and you really get to see how worried she is

Why Ochako is Actually a Complex Character


 So leggo.

 Now I won’t go into overall details about her because I already did that in this post that you can read right here, which I essentially discussed how she’s actually an amazing WSJ heroine and whoever voted her the worst should put their heads in sand because they don’t deserve to see the rest of the world (I kid I kid, promise!).

 Rather, I wanted to challenge the viewpoints people have of her and really argue on the fact that Ochako Uraraka is actually more of a complex character than we give her credit for. Most often than not, the fandom looks towards Katsuki or Izuku or even Todoroki and they build them up and go on and on about their complexity in the series. Hell, those three are my friend’s favorite characters and they are fan favorites for a multitude of reasons that they deserve. I myself have made numerous posts about Katsuki since we are given such complex views of him as well as the others in the series. They are the main focus in the story and their growth has been some of the best we’ve ever seen in a series.

 However, characters iike Ochako, who actually does have a lot of complexity and dimensionality, get lost in their wake and I really want to talk about that.

 Most often than not, when we see Ochako, we see this bubbly smiling girl who has such a wonderful and positive attitude that sometimes comes off ditzy. One glance at her and the words that come to mind are cute, adorable, fluffy, etc because that is the type of character that she mostly is. She is the female support of Izuku and the way she contributes to the story is with her adorable attitude that lightens up the mood in certain situations like the Ground Zero fight and even the room competition (did you see how cute she was with Iida’s glasses!?).

 Yet, what bothers me and possibly other really hardcore fans of her is that she isn’t just this bubbly character that smiles on the side but she does have complex issues that really makes her character more interesting in comparison to other characters.

 I mean for starters, this girl is the QUEEN of keeping her emotions from people and really suppressing them in most situations and not letting them get in the way of what she wants to get done.

 For example, the first real example of this is when she lost to her fight with Katsuki.

Now let’s remember situational factors going into this: we just found out her true goals into going to heroics (which was said in a much more serious tone than we had ever seen from her before)

we found out she was incredibly nervous to be facing Katsuki (and again WAS SUPPRESSING HER EMOTIONS)

we saw her rejecting Izuku’s help (as well as her little speech about feeling ashamed)


 So seeing her crying when she’s speaking to her family isn’t just some small defeated thing but it really gives us so much insight in her character and who she is as a person. We finally see how truly hard she is on herself and the perfectionist personality that she usually keeps hidden from others. You can even see by her facial expression when Izuku left that she put on a face for him to not let him get more worried then he already was. 

 And then don’t even get me started with her attitude during the Hero License Exam because oh my gosh, that was so powerful from her.

 From that, we first see her being so strategic af:

Then we get this amazing speech from Izuku about her and how he could have told the difference between her and Kemi (notice the plan part!)

Of course her being a BA here cuz eh why not, she’s really grown from her training


I just

There are so many moments of Ochako that I missed that would have proved my point even further than this but these moments here showcase how complex and really interesting Ochako is as a character.

 The bubbly personality that we see from her is only a piece of the whole picture and you could even argue that she’s so good at suppressing her emotions that it’s the personality she chooses to portray to others to keep her other emotions away from people because she doesn’t want to burden others. I personally don’t know if that’s true at all and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the fact is that she isn’t just some character that sits on the side and looks cute and adorable. There are so elements about her that makes her different and the fight she had with Katsuki really changed her as well as her inspiration from Izuku. She took both of those interactions with those characters and used them to better herself and it’s just SO POWERFUL. Not many shounen female heroines do that so it’s so refreshing to have Ochako be the way she is.

 Overall, as obvious as it must be, Ochako is one of my favorite characters and I’m so excited to see the growth she’s going to have more in the series. Her feelings for Izuku got cut off during the exam so that’s an arc we need to get from her and I know I want to see Ochako kicking Katsuki’s ass and actually winning to show how much she’s grown from the beginning. I have so much hope that Horikoshi has so many plans for her character and I’m so excited to see what he has in store for her and how he will continue to build upon her.

 Regardless, Happy Birthday Ochako!

 TLDR: Ochako is a very complex character and I wish more people celebrated that.

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 5/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s):  Fluff & Angst

A/N: A scene is lowkey inspired by the perks of a wallflower in this chapter sksk enjoy you little cuties !! sorryforthewait

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon) | 

Richie pulled over, smirking as he watched Eddie’s confusion grow.

“You stopped here?”

“Yep, now get out.” Richie hummed, before climbing out of the truck doorway- grabbing his keys and standing to his feet.

Eddie was confused, his head tilted as he climbed out and looked at his surroundings. What stood before him was a tall abandoned carpark building surrounded in intertwining railings, the strands of thin grass below standing tall and knee length to Eddie.

“This is an abandoned building.”

“Well done, captain K.” Richie spoke with sarcasm, hands in his pockets, “This is my hideout.”

Eddie stepped forward next to Richie, glancing at the wired railings that stood before them both. “So, how do you get into the hideout?”

Richie hummed yet again, walking along the side of the metal, his fingers trailing against each curve. His eyes fixated on a small gap that he used to climb through when he was younger. “I’m presuming you’re not a climber, right Eds?”

“I am not climbing that thing, no way.” Eddie folded his arms, “There should just be an entrance-”

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Lance used to self harm. He’s stopped, in a way. He doesn’t leave scars anymore. But he hates the ones he does have.

His long sleeved shirts and sweaters hide them good enough.

But when he showers, he looks at him arms. The scars are ugly and look so bright and apparent to him. So he scrubs at his skin until it hurts. His skin is red and he still scrubs. Sometimes he’ll scratch, hoping the red lines he leaves don’t become scars.

Sometimes the scars don’t bother him in the shower. But the urge to self harm is so strong, he feels it wrap itself around him like a weighted blanket. He doesn’t want to leave marks, so he’ll turn off the cold water. His skin is burning and he crumples up against the heat. He’s about to move but freezes.

“I deserve this.”

He lets the water burn him as he stands there. As the water starts to turn cool, he turns it off. He looks at the fogged mirror and sees his silhouette.

He takes a deep breath in and clenches his fists. His nails digging into his skin but he does nothing. He holds himself back from doing worse to himself.

When he tried to sacrifice himself to save someone in battle, he does so in the hope of finally doing something worthwhile. Of him FINALLY being useful.

When he makes jokes and knows that they are usually ignored or just seen as annoying, he hopes that even if he’s seen in a bad light, they at least remember him.

Because growing up in a big family, a lot of the times whenever his sisters or brothers or parents told a story they’d forget he was with them. They’d forget he was there with them, and if they did remember, it was usually in the terms of “me and someone else, can’t remember who-” and that hurts.

“Am I really that replaceable? Am I that forgettable?” His insecurities started from a young age so he doesn’t care if he’s seen in a good light or a bad light. As long as someone remembers him.

So it hurts when Keith has no idea who the hell he is. Because maybe he is that replaceable and forgettable.

He get jealous of the way everyone seems so close. He’s jealous of how Shiro and Keith’s closeness. He’s jealous of Pidge and Hunk. He’s jealous of Allura and Coran. He has no one. Just…. Himself.

He knows he does it to himself. He doesn’t want to tell people the problem but sometimes he wishes that they’d care enough to ask. Or even notice that his smiles don’t always reach his eyes.

And it hurts when the other paladins don’t really want to hang out with him. It hurts when he stays in his room by himself for days and no one really notices.

He picks his face. He can’t help it. If he has a blackhead, he’ll pick at the skin until his finger nails have blood on them. He feels a bump and honestly it’s nothing. But he picks at it anyways. Some days when he feels like he’s breaking out, he’ll pull out his face masks. They make him feel better but he only has so much left so he uses them sparingly.

One day after he has a break down, he just can’t pull himself back. He uses the face mask. He can’t help but have a burning shower. On this day, he actually wipes the foggy mirror, staring at himself. The bags under his eyes seem to be darker than normal to him. His skin has steam coming off of it.

“Have I looked like this for a while?”

He wishes Hunk had never grew apart form him. It wasn’t s huge change, honestly the only thing that changed was him. He felt like he was holding Hunk back from making better friends.

Hunk still cares for him. He just thinks that Lance is pushing him away, wants his own space. Thinking it’d be best to let Lance deal with whatever he’s dealing with and coming around to him later, Hunk doesn’t seek him out.

Keith noticed. He noticed since they first met. And it annoyed him. “How can he just pretend everything is fine when it’s not? How can he be so fake?” It’s one of the reasons Keith doesn’t like him. But as things get worse, he starts to back off. He’s worried, but how the hell do you approach someone?

Pidge notices Lance is a little off. She doesn’t say anything, not knowing what exactly is going on or how to help him out. So she hopes someone who knows will help him.

Shiro doesn’t notice. Honestly, he has so much going on he doesn’t notice half the shit going on between the paladins. Same with Allura.

Coran though. He sees how Lance is hurting. He tries to help, he really does. He asks Lance how he’s doing but he keeps brushing him off. “I’m fine, how are you Coran?” Is the usual answer.

Lance thinks he hides it so well. And true, if you weren’t around him a lot, you’d never notice. But they do notice. He just doesn’t know.

So his vicious cycle continues. And he feels utterly alone. And remembering they’re in space makes it worse.

His Family Doesn’t Like You PT 2

“Where’s Y/N?” Gemma asked, as she stepped out of the car.

The day had been tense. By the time Gemma and Anne woke up Harry was in the kitchen. He kissed her on the cheek and she was out the door with a bag in her hand, a bag that Gemma knew costed a semester of college. When Anne brought it up Harry shut it down, ‘my house, my rules, treat her and talk about her the way you wish to be treated,’ he reminded them. 

After some convincing Harry went out with them. They walked the streets of LA, and enjoyed their time. She wasn’t brought up and the tension seemed to fade. 

“Yes why isn’t y/n spending time with us,” Anne says, her tone full of disgust as she said her name, “is she out shopping?”  

Harry takes in a deep breath, trying to remain calm, “I thought it might be best if my family wasn’t down her throat all the time so she picked up an extra shift,” Harry answered. 

“She works?” Anne asked, shock clear in her voice. 

“Mum,” Harry says, “if you’re going to talk about her it will be in a nice way. She is my girlfriend, I love her. I see a future with her, and I will not have her run off because of you guys.”

“You won’t get my blessing,” Anne says firmly. 

“They hate me, they literally hate me,” she says into the phone as she walks into her house. 

She shuts the door behind her and tosses her keys on to the small table. She loved seeing Harry when she came home from work, but she was thankful to see the range rover out of the drive way today. 

“I’m sure they don’t hate you,” Sarah says into the phone, and she was just glad that someone in Harry’s life liked her. 

“They do, you should’ve heard what they were saying yesterday,” she sighs, “and my car broke down today. I had to have Stan pick me up and drive me to work and the drop me off at home.”

“Where’s your car now?”

“In the shop, it’s going to cost me over fifteen hundred to get it fixed,” she says, walking to the kitchen and grabbing some of the left over cookies, “I had to borrow money from my parents, and now I’m working doubles for the next three months so I can pay them back. And I know once Harry sees me working more he’s going to snoop.”

“Just tell him,” Sarah says. 

“No way, I can’t he’ll want to fix it or buy me a new car, and a new car would be nice but I’m not ready to give up Vicky and she’s still useful.”

“Not really, this is the forth time you’ve gone to get her fixed, if Harry knew he would be mad,” Sarah responds. 

“I know,” she groans, hoping on the stool. 

“What are you going to tell Harry? Won’t he notice the missing car.”

“I’m still trying to figure it out,” she sighs, “maybe if I’m lucky Harry won’t even notice.”

“Notice what?” Harry asked, shrugging off his jacket as he walks in with his mother and sister, his eye brow is raised. 

“I’ll call you later Sarah,” she says. 

“Okay cool, bye.”

“What happened?” Harry asked. 

“Nothing you need to worry about,” she says, “how was your day?”

“It was fine,” Gemma answered, “Harry showed us around, it’s a shame you couldn’t join us.”

She doesn’t sound sarcastic or rude and Harry smiled softly, “maybe we can all go out tonight?” Gemma asked, “I would really like to get to know you.”

“Oh, that sounds lovely,” Y/N responds, taken back, “but I picked up another shift at the diner and I have to be back in three hours.”

“What? Why?” Harry asked, “was it your car? I didn’t see it out there. I told you it was a piece of crap, how much is it to get fixed?”

“Don’t worry about it,” she sighed. 

“I’m worried if that means you’re going to be out all the time to try and pay it off when it will break down again,” Harry frowned, “I can help.”

“Of course you can,” Anne says, “just buy her the car shop.”

She frowns, hoping off the stool, “I’m really trying to not be rude Mrs. Twist,” she says, “but I do love your son and I don’t love him for his money.”

“I don’t believe it,” Anne says, “and just as I told Harry you won’t be getting my blessing.”


“I’m sorry Harry,” she says, “I love you, I really do and you know that, but I can’t be the reason you don’t get along with your mom.”

“Y/N,” Harry says, turning to her, his heart dropping, “please don’t.”

“I can’t Harry,” she shakes her head, “I just-I can’t. I need to go.”

She shoves past them, the door shutting behind her. Harry turns to Anne, his mother stands, looking at just where she stood. 

“This is your fault,” Harry seethed, “this is all your fault!”

“Harry it’s for the best-”

“No!” Harry yelled, “she wasn’t after my money, she wasn’t after my fame! Y/N and I dated for six months before she even considered coming out in public with our relationship! Y/N was struggling with thousands of dollars to owe to a college and I helped her because I love her! I helped her because it meant she could pick up less shifts and be with me! Y/N has done nothing wrong, all she has done is love your son! She didn’t see me as the media portrayed me. The same media that called your son a womanizer, the same media that claimed I slept with thousands of girls, the same media that tries to tear me apart, you’ve seen what they can do!”


“Yes I paid off her loans, but she had most of them paid off, yes I bought this house but half the stuff in this house she has paid for! And yes I bought her a car because she always has that piece of garbage she calls a car in a shop. If roles were switched and she had a higher income I know she would do the same for me, but you just can’t accept that!” Harry yelled, “and now you’ve gone and driven away the one women who could put up with me. The one women who didn’t care about the Harry Styles, but cared about me.”

“I’m sorry,” Anne whispered, tears in her own eyes. 

“It’s a little late for that,” he snapped.

Wicked Game ~ Peter Parker, Part 2

Summary: Dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak and not talking to Peter for 2 weeks causes the reader to not want to go to homecoming, but MJ forces her to go and the events that happen there may turn the worst 2 weeks to the best 2 weeks of her life.

Warnings: Minor swearing, angst, make out

Word count: 2,589… I got a little carried away whoops

It’s been two weeks since the incident on the rooftop. I haven’t talked to Peter since then. At this point, I could barely look at him without bursting into tears. The truth is beside Peter I didn’t have any friends besides Michelle. I didn’t exactly tell her what happened, but I’m pretty sure she figured out it had to do with Peter. Ignoring Peter wasn’t incredibly hard since we lived in the same apartment. Just because I didn’t want to talk didn’t mean he didn’t. For the first week, he followed me around trying to talk to me. Of course, I had headphones and turned them up as loud as my ears could handle so I couldn’t hear his voice. At least he took the hint and stopped trying to start a conversation. Now he just stares at me. All of the time. I swear he keeps playing this game. Doesn’t he get he already won? The more he looks at me the more my heart breaks. At this point I’m numb. Why the hell did I fall in love with him? I’m such a fool.

“Are you going to tell me what happened between you and Peter or are you just going to sit staring out the window looking like you’re about to cry everyday” I heard Michelle say nonchalantly.

“It’s a long story MJ” I replied

“Good thing this homework we are working on isn’t due tomorrow,” She said putting the books aside.

“I don’t really want t-”

“You can’t keep this to yourself any more Y/N I’m seriously getting worried, I’m not a doctor, but I know hiding something that made you this upset for too long isn’t smart,” she said interrupting me

“He broke my heart” I whispered, tears beginning to fill my eyes as my mind replayed the events of the worst night of my life.

“He doesn’t deserve you Y/N, if he doesn’t see how amazing you are he’s blind, and a fucking idiot to be honest, Do you want me to beat him up for you because I’m totally willing to do that because I hate assholes”

“Oh my god, thank you MJ” I laughed, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve laughed in the past 2 weeks. MJ may be very shy and unsocial, but once you get to know her she’s amazing. To be completely honest her attitude, in general, is enough to cheer me up. She’s so different and honestly an inspiration. I’m so grateful for her because without her I know this whole Peter thing would be much worse.

“I’ll beat him up in front of the whole school during homecoming” MJ giggled clenching her fists and holding them up like she was going to fight someone.

“You know I’m now going to homecoming, right”?

“Excuse me yes you are, you will not let Peter Parker ruin some of the best moments you’ll ever have in high school. You shouldn’t let him have that power over you, and even if he does don’t let him see that”

“But I can’t bear to see him dancing wi-”

“So don’t look at them, find your own boy to dance with, there will be tons of handsome lonely boys looking for a beautiful girl like you to dance with, you are a strong independent girl and you don’t need Peter Parker to make your life complete, and come on if I agreed to go to homecoming that says a lot since I’m probably the most unsocial person on the planet and I need a friend to come with me so I’m not alone, please come Y/N I’m practically on my knees begging you” MJ blurted. She was right, I can’t let Peter control my life.

“Fine I guess I’ll go but for you,” I said

“Yay! I’m so excited” she exclaimed giving me a hug, good thing I had bought a dress. I would have to wear my one from last years homecoming and to be honest, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit.

For the rest of the night, we ate ice cream and watched funny chick flicks and I forgot all about Peter until she had to leave. As much as I don’t want Peter to control my life, but I can’t bear to see Peter dancing with Liz. I think my heart would shatter into a million pieces. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I looked at myself, I honestly looked like a mess. I had bags under my eyes, my eyes were puffy from crying so much. Why was I letting Peter Parker ruin my life? I should never let a boy ruin my life. I have so much more than Peter Parker. If this game was to break my heart. I shouldn’t let him win. I have to stop moping 24/7 and actually live. Even if I don’t have a date to homecoming it doesn’t mean I won’t find a lonely boy to dance with. After all, it’s completely possible to fall in love more than once. I’m not going to let Peter win. Somehow I managed to find some confidence. It’s time to be my old self again I thought walking from the bathroom. I walked into my room and jumped into my bed and swiftly pulled the covers over me. Tomorrow is a new day, a new me. No more crying over Peter Parker I thought as I drifted into a nice well-needed slumber.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, scaring the shit out of me like it always does. I groaned turning off my alarm clock and getting up to walk to my closet to find clothes. Lately, i’ve been wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to school every day, but that was going to change. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a nice shirt and skipped to the bathroom.

“Why are you so cheerful today honey” I heard my mom say as I skipped past the kitchen to get to the bathroom.

“Homecoming is today, and you know how much I love to dance mom” I practically sung as I closed the bathroom door. Today I needed to show confidence. I needed Peter to know I wasn’t going to mope over him forever. I caught him staring at me countless times this week. I hope showing him I’m getting over him will make him jealous. Wait. no that’s not the point of this I mentally yelled at myself as I grabbed eyeliner and mascara. After I finished putting on makeup, I slipped on my clothes and grabbed my pair of black converse.

“You look cute today Y/N” my mom pointed out.

“Thanks, mom” I answering grabbing my backpack and giving my mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Your father and I aren’t going to be home for a couple of days, we have to go on a business trip, but make sure to send us pictures, I’m sorry we won’t be here,” she said, she obviously felt bad, but they did this all of the time.

“It’s fine” I lied as I walked out the door. A sigh left my mouth. I don’t know why they are always traveling I wish they could actually be home for one special event of mine. No wonder I’m closer to May than my parents, but I can’t see her without seeing Peter. Peter was usually the person who always comforted me when my parents would leave. I felt tears start to sting my eyes. No. I promised myself I would stop crying over him. I blinked away the tears and began walking to school. I walked kind of slow so when I walked in most people were at their lockers. What happened next was pretty weird. It felt like I was in a movie. Everything was going in slow motion and basically, everyone was staring at me. I mean I’m pretty sure it’s because the past two weeks I’ve acted like actual death and looked it too, but then again I didn’t think people noticed.

“Nice ass Y/L/N” I heard Flash say from behind me

“Shut it Flash” I warned, as he put both his hands up laughing. I right as I turned around I ran into someone which knocked me over making me land right on my butt.

“I’m so sor-” I cut myself off as my eyes met with the brown sparkling orbs of
Peter Parker. He was holding out his hand offering to help me up. For some reason, I actually took his hand. I could feel my whole body tingling just from him grabbing my hand. He pulled me up, and I immediately let go of his hand brushing off my pants. I brushed the hair that was in my face behind my ear and stood up straight.

“I’m really sorry about that” I mumble looking down at my feet

“It’s okay” he insisted, I looked up at his face to see a bruise on his face that I hadn’t noticed.

“Oh my god Peter the bruise on your face, who did that to you”I whispered yelled

“It doesn’t matter, the bad guy just got a swing at my face” he stated

“You have to be more careful Peter” I cautioned.

“I am careful you don’t have to worry about me Y/N” he insisted

“Well I do,” I said louder than I wanted to. “I-I h-have to class” I interjected bowing my head and pushing past him to get to class trying to hide the tint of red on my cheeks. That was actually the first semi-normal interaction I had with him in 2 weeks and I barely embarrassed myself. The rest of the day went by pretty fast and MJ and I literally ran home so we could get ready. I went into the bath reapplying and putting more makeup on. I quickly stripped my clothes off and slipped into my dress. I looked into the mirror and I was actually happy with what I saw. I walked out to see Michelle in a beautiful blue dress.

“Dang M, how did you not get a date,” I said

“Well besides from the fact I don’t talk to people, I have no idea” she laughed

“Are you ready to go?” I asked

“Yep, it’s funny how both are always gone for the important things,” She said obviously upset her parents weren’t here too. I gave her a small hug and soft smile and we walked out.


We arrived at the school and walked into the gym. There were balloons everywhere the lights were dim and kids were dancing. MJ and I met up with Ned. I saw Liz walk in without Peter and I raised my eyebrow. I heard the doors open shortly after MJ and I made eye contact with his brown whiskey eyes. I felt like I was staring him for years until MJ pulled me away as Liz grabbed his hand. MJ grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a circle of basically the whole decathlon team dancing, but I still looked towards Peter who surprisingly still has his eyes on me. and I eventually I started to let go and dance to the beat. I felt good the music was upbeat and I was actually having a great time. I took a mental note that I owe MJ Starbucks for making me come to this. There were a couple songs and I dance one dance with Ned, and I even danced with Flash even though I hate him. There was only about 30 minutes left of the dance, and a boy named Isaac who I had couple classes with timidly walked up to me

“Y/N would you like to dance with me,” he asked shyly

“Of course” I replied grabbing his hand and pulling him to the center of the gym. I put my arms around his neck and he put his on my hips and we danced for 2 songs, but I could see and feel Peter’s eyes on me but he was jealous. I knew he was because I’ve known him my whole life and I definitely know when that boy is jealous. He has Liz so why he so bothered by me dancing with someone else.

“You’re distracted by something” he blurted out leaving me a little shocked.

“No, I’m just tired” I insisted

“Hey, look I’m pretty observant, but I’m pretty sure anyone could tell you like Peter Parker a lot more than a friend, and I’m 99.9% positive he feels the same way” He explained

“He is with Liz, he likes Liz, and I already told him how I felt”

“If you haven’t noticed he’s been staring at this whole dance right”

“So what that doesn’t mean anything” I signed looking at my feet.

“Like I said I’m very observant, and the way Peter looks at you is different than he looks at anyone else even Liz” he argued, and I laughed

“You should ask MJ to dance, you guys are very similar” I sighed, still looking at my feet. Soon the song Waves by Dean Lewis came on.

“I’m about to be proven right,” he said triumphantly  

“Wait, what do yo-”

“You mind if I steal her for a dance” I looked to see Peter holding out his hand

“Absolutely” he replied winking at me. I mouthed “I hate you” and he put his hands up in defense walking away. Peter put his hands on my hips and I put mine on his shoulders. I couldn’t face him, I had no idea why he was dancing with me, or how Liz allowed him to do it. I was staring at his tie.

“You look really beautiful tonight Y/N” he commented quietly. Seriously is this boy trying to lead me on? What the hell does he want from me? I pushed him away.

“What kind of game are you playing Parker because I’m seriously sick of th-” I was cut off by him slamming his lips into mine, making my eyes open wider than humanly possible. My arms were at my side clenched and my whole body went tense. To be honest I could not comprehend what was happening, but eventually, my body relaxed and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and savoring the way his soft lips felt on mine. We pulled away for air.

“Why did you do that” I whispered.

“Just because I was going to homecoming with didn’t mean I didn’t have the same feelings for you” He revealed bowing his head down. “I asked Liz to homecoming because I thought you didn’t feel the same way, I was going to tell you after that night, but you never really gave me the chance”. I was speechless, honestly, I didn’t know how to react to this, so I just hugged him engulfing his.

“I love you, Peter Parker”

“I love you too”

I guess this wicked game came out with both of us winning.


I hope you guys liked it! Feedback is seriously appreciated

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Decisions - part 3 of It’s Over


It’s not easy. Love is not easy. No one said it was going to be easy. No one ever said marriage was going to be easy. There was going to complications down the road. Y/N knew that. But what she didn’t know how complicated it was going to be since her husband cheated on her. Because, never did she think her husband was going to cheat on her in the first place. 

And here she was, coped up in her apartment with her knees against her chest as she sits on her couch in wonder with the television playing in the background She wonders what she wants. What she truly wants. Her mind and her heart speak two different things. She didn’t know which one to listen to. 

The vital organ in her chest aches from the heart break she’s had to face yet it still feels the same unconditional love for Harry just like she’s had all these years they’ve been together. As much as she wants to hate him, she can’t. But her mind speaks that leaving Harry, divorcing him so he could leave her alone for good is the right thing to do. It’s the logical thing to do. He brought her all this pain when she did nothing to him. He broke her heart for his own selfish reasons and he did not deserve a second chance from her or any of her compassion.

She just didn’t know what to think. She doesn’t know what she feels. What she did know is that she wanted to feel hate for Harry. She wanted to hate Harry ever since she found out he was no longer hers; that he gave himself to someone else when he was only suppose to be give himself to her like he promised. But she couldn’t Harry as much as she tries to. Because he’s the man who owns her heart. He’s the man who she loves unconditionally. It’s irrevocable. 

Y/N hasn’t heard from Harry since the night he got drunk. Well he did text her to thank her for bringing him home but after that, no words were exchanged. Harry no longer calls her or texts her. She wonders why. She wonders what he’s been up to. She wants to know why he no longer floods her phone with calls and messages. Deep down, she felt disappointed that he no longer calls. She thought he’d continue fighting for her. But she is the one who left him. And she left him for a good reason so why should she care?

He doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. Not when he cheated on her. Not when he took off his wedding ring. Not when he let another woman mark his skin. But why is she thinking about canceling the divorce? Why is she giving herself time to heal? It’s not like she’s going to run back to Harry anytime soon. Not after all the shit he’s done. Not when it practically felt like he shoved his hands right in her chest and squeezed all the blood out from her heart. 

It was wrong.

But being so blindingly in love with someone is what makes them rethink everything. It’s what makes them give their other half a second chance. And maybe that’s why instead of getting a divorce, Y/N thinks it’d be better off to stay separated for now as husband and wife. 

Maybe that’s why Y/N picks up the phone and decides to call Harry. Just to hear his voice. Just to hear him; to see if he’s okay and if he’s still drinking because the last time she went to their house, she could’ve sworn he was becoming an alcoholic. 

The phone rings agonizingly slow as she waits for his deep voice to sound through the phone. Y/N was so close to hanging up after the sixth ring but before she could, she hears the other line pick up. 

“Y/N,” his raspy voice croaks through the phone. 

Y/N feels the lump in her throat form, her eyes shutting and she sucks in a sharp breath because she didn’t know what to say. How could she tell him? She couldn’t just spit out ‘hey, I’m no longer going to divorce you but that still doesn’t mean we could be together right now’. Well she could straight up say that but she wasn’t going to. 

“Hi…” She trails off.

“Uh…I–Hi?” He says in a surprised tone. He didn’t think she was ever going to call him again. He had been the one calling her ever since she left, leaving endless amounts of texts. Seeing her call him out of nowhere around this time made him anxious and worried. 

“How are you?” She asks him honestly, wondering if he was okay. What she really wanted to know was if he was still drinking. He wasn’t slurring his words so that was a good sign. 

Harry clears his throat, “’m fine, pet.” Y/N’s heart clenches at the term of endearment but she doesn’t say anything and Harry doesn’t either. “H-How are you?” He stutters out nervously. 

“I’m okay,” She lies, not knowing if she really was. It was getting difficult for her to talk to him; to breath. The man who once gave her breath and air is now making it more difficult for her. 

“S’everything okay?” He wonders, not knowing why she would call him when he thought she hated him. 

“I…I was just–have you signed the divorce papers yet?” She asks him, nervous for his answer. 

Harry sucks in a sharp breathe, his eyes stinging with salt water, “I mean,” he clears his throat, “No, not yet. But I think ‘f it’s really wha’ you want then I guess I could–”

“Don’t.” She stops him, making his eyes go wide in surprise. He thought she called him so he could hurry up with the divorce papers since he hasn’t them yet. 

“W-Wha’ do yeh mean? S’not wha’ you want?”

A hefty sigh blows past Y/N’s lips, “I don’t know what I want, Harry. I want to hate you but I-I can’t. I can’t hate you. But I can’t just go back to you either because what you did…I can’t even…I can’t even think about it without feeling this deep pain in my chest–I feel sick.” Harry’s eyes shut as he listens to her words, the tears already streaming down his face. “But I’ve been thinking about this divorce and I just don’t know if it’s what I actually want. I think for now…maybe we could just stay separated. Maybe j-just…maybe we give each other some time. I need time to heal.”

Harry’s heart races, the corners of his mouth lifting up just an inch, “Love, yeh have…yeh have no idea how–” He shakes his head in frustration with himself, “Look, you could take all the time yeh need. All the time. ‘m gonna wait fo’ yeh. Know tha’ I don’t deserve this, yeh’re just too good fo’ me an’ I-I blew it and–”

Y/N interrupts his ramble, a small chuckle leaving her lips, “Harry, slow down,” she hears him exhale, “I think that with this separation, maybe we shouldn’t talk. We need time to ourselves, Harry. It’s not easy for me and I shouldn’t even…I shouldn’t even be thinking about this but I can’t help it when I…” She couldn’t say that words. She wasn’t going to. Not yet. If she ever would. “I don’t want a divorce yet but I don’t know if I even want to be with you. I don’t know if I could trust you ever again.”

Harry feels his heart crack but he quickly recovers, clearing his throat, “’f tha’s wha’ yeh want then okay.” He complies. He was going to wait for her. He was going to wait for her final decision. If she needs time, he was going to give her time. If she didn’t want to talk then he wasn’t going to call her if it was going to help with her decision. 

Harry knows he shouldn’t let his hopes up. Just because she couldn’t come to a decision now, who knows that maybe with their separation and god knows how long they won’t talk, will this effect her decision drastically. What if she falls out of love him? What if she does want to divorce him after all? What if she meets someone else?

His endless pessimistic thoughts get interrupted by the sound of Y/N’s voice calling out his name through the phone and he forgot he was even on the phone with her. 


“Oh yeah, sorry,” he apologizes. 

“So it’s okay then? We’re not…we’re not gonna talk then. Not until I-I figure out w-what I want.” 

“Mhm,” he agrees, nodding his head even though she couldn’t see him. “’ll give yeh all the time yeh need. Won’t call yeh anymo’,” He promises but he couldn’t imagine not being able to hear her voice. Not being able to see her. But he has to just for the sake of her. After all, he did deserve this. He’s the one who got them here in the first place. He has to face the consequences. 

“Okay,” She breathes out a sigh of relief, wiping a small tear that left her eye. “Okay.” She repeats to herself. 

“Can I just…can I just say one thing?” Harry asks her timidly.

Y/N feels her heart race in her chest, swallowing thickly, she says, “Sure.”

“I love you. I love you so much and I’m so sorry,” He says hoarsely, the tears dribbling down his chin. 

Y/N feels her heart ache in chest at his words because she couldn’t answer him. The words were lodged in her throat but she couldn’t say it back. The only thing she was able to say was, “I know, Harry. I know.

And Harry felt his chest ache because she didn’t say it back.

But after all, he was the reason why. 

It’s been a four months since Y/N called Harry about wanting time and distance. Harry did exactly what she asked. He hasn’t called her nor showed up at her doorstep unexpectedly drunk or crying. Y/N would still ask her through Harry’s friends or sister if he was okay. If he was still drinking because she was still worried. But she was relieved to hear that he hasn’t drank since the night she picked him up from the club, drunk out of his mind. It’s been four months since she last heard his voice or saw him. Y/N felt okay. She felt at ease. 

She no longer wanted to fall apart. She didn’t let herself. She was determined to pick things up. She made a goal to bring a piece of her back. One that she wasn’t going to let anyone ever have. Because she wanted to be strong and she wasn’t going to let this separation kill her. It still hurt that couldn’t talk to him. She still felt lonely when she’d wake up to an empty bedside. But she was okay. Maybe more than okay. Her smiles are more genuine and real. She no longer felt like she had to fake a smile. Everything felt good. 

She hasn’t heard from Harry in months. She hasn’t even seen him on the media lately. Not a single picture sometimes she contemplates whether or not she should call him to ask how he’s doing. They were still married. Y/N hasn’t called Harry yet to tell him that she was going to divorce him because she hasn’t made the decision yet. 

The thing is, she forgave Harry. She hasn’t told him that she has forgiven him and she didn’t know if she was going to anytime soon. She just doesn’t trust him anymore. He’s her husband and she loves him but she doesn’t trust him because he physically gave himself to another woman. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she’s worried that if she ever had to face this problem again, she was going to make it. She’d be torn apart for good and she doesn’t think she’d ever recover from it for giving herself to him again. 

It amazes her that after all this time, she still loves Harry. She hasn’t lost her feelings. She still thinks about him. There’s always a reminder of him but it no longer hurts her. It only makes her smile and reminiscent their memories. 

She just didn’t know how long Harry could wait. He said he would wait for her but did he really mean it? Does he still love her? Does he still think about her? 

She doesn’t know and she’s afraid to find out

It was around three in the afternoon and Y/N hears a knock on the door. She’s greeted with a polite smile from her mailman who holds a bunch of letters in his hand. She quickly thanks him before shutting the door. 

Shuffling through her mail, she throws the ones she didn’t important onto the coffee table. However, she feels her heart race in her chest when she sees a a large yellow colored envelope, familiar cursive writing written in black ink. Harry’s handwriting. She could recognize it anywhere. 

Y/N stares at the large envelope, wondering what’s inside due to it’s slightly heavy weight. Maybe he could no longer wait for her. Maybe he wrote it in a letter that he could no longer wait; that’s found someone else. Her chest aches at the thought of Harry meeting another woman but for a different reason this time. Technically they’re still married but still separated because Y/N hasn’t decided yet. So maybe it was heavy because this time Harry has sent divorce papers.

She tries to get rid of her negative thoughts, sitting down on her couch. She tears open the envelope and a CD falls to the ground, catching her by surprise. She looks into the envelope to see a paper as well. She pulls it out and looks at it in wonder. What was this CD? The only thing that was written on it was HARRY STYLES in black marker across the disc. She decides to read the letter first instead, seeing that it might clarify what the CD was. 

Her hands tremble as she held the paper, eyes scanning the entirety before she decided to read it even though she was afraid of what might be written. 

Dear Y/N…

I don’t know where to start with this. To say that I was a total idiot would be an understatement. God, I just wish I could go back and pinpoint the time where I thought it’d be okay to hurt you. Till this day you probably wonder, ‘why? why did Harry do it? What did I do?’ but it wasn’t you, Y/N. It was me. It was me being selfish. I was the one who ruined everything. You did nothing at all.

I was drunk. I cheated on you the first time when I was drunk out of mine. But there is no vindication for the other times that I did. My love, I’m so sorry. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder what I’ve done. I ask myself everyday why I did it. Why did I ruin us?

If I could go back in time and change it all, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I understand why you finally broke, why you left. I didn’t even realize you were giving me a chance. All those times you decided to stay even after you found out because you were giving me a chance. But I blew it. The moment I saw you in the kitchen without your wedding ring on, that’s when I knew that you knew. I saw your bare ring finger every night when I came home when you were already asleep so I didn’t think too much about it. But the moment it all came crashing down, I felt this deep sorrow and regret. Why didn’t I feel it before? I don’t know. 

It’s been hell without you. Staying in the home we’ve picked out together all alone has been hell. I can’t even lay in our bed without reminiscing all the times we’ve laid together after making love or just cuddling. When we’ve talked about kids and growing old together. We’ve talked about have four kids; two girls and two boys. Getting them a dog to play with. I’ve fucked it all up because I was being selfish. And who knows if that will ever happen now. 

You held on until you just couldn’t anymore. I would do anything just to change what I’ve done but I fucked it all up with my stupidity. I took you for granted because you’re my wife and I thought you wouldn’t doubt me. I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost the only one whose made me the most happiest I’ve been and the only one I want to be with.

I can no longer look at another woman. It’s always going to be you. I can’t even describe it. You’re the only woman I ever want to be with! You’re my home, you’re the one who could only cure a bad day. You’re the safest place I could run to.You’re the only one I could talk to. You matter to me so much. I’ll only ever love you and please don’t ever doubt that. Don’t ever doubt that I didn’t love you because I did. And I still do. I need you. I love you so much and I’m so sorry. 

I don’t blame you for wanting to distance. I don’t blame you if you hate me. I haven’t heard your voice in four months and it kills me. I’m staring at picture of you that I have as my wallpaper. It’s the one where we decided to bake that lemon cake you wanted to try on pinterest and there’s flour on your face with your nose scrunched up adorably when you were laughing because we forgot to add sugar and it turned out horrible. But I thought it was the perfect moment to capture. 

Memories like these make my heart ache because it may never happen again, all because I fucked it up. 

Now you’re probably wondering what the CD is. A bit narcissistic to have my name on it and I can imagine you pointing that out if we were together at the moment and I’d roll my eyes at you

I’ve been in Jamaica for a while now. Ever since our phone conversation, I knew I couldn’t let myself fall apart. I had to get better for you, for us, for me. So I went to Jamaica and I’ve been working on my solo album. You’re always on my mind. I always think about how you are and what you’ve been up to. It’s like a part of me is missing. This CD is my finished album. Ten songs. There are ten songs I’ve written in here. I want you to listen to the lyrics closely. You’re the first person I wanted to show. I’m pretty proud of this album. I’ve worked quite hard on it. So listen to it when you get the chance, please. 

One more thing. No matter what you decide for us, I’m always going to love you with everything I am. Always. I love you so fucking much and I miss you. 

Yours Forever, H. 

By the time Y/N was finished reading the letter, she was left speechless with the tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. She felt like the vital organ in her chest was going to burst from so many emotions she was feeling overwhelmed with. She looks down at the disk. Her throat felt constricted and her stomach was fluttering. 

She decides to listen to it. 

A week later

Y/N walks into the a cafe on Monday afternoon with a book in hand. The smell coffee beans and fresh baked bread fills her nostrils as she inhales the air around her. She decides to order her regular coffee and waits on the side. As she grabs her coffee with a thank you, she turns around to find a place to sit but bumps into a large body, causing her to drop her book. 

“Sorry,” The person who she bumped into and her speak simultaneously.

Her eyes go wide at the hand that holds her book. A cross tattoo is inked into the the skin between the thumb and forefinger on the left hand that is clad with rings. 

She lifts her head up, her eyes immediately meeting pale green ones that look at her in shock. 

“Harry,” She mumbles in surprise.

He looked so healthy. His chocolate locks were cute short, displaying the his cute little ears. His eyes no longer had dark circles underneath them like the last time she saw them. He wears his usual patterned shirt along with the multiple rings adorning his fingers. 

“Y/N,” He looks at her stunned. 

A smile pulls at her lips, one that she wasn’t going to hold back this time. Harry notices the smile on her lips and gives her a large grin of his own in happiness. 

“Hi…” He greets nervously. 

“Hi…” She chuckles, the tears building up in her eyes. 

And even though they both still have a lot to talk about, she knew what she wanted to do.

okay homies, i finally finished! THIS WAS THE END! i’m sorry if you don’t like it. I just didn’t know how else to end it. at one point i was like, i should just make them divorced but at the same time i was like nah. so you can imagine how the ending goes. i didn’t exactly write out what decision she made so it’s your choice. pls give me feedback. i wanna know how i did with this. xx M 

this part is unedited. excuse all typos.
SyaoSaku Hogwarts AU

after some discussion with the Clow Kingdom server, @risamari and @lilyvzs decided on a little collab with this one Hogwarts AU idea! :)

(this is just one possible way they end up friends)

  • On their 11th birthday, Sakura and Syaoran are invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They are sorted in Hufflepuff and Slytherin respectively.
  • By their 3rd year, Syaoran and Sakura recognize each other in the halls and in their classes, but it’s only until they’re both drafted onto the Quidditch team (both as Seekers) that they start to actually acknowledge each other
  • especially because both have never lost their team a Quidditch match.
  • However, in their first Quidditch match ever, Syaoran loses the snitch to Sakura and becomes furious.
  • Being the Hufflepuff she is, Sakura tries to shake hands with him in the name of good sport, saying “Well played, you put up a real challenge!”
  • But Syaoran huffs and turns away, thus beginning his initial hostility towards her.
  • Syaoran, who’s come from a long line of pureblood Slytherins, has always had a bit of a Slytherin pride streak (even though Meiling ended up in Gryffindor) so of course, he’s very annoyed and bitter to know that Sakura, a half-blood could be more talented than he is. He continues to act very antagonistic to her well beyond their first Quidditch match.
  • Sakura is a little taken aback by his behavior towards her even after their first match, but always remains kind and open with him.
  • One day, Syaoran finds himself in the library because he needs a book for his recent Potion’s homework. When he gets to the shelf, however, he sees Sakura holding the exact book he needs.
  • When she sees him, she brightens up and asks, “Oh, did you need this too? I got the last copy but I’m willing to share, if you want to study together!”
  • Syaoran frowns, feeling conflicted. He wants to get his homework done, but he doesn’t want help from Sakura.
  • “No, it’s okay.. I’ll just wait for another copy.” “But the assignment is due tomorrow! Are you sure? *worried face*
  • Eventually he caves — after a lot of smiling and encouragement on Sakura’s part.
  • He’s surprised by how kind she is to him despite his clear hostility towards her. It makes her really impossible to hate and he’s confused.
  • Syaoran learns that Sakura is really bad at potions. She asks for his help in exchange for Astronomy/Charms help. He begrudgingly accepts.
  • “Wow, you’re so smart Syaoran! I could never get through Potions without you. You’re amazing!” “Oh.. yeah… thanks. *looks away*
  • They end up spending more and more time together doing homework and studying in the library. Her kindness rubs off on him and he softens up to her the more they hang out.
  • They spend some of their working hours sharing different stories from their childhood. Sakura is endlessly curious about growing up pureblood. Syaoran is humbled over and over again when he hears more about how Sakura grew up muggle (since Fujitaka is the muggle/squib) and how her  Mother died.
  • (He also begins feeling some shame about how strongly his pureblooded family uphold the values of being pureblood.)
  • Over time, them hanging out just becomes routine, an everyday thing, something he doesn’t think twice about.
  • Until one day, when Syaoran enters the Great Hall for breakfast, he sees Sakura smiling brightly and waving to him
  • …and with a blush so crimson it could paint the Gryffindor flags, he feels the ground fall out beneath him as he thinks to himself, “Well… shit.”


  • Tomoyo keeps trying to set them up on Hogsmeade dates.
  • Touya starts seeing them everywhere and just gets pissed. Constantly bombards his boyfriend Yukito, who’s the Keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, to destroy Syaoran/Slytherin every time they go against each other.
  • Sakura has an orange tabby named Kerberos who always hisses at Syaoran when he sees him.
  • Sakura is also great at Divination.
Petals (ft. Hoseok)

Drabble Game Prompt 18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

hanahaki disease!au, extreme angst
4k words (oneshot)
→ what happens when the surgery doesn’t work?

A/N: WOAH ok…I realized after writing this that this deserves a story talk so please read that! I hope my first Hoseok story turned out okay :) 

The lights are piercing, shining too bright for a godless day like this. The nurses wheel you into a different ward that shares the same kind of lights, and you can see in the swinging doorway the faces of your close friends and family as they smile tearfully at your weak body atop of the gurney. 

But the sight of him makes your heart clench, waving at you and hugging your mom close as he meets your gaze from a few feet away, and the overwhelming need to throw up comes again. The bitter taste of the petals are already at the back of your throat. But you swallow it down, tears pricking your eyes as you calm down your breathing and focus on the sharp smell of alcohol that fills the surgery ward.

The nurse smiles at you from under her mask, her eyes crinkling as she stops the gurney and begins preparing her tools. “It’ll be over before you even know it. You’re very brave to be doing this procedure.” You nod, as she prepares the anesthesia and puts a mask over your mouth. 

“Alright, honey, can you count backwards from twenty please?” Other doctors and surgeons fill the room, and you can see on the second floor, that a few other doctors stand over the glass paneled room, watching.

You nod, and she smiles. 

“20, 19, 18, 17, 16,” you begin, faltering as you count, “15…14…13…”

And everything goes black, the taste of flowers still bitter at the back of your throat.

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pandreaux  asked:

companions react to a sole who's.... really not good at taking care of themselves but takes good care of their companion and is kinda self destructive and covers it up with jokes.

Cait: “Hey.” She catches their arm one day and turns them around to look at her. “I know you don’t give a fuck, right, but I do. If you go off and fuck yourself up, who’ve I got to keep me in line, hm? Take things a little more seriously. I… I know I’m not a good example of taking care of yourself, but think of it this way - whatever I’d do, don’t.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole, I don’t know why you’d joke about such things.” He almost takes it as a capital offense, especially since its his job to look after them. “Missing meals is not amusing! You’ll lose weight, and in the Commonwealth you must understand that…” It’d be cute, if his genuine worry didn’t make Sole feel so damn guilty.

Curie: “Perhaps you could use a nurse, yes?” She’s tentative. She’s a doctor - she might not be able to diagnose the sickness, but she can see the symptoms. But she doesn’t want to make any rash judgments. Instead, she smiles at Sole’s jokes and gently suggests that perhaps they have something to eat, and relax a little? If Sole takes care of her, it’s only fair that she takes care of them.

Danse: “There’s something I was taught, in the military,” the paladin says sternly. “It’s all well and good to try and help your comrades. But you come first. You can’t be a war medic with a broken leg.” He plants his hands firmly on the table and looks them dead in the eye. “If you have a problem, we will deal with that problem. But I won’t see you sacrificing yourself for my sake.”

Deacon: It almost makes him uncomfortable. It’s too close to who he is. To what he is. Right down to his distrust of intimacy and two-handed finger guns. It’s a coin flip, to be honest. Heads, it’s too much for him to bear, and he leaves, with a wooden excuse neither of them believe. Tails, and Sole becomes the best friend he’s ever had, because they’re the one person who understands him.

Dogmeat: He might be a smart dog, but even he can’t fully understand what Sole’s dealing with - or rather, what they’re not dealing with. But he can always sense unhappiness, and he does his best to comfort Sole when they’re in a bad place, or just need a little friendship.

Hancock: Sole reminds him too much of how he was as a kid. All sass and ass and no thought for what people would do when he was gone. He’s never one to patronize or try to “teach” Sole anything, but he takes them under his wing. Passes on a few tips and tricks for when you fuck up a relationship or forget to bathe for a few weeks. He comes to think of them as part of his family.

Nick Valentine: He’s not the best at all that “human” stuff, either, though he at least has an excuse. He takes on the role of a father figure, trying to keep them on a schedule, or think of themselves as much as they think of their friends. “You think you’re helping me,” he says one day, frustrated. “But every day I see you destroy yourself - in whatever way - it hurts me just as bad.”

MacCready: At first, he doesn’t notice, mistaking their destruction for deprecation. But, over time, he gets worried. “H-Hey, uh. I don’t- I don’t know if you really want to hear this from me, but… When I see you, uh, not giving a shi- crap, about yourself, it looks bad on me, you know? Because I like you, but if you don’t like you… it feels like you’re putting me down for being your friend.”

Piper: Considering how much she looks up to Sole, it pains her to see their lackluster attempt at taking care of themselves. “Don’t you care?” she shouts, half-angry, half-sad. “You’re- You’re you! God, without you- where would I be? Where would everyone be?” She reaches and clasps Sole by the shoulders. “You matter. Now, start… acting like it, damn it.”

Preston: It’s hard to have high hopes about saving the Commonwealth with someone who gets anxiety whenever expectations are levied on them. “Sole, I…” He sighs, presses his lips together, and starts again. “As a soldier, I don’t think you’re ready to have others rely on you. But as your friend, it doesn’t matter where you are - in your head - or not. You can rely on me.”

Strong: There’s not much one can do or say to Strong to upset him. Recklessness in battle translates to fun, in Super Mutant. He doesn’t understand eating habits or relationship trouble. He’s just happy to stick by Sole’s side, blissful in his ignorance.

X6-88: “Sole.” He catches their hand, just as they’re about to do something stupid. “Being a bodyguard is made rather difficult when your charge  insists on finding danger where there is none.” He releases their hand. “You’re not saving yourself by giving into your fear, by becoming the person you think you are. You’re better than that. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.”

anonymous asked:

Can I request RFA + saeran reacting to a MC self harming like how they would find out and react (sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and you don't want to this) I'm currently almost a year clean!

Well done, anon! That’s a brilliant achievement ^^. I’m over 2 years clean now and currently feel really positive in myself. I really hope I wrote these alright because everyone self-harms for different reasons and feels differently about it. I tried to sort of generalise it and I’ll put a trigger warning here that there are mentions of self harm and blood (Not detailed, though) ~H x

RFA with an MC that self harms


-He saw it by accident one day at school
-You were both in science, doing an experiment involving water
-The water had splashed on your sleeve and Yoosung had kindly offered to dry it off
-You didn’t expect him to pull your sleeve up, though
-He saw the scars on your arm and gasped in shock, quickly pulling the sleeve back down so that no-one else sees
-You looked down in shame
-Yoosung was never meant to see that
-“I’m… sorry,” you apologised.
-“You’re coming to mine after school, right? I really want to talk to you. Why are you sorry?” Yoosung responded.
-“I thought you’d be upset with me. Or disappointed,” you explained.
-Instead of answering, Yoosung pulls you into a big hug as you try not to cry
-At Yoosung’s after school he asks you when it started and why it started
-You’re reluctant to tell him but he eventually has you in tears, spilling out the full story of when you started with depression
-All throughout, Yoosung hugs you close to him, rocking you and stroking your hair
-“You’ve been through so much, MC,” Yoosung said after you’ve finished, “I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been. But please- it breaks my heart to think that the most wonderful, most beautiful person I know would harm herself because she thinks she isn’t good enough.”
-You nod. You understand how he feels and you wish it was as simple to stop
-But Yoosung went through a rough enough time after hearing that Rika was mentally ill
-So now that he knows what you’ve been suffering with, he’s not letting the same thing happen to his precious girlfriend. He wants to get you professional help.
-And if you think he’ll be too shy and won’t
-Think again
-Because this boy loves you


-After a while of dating, he noticed that you always wore long sleeved tops
-One day, it was absolutely boiling outside but you wouldn’t take your jumper off
-Even though you feel like you’re going to be fried alive
-“Babe, just take your jumper off! You look like you’re boiling,” Zen tried to persuade you.
-Your sudden, “NO!” is all it takes for him to confirm the worry he’s had for a while
-“MC, please will you show me your arms,” he asked seriously as he reached across the table to you and held your wrists.
-You squeeze your eyes shut and shake your head
-Not today. You can’t let him see. He’ll think you’re a failure
-“MC,” he said so sternly that you jump in shock
-As you jump, his hands accidentally slide up your arms and scrape a recent cut
-You yelp in surprise
-And he doesn’t allow you to pull your sleeve back down
-When you face him, you’re expecting some sort of emotion but you didn’t know what
-What you certainly didn’t expect was tears
-“How long?” he asked quietly, maintaining eye contact and making you want to shrivel up in yourself
-“A while. Since before I knew you,” you responded, making him know that he had nothing to do with the mental illness you’d be struggling with for ages.
-“Does anyone know?” Zen asked.
-You shook your head.
-“MC, I want you to look into my eyes and tell me that you want to hurt me in the same way you hurt yourself,” he said sternly.
-“But I can’t- I don’t- I love you!” you argued, wondering how he could suggest such a thing.
-“The fact that I now know you did this gives me exactly that pain. Imagine how I feel to know that you would suffer through this alone, without telling anyone, hurting yourself in such a way,” Zen sighed, holding your hands tightly.
-You don’t know what to say. You’re not good enough. Surely he knows this
-“Please- we already lost Rika- we can’t lose you. I can’t lose you. Not after everything we’ve been through,” Zen cried, now fully letting tears stream down his face.
-“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I’m disappointing you.”
-“No!” Zen immediately interrupts, “I’m just worried about you because I want you to be well. Please let me take you to see someone. They can help you.”
-You didn’t want to see anyone- that’s why you hadn’t
-But if Zen was hurting, you’d at least give it a go
-“Ok,” you agreed as Zen pulled you into his chest.
-At least you had something to live for- your wonderful boyfriend
-Did anyone notice the quote I kind of took from Phil? It’s so beautiful


-Mama Baehee sees and knows all
-She realised practically immediately
-Because she literally forced you to take your jacket off when you came to her house
-You were really worried how she’d react and if she’d realise you weren’t the support she needed and ditch you
-Instead, she ordered you to sit and talk
-“You can say what you like to try and get out of it, MC, but you aren’t leaving until I have the truth,” she insisted.
-So you cried and told Jaehee everything
-“What I think you need is someone there to promise you that they’ll always be with you and help you to believe in yourself,” Jaehee seemed to analyse.
-But then she shuffled closer to you and hugged you
-“MC, will you let me be that friend? Can I help you?” she asked, to your surprise.
-You were already crying too much so you just nodded
-So Jaehee smiled and started to cry too
-She looked so cute crying but you didn’t deserve her
-In fact, you wondered how many times you’d drawn a line of your own blood because you were ashamed of your sexuality
-But with Jaehee hugging you so tightly and promising to be there for you, you allowed yourself to imagine what a world with good things in for you could be like
-What if Jaehee did like you back?
-Oh if only you knew
-If only you knew how much it broke her heart to see that you’d caused yourself pain
-Jaehee wondered if it was her fault for not being a good enough friend
-It’s not, Baehee, you’re perfect and we love you


-It was whilst you were still ‘trapped’ in his penthouse that he found out
-He thought you were about to leave
-So he grabbed your arm to stop you escaping
-You know the Visual Novel I’m on about, right?
-And you accidentally let out a yelp of pain
-He let go go your arm and saw blood seeping through the fabric
-Forget whatever he was about to tell you- you were injured
-“MC, what happened? I didn’t- I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jumin panicked.
-“No- it’s not you. I’m fine,” you lied.
-He wasn’t about to let you pretend you weren’t hurt
-So he rolled your sleeves up
-And saw the lines on your arms
-And broke down
-“MC- I- Why- Why would you do this to yourself?” he asked, practically in tears.
-You just hung your head, not answering
-“It’s not me, is it?” Jumin asked with his eyes wide, “Am I trapping you? Is that why? Please- I’ll let you go immediately.”
-At this point you’re pretty sure he’d leaked a few tears
-“No,” you said calmly, “It was way before I met you that I started.”
-“How could someone as kind and beautiful and perfect as you do something like that to your body?” he asked.
-“I’m not perfect or beautiful in any way. I’m messed up. Really messed up. I just wanted to try and help you,” you explained.
-“And you are doing. So now I need to help you,” Jumin said sternly.
-You looked up at him
-And started crying
-So he cried too
-Jumin decided to envelope you in a hug
-So you just cried into his chest, feeling safe
-Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to stay at his penthouse forever
-When Elizabeth was around, Jumin promised himself that he’d force you to see the best counsellor in the world


-He found out just after you’d started living in his house
-He’d told you he had something to fix on his computer but you were having a really bad day
-So to you, that just seemed like an excuse to not spend time with you
-He loves you though, please never think that! People love you and sometimes they actually just have to do stuff
-For once, he didn’t put his headphones on
-So he heard crying and decided to come and check it out
-Only to find you with blood coating your arm in a pile of tears
-He panicked
-And just runs towards you and hugs you close to his chest, not caring if he’s getting blood all over him
-You cry into his shoulder for a while whilst he just rocks and shushes you
-He knows the feeling
-Whilst he never self harmed, he was very depressed for so long
-And he knew what it was like to feel like you shouldn’t even exist anymore
-But without you
-He couldn’t exist
-Deciding it was best to tell you this, he starts to
-“MC, I love you. I couldn’t live without you. You mean so much to me. You helped me with my depression and now I want to help you. Please, let me save you like you saved me,” he begged.
-He’s going to do absolutely anything he can to help you


-I feel like he’d know the signs
-Because I’m pretty sure he’d self harmed too
-So he just asks you
-“MC, do you self harm?”
-“What makes you think that?” you answered sceptically.
-“Because I did for a while. You were what made me stop. Please don’t lie to me and show me your arms,” Saeran ordered with clear concern in his eyes.
-You show him your arms- it’s pointless hiding it
-“You’re going to come and see my counsellor with me,” Saeran said immediately.
-“No, Saeran! I don’t want to see a counsellor,” you begged.
-He grabbed you by the shoulder and leant down to look you directly in the eyes
-“I don’t care if you want to go or not. I’m not going to allow the person that saved and healed me to suffer herself. I love you too much to lose you. My life is nothing without you,” he told you.
-You hug him really tight
-And just wonder how you’re both messes
-Saeran was not going to allow you to help him as much as you had without him helping you in return
-He loved you too much to lose you


-You were constantly thinking that you were nothing compared to Rika
-Sure, she’d been crazy, but V had loved her
-Probably more than he loved you
-V found out you self harmed when he accidentally walked into the bathroom whilst you’d just finished showering
-You had a towel wrapped around you but your arms were exposed
-And bleeding
-“I’m sorry- wait, MC, your arms!” V started to apologise before seeing the lines and blood on your forearms.
-You hung your head
-He was going to tell you that you were nothing compared to Rika- that you were weak- that you were weird for harming yourself
-But he didn’t
-Instead, he runs towards you, gently takes your arm and kisses all your scars
-“I made a mistake last time- I didn’t help her. I’m not going to make that mistake again because I love you so much that I will force you to see a therapist,” V told you.
-“But I don’t want to-“ you started to protest
-“I know. Last time I made the mistake of thinking love would be enough. I’m not blind anymore and I can see that despite me loving you, you need proper help. I don’t want to lose you. You mean far more to me, MC,” V said.  
-I’m sorry for the blind joke, really I am
-It suddenly registered in your mind what he was saying
-V loved you
-He loved you more than he’d loved Rika
-And he wanted to help you
-Finally- someone did
-And you loved him


“It’s suits you.” “What does?” “Fatherhood.”


Characters: Steve x reader, Clint Barton, Laura Barton, smol child Barton

Summary: You knew what you were getting into when you married Steve Rogers. While spending time with Laura Barton, you become in tune with how badly you want children but long weeks spent apart and worried nights alone made it hard to do the things a normal married couple might do. Steve returns home from a mission, but is now the right time for ‘the’ conversation?

Warnings: A little angst, kinda suggestive at parts, cuteness at the end thoooo

Words: 2521

A/N:  So this cute little thing was based off of the prompt above that made my heart melt when I came up with it. If you guys want to send me requests based off of gif sets and stuff like that two please please don’t even hesitate, my requests are wiiiiiide open.

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Split. Kai Scenario - Part 6.

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

Word Count: 4000+

A/n: It’s here. I hope you’re not angry at me.


(For mobile)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jongin knows he’s messed up in multiple ways for the past month. Although he’s still not sure about when or which of his actions were the most wrong and which were less. And the moment he realizes that – he knows he’s lost.

For the first time in his life, Jongin is stuck. He doesn’t know how he got to the point where he is now. Neither does he know where to go from there. Was it right to come here? Has anything he’s done lately been right?

His vision is dark, he’s lost, he’s drowning but he keeps stepping deeper into the pitch black water. Every step he takes that he thinks will save him, only ruins him – and everyone around him – more.

When will it stop? When will he see the light?

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Disposable pt13

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Jackson stood near Yoongi on the sidewalk while you brought the car around. Yoongi still wasn’t happy about his presence, but he had stopped telling him to go to hell, at least.

“You know, if you want to keep her, you’re going to have to do a lot better than you are right now.” Jackson said offhandedly.

“What are you talking about?” Yoongi grumbled.

“I’m talking about the way you look at her. And the way she looks at you. You do know that if the two of you would just talk like normal people do, all of your problems would go away, right?”

“And what would I tell her?” Yoongi asked, looking at him sideways. Jackson shrugged.

“You tell me.”

Yoongi looked like he was going to start cursing at Jackson again, but then he swayed dangerously and leaned on his shoulder, Jackson steadying him before he fell over. “I don’t know you.” He said, blinking blearily at Jackson, who raised his eyebrows.

“I’m aware.”

Yoongi shook his head. “I don’t know you, but you’re being nice. Why?”

Jackson shrugged. “Because your beautiful girlfriend would be sad if I treated you like shit.” Jackson waited for Yoongi’s reaction. What he told Yoongi was partially true—it really would upset you if he told Yoongi that he needed to straighten up and be kinder to you, the guy already looked like he might cry whenever he looked at you—but Jackson also had a soft spot for drunk people. That was probably why he was always the designated driver; he didn’t mind other people’s strange drunk shenanigans, and would just laugh and guide them home.

“Can I tell you something, Jeffery?” Yoongi asked.

“Jackson. My name is Jackson. And yes, you can.” Jackson was mostly holding Yoongi up now, and he was glad he was such a slight man—otherwise they might have a problem.

“I don’t know what to do. I like her, like, really really scary like her. But I shouldn’t. So I just…” Yoongi sniffed, and Jackson nodded sympathetically. So Yoongi was an emotional drunk.

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Nine

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist 


“So….” Danneel started once the kids were off playing. “How are you?”

Gen chuckled, such a loaded question recently, “Well, my ankles are currently swollen as hell.” She sassily answered.

Danneel rolled her eyes at her friend, “You know I wasn’t asking about the pregnancy. How is everything else going? Y/n’s going to be here in like 3 days. You have to be thinking about that a lot.”

“How could I not be?” Genevieve laughed a ran a hand through her hair. “Tom and Shep don’t talk about anything else. Shep’s birthday Christmas are both pretty much here. Usually that would be all the excitement, but I’m pretty sure they don’t even realize that.”

“Yeah, and how are you feeling about this? Are you still okay with her coming?”

“Of course, I never pictured I’d wind up here, but the best thing to do is embrace it. I haven’t really talked to her yet, but Jared and the boys have and they are obsessed.”

“Your handling this much better than most. I can’t imagine,” Danneel said as she adjusted Arrow in her arms.

Gen shrugged, “Whether I like it or not, Jared has another daughter. She’s a part of the family and it would be wrong of me to deny her that right. I’m excited to meet her.”

“If I were her I’d be most nervous to meet you.”

Gen frowned, “Why?”

“Well, you guys haven’t really talked and like I said, you’re being handling this really well, she might be nervous, you aren’t happy about this all. Obviously, Jared and the boys are embracing her, when she gets her and sees you are too, y’all will be best girlfriends.”

Gen bit her lip as she sat nervously in bed that night. She didn’t want Y/n worried that she didn’t want her down here. Genevieve wanted her to feel welcome, like part of the family. She grabbed her phone, opening up the messaging app. She opened a new text, Hey, it’s Gen. Jared gave me your number. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you to come visit. We’re thrilled to spend the holidays with you and have so many fun things planned for your trip. I’d love to have a girl’s day away from the boys if that’s okay with you?

Gen read it over once, before smiling happily to herself and hitting send. Gen picked at her nails and waited impatiently for a few moments before accepting that it was late and she might not get a response till morning. Just as she was setting her phone down, it lit up with a new message, Hi Gen. I’m super excited to come down and yeah, a girl’s day sounds fun. Goodnight!

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Lena Luthor x reader (Couldn’t stand a chance; not against you)

Request: Can you do a lena x reader : where the reader doesnt think they have a chance with lena because they think that she has feelings for kara but she likes the reader instead 

a/n: so, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’ve added another component of media to complement the reading experience, and here’s my first ever go at it!!! There’s only so many of the same gifs I can use for these posts tbh, LOL. I am seriously having the time of my life though… It’s so much easier writing this particular style of fan fic and being able to envision so many different lives this way - there’s really so much freedom and I am absolutely loving every moment of it. Thank you all for sticking around and thanks to those who dropped by and read something I’ve written. I truly appreciate every last one of ya :D

this was a really fun one but also a bit challenging. I feel like I’ve taken a bit of a different direction than what I’m usually predisposed to and totally cranked up all the angst I could muster for this… Who knows why I was in such a mood to be an angst monster. I guess I figured this one in particular deserved it. I think I can happily say I’m pretty proud of this one!!

- - - - -

If anyone were to ask you to describe your life, you would perhaps say it’s remained rather happily uncomplicated thus far, and you’d coasted for the better part of the two decades of your happy-go-lucky life. You left high school and the rest of your worries behind, ready for the next chapter in your life.

You messed around a little bit before eventually buckling down to attend a small community college and chase your diploma - much to your pleasant surprise, you somehow you managed to graduate on the dean’s list.

Now, you find yourself starting as a tattoo apprentice, something you absolutely did not go to school for but stumbled upon in a serendipitous stroke of events. Naturally, you said yes to the opportunity when it presented itself.

You’ve come to understand that in life, things more often than not have a long-winded way to go about being; things that are meant to be come to fruition right as you’re ready, and yet they are realized long after you can be aware of what’s happened. Before you know it, you’re changed - and that is the truth of the very reactionary nature of the privilege that is to exist.

As it was, you’re just like anyone else, trying to find the precarious balance of standing out of the way of things you can’t fight with, and taking action for the things you so badly wanted and to fight for them.

Still, you would admit you were a lover more than a fighter - and still you think that’s the shittiest cliche known to mankind. You’ve come to learn that the two aren’t mutually exclusive - you often in fact found yourself dancing on the precipice of both realities at once.

So how on earth possibly were you to know if you would fight for what you love, or love what you want to fight for, or whatever else tired trope have you? You certainly did not know.

It’s a conundrum indeed to be a respectful person, and even more so a challenge to respect yourself enough and to believe you deserve certain guarantees of happiness, just like anyone else.

If you were confronted with the choice of getting what you so deeply wanted in your heart, but doing so would be at the cost of irreparably hurting the one you desired at all, what would you even choose?

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anonymous asked:

Lmao can you imagine cute, awkward pre-kids missus fumbling w/her words trying to tell Harry that she likes him cumming in her?

Oh my goodness. Maybe they’re laying together, she’s got her head on his chest, post-sex and she just feels like she has to tell him.

“Harry, can I tell you something?” She dots a fingertip over the teeny freckles splattered over the skin of his chest.

“‘Course,” he mumbles, shifting her even closer, an arm wrapped around her lower back.

“I just…I really…” She pauses, feeling nervous somehow? She’s never nervous about things like this around Harry but she’s convinced this is going to come out weird or too vulgar. Harry tilts his head watching her worry her lower lip, a flush deepening over her cheeks that wasn’t his doing.  

“Yeah?” He gives her a small, encouraging smile. “What is it, baby?”

She puffs out a breath, now raking her fingers through the sparse hair on the middle of his chest, tugging absentmindedly and wondering how he hasn’t complained.

“I just…I really…when you… I mean, I like when…It’s okay if you think this is weird or you don’t want to…”  

And now he’s smirking, seeing how flustered she’s getting. He kisses her forehead reassuringly. “The suspense is killing me,” he jokes. “You can tell me, Snuggs.”

She buries her face in his chest for a moment, before lifting her eyes to peek up at him. “I really like when you cum inside me.” It comes out all strung together, without a single pause for air.

He doesn’t say anything for a moment, and she feels herself go red and hot and she hides her face again. It isn’t until she feels two of Harry’s fingers under her chin, coaxing it up so she can meet his gaze, that she finally looks at him.

“Yeah?” He’s got a smirk stretched over his lips that pops one of his dimples free.

She nods, a little slowly. “It feels really good.” She chuckles, a wash of embarrassment tingling through her body. “Is that…I think that came out wrong. Never mind.”

“No. S’not. Not a’tall.” Harry says, cutting her off before she can say anything further. “Baby, no. That’s…fucking hot. Love feelin’ ya around meh. How you squeeze me when you’re close too. Feels amazin’.” And he won’t deny that all of this has him half-hard again. He takes a deep breath, shifting his hips. “Don’t be embarrassed.” He nuzzles his nose to hers, pecking her lips gently. “Wanna make ya feel good.”    

chloeolivialuce  asked:

Hey! In a lot of imagines revolving the rfa and mc arguing, mc cries/runs off but could you do an imagine where mc stands her ground and says that they need to shape up and apologise because she won't take their bs? Thanks, sorry if this is a bit weird I just really wanna see a badass mc. With rfa + Saeran please!

YASSSSS, this request gives me life! Let’s make badass MC happen more often, people!

MC makes RFA + Saeran apologize after a fight


  • You love him and how much he cares about you
  • But sometimes he treats you like a little kid. Don’t go alone to this place, don’t do this by yourself, you’ll get hurt! Shit like that.
  • You get it, he’s worried because that guy in the apartment might still be around, but… you’re a grown ass woman, can’t you really go for a jog in the park by yourself without him calling you like there’s a fire going on?
  • You came in and found him glaring at you, arms crossed and a judgmental face, like you were a teenager doing the walk of shame after sneaking out.
  • “I was worried.” “I can see that.” You said, moving to the kitchen to get some water in the fridge.
  • “Babe, we already discussed this, you can’t go out like this by yourself, it’s dangerous, and you’re so sweet and innocent, and…” “Says who?” “What?”
  • “Who told you I’m sweet and innocent? You really think I can’t stand up by myself if I need to? Oh, and we actually didn’t discuss anything, YOU decided that I couldn’t go out by myself. You took a decision for me! “
  • “I can’t believe you’re being that ungrateful right now, MC! I dedicate my whole life to you, I’ve been trying to work less to spend more time with you, I do my best to include you in my work, and that’s how you thank me?”
  • “Well, guess what, Hyun? I never asked you to do these things, I never forced you, you do because you want to, and I let you do as you please because I want you to be happy and comfortable with me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not asking much for wanting some reciprocity here. So don’t try to make me feel guilty for something I know I’m right, I’m not a kid, I’m not a teenager, and I’m not stupid!”
  • You were calm, but your words were harsh. Zen never saw you this assertive, he honestly didn’t know he was patronizing you like this. Well, maybe he knew a little, his instinct of protection sometimes got the best of him.
  • And you called him by his real name, so he knows you’re PISSED and he’s screwed.
  • “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take a shower. I could barely sweat since I couldn’t jog much, but… I just need a shower.” He watched as you moved without even looking at him, yep, he was screwed.
  • He wanted to fix this right now, but he would be a dead man if he even tried getting in that bathroom right now, he knew this.
  • So he waited, sitting in the bed, processing your words. You were so sure about being right, who was he to say you’re not?
  • His intentions were good, they really were, but… good intentions aren’t enough if he wants you to be happy with him, and you would never be happy if you feel trapped with him.
  • That’s exactly what he told you when you came out of the bathroom. You thanked him for understanding. He wanted at least a smile from you, but he could understand why you wouldn’t give him right now.
  • He had the whole night to try making you smile.


  • You rarely get mad at him. He doesn’t do anything wrong most of the time.
  • But it takes you to be a little friendlier to Zen and he turns into this grumpy jealousy little prick.
  • You try to be patient, he’s insecure, Zen is dreamy to most everybody, but… at this point, Zen and, most important, him, should know where you heart is. So he shouldn’t get this cold to you just because you went to watch one of Zen’s rehearsals.
  • You came in, he didn’t even say hello or greeted you at his usual cheerful manner, he looked at you head to toes and went back to his book. Oh boy…
  • “I saw the photos in the messenger, MC.” Judging by his tone, he saw the most compromising pictures ever, but he could only be talking about Zen’s selfie with you at rehearsal. “Yeah? How do I look in them?” you asked putting your coat and purse in the coffee table mindlessly.
  • “Don’t mock me! I… I don’t like when you don’t take me seriously! I’m serious right now! You going out with Zen while dating me is serious, MC!”
  • “There isn’t a single person in the world who takes you more serious than I do, Yoosung. Trust me on this. But don’t expect me to stop hanging out with my friends just because you can’t handle your jealous.”
  • “I… I’m not jealous! I’m worried for you! You keep acting this nice and Zen, no, not only Zen, any other guy can get the wrong idea about you! Or… do you want them to get the wrong idea?” he regretted these last words the minute they left his mouth, he was expecting tears and was already thinking what he would have to say to fix this…
  • “No, you’re not worried. You’re just jealous. Once again you’re taking on me all your insecurities. Honestly, Yoosung, I’m running out of ideas on how to convince you that I love you and there’s no other man who could make me feel like you do. And I get that you’re insecure, I told you a million times we can find you some help on this, but I won’t put up with you trying to make me feel bad for having friends and being nice with them.  Zen is your friend too, you should congratulate him on his new role instead of pissing me off over something I’m not wrong.”
  • Your words dropped like needles on his skin. It was harsh, but yet you looked so cold and stoic, like he was trying to be when you came in. He was terrified of even looking at you in the eye.
  • “We ran out of rice, I’ll buy some.” You said, getting ready to leave again. “I-I’ll go.” He jumped out of the couch and headed to the convenience store, it was the least he could do.
  • He went and came back all the way thinking of what to say to make things right.
  •  You were right, he was being an ass not only to you, but to his friend, this wasn’t the Yoosung he wanted to be, not when it comes to you.
  •  Yes, he wants to be always sweet and nice, always caring and respectful about you and your choices, your friends, your life. He wants you to be happy and he knows he’ll never be able to be part of this happiness if he keeps acting like this.
  • You nodded in agreement when he told you this. “So, uhm… will you cook this or what?” you asked glancing quickly at him, that was his cue.
  • “Yes, sure. Hey, uhm… do you want to invite Zen to come over?”


  • Okay, this is not about her as your girlfriend, is about her as you business partner.
  • She left C & R, but C & R didn’t leave her. She still has these habits of trying to take all responsibility for herself and ending up stressed and tired.
  • You feel left out, she decides a lot of things by herself when it comes to the café without asking you first, and gets very passive aggressive when you take over something without her noticing.
  • You understand, old habits die hard. But… what’s the point in all of this if she keeps getting stressed out and you don’t even get to share this with her?
  • So when you took over some paper work and she noticed, there were her grumpy sigh in annoyance and a long glare at you.
  • “MC, can you return this to me, please?” “No, I’m working on this. Take this time to relax a little.” You didn’t say to piss her off, you genuinely wanted her to relax and get some rest… but that’s not how she took it.
  • “Don’t be condescending on me, MC, I don’t like this! I’m already much stressed and I don’t need you clowning around with serious work like this. I would relax if I could, but I can’t, as you can see for yourself and prefer to ignore it.”
  • “I wish I could ignore it, but these dark circles under your eyes are impossible to ignore.” You weren’t being sarcastic or anything, you were really concerned, but… again, that’s not how she took it.”
  • “You think you’re really funny, don’t you? Seriously, MC, I… I can’t stand when you act this calm and carefree over anything! I hate being the one always worried, always tense, but you leave me no choice! It’s tiring enough taking care of everything, I can’t take care of you acting like a child too!” she finally looked at you, you blinked once, twice…
  • “You don’t have to, you’re the one acting like a child here, like one of those young brothers playing the victim, you know? Apparently you forgot what a partnership means, since you don’t let me handle anything but servicing customers. I’m as capable and competent as you, Jaehee, I can handle things as good as you, and since I can, you don’t have to try to embrace the world. I know you’re used to dealing everything by yourself, but I’m here to help you. So… let me.”
  • She missed the sweet bubbly girl, you were scary like this! You could yell your lungs out and it wouldn’t be that scary as you acting this cold.
  • “Oh, and I fixed this report for you, you missed a few sales there. You’re welcome.” You dropped the paper on her desk and stretched yourself like it was nothing.
  • That awkward silence was killing her, her thoughts on how she managed to get you this pissed were torturing her.
  • And you were right, she was acting like… ugh, that was awful, but she was acting like Jumin, bossing you around, getting passive aggressive if something is not done in her way, playing the martyr, yeah, she would be furious if this happened to her… again.
  • The point of the café was to finally do something she loves, doing it with the person she loves the most included on this. She didn’t want to be the Jumin to your Jaehee.
  • She told you that, and you giggled with the last part, she was relieved seeing your smile, but she knew she screwed up big time with you.
  • So you two called it a night at work and headed home. The make up sex was amazing, by the way.


  • You can’t call all the times you just gave him a free pass on things he did wrong.
  • Okay, everything is very new to him when it comes to relationships, so sometimes he doesn’t even notice how insensitive he’s being.
  • And he has strong opinions about you. Even if you didn’t ask him, he’s giving you his thoughts on your clothes, your manners, everything.
  • So you two are about to leave to meet RFA on a little get together, and he’s looking at your dress, more like staring at it.
  • “Are you really going to wear this?” “Why? Would you prefer me going naked?” your eyes met his through the mirror.
  • “Don’t tease me right now, please. And go change, this dress is a tease by itself, and I don’t want Zen drooling over you.”
  • “I’m not teasing, I’m being sarcastic. You should know the difference by now.” You didn’t want to sound this bitchy, but… come on, he was asking for it.
  • “I understand sarcasm, I just don’t know why you would act like this when I’m just worried about your image and how other people look at it. Don’t take me wrong, it looks great on you, but it looks so great I feel I should be the only one to look at you like this. Am I wrong for caring this much about you?”
  • “No, you’re wrong by thinking you can boss me around on what to wear and how to behave like I’m one of your employees. I know you cherish me, I know you love me, and since you do, you should remember your promise on stopping this possessiveness. And yes, I know it looks great, I bought it with my money and I know what looks good on my body, and if you don’t like it, well… you can stay home.”
  • His eyes were widened, your voice was deep and calm, like you were discussing business with him, but you weren’t, you were giving him a little reality check.
  • “So, what are you going to do? Can I dismiss Driver Kim for today? I’ll call Seven and tell him he can pick me up.” “I’ll… I’ll go.”
  • Driver Kim noticed the tense atmosphere between you two and quickly rolled up the partition, even him was scared at your unusual coldness.
  • Jumin wasn’t sure on what to think. He just knew this silence was hurting, he didn’t want to apologize though.
  • But… considering his inexperience in relationships, he knew he probably was very wrong on this. Whad do you always tell him? Oh yes, trying to imagine if it was with him, be sympathetic…
  • Yes, he wouldn’t like having someone telling him what to wear and how to behave, his father used to do that and he hated and… oh, now he gets it.
  •  “I’m sorry.” He whispered, it was a little dark in the car, so he couldn’t see your face, but as you slipped your hand to hold his, he knew he was on the right track.


  • You got used to his odd sleeping and eating habits.
  • And as much as it is part of his… charms, you get worried for him not eating anything.
  • But you having to play his mommy and make him eat every day tires you a lot. For fuck’s sake, he’s a grown ass man, he should be able to take care of himself!
  • So you made dinner, you served yourself and didn’t call him to join you. No, he can smell, if he’s hungry, he should eat.
  •  You were washing the dishes you used when he walked in the kitchen. “Why didn’t you warn me you made dinner?” his voice was a little whiny.
  • “The smell is a natural warning. It worked, since you’re here.” “Wow, so feisty. I should be the one getting snappy after working 13 hours non-stop.”
  • “I don’t see Vanderwood pointing a taser to you anymore. You’re doing this because you want to.”
  •  “Ah, come on, MC! What’s gotten to you? Are you mad because I’m not giving you attention right now? Is that what you want? A little attention? I’m giving it to you right now, so stop acting like a spoiled kid, for God’s sake! If I knew I was gonna face you with this temper, I would have stayed locked in my office!”
  • “I’m not mad. And even if I were, it wouldn’t be because of lack of attention, it would be because I give you too much attention, right? I’m always worried if you’re sleeping enough or eating well enough, I’m alwys bringing you food, asking you how you’re doing. Pretty stupid of me, right? Acting like I care about my reckless boyfriend?”
  • This man always has a comeback ready, this time he didn’t. He didn’t have any word forming in his head right now. Not even his brother in a bad mood can get this scary.
  • “Remember to wash the dishes if you decide to eat, okay? I’m going to brush my teeth and get ready to sleep. “I…I will join you.” “No, you’re not, you’re sleeping in the couch tonight. Or in your office, since you like that much.” SHIT!
  • Of course he couldn’t do any more work after that, you sounded… like him in those days at Rika’s apartment, oh, so that’s how it feels…
  • He was scared of facing you, he knew he had this talent of managing to screw up even more.
  • So he stood up in front of the bedroom door and gave an unsure knock. You didn’t answer. Oh… you were really pissed, right?
  • You weren’t overreacting. Knowing you, he knew you were probably holding this to yourself for a long time and he getting all sarcastic and douchy was the tip of the iceberg. This was wrong, he promised he would never lock himself away like this and neglect his own health, he was a changed man, you changed him. He needed to start acting more mature in order to suit you, didn’t he?
  • He told all this through the door. Still, no answer. Oh well, he would try again in the morning.
  • You opened the door, but didn’t face him as he climbed up in the bed. Well, giving him the honor to share the bed with you was a start on what would be a long night…


  • Seriously, is there anything you two don’t fight about?
  • They are usually silly bickering and end as fast as they started, but there are other times when he really annoys you.
  • You know you should be more patient with him, but ugh… does he really have to be rude and snappy like this when you are just asking him something innocently?
  •  It’s happening again, you asked him about his contact lens, shouldn’t he get a new pair? And who knows the questionable precedence of these ones, maybe he could get ones with a prescription.
  • “And going to a doctor so my father can know everything about me and send me to jail? Good to know you want to see me behind bars, MC.” “You know very well we could get you a discreet doctor, no need for you to talk like that to me.”
  • “No need for you to ask stupid questions. Just leave my lens alone, why do you even care about this?”
  • “I ask myself the same sometimes…” “Oh, if you’re that unhappy, you know you can just leave whenever you want, don’t you?” hmmm… he didn’t mean that, yeah, he realized this as soon as he said it, he just got carried away by the adrenaline rush of your usual fights.
  • “I’m not unhappy. I would be unhappy if you went arrested, I would be unhappy if something happened to your eyes, I would be unhappy leaving you just because you’re a silly little boy picking on stupid little fights that never take us anywhere. So I’ll do you a favor and end this before I get really unhappy.”
  • Oh wow… this was… you were… really scary like this. He usually was the one acting this intimidating, but it was just to tease you, you definitely weren’t teasing him, you were pissed at him.
  • “And put down the toilet seat after you use it, please?” you said as you just remembered this, he waited for you to turn your back so he could run to the bathroom and put it down.
  •  Ugh, his therapist already told him, if something bothers him, he needs to know first: why does I bother him? Second: is there something he can do about this?
  • So why does it bother him? I don’t know, because you’ve been ignoring him for the last forty five minutes? And is there something he can do about this? Yes, apologize.
  • He ‘s not really good at this, so he hands you the phone, you look at him confused. “C-can you make an appointment for me with the doctor? I don’t like talking in the phone…” don’t smile, MC! Don’t let him know he can get away for being so adorable!
  • You call the doctor and set an appointment. “Will you go with me?”
  • “Of course I will” you say, giving him a little smile that quickly faded away. Well,you can smile,  you won this round.
Baby's First Father's Day [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: So I’m posting this pretty late and I’m disappointed I couldn‘t get it out earlier but I had to work today. Sadly. But anyway, here is the next part to my Jay Family Fic ‘series’ and a Father’s Day Special. Hope you guys love it! <3

Now and Always - Easter Bunny 


You and Jason were fast asleep this morning. Sleeping on your back as he had a hand on your protruding belly in a protective manner. After Easter last year, you and Jason had finally acted on that promise. You were ready to pop any day now, and honestly, that day couldn’t come soon enough. The pregnancy with Addilyn was pretty easy for a first one, but this one. Damn. So much morning sickness, and so many strange cravings.

Though this pregnancy was different in another way too. You and Jason decided to wait for the gender to make it a surprise. Though, you had a suspicion that Jason really wanted a boy. However, sleep and thoughts about the baby would have to wait because you both were woken up when a certain three year-old jumped on the both of you. Or more Jason.

“HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY!” Addilyn squealed as she hugged him. Her raven black locks array from sleep, but her blue eyes were bright and alert. You both chuckled as she giggled. “Thank you sweetie. Be careful though okay.” Jason smiled, referring to your belly. She smiled and crawled over to you. Giving you a kiss then giving your stomach a kiss. It was a tradition she started in the mornings. “Good morning baby” she whispered softly to your belly.

Jason smiled at you before leaning over and placing a kiss on your lips. “Morning doll.” He grinned while pulling away. You hummed contently, “Happy Father’s Day Jay.” Addilyn giggled at your choice of words, “Mommy rhymed.

Still grinning Jason scooped her in his arms. “Want to help me make breakfast?” She nodded vigorously as they left the room. Jason shooting you a wink before moving out of sight. Slowly sitting up while holding your baby bump. “You really don’t make things easy.” You talked to your own stomach while swinging your legs over the side of the bed.

Rubbing your stomach a slight kick could be felt. “Of course you’re a fighter, just like your father.” Mumbling while pushing yourself up. Standing up a sharp pain ran through your abdomen. “Shit!” groaning to yourself. Gripping your stomach as you felt something wet. “Dammit” cursing at the pain and sitting back down on the bed. You knew it was coming soon because you had felt the mild contractions, but now? Looking to see the puddle of water on the floor. “JASON!” yelling for him though another shot of pain ran through you again.

“Fuck” you whispered. “JASON!” Yelling for him again. His footfalls could be heard rushing into the room. Swinging around the door frame he was met with the sight of you gripping your stomach and the pool of water on the floor. “M-my water, agh!” Feeling another contraction cut off that sentence

Addilyn ran into the room to see Jason grabbing the bag you had ready from the closet. Along with you hunched over in pain. “Mommy?” She asked worried. “Mommy what’s wrong?”

You smiled at her concern and Jason ran over, helping you stand. “Mommy’s gonna be okay peanut. Can you get my phone honey?” Addilyn nodded before running to the bedside table and grabbing his phone, she ran back to him and handed it to him. Dialing the phone he tucked it between his ear and shoulder before helping you up.

“Hello Master Jason, Happy Father’s Day” The voice on the other end greeted. “Alfred” Jason breathed out, “I need you or someone to meet me at the hospital. [F/n] just went into labor and we need someone to watch Addie.” Jason explained as he helped you out of the apartment, Addilyn clutching to your other hand.

“Oh dear. I will meet you there.” Alfred said surprised. “Thank you Alfred.”

Hanging up the phone he grabbed his car keys. Quickly he helped you into the elevator and to the car. “Jay I’ve done this before” You chuckled, “Take care of Addie, I can get myself in the car.” He sighed before nodding, throwing the bag in the backseat he picked up Addilyn. Getting her in her car seat he got in the driver seat.

You controlled your breathing as he drove, trying to get there as quickly as possible. As soon as he pulled up to the emergency room a bunch of nurses and a doctor ran over. Alfred had beaten you there.

They whisked you away the moment you got out. “Mommy! Daddy!” Addilyn yelled and tried to go after you but she was stopped. Turning she saw her grandpa standing there, “Papa Bruce, is Mommy gonna be ok?” Asking as he lifted her into his arms. Bruce nodded, “Yeah, she’s going to be fine. Your aunts and uncles are on their way.” Bruce smiled and Addilyn’s features brightened.

You were being prepped to have the baby. The labor process is a long one, remembering Addilyn’s. The nurses were checking your blood pressure and giving you an IV. Jason was by your side the entire time. Everything was going as the doctors planned, it had been a few hours since you had gotten there.

“Jay” catching his attention from talking to one of the nurses about when the baby would actually be born. He came to your side, “Will you go check on Addie please?” Jason smiled and nodded before kissing your forehead.

Going out to the waiting room Addie was coloring while sitting on Dick’s lap. Looking up she spotted her father. “Daddy!” She cheered while jumping off Dick’s lap and running to Jason. “Hey sweet-pea”

“Is Mommy ok?” She asked worried. Jason nodded, “She’s just fine the doctors are taking very good care of her.” Addilyn beamed, “Can I see Mommy?”

“Oh not yet sweetheart, just a little bit longer. Do you want to show me what you were just coloring?” Jason looked at the paper she had dropped. She smiled and showed it to him, it was a big heart with little hearts surrounding it, all in different colors. “It’s for Mommy” She grinned while hugging the picture, “And the new baby” she added. Jason smiled and kissed her forehead, “She will love it.”

“But Daddy, I drew one for you too.” She giggled before running over to Steph who was holding it. Showing it to Jason she grinned, “It’s you and mommy and me and the new baby” pointing to each figure in the picture. “It’s beautiful sweetheart.” Jason smiled while taking it from her

Though as he began to make conversation with his family one of the nurses rushed over to him. “Mr. Todd!” Jason turned around, “It’s happening, the baby’s coming.” Jason’s eyes widened as he ran back to the room. The nurse handed him scrubs to put on over his clothes and he ran to your side. Taking your hand. “It’s alright baby, I’m here.” He whispered while kissing your forehead.

“Are you ready?” The doctor asked and you nodded.

Addilyn was clinging to Dick, worried at the way Jason had ran back into the room. “Uncle Dick, I’m scared.” She whispered. “What’s wrong Addie?”

“Why did Daddy have to run back in there?” She looked up at him and Dick could see she was actually really scared by the look of her eyes, and the sniffle she let out. “She’s okay sweetie, they’re just getting your new baby brother or sister.” He smiled down at her. Her expression brightened, “Really?!” she exclaimed. He nodded, “How about you finish your picture while we wait?” Gesturing to the unfinished drawing on the table. She smiled and hopped down to finish it.

After about two hours, it was finally finished. You had brought a beautiful baby boy into the world. Jason was smiling and had his arm wrapped around you as you held the baby. Still exhausted from the strenuous event. Looking at him with tears in your eyes you noticed some pooling in his. “He’s your carbon copy.”

Jason shook his head, “No he has your nose.”

The nurses came to your side to take the baby and weigh him. Though you felt exhausted as you leaned against Jason. Before you knew it they had him weighed along with his hand and foot prints taken. “Have you chosen a name?” the nurse asked as she brought him back over to you. Smiling you happily took the swaddled newborn.

Jason nodded, “Ashton Bruce Todd.”

The nurse smiled before writing it down. “I will go get your visitors.” Thanking her you and Jason turned back to Aston. Though this time his eyes were open showing sky blue eyes. “Jay look, he has your eyes, just like Addie.”

Jason wiped his eyes before placing a kiss on your lips. “Want to hold him Jay?” He grinned before taking the newborn from your arms. “Hey buddy” Jason said as his eyes locked on his father, a smile forming on his features. Though within minutes there was a knock on the door.

Jason handed the baby back to you before going to open the door, and in came Addie with Dick, Alfred, and Bruce. She stood hesitant, staring at you in the bed. “Want to meet your brother?” Jason asked.

She nodded slowly before he picked her up and carrying her over to the bed. Sitting on the edge, “Addilyn, this is Ashton” She smiled before crawling next to you. “Hi Ashton, I’m your big sister. My names Addilyn but you can call me Addie.” Her voice was soft and sweet as she stared at the newborn. The gesture made you and Jason smile ear to ear again, not that your smiles ever faded.

“Do you want to hold him?” You asked while looking at her. She nodded nervously, settling between you and Jason. Carefully she held him, Jason helping her. Giggling at the way he looked up at her. Dick had gone out to get the rest of his family, though Bruce looked at some of the papers sitting in the room. “Ashton Bruce Todd?” He asked looking up at both you and Jason.

Smiling you nodded, “Addie how about we let Papa Bruce hold him?” Addie nodded before Jason took Ashton and carried him over to Bruce. Alfred smiled at the sight, pulling out a camera. Jason placed Ashton in Bruce’s arms, “Happy Father’s Day Bruce.” Bruce met Jason’s eyes before wrapping an arm around him. Jason was caught off guard for a moment but reciprocated it.

Addilyn jumped down from the bed and ran to where Bruce was holding him. Jason smiled and left the two to rejoin your side. The rest of the family soon entered the room. Dick and Steph were gleeful, Tim and Babs were trying to contain the two, Cass was helping Alfred take pictures, and Damian was standing next to Bruce observing the baby.

Jason wrapped an arm around you and kissed your head. You loved this, having everyone here, not to mention your family was on their way to Gotham as well. Though you felt extremely tired and just wanted to rest and eat something. After everyone got their turns with the baby they understood you were exhausted and said their goodbyes. Though Addilyn refused to leave.

Letting her stay, she laid with you in the bed as Jason held your son in the chair next to the bed. He watched as she explained her picture to you, a yawn escaping her throat as she snuggled next to you. Setting the drawing on the tray-table as she began to fall asleep.

You looked up at Jason to see him smiling down at his son who was fast asleep. When he looked up at you, his grin widened to see you watching him. Your arms wrapped around your daughter. Nodding your head for him to join you on the bed, he got up slowly and sat beside you. Your son cradled in his arms. Smiling you looked from Addie to Ashton, “We sure do make some beautiful kids.” Chuckling Jason agreed, “They get it from their mother.” Replying as he leaned to kiss you.

“I don’t know their dad’s pretty hot too.” Jason smiled before kissing you again. Opening your eyes, you stared deep in his blue hues. “I love you Jason, Happy Father’s Day.”

He beamed before brushing his nose against yours, “I love you too [F/n]. I couldn’t ask for a better Father’s Day gift.”

Oh God. I’m Pregnant!?

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1476

Author’s Note: This is the second part to Back Massages. I hope you guys like this because I have doubts. Thanks to @nothisisstiles for telling me to write this and @smutandahalf and @sarcasticallystilinski for looking at it for me! You guys da best!

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I'm Sorry I Failed You- Josh Dun

Request- Hello! I love your writing:) can u do a josh imagine? Maybe we’re your Tyler’s sister and while there on tour you get jumped walking to your and joshs’ appartmemt and they find out and there all worried? Thanks have a great day/night!

Y/N’s P.O.V. 

 Only a mile and a half from your apartment and your car decided to break down. You typically would have called your boyfriend Josh but he was on tour with your brother Tyler. You got out of work late that day and the walk to your apartment isn’t always the safest late at night. You and Josh lived together in L.A. by a bunch of bars and on Saturday nights the sidewalks were filled with drunk horny men.

You grabbed your purse from your car and threw your phone in. You set out on your walk home enjoying the warm night. You wanted to call Josh but you couldn’t because he and Tyler were in the middle of a show. So to say the least this walk was going to be boring.

You were about a mile from your house now when you felt like you were being followed. You looked over your shoulder to see a 3 tall men stumbling behind you. You felt them walking faster behind you so you decided to quicken your pace and turn down the next street even though it wasn’t in the right direction of your house. You could hear your heart pounding from being scared.

When you finally thought you lost them you slowed down and took out your phone quickly to call someone, anyone really so they can distract you while you find your way back home. You dialed Jenna’s number knowing she was basically your best friend and she would keep your mind off of the slightly terrifying walk. The phone rang twice before the familiar voice came through the other end.

“Hey Y/N what’s up.”

“Oh nothing. My car broke down so I have to walk home and I wanted to talk to someone to distract me for a bit. so, how’s tour going?”

“Oh okay. Tours going great, we all wish you were here. Especially Josh.” she said.

You were about to respond when you heard loud footsteps behind you. You turned around and saw the same 3 men running towards you.

“Y/N are you okay?” Jenna asked, she must have been suspicious of your long break in the conversation.

“Um, no there are like 3 people chas-” and before you could finish you were pushed to the ground and you phone flew from your hands out of reach. You could her Jenna yelling you name but you could respond due to someone kicking your ribs. The biggest man ripped your purse off of your shoulder and put it to the side while another man  sat on your back holding your face to the pavement. You were screaming but nobody heard you.

“Stop, please. Get off me.” you begged and the one kicking you stopped and the one on top of you stood. You turned over and looked at the 3 men looking down at you.

“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do.” the biggest man said and he punch you straight on the face. You could have sworn your nose broke.

The smallest man who was kicking you earlier knelt down next to you and started petting your hair. You could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke.

“What should we do to this one guys?” he asks as he moved close to your neck. Your fear paralyze you and could scream. He start pulling up your shirt and tears rolled down your cheeks as they pulled you up and put you against the wall.

“Stop fucking crying or we’ll beat the fuck out of you.” the medium sized man said. You knew you weren’t getting out of this. You couldn’t control your tears and you were quickly pushed back to the ground. You felt the skin on your palms and knees scrape against the hard ground and your arms couldn’t hold you from the pain. You fell and hit you head and the last thing you remember is seeing the 3 men running off.

You woke up to the sound of your phone busy on the pavement.  You phone was lighting up with Jenna’s face calling you. You reached as far as you could reach and pulled it to you.

It hurt so bad, even to simply swipe your finger across the screen to answer the call.

“Y/N. I’ve been calling you for the past 5 minutes are you okay? Where are you?” she asked frantically.

You could really talk due to your ribs being in so much pain. “Jenna I’m fine, just don’t panic. I’m walking home now.” you voice cracked a few times and she knew you weren’t okay.

“Y/N what happened? I know you’re not okay. I heard those guys, I stayed on the phone the whole time. Talk to me.” you wanted to talk but you didn’t want to Josh or Tyler to found out. They were both really overprotective of you.

“Y/N say something or I’m going to tell Tyler. I don’t care if they’re in the middle of a show or not. I’ll go and right on stage and interrupt the whole thing to tell them.” she threatened.

“Okay, fine. Please don’t say anything to them.” you started to stand  and you had to use the wall for support. “These 3 drunk guys just beat the shit out of me.”

“Oh my god. Y/N how hurt are you?”

“Well my feels like it’s broken and it’s bleeding. My ribs hurt and so does my head. Look I’m only 2 blocks from my apartment. I’ll walk there and tell you more. I just need to sit down, I feel really dizzy.” you said stumbling, trying to walk but you were really dizzy and nauseous.

“Y/N tell me where you are, I’m calling you and ambulance you don’t sound okay.”

“Only if you don’t tell Tyler and Josh, I’ll be fine. I just need to get some help and I’ll tell them when I’m ready, Please.” you begged.

“I won’t. Now tell me where you are.”

“On the corner of Daniel ave and 5th ave.” you said sitting down against the wall. Your legs were beginning to weaken and you could feel you eyes starting to close.

“Y/N stay with me. I have an ambulance on it’s way there now.”

“Okay” you mumbled and you blacked out again.

Jenna’s P.O.V.

I had heard the whole thing happen and I know she didn’t want me to tell anyone, but I was married to her brother and he needed to know. Not to mention her boyfriend Josh needs to know. I promised I wouldn’t tell them in order to get her location out of her. I called her the ambulance because I could hear her drifting off in the conversation.

I gave the hospital my number so they would call me when she got there.

When they called me to tell me they found her passed out on the sidewalk I knew I had to tell Josh and Tyler. They needed to know even if that meant they would end the concert early.

I tried getting Tyler’s attention from the side and he stopped sing, looking at me with concern because I never bugged him during a show. Josh stopped playing and came over to where Tyler was.

“Dude are you okay?” he asked Tyler as I approached them.

“Yeah Jenna looked like she really needed to tell me something and I felt like something was wrong. What’s going on? Is Y/N okay?” he turned his attention to me and everyone in the arena was completely silent.

“No. um Y/N she’s hurt. Like really badly. She’s in the hospital. I think you need to end this and we can talk.” with that Tyler pulled the microphone to his lips and Josh ran off with me asking me all sorts of questions about Y/N.

“Okay, I’m very sorry this has to be this way, but we have to end the show early.” Tyler said and the crowd was filled with disappointment. “My sister, Josh’s girlfriend is hurt and we really need to get to her. Goodnight and stay alive all. Thank you for those who are understanding.” he ran off stage and found Josh and I.

“What happened, is she okay? Where is she?” Tyler asked all the same questions Josh had asked.

“We’ll explain later, i just booked us an immediate flight to L.A. I think we should get to her.” Josh said with tears threatening to come from his eyes.

“She’ll be okay Josh, she just needs us there.” Tyler said not knowing anything.

At the airport Jenna told her side of the story to Tyler and Josh.

Before getting on the plane Tyler was really worried about you and he texted your family to tell them what happened. Josh couldn’t keep still. When ever he was nervous he would bounce his leg and that’s what he did the whole plane ride and car ride to the hospital.

Josh’s P.O.V.

As soon as we got to the hospital I basically ran to the front desk.

“Hi sir, how may I help you?”

“My girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N, she was brought here about 5 hours ago. I need to see her. Is she okay?”

“Her file says she’s not awake right now, I’m going to get her doctor and you can go back to see her with him.” the woman said and then she left. I stood there and Tyler and Jenna came up to me.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked and the doctor approached.

“Hi, which one of you is the boyfriend?” he asked.

“I am. Can I go see her?” I said quickly.

“Yes, but please know that it looks worse then it is.” he said leading us back to her room.

When I entered the room I saw Y/N just laying there asleep. Her hands had scraps all of them. Her arms had all sorts of bruises along with her face. She had blood stained on her upper lip and her head was wrapped in white bandages.

I went over and sat next to her holding her hand.

“So is she okay?” Tyler asked the doctor.

“She lost quite a bit of blood from hitting her head. She has 3 fractured ribs and she has a lot of bruising and scrapes. She will be okay, but we want to monitor her to make sure she doesn’t pass out again. She needs rest and pain medicine and she’ll be all good to go in a few weeks when those ribs heal.” he said.

The doctor left after a few more questions and I saw that Y/N was starting to wake up.

“J-Josh?” she questioned. Her voice was quiet and raspy.

“I”m right here baby.” I said kissing her on the hand.

“How you feeling kid?” Tyler asked walking over and rubbing a non-bruised part of your arm.

“Um, it hurts but I’m fine. Why are you here though? Did I mess up your show?”

“No Y/N you didn’t mess up anything. We’re here because we love you. You’re my sister and I would do anything for you.” Tyler said.

“Babe you didn’t mess anything up. You’re more important than a show. Everyone will understand.” Josh said.

“Hey guys, I just got off the phone from the police. They found one of the guys that hurt Y/N and arrested him. Then he turned in the other guys. They’re all in custody.” Jenna said entering the room.  

“Good, I was about to beat every drunk guy in L.A. for hurting my sister.” Tyler said and it made you laugh. When laughing it felt like your whole body was broken. you flinched slightly at the pain and it drew everyone’s attention to you.

“You okay Y/N?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah, I’m just in a lot of pain and tired.”

“I think it’s time we leave so you can sleep. I don’t think I’m gonna convince josh to leave your side though. We have a hotel across the street. Call me if you need anything.” Jenna said and Tyler and her said their goodbyes.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Once they left Josh sat a little closer to you pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“I’m sorry I failed you Y/N. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.” Josh said and you could hear the tears in his eyes.

“Josh look at me.” you said “you didn’t fail me. You’re always there for me. Nobody could have stop this. I’m okay.” he looked into your eyes and smiled.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I love you so much. I want you to rest and get better, okay?” he said getting up from where he was kneeling beside you.

“Wait don’t leave. I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks and I want to keep you close.”

“Well I don’t want you to have to move. I’ll be right over here on the couch.” he said and as he went to pull his hand away from you you tugged on his hand making him look at you.

You moved (painfully, but didn’t let it show)  in the bed so there was enough room for Josh to lay with you.

He smiled at you and laid next to you and held your hand kissing your head.

“I love you Y/N, so much.” Josh said as you start drifting off to sleep.

“I love you too. Thanks for be so amazing.” you said drowsily and then sleep took over the both of you.