and you still look good after many years

Lessons I learned from Seventeen

Seungcheol: Don’t give up.
He was often promised that he’ll debut, but after many years he still didn’t. But he continued to work hard and stayed with Pledis. And because he stayed, he got to meet and debut with 12 other idiots.

Jeonghan: You’re beautiful no matter what style you’re doing.
Jeonghan is often mistaken for a girl due to his long hair but he embraces his long hairness and doesn’t mind what people say cause he knows he looks freaking good.

Joshua: You’ll have to go long distances to achieve your dreams.
Josh went from LA to Korea at a young age (~16 is pretty young) to pursue his dreams of being a singer. He left his home, family, and friends to train and debut in a country on the other side of the world.

Jun: Love yourself.
Honestly, no one loves them self more than Jun. ‘nuff said.

Soonyoung: Embrace your facial features and make them iconic.
Even though he has pretty small eyes, he introduces himself as 10:10. Instead of feeling insecure, he embraces his eyes. Like yes boy, show off your cute eyes.

Wonwoo: Laugh at yourself and your past.
We all know about Palryoong Middle School’s dancing machine. It’s a dark memory for him, but he still laughs and goes along with it even though it’s embarrassing.

Jihoon: Be hardworking and humble.
Jihoon does nothing but work and make songs. When the members praise him, he just shakes his head and brushes it off as if it’s nothing. He still works hard to be something.

Seokmin: Be freaking happy.
Seokmin is always happy and smiling no matter what. He’s such a positive person and has a great energy. He’s the mood maker of the group, making everyone feel good and hyped. His smile is literally brighter than the sun.

Mingyu: Be confident, but subtle. And learn how to do literally everything.
He calls himself “aspiring visual” despite how he looks (like he has to know that he looks amazing). At times you can see he’s confident in the way he looks, but he’s still subtle about it. And damn does this boy know how to do literally everything.

Minghao: Work hard at something till you get it.
Minghao is still relatively new to Korea (it’s been like 2-ish years?). He struggles with the Korean language but he still studies hard to understand and speak. (Can’t wait till he speaks completely fluent cause who knows what sass he’s been holding back).

Seungkwan: Be loud and proud.
This boy is so loud, but in a good way. He’s entertaining and speaks well. He knows how to take of situations and can ease the atmosphere with jokes. He’s also proud of his home, Jeju, and his abilities. And his lovely mommy.

Vernon: It’s okay to be different.
Vernon is a halfie (or halfer; I say halfie), so automatically he stands out since he doesn’t exactly look Asian/Korean. Growing up, he often got teased for the way he looked since he didn’t fit in. He felt insecure, but it doesn’t matter the way you look. It matters what you can do.

Chan: Don’t be shy about what you like.
This boy is the biggest Michael Jackson fan ever. He even calls himself Chanson. He’s not shy about what he likes. His dances and Seventeen dances are so influenced by Michael Jackson.

Truffula Tribune

~Issue #32~

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It’s Going Down (We’re Yelling Timber)

-Looking for a good horror flick? Try ‘Return of the Oncewoof 3, this time it’s personal.’

-A few other werewolves are still lurking about after the widespread m!a all the way back in October.

-Staying on the theme of good old fashioned horror genres, Dino’s always been a scientist, but he seems a bit madder these days.

-Kawaii Oncelette has remade and relocated, so make sure to hit that follow button!

The Brains In Their Heads

This issue we interviewed Halloweenler!

Q: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?
A: There’ve been so many!  There was a fangtastic one—heheh—that I remember seeing a few years ago that basically looked like some unearthly creature with tattered rags hanging from it while it walked around on stilts, which really helped to give it that haunting feeling of a creature from another world!  However, I do find myself kind of attracted to the creative visual gag costumes, like this one guy who dressed as a monster carrying himself in a cage, or even the one from a few years back that looked like they were holding their own head, or…  Wait, what was the question?

Q: What candy do you usually give out to trick or treaters
A: I have a very wide array of treats to give to my trick-or-treaters!  Anything you can imagine, I probably have it—even some specially-imported candies!  Safe to say I’m prepared for picky trick-or-treaters.

Q: Do you HAVE a second favorite holiday or do you just despise everything that’s not halloween
A: Halloween is the only holiday that comes to mind.

Q: End the discourse, candy corn. yes or no?
A: Of course, yes!  Candy corn is an essential Halloween treat for me, and I could personally have a whole bowl every day (y'know, instead of my usual few handfuls).  However, I do understand that not everyone can enjoy candy corn as much as I do, so if you’re one of those people who celebrates Halloween without candy corn, then that’s fine by me!  I encourage everyone to enjoy the holiday in a way that makes it the most enjoyable to you!

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Sprouting Seedlings

-Give a warm welcome to Marked-ler this issue folks!

Thinkings And Wonderings

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“It’s me. Lee Hongki. KEKEKE

It’s 8 years!! No matter how you look at it…time passed really fast. Even then, no matter how you look at it, there are so many things to do. That time seems to just go slow. Ah…even though lately, we spend time happily, so I think its a good thing. Um…even though it might seem funny, we are still young, aren’t we? KEKEKEKE

We still have so many times after this! Every year! In every year that passes, because there are problems that keep appearing, we feel upset. But we manage to solve them one by one. Let’s grow up together. While we live on, we express all of our feelings. A band that grows up together, that is us. In one word, a band that keeps on going. Also, even though I have always said it, but, thank you.ㅅㄹㅎ
Thank you.”

~Lee Hongki (cr.)