and you tell me this isn't ptsd

For people with trauma, a history of abuse, ptsd, etc: it is not your job to educate your partner

Yes, you can (and should!) tell them what specifically helps you, as a person, and how your symptoms manifest. But! It is your partner’s job to educate themselves on common ways to help abuse survivors, on what PTSD is and looks like, on the ways that they can be a better partner to you. 

That is why I made this blog. That burden doesn’t rest on your shoulders; it rests on ours. We need to listen to survivors, hear their stories, their experiences, and apply them to our own relationships.

While you should communicate openly with your partner about your needs, your wants, and your wishes, if your partner is not willing to put in the time or effort to listen, it is in no way your fault. 

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I watched earthlings and there are many mistakes in it. Plus is doesn't give sources to anything they say. They have sources to videos, but honestly, PETA and other animal rights groups are very biased. Some images and videos could be out of context. I am not satisfied. I need sources, otherwise it isn't valid.

They’re biased? Towards what? Helping animals not get tortured and murdered? Then yes, they are biased.

I’ll tell you how videos of animal abuse are obtained. Trust you me no factory farm or slaughterhouse or fur farm or research facility is going to invite cameras inside. People break in to take pictures or videos of the horrific environments, or they do open rescues, or they work undercover. Michele Rokke talks about her work in a research lab here. These people help torture and kill animals, or break in only to take pictures then leave those animals behind, suffer from PTSD, so that people like us can see what is really going on behind the walls - only for the images to be dismissed as “biased”, “staged”, the conditions and violent actions as “rare”.

You can walk into any slaughterhouse in the world and get material PETA can use. What do you think the truth looks like, if not like what is shown in the documentary? Can you describe what you think is likely going on inside of factory farms, slaughterhouses, fur farms? I would love to know the stories you tell yourself, because they must be really exceptional if they are successfully convincing you that you can rip the skin off animals, conduct experiments on them, and eat their flesh and not have it look as horrific as what you’ve seen in Earthlings.

You want sources, doubting Thomas? Get a job at a slaughterhouse and cut the throat of a baby cow for a kid’s milkshake, then get a job at a fur farm and anally electrocute a fox for a wealthy woman’s coat, then get a job at a research lab and torture a beagle for a fucking cleaning product.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a skeptic. But if I were you, and there was even the possibility that I was wrong, and that innocent beings really are being tortured and killed for me, I’d be really goddamn thorough before deciding what I’m going to believe. If you’re skeptic about the fact that you have to kill someone before you get to eat their dead body, I urge you to think this through one more time. If you watched the entire Earthlings documentary and your thought was “nah, this can’t be true,” then you obviously haven’t met the human race yet. So, nice to meet you, we’re the human race and we are capable of everything you saw and so much more.

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Excuse me, but I noticed your post about "crying makes you a pansy" and I'm sorry but that is shitty. You're telling me that every time I have an emotional breakdown from my PTSD that I'm weak. You're telling your followers (who might be suffering from depression, anxiety, or another gripping issue) that their tears mean they're losers. You're telling them that showing tears for any reason makes them wimpy. This isn't me giving you hate, this is me raising a red flag and calling you out.

i’m not sure what post you’re talking about, but i can assure you, if i made a post like that it was a joke. i definitely do not think crying makes you weak. i actually encourage people to cry to let off steam and to let things out. i have personal experience with depression and acute levels of anxiety and trust me when i tell you i do not think crying makes a person weak. like i said, i’m not sure what post you mean, but i am sure it was probably a joke post. so you can go ahead and call me out, i’m sorry if my post offended you, i didn’t mean for it to, it was meant as a joke and not to call people weak or make crying seem bad in any way. i joke about things like being sad and crying a lot as a defence mechanism for my own depression, so i probably didn’t consider somebody might see the post in a different light than i’d originally posted it in. i am sorry, and please don’t take it to heart. crying does not make you weak and i’m sorry i made it sound that way.