and you sneeze like a kitten

the gang + pure reader headcanons

❝ the gang and the innocent reader!! ❞

- i wrote a lot of peter parker && innocent reader hcs over at my other blog so bringing that over here :)

• ok let’s just talk about jokes shared between jughead and archie

• some of them are not !! acceptable !!

• kevin and b + v literally have to shut their mouths when ur around.

• bec in the past, you’ve specifically explained why *those* jokes bother you

• and sometimes they stop themselves mid-joke bec they remember what happened to them last time.

- side note; they practically got beat up by my three fav divas.

• the gang collectively awwing at your sneezes

• bec it sounds like a KITTEN

• yooo and that one time you gave everyone flowers for valentine’s day

• even reggie,, u put it one behind his ear


- side note; u know my love for reg

• also,, u didn’t give flowers to the jerks that used girls ok no flower for them

• yearbook!! u have been put as the sweetest girl in the highschool!!

• and everyone just decided on a thing they need to say abt u.


• u started crying when u read the page


• the positive news can range from “so ethel got a puppy!!” to “cheryl offered the new student a chance on the team!!!!”

• bec everyone needs a lil happiness in the midst of war

• that one time ur grades lowered to a C- and you cried for 2 hours straight to the gang

• “no no no this isn’t oKAY”



• lots of reading

• just

• everyone loves u

• no one can get mad at u

• well only a little,, but it doesnt last long.

ACOMAF Patronuses
  • feyre: a majestic ass wolf
  • rhysand: a bat, but like... a hot bat. or maybe a black kitten.
  • cassian: a mighty stallion
  • morrigan: a golden retriever
  • azriel: a sneezing panda cub
  • lucien: you think im gonna say a fox!! well i am yeah bc he's a fox totes magotes
  • amren: mothafukin!!dragon!!
  • elain: cute lil bunny wabbit
  • nesta: incredibly agitated owl
  • tarquin: the most beautiful ass dolphin you eVEr did see
  • ianthe: snake bitch (bitch snake)
  • king of hybern: cockroach?? do i look like i give a motherfuck??
  • tamlin: turkey. no wait, rat. no wait, a lion, but like a badly animated lion. like a really fucked up simba. no actually this asshole is scar. that's right, scar the evil ass lion. you know what fuck you tamlin you piece of shit you don't get a patronus fuck off m8
Roman’s Fault

Sooo, this is based of the picture I made and @analogically-prinxiety fan-fiction which I strongly suggest you check out…and the silly story after we both saw our works.

-Warning: Profanity & Cuteness-

Roman’s Fault

Usually when Logan woke up in the morning, he was greeted with a semi-tired Morality and the bickering of Anxiety and Princey. Instead he was met with Morality holding a very mad, small, dark-brown tabby cat with black splotches on his eyes, that wanted to attack the prince that was cowering behind the back of the couch.

“Unless I’m interrupting something, what is exactly happening?” Logic asked, having everyone’s eyes towards him.

“Well, Roman and Anxiety was arguing like every morning, but I guess Roman was fed up and threw a potion at Anx and then the little guy turned to this littler guy” Morality explained, lifting up the small cat before putting it down to sneeze. “You guys are lucky, I get to have Thomas’s allergy” The moral trait groaned. The Anxiekitty makes his way to Logic, sitting down next to his leg while sending sharp glares to Roman. 

“So, he turned him into a kitten?” Logan asked, before hissing in pain as he felt the dark trait scratch his leg. “No he’s an adult cat, he’s just small, like when he’s human” Roman answers, before being tackled by the small tabby.

Anxiety hiss and growled in demands that the others didn’t understand. “I think you should turn him back, even though it is adorable to have Anx like this, he isn’t really happy plus I don’t want to die by allergies” Dad sighed. 

Roman quickly responds to the response, throwing ash like dust on the cat, the reaction causing a black smoke around the two.

After two minutes of coughing from the other traits, the smoke finally diminished revealing a coughing Prince and gasping Anxiety with his hood over his head.

Logan and Morality quickly moves over to the two, helping them recover their fits. They all stand and it was quite obvious that Anxiety was three or four inches shorter than he was before and that his jacket was bigger on him. The other traits looked at him, seeing him in discomfort while gritting his teeth in rage. “Roman…” The dark train growled.


“What the F#CK DID YOU DO!” He yelled in fury, revealing bent down cat ears while and the a fluffed cat tail from his jacket. This, this did concerned the other traits but it was masked by the awed faces they made by the dark trait. “I don’t know, but I LOVE it!” Roman cooed, moving over to Anxiety and started to pinch his cheeks. “PISS OFF!” he hissed.

Before he could swat away the royal’s hand, it was moved to his cat ears on his head, his fingers scratching behind the new ears, making Anxiety let out a unintentional purr of delight, making his face burn.

“Awe you don’t have your silly makeup on to cover your blush, it’s adorable!” Roman teased, making Anxiety’s cheeks turn more red.

“What are…you..doin…” Anxiety’s new cat instincts takes over as he leans his head to the royal’s hand, making Roman internally squeal in happiness. “You like this don’t you” The fanciful trait cooed with the smirk as the other glared at him.

“Shut up” He hissed, which was quickly smothered with purrs as Roman moved his other hand up to Anxiety’s second ear. His heart seemed too burst as he saw youngest trait’s expression change. Yeah he still looked annoyed but his left eye was closed because of Roman’s hand cupping the left side of his face, and the tip of was poking between his lips as he purrs.

The other two traits just stood away from the two, Morality recording the whole thing to show Thomas and to keep it to joke about it later while Logan struggles from smiling at the cute scene.


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um, can i get a sick!viktor fic featuring viktor calling yuuri lots of petnames, yuuri catching viktor's sneezes and coughs in tissues, and a lot of sniffling and sneezing and just general needing-to-be-taken-care-of viktor?

I’m out of order yet again on the requests, but this one is so freaking cute that I can’t help it! Anyways, this is set post-series, with Yuuri and Victor living together in Russia. I used google for the nicknames, so hopefully they’re accurate (translations at the end). Warning for copious amounts of sappiness. Enjoy!

“Yuu-ri!” Victor singsongs from the living room. “I’m lonely! You need to come cuddle with me.”

Well, that’s certainly a change from this morning, when Victor had pushed him away every time he tried to get close, saying that he didn’t want to get Yuuri sick. He pads out into the living room. “What’s wrong, Vitya? Do you need more tea?”

“Vitya” is currently a pathetic-looking lump of blankets on the couch. Only his face remains visible, revealing a pink nose and pale cheeks. “No, no. I said I needed snuggles!”

One look at Victor’s face tells him what happened: his fiancé looks dazed and his eyes are slightly unfocused. Yuuri sighs. “You took the nighttime medicine instead of the daytime one, didn’t you?”

“What?” Victor just seems confused by the question. His brow wrinkles, his eyes narrow, and he stifles a sudden sneeze into the blankets.

“Never mind.” Yuuri just shakes his head. He loves Victor, he really does, but sometimes he wonders if his fiancé has any common sense. Victor reaches his arms out like a grumpy toddler, still determined to get his snuggles. It’s very endearing, and Yuuri gives in, settling himself onto the couch next to him.

Victor wraps his arms around Yuuri’s waist, burying his face in Yuuri’s neck and twining their legs together. Yuuri grabs a blanket (one of the ones that Victor did not just sneeze on) and covers the both of them with it. Victor makes a small sound of contentment. “Comfortable now?” Yuuri asks fondly.

“Mhm.” Victor nods into his shoulder. Yuuri can feel a little wetness from his nose seeping into his shirt, but decides to ignore it for now. “Your skin is so soft, Yuuri. And beautiful. I have the most handsome fiancé in the world.”

At this, Yuuri blushes a deep red, glad that Victor can’t see his face as he snuggles closer. “I missed you while you were gone, kotyonok.”

“I was only gone for a few minutes,” Yuuri points out, giggling a little.

Victor pouts. “Mmph. Still too long. I want to be with you always, Yuuri,” he murmurs into Yuuri’s neck. His warm breath tickles, and it makes Yuuri shiver a bit. “I love you.”

Yuuri doesn’t hesitate before he responds. “I love you too,” he says softly. It’s funny, they say it every day, at every possible opportunity; they say it so often that other people (aka Yuri) complain about it. But each time, Yuuri feels that he means it even more. It’s the one certainty in his life: he is deeply and hopelessly in the with the beautiful, ridiculous, and wonderful Victor Nikiforov. How did he get so lucky?

Of course, Victor interrupts the heartfelt moment when his chest starts to hitch with an impending sneeze. Fortunately, Victor is practically famous for his long buildups, so Yuuri has ample time to snatch a tissue from the box on the coffee table and cup it over Victor’s twitching nose.

The sneeze itself is tiny, in sharp contrast to the dramatic, hitching buildup that preceded it. Yuuri has always found Victor’s sneezes amusing. His fiancé is normally so loud, but his sneezes are so tiny and quiet, like a kitten. “Bless you, dear.”

“Thank you, lybuv moya,” Victor says, taking the tissue from Yuuri and wiping his nose. Then he looks at Yuuri in horror. “I’m going to get you sick.”

Yuuri tactfully decides not to point out that they’re already cuddling, so he’s blown any chances of not catching this cold. “I was probably going to catch it from you anyway. We do live together, after all. It’s kind of unavoidable.”

Victor hums in agreement; the sound catches in his throat and sends him into a small coughing fit. Yuuri grabs a handful of tissues and presses them to his mouth. The fit doesn’t last long, but it’s enough to set Victor sniffling wetly and make his eyes run. Yuuri dabs gently at the moisture around his eyes, frowning. “Your cough sounds about the same, but are you sure that you don’t feel any worse?”

“I’ll be okay, solnyshko,” Victor reassures him. “As long as you’re with me, that is.” He tries to sound seductive with his low, raspy voice. The attempt backfires when he has to cough again, and it’s immediately followed by several sneezes that Yuuri barely manages to catch in time.

“You sound absolutely dreadful,” Yuuri scolds lightly.

“Really? I was going for sexy, actually.”

“Nope.” Yuuri shakes his head firmly.

Victor huffs through his nose, mindful of his sore throat. “You have wounded me, zvezda moya.”

Yuuri kisses his forehead in apology. “I’m sorry to disappoint you. Why don’t you try to get some rest? I’m sure that you’ll feel better when you wake up.”

“Not tired,” Victor protests, right before he’s interrupted by a huge yawn. Yuuri smirks at him. “Okay, maybe a little bit. Stay close to me?”

“I won’t leave your side,” Yuuri promises. Victor is already drowsy from the medicine, so it doesn’t take him long to drift into a deep sleep, his head pillowed on Yuuri’s chest. Yuuri carefully extricates one of his arms, reaching behind him for his phone. “I love you,” he whispers into the silver hair nestled beneath his chin.

(kotyonok-kitten, lybuv moya-my love, solnyshko-small sun, zvezda moya-my star)

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fluff? this is my best: everytime chat sneezes, ladybug stops to mention that he sneezes like a kitten, that its not manly, that she heard man sneeze wild like a roar etc. then it turns to "bless you kitty" one time she says that to her mom and brushes it off as "we call one of my friends at school kitty! she is allergic to lots of things... she sneezes a lot!" then one time she says that to alya. "bless you kitty" alya is like?? and adrien is like !!!!!!!!


  • Sonny, after 96,000: That's it! I'm gonna do everything I can to make the barrio and the world a better place! Then we'll see who's cute! *sneezes*
  • Pete: Awww! You sneeze like a kitten!
taehyung when you’re sick

- him getting sick shortly after you get sick “we’re preTTY SICK AREN’T WE” “was that a dope reference tae” “jjeoro!! jjeoro!!” 

- making fun of each other for looking ugly while being sick “your nose is red” “your eyes are red” “you look like you’re half asleep” “weLL SORRY MY EYES ARE SO SMALL TAE” him squishing your cheeks and you groaning 

- sniffling and coughing all the time feat. you with your cute kitten sneezes and tae with his sneeze that could cause a 13.2 earthquake and being the extra couple that you two are, dabbing every time you both sneeze

- him hugging you from behind with a blanket while you cook soup and swaying to an imaginary song in his head “hmmMmmmm” his chin resting on the top of your head because he’s so tall and his arms around your waist “it smells nice” “you have a stuffy nose” “my tastebuds smelled it” 

- listening to him tell you ridiculous stories as you sit in a blanket fort with the humidifier and try to take a nap “and then the bunny chased the little mole all the way up to the moon and you can see the shadow of the bunny today;; are you listening?” “yeeep, keep talking” “and then every night the bun–” and you resting your head on his lap and closing your eyes “keep talking” “oh o-okay” 

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Microfic: any character + sneezing

cute! yes! thank you!

“Big guy like you, this is almost embarrassing,” Lance said fondly as Hunk clamped his hand over his nose and mouth to try and stem the sneezing fit. He turned beet red, then the windup started - a shuddering, spine-curving inhalation - that exploded out of him at the volume of a surprised mouse.

“Aww, you sneeze like a kitten,” Pidge said, propping her chin on her hand and smiling at him. Hunk studiously ignored her, eyes watering from trying to contain it.

“You’re gonna hurt yourself if you keep trying to hold it in,” Shiro said, his Leader Voice almost - but not quite - hiding the undercurrent of laughter he was just barely holding back. “We’re almost back to the ship. Sterile environment ahead, buddy. It’s almost over.”

“We were bound to run across allergies at some - okay,” Keith said, giving up as Hunk helplessly began another thunderous windup that resolved in another high-pitched squeak of a sneeze. 

Hunk groaned in the brief window between sneezes and said, “I’ll pay all of you real actual money to never talk about this again.”

“No deal,” said Lance sweetly. “It’s just too gosh darn cute.”

Hunk groaned again, but with an eye roll, and the next time he sneezed, he laughed too.

Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a microfic!

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idk this is a bit weird... Let's pretend that it can happen ok? How would rfa + minor trio react if mc grows cat ears and a cat tail when ever she's happy/excited? I can imagine Zen red from blushing and sneezing! >< How would Jumin react if he saw mc's ears and tail popping out while she's holding Elizabeth the 3rd with a big smile? I really like your writing and blog! Keep it up! (^з^)〜♡

(^o^ Thank you!! I don’t think it’s weird at all!)


  • The first time it happened
  • He thought he was dreaming.
  • “Uh… MC?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “You have cat ears.”
  • You explain this was normal when you were happy
  • He slowly gets used to it
  • Likes to put on cat ears and do the same so you don’t feel weird.


  • He also felt like he was going to sneeze around you
  • Now he knew why
  • He turned bright red
  • And started sneezing
  • “Eep! Zen are you ok?!”
  • He takes a lot of allergy meds to keep from sneezing
  • Thinks its adorable


  • He had just gotten home
  • And heard you giggling and talking to Elizabeth III
  • When he walked into the living room
  • He first thought you were dressed as a cat
  • But when you told him this always happened
  • He scooped you up
  • “Kitten, I knew you were special for more reasons than I can count.”


  • Did not expect this.
  • He did not see this in his background check
  • Loves it
  • Calls you Ellie when you are happy
  • Is in heaven


  • Thinks he’s gone nuts.
  • Tugs on your ears to see if they are real
  • When you cry out in pain, he pulls away
  • Thinking you were badly hurt
  • You tell him you’re fine
  • And just not to do that
  • Doesn’t want anyone else to see you in this cute form.


  • Can’t see
  • So he doesn’t realize until he is hugging you
  • And your ears tickle his nose
  • Thinks it is adorable


  • Panics at first
  • What did Seven do to you oh god
  • You have to calm him down.
  • Like Jumin, loves it
  • Especially since your ears and tail are cheetah
  • Dis boy loves him some cheetah print

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Hello! I love your writing <3 I also love fluff. That being said, since you are the best writer ever, do you think you can do a super fluffy day at a carnival (ferris wheels, other rides, foods and mini games for prizes) with the whole RFA gang? MC can be with your favorite member or Saeyoung cause he need so much love! It can be funny moments filled with fluffy cute small moments. I need the fluff >n<,

B-best wri-writer ever? *blushing*

So I don’t really have a fave, as I said before, because I think they all need so much love. But I chose Jaehee because, well… girls just wanna have fun *wink*

If you squint really hard, you can see the fluff and the carnival, it’s just the idea of a carnival is kinda different in my country, so I don’t know much about it and I focused on this dynamic between Jumin, Jaehee and MC. I hope you still like it, tho:

RFA at the carnival

  • It was Seven’s idea, it’s been a while since the RFA doesn’t get together just to hang out
  • It’s also a celebration due to the success of the café you and Jaehee opened a few months ago (although nobody said this officially, otherwise Jumin wouldn’t show up and wouldn’t let Yoosung go too)
  • So yeah… at first, it’s very awkward between Jumin and Jaehee. “Long time no see, Assi… Miss Kang.” “Good to see you, Mr. Ha… Jumin.”
  • But you and Seven manage to light the mood, you two are the most excited about the rides and keep telling everybody how amazing this is gonna be!
  • Zen is fascinated with the house of mirrors. How can he still manage to look so perfect even with his face all distorted? Ugh… he’s such a God’s mistake!
  • He also is showing off to you and Jaehee when he makes the bell ring at the strongman test, starts sneezing when he sees the prize is a stuffed kitten
  • “I think Jumin would like that, give it to him.” You suggest, Zen refuses giving a gift to Jumin. “Nevermind, I’ll give him.” You take the kitten.
  • Jumin is obviously uncomfortable, he watches while Yoosung and Seven are having fun in the bumping cars, Seven cornered Yoosung’s car and keeps bumping over and over.
  • He’s just… there, sitting on a bench. He starts scrolling on his phone when you sit beside him. “Not having fun?”
  •  “I’m just… working.” “I see… you really are a hardworker checking the chatroom where everybody is right here.” CAUGHT!
  • “You know I just came because Luciel basically kidnapped Yoosung, I’m not still comfortable being around…” “Her.” You finish to him, noticing the glance he gives to Jaehee while she’s shooting a target with Zen.
  • “Can I be honest with you, Jumin? I think it’s time to move on. Stop considering this a defeat, so what if you lost your assistant? You earned a new friend!”
  • “I… don’t need new friends.” “Jaehee really admires you and respects you, she’s ready to move on and forget the past, why can’t you?” he starts scrolling his phone again, is he listening? You sigh in frustration. “I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life! Okay, maybe you don’t need new friends, but you’ll definitely lose the few you have if you keep acting like this. Here’s a gift from Zen.” You storm away from him, throwing the kitten at him.
  • You’re worried that maybe you were too harsh, but Jaehee makes you forget this when she drags you to the roller coaster. You love her smile and he way her now long hair flows with the wind.
  • You two almost forget that you came with the boys. You try a lot of rides together and she earns you a stuffed turtle at one of the booths.
  • But you’re really alone when you go to the photo booth. You take silly pictures and you feel really hot when she leans closer to you. Is this gonna happen? For real? You’ve been waiting for so long…
  • “Ah, you’re here, Miss Kang, can we talk in private for a little?” the last photo is your flustered face due to a Jumin who just barged in to the photo booth. Seven is definitely keeping this photo.
  • Zen, Seven, Yoosung and you decide to grab something to eat. Most of the time, the actor and the hacker are trying to goofy off to make you two relax. It’s been a while since Yoosung isn’t able to just hang out like this, and you… are worried. Isn’t that conversation taking too long?
  • When they go back, Jumin scolds Yoosung for not waiting him to eat. “Yoosung couldn’t possibly know what you want, stop being a spoiled jerk!” “Hmmm, so I’ll have what you’re having.” Jumin takes Zen’s food out of his hands, the actor open his mouth to start a trail of insults.
  • “Before you make a scene, remember this is a public space, this can’t be good for a public figure.” And Zen sits reluctantly. Jumin is acting weirdly playful, what happened?
  • You want to ask Jaehee, but she sits across from you and start eating in silence. She looks hungry… and tense. Shit! Did you screw up?
  • For the last ride, Seven chose the Ferris Wheel, he takes Yoosung so he won’t sit with his boss. Zen wants to go with you, but Jumin gets in the way.
  • “Don’t thing too highly of yourself, though. We should just let the ladies stay together.” Well, Zen can’t disagree on that. “Also, you gave me this kitten, and I’m repaying the gesture. “ oh god… Zen will push Jumin off the Ferris Wheel, we should keep an eye on them.
  • You and Jaehee are together and alone again… you’re so afraid to say something, but you have to. “How… how was it with Jumin?”
  • “Painfully awkward…” oh god… “But I think we’ll be able to talk more properly when he goes to the café next Monday.” WHAT? JUMIN? ON THE CAFÉ? This is… this is… unexpected.
  • “I have no idea what you told him, but it worked.” She smiles sweetly, oh my… she’s not mad at you! And she’s so beautiful…
  •  You feel the thud of the Ferris Wheel stopping, with you two at the highest top. “Wow, the view is amazing…” she probably means the whole vision of the carnival, but to you, the view is her smile right now.
  • You’re staring, probably too much as she looks at you and blushes. “Do you think Luciel somehow hacked to leave us on the top like this?” she asks.
  • “Yeah, probably…” she’s leaning closer again… so hot… so hot… “Remind me of thanking him later.” And she finally does what was promised since the photo booth fiasco.
  • A kiss, the first one. You’re trembling and your face is on fire, her lips are so soft… you almost didn’t notice the fireworks exploding in the sky. Another Seven’s doing? Nah, just a very on point coincidence.
things my linguistics professor has said...

  • “the human brain is like a bird feeding”
  • “evolution basically goes “everyone change! now, who’s not dead?”
  • “giraffes are a totally fucking ridiculous shape”
  • [about the evolution of giraffes] “fuckers with the long necks ride more - have more offspring”
  • “it would be great to have intelligence and good eyesight” 
  • “i’m so turned on right not by your inability to express anything coherently” 
  • “you think i can’t see your phone behind the water bottle? is this your Trump persona” 
  • “children don’t wake up and say ‘i wasn’t feeling that well today, but i got up anyway’ no it’s ‘toy, shit, sneeze, things directly around them’”
  • “i can tell you so much about death”
  • “the child assumes that when you lean behind the desk and say flabbledock, you actually mean something”
  • “how the fuck does a child learn the meaning of the word ‘party’?”
  • “the sensitivity to work out a word like party involves all this weird shit”
  • “humans can’t tolerate words having the same meaning”
  • “humans die, so you’re going to die, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but certainly by the end of the week”
  • “and if i replaced your baby with a kitten, you’d still say ‘ah, that’s lovely”
  • “if you didn’t have rickets in 1930s Dublin, you were nobody”
  • “chickens respond to the color yellow which isn’t a movie fact, so it won’t be on the exam”
  • “if an animal eats a rat it doesn’t stop there, i mean, once you do one, you don’t stop”
  • “it’s a rat eater, a fucking Trump supporter”
  • “when i was your age, back when we were battling the dinosaurs”
  • “the shot the soldier the mosquito bit missed - now what the fuck was that”
  • “now, when humans 2.0 come along, whenever that is, they’ll be able to deal with double phrase centering”
  • “somehow magically, you can concentrate better with your tongue sticking out”
  • “see i can’t say ‘ding dong ding dong” and have you say ‘who’s there?’ i have to say ‘knock knock” but nobody fucking knock on doors anymore, they ring the doorbell - that’s how language works”
  • “a lot of criminals have bumps here [on their heads] so that’s the criminality bump, a lot of priests have a bump here, so that’s the ‘i like children’ bump - that’s the basis of phrenology”
  • “if you look at a cat brain, it’s not as groovy… as you kids say today”
  • “evolution can’t just decide ‘oh let’s make a new brain that functions properly’”
  • [for Broca’s aphasia] “they understand ‘the car was chased by the dog,’ because cars don’t chase dogs, but they don’t understand ‘the cat was chased by the dog’ because it’s 50/50 whether the cat chased the dog, because cat’s are bastards” 
  • “communicating an idea is different from language- ‘sure, i’d love to, does a bear shit in the woods?, is the pope a pedophile?’ - these are all ways to agree to go on a picnic”

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but like who's sneeze would sound like a tornado and who would sneeze like a tiny baby kitten? -lmao I thought of this today and I wanted to see what you thought-

Allura and Keith both have small sneezes- Keith’s is almost silent (although he does get a bit of kickback from it sometimes), and Allura’s has a faint sound that vaguely does sound like a baby kitten.

And it was a tough one here, but Shiro has the biggest sneeze of them all. And it’s not all the time here– he’s pretty good at holding them in. But when he doesn’t, it’s a full-on dad sneeze that echoes through several rooms. Louder than Hunk and Lance’s sneezes combined. 

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This is based off a post you made like months ago, but... founding father sneeze headcanons?

I headcanon Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe had a kitten sneezes, George Washington’s sneeze can wake the dead, Benjamin Franklin’s sneeze sounds more like a laugh, James Madison looks like he is about to sneeze and you’re like where?? did?? it??? go?? because it was so quiet. Thomas Jefferson sneezes are really muffled because he doesn’t want everyone turning back and staring at him. John Adams is very loud.

The Bidders When They Sneeze

I know I haven’t updated in so long lol, but I finally managed to come up with a shitpost headcanon ! Yay

@tsundere-eevee @bolt8826 @maidofstars @themysticaldaydreamer lmaoo

Eisuke: His sneezes are those annoying sneezes that build up all day, but linger on the nostrils (no wonder he’s always in a bad mood). Like, you’d think he’s faking a sneeze, but it just never comes out. When he does sneeze, he does it like a drama queen. His whole body shakes violently, and he sometimes even falls on the floor for dramatic effect. He gets mad when people don’t say “bless you” after a sneeze. It pisses everyone off.

Soryu: Like a ninja, his sneezes come out of nowhere. The whole penthouse room is silent, and everyone is busy doing their own thing, and then suddenly a sharp “a-CHOO!” would scare the living shit out of everyone. When they all snap their heads to look at him, Soryu acts like nothing ever happened.

Baba: Like, his sneezes have so much build-up and anticipation that you’d think he’d be roaring after. But no, it’s just a weird, anti-climactic “ah-AH-AHHHHHHHH-choo.”

Ota: Poor Ota sneezes like a rapid fire gun. Once he starts sneezing, he could go on for as long as it takes, depending on how dusty a place is. One time, he managed to reach a whopping 21 times, but by then, his face was so red and he sprayed everyone with his germs.

Mamoru: This guys sneezes like a beast. Like, you can feel the whole penthouse shake whenever he sneezes. Plus, he doesn’t really cover his mouth like he’s supposed to, so everyone’s pissed at him because they’re covered with his nasty spray. Ota and Baba once caught his sneeze on film, and it was glorious.

Shuichi: Nobody knows if he actually sneezes. If you ask Hikaru, though, he’ll tell you a different story. Apparently, this guy tries to hold in his sneezes all day, so when he finally gets home and is 100% sure that nobody’s looking, he explodes.

Luke: Polite sneezer. His sneezes aren’t as obnoxious as Eisuke’s or as loud as Mamoru’s. He always has a handkerchief prepared, or anything to cover his mouth, really. He wouldn’t allow himself to spread those nasty germs. That’s just gross.

Hikaru: Whenever this guy sneezes, it’s a mess. Like, he covers his mouth with his hand, but you can tell that he slobbered all over it. He always begs for tissue from the nearest person, and it’s almost a pitiful sight to see.

Bonus - MC: She, bless her soul, has the cutest sneeze. It comes out like a little “chew!”, almost like a puppy or a kitten. She doesn’t want to spread her germs around, so she always covers her mouth with her elbow or a hanky. Interestingly enough, after she sneezes, you can hear eight voices screaming “BLESS YOU!” in varying degrees of loudness.

Caught Part 2

(A.N. Hey, Guys! I just have to say writing this was been a roller coaster. When y’all wanted this to be a part 2 I had no idea what the plot was going to be but @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch gave me such a good plot for it. I screen shot it of course but only half of it. IM A FUCKING DUMBASS! So I just wrote the story with what I had to work with. I messaged them and right when I finish writing I get their message that was sent an hour AGO. Go follow them because they dealt with all of my bullshit. Anyways, Enjoy O_o)

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Snowflakes gracefully falling from the gray sky, find a place in the blond boy’s hair next to me who has his gaze set in the clouds.

“Princess it isn’t polite to stare you know.” The blond boy switched his gaze from the clouds to me. His normally blue-gray iris have shifted to light blue thanks to the snowy white surroundings.

Gripping his gloved hand a bit tighter I look down to the ground and blush. “Sorry.”

Draco gives a little chuckle and lifts my chin with his pointed finger.

His eyes directly into mine he says,”I love you.”

Feeling more heat come to my cheeks I replied softly,”I love you too, Draco.”

Moving his hand from my chin he puts it on my cheek chuckling he presses his warm lips against mine.

Swiping his tongue over my bottom lip, asking for permission, I open my mouth a bit to let his tongue roam my mouth.

Pulling away I move head into my elbow and sneeze.

“Are you cold, Love?”

“Yeah, a little bit,” I say tightening my house colored scarf around my neck.

“Go sit on that bench over there,” Draco pointed to one of the only benches that didn’t have any snow on it. “I’ll go get us some warm butterbeer.”

Going our separate ways Draco say from over his over his shoulder, “By the way Y/N you sneeze like a kitten.”

Laughing at his words I settle in the middle of the bench I wait for my ferret to come back.

Looking at the cloudy sky I feel a space beside me get occupied.

Looking to my left first I see a Slytherin I dread to see; Crabbe.

Crossing my arms over my chest I question,”What do you want?”

“Oh, me? Who said I wanted something?” Crabbe smirked

“Okay? If you don’t want anything I’ll be going.” I retort flipping my hair over my shoulder.

Standing up Crabbe grabs my forearm he murmurs, “Who said to get up, Princess?”

“I did! So LET GO of me!” I yelp at the tightness of his grip.

“Sit down, Princess.” Goyle threatened

“NO.” Struggling out of his grip.

“Let go of her!” A distant voice yelled.

Snapping my head towards the voice I see Draco with two mugs of Butterbeer making his way towards me and the unwanted Slytherin.

Draco pushing his way from the other Hogwarts students and the stores he gets stopped by Goyle.

“Princess I would sit because we’re about to get a show,” Crabbe smirks

I give the smirking Slytherin the death glare.

Turning my attention back to Goyle and Draco they were arguing until Draco drenched Goyle with the contents from one of the mugs.

Punching Goyle in the stomach. He runs passed Goyle and towards Crabbe and me.

Suddenly I feel two arms go around my waist and I get dragged down onto Crabbe lap.

Sitting on Crabbe lap I start to kick Crabbe with the heels of my boots.

“Stop that, Bitch.” Crabbe retorts digging his fingernails into my flesh.

Draco finally reaching us he looks at Crabbe with hate in his eyes.

“Let. Her. Go. Crabbe. Or I swear I will-”

“You’re so tough aren’t you, Malfoy. But I think you should really be a mate and –”

I feel Crabbe’s body tense looking at Draco for an answer his eyes hold confusion like mine.

Looking over Draco’s shoulder I see Professor Snape looking down on a Butterbeer covered Goyle.

Draco follows my gaze and see’s what I see.

“Shit.” Draco whispers

Snape’s black eyes move from the Butterbeer covered Slytherin to Crabbe, Draco, and me.

Goyle finger was pointed directly at us.

The greasy haired teacher started to make his way to the three of us.

“Draco, mate, no hard feelings, right? This whole thing is I mean was a joke.” Crabbe stuttered

“My ass.” I sassied

“Please don’t tell Snape-” trembled Crabbe

“Don’t tell me what, Mr.Crabbe?”

“Nothing, of course, sir.”

“Then why is Ms.L/N sitting on your lap?”

Releasing his grip from me he pushed me from his lap I almost hit the ground but Draco caught me before I did.

“I don’t know s-she just sat on me.”Crabbe stuttered

“Is that true Mr.Malfoy?”

“Of course not, Professor. He forced her to sit on him.” Draco said helping me to my feet.

“She even has marks to prove it.” Draco notes showing Snape the crested moons on my forearm.

Snape’s eyes examined my arm then examined the extremely looking Crabbe.

“Mr.Crabbe please come with me. Get Mr.Goyle too and meet me in my office.”

Crabbe slowly nodded and got up from the bench and went to go gather his other half.

“Mr.Malfoy since this is your first offense I will not tell your father about this. But if this happens again I’ll have no choice. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I do.”

Snape turned around sharply his black clock following him. He began to walk towards Hogwarts.

Draco moved his gaze from Snape to me. “Love, are you okay? I’m sorry I should have brought you with me. I–”

“Draco I’m fine just a little cold.”

“After all of that, you’re just a little cold?”


Draco chuckled grabbing my hand and placing a kiss on it.

“Let’s go warm you up them,” Draco said winking at me.

Chuckling at my red cheeks we made our way to the castle.

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Odd question. Let's say that the skelebros can sneeze, what are there sneezes like? Who sounds like a kitten? Who sneezes violently? Who has ugly sneezes? Who sneezes with the force of 9000 jet engines? Who sneezes loud enough that it shakes the entire Mt. ebott? GIMME THE SNEEZES

* I’m assuming you mean the main 4 AUs


Stifled, half swallowed sneezes. His face scrunches up when he sneezes


He breaks the sound barrier with his sneezes


Gross wet sneeze with a sniffle at the end


A dainty little “chu~” followed by the loudest EXCUSE ME!!!!! ever


A dramatic buildup, cartoon-like; A… AA…. AAAAACHEE! Ends with a nose wiggle and a sigh. 


Quiet, through the mouth sneezes. Sounds like a cross between a cough and a tsk. Comes in 3s


His natural sneeze is mildly loud, the wet spit flying everywhere kind. But he trained himself to keep his sneezes in so it sounds like he’s having hiccups when he sneezes.


Makes it a point to dab every time he sneezes. I mean, it is practical. He sneezes like a dad. 

A bunch of fucking ishimondo headcanons

Mondo orders a cake for Ishimaru and the frosting is pink so he thinks it’s blood and starts crying

Ishimaru threw a rock and it accidentally hit Mondo and he starting bawling and he took him to the hospital and Mondo’s just like “Kyoudai calm down it didn’t hurt”

Once Mondo and Ishimaru tried switching talents for a day and Ishimaru ended up driving Mondo’s motorcycle into a lake and Mondo got detention for beating up people who broke the rules so he had to give himself detention

Once Ishi and Mondo were on a ferris wheel and they got to the top and it stopped and Ishimaru got really worried that they would die up there and started bawling and hugging Mondo and saying how much he loved him

Ishimaru and Mondo had a competition about who could be nicer and Mondo said something really really nice that it made ishimaru cry

Mondo and Chihiro put trick candles on Ishimarus birthday cake so when he tried blowing them out they kept lighting back up so ishimaru started crying

In Mondo’s birthday Ishimaru gave him a cards that said “Free kisses and hugs for a life time” and Mondo used them a lot

Ishimaru makes Mondo blush a lot by kissing him in public

Leon told Ishimaru bj stands for “Big Jet” and said Mondo really wanted a big jet so ishimaru went over to Mondo and said “Kyoudai I’m gonna give you a bj one day!!” In front of everyone and Mondo almost died of embarrassment

I saw after a long day Ishimaru likes to strip down and just sleep. So after a long hard day of being a hall monitor Ishimaru didn’t feel like putting his pajammies on so he just stripped down and slept but then Mondo came in and laid beside him and he’s like “Hey kyoudai” and Ishi just starts blushing really hard and says “Kyoudai I’m not wearing anything..” and Mondo just rolls of the bed and rolls under it and has a blush attack (and for some of you I’ll let your imagination see how it plays out from there)

Mondo and Ishimaru watched some scary movie and Ishimaru almost choked Mondo from from hugging him really tight

Everytime Ishimaru tries to help Mondo study they end up trying not to do a bunch of cute shit with each other

Mondo gives ishimaru eskimo kisses a lot

Once Ishi and Mondo bought a big thing of cotton candy and shared it

Ishimaru sneezes like a kitten and Mondo thinks it’s really cute

Ishimaru and Mondo watched old yeller and cried really hard with each other

Fukawa wrote a bunch of dirty ishimondo fanfiction and they both found it and read it and blushed really hard

Mondo tried to make ishimaru cookies bit ended up burning them but Ishimaru ate them anyway

Ishimaru wore a bunny suit on Easter and it made Mondo almost die of cuteness

Ishimaru and Mondo shared a bowl of spaghetti and ended up sucking on the same noodle and kissed like the lady in the tramp movie

Everytime ishi and Mondo pass the butter at the store Ishimaru starts crying

Ishimaru and Mondo went star gazing once and they saw a shooting star and Ishimaru said “Make a wish kyoudai!” And Mondo says “My wish already came true..I’m with you” and gives him a little kiss and Ishimaru tears up a bit from the happiness
(I’m proud of this one)

Ishimaru and Mondo watched the fireworks together on the 4th of July and There was one that made a really loud boom noise and Ishi got scared to Mondo cuddled him

Ishimaru made a dog that looked like Chuck at build a bear and gave it to Mondo and he almost cried

Ishimaru and Mondo switched clothes and they imitated each other and Mondo didn’t mean to but when he was pretending to be ishi he said some pretty rude things without realizing it and Ishimaru started crying

Ishimaru tried to make a couple barbie dolls look like him and Mondo so they could play together

Ishimaru watched the Titanic with Mondo and started sobbing at the end

Ishimaru made a chart of everyday Mondo went a day without swearing and if he reaches 10 days he’ll take him to a motorcycle race or something

Chihiro gave Ishimaru the lyrics to a sex song and told him to sing it in front of everyone and Ishimaru didn’t mind cuz he didn’t understand what it was about so he said something like “This song goes out to my kyoudai!” And he sang it and Mondo just stood there face totally red the whole time

Ishimaru and Sayaka put on a show and Ishimaru plays the recorder and Sayaka plays the tambourine and when they’re done Ishimaru thought he sucked compared to Sayaka but Mondo just tells him how great he was
(Even though they both sucked)

Mondo bought a Wii and got Mario kart so him and Ishi decided to play it together and Mondo beats Ishi like 10 times in a row and Ishimaru cries

Ishimaru thinks there’s a monster under his bed so Mondo has to pretend to scare it away every night

Ishimaru once dressed up as a maid and shows Mondo and he has a nosebleed

Ishimaru and Mondo go to SeaWorld and they go to the dolphins and Ishimaru wants to feed one so they both go over to the place and Ishimaru falls in the water and starts crying and Mondo has to save him

The whole DR cast goes go the beach and when it’s nighttime Ishi and Mondo sits on the beach by the waves and draw each other and stuff in the sand

Ishimaru makes a little scrapbook of all their favorite moments and gives it to him for Christmas

Ishimaru and Mondo go on a date and Chihiro decides to be the third wheel and tags along

When Ishimaru and Mondo first kissed it was very awkward because Mondo’s hair kept getting in the way and they were both blushing pretty hard and they didn’t know when to stop

Ishimaru teaches Mondo how to make rice balls

Ishimaru cries over almost everything but Mondo’s always there to comfort him

Mondo and Ishimaru watched some movie and a sex scene came on and they both just looked away from each other and blushed really hard

Mondo tries to make Ishimaru chocolate for Valentine’s day but fails so Ishimaru helps him make some and they eat it together

Mondo goes really fast on his motorcycle sometimes just to make Ishi hold on tighter and so he can comfort him when the ride is over

Ishimaru and Mondo made out once and it was really really awkward and Ishimaru cried afterwards

Ishimaru sings you are my sunshine to Mondo and cries as he sings it

When they’re studying Ishimaru tends to ask Mondo questions to make sure he’s listening and everytime he gets a question right he gives him a kiss

Mondo gets ishimaru to play the pocky game with him and when they’re noses start touching ishimaru starts blushing like crazy but Mondo ends up breaking the pocky and Ishimaru just kisses him

Ishimaru sees Mondo slide down the stair rail and wants to show him he’s cool so he tries it but ends up falling off half way and gets a bunch of cuts and starts crying so Mondo takes him home and takes care if him

Ishimaru and Mondo go out in the snow at night time and look at all the Christmas lights and stuff

Ishimaru finds some mini doll thing and shows Mondo and he’s like “Kyoudai look! Isn’t this doll the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” and Mondo says “No” and Ishimaru asks “…what is then?” And Mondo gives him a little kiss and says “I’m looking at him right now” and Ishi just blushes like crazy and almost cries