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How would the dads act when jealous? Awesome blog btw

Daddy Thomas here! I’m hoping to get through a bunch this weekend since I’m finally plan free. Thank you so much!! Let’s get started!


Robert is the guy who will grab your ass and leave hickeys all over you in public just so everyone knows exactly who you belong to. And it’s absolutely amazing.


He knows you know you’re all his, but that doesn’t stop him from showering you with gifts so he can brag about the things you wear out with him. He’s very good at making you blush.


Damien likes doing small, subtle things. Giving you a promise ring and leaving smudges of eyeliner on your cheek bone and shirt collar. When he does get jealous, he can get almost fuming. He leaves kisses all over your hands and arms while keeping eye contact with his rival.


Hugo doesn’t like getting jealous, but when he does he simply tells you. He doesn’t tell you to stop seeing the person or make you feel bad, he just lets you know because communication is of absolute importance to him.


“Bro, that’s my bro. Get the hell away from my bro. My bromosexual.”


Mat is the man who goes above and beyond to make sure everyone knows you’re his. He sings to you and tells you he loves you whenever he can. Very cuddly.


He’s the worst when he’s jealous… he becomes controlling because he doesn’t want to lose you like he lost Mary. Or Robert. Or his children. He can’t lose you.

Yours, Daddy Thomas


What Peter does on Photoshop

  • Tony: is the equipment secure?
  • Peter: check.
  • Tony: web fluid loaded?
  • Peter: check.
  • Tony: did you have breakfast?
  • Peter: what? that's not on the checklist.
  • Tony: i added it because i care about you.
  • Peter: no, i didn't have breakfast
  • Tony: unacceptable. look in your backpack.
  • Peter, pulling out breakfast bar: hey, there's chocolate chips in this!
  • Tony: yeah, i'm not an idiot. i know how to trick my son into eating his fiber