and you should totally watch it

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Oh my gosh, you should totally rp as Sherlock gradually realizing his feelings for John- I mean, if you're into Johnlock that is. It's just- your acting is so full of little subtleties, I think it would be fantastic to watch

Andy: I was actually considering that, but on a separate blog. Any interest?

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Yeah, I understand what you are saying. I don't see a lot of SB shippers hating on Iris, because I'm lucky that every SB/Caitlin fan I follow are very respectful and even like Iris as well, but I know it happens. Although it also happens with WA fans hating on Caitlin and taking it waaay too far. Like, I've seen people calling Danielle a whale (I don't know if that's like an inside joke or it is about her body) and saying horrible things to her. So both parts can be really rude and immature.

+ Also I don’t think it is always about race that people don’t like Iris/WA. I find silly when people call every snowbarry shipper racist when it might not be the case. Tho I’m not saying it is NEVER the case because like I say before, I know it happens. And yes, you should totally watch season three. So far is great for Caitlin, but after 3x07 she doesn’t get that much attention on her powers. Which is sad because she could be more useful now. But maybe after the hiatus she will! :)

Yeah i don’t doubt that there are nasty people everywhere, though personally the most i’ve seen people call Danielle is “boring” and “a bad actress”. But tbh the shit that Danielle gets is nothing compared to how much Candice Patton and Iris get shit on by people, esp during s1 and the first half of s2. Like, Candice got (and is stilll getting) so much hate when she started playing Iris (not specifically from Snowb*rry shippers though it was from people in general) and a lot of it comes from racism and more specifically, misogynoir. People were used to a white Iris West, and the fact that she was now black for the first time angered a lot of people. Also, a lot of people are still uneasy with seeing a black woman being the main female lead, and love interest of the (white) hero, and the same people who loved Westallen in the comics/previous Flash adaptations suddenly started saying that Iris and Barry shouldn’t end up together lol.

Now i’m not saying that every single person who dislikes Iris or Westallen is necessarily racist, but the truth is internalized racism is extremely pervasive and most of the reasons people give you when you ask them “Why don’t you like Iris?” are lowkey racists.

Anyway during s2 my fave part of Caitlin’s storyline was when she was confronted with Earth-2 Killer Frost, and she realized for the first time that there was this darkness in her. So it’ll be interesting to watch her struggle with it as she gets powers of her own.

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Just watched through your undertale playthrough after that ask you did earlier. It was pretty great, but now it's got me tearing up again, poor azzy. Also you really don't do well with scary stuff, you should totally play some scary games on stream.

PFFFF (sorry for the late reply, apperently i didnt press enter in my phone with this) BUT PFFF HOROR GAMES AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH I cant even look at the monitor if a jumpscare happens lololol.

So I just got back from watching Arrival, the new alien film every movie-goer is talking about. Spoiler free comment below!

I know this is probably going to be no different from what everyone must be saying about the film, but it isn’t your usual sci-fi end of the world alien film. It’s not scary, or crazy full of explosions. It’s very human, very real and full of emotion. I loved every moment - it’s visually stunning and the soundtrack is breathtaking.

If you have the chance to go and watch it, you totally should!!

funny story

so when I was in 6th grade, I didn’t have many friends and my only talent was imagining scenarios where people would talk to me and say something negative, then I’d come up with a snarky comeback. so, I recorded them down. then, one day, this group of boys who think they’re cool pass by me and said “yo, we should totally roast that nerd!” then pointed to me.
I overheard this and immediately I turned around and said “roasting me wouldn’t do any good, I’m already the hottest one here” and then I flipped my hair, then walked away. you know how people can be blinded by pride? well, I was so proud of myself that I didn’t notice the row of lockers in front of me. of course, I had crashed into the locker. the group of males were still watching me.


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Stydia Mericcup (+ Scallison Jackunzel) [10/19]

thank you so so much to kat, who took the time to pick a teen wolf scene that fit perfectly for these four (seeing as i made this gifset before i started watching the show whoops)


Aries: It’s funny as hell running for ur life!!!

Taurus: There’s a reason why bull fighting is Spain’s favorite sport….olé

Gemini: It’s funny watching their personality fall apart as they try to figure out how to deal with their anger

Cancer: People angry sobbing is pretty entertaining to watch

Leo: You have totally ruined their self esteem and sense of worth

Virgo: Being blackmailed is a great way to start everyday

Libra: It’s a good way of showing their true colors

Scorpio: You shouldn’t 

Sagittarius: Good excuse to avoid them

Capricorn: You shouldn’t, it’s boring and annoying

Aquarius: Fearing for your life is a once in a lifetime experience

Pisces: They were being shitty anyways so now is a good time to drop them

what your favorite hamilton song says about you
  • alexander hamilton: you've only listened to trailers and promos
  • my shot: you tried to listen to the entire soundtrack but got distracted; that one song was totally cool, though
  • the schuyler sisters: you watched that one genderswap version in #ham4ham and can't forget it, ever
  • you'll be back: you really enjoy britpop, perhaps too much for any one human being
  • right-hand man: you're a revolutionary war nerd who always loved george washington
  • satisfied: you have good taste
  • wait for it: you have a pulse
  • guns and ships: you really love and admire daveed diggs, as we all should
  • history has its eyes on you: are you sure you don't just want to bone george washington
  • the battle of yorktown: you fantasize about getting to say "fuck" on national television, like hercules mulligan
  • dear theodosia: you like to cry about parents and children
  • nonstop: you're known for being able to keep up with a million things happening at once
  • say no to this: listen, you can find the porn in aisle 3
  • the room where it happens: your favorite Disney song is "Be Prepared"
  • one last time: you like to cry about george washington, or possibly just sad dads in general
  • hurricane: you enjoy wordplay and/or manpain
  • burn: you don't enjoy manpain at all, but you do enjoy philippa soo
  • it's quiet uptown: what the fuck, are you even human, are you literally made of tears
  • the world was wide enough: you think leslie odom jr should have gotten TWO tonys for best actor

You should totally go watch The Pirates right now, unless you’ve seen it before, in which case you should probably watch it again. I can’t write a proper review of it because I’m not drunk, and this feels like the kind of movie I’d review much better if I was drunk, but I can say that it gave me the same sort of glee as Hansel and Gretel, Witch-hunters or the first Pirates of the Caribbean, only without the flagrant anachronism or anything supernatural.

Instead you’ve got Ye-Jin Son’s bad-ass beautiful pirate babe (above) repeatedly kicking dudes in the face and also communing with whales. She only shows skin when she gets in a my-scar-is-more-badass-than-your-scar contest with the male lead.

Everything in this movie is over the top and flaunting it. 

Also there’s a hapless ex-pirate who keeps trying to teach a bunch of bandits basic marine biology, and the best cinematic use of a seagull ever

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do you think Hades and Persephone do sarcastic commentary for Zeus' blunders and sexual stupidity?


Persephone: Oh, what a surprise. He’s chatting up a mortal woman. This can only end brilliantly.

Hades: I eagerly await the moment that he pledges to spend his entire life with her and they join hands in blissful monogamy. 

Persephone: He’s actually touching her cheek now. This is truly the greatest romance of our age. I feel as though I’m watching history in the making.

Hades: I want to commission Orpheus to write a stirring ballad about their true love. 

Persephone: Should we intervene? 

Hades: Hades, no. We haven’t got to the good bit yet.

Persephone: Do you mean the part where he turns into some sort of improbable animal and makes sweet bestial love to her, or the part where she gives birth to their child and Hera flies into a homicidal rage?

Hades: I actually meant the part where her husband comes home, but you’re totally right, those are the best bits. This is the greatest day ever.

Persephone: Since yesterday, anyway. 

Hades: Ha, yeah. She was a good one. 

Persephone: I particularly liked the way she exploded.

Hades: For the record, I am so, so happy with the arrangement that you and I have.

Persephone: What, a normal marriage?

Hades: Yeah. Apart from the whole kidnapping thing, we’re like the most functional couple in the pantheon. 

Persephone: It’s kind of fucked up, isn’t it?

Hades: Totally. Hey, look! Her husband’s home! 

Persephone: Oh man, this is about to get good. Pass me the popcorn.

People have given Trevor Noah a hard time ever since he took over The Daily Show, but he totally scored a huge win on last night’s show with Tomi Lahren from The Blaze. While she jabbered on at top speed and bitched about BLM and Colin Kaepernick, Trevor remained calm, collected, poised, and allowed her to hoist herself by her own ignorant petard. As I’ve seen some people point out on Twitter, I don’t think she may fully realize that Trevor is a biracial man from South Africa who had to be zealously protected by his mother because his birth actually violated apartheid laws. He could have easily been killed as a child due to his identity as biracial.

If you haven’t seen the full interview, I urge you to seek it out, it’s remarkable.