and you should see the spiders

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A- Age: I am 20 (almost 21 though yasss #turn up LOL) 
B- Biggest fear: SPIDERS. 
C- Current time: 2:28pm 
D- Drink you last had:  Water
E- Every day starts with: groaning when my alarm goes off
F- Favourite song: uhhh at this moment it is The Other by Lauv
G- Ghosts, are they real?: Don’t think so but it’s fun to watch shows about them. BOO!
I- In love with: PIZZA (gimme gimme) 
K- Killed someone: nope. never. 
L- Last time you cried: probably yesterday LOL
M- Middle name: Erin
N- Number of siblings: ZERO
O- One wish: Have my name in the credits of a movie that makes it to theatres. 
P- Person you last called/texted: texted (more like messaged but same difference) my buddy @tarched
Q- Questions you are always asked:  I honestly can’t think of anything. HAHA
R- Reasons to smile: My friends, my family, warm weather, hiccstrid, dragons, vikings….the list keeps going LOL
S- Song last sang: I do not sing. Do not ask me to sing because that would end badly…for your ears. 
T- Time you woke up: 8:30am 
U- Underwear colour:
uhhhh blue
V- Vacation destination: Santorini, Greece (someone take me there right now)
W- Worst habit:
I have a lot but the one i can think of at the moment is biting on pens (because I am currently doing that). HAHA
X- X-Rays you’ve had:
Knee (multiple times actually. competitive swimming killed my knees). 
Y- Your favourite food: Pizza (as mentioned earlier, gimme!!) 
Z- Zodiac sign: Taurus  

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mbmbam pilot highlights:

  • “this one isn’t really a tarantula” “THEN WHY’D YOU BRING IT, MARK?”
  • spider guy saying “this is probably the most dangerous spider you’ll ever see” and travis IMMEDIATELY bolting outta the room
  • the brothers clinging to travis’s arms and quietly chanting words of support as a spider walked across his hand
  • travis’s spider safety suit had a homemade nametag
  • in true littlest brother fashion, griffin ratted on travis to their dad, on camera. i cannot fucking believe this.
  • hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex. blast off into cybersex joe biden

Lmao honestly stop trying to disguise your Tony Stark hate by saying shit like “I’m upset that Spider-Man Homecoming is going to focus on other characters besides Peter” like no most of you don’t actually care because no one gave a fuck when Cap 2 had Natasha and Sam in it, or fucking Cap 3 had literally every Avenger in it. You’re upset that Tony Stark is going to be portrayed how he should be, that he’s going to be appreciated by other characters instead of constantly stomped on by nearly everyone for the sake of the “plot” so if you’re not here for father figure Tony Stark then go ahead and unfollow me because I am 1000% here for this.

I love you (MATURE)

I know this isn’t Marvel imagine, but i wrote this long time ago and thought maybe i should post it. 

The bed was so comfortable. She rolled around in her sleep and she felt like she was floating on the clouds. She starched her arm to touch her boyfriend, but all she met was more silky sheets. She slowly began to open her eyes, it took her some time before she could see properly. Her eyes needed some time to get used to the darkness.

That reminded her of the psychology class from the other day, when their teacher told them, that their eyes need thirty minutes before you could see anything.

She always found that very stupid, especially when she was walking to school in the morning. Her eyes didn’t need thirty minutes to get used to the darkness, she could see properly just after five minutes.

She looked around the room but she couldn’t find much known, and very dear silhouette to her. He was nowhere to be found, and that got her wondering, what he could be possibly doing at this time of the night. To be honest she didn’t know what time it was, and neither was she going to look, because it would be a crime to move from this holy position.

She was always laying on her stomach, she would much likely fall asleep on her back, but during the night she would always find her way back onto the stomach. It was the most comfortable pose ever. So she didn’t even bother to roll back and grab her phone form the night stand.

She was laying like that for solid ten minutes, even though it seemed to her like it was hours. She wasn’t sure how much time has passed, but she wondered how she didn’t fall asleep immediately. She is always the first one to fall asleep, she could lay anywhere, and within the minute, and she would be out.

But it was only because she was sleeping next to him, but when they were separated because of his tour and her school, she would barely get some kind of sleep. She just missed the warmth his body produced, the feeling of his strong, muscular hands wrapped around her body. His sweet little kisses all the way from her back, over her shoulder, around her neck and finally locking with hers. His low voiced “Goodnight” that was so innocence, but it would still send shivers down her spine.

She is so deeply in love with him, so over her head with him, he can make her lose her mind in less than a second. She would do anything for him, and that scares her the most. She never thought she would love anyone so much, it terrifies her sometimes. The thought that he holds her everything in his hands, her heart, her soul, her life, that one wrong word, move and she will be shuttered, broken, left in pieces.

He isn’t the type of person that would hurt her on purpose, he’s a sweet, loving and genuine guy. But lately he hasn’t been acting like himself. She understands that tour took a lot of his energy, and that all he wants now is peace and to relax, and she respects that. What hurts the most is when he says he needs to relax but he goes out with his friends, and comes home in early morning hours. She tried to confront him about it, but he would just raise his hands in the air, call her petty or just tell her that he missed them.

But so does she. She haven’t seen him in a year, all she wants now is, for him to wrap his hands around her, tell her he loves her and just cuddle for the rest of the day. She’s not asking for much, is she now? And even though he’s home now, she feels the same way she did when he was on tour. She misses him, and he’s right there, but just like he isn’t. She tried everything, she wonders if she did something wrong, is he mad at her, but anytime she would start a conversation about it, he would just push her off.

She let out a loud sigh and moved the covers from her body, and as soon as the silky sheets left her body, she felt shivers run down her spine, and only then she realised, the balcony doors were open, she was staring at them but she didn’t notice, not until now, and that’s exactly what he does to her. She wasn’t really sure why she felt the shivers because it wasn’t even cold.

And then she saw him, he was standing there, leaning onto balcony fence, looking so peaceful, maybe that’s the reason she felt them, her brain recognised him before she did. But one thing shocked her, he was smoking a cigarette. She was damn sure he stopped, at least that’s what he said. Well more correctly, that’s what he promised to do.

All she wanted to do was to go out, hug him from behind and just stay like that for hours. But she was afraid, afraid to move, because if he hears her, he will turn around and again go into his, now natural state, tensed.

She observed him for few more minutes, and then she decided to get up, she didn’t walk towards him, rather she went down to the kitchen and grab herself something to drink. She wasn’t really thirsty, but she couldn’t lay there anymore. She was so distracted that she almost fell over the pile of his clothes that was on the floor. And that little pile made her so angry, so she just wanted to turn around, go out and yell at him. Later on, she wasn’t even sure if she was mad about the pile, or about him in general.

She opened the fridge and just stared in, does she take bottle of water or apple juice. She went with just regular water, because she didn’t want anything sweet. She poured it into a glass and brought it to her lips, she was slowly drinking while looking through the kitchen window, into the dark, full of shadows, back yard. Shadows were playing around, enlighten the trees, now from this, now from that side. She calmed down a little bit, and she didn’t even hear him come.

Lately she was so distracted, it started to bother her. His low and quiet voice shook her out of her dreams. It was so quiet, but so was the house so it sounded like he was standing right behind her, but she knew he was either leaning onto kitchen door, or kitchen cabinets.

“Why are you up so late?”

She wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Does she tells him the truth, that she can’t sleep without him and that the person who sleeps with her now isn’t her boyfriend, but some stranger taking over his body? Or does she just lie to him, and tells him its school? She rather decided to say nothing but to stare through window again.

Now she could feel the smell of cigarette that he just smoked, and it bothered her so much. The smell was so unpleasant, she wanted to turn around and tell him to shower. She took a deep breath, put the glass into the sink, knowing that she’s going to wash it tomorrow. She slowly turned around, trying not to catch his gaze, slowly started walking towards their shared room.

Just as she thought she had passed him, she felt the strong grip on her hand. By then she was already pissed off, and all she could do was let out a loud groan. She tried to pull her hand out of his grip, but he only pulled her closer. Her face met his bare chest, and she appreciated the warmth and smell of his body, even though the smell of cigarette ruined it.

“I’m tired Justin, let me go, please.”

Her voice was low, she felt tired, but not physical tiredness, no the mental one was bigger problem.

“Apparently you’re not tired enough if you woke up at 2.30 a.m.” and what could she say to that. She hated it when he became cocky little shit, mostly because that wasn’t her Justin. She wanted to talk to him about everything, but she knew it would all turn into a fight, and for that, she was not ready.

“My mouth was dry, so it woke me up, can you please let me go now?”

She whispered into his chest, feeling her eyes getting wetter. No she didn’t want to cry, but sometimes we don’t cry because we’re weak, we cry because it’s the only way to let out the pain, the frustration. It’s the only way to make mental pain, physical. But she didn’t want to cry in front of him, she just didn’t.

But his question dried her eyes in a second, she again became frustrated and angry, but at the same time confused and sad. That’s what he does to her. Confuses her, completely.

“Why are you avoiding me? In the evening, you’re already sleeping even before I enter the room. You leave in the morning without a kiss, without a goodbye. When I want to make you feel good, and you know how good I make you feel, your head hurts, or you have an exam to study for, or just something else that doesn’t make any damn sense.”

She was indeed avoiding him, but she only did it because she thought that would protect her from him. She didn’t know why she needed the protection from him, but she felt that way, if he was going to push her away, she won’t be able to try and hold him.

She was once again speechless, or so she pretended she was. She was a burning lion, observing, but always ready to attack.

She felt his hand under her chin, pulling it up, to finally meet his gaze. Every single time she would look into his eyes, he would make her feel like she’s seeing him for the first time ever, that weird feeling in her stomach made her change her weight from her right to her left leg.

He looked at her, or more properly, he observed her, he was still waiting for an answer, but he knew he wouldn’t get one, not from her and not tonight. But did he even wanted it? No, he just needed her attention, but he didn’t realise he was the reason why she stopped giving him so much attention. She wasn’t even aware of what she was doing to him. He was making him go crazy, he hated her for that.

He moved so fast she didn’t even got to catch a breath before her back met stone cold wall. His hands were on each side of her body, her legs were wrapped around him, and they fit so perfectly. His face was so close, their noses touched and she could feel his hot breath on her face. He was looking deeply into her eyes like he was asking for permission, but she knew he wasn’t.

Their lips met, and there was no sweetness in it, no patience, only roughness. But she didn’t mind, he moved his left hand down her body and gripped her ass, ass his lips did the same, concentrating on her neck. His pace was at the same time rough but perfect. All she could do was let out a small moan, that made him lean more into her, and she could feel his smirk growing against her neck. She wrapped her hand around his muscles, digging her nails into his skin. Suddenly he pulled his lips away from her neck, and he moved her from cold wall to the kitchen table. She used the chance to take her shirt off.

As soon as her nipples were exposed and hit by cold air they got hard. His eyes moved from her lips to her breast and he didn’t waste any time. He took her right nipple into his mouth, nibbling and sucking onto it, while he took other one in between his fingers and started tugging onto it. She let out a loud moan of pleasure. His mouth moved from her nipple to her mouth.

“You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that? Let me make you feel the way I only know.”

He mumbled against her lips, the only response she offered him was a small whimper. He moved his lips down her jaw again, this time making sure to leave marks all the way from her neck to her breast. He moved his left hand down her body, until he reached her inner thigh. He moved the tips of his fingers against the sensitive skin, teasing her. She groaned and tried to pull herself closer to him, she was eager to fell his touch.

“Please, Justin” she whispered. Neither of them could wait any longer, but he felt indescribable pleasure teasing her. He slid his hand into her underwear, his fingers meeting her clit, rubbing it roughly. “So fucking wet.” He slid his fingers into her without a warning. Sudden pleasure made her let out loud moan, trying to get even closer to him, just so she could feel more of him.

“You keep moving closer to me, baby girl, even though there is no more place to move. See, only I make you feel this way. You should remember that.” He moved his lips from her neck and looked deeply into her eyes.

“I was going to tease you some more, but I just want to fuck the shit out of you.” he pulled his fingers out, pulled his Calvin Klein’s down, separated her legs and without a warning slammed into her. His mouth fell open while she moaned loudly. She wrapped her hands around his naked body, scratching his back.

“Fucking hell. You’re so tight, baby girl.” he hovered over her, making her back hit the cold table board. His mouth found her nipple and started nibbling onto it. Her mouth fell open from sudden pleasure. His hips found a perfect pace.

“Tell me how good I make you feel.” He groaned against her nipple. She wanted too, but the pleasure was too much and the only way she responded was through loud moan. But he wasn’t pleased with that. He slapped her ass, twice, once from right side, other time from left side. Burn that she felt after his hands made her whimper even more. When she still wasn’t responding, he picked his pace, even though she thought he couldn’t go any faster.

Their bodies moved in sync, and she could spot sweat dripping down his forehead. Even though the kitchen was very big, it became so hot in there that she wanted to jump out of her skin.

She felt his hand around her neck, griping her tightly, and the rough feeling almost pushed her over the edge, but he suddenly pulled out. The sudden feeling of emptiness made her whimper.

“You’re not cumming, until you tell me how god I make you feel, you understand me?” she nodded and pulled her hips up, trying to get him to continue. But he just looked at her. She took a deep breath and started.

“You make me feel so-“but she wasn’t able to finish. He pushed into her with so much force, all she could do was scream. She could see a smirk playing on his lips, he was pleased with her answer.

She felt the well-known feeling and she knew she was close. She won’t be able to hold it any longer, but she could see he was just as close as she was.

“I feel you getting tighter around me. You wanna cum, baby girl?” His voice was low and husky and she only could nod.

“Yes, please.” She somehow mumbled in between the moans.

“Look at me, let’s cum together.” Their eyes met, and like it was their trigger, his movements became sloppier and he let out a loud groan, while she screamed out his name, scratching his back. She could feel him feeling her up with his jounces and it was the best feeling.

“Oh fuck.” He mumbled, they both tried to catch a breath after an amazing experience.

“I love you.” he leaned closer and locked their lips once again. “I love you” she mumbled against his lips.

He picked her into his arms and carried her to their shared room.

Tony [off-panel]: Spider-Girl, what do you think we should do?
Anya: Um…there is no “we.” This is my problem. I can go in and get him. No offense, but…I asked you guys for help once. I don’t ask twice.
Steve: She’s stubborn.
Tony: You see why we like her?
Steve: Little bit.
Tony: I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with a character defect like that. Can you?

– From Avengers Assemble #24 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis, art by Matteo Buffagni, coloured by Ruth Redmond


Request: Hi i was hoping I could get a Peter Parker x Reader request and this would take place during the Civil War and the reader would be Tony’s niece? She always hangs out at The Avengers Tower and lives there with Tony since she interns there and helps Bruce and her uncle out in the lab. She also goes to school with Peter and she finds out that he is Spider-Man from Tony and she gets really mad that Peter didn’t tell her himself. He really likes her and the rest of the avengers get him to ask her out Oh! Maybe Peter could be overprotective? I would love to see an overprotective Peter!

A/N: THIS IS MY FIRST PETER PARKER IMAGINE!! It’s soooo long… There were a lot of things I wanted to add and I always feel like I should explain some stuff in the imagine so you understand what’s going on. Hopefully you’ll like this! The timeline doesn’t fit perfectly with the movie so… i hope it’s fine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 6,030 (TOLD YOU IT’S LONG)

Warning(s): Fighting, that’s kinda it.

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Dorian Pavus Quotes Starters

  • “Did I stutter? Men, and the company thereof. As in sex. Surely you’ve heard of it.”
  • “Did everyone act like this when the sword was invented? ‘Oh, my blushing butt cheeks! Round up everyone who can use these pointy things and lock them away!’”
  • “I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth.”
  • “I knew you would break my heart, you bloody bastard.”
  • “I prefer the company of men. My father disapproves.”
  • “I wanted to see you make flowers bloom with your song, just once.”
  • “I’m here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part’s less difficult.”
  • “I’m too pretty to die!”
  • “Just once, we should enter a cave and see normal-sized spiders.”
  • “Look at this profile. Isn’t it incredible? I picture it in marble.”
  • “My arse should open up a shop! Apparently it’s quite prolific.”
  • “Pretty, in a haunting, ‘this archway might collapse on me at any moment’ way.”
  • “Selfish, I suppose, not to want to spend my entire life screaming on the inside.”
  • “Some of my best friends are murderers.”
  • “Stranger things have happened. It would take work. And soap. Lots and lots of soap.”
  • “What a lovely forest. Kind of makes you want to retch, yes?”
  • “While we’re sharing surprises, you’ve done a lot less dancing naked in the moonlight than expected.”
  • “You tried to change me.”
  • “You wanted the best for you! For your fucking legacy! Anything for that!”
  • “You’d be surprised at the credit my tongue gets me.”
One of the Guys Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Word Count: 874

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: So this is part two, you can red part one here ,part three and part four here

It was lunch and you, Ned and Peter were sitting at your usual table in the cafeteria. You were discussing the new superhero Spider-man and how he’d saved a bunch of people last night from a giant lizard. “I think he’s so amazing-guys?…hello?” You waved your hand in front of their faces trying to gain their attention as they started behind you. You turned around to see what they were staring at and felt your heart drop a little.

“Wow, she looks so pretty today.” Ned sighed dreamily as he leaned his chin in the palm of his hand, Peter doing the same. “Yeah, beautiful.” Peter agrees as if he’s caught in some sort of trance as he looks at Liz Allan. You couldn’t listen to this, it physically hurt you too much, the tears started to surface from your eyes. Why couldn’t he feel that way about you? Why did you have to be in love with your best friend?

You can’t stand being there any longer, abruptly standing up and grabbing your bag to leave. The sound of your chair scraping against the floor caused the boys to finally turn their attention away from Liz towards you. “Sorry, I have this thing…that I’ve got to go do. Yeah.” You stumbled out, not really knowing what to say. You quickly rushed away, leaving the boys there with confusion written all over their faces.

You rushed into the bathroom with tears streaming down your face and your lungs burning. Luckily no one was there to witness your breakdown. You slammed the door to a stall shut as you curled up into a ball on top of the seat. Your emotions got the better of you as you blamed yourself verbally for these feelings. “Gosh why am I such an idiot! I know he’s never gonna like me and I’m just going to have to accept it. He will only ever see me as one of the guys, a friend and nothing more. It just doesn’t make it hurt any less.” Your sobbing continues as you finish your monologue, putting your head in your hands.

You hear a knock on the stall door and sit up alert, you thought you were alone in here. “Y/N? Is that you? Are you crying?” You recognize that voice instantly, it belonged to Michelle, a friend of yours. You rub your nose and clear your throat before unlocking the door. As soon as she see’s your state she gives you a sympathetic look, rushing to give you the biggest hug.

“Tell me what’s going on. I swear if someones been giving you a hard time I will beat the crap out of them.” She rubbed your back as you sobbed into her shoulder. “It-It’s nothing like-like that.” You hiccuped, struggling to talk in between your crying. “Peter, I just…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence before you broke down in tears again.

“I can’t take this any longer Michelle. It’s eating me up inside and it hurts, it hurts so much.” She continued to comfort you, rubbing circles into your back. “Tell me what’s going on Y/N, just let it all out. I promise I won’t tell a soul, I swear on it.” You pondered for a moment, this was your biggest secret that’s for sure and you wouldn’t just tell anyone. But you’ve never had a reason not to trust Michelle, so you told her everything.“Okay, uh where do I even begin…”

You had finished explaining everything to Michelle, not leaving out any detail about the situation. It felt good to get if off your chest and speak to somebody about it. “If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call me okay?” She smiled at you as she walked you out of the stall with an arm around your shoulders. 

You returned the smile, grateful for her listening to and comforting you. “Okay. Thanks Michelle, you’re a great friend.” You wrapped your arms around her, engulfing her in a hug. “Anytime.” She broke away from your embrace and exited the bathroom, sending you a small wave on the way out. 

You let out a sigh of relief you didn’t realize you had been holding in. She was the first person you’d ever told and it was such a relief to tell someone about your feelings for Peter. You pushed open the bathroom door, feeling a lot better than you did ten minutes ago. Your relief is cut short however as you see him standing outside. What was he doing here?

Peter notices you and walks up to you with a smile on his face as usual. “Hey I was wondering where you went.” You didn’t know what to say, you were not really in the mood to talk to him since he’s the reason you just spent your lunch period crying in the girls bathroom. 

“Have you been crying Y/N? What’s going on?” He noticed your red puffy eyes and steps towards you, placing a hand on your shoulder. You immediately stiffen at his touch, you couldn’t do this right now. “I’m, I’m sorry Pete, I gotta go.” You stutter out as you take off down the hall, leaving Peter standing there concerned for his best friend. 

Dream Mate (Part Two)

Peter x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One

“You’re late your Mom called ages ago.” Destiny shooed Peter into the apartment and grabbed his chin as she looked him over.

“What’re you doing?” Peter sighed and she pated his cheek as she started gathering things from around the room.

“Checking how deep it’s gotten.” Destiney hummed. “Did you see her face or hear her speak?”

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The Spider 4/?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: None that I am aware of
Summary: Will his return affect anything?
Notes: Hey guys liked promised here is part 4 hope you enjoy. The only reason why I want to do the poll was to see which Harry I should use for the gif so yeah. Spring break is over for me and school starts in a few so back to the busy schedule; anyways here is part 4 hope you enjoy-Anahi

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Why I don’t like Riri being Iron Man (I promise it’s legit not a racist thing)

So you’ve probably seen online recently (or read in the comics) that Iron Man is now a young black woman called Riri Williams. And I don’t like it. Not because she’s black, not because she’s female, not because she’s not Tony Stark. But because she’s not Selah Burke aka Sungirl.

First a quick disclaimer: this isn’t me saying there can be only one young black woman in comics or any bullshit like that - I just think she’s a much better fit and makes a lot more sense that an entirely original character.

See, Selah was introduced in Superior Spider-Man, but really came into her own in Tom DeFalco’s fantastic New Warriors run in 2014. Since then, she has not been seen once. As far as Marvel editorial seem to be concerned, they cancelled her when the cancelled New Warriors. (You should all go read New Warriors).

My objection isn’t that they added this new black female character, it’s that they added this new black female character for the sole reason of ticking a diversity box, who had no real connection to the Iron Man identity and no previous stake in the universe, when they had the chance to revive an essentially dead black female character with an established stake in the universe and most importantly, a reason to meet Tony.

Nova was an auxilary member of the 2014 New Warriors, and a friend of Selah’s. Nova was also a member of the recent Avengers line-up, along with Tony Stark. So she’s got an automatic in. She’s also got pre-existing ties to the Marvel Universe, being the daughter of long-time Spider-Man villain Dr Light (not to be confused with the Justice League member).

She also built her own mech suit which can fly and gives her the ability to shoot concussive energy blasts. Sound familiar?

She’s got no strong ties to the sungirl name, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just an old legacy name no one was using that mostly matched her powers, so there’s no reason not to give her a new identity. (Plus you know she’d design a suit that was actually colourful and fun, unlike the one they decided to give Riri, which makes her look like Ironmonger. In the 60s.)

She also comes with a ready made supporting cast in the form of her New Warriors team mates, some preexisting villains, a Mexican superhero friend who is prophesied to end the world in a major storyline New Warriors and Scarlet Spider never got to finish… She’s even got ties to the Inhumans via Nuhuman former teammate Haechi. She’s a good character, who ticks all the character boxes as well at the diversity boxes Marvel are looking for.

I’m always in favour of more diversity in comics, but I get so frustrated with how often it comes at the expense of existing diverse characters. Big two comics have a horrible tendency to create diverse characters as publicity stunts, and then forget them after a year, write them out of continuity and invent another new diverse character and run them for a year and so on and so on and it all results in characters that feel disposable, that people don’t get invested in because they know they’re not going to stick around. Yes sometimes the new characters are Kamala Khans, and they’re going to run forever, but all too often they’re Sun Girl - created with good intentions and abandoned before she ever had the chance to shine. Tony Stark’s retirement was Marvel’s chance to fix that - and they didn’t take it.

theriu  asked:

Clearly you like dogs, so what are your feelings on cats and/or chinchillas?

there’s a bunch of idiots running around besmirching the good names of animals everywhere. that panther guy tried to claw my face off. so uncalled for. and then theres all those weird bug guys. spiderant or whatever. if it’s got fur i like it and the superpeople should lay off

tlourellie  asked:

wait AND paul/jared this ship is your fault

  • Drinks all of the coffee: they both drink a lot of coffee so what usually happens is one of them will wake up and start the coffee pot, and by the time they come back to get coffee, the other has taken it all
  • Brings up adopting a pet: probably paul ?? it’s an impulse thought and jared just kinda ‘paul dogs are messy’
  • Kills the bugs: they both try to kill them but fail miserably. “jared how did you break your arm” “paul saw a spider”
  • Cooks the meals: mmmm jared probably. paul tries but it’s awful
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: JARED
  • Initiates the couple selfies: jared does but only when the lighting is Perfect
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: paul sets multiple alarms and reminders and puts post it notes on his mirror and everything and then when he actually sees jared he forgets what day it is
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: fricking both of them
  • Nicknames the other: jared does and it’s all nicknames that make paul go /: as if paul doesn’t refer to jared as “sparkles”

OK guys and gals (or whatever you prefer to be called) I have something to say: we need to stop posting in tags that aren’t ours! The pink, kitten and other tags should be reserved for things related to those tags. I know you want people to see your stuff but those tags aren’t the appropriate ones. It’s easy to see why some antis have a problem with us. I don’t post in those tags but I decided to look through them to see if it was as bad as the antis said, it is. Our lifestyle/kink CAN be triggering to some people and we have to respect that. I have arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and I wouldn’t want to see spiders in our tag because 1. They are fucking scary and give me panic attacks and 2. Its not related to our tag. I can’t control ya'all, but please tag responsibly.

Allies and Axis as Things my Professors have Said

America: “Spider-Man, what are you doing in my classroom?”

Canada: “If I collapse, at least take the time to call for a doctor before you all leave.”

China: “You do the work and I take the credit; that’s how this relationship works.”

England: “Did anyone else see that hoard of buzzards, or should I have skipped coffee this morning?”

France: “Sure, skip class. I’m not the one that’s paying hundreds of dollars to take it.”

Russia: “ I liked the doodle on your quiz, so I cut it out and kept it.”

Germany: “All I wanted was some beer!”

Prussia: “Oh come on, I know at least one of you rednecks has a knife.”

Italy: “Anyone else see The Bible on the History channel? Good Lord, I had to ask for forgiveness for my lustful thoughts every time Jesus came on screen.”

Romano: “Kittens are cute, but then they grow up and turn into handmaidens of Satan.”

Japan: “Okay everyone, just ignore the wasps and pay attention.”


Prompt: You are an Avenger and Clint Barton’s daughter. You come home after spending the evening with Peter. Managing to hide your hickeys at first. But when you are making something quick to eat in the kitchen and your hair moves exposing your marks, Thor and Steve think they see bruises on your neck. So they panic thinking someone has caused you harm. You awkwardly have to admit what the marks really are and then your father (Clint) finds out and gets protective. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

This request is kind of funny, hope you enjoy!

You returned back to the Avengers Tower after spending the night at Peter’s house. He left you a few reminders of him since you didn’t know when you would being seeing each other again. As he is bust being Spider-Man and you are busy being an Avenger. So you had to hide the love bites he left on your neck. Which should be easy enough you have done it before. Besides, your hair should keep them covered. 

Steve and Thor were in the kitchen, they both greeted you as you walked in. Wanting something to eat. As you were making a quick sandwich for yourself, your hair shifted away from your neck. Exposing the hickeys on your neck. Steve is the first to notice them, thinking they are bruises.

“Has someone hurt you y/n? Your neck is covered in bruises!” Steve exclaimed which then caused Thor to look at your neck also. Wondering what could cause such marks to be left behind like that.

“Yes you are right! I see them too!” Thor raised his voice in horror, he thought about who could have done this. If you had gotten yourself into some kind of trouble. 

“Oh no guys… you’ve got the wrong idea. They are just hickeys, Peter gave them to me. It’s nothing, really.” you panicked and felt awkward for having to tell them what they actually are. Thor and Steve looked at each other confused. Why would Peter do such a thing? The marks looked painful. 

“I do not understand.” Thor gave you a confused look. 

“What’s going on in here? We heard the noise.” Natasha asked as she entered the kitchen with your father by her side. Great, just great. Things couldn’t get any better than this. You would get better for this. 

“We are just discussing the marks on y/n’s neck. She said Peter did it to her.” Thor is quick to explain the situation to them. 

Steve awkwardly looks away and scratches the back of his neck. Now realising what the marks really are. Not bruises, that’s for sure. Natasha smirked to herself, trying her best to hide it from your father. Who is certainly not pleased at all. 

“Peter did what?” your father shot you a look of disapproval, hoping it was all just a misunderstanding. 

“Sorry?” you shrugged your shoulders awkwardly, feeling your cheeks flare from the embarrassment. 

“I’ll kill him, where is my bow and arrow. I swear I will shoot him while he’s swinging his way through New York.” his eyes widened in anger before he left the kitchen to retrieve his bow. This really ticked him off. It’s what any father would react like. Natasha went after him to try and calm him down. Knowing what it is like to be young and in love. 

“Thanks you two!” you threw your hands up frantically, storming off to your room. Knowing you dad is probably going to be mad with you for a while now. That’s all you needed, is him on your back. 

“What did we do?” Thor turned to Steve, baffled by what just happened. 

“I wouldn’t think about it too much.” Steve patted him on the shoulder. He is not going to be the one to explain what a hickey is to a god. 

As you were sitting in your room, you heard a tapping noise coming from your window. It is Peter, he has dropped by for a quick visit. Not being able to resist seeing you. He waited as you opened the window.

“You better watch yourself, my dad wants to put an arrow through you.” you warned him and Peter raised his eyebrow in confusion. Wondering what you meant by that. He knew it couldn’t be a good thing. 

“What do you mean?” he decided to ask, wanting to know why your dad wanted to shoot him with an arrow. 

“Because of these.” you pulled back your hair, showing him his work. 

“Ooops, sorry?” Peter screwed up his face apologetically, now understanding why your dad wanted to shoot him. He’ll know not to do that again in a hurry. He’d rather stay in his good side. 

Connor McDavid #3

Requested by Anon:  I’ve got a request for my boy Connor Mcdavid!! I know he’s scared of spiders so how about you’re in you’re apartment and there’s a spider and you need him to kill it bc he’s supposed to be the tough boyfriend and both of you want no part in it.

Word count: 889

The thing about seeing a spider in the house is that you should not freak out because losing your cool will only result to a snowball effect of some kind. The snowball effect being as follows: you scream, Connor will run and see what the hell is happening, he sees the spider, he freaks out and hyperventilates, that will eventually result to him overreacting and panicking, and then he won’t be able to relax, which will ultimately lead to the both of you not sleeping. Yup, not good at all.

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okay ive bn thinking that zendaya might be harry osborn for quite a while now but no one else seems to have thought about it.

i mean shes either Harry or some shitty ultimate spider-man version of MJW who’s a wannabe hipster journalist and i certainly dont want that to be the case do you?

I mean i guess she could be Gwen as well which would be okay.

I thought for a while she might be silk but ive kinda disregarded that theory now.

personally i think its too early t introduce these characters. MJW should be introduced by Aunt May like she was in the comics imo. but i suppose well see! dont want the films to stray too far from the source material tho it was so iconic. and borrowing too heavily from ultimate could lessen that. i get they want something new but u can add without taking away. just give me all my faves please.

((and please good LORD dont make this guy miles morales in peter parkers body. dont put him in a boarding school(or w/e theyre called in the USA) and dont let him steal morales best friend. cause if youre gonna give us morales u should really be giving us morales not morales in parkers skin to keep the racists happy.))

Aries: Sometimes the cruelest demons were once the kindest Angels; but just because satan used to be an angel doesn’t mean you should dance with him.

Taurus: Like an old home memories from your past creak and moan within you, and sometimes they even ache. Nostalgia is nothing but a dirty liar and nothing was ever sweet; just dusty.

Gemini: I can see the summer air still stuck in your throat. I know that fall leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but poisoning your body won’t be the death of the cold; it’ll be the death of you.

Cancer: You are a spider tightly knitting together your web of sadness. If you’re not careful you will just end up entangled within yourself.

Leo: You’ve been in the darkness for so long that the light burns your eyes. Even stars have to collapse and burn out sometimes. I promise the pain is always worth it in the end.

Virgo: A heart like yours can easily hang heavy like a weeping willow, but I still catch you holding your breath under tunnels and sending your wishes out to space on shooting stars. We both know that you’re too strong to let something so small destroy you.

Libra: The most beautiful flowers are sometimes infested with bugs and decay, and although they smell lovely, taking them home with you is never a wise idea.

Scorpio: You can bury your skeletons as deep as you want, but the ghosts that once embodied their flesh will still be waiting at your doorstep.

Sagittarius: Your heart is made up of paper and you keep playing with matches and gasoline. Sometimes the best thing to do is back down and swallow your pride; you will always be forgiven.

Capricorn: As the air gets more frigid and bitter so do you. You’ve always found beauty in the death of things, especially yourself.

Aquarius: You’ve formed a habit of locking your heart away in an ice cold box with warning labels taped across it. Just because you’re fragile doesn’t mean you can be broken.

Pisces: Venturing out is only temporarily thrilling and a homesickness for a place you once new will soon set in; it’s time to return.

—  horoscope poetry; 9.2.15