uncertain. I like when he knows what to say and how to be there or how to be exactly what she needs even when Katniss doesn’t. Katniss I like a little more rough, but just on the edges, because inside she’s a marshmallow. I like her to be aware of Peeta whether she understands why or not or even wants it. Plus, I love to make her scowl. Because Peeta loves that scowl and her long black braid and jfc I love these two.

What’s your favorite Everlark trope and why?


I screamed it you. (You are welcome). It is one of my fave tropes in all forms of fiction and life. In fact, if my husband had a female best friend I would probably ship them when she came to hang out with my family. I am shameless. Nothing is better to me than them having this beautiful history, but at some point something shifts or one of them has wanted something more and been angsting away for years. I want it all. Longing looks, brushing fingers, laughter turning to prolonged eye contact, platonic bed sharing, awkward inconvenient boners, and petty jealousy that shocks them. God, give it to me!!!!!

What is an Everlark fanfic that has stayed with you? Why?

Well, this is impossible, but looking at my previous answer I will go with one of my faves that follows that trope. As most of us did when I found Everlark fanfic, I started with strictly canon fics and one day got brave and did canon AU like a wild woman. It took months to brave my first AU, and I started small… I mean I didn’t want to go crazy. This was Everlark- you can’t just put them in any situation, right? WRONG! I kept going down the list of high-rated fics and would read this same description all the time about Peeta being deaf, and the idea of it, when I was so used to communication and language and his speaking being such a huge part of who he is, was about as alternate a universe as I could imagine. The best friend aspect finally just made me give in. I read With Eyes to Hear by the beautiful Amelia_Day in one day and cried like a baby and reread it the next day. I have probably read it forty times since.

What is your favorite Everlark headcanon or fanon?

Besides the insane, all-encompassing, life-altering sex life they have??? I loved that in canon Peeta was caught looking at her all the time. Because to catch him looking, although Katniss might not have realized it, meant that she was looking back. I like to believe they spend the rest of their lives looking at each other or catching the other staring. Just kind of in awe that this is their lives… that somehow they made it here. Katniss likes to watch him sleep. She likes to watch his chest rise and fall and feel so grateful that he’s breathing, that his heart still beats. She still loves his eyelashes and the way his hands move when he bakes and draws and cradles their children’s heads in his palms. Peeta loves watching her move…through the woods, across the floor of the nursery at night. He loves her scowls and her smiles and the way her hair comes out of her braid before bed. I just like to believe that with everything they went through they are always looking to make sure the other one is there…and with each look they fall in love with a little something else, fall in love a little more. Sigh. Yeah. Pretty much.

peetasbunmyoven is the author of works such as Dream Her In Scream Her Out, Landslide, and Pieces. She is on FF and tumblr as peetasbunmyoven. Her drabbles are at X

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

A couple of years ago, when I first joined Tumblr, I thought there should be more Top Gear on here than the sparse amount that already existed, so I created this blog in the hope that a few people on here found the boys as entertaining as I do. Not too long ago this little blog hit over 10.000 followers(!!!!!) and I am completely and utterly astounded and speechless over the fact that there are so many of you who have hit that ‘Follow’-button, and who put up with my sporadic posting/reblogging and inane comments. 

So I just wanted to say the very biggest of THANK YOUs to all of you for following this blog. I will try to keep up with it more from now on, but sometimes real life (meaning University etc.) gets a bit in the way. 


(And a hug for all you fantastic followers - old as new.)

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My Year as a Marshmallow

Just about a year ago I decided to finally watch Veronica Mars. I had heard of the show before, but the concept just hadn’t grabbed me. A teenage private eye? Sounds a little cheesy. But I kept hearing about the Kickstarter campaign and I thought any show with fans this insanely passionate can’t be all bad. So I watched the pilot. And I kept watching. I lost sleep and I kept watching. I laughed and I cried and I gasped out loud and I kept watching. And I fell in love with that tenacious teenage private eye and a psychotic jackass who broke my heart and a BFF that left all others in the dust and a hacker that I just really want to hang out with and a father who is now my very favorite TV dad and a whole bevy of other characters that came together to create a show unlike any other I’d ever seen.

Then the movie came out and I took the day off work so I could download it first thing in the morning and I fell even more in love with the world of Veronica Mars and the characters that inhabit it.

Then I started reading the fanfic and I lost sleep again. Those stories became my escape when I was laid off from my job and my world fell apart just a bit. I spent my days working at a job with an expiration date, my evenings sending out resumes and cover letters, and my nights reading LoVe stories, and escaping the real world for just a little while.

Then this summer, after lurking for months, I joined tumblr and found a weird and wonderful community of people who love this show too and I found their fics and their art and their incredible thoughts and discussions about these characters. And I fell in love again.

You are all so freaking amazing. I am so glad I found this place and all of you.

This very long post is just my way to say Happy New Year and Thank You. Thank you for sharing your passion and your thoughts and your laughter. Thank you for including me and accepting me and inspiring me. I hope each and every one of you has a 2015 that is just as kick-ass as you are.


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PS: If I missed tagging you, you are still awesome! I’m just forgetful! :)

Hi there! My name is Kayleen, and I’m normally tumblr shy (I don’t post anything, I more just look at all the pics and convos). However, I joined tumblr because of my Elsanna obsession, and because I’m a huge fan of this pairing and I know you are too, I figure I’d send this to you knowing more people would see it this way. I was out shopping last week and I found boxes upon boxes of FROZEN COOKIES! Obviously I bought a box. I was curious if you’ve seen these before or if you know someone who has, because it made my day when I saw these :)

Oh, and I think you’re a wonderful person, by the way. I loved the Cake Fic and your posts on here always brighten up my day :) <3

Ohhh, you’re so precious! *squeezes you to pieces* Thank you so much!!! :D I’d love to have a box, wonder what they taste like! Was this in Canada, perhaps? I ask because of the French/English.

Challenge Time!:O

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1. Your favourite Band?

I have so many it’s awful.
Buut…Fall Out Boy? The Rolling Stones? You Me At Six? The Beatles? I have so many favourites, including solo artists! :S

2. What´s the meaning behind your url?

I have no idea, just popped up in my head at the time aha!

3. Why did you join tumblr?

I heard about it from Dan and Phil’s videos and decided I wanted one too, so I made a regular blog, then I made a black and white blog, then I made my Imagine blog!:’)

4. Do you know anyone from tumblr in real life?

I know about 4 people who follow my regular blog!:)

5. What´s your favourite tv show and why?

Ummm…because I love stuff to do with Demons, Angels, Ghosts and all that stuff, so when I found out about it I sort of freaked out and wondered where it had been all my life???!

6. Do you say gif or jif?


7. What´s your favourite gif?

8. Do you have any siblings?

Okay, yeah, I have loads:
Mum&Dad- Me
Mum&her boyfriend- 3
Dad&his previous partners- 7
I have 5 brothers and 5 sisters. They’re all half though! STILL COUNTS.

9. Favourite colour?

Black. Or green.

10. What´s your favourite food?

All of it. I genuinely can’t think of anything I don’t like that I’ve tried except squid and sushi!

My Questions for you!:)
1. What’s your favourite song?
2. Favourite dog??? (All of them is a valid answer;D)
3. What’s your favourite season?
4. What’s your favourite film? Why?
5. Marvel or DC????
6. What is/was your favourite subject in school? Why?
7. Favourite book?
8. Hogwarts house?
9. Do you believe in ghosts?
10. Where do you want to go more than anywhere??

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