and you should love her because she's a great woman and she's super amazing and i love her so much

I don't think people who say we're overreacting about Wonder Woman understand

When you’re a girl, you don’t get to see women be cool, not as often as boys get to see men be cool.

You don’t get to see them fly and fight bad guys and be people you want to BE, do you know what I mean?

Guys get the cool super powers and girls get romance subplots.

Girls with powers are reduced to smaller roles and we have to make up fanfics and extended material that makes them the main character cuz male writers don’t need them for anything but romance plots.

Just look at girls on Tumblr.

Obsessed with white males.

Love em.

Can’t get enough of that white guy named Chris.


I assume because they’re attractive in every socially constructed way.

And because they get to be the telekinetic, edgy angsty guy whose mom died who deserves all of our sympathy and attention.

So when people say Wonder Woman is a great movie but people are exaggerating how important it is that she be a role model, or that girls should look up to their mothers…

Like you don’t get how cool it is to be able to see someone like you do cool stuff. Your mom is great but she’s mundane, no offense to mothers. She’s not magical, she’s the kind of person you don’t appreciate until you’re older. And she’s not the type of person EVERYONE knows and recognizes and looks up to. Wonder Woman is, well now she really is. And she’s visible, she’s much more tangible, as fictional characters always ARE to mainstream audiences. So little girls get to see this awesome fictional lady…

-and you don’t have to pretend you’re a guy.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re not different from the people we’ve been told are the “desirable” people to be.

Wonder Woman is not only a great movie and a lovely social commentary.

But on a basic level, the more subconscious level of internalized feelings, of self identity and self love ?

I mean, are you a heartless monster or do you really have a problem with girls, and boys too, seeing a woman kick ass and not be the object of desire.

But the person everyone wants to be?

You show girls that they can be awesome, that they have more of a role in human existence than just being shallow love interests and you show boys that there are women they can look up to.

You got this larger than life woman acting as an icon for everyone, and for ONCE, this icon is female. Yes, the human race is represented, and idealized, in super heroes. Who are often male. Which says that our idealized self…is male.

So Wonder Woman being an idealistic superhero, our perfect self, the human shaped being we want to be…well. She’s female and BY WANTING TO BE HER…we say that there is nothing wrong with being female.

And yes yes yes yes argue that they have real life women they could look up to.

But do you really think most little boys want to learn about Madam Curie or Queen Isabella or Antoinette?

That’s boring history stuff.

Wonder Woman reaches a huge audience.

She’s more tangible, for children that is.

She feels more real than stuffy historical figures.

Stop acting like Wonder Woman being a role model is to be underplayed or devalued.

It’s important for people to feel EXCITED and exhilarated by a super hero who’s not a straight white snarky nihilistic male.

It gets their dusty little hearts beating and their minds thinking, hopefully.

Will it change anything politically, no.

Wonder Woman can’t impeach trump unfortunately.

But can it change how girls see themselves, how boys see women, how people look at what it means to be human?

Well maybe.

So TL;DR- shut up. Wonder Woman is amazing. And shame on you for trying to take her away from children, you’re a menace and I need to talk to you, adult to adult.


Broken - Dean x Reader

Summary: Weddings. How fun. Super fun. Especially when the one getting married is the love of your life. Especially when he’s marrying someone else.

A/N: 2000 thanks to the wonderful @there-must-be-a-lock for beta-ing this story. ❤ 

Warnings: Angst, angst, angst :D

Theme Song: In my Veins - Andrew Belle

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Sweet Dreams **

Request- Hi! Could u do a Bucky imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter and she had a wet dream about Bucky and tells Wanda and Nat about it and the boys hear the conversation and Tony gets all protective and all? You can choose the final!!I love your blog btw♡ from @awesomebrokenangelworldus-blog

Bucky Barnes X Stark!Reader

Word Count: 1763

Warnings: There’s a wet dream! that’s pretty NSFW.

A/N: Hello! I’m sorry this took a while! I hope this is alright!! Please let me know :) xo 

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anonymous asked:

do you know any good Yuri visual novels?

Yes I do anon. Yes I do. In fact, I wrote a great response to you with links and pictures and descriptions and funny commentary. But then my computer was an ass hole and I lost it all. Now I’m bitter, but I still want to share these awesome yuri games with you. So I’m gonna keep it shorter on my blurbs and trust that you can google stuff on your own and hopefully my response won’t get deleted this time. Also, I’ll be including dating sims/otome games in this list too, just to give you some variety.

1. Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo (A Kiss for the Petals)

The epitome of the yuri visual novel game franchise. Very cute, very NSFW and great voice acting. There are currently 13 games in the original series, plus drama cds, mini novels, an OVA, two spinoff series, a separate game available on Steam and so much more. I have played games 1-8 and loved every second of them, though my fave couples are Kaede/Sara and Eris/Shizuku. The 11th game in the series is the longest, with a main route for Risa and Miya and then spinoff routes for all the other couples. All the other games are focused on one couple. Since there is so much content in this franchise it’s hard for me to put everything you may want to know in one concise blurb so please feel free to send me questions or ask for links to things! 

2. Kindred Spirits on the Roof

As much as I have been dying to play this game, I still haven’t had the chance yet. Seriously, I have wanted to play this game since the PV was first released. Now that it’s finally licensed, translated and available on Steam I can play it but only once I get the money *cries gay tears* The story for this is super cute but has quite a few NSFW elements. A high school girl helps two ghosts on her school’s roof play matchmaker with other girls in the school so they can create a yuritopia and fulfill their dying wish of consummating their love. I’ve heard amazing things about this game and I can’t wait to play it.

3. Huniepop

This game is more of a dating sim than a visual novel but it’s really fun. And hilarious. And NSFW. It’s available on Steam and is fully voice acted. You can play as either a male or female who, with the help of a love fairy named Kyu, tries to have sex with all the women in town. And since there are only 8 women in town, your goals are totally achievable. There’s pretty decent diversity in this game, and by that I mean there are 4 WOC and they all have different personalities. There are also 4 unlockable characters that are super fun to play too. Keep in mind though that this game was written with male players in mind so some of the writing is a bit…weird or offensive. But all in all, I think this game is definitely worth the money, especially if you buy it now during Steam’s summer sale.

4. Astoria: Fate’s Kiss

Do you want to be able to date fictional people on your phone?!?! Yes? Me too! Do you want both a female AND a nonbinary option? YES? Me too! Do you want the story to be filled with action and magic powers and Greek Mythology??? YES TO ALL?!?! Then this is the game for you! It’s a decent mix between a dating sim and a visual novel, with two ending routes available for each story. The female option is Medusa, a kind and gentle woman who used to be a mob boss and the nonbinary option is Alex Cyprin, your very cute and charming boss. I’m actually behind on Medusa’s route because life and money *cries more gay tears* but what I have played is 10/10. AND you eventually get to get married!!!!! There are a few NSFW moments but a majority of the game is SFW. The writers put so much heart into these characters and the art is great and it’s definitely worth the money for all the content you get. It’s easily found in the app store! Highly recommend it.

5. Gangsters in Love

This is a game by the same people who make Astoria and it is just… the best. Trust me. The plot is: you’re kidnapped by some gangsters who claim your parents are up to some bad shit. You then choose a gangster to look after you while you are under their protection. There’s only one female option but she is worth every penny. Aurora James is the sexy, super gay hustler for the Valentine Gang and she won’t let you forget it. I swear, reading some of her dialogue has almost killed me it’s that gay. Like Astoria, this game is full of action and hilarity, just minus the Greek Myths. Again, the writers are awesome, the art is awesome and it is totally worth the money.

6. Sugar’s Delight

I won’t sugar coat it (ha!), this game is purely smut. But it’s a visual novel and I’ve played it so I figured I should put it on the list. In this game you’re a girl who dreams of owning a cafe and you get a job at Sugar’s Delight to learn the ropes. The cafe owner slowly but surely starts putting the moves on you. It’s not a terrible game but it’s not amazing either. I mean the art is cute and it’s fluffy and harmless. My biggest problem with it is…how to say this…um…they put a lot of edible things where edible things shouldn’t go. And I get it. It can be totally sexy to eat an entire slice of cake out of another woman’s vagina. But the whole time it’s happening in the story I’m just cringing in fear of how much that’s gonna suck for the girl who had the pastry in her pussy. I can’t really focus on how hot it is when I’m feeling second hand yeast infection anxiety. But other than that, it’s pretty cute.

7. A Little Lily Princess

I haven’t played this but oh my gosh do I want to. It’s a pretty new release on Steam so I haven’t been able to read much about it from other player’s perspectives either. It looks so adorable and sweet, plus the art is very similar to the art of Akiko Morishima, one of the yuri mangaka godessess. The game play looks multifaceted and fun with a nice ojou-sama type feel that I can always get behind. I’ll totally try to write a review when I finally play it!

8. Pacthesis Dating Sims

Okay, so this is a flashback into the depths of my teenage years. Like “these games helped me come to terms with my homosexuality” kind of depths. I at least wanted to mention the creator. Pacthesis is an artist on deviantart who made these dating sims that I used to play when I was younger; you were a girl and you had a few male options. Then low and behold, one day she adds a female character option to a game and I’m like “Yes???? Yes.YES!” And then my whole life got very gay from there. These games are cute and easy to play and SFW. I think only three of Pacthesis’s games have female options (Chrono Days, Lunar Days and Number Days) but they’re super creative and have a special place in my heart. Check them out if you can.

I think that’s about it. I mean, there are a few other games I’ve heard of here and there that have yuri/ wlw couples but none that I’ve played or can name off the top of my head right now. I hope that my followers take the time to check out some of these games. They’re all worth the time and money, in my opinion!

If there are any yuri type games I didn’t mention here that people think I should play, I would love recs! Also, if anyone has an questions or wants a more in depth review of a certain game, like one of the Sono Hana’s, I’d be happy to oblige. I can also help find you links if you need :) Just shoot me an ask! May the yuri be with you!

10 Amazing Queer Comic Creators

I wanted to get to the positive bits of queer stuff and totally avoid any negative today. So I present a list of 10 queer creators you should be checking out, This is by no means a top 10 creators or top 10 queer creators list. This is just 10 queer creators I really like that I managed to think of first. These aren’t in any order or anything so just enjoy seeing 10 awesome persons who can enrich your life with their amazing content.

Jen Bartel: Jen Bartel is an amazing illustrator currently doing covers for Jem and the Holograms and creating her own comic Crystal Fighters on the comic app Stela. I discovered her work Jem and the Holograms and am excited, despite my utter love for Sophie Campbell (and do expect to see her popping up again), for her to do some pages of Jem and the Holograms. She infuses a lot of life into characters, she has a nice style that feels like it has just enough punk rock influence to always be badass.

Marguerite Bennett:  Bennett is one of my favorite writers hands down. She manages to flawlessly creator amazing queer story after amazing queer story. Not only are they amazingly queer but amazingly written when some of the strongest uses of character voice in comics. Along with this she is really great at at humor and I very often find myself giggling across stories she writes. She is currently putting out DC Bombshells and Insexts with Animosity and Josie and the Pussycats coming up soon. I also highly recommend her work on Angela in particular Angela Queen of Hel  that is soon releasing in trade.

Brittany Williams:  Brittany is an amazing artist who’s currently working on Hellcat at Marvel. She is also the artist on Goldie Vance and the upcoming Legend of Korra graphic novels. Brittany’s work manages to have such a wonderful defined style that I can’t help but be impressed with every time. She has a very cute chibi style she also uses and it flows really well with her normal art. I am excited to see anything she draws and it’s always an amazing time visually. When I think amazing art Brittany is always near the top of the list.

Kieron Gillen: Kieron Gillen defined many of Marvel’s most iconic queer characters. While none of the characters he wrote as part of the Young Avengers roster were his own creation America Chavez in particular went from old man’s perverted teen fantasy to bad ass defined queer woman. His work on The Wicked + The Divine is amazing, thought provoking, and charming. Kieron Gillen in many ways is sort of artist personified infact coming out he wrote a whole long  essay because he is like  the writer incarnate. Seriously though he is an amazing talent who manages to really balance so much creatively. When it comes to a large ensemble cast I think there is no writer better to getting them each to feel totally their own and uniquely likeable (or unlikable).

Noelle Stevenson: Noelle has moved away from comics for a little bit but she is one of the most important writers for queer media. With Nimona her webcomic then print comic she helped further prove that webcomics moved to print can be a nice payday for the publisher and the creators (Side note she also did the art on that book, and it’s great). Then being one of the biggest creators on Lumberjanes she has set childrens queer media in comics on fire. I believe Noelle is very much one of the main reasons that so much queer content is getting published in smaller press. Lumberjanes is an amazing series and something that really brought life into the comics field. Right now you can go back and buy her older work including a Secret Wars run of the Runaways that is pretty underrated. You can also see her writing live in animation in the Disney XD show Wander Over Yonder.

Ted Brandt: Inking for Princeless Raven the Pirate Princess Ted is the best in the biz. Ted adds so much to the art and it’s one of the very few times where I can really tell the inkers influence on art. Ted is also just a super nice person in every interaction I have had with him so that is good. Ted is currently putting out Raven The Pirate Princess and you should really be checking it out. It’s super cheap on Comixology and the first two volumes are out in trade. It’s a great time to catch up before issue 9 releases.  

Sophie Campbell: Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to talk about how great Sophie is. Sophie is a double threat being a talented writer and artist. Her art manages to always have lovely body types and I have had the experience of thinking for a moment, people look odd, then i was like “wait these people just look like people.” It’s so amazing, so lively, so fantastic.  I always watch what Sophie is doing be that art or writing.  Sophie is currently putting out reprints of Shadoweyes and Wetmoon some of her older projects. There is more Wetmoon coming in the future as well as a webcomic she is working on. You can also read the book I found Sophie in Jem and the Holograms as she goes to her last issue of drawing the series.

Kate Leth:  Kate’s work in comics transcends her writing and her art. Kate has put so much into She is a founder of The Valkyries making the industry much better for woman working at comic shops. Her writing is also so filled with energy, fun and queer characters. Kate recently had her creator owned project Power Up come out in print and it’s a great comic. Kate always manages to really bring this lovely lively feeling and Power Up displays that pretty well. She is also doing writing on Hellcat, Girl Over Paris, and Vampirella.

Shannon Watters:  I had to have an editor somewhere here and Shannon is the very best in the business. She edits pretty much if not all the Boombox books and is a leading force for queer representation in the comics industry. In fact she now shares writing duty for Lumberjanes after Noelle Stevenson left the book. She is a fantastic writer, fantastic editor, and a general talent. You can find her work on a lot of things since she is Head of KaBOOM! & BOOM! Box.

Magdalene Visaggio: I wanted to include Mags here despite not really being attached to her work yet. She is the writer of the upcoming Kim and Kim and it’s my most anticipated comic this year. Mags is a trans woman getting to write a trans woman and this is so insanely rare in print comics. Reading the preview and the earlier tease of it both filled me with so much joy. Kim and Kim is a book I have all my faith in and I really want it to be a success so please do check out Kim and Kim issue 1 that is coming out very soon.

Character analysis: Madam Red

-Madam Red is one of my favorite characters. She is quite interesting, and I’d like her to be the second one on my list of ‘Character Analysis.’ Madam Red or Baroness Angelina Dalles-Burnet is one of those characters, whose entire persona has been shaped by an unhappy past. She never accepted herself for who she is; she fell in unrequited love with someone her sister loved; she lost almost everyone she loved. The pain she endured is great, and especially when you hide or suppress that degree of pain, pain can slowly gain power over you. Had she embraced her pain, instead of becoming the Madam Red of the parties of high society, she could be quite a badass, if I may say so; it’s not that she isn’t a badass, but there is so much more in her.

-She proved to be quite an amazing woman by simply becoming a female doctor in the Victorian time! She probably was one of the first female doctors. Madam Red was definitely a woman of great ambition and strength.

-In a wiki blog, I found that Madam Red was actually 32-34 years when she died, but I don’t think that’s a correct. Let’s do some calculating, if that’s okay. Vincent Phantomhive was born on 1851, and while Rachael Phantomhive got married when she was 18, as we know from a character guide.

 When Rachael got married, Angelina was roughly 15, so she was 3 years younger than Rachael.

 A year later, the twins were born on 1875, so that means that Rachael was roughly 19 years old on 1875.

 That means that Angelina was roughly 16, when the twins were born, on 1875. 1875-16 = 1859. Madam Red or Angelina died on the 9th of November 1888. 

That means that she died roughly 29 years; at the same age as her older sister Rachael. Have I made any mistake in this calculation? Please, let me know.  

-Grell found her near the abyss of despair. Madam Red was quite out of control. Had Grell not helped her, she’d probably be arrested by now. It seems to me that Grell admired her. What Grell saw in her was a courageous woman, who is not afraid to take the justice by her own hands. In both Grell’s and Madam Red’s eye, (those who didn’t have the chance in life to become mothers), those woman deserved to die a painful death. Madam Red sacrificed so much of herself to become the person her-loved-ones wanted her to be, and in the end they died. She even lost her chance to become a mother, and that was too much for her. Had Our Ciel came earlier, she might have not murdered those women. What both Grell and Madam Red longed for was to be loved. Madam Red attended parties she hated the most; started dressing up in a color she didn’t like just because it suited her; became a social butterfly, just so she can be admired and loved; maybe so it can fill the hole that the unrequited love left in her heart.

Both Grell and Madam Red probably weren’t their true selves during their lives, and they longed to be truly loved. Madam Red even married someone she didn’t love, because he truly loved her.

This is a head-canon, but while writing this, I got a few ideas about why Grell might have committed suicide. Maybe, she lost all she loved just like Madam Red, and that was the last straw for her. Maybe, someone was vindictive to Grell, and pushed her to suicide. Regardless of the reason which  was the last straw for Grell, I think that Grell wished she had had ‘murdered’ instead of ‘killing herself.’ Madam Red’s despair pushed her to commit homicide, instead of suicide, like in Grell’s case. Maybe, that’s why Grell got close to Madam Red. Grell saw her doing what she wished she had done instead. It is possible that what Grell saw in Madam Red was her ideal self. But, this is a head-canon after all. In end, I think that both had deep pain and hatred, and that what got them together.

-One final thing I’d like to talk about Madam Red is her way of attracting male attention. She told Lizzy that ‘a lady should be super weak and cute in front of her Lord. It’s the most important thing to be an innocent and naïve girl. It’s your job to smile and be surrounded by nice things, just like in the nursery rhymes. That’s why you should always be like this.’ I think that deep down Madam Red thought that the reason why Vincent chose Rachael and not her was the above reason. 

Or, perhaps, Madam Red admired Rachael so much that she saw her as a role model, and maybe tried to be like her. But generally speaking, this was the mentality of that time. And also, Madam Red has quite a style, hasn’t she?

-I wish that this character was more true to herself. Maybe, this way, she could have defeated the inferiority complex. It’s quite sad that she loved someone who didn’t love her, and I wish that she had someone who would comfort her during the time that she lost all of her family. Maybe, she wouldn’t have succumbed to murdering those women. Please, let me know what you think of this analysis. I’d love to receive your thoughts on this. 

~ By Red Rose Crown ♕

Too Many Feelings Part 11 ( Final Part)

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1719

Warnings: Fuffly and Angst

Special Thanks @drinkfantasy for reading and beta this for me.

PART1, PART 2 , PART 3, PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6, PART 7 , PART 8 PART 9, Part 10

Originally posted by seredelgi

You look at yourself in the mirror; you are wearing a beautiful golden dress with some high heels. This wasn’t your weeding day, but you were super nervous, maybe more than Tony and definitely more than Pepper.

First off all, you had to walk with Steve down the aisle, you are too anxious about being a bridesmaid, then your parents would meet Bucky for the first time and you know your parents can be a little judgmental.

 You feel a pair of arms sneaking around you waist, you feel his lips kissing your neck “You look beautiful, doll.”

You turn around smiling seductively at him, Bucky is wearing a dark grey tuxedo looking amazing “You clean up well, Bucky; I loved your hair pushed back like this.” You say running your fingers through his chest.

You kiss him; his hands keep you close to his body while yours explore his. You swear that the world stopped for a moment, his smell is intoxicating and you feel lost in the kiss. The soft lips, the mint taste. You don’t even realize that you are taking off his jacket.

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Thoughts whilst watching 6x12

- I actually feel sorry for Theo. He has no one. He came back from the dead, was forced to help the pack, bonded with Liam, but then got neglected again. He does have a really fancy Jeep so idk how that worked out but okay. 
- It’s the spiders again. Rats, bugs in wolves, spiders. Odd. 
- Can someone try out Scott’s number and see what happens? 
- Hunters? 
- Oh, come on why you gotta shoot him? he just pulled a spider out of his back.
- I wonder why Scott hallucinated. It has, as far as I remember, never happened before. Was it the shock that the bullet was Argent’s, thinking he’s killing the supernatural again with stronger, more dangerous weapons? Perhaps. Or it has something to do with the aftermath of the Wild Hunt. Liam can’t control himself sometimes, and Scott wolfed out in front of an entire squad of police officers. 
- The Sheriff is just not impressed anymore lol. Like “wop, there I go again, attacked by something I don’t know the name of.” 
- Also why is Malia running behind him? For Lydia, it’s logical, but Malia is a were-coyote. Use that super speed girl. 
- Ugh, why are they all so pretty? 
- Pack feels in the car ayyye. 
- Liam and Mason are so cute, it’s all just parallels of Stiles and Scott. 
- Those kids are so cute. I remember being hopeful in Freshmen Year that highschool would be awesome and full of dreams. (Spoiler Alert: it is filled with homework and tears)
- “Go lacrosse!” “yay sports” I CAN’T XD
- Bitch if he doesn’t make an appointment than you can’t force him. 
- “Opportunities Multiply as They Are Seized.” True. 
- lol and then Mason happily walking in nearly fangirling over his favourite peot or something. 
- that knife though. threat from the argent’s? 
- aw come on, why do the black people always get hurt here. First the black orderly, now him. He’s just fourteen, leave him alone. 
- Thank the Gods that Parrish is finally useful. You were shit in season five and 6A. Thank the Gods for making him go and not Lydia. 
- I want Lydia’s top. 
- Please, Scott should’ve known from the beginning the passport was Allison. His own passport for everything in sophomore year was Allison. 
- Oh and thank you Teen Wolf for not forgetting one of your greatest characters. Allison Argent will be forever missed. I really, fucking miss her. 
- Malia’s humour is on point btw. 
- So the name of the dead hellhound is Halwyn. Halwyn Hellhound, nice to meet you. 
- So the white haired dude is a doctor ohhhhh.
- bitch even if you do lock him up Parrish can still burn down the gate he’s literal fire. 
- Wait since when does Corey play lacrosse? And do girls still play in the team? Because you had Kira and then later on Gwen in 6A. Now it seems like there are none. CONSISTENCY, TEEN WOLF!
- Liam hold your wolf in, please. 
- Aye it’s that relative of Brett that I always forget the name of. No hard feelings, girlie. 
- Keep it in, Liam. 
- “That’s the IED I remember.” dude. not cool. wait, doesn’t Brett know that Liam is a werewolf? Isn’t Brett one himself? Or did I just read that in fanfiction? I’m so confused. 
- oh yeah he knows nevermind. 
- fuck he’s hot
- well hello Samarah from The Ring. 
- oh wait fuck is everyone dead? 
- ah, a doctor is evil. what a surprise. 
- Come on, Liam. Don’t lose it. Also, where is the black freshman? 
- ayyyye Argent please don’t be the bad guy, thank you. 
- he’s so not impressed I love him. Him and Melissa are also, clealry, not together, so why did they kiss in 6A if it had no meaning? 
- Oh, Malia. 
- “Bitch you think im getting out there? hell no.” MALIA I LOVE HER THIS SEASON SHELLEY IS DOING A WONDERFUL JOB. 
- For a man like Argent, it’s odd he even used “Allison”, as hackers often opt first for things that are familiar to the ones they are wanting to hack. Like family names, pets, dates, et cetera. 
- Fuck, man, he’s also part human. You’re a murderer. Well, he’s a hunter, actually. Now it’s just not an organised party, everyone is just killing. It’s basically season 4 only without the money. 
- wop, guess Jordan will go in hibernation then. 
- This woman fucking stayed at school for hours just to give him back that ball and threathen him or something. Jesus get a life. 
- oh fuck you. using wolfsbane is a dick move.
- Lydia fucking register for MIT odwn throw that away please. You have a little less than two hours so do something. 
- I love her ring. Very minimalistic. (gets sudden thoughts of married stydia and starts crying. trash ophelia has arrived)
- oh my God, Lydia, how much has Stiles influenced you. Like “Woopsie she caught me just pretend you’re really interested in this pack of post its yep totally not suspicious yep perfect perfect plan amazing awesome.”
- Also her banshee powers are on point. 
- Bitch he has never even terrified anyone. You have nothing to him personally but you’re acting like he did. 
- oh sure just stick a pole in his body. 
- “That’s incredible”, oh so now she’s a sadist, great. 
- oh cry cry you bitch be fucking afraid. what a dumb bitch. 
- no no no don’t go to the counsellor
- How did Liam not smell blood? Or just the stench of a body? Anyway, good job Mason. 
- Holy fucking shit. I get why the call it the most gory season yet. I’m fascinated though. 
- Her booties… I want them. 
- nononononono don’t lock Lydia up, please let her go she doesn’t deserve this. 
- great she’s probabaly having some sort of PTSD attack. great great great. -_-
- Even though I’m still against Lydia being there, her having her warrior “overcoming fears” Mulan-esque moment is so badass and inspiring. I’m here for it. 
- But you can’t just kill a hellhound. It should be a special kind of bullet. So, if the doctor puts a bullet against Parrish’ head, it shouldn’t kill him. Something’s off. 
- Even though I don’t ship Parrish and Lydia, it’s like now they’re even. he saved her in Eichen, now she saved him. It’s cool :)
- “I’m worried about you”, and in that moment, the whole scolia fandom died. 
- Scott’s look though, I’m even shipping it. He’s probably thinking of kissing her and then snaps out of it. 
- “cutesy looking down afraid of admitting feelings that have been developing since 3B” trope.
- Scott’s smile
- Yep. This is exactly how Stydia has been built up and I like it. I like Scolia. I’m here for it.
-  awww, bonding over almost being killed many times. cute.
-  cockblock!Argent
- okay even I fangirled over that “Scott is looking while she isn’t”-look. That’s a parallel to this right here motherfuckers

- oh no they found the boy - wait, what was the flesh thing then? 
- Wait but Liam hasn’t done anything to the pupils. Or have I forgotten something? 
- oh fucking hell Gerard. 
- ah, so Gerard is going to recruit a new batch of hunters, as the Argent’s basically stopped. 

Reveling in Richonne

#78: The Eight

Did y'all know we were in “Say Yes”!? We made a quick cameo as the dumpster that Richonne have their cute little banter behind. 😂😋

Lol but for real this scene is so fun and memorable and such a great insight into the adorably lighthearted dynamic of Richonne. 👌🏽 

I told myself I was going to try and stop over reveling in how playful they are in these posts cuz I say it so much but I can’t not mention it in literally their most playful scene to date. This whole little sequence was so playful and amazing. I adore their banter. 😋

So it starts with them behind us the dumpster and I love the framing of the way Michonne is behind Rick. Like they just look so perfect together and so like a unit.

Then they step closer and start strategizing about how to best go about this walker situation. And at first it just seems like business as usual, like this is just the Rick and the Michonne all up close and personal and making a plan and following along with what the other is saying perfectly. The norm.

And if you watch Michonne she’s very intently listening to her man with a plan lol but then she hears something that makes her sort of smile. And we find out that this change in reaction is because of the sort of uneven tasks that Rick has just assigned.

Rick is going to go take out one walker and Michonne realizes “You’re leaving me eight.” I absolutely positively adore this. 😋

Like she’s not asking a question she’s making an amused statement that her man has just suggested she take out eight walkers on her own. You know she has no problems doing this but I love that she says this sort of teasing him about it and just to acknowledge the humor in this situation.

Like I love that she’s so amused by this and probably low key flattered. It’s funny too cuz like walkers are life threatening things (as much as they’ve become more like nuisances) and so for anyone else, taking on eight walkers would be a risky thing but Rick knows that’s a walk in the park for Michonne.

And it’s funny how Rick then proceeds to give an explanation as to how he’s come to this conclusion that it should be eight vs. one.

He said it’s about doing it quiet with the sword and for some reason I really like that he says “with the sword” cuz it just reminds you that Michonne has a dang sword. And not just that, she’s also a pro at using it and low key you know that’s super cool to Rick lol. 😋

Like literally who else has a sword, but his wife? And then I love the way that Michonne is looking at him while he’s trying to explain. Like it’s so cute and hilarious cuz she’s doing that subtle head nod that says “Okay riiight, keep talking”

Originally posted by thewdead

It’s just so playful and you can’t help but smile at seeing this side of their dynamic. It’s cute cuz they’ve been doing this flirty teasing long before canon and now they’re pretty much pros at it.☺️ 

And then as Michonne listens to see how many words Rick is going to use to try and explain himself he eventually realizes there’s actually a much simpler explanation. So as Michonne starts walking he tells her, “You can handle eight.“ 

That moment is such comedic gold. 😂Also, it’s literally him acknowledging that she’s a pretty impressive warrior in this apocalypse so I’m here for it.

And the way he says it is just so hilarious, like he knows she had no issue with this and was just trying to see how he’d justify it and so now he’s just telling it like it is.

I also love that he knows his woman can handle this. Like it makes me realize there must have been plenty of times throughout the seasons where Rick had taken note of and been impressed by Michonne’s fighting ability.

And when he says this Michonne looks back at him sort of like "Duh. That’s all I was waiting for you to say” lol. 😂

And then I love that it’s then her turn to call shots when she whispers to let him know that she’ll go first and then he can go. And then she’s off to swat these flies real quick cuz that’s what killing walkers has become to them. 😋

It’s funny cuz not only is Homegirl going to take out more walkers but she wants to go first to give him time. Rick’s got himself the realest, y'all. 🙌🏾👸🏾

What makes this scene so great is that it had all the Richonne elements in one. There was the playfulness, the strategy, and the adoration, hence why I love this scene so much. 👌🏽

What’s Good About Rika

Hey everyone! Okay so recently on the Mystic Messenger fandom I’ve been seeing so much drama revolving about Rika and all of the bad things she’s done, like there are so many people spreading hate about the character and causing drama with people because of it. Honestly being the way I am, it kind of makes me sad seeing so many people being so negative, why doesn’t anyone look at the good things Rika has done? 

So that’s why I’m making this post! I want to share around all of the good things I believe Rika has done. Even though she definitely has done some terrible things, I firmly believe there are a lot of good things she has done as well! So here we are:

(There’s quite a bit of spoilers revolving around Rika here so don’t read if you haven’t finished the main story and don’t want to be spoiled (nothing in the DLC is mentioned other than secret endings))

- Creating the RFA 

Honestly one of the best and warm-hearted things that Rika has done is creating ‘Rika’s Fundraising Association’. It is stated in the game that she started this organisation so she could raise money and help those in need by donating all the money to charities. This is so she could help people achieve happiness and not have to go through much pain and suffering… my opinion this is a very sincere and compassionate thing to do! I believe that being able to organise all of these large and majestic parties must take a lot of time, but she also does it to help others which is utterly inspiring. There are not many people in this world that are willing to go to these lengths to help out, so it definitely stands out as one of the best things she has done.

- Volunteer Work 

In the game, it is mentioned by Yoosung that he and Rika used to do volunteer work. Now I know this isn’t as big a thing as creating the RFA, but I still think it should be mentioned. It shows that outside of RFA, Rika still did a lot of kind things to help people out, so she was very committed to this belief to create happiness within people in need of it. Again, I think this is a very selfless thing to do and shows how compassionate she can be.

- Being a Role Model 

Now most people would agree that Yoosung talks a lot about Rika throughout the game, honestly a little too much, but remember there is a very good reason for this! Rika acted majorly as Yoosung’s role model throughout his life, always inspiring him and encouraging him to do well in school….honestly Yoosung aspired to be like Rika~ Now let’s also not forget that Rika also even acted all happy in front of Yoosung, as she didn’t want to let him down… it is very controversial as this also suggests she was being fake and all that type of stuff, but I personally think that it’s the thought that counts ^^ I just appreciate that she was willing to act happy in front of Yoosung as she didn’t want to disappoint him with her more depressing side.

Not only was Rika a role model to Yoosung, but she was also a role model to pretty much the entirety of the RFA members. Don’t you ever wonder why Rika is mentioned so much by the characters? Well that’s because they look up to her! Rika has been described as a caring young woman and just an amazing person with her bright charisma, deep care and selfless attitude towards others. To be completely honest, before 707′s route and the secret endings, I did believe that she was an entirely good soul and even I wanted to be like her. After that route and secret endings that completely changed though lol

- Helping Jumin

Now we’re getting to some minor stuff, but I still think it’s worth at least thinking about. So in Jumin’s route, our lovely Jumin mentions that Rika was the only one that (he believed) understood him. Rika would always talk to Jumin about how she thinks he is lonely and how she wants to help him with it. This leads to her being the generous girl she is and trying to think of things to get him that will help. She soon later buys a boring and long book to help him fall asleep on nights he can’t, which is quite a nice sentiment, and then going out of her way to buy him a cat so he won’t be lonely all the time. This cat is who we know today as Jumin’s beloved Elizabeth the 3rd! I think that at least trying to help him and being willing to talk to him about his problems is nice, and I think it’s a good thing that his power and money doesn’t even matter to her as she sees him as a good friend ^^ It’s not really mentioned much on what specifically Rika has done to help Jumin, but those are some things I can remember and that I think is quite compassionate and warm-hearted.

- Encouraging Zen

Now Zen was first introduced to the RFA through Rika. She was one of his biggest fans and absolutely adored his acting! This leads up to her buying him flowers and congratulating him after a show, not even showing a bit of care for his looks. All she cared about was what he was good at and his passion: acting. Now I think this must have been really shocking to Zen, because think about it, Zen has been admired by so many people through his life, but it’s mostly because of his looks and never really for his acting. So this young, aspiring musical actor being confronted by a fan of his acting, must have really encouraged him! I know if I was in his position I would feel super good about myself. Rika also makes it a point to try and help Zen’s career by introducing him to Jumin. Now even though Zen doesn’t accept Jumin’s help, the matter of Rika just wanting to help him shows her compassionate and kind-hearted nature, she really can be a lovely person.

Wow! That was definitely a lot more writing than I expected!! Haha anyways, I hope you liked reading this, and if you can, please try and share this around since I think people should be aware of good things that Rika has actually done ^^~

Honestly her character is pretty great, as it goes to show that even the best of people can still have their own problems and insecurities. So remember that even with all this hate going around, Rika isn’t completely a bad person, she still has done a lot of good things.

Actually to be completely honest, I’m not even a big fan of Rika, but I still can’t deny she’s a really good character and a lot of her acts are very inspiring! I still get annoyed when the characters mention her though. So thanks to whoever has been reading this, I hope you’re all excited for V’s Route!! I sure know I am~💖Also btw Cheritz you are angels for releasing that opening, I love you guys so much! You are honestly too good to us~

219 or the episode that makes you feel Alive.

Finally I can write about this fantastic, intense, emotional episode which is by far with 215, the best episode of the season. An episode focus on the women of the show, and that’s what Supergirl is. It’s about women. The title is “Alex” but it could have been “Kara”, “Maggie”, “Danvers” or “The Fantastic Four”, 219 was all about them. We finally have Kara/Maggie connection, Maggie as an amazing detective, Sanvers L word’s scene and Lena. It’s the episode I was waiting for.

Now, recap (sorry it’s a long post):

Kara: “She’s my Sister”. Our precious little Danvers. Kara could move every mountain, could cross every galaxy for Alex. 

It’s a fact, this season, we kind of lost Kara, The Danvers Sisters have been sidelined, but 219 is here to remind us that Kara is the Soul, Alex is the Heart, Kara’s Heart. And it feels good, it’s beautiful. Kara and Jonn scene outside the DEO is a tresor… Kara loves Alex so much, Alex is Kara’s world. 

Also, Kara has more development in one episode than during this whole fucking season. Kara learnt that sometimes, having super powers is useless… or if I can say, not enough. Kara Danvers, is the strongest, the most beautiful and inspiring Hero when she is a Super Human Girl (remind me of episode 7 in season 1). I love her.

Alex: “You’re a badass Danvers”. She is. But she’s more than that. Well, she can’t cook but Alex believes in others, she trust the ones she loves, she is sensitive. She loves Kara, she loves Maggie. “I knew you were coming”, she never gave up, she held on, she held on love. The scene at the end when she’s surrounded by Kara and Maggie is everything.

Since season 1 and by what she represents, Alex Danvers is one of the best tv character ever created. Thanks to the Gods, Chyler Leigh is Alex Danvers.

Winn: Winn the little brother. How can you not love him? Winn is family.

James: Ok. James saved Alex twice in 215. 219: Alex is in a fucking water tank and James is on holidays. Why not… Good to know, he’s back in 220.

Jonn: Space Dad. Don’t mess with his girls, Kara, Alex and now Maggie or he’ll be there waiting for you. Jonn for what he represents: the father, the mentor, the safe home, is important. CW don’t mess up.

MonPrince: Ok. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous and I feel bad for Chris Wood. I watched him recently on V.D and Chris Wood can fucking act. Bonus, as the villain, he’s really good. So, if in season 3, the writers could give him an interesting storyline, something deeper and complex, I would probably stop rolling my eyes when Mon-El is on screen.

Rhea: Rhea is here since 3 episodes and I’m more interested in her development and what she is up to than her son. By the way, Teri as a villain, you are FABULOUS.

Lena: In a record time Lena knew that Rhea is an Alien, but they want us to believe that she still doesn’t know about Kara… What kind of joke is that? 

I hope the writers didn’t decide to turn Lena as a villain by being brainwashed. But, I would love to see her fighting for not falling into the dark side. Anyway, as always, Lena was great in 219.

Karamel: I still dont understand, what kind of relationship is that?

Supercorp: “Brunch next saturday”. Even through the phone they shine together. I’m looking forward for what’s gonna happen next. The connection between Melissa and Katie is amazing.

Sanvers: “A Lifetime of Firsts”. The L word’s scene is just beautiful. Sanvers is love, Sanvers is real. I’m not saying this because Alex survived, we knew she’s gonna survive, it’s more than that. It’s the whole development of their story. It makes you feel and believe that it’s possible to find someone, one day, that will stand by you no matter what happen. “Hold on until I get to you”, in these dark times, hold on to Sanvers. They’re hope.

The Danvers Sisters: “Alex”“Kara”. This episode is full of the Danvers Sisters HeartBeat. Kara can loses control on everything when Alex is in danger, she doesn’t even think, she goes. From “Supergirl is bigger than me” showing us how much Alex believes in her sister to “I’m listenning for her”, which is an important, emotional line because it shows how Kara tries to relax, to find some peace for Alex, because Alex is Kara’s world. Alex held on, Kara held on, They held on.

The Danvers Sisters are the most important relationship of the show.

Kara and Maggie: “We made a pretty good team, didn’t we”. I loved them. I was waiting for an episode with them since 204. Even if it’s late in the season, it was worth to wait.

Kara and Maggie are different, they work in a different way, they don’t share the same opinion, they don’t listen to each other but they have one common point: Their love for Alex.  The scene between Kara and Maggie in the DEO when Maggie tells Kara I have just as much to lose as you”, is the moment where it hit Kara (she’s almost in tears): Love is not a question of how long, love is not a competition, love is love. It’s about what you’re living now, what you feel. Kara didn’t realize that another woman could love Alex as much as her and could fight and give up everything for her until this moment. Kara and Maggie learnt from each other, they learnt to work together, to listen, to share. Maggie was ready to lose her job and Kara understood that with words you can change the day and save the love. The moment she broke the glass is powerful. 

Kara and Maggie teach us that with our differences we should complete each other instead of fighting because Together, We Are Stronger. So yes, Kara and Maggie made a pretty good team and their hug, their smile, at the end are precious and important. Melissa and Floriana were fantastic. I hope we’ll see more of them in the future.

Maggie: “I love you Alex Danvers”. Maggie Sawyer is not just the best character right now in season 2, she’s also the one with the best development. She went from being that tough cop and “See you around Danvers” to that woman who is ready to lose everything to save the person she’s in love with. Maggie Sawyer went through a difficult past, outed and family issues, she had to fight, she had to be strong, she had to hold on to keep going in the life. And one day, on a crime scene, here comes the light in the night. She met Alex, and her world changed again but this time for the best. Maggie Sawyer is life.

The laptop speech’s scene is iconic and the “I got her to be herself” is as important as “We should be who we are” or “You’re real”. Maggie Sawyer is important and iconic. Maggie Sawyer is ready to be happy with Alex Danvers. Let her live a real full, happy life.

Oh and I almost forgot: Gertrude the dog, really Sanvers?

anonymous asked:

prompt: Kara finding out Maggie loves musicals

At first, she doesn’t register the soft singing that becomes humming at the highest notes.

At first, she just registers it as part of the natural background to the amazing scents of pancakes and coffee and the crisp fall breeze pouring in through the open windows.

Part of the natural background – her new normal – of the sounds of her big sister in the shower while her sister’s girlfriend makes enough brunch for six people… just for the three of them.

Her new Sunday morning normal.

It takes her a few weeks to realize that it’s Maggie humming, that it’s Maggie, singing, as she cooks for the two most important people in her life. Safe. Secure. Happy.

It’s enough to make Kara hug Maggie for no apparent reason, and whisper in her bewildered ear that she’s so happy Alex has her.

It takes her a few more weeks to realize that Maggie is humming songs from musicals.

Sometimes, she realizes, it’s Wicked. Other times, it’s Hamilton. Once, it’s that song from Waitress. Other times, it’s The Newsies. Once or twice, it’s Les Mis.

Kara runs back through her memories of Maggie’s song-murmuring, and her jaw drops with the realization.

“Maggie,” she stands suddenly, her eyes wide. “You like musicals?”

Maggie freezes and splutters and Kara nearly breaks down laughing, because god, her big sister really is rubbing off on her.

“I… sorry, was I singing? I never realize when I do it, uh… when I feel safe, uh… it’s just something I do, but I can stop, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, Maggie, no! Don’t… don’t you know what this means?”

“Um… can I ask the audience?”

Maggie,” Kara repeats, jumping up and down now, and Maggie looks pleased, if not slightly alarmed. “You like musicals. You know who else likes musicals?”

“Barry Allen?” she asks, and Kara waves her arms wildly like she’s physically brushing away an invisible Flash.

“Aside from him!” she jumps up and down eagerly.

“Oh god,” Alex says from the bathroom door, dressed only in a towel, her hair dripping wet. 

Maggie’s jaw drops. It never fails to drop when she sees Alex… like that.

Kara sighs.

“Oh god what?” she wants to know. 

Anything to keep Maggie from striding across the house and doing the things she so apparently wants to do to Alex right now.

“You finally put it together, didn’t you? That I’m dating a massive musicals nerd?”

“You knew?” Kara shrieks. “You knew and you didn’t tell me, Alex? I thought we were family! I thought we were best friends! I thought we were sisters!” Kara’s eyes are wide with mock-outrage.

“We are, Kara, but I also didn’t know if Maggie was ready to handle what goes with being a Danvers woman and loving musicals.”

“Um – “ Maggie starts, and Kara takes her cue, flying straight over the counter to take Maggie’s hands into her own.

“I can fly us to New York – no need to spend all that money on planes or a hotel, I can be there super fast – hehe, get it? – and we can see any show we want! We should aim to see one once a week! The perks of a DEO and CatCo paycheck! And… and the food! We can get food there, Maggie! New York pizza! And we can watch everything here! All the classics! We can invite Barry over! And Winn! Oooh, and Iris’s dad has a great voice, too! He’s a cop, a detective, you’ll like him so much! And we can have singalongs! We can have performances! We can – “

“Whoa, Little Danvers, I don’t perform – “ 

“We’ll need a stage manager if you’re not ready to sing in front of everyone yet!” Kara’s enthusiasm remains unchecked.

Until she notices that there are tears flooding Maggie’s eyes.

“Wait, no, I’m sorry. You can be an audience member, you don’t have to stage manage, either, I’m sorry, Maggie, I – “

“No, no, Kid Danvers, that’s not it, I… you… your sister called me a Danvers woman, and you didn’t protest, and I… I’m sorry.” She sniffled and touch the top of her index fingers to the bottoms of her eyes and gave her head a vigorous shake. “I’m sorry. You were saying? Singalongs? Performances?”

“Yeah,” Kara tells her, smiling, quieter now, more intimate, now. “For the family. Our family.”

They reach for each other at the same moment, and Maggie tip toes to fit her head over Kara’s shoulder. 

“You will put on some clothes before joining this hug, Alex!” Kara scolds laughingly as she hears Alex approach.

Maggie groans in mock disappointment, and Alex grumbles about clothes being overrated, and Kara groans as Maggie agrees enthusiastically.

And all three of them don’t know the last time they were this, purely, happy.

Super Baby Talk

Talking about his private life was Henry’s least favorite thing to do. It wasn’t like he didn’t expect that. All the fame and the glory has a price: having a thousand people talking about your personal life it’s one of them. He used to be the most discrete man of all the men, but the things has changed a little bit some years back.

When you and Henry started dating you had all the eyes on you. Everyone seemed to need to know where did you live, what you did for living, who your parents were, how old were you, what was your blood type and so on… but then people got used to you and little by little everyone was finding out some details from your normal life. It wasn’t like you are famous now, but you’re not as anonymous as you once were. It was delightful to see and to listen all the greetings when you and Henry got married. Everyone seemed to be as happy as you two, even when Henry decided not to speak much of it in front of the cameras.

The pregnancy announcement though, was his ideia. An instagram post: a photograph of him dressed as superman, Kal wearing a red cape and your belly with a S on it. “Super Baby Coming June” written in a beautiful typography, just like a movie poster. The internet went crazy. The following months were all filled with love and sweet wishes for the boy who was about to come. Henry was over the moon with the new baby — and had no fear of talking about how gorgeous you were looking while carrying his beloved child, even when he was detailing how much you felt like a real hippopotamus.

Now 10 months after the delivering, Henry was sitting there in front of a interviewer, laughing at some joke about his mustache.

“But let’s talk about the major role you have in your life right now… the dad role. How old is your boy and how’s all that being for you and the wife?”

“Yeah, he’s 10 months old now. It’s quite an adventure!” he laughs tenderly “It’s very tiring… but also very energizing. He just learned how to walk, so now we have to keep an extra eye on him. He is the most amazing kid ever. I may be known as superman but Y/N that is actually a super woman. She has been the best since day 1… and I know how all this parenting thing can weight more to her side — since she’s the one who suffered all the hormones things and etc, but she is tough! Me and my boy we are very lucky to have such a wonderful woman taking care of us. She’s really a wonderful woman. A wonderful mom. She’s just amazing.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. And does the baby know how to speak any words?”

“Oh, he does. He’s a very talkative little guy, even though it doesn’t sound much like English yet. He can say "Kal”, that it’s our dog, “mama” and “Cavill.”

“No Dada? Daddy? Oh my goodness! How does it feel for you? He calls you Cavil?”

“It hurts me a little bit.” he jokes. “But he does not call me Cavill. Basically everyone who enters our house it’s Cavill to him, but he calls me "mama” as well.“ He laughs loudly, just like the interviewer.

"I asked to people to send me some questions for you and I gotta say… most of them want to know two things that I’m not so sure if you can answer.”

“Uh. I’ll try.” He sits straight on his chair.

“One: ‘how does Y/N got in shape so fast?’ and two: 'do you have plans to have more babies? Because your genetics combined with Y/N’s is the best thing ever.’” the interviewer laughs. “I’m just reading, but yes, I agree!”

“Oh, Y/N is a fruit girl. She eats a lot of fruits. And drinks a lot of water. And let’s just say… she’s naturally beautiful.” He says with a big smile on his face.

“Look at him! Oh, you’re so in love aren’t you?” they both laugh. “But what about baby 2?”

“OH… yeah! Her genetics does make me want to have at least more 3 babies. A Justice League, actually. But I’m not the one who have to carry the babies on my body, so it all depends on her.”

Yooo hey! This one is a request. It took me way more time than I expected to write this one AND it ended up short but I had fun! I absolutely love writing dad!henry, hits me right on the feelings. Here it is. Hope you all like it. :) XX T. 

I heard that has some great content on @legendofthesuperflashlock‘s blog. I think you guys should check it out! ;)

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I love Bridget Jones too! I'm curious as to why it's your favorite Pride & Prejudice adaption? And also why you think it's pretty much perfect? I'm always looking for bonuses to add to my list of reasons why it's so great P.S. I absolutely ADORE you and your blog

Thanks anon!

Honestly it grew out of a knee-jerk response to not wanting to be drawn into the petty 1995 vs. 2005 P&P Discourse that rages to this day, as well as general eye-rolling disgruntlement at the sheer number of P&P adaptations, compared to the rest of Austen’s body of work (or other classic literature…or just other stories, period.) It’s very, very easy for me to just get tired of Pride and Prejudice, because it’s everywhere, and it was most people’s gateway drug.

Now I’m a notably contrary person. Like, I have family nicknames based on how much I am apt to resist a Thing the moment I perceive that anyone wants me to engage with or enjoy a Thing. I have such a massive and almost instinctive mistrust of popular things that it’s probably just best not to outright recommend things to me, but rather just silently place them in my field of vision and back away slowly. Is this petty and stupid of me? Absolutely! But it’s how I roll.

So between this and the Discourse over the most recent big-budget adaptations of P&P, my favourite P&P was always going to have to be a little different. (Honourable mention to Bride and Prejudice in a very close second place.)

Bridget Jones’s Diary, as a film and as a book (I’ve only ever seen snippets of the newspaper articles it took as its initial form,) preserves so much of what’s brilliant about the character and story of Pride and Prejudice, and updates it in a way that is just endlessly fun and funny. A modern P&P that’s a straightforward rom-com is just a little too sickly-sweet. Where Bridget Jones and B&P get it super-right, for me, is that the sad-clown comedy hijinks are ramped up to an impressive degree of embarrassing pathetic-ness. The sheer amount of fucking-up that Bridget and her comrades accomplish is what makes it amazing. I don’t need a heroine whose life problems are a result of a simple miscommunication or cutely contrived circumstances. I need a heroine who leaps without looking, has a ridiculous mother who she loves anyway, and who pushes a confession of Feelings away with both hands because she’s surrounded by so much bullshit all day, every day and doesn’t exactly know what to do with something true, so she’s just not going to do anything with it.

What Bridget Jones’s Diary aces, and which other adaptations can oftentimes miss the mark on (at least until the third act epiphany to spur the final arc of mature character development,) is Elizabeth Bennet’s intrinsic vulnerability. She is flying by the seat of her elasticized pants. She is lippy and laughing because there’s a part of her that knows–a part of her she mostly succeeds in ignoring–that she’s got some deep problems in her life and how she relates to people. In transferring that sense of creeping hollowness at the edges of Elizabeth’s initial characterization (which, in a way, prompt some of her almost manic-seeming good-humour and wit–her courage always rising with every attempt to intimidate her–it is oftentimes used as a coping device,) to the struggles of an urban 90s 30-something single woman navigating the mindfuck that is the white heteropatriarchy still existing even while women’s lib tells us we can Be Anything We Want, the film and book really bring out more of the nuances of Elizabeth/Bridget’s reasonable anxieties about her place in the world.

With the placid-seeming lifestyle of the genteel countryside dwellings and young women living a life where they don’t have to work jobs and even have servants and attend balls and read books and play music all day, historical adaptations can, I feel, sometimes have this disconnect with our modern sensibilities (at least in Western culture where many women expect and are expected to work and earn a living for themselves.) When Eliza is flitting around Longbourn looking cute and laughing at Mr. Collins and how ridiculous Mrs. Bennet is being, it can be hard to really feel in our guts that Elizabeth or her sisters or any woman in a position like hers could really be worried about the future. They’re in another time and place and their lives are currently great and in the end she wins the love of a rich man, hooray.

But coming to it for the first time, in the time in which Austen was writing and publishing it, her audience–genteel women in particular–would have deeply felt the lurking menace of poverty and spinsterhood which was no laughing matter to those whose social position forced them into passivity–an acceptance of events over which they might have little control. If a young woman, no matter how charming, has not the means or connections to meet anyone beyond her own neighbourhood, and there is no-one around who is eligible and appropriate for her to marry…that’s it. She is never going anywhere, and hasn’t got any independence to speak of to look forward to.

That kind of existential dread hits us when we ponder our modern ideas of social dynamics and status markers, which Bridget confronts throughout the film and novel. Should I get a newer, better job? Why is this person I like being both lovely and horrible? Why do I even like them? Why is my family so impossibly embarrassing? How can I help my loved ones be better? Why is there so much crap wrong with me? Why can’t I stop making bad decisions? How do I know who I can trust with the weirdest and worst parts of who I am? How many chances should I give people who hurt me? Why did I give only one chance to that person and a thousand chances to this other person?

…anyway, this got a little darker than I was intending, but my point is that Bridget Jones’s Diary, as an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, really nails some great basic points of character which don’t often get truly brought to the fore in more traditional adaptations because the trappings of an historical context which may feel more alien and benign to us can mute and soften the grubbier parts of a heroine and a story which are so very light, bright, and sparkling. But light is only light if there’s shadow for it to burn against.

Which is a very highfalutin way of saying I love how these fuckups fuck up.

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Real Talk:

Why don’t more people talk about ever after high? Sure, it’s a children’s show created by the same people who made monster high, but we know that shows originally intended for children can gain a massive following *cough* miraculous ladybug *cough* steven universe *cough* So why doesn’t Ever After High have the same treatment? Below are just a few reasons why I believe people should really consider watching Ever After High.

1. Strong female characters, both mentally and physically. There are literally so many strong female characters in this show, and they all show it in different ways. Even characters who you thought were two dimensional at first are shown to have way more depth. For a show about princesses, it really lacks in the helpless princess troupe. Sometimes it even makes fun of it. Though sometimes it is distinctly lacking in male characters, the guys that they do have are all amazing characters too.

2. The character arcs. As I stated before, even the most two dimensional characters are shown to have tons more depth than we ever imagined they’d have. My favourite character in the entire show was the biggest jerkwad in the beginning. But eventually, just like real people, even the most unlikable of characters are shown to have their motivations. And they don’t make excuses for assery in this show either. The characters learn to grow as people, and most never try to make excuses for their past mistakes once they have grown.

3. REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY. This show isn’t lacking in diversity (except in the body types, but that’s a style choice) Their are so many pocs in this show, and many of them have huge parts. All of the characters are varied in personality and looks, and they don’t find themselves restricted to how the princesses are usually portrayed.

4. I almost put this with representation and diversity but it deserves it’s own category tbh. ONE OF THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS IS KISSED BY A WOMAN. And not any woman, a kickass princess who she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Did I forget to mention that it isn’t just any kiss, it’s true love/destiny’s kiss? Y'know, that kiss that most princesses are administered in their stories? Yah, the only on screen depiction of that we’ve gotten that actually worked was between two women. And this isn’t really seen as that much of a problem for the two characters involved (it’s more of a problem for the guy they thought was her prince tbh. I mean his sister took the destiny he was sure was his. That’s gotta hurt) One of the two that was involved in the kiss just kinda accepts it, because she’d been doing shit that wasn’t expected of her for a while now, and the other has been having a pretty hard time accepting it. The one who was kissed has also shown no attraction to men whatsoever, except politely saying that she wasn’t dating the guy she was supposed to be with. Like she uses guys, and does what’s expected of her. That’s it though.

5. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DEPTH TO THESE CHARACTERS??? I’m really passionate about this. They make mistakes, they try to fix themselves, some fail, other don’t. I just love these characters.

6. The ARTWORK. This show is in a really unique style, and it suits the fairytale aspect so well. The overall aesthetic of this show is amazing, and the detail in their eyes and outfits is phenomenal. I could talk all day about the tiny details in this show, but I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s gorgeous, simple as that.

6. It has a lot of content out already. The tv show itself is a Netflix original show and it already has 5 seasons. THAT ISNT IT THOUGH. It also has a bunch of webisodes that are available on YouTube. They aren’t really important to the actual plot, but they add background to the characters and makes them feel more real. They’re also super fun. Plus there are multiple books that are also great.

7. This is the last point guys. The backrounders. Y'know, those characters that are in the background to make scenes more populated. I love them. They all still feel like characters with their own lives and stories, and when I watch with my little sister we’ll point out our favourites doing things. Like they are all still gorgeous, and even though they are simpler than the main cast (well, some of them) a few main characters started out as backrounders. Basically the backrounders are amazing and I’ve rewatched the series just for them multiple times and though this isn’t the best point to leave it on and I could say a lot more I just wanted to make you aware of the backrounders and how much I love them.

Ever After High is a series with some flaws, all series have flaws. It’s main point is to sell dolls, but it’s a lot more than that. The characters all have real life to them and the plot is really intriguing. More people should give it a shot. Also I’m sorry that I didn’t add pictures, I had a few that I wanted to add but I’m on mobile so what are you gonna do?

Boot Bae: Tom Holland x Black Reader

A long convo with @starcoleworld inspired this. She thought of it and I loved it 😂

Tom and Reader attend the VMA’s and while Ariana Grande is singing ‘Everyday’ she spots her celeb crush Tom(I’m sorry y’all😂)…I love that song ‘Everday’ and I don’t have a problem with Ariana but you have to admit that this idea is GOLD😂

You took the seats in the front with your names. You looked around and saw that you were in front with the Elite of the singing world. You sat beside Tom and felt his lips kiss your bare shoulder, “You look amazing.” He whispered, drooling over how your smooth brown skin popped with the dress. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, hearing the cameras flash you pulled away and saw the Photographer snapping you two together. 

The show finally started and you were excited. After a few performances and the commercial break you decided to mingle. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey mom, could you write the missing scene where Maggie meets Eliza? Cos we never got to see it but obviously Eliza really likes her :) thanks xoxo

She sees her when she’s flitting in and out of consciousness. 

When whatever Cyborg-Superman shot her with is coursing through her veins and glowing in her wound and infecting her and sending her into seizures that have the DEO med team nervous and that have her daughter with a clenched jaw and a tone of panicked command in her voice that Eliza’s never heard.

She sees the way Alex holds her to her, the way Alex’s hands – her daughter’s hands, which can kill so easily – are gentle with Maggie, the way her hands rip off her vest, her shirt but her eyes avoid her chest almost too diligently as she combats whatever toxin is coursing through Maggie’s veins.

She sees the way Alex doesn’t breathe until Maggie’s vitals stabilize. Until Maggie starts talking, starts asking after her team, after Supergirl.

Eliza smiles softly to herself, because if this girl’s first thoughts after nearly dying was to ask about the welfare of her team and a woman with super powers, she might just deserve her Alexandra.

But she fights not to form any stronger opinions about her until she truly meets her.

And she does soon enough, because she’s there when Maggie gingerly tests out walking after getting dressed, after getting the clear from Alex to leave; after Alex was called away to some briefing or other, delayed until Maggie was in the clear because J’onn knew, already, not to even try to pry her from Maggie’s side before she knew she was going to be alright.

“You must be Maggie,” she strides forward, and she reaches out a hand to steady her daughter’s crush when she stumbles at her voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No, ma’am, you don’t have to apologize, I… Dr. Danvers, right? It’s a pleasure. Your daughter’s… amazing. Both of them.”

“It’s Eliza, dear, please. And Alex says the same thing about you.”

She thinks Maggie blushes, but it could be the rush of standing up again for the first time since getting shot with a Cadmus laser.

“Well, I’m just lucky to have her in my life, Dr. Danvers.”


“Sorry. Right.”

“Is the pain bad?”

Maggie shakes her head. “Just a bit dizzy. I’ll be alright.”

Eliza nods and offers to help Maggie tug on her leather jacket. Maggie accepts with murmured thanks.

“She’s lucky, you know. Alex. To have a parent like you, in terms of… She told me… she told me you were great about her coming out. I just… that’s wonderful. That’s exactly what she deserves. She should have that in all areas of her life, you know?”

Eliza squints at her slightly, this woman that her daughter’s falling in love with.

“Did you not?” she asks. “Have that?”

Maggie lowers her eyes and shrugs, flinching slightly when the movement jostles her stitches.

“Alex deserves the best. I’m happy she has acceptance about being who she is from you and Kara.”

“You care for my daughter quite a bit, don’t you?” Eliza asks, and Maggie smiles faintly.

“A lot, yes, Dr. Danvers.”

Eliza doesn’t bother to remind her to use her first name. She’s too busy staring, too busy calculating. Too busy evaluating.

“Well, we don’t always find someone we care about so deeply, Maggie. Life is short. And you’re right. Alex deserves the best.”

She holds out her hand, and Maggie takes it, eyes wide. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Maggie. I hope to see you again soon.”

Maggie stammers slightly as Eliza walks away. 

“I hope so too, Dr. Danvers,” she murmurs, her mind already steeling herself for how much she’s going to risk tonight, and all for the love of a woman’s daughter.

Moving Forward//Spencer ReidxReader

Can you write one where it’s Reid x reader, and the reader confesses her feelings for him, he denies her, and when she finally moves on he realizes he regrets letting her go?? It would make my world!!!

A/N: This is a one shot and you might hate it, so come tell me about it!

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“Oh my gosh, just tell him already! How could he not like you, you are sweet angel princess made with spice and everything nice!” You watched as Penelope caught her breathe after blabbering out her sentence. “Morgan, your turn.” You said turning around in the office chair. 

“What is there to lose, just say it, get it over with.” Morgan said before taking a sip of his coffee. Ah yes, the most debated topic now-a-days was wether or not you should tell Spencer Reid about how you felt. Of course you wanted too, you almost had several times actually but when you got down to it you just couldn’t get the words out. 

After a lot of thinking, which involved several bottles of wine at the last girls night with JJ and Penelope you had come to the decision to just tell him. I mean what was the worse that could happen? So here you were once again trying to gather up the courage to finally get it over with. 

“So today is the day then, today is the day I finally tell Spencer Reid I like him” you said confidently watching Penelope’s huge beaming smile and Derek’s devilish grin. 

That same sentence kept on running through your head all day. Today was the day, no backing down. Getting a moment alone with Spencer felt a whole lot harder today than usual. As the day was coming to an end you felt as if you’d never get the chance to talk to him. But just as the elevator door we’re about to close Spencer snuck in last minute. 

“Oh hey,” and just like that you suddenly felt that spark of energy again. ‘Today is the day’ you thought to your self. The short elevator ride was filled with lots of small talk, Spencer volunteered to walk you to your car after rambling over the amount of woman who get kidnapped or attacked every year when walking to their cars. 

But you really didn’t mind, your smile grew as you continued to listen to every new piece of information he continued to ramble on about. Seriously was there something you didn’t like about him? Nope, not a damn thing. 

As you both continued to walk at the same slow pace, it felt like the time to say something. There was currently an endless pep talk going on your head, filled with cliche sayings and phrases that were meant to motivate you. The closer you got to your car the more your heart began to race, you had say something, seriously what was the worse thing that could happen? 

With Penelope encouraging words, and Derek’s very firm advice you decided to just go for it. “Hey Spence,” quickly Spencer paused to look at you waiting for the next thing you we’re going to say. After a long paused Spencer finally said, “Y/N were you going to say something?” 

‘YES!’ Was what you were screaming in your head, “Uh yeah, actually I was going to say that I umm really like you….” you watched closely for his expressions trying to get some kind of hints as to what was going on in his head. But there was nothing.

“Like as more than just a friend” Once you said his face completely changed. It was once he let a sigh out and just stayed quiet that you realized what was coming. 

“Y/N, you’re a really great friend. But I don’t feel quiet the same way.” 

And just like that all of those peppy catch phrases you we’re repeating in your head we’re suddenly gone. The nervous knots in your stomach was replaced by an anxious twisting and turning. And your quick heart beat was replaced just by a very deep distinct ache. 

But instead of showing every single emotion that was currently going through your body, you simply smiled and added, “We are really great friends.” 

Which was true, Spencer was an amazing friend, but it didn’t change the fact that you loved everything else about him, everything. 

Then there was yet another awkward pause and you found it hard to think of what to even say next. “Well I should probably head home I told Penelope I would go over and help her bake cupcakes, and watch some show about kittens, so its going to be a super wild night” 

And so for the first time you were the one rambling about none sense that you had made up on the spot, “Sounds fun, I’ll see you tomorrow” Spencer said with a smile as he waved goodbye. But instead on driving off right after getting in your car you said there for a second trying to figure out a way to not cry. 

Without even calling you ended up infant of Penelope’s apartment door, hesitantly you knocked twice and waited for a response. 

“Oh no” was all Penelope said when she opened the door and looked at your puffy red eyes and pink nose. 

That night Penelope did was she does best, she sat down and listened to you talk and reassured you of just how amazing you are. Started a list of all the pros, none of the cons. Then made another list of all the happy things that could make you smile. 

But even the night didn’t prepare you for the next couple of weeks, having to walk in and look at Spencer and know that your feelings weren’t going anywhere because you were the only one who had them. 

A couple of weeks had gone by and you were still miserable, and moping around everywhere you went, and everyone on the team noticed in their own ways.  

Even though you didn’t notice it you were doing everything you could to be as far as possible from Spencer, avoiding everything and anything that had to do with him. It felt easier than being around him, or having his name be constantly brought up. 

That included sitting away from him on office days, your desk were literally right infant of each other. Now you spent of your office time in everyone else office, especially Garcia’s. 

“We need to talk” you heard Derek’s deep voice and the door click behind him, you turned around to see JJ with him. “This is sort of an intervention” Penelope said with a huge smile on her face. 

“Is this about me taking over your office?” You looked at her puzzled. 

Penelope was sweet about you always working there, you didn’t mess with her computers and were pretty tidy, but this wasn’t about sharing an office this was about why you didn’t want to be at your own desk. 

“Nope, this is about Spencer…” JJ said in her sweet voice, “I know it sucks that things didn’t work and he doesn’t feel the same, but you shouldn’t be hiding in Garcia’s office.” 

“We are just here to tell you that it’s okay if your feelings were hurt but it’s time to move on, pretty boy maybe a genius but he ins’t very smart if he can’t figure out what a catch you are” Derek was like the big brother you’d never had with his constant reassuring pep talks. 

“So yeah we know it sucks but just be positive and focus on your self, do things that you will love and I promise it’ll all be alright…” 

So after that day you took everyone’s advice, and focused on your self. Everyday got a little bit easier, a little bit happier, and a lot more fun. You spent lots of time reading, writing, visiting museums and art shows, movies, discovered cute coffee shops and had plenty of girls nights. 

After wrapping everything up in the office you we’re ready to head home, “I am so excited to go on this vacation!” You said to Penelope who was waiting for you by the door! “I am going to miss you so much, just remember there are still plenty of serial killers in Florida we may call you in” Derek said to you all got into the elevator. 

“Yes, turns out 778 people have been killed in Florida by a serial killer since 1900. Which works out to 9.92 serial killings per 1 million people. Nevada and Alaska were the only states with higher rates based on population” Everyone looked at read he continued to spill facts about Florida. 

Everyone said their goodbyes to you at the elevator and went their ways, and like good old days Spencer walked with you to your car. He continued to ramble for what felt longer than usual, perhaps he didn’t know how to say goodbye like the other or just didn’t feel comfortable. 

“Hey Y/N…” you heard him say mid-sentence. After a long silent pause Spencer looked like his mind was somewhere else, his cheeks began to blush and you finally asked, “Spencer you we’re going to say something…” 

“Yes, I wanted to say that, I really like you, a lot….” 

“Well yeah we’re good friends” you said thinking nothing else of his comment. 

“No, I mean like I really like you… like as more than a friend” The situation felt like deja vu, it had happened before just not quiet like this. Suddenly you realized there was nothing there, you actually didn’t feel the same. Now you just felt bad to be hurting someone’s feelings just the way yours had been hurt. 

“Spence, I think we’re just really better off as friends, I don’t feel the same way I did anymore.” You watched the disappointment sink into his face and you remembered just what it felt like to hear those words. 

“We are really great friends” was the only thing Spencer could think to say before walking away. 

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Accept Us

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Words: 1104
Requested by Anonymous:  Could I have a Tony StarkxReader story where the reader’s a widow and single mother and she’s with Tony but she’s afraid of losing him and of telling him about her son because she’s not sure if he’d be okay with it (which he is)? 

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

           He looked at you like you were the only woman in the world. And that made you feel more amazing than you thought possible. You weren’t sure how you got lucky enough to capture the heart of Tony Stark, but you had and you loved it.

           It had been a few months since you had started dating the genius millionaire and you knew it was getting serious. You just didn’t know if it was time to share some things with him or if you needed to wait.

           “You’re thinking awfully hard over there,” Tony smirked as the two of you sat together at dinner.

           It wasn’t the time.

           “Just enjoying dinner with you,” you said, “I guess sometimes I’m just afraid it’s all gonna disappear.”

           “I’m not going anywhere, Sweetheart,” Tony said, “I can promise you that. You’re stuck with me.”

           You grinned at him. You hoped that was true.

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Summary: in which you and your two children surprise Sebastian on set on his birthday

Word count: 2021

Warnings: a bit of swearing

Requested by anon: Hey beautiful soul,  I was just wondering if u take requests at the moment (if not .. just ignore this 😅) anyways so i kinda want a dad!seb x reader where both the reader and their kids (like 4 yr old daughter and 1 yr old boy) surprise him on set on his birthday. Just some fluff. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  🙌💋 Have a wonderful day/evening lovely.  ❤

A/N: not too sure about this one but it’s my first fic that wasn’t for Bucky. Hope it’s ok!

When your husband Sebastian had Skyped you two weeks before his birthday, almost close to tears and told you he’d not make it home from set in time for his birthday you’d not hesitated in going online and booking three tickets to Atlanta. This was how you found yourself walking to his set location, dressed in shorts and a white vest top, hand in hand with your four year old daughter Daniela, your other hand supporting your one year old George who was resting on your hip and falling asleep on your shoulder, exhausted from the heat. You slipped past one of the camera guys and stood out of shot, waiting for them to finish filming and watching as Sebastian was getting quite brutally beaten in a fight scene. Your daughter immediately recognised her father despite his longer hair and metal arm and beamed up at you. ‘It’s daddy!’ she whispered excitedly and you smiled back, nodding at her. 'Why is that man hurting daddy?’ she questioned, worry now creasing her forehead.

'It’s just for a film, sweetie. You know daddy is an actor’ you reassured her and turn your attention to George who was gurgling and mumbling nonsense in his sleep. Before you had chance to stop her Daniela had wriggled free from your grasp and was charging onto the set, screaming at all the people involved in the scene to stop hurting her daddy. Your eyes widened and you chased after her, you calls for her to stop mixed in with your apologies to the two directors and cameramen who were all just smiling fondly at your daughter. Hearing the familiar distressed calls of his daughter, Sebastian turned and beamed, scooping her up into his arms and spinning her around. She began crying, weeping into his shoulder as he held her tightly.

'Baby what’s wrong’ he whispered in her ear. 'It’s ok beautiful, they’re not really hurting me. It’s just a game’ he reassured, guessing the reason for her concern. She pulled away, rubbing her eyes and still sniffling as you finally caught up with her. When he saw you, Sebastian once again could not contain his grin as he pulled you in for a quick kiss on your lips. 'What are you doing here?’ he breathed.

'I thought we could surprise you for your birthday’ you replied, still slightly breathless, and Daniela immediately brightened up, pulling out the folded piece of paper from the pocket of her play suit and handing it to him. When he opened it out he saw it was a homemade card, the cover decorated by a love heart and several balloons and inside a scrawled message wishing him a happy birthday and he beamed at her.

'I love it Dani’ he cooed, rubbing her head as she giggled. Her eyes widened as she looked around the set and noted all the actors in their costumes and she began to recognise some of them. They’d crowded round, naturally drawn to the baby in your arms and the adorable toddler in Sebastian’s and when Daniela saw them all she had yelled all of their superhero names at the top of her lungs.

'Falcon!’ she screamed, making Seb wince. 'You’re my favourite’. Anthony laughed and punched Seb lightly on the arm.

'Always said Falcon was better than the Winter Soldier. Even your Winter’s Child thinks so’ he laughed and Sebastian rolled his eyes.

'Whatever Mackie, you’re just jealous because I have a beautiful wife and two fantastic kids’ he retorted and flashed a lopsided grin at you and George who was just waking up. 'Hey Georgie, you up now?’ he whispered as his piercing blue eyes, an exact mirror of his father’s, blinked slowly open. He looked around, seemingly a little confused but giggled and grinned as he saw all the superheroes crowding him, illicting an ‘awwww’ from everyone in the vicinity.

'Iron Man’ he mumbled when none other that Robert Downey Junior walked over, fully clad in his suit. You and Sebastian froze, staring first at each other then down at the excitable baby in your arms. 'Iron Man’ he said again, this time a little louder. You both started laughing in disbelief as Seb set Daniela down to run of and meet her idols and he crouched down a little so he was eye to eye with his son.

'And here we were thinking it was gonna be mummy or daddy’ he laughed and then stood back up to look at you.

'Wait and minute, wait a minute, wait a minute’ Robert said, removing his mask and looking down at the baby staring admirably up at him. 'Iron Man is his first word?’

'Well technically his first word was iron’ you corrected him, laughing.

'Sebastian one of your kids loves Mackie and the other is Team Iron Man. I think you might be doing something wrong’ he joked, bending down to make odd baby noises at George, who was giggling hysterically and lightly punching Robert in the face in excitement. Robert looked up at you almost pleadingly, holding his arms out and you grinned and handed George over who was having the time of his life.

'Baby this is the best birthday present you could have ever given me’ he said, his eyes filling with emotion.

'Well I hope not cause I’m kinda proud of myself for thinking of this one. Happy birthday!’ you said, pulling an envelope out of your handbag and handing it to him. He looked questioningly at you before sliding his finger underneath the seal of the envelope and taking out the contents, four slips of paper.

'Wait a minute. These are plane tickets’ he looked up at you.

'Yep. Four tickets for a flight to Constanta, leaving two days after you finish shooting. Sorry I couldn’t get them for later, I know you’ll probably be super tired’ he cut of your rambling by pressing a passionate kiss to your lips and when he pulled away you smiled proudly to yourself. He stared at you in disbelief and you laughed. 'You’re always saying how you want to go back so I thought we could all go, as a family’. He pocketed the tickets and pulled you into a tight hug.

'How the fuck did I ever get you to be my wife? I must have done something amazing in a past life to deserve you’ he mumbled in your ear and you turned your head to kiss his temple.

'Watch your mouth Stan, there are children present’ you berated him and he released a breathy laugh. 'And you got me to be your wife by first, staring at me creepily until you finally worked up the courage to ask me out, then by being the sweetest boyfriend I’d ever had and finally by being insanely hot’. He laughed again and you pulled away from his slightly constricting embrace.

'Seriously (Y/N), you’re perfect and I love you so much’ he said, looking deeply into your eyes.

'I love you too Seb’ you replied, taking his hand in yours as you smiled lovingly at each other until George began screaming and crying. 'Diaper change’ you sighed taking him off of Robert who was holding him at arms length to avoid the stench.

‘Sebastian Stan, how’d you end up landing this woman?’ Anthony teased as the two of you, returning from your tour around the set, walked over to where Seb, your kids and a few other cast members were enjoying lunch.

‘Still to this day Mackie I have no idea’ he replied, smiling up at you as you sat next to him and pressing a quick kiss to your cheek.

‘Like honest to god she’s hilarious! And my lord if she’s not one of the finest women I’ve ever laid eyes on’ he said, sitting down at the opposite side of the table to you and flashing you a flirty grin and a wink.

‘Keep dreaming Anthony, she’s mine’ he replied, taking your left hand in his and pointing to your fourth finger displaying your wedding ring to him and then bringing it up to his lips and pressing a kiss to it. You grinned at him and lifted George off of his lap, placing him in your own and bouncing him up and down making him giggle.

‘I can see you being here is gonna be a huge distraction for Seb’ Chris (Evans) commented, smirking at Sebastian. ‘But (Y/N) you’re pretty great and your kids are amazingly cute so I can see why someone would get distracted’.

‘Ok is everyone done hitting on my wife now?’ Sebastian said, glaring playfully at each of them. ‘Because let’s be honest none of you have a chance’ at this he threw his arm around your shoulders. When you looked up at him he pulled you in for a kiss that lasted longer than it should and you broke away when the throat clearing got louder and Daniela turned her attention away from the burger in front of her.

‘Ew gross’ she whined and when you pulled away you burst out laughing at her scrunched up nose and expression of disgust. George laughed too, probably not entirely sure what at before screaming ‘Iron Man’ again.

‘Being at the hotel on my own with him is gonna be just delightful’ you said sarcastically and Sebastian looked down at you beaming.

‘You booked a room?’ he questioned and you replied with a nod. ‘You’re staying longer than today?’ You nodded again and he squeaked like a little girl. ‘Then shooting a movie with these idiots won’t be so bad’ he grinned and you smiled in reply.

‘And then we need to go back to New York where we’ll pack and the next day we have to head back to the airport’ you explained, already having an in detail plan of how it will all pan out.

‘Honestly even I’m confused’ you both looked up when Chris, Pratt this time, meandered over with his tray of food. ‘There’s gotta be something wrong with you’ he said staring at you intensely.

‘You can stare all you like she is literally the perfect human being’ Seb said, a twinge of pride in his voice. When you heard a high pitched British voice, you felt the corners of your mouth twitch up as you prepared to put what Anthony had taught you into play. Before he even had the chance to introduce himself to you, you interrupted.

‘Shut up Tom, you little asshole. Go get a juice box and sit with your handler’ you said and for about a millisecond the whole table was silent before they all erupted with laughter, Daniela and George included. You grinned at Tom to show that there was no hard feelings and he reciprocated as he also fell into fitful laughter. Sebastian clapped you on the back when he calmed down and wiped a few tears from his eye.

‘Babe I love you’ he said, still giggling a little.

‘I love you too’ every single other person on the table said at exactly the same time, causing another bout of laughter.

‘Promise me you’ll come and surprise Sebastian on set more often’ Anthony said, the rest of the table nodding in agreement.

‘Yes! Let’s see Falcon more’ Daniela shouted from next to Seb and he patted her on the head. ‘And daddy of course’ she added, smiling up at him and earning another ‘awwww’ from everyone.

Standing next to a cameraman, cradling George in your arms with Daniela sat cross legged at your feet, you could not have even hoped to contain the grin that was plastered on your face as you watched your husband doing what he loved. Occasionally, between cuts, he looked over and waved at you making Daniela clap her hands excitedly and you wave enthusiastically back. You could not wait until later that evening when you were throwing a surprise birthday party for him in the hotel you were staying at which all of the cast were in on and you anticipated his adorable surprised expression with great excitement.

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