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12x07: Rock Never Dies

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1525

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“Why are we here?” You asked the Winchesters while you walked into the hotel.

“Crowley told us he would meet us here. I don’t know why.”

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anonymous asked:

Question for you! Obviously you're a cosmic witch (gathered that from your user name. I'm clearly a genius). Im asking you this because you do a lot in this community and I'm wondering if you know a ton of witches. Like. A fuck ton. Who do you follow for non-cosmic (like green or hedge) witchery? Do you ever follow non-cosmic blogs and then cosmic it up for your personal practice? Like "fuck that's a good idea but this needs planets rolling around in it, bitches"? Asking for a space monkey.

Omg. I follow too many blogs to just name a few but I follow all kinds of witches. I actually don’t follow many cosmic witches bc for one, there aren’t that many to begin with and two, some of them really aren’t that great tbh. I try my best not to copy other people’s spells and give credit where credit is due. 100% of my content is original :) and if it’s been inspired by someone then I’m sure to mention them in my work.

Solangelo is A Hufflepuff/ Slytherin couple, pass it on!

Will Solace is a Slytherin:

He’s ambitious, which is shown by his want to become a real doctor one day and not just a healer. Although it’s not canonically said that this is true, it’s implied and the fandom almost as a whole believes that Will would be a doctor. 

He’s resourceful. He’s known as one of the best healers at camp (if not the best) and he’s obviously good at a variety of different medical specialties (he’s goes from being a combat medic to delivering a baby, I mean, come on, that’s a pretty big difference, isn’t it?) plus people rely on him to be counselor of his cabin, to calm others down, etc. He even volunteered to observe enemy lines. 

He’s rather shrewd, to be honest. When he’s arguing with Nico, he’s shown to be rather harsh in his judgement and quick to think up an argument. 

He’s cunning. Now, this one could be wrong if Will is oblivious to his feelings for Nico (which seems unlikely) or if he’s just impulsive (which is more likely, given the evidence). But I feel as if he knew exactly what he was doing when he took Nico’s hand. He calculates ways to talk  and interact with Nico, and I think that’s pretty cunning. 

So, due to these points, I think Will is a Slytherin. 

Nico di Angelo is a Hufflepuff:

A lot of people place Nico in Slytherin, but I think he’d be a Hufflepuff. He’s seen as kind of a wild card, but that’s really only because he’s not an open person. 

He’s loyal. It’s shown throughout most of the books. He’s loyal enough to Percy to defy his father (who, you’ve gotta admit, is freaking terrifying) and practically force him to fight in the Titan War. He kept his promise to go to the Doors of Death for Percy, he was incredibly loyal to Bianca when she was alive, and he’s incredibly loyal to Hazel. 

He’s selfless. Anyone who says Nico di Angelo is selfish obviously doesn’t know Nico. He risked his own life to travel back to camp with Reyna, Coach Hedge and the statue of Athena. Most people would have given up on the first jump, but Nico didn’t. 

He’s incredibly kind. Though he’s often harsh and snappish, you can see with his interactions with Hazel that he is a kind and loving brother. He adores her, and he’s nice in his own way to people he likes. He hates being vulnerable though, and he went through a lot, plus the air of stigma around him, these things make his kindness difficult to see. 

He a hard worker. He’s a freaking hard worker, okay? You can see it through the entire two series. 

IN CONCLUSION, WILL IS A SLYTHERIN AND NICO IS A HUFFLEPUFF AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE. (Thank you Blackberry Explosion on FF.Net for helping me with this!)

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What do you think is the most plausible way Nico's sexuality would be revealed?

Well, obviously Jason found out with the whole Cupid scenario.  And then Reyna and Hedge found out during the whole Bryce shebang.  Plus, Nico blatantly told Percy and Annabeth.  I think through all of that, most everyone already knows. 

I don’t think he has to say it.  I mean, straight people don’t say, “EVERYONE! I’M STRAIGHT!” So why should he have to?  I’m sure anyone who doesn’t know by now will be able to tell with him and Will.