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Old Times | Who Killed Markiplier

Request: None :)

Synopsis: The reader is asked to come after Mark is killed and has an unfortunate run in with someone they once loved.

Warnings: murder (*thunder noise*), blood, mentions of madness, possessiveness, obsession, spoilers for Who Killed Markiplier: The Final Chapter

A/N: Don’t judge me. Who Killed Markiplier fucked me up my dudes. Also this is my first post since remodeling the blog!

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You were unable to attend the party that night. Too much work, as usual. But when you received a call the morning after from Benjamin telling you that Mark was dead, you forgot all about work and got there as fast as you could.

It was hard to imagine, really. A dear childhood friend of yours was murdered and nobody knew how or why. You and Mark had been close at one point, not as close as you and Damien nor him and Celine, but close enough. You shared some great memories with him and now he was just…gone. It really makes you think about the fragility of human life, doesn’t it?

And just to make matters worse, you got another call from Benjamin saying that the body was missing, leaving you to wonder how you lose a corpse.

The manor was the same as always when you arrived, but also so…different. It looked the same of course but it also seemed to look darker, it felt darker. Like you were too late.

Too late? Too late for what exactly? It’s not like anything else happened. Benjamin would have told you, wouldn’t he? Later you supposed you probably shouldn’t have ignored the feeling that something had gone wrong.

You caught sight of the Colonel wandering outside, laughing to himself.

“Colonel?” You said as you approached him carefully.

He looked up in surprise at the sound of your voice. “Y/N?” He laughed again. “Were you in on this too? Oh, you guys really put some work into this, didn’t you?”

Your eyebrows furrowed. “Work into what? Colonel, you’re not making any sense.”

He continued to laugh. “You and Damien. Always up to something.”

“Damien.” He could help sort things out for you. And maybe put some sense back into the Colonel. “Wait, Colonel, where is Damien?”

He started to stumble away laughing again.

“Colonel?” You tried to catch his attention again. “Colonel!”

He was gone, perhaps too far gone. You invited yourself inside, needing answers and needing them now.

Inside was even worse than the outside. There was a pool of blood in the sitting room and if you looked up, a man-the detective, you noticed-was lying dead on the floor. Benjamin and Chef were nowhere to be found.

There was a broken mirror in the foyer. The cracks stretched outward like a spider’s web. A strange light was emitting from it. You could hear static as you got closer.

You raised your hand to touch it-


Your hand dropped. “Damien!”

You spun around to hug him and he tensed at the contact, which was odd for him. He grabbed your shoulders and held you at arms length. You gasped at his appearance. His skin was a pale grey, there were dark bags under his eyes, and his normally well-groomed hair fell forward into his face.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?”

Your ears started ringing.

“Benjamin told me that Mark was dead. He asked me to come…. Damien, what is going on?”

His hands curled into fists beside him as he sighed. He gestured to the small bench behind you. “Sit.”

You did.

“I can’t explain everything-not now-but Mark isn’t dead technically. He’s walking around in my body and-“ He breathed for a moment to contain his anger. “I stole this one. But I swear I will get my body back.” His voice took a darker tone. “And no one is getting in my way this time.”

You groaned. “You’re not making any sense either! First the Colonel and now you!” You stood with a huff. “I want real answers, Damien! Where is Benjamin and Chef and Celine? Who killed the Detective? What the hell is going on with the Colonel? More importantly, what the hell is going on with you?!”

“Y/N, you couldn’t possibly understand!”

This…this was not your Damien. This was not the man you once knew. This was not the same man that you laughed with, cried with, loved with…. He would never treat you like this.

“Damien…Damien, this is madness. I-I can’t. I’m going to take the Colonel to a doctor. I’m going to fix this.”

You turned towards the door. A hand wrapped painfully tight around your bicep.

“No.” Damien said sternly.

“Let me go, Damien.”

“No, you are staying here. With me.”

“Damien, the Colonel is sick. God damn it, you’re sick! You both need help!”

He grabbed your shoulders, shaking you slightly, his eyes manic. “No, Y/N, I’m going to get it back. I’m going to get my body back and we can be together again.” He brushed your hair behind your ear. “It’ll be just like old times.”

“No, Damien, no.” You struggled in his grip. “We can’t have that. Not now. Not like this.”

“I am not letting you get away this time.” He held you against his chest, rocking you back and forth, and burying his face in your hair. “I lost you once. I am not losing you again.”

He tilted his head down, his lips nearly touching your ear. “Darling, we are going to be together…”


Please Keep the Alarm On - Nessian

People would normally think Cassian was the heavy sleeper. But no, he was the lightest sleeper ever. A tiny knock at the door from Elain wanting to talk to Nesta? Don’t worry, Cassian’s up and answering her already since Nesta “Sleeping Beauty” Archeron is still sleeping. 

Nesta Archeron slept like the dead, though she’ll always scoff off Cassian’s accusations with a  “Will you be quiet, Cassian!”

Besides the other things he has to wake up to do for Nesta, it is waking up to wake her up. He does it every morning, at 6:30 am. Normally, he’d never wake up this early. But, with his sensitive hearing when sleeping, Cassian almost jumps out of bed when the alarm goes off. It’s just so loud

It was especially loud this morning since she had her speaker plugged into her phone. What person needs their phone plugged to a speaker to wake up? Not a normal one. 

Cassian, angry and a bit shaken at getting up by such a loud noise, walks to Nesta’s room beside his and bangs on the door. “Nesta! Wake up!”

The alarm shuts off, and, with great relief, Cassian goes back to his room. Snuggling into bed, he closes his eyes. Minutes later, the alarm is going off again. 

This time he bangs on his wall, hoping to catch his crush’s attention. “Nesta! Shut that damn thing up!”

Again, it’s turned off with a thump! Breathing deeply, Cassian looks at his phone. The time? 7 in the morning. 

Ugh, why can’t he just go to bed?! 

Something moves around in Nesta’s room, and he hopes it is his crush taking off that dam–


Giving up on trying to be nice to Nesta, he jumps out of the bed, shirtless and pantless, and goes over to her room. 

The door, like normal, is unlocked. Not surprising since she always forgets to lock it. Basically charging to her room, Cassian throws the door open. First, he unplugs that stupid phone from the speaker. Next, he shook Nesta until he eyelids fluttered up slightly.

“Thank God, Nesta, you need to get–”

“Shut up, Cassian,” she whispers, and then grabs his hand from her shoulder and pulls him into bed with her. 

A leg wraps around his waist, and a hand goes over his chest. All of this happens while hair fills his vision and mouth. He gets her hair out of his face, and tries to untangle himself from Nesta. This was too close–too close for his body to handle without–

Her grip was too strong. He was stuck, but he had a strange sense of excitement for her to wake up.

Eventually, Nesta did wake up. And, boy, did she enjoy the view of Cassian first thing in the morning. “Morning.”

Cassian looks down at her, warmth in his smile. “It’s actually afternoon.”

Now it was Nesta’s turn to jump up. “What?! Why didn’t you wake me up!”

“I did try, Nesta. You’re a very heavy sleeper. The only thing I could have done to wake you was make you very, very warm.”

She really tried not to blush at that. She really did try, though she failed. But, she decided to twirl this to her advantage. This means she thought Fuck it, I’m gonna fuck him.

“What is the exact time?” Nesta asked. 

“It is 1:38 in the afternoon.”

“Look, Cassian, you know I like you a lot, right?”

Cassian couldn’t believe his luck. His crush finally liked him back. “Yeah, yeah. And I like you a lot too.”

“Good, good. Maybe you could help me warm up?”

“I can do more than that, sweetheart.” He moved closed to her, hands reaching out for her.

“Then show me,” she whispered, her lips only hovering an inch in front of his.

She did not regret missing class that day. Not at all.

Afterwards, the only thing Cassian could think, the only thing, was:

Please keep the alarm on from now on.

This was mainly written for @aelin-and-feyre, but i’m gonna tag @acomafxtog24-7, @rowaelinsmut, @runesandfaes, @queen-archeron @highladyfxyre @darlingfireheart @foxboy-lucien @justasimplereader @aelinarcheroncursebreaker cause they deserve the love

Also credit to @aelin-and-feyre for the “fuck it I’m gonna fuck him” line

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alright you got me hooked on soft Kreider. How about him breaking down in tears upon seeing your baby's first ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat?

Your fiance was stone cold, usually. It wasn’t that he was mean, he just always looked it. You knew he knew how to laugh and have fun but Chris Kreider had a resting bitch face like no other and you’d come to love it. He always was very stubborn and never let anyone see him get emotional unless that emotion was angry and he was on the ice. You loved him all the same but you were sure that this was going to break him. He promised that he would your anchor for all the things you’d go through while pregnant, and you said the same to him though he brushed it off. He was a man. He didn’t need it. 

“And there’s the head..” the doctor said, pushing the stick around your jelly-covered stomach. Chris tightened his grip on your hand, keeping his eyes glued to the screen. “You can see the nose and little mouth, right there,” she explained, pointing. “And there are the legs,” she said, finally finding them. “Wow,” you heard the man breathe out. You smiled and watched him. He marveled at the black and white screen. “We can take a picture of that home, right?” he asked. She nodded. “Can we take more than one?” he asked. She laughed, but said sure. 

“Why do we need more than one?” you asked. “Well one for the fridge, one for my locker, the guys probably want some,” he said. You just laughed. “I don’t think your whole team wants an ultrasound of the little apple-sized human inside me,” you joked. “Well they should.” You just laughed more. The doctor had returned to pressing the thing to your stomach. “If you’d like to take a listen…there’s the heartbeat,” she said. you were both quiet and you broke out in a smile when you heard it. You looked at Chris who’s face had turned pink and tears welled in his eyes. “Why are you crying?” you asked. He wiped his face, trying to play it off. “I’m not, I’m…I’m just, we’re gonna have a baby and…they’re in there, and there really…there,” he said, laughing at himself at how it sounded. 

You leaned over to kiss him and began wiping your stomach from the goo. “I’ll leave you to it, the ultrasound pictures will be at the desk. I’ll leave a handful,” the doctor said with a wink. Once you pulled your shirt back down, you sat on the side of the table, hands on your fiances shoulders. “You’re gonna be a great dad,” you said. 

With Love, Byun Baekhyun (3)

Pairing: Chanbaek (Chanyeol/Baekhyun)

Warnings: a little sexual on Chanyeol’s part

Genre: College!au, angst, some smut later on

Words: 994

A/N: Hello! I hope to get to the good parts of this soon, and that you enjoy! :)


“Wait. We need to talk”

Baekhyun looked back at the hand that held his arm with a strong grip. His heart lurched as he looked up at the boy towering over him. Chanyeol.

“A-about what?” Baekhyun stuttered. He felt his face heat up almost instantaneously. Here he was, with the person who had been a major distraction to him since he first laid eyes on him. His heart hammered in his chest.

“Anything. Jongdae obviously planned for us to be alone, why not enjoy our lunch and get to know each other.” Baekhyun watched the back of said person crossing the street behind them. His heart continued to pound, locking eyes with the other pair looking down at him. They scanned his face, looking for any sign of rejection. Baekhyun relaxed, pulling his arm out of the loosening grasp. Sighing, he nodded.

“Sure. I don’t have any more classes for today.” He announced. “Me neither.” Chanyeol responded, smiling.


Chanyeol felt his heart calm down from its tensed state. He sighed in relief at Baekhyun’s answer. He would definitely get acquainted with him, he wasn’t able to get him out of his head, maybe having him as a friend would help. A friend. Chanyeol had to keep reminding himself of this. He couldn’t just fuck him, Baekhyun didn’t seem the type for friend’s with benefits or quick one, or few, sex escapades. He watched his lips move in speech, not paying attention to what was coming out but to how plump and soft they looked. He thought about how soft they’d feel against his, or wrapped around his-

“Hello? Earth to Chanyeol.” Baekhyun waved his hand in front of his face, signalling him. Chanyeol shook himself out of his daze, and smirked at the smaller male. He could almost see the blush that spread across his face.

Chanyeol pushed the cafe door open, holding it for Baekhyun. He felt his hand gently brush against his, generating a shock throughout his body from his arm. He quickly snatched his hand back, hoping Baekhyun wouldn’t notice.


Baekhyun’s eyebrows raised at Chanyeol’s hand moving away so quickly. He brushed it off as nothing and followed closely behind, heading back towards their table, where a medium sized coffee cup sat. Baekhyun placed his muffin and tea back down, sitting in his previous seat. Chanyeol grabbed his coffee and sat across from him. Baekhyun avoided eye contact with him, trying not to make things more awkward, which only made it worse.

“So,” Chanyeol started, “What’re you doing here?” he asked awkwardly. Baekhyun lifted an eyebrow again.

“In the cafe? I thought..”

“No. I mean what do you do. What are you learning. Your major.” Chanyeol spat a little annoyed, not at Baekhyun, but himself. Baekhyun took it differently.

“Sorry, I wasn’t sure what you meant. I’m studying to be a veterinarian,” He started, shakily, “It’s the closest thing to what they wanted and what I wanted. I love animals so I decided on that.” He finished, silently cursing himself for lightly bringing up his parents.

“Oh, nice. I love animals, too.” Chanyeol responded, causing Baekhyun to let go of his tensed body. He hadn’t noticed his mention of them. “ I produce beats and music on the side, I’m studying music and working towards becoming an official producer and composer.” He continued, running a hand through his hair. Baekhyun wondered what it felt like, to run his hands through his hair. He imagined it was soft.

“Hey. I asked if you have any pets.” Chanyeol called, realizing Baekhyun was spaced out. He chuckled at the cute expression on his face.

“Ah, I have a dog back home. I would like to raise another but I can’t currently due to living in the dorms.” Baekhyun frowned. He truly wished he could adopt another dog or even a cat, it saddened him deeply being unable to have his own animals. “It’s okay though, I volunteer at the animal shelter on the weekends. I get to see all the dogs I could ever want.” He gave a reassuring smile, and took a sip of his tea, noticing Chanyeol had begun downing his coffee. “Do you have any pets?”

Chanyeol nodded, drinking a little more of his coffee. “Back in Seoul with my sister, I have a dog as well.” He leaned back in his chair, folding his arms over his chest. Baekhyun noted he had a broad chest, one perfect for resting his head on. He shook his head of the thoughts, not wanting to embarrass himself further.

“What instruments do you play? I play a little piano myself, but that’s about it.” He asked, attempting to continue to conversation. Chanyeol sat up again.

“Guitar, piano, drums. A few more but mainly those.” He took one last swig of his coffee. “I should be going. See you around?” He questioned.

“Uh, yeah! Do you want to exchange numbers or something?” Baekhyun asked cautiously, letting out a sigh of relief when Chanyeol reached to grab his phone out of his pocket. Baekhyun pulled his own phone out and opened his contacts. They both put their information in each other’s phone.

“Let’s meet for lunch again sometime, yeah?” Chanyeol said, looking at Baekhyun, who nodded happily. “I’d like to get to know you more, Baekhyun.” Chanyeol smirked almost on instinct. Baekhyun blushed, though he wasn’t sure why. He was excited, he really was interested in this guy. Even though he knew it was just a friend basis, he couldn’t help but wonder if this could be more. He continued to be distracted by the smell of his cologne and the fluff of his hair as they each left the cafe. He really wanted to know him more. Baekhyun could tell there was something about him. He also knew that this could be nothing but an acquaintance thing, he was only seen as a potential friend in Chanyeol’s eyes. His thoughts were distrupted as the words left Chanyeol’s mouth.

“See you later, sweet cheeks.”

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Oooo, for the prompt thing, what about Lance talking to Keith in a quiet moment where the BoM and Voltron are actually in the same room about why Keith really left... Like, what was the 'other' part of the reason Keith left? Lance probably thinks it has something to do with hiiimmmmmmm

Lance sits in the common room with Keith next to him. Their knees touch slightly. Lance sighs and listens to the sounds of Hunk hovering over something in the kitchen and Pidge entering some numbers into her laptop. Shiro confers quietly on the other side of the room with Allura, Kolivan, and a couple of other blades. The setting is familiar. It’s comfortable. Lance smiles to himself and turns to murmur something quietly to Keith when he pauses.

Ah. Of course. 

Where he eyes should meet shades of red he only sees purple. He sighs. Reality comes crushing back.

“Yes?” Keith waits expectantly. Lance shakes his head. His hand gently reaches out to lower Keith’s hood. His fingertips brush against his pale cheek. 

“God, pull this down when you’re in here. Your cool, mysterious act fools no one.” Lance smirks. Keith pulls his face away with a pout.

“Just hiding my mullet from you.”

“You gonna try to grow it into a sweet braid?” Lance sneers. He nods over to where Kolivan stands. “Get a super long one like Kolivan and whip your enemies with it?” He moves his head in slow arcs like he’s in a shampoo commercial. Keith frowns… then caves. He smiles shyly.

“No, that would be a huge disadvantage. Enemies could grab me by it.”

“You should tie your knife to the end of it and just SCHWING! SCHWIP!”

Keith laughs at Lance’s sound effects. He can’t remember the last time he laughed like this. 

“Keith! Are you paying attention?” Kolivan turns over his shoulder. Imposing and serious as always. 

“Yes sir!” Keith sits up. Kolivan nods, then resumes talking to Shiro. 

“Jeez,” Lance scoots close so that their sides are against each other. His breath fans against Keith’s ear.

“No fun allowed.”

“You don’t get to be leader by telling jokes.” Keith chuckles. He lets his head turn and he realises how incredibly close he is to Lance. Lance’s expression is relaxed and looks at Keith with lidded eyes and a lazy smile.

“Are you having fun?”

“W….what?” Keith’s pulse starts to hammer. Had he been caught staring.

“With the blades. Are you having fun there?” Lance’s eyes narrow curiously. Keith relaxes. He doesn’t pull away when Lance slides his arm behind him on the couch. 

“Fun is… not the word I’d use…”

“Come back then.”

“I can’t…”


“Lance…” Keith sighs. “I’m needed there.”

“We need you here.”

“No you don’t, I’m superfluous. We have six paladins and only five lions. Shiro is a better leader than me so…”

“So I’ll sit out!”

“No!” Keith suddenly reaches for Lance’s arm. He grips it tightly. His eyes look panicked. “No I don’t want that.”

Lance scowls. His mouth forms a hard line and he pulls his arm away. 

“Is that what this is all about?” His voice is dangerously low. “You leaving just so I get a lion?”

“No! No!” Keith shakes his head aggressively. “Lance I…”

“Please, Keith please don’t be the reason you left.” This time it’s Lance that initiates the contact. He gently touches Keith’s thigh. It’s warm. Keith heaves out a long sigh.

“Lance… you are much more important to this team then you realise.” Keith picks up his gaze and forces a smile. “That day… when you came to me and told me about how we need our best paladins to make our strongest team?” He huffs a humourless laugh. 

“I never doubted that you would be in a lion. You are one of our best, Lance. I said to not worry about it, because I knew that you would always be in a lion. Maybe not blue, maybe not even Red but…” Keith smiles. He puts his hand on top of Lance’s. Lance stares dumbstruck.

“You’ll always be needed in Voltron.” Keith smiles wider. 

“We need you too.” Lance leans closer. Keith shakes his head.

“I’m just a pilot. And good at stabbing things, but you…” Keith leans forward. He dares to cup lance’s cheek with his hand. Lance blushes up to his ears.

“Lance you do things that I could never do. You lift the team up. You’re good with plans and knowing when to fight and when to run. You keep this team together.”

“Then why can’t I keep you?”

Keith’s hand drops. He feels floored. Air escapes his lungs in a rush. He blinks several times as he tries to compose himself. As he tries to build up his walls again in the face of Lance’s brutal honesty.

“I didn’t leave so you could stay.” He swallows. “But I knew I could leave, because the team still had you and Shiro.”

Lance pouts. He’s not satisfied but he knows this isn’t the place to argue. He falls forward until his head thumps against Keith’s shoulder.

“Come back in one piece, you hear?”

Keith wraps his arms around Lance’s middle. He tries to burn the feel of his jacket, the warmth, the weight against his chest into his memory. He isn’t sure when the next time he’ll be able to do this again. 

“I will.”

Lance chuckles. It surprises Keith.

“I can’t believe you’re not embarrassed hugging me in front of your new dad.”

“He’s not my new dad.”

“But do you think he’ll yell at you if he sees you getting sentimental?”

Keith hums.

“Yeah, but I’ll fight him.” He chuckles and squeezes Lance tighter.

“My money’s on Kolivan.”


“Dude, you’re tiny. Have you seen you with the other blades? It’s hilarious.” Lance laughs into Keith’s chest. It’s warm and rumbles pleasantly. Keith smiles and melts further into the couch. 

Bruise [ VI ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.2k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by mochidoni

Brown sugar was a smell that had grown to make your heart swell, the familiar scent one that lingered in the air of Chanyeol’s apartment every time you stepped inside. The feeling of the plush carpet of his bedroom floor was now your favorite thing to feel in the morning, second only to his lips on your skin. Hearing his groggy morning voice was your preferred alarm, closely followed by the humming he’d do while he brushed his teeth. Everything about him had grown along you, for a month straight Chanyeol had tightened his grip around your heart more with each word that left his lips. He was unsure and slow, not taking any steps too big to backtrack from should he need to. You knew to anyone else you’d probably seem stupid, staying with someone who couldn’t promise you more than what you were now, a non-relationship relationship with a non-committal boy who got anxious even saying the word boyfriend.

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It’s 3:55 AM and I had this idea and I just HAD to write. Hope you guys enjoy it! xx


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He shouldn’t do it. He knows he shouldn’t do it and yet he’s here, downing a sip of his tequila on the rocks and hearing the ice clinking against the glass in his hand, watching you from the other side of the room. You’re deep into conversation with one of the crew members as you guys unwind after a show, the fourth one of the week, which had everyone in a tizzy with all the travelling and moving from hotel to hotel on top of bad nights of sleep on the bus.

He’d invited you over to spend a few days on the road with him after learning you were off from work and you had jumped at the chance, having not seen him much after promo had started. When you arrived, after a long flight, he felt like his heart was about to burst from excitement and the hug he’d given you had lasted for about five minutes until he was forced to leave you so you could settle in.

He shouldn’t be doing this but his feet are taking him to you before he can command them to stop. He shouldn’t be doing this but he’s settling in beside you in a bench in the corner of the big hall and his arm is around your shoulder the second you smile up to him, beaming with joy at the sight of him. He shouldn’t be doing this but his heart is thundering in his chest and he’s searching his brain for ways to convince you to just let him kiss you. From the second you arrived until now, it’s the only thing that’s been on his mind and he cannot, for the life of him, stop thinking about it and writing about and talking about it (even if just to himself).

You’re there, looking at him as if he’s the most important thing in your world and you’re having fun with his friends and you look beautiful and he just wants to kiss you. He shouldn’t want this, he shouldn’t do this, he shouldn’t, he shouldn’t, he shouldn’t. And yet, here he is, with the words spilling out of his mouth as if he has no self-control.

“Embrace.” He tells you, sitting on the little bench you’ve retired to after spending almost an hour on your feet, chatting with different people on his crew. “Feel like we don’t use that word enough, don’t yeh?”

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little tattoos part ii

this is part two to little tattoos! 

you can read part one here

thank you guys sososoosos much for all the love on this fic. it was tbh a shower thought that evolved into so much more. im so very proud of this fic and i plaN to write another part, maybe two.

so YEAH 

thank you guys so much. it makes me so happy to see that people like my writing. i hope you all enjoy part two of little tattoos <3

summary: a soulmate au where everyone has a tattoo exactly like their soulmate

pairing: eddie and richie

words:  2085

Eddie sighed, approaching his house. He really wasn’t in the mood to convince his mom to let him go to Bill’s. He had gone over there seemingly a thousand times over the course of the past three years, but he still had to argue with his mother for at least twenty minutes before she’d let him leave.

His mom still, daily, tried to convince him that he did indeed have an illness; but he knew better.

Eddie’s mother nearly pounced on him when he opened the front door. “Eddie dear, come on, take your pills! You need them!” She said, so shrill it sounded like nails on a chalkboard to him.

He shook his head and got out of her grip easily, backing away and up the stairs. Eddie ignored his mother’s pleas until he shut his bedroom door and couldn’t hear her anymore. The small boy threw his backpack on his bed and threw his jacket into his closet, not bothering to hang it up. Eddie pushed back the door of his closet, finding a reflection of himself staring back. He frowned a little, looking his small figure up and down disapprovingly. Eddie bit his lip, slowly pulling his shirt up and over his head. His eyes scoured every millimeter of his bare chest and back. He thought that maybe one day the universe would decide to give him a tattoo, a soulmate, but there was never anything.

Nothing. There was absolutely nothing on his body, and he hated it.

Why him? Why did he have to have no soulmate? It’s not fair.

Eddie angrily slammed the door shut completely, causing the mirror to fall off the door. It hit the wood floor of his bedroom and shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

“Oh God, oh fuck” He grumbled, going out into the hall closet to grab a broom and dustpan. He cleaned up what he could, which was most of it, praying his mother hadn’t heard anything. If she did, he’d be in the ER before he could even protest or explain what had happened. He went to pick up the last piece and as he stood up to put it in the trash, he clumsily dropped it. Eddie hissed at the sharp pain that went through his hand. A small gash started to bleed on his right knuckle, right under a circular, blotchy birthmark. He swore quietly to himself, going to the bathroom and easily disinfecting the cut. He put a small piece of gauze and a bandage on it, deciding that was alright for now.

Eddie grabbed his shirt and threw it over his head, heading down the stairs quickly. His mother sat in her usual spot in front of the TV. She glanced up and upon seeing her son, she tried to get up as quickly as a woman like her could. By the time she got up and ran out onto the porch, he was gone. Eddie was too fast. He was already outside and on his bike, half a block away. After years of evading her, he learned to get out of the house as quickly as possible.

He arrived at Bill’s about five minutes later, hopping off his bike and propping it up against the side of the house. Eddie strode up to the door and knocked, waiting patiently. Stan answered the door, looking disheveled. His hair was a mess. It was usually a mess, but not like this. His lips were a bit puffy and red.

Eddie rolled his eyes. “Glad to know I’ll be the cockblock this evening.” He joked, walking inside the house and kicking off his shoes near Bill’s bedroom door.

Bill chuckled a bit, and Stan shot Eddie a look. Eddie smiled innocently, walking in and sitting down on a beanbag on the floor.

“Eddie!” Georgie yelled, nearly tackling the small boy off the beanbag in a hug. Bill’s little brother was the sweetest kid, and Eddie loved him. The whole Loser’s Club loved him.

“Hey, Georgie! How are you, buddy?” He asked, Georgie, sitting down next to him.

“I’m good! What about you?” Georgie asked brightly.

Eddie nodded. “I’m good,” he said casually.

Georgie looked at Bill and Stan across the room, both of them deep into a conversation about what movie to watch. He glanced at Eddie before giggling. “Billy and Stan think you like Richie.”

Eddie’s heart nearly stopped. Was it that obvious?

He raised an eyebrow, looking at the little boy. “Why do they think that?”

Georgie giggled again and whispered, “It’s a secret.” before running out of the room, still giggling.

Bill and Stan decided on Buffy the Vampire Slayer after about five solid minutes of arguing. They popped the VHS tape and started to watch. About halfway through, Eddie noticed that Bill kept sneaking glances at him. He turned his head and saw Bill looking at him once again. “Is something wrong?” He asked, reaching over and pausing the movie with the remote. Stan looked at Bill and nodded, clearly knowing something Eddie didn’t.

“We know you like Richie.” Stan deadpanned, and Bill smacked his arm.

Eddie frowned. “I do not like Trashmouth! Plus, even if I did, which I don’t, he has a soulmate. It wouldn’t work.”

Bill shook his head. “Y-You don’t know that, E-E-Eddie.”

Eddie stood up. “Yes, I do! I’ve had a crush on that damn boy for years! I know I have no soulmate, I know I have no chance, and I want to stop talking about him so I can get over him.”

Stan looked at Bill. “Told you he’d crack.”

Eddie sighed, sitting back down on the beanbag. He ran a hand through his hair, blowing out air through his nose slowly.

“Y-Y-Y-You should tell him,” Bill stated, glancing at Eddie, who immediately shook his head.

“There is no way in hell I am telling him. Nu uh, no.” Eddie said, shaking his head again.

Stan rolled his eyes. “Just tell him, Eddie! You never know.”

After ten minutes of debate, Eddie finally gave in. He walked into school the next day absolutely petrified. Bill and Stan had convinced him to confess his feelings to Richie and he said he’d do it today. But now that he was actually at school, he couldn’t do it. He found himself reaching for his invisible fanny pack for his inhaler until he realized he didn’t need it.

Eddie walked up to his locker, entering the combo and getting his books out. He felt an arm fall around his shoulder.

“Hey, Eds!” Richie said brightly, pinching his cheek. Eddie slapped his hand off and shoved his arm off of his frame. The smile slipped off Richie’s face, but he managed to keep a small one. “What’s wrong, Eddie Spaghetti?”

“Stop calling me that,” Eddie grumbled, shutting his locker and turning the combination lock to 0.

Richie followed behind Eddie as he walked off, watching as he strode into his English class without a goodbye, and Richie couldn’t understand why Eddie was so upset. He never intended to upset him, if he did, but half the time Richie didn’t even realize he upset anyone.

The rest of that day, Eddie tried his best to avoid Richie. He took different routes to his classes in the hallways, he ate in the library at lunch, and the only place he couldn’t avoid Richie in was gym class. The gym teacher was very adamant about changing into gym clothes and then changing back into the clothes you were wearing. Eddie hated it, especially today, but he did it anyway. He waited until no one was in the locker room, or he thought no one was in the locker room to change back into his normal clothing. He avoided Richie during their class-wide game of soccer and he thought he was home free; he wasn’t.

The locker room door slammed shut and momentarily, Eddie panicked, thinking it was the Bower’s gang. But he panicked even more with the realization that Richie had shut the door.

“Richie, please-”

“No, Eds! I’m not letting you leave until you tell me what I did.” Richie said sternly as if he was scolding him.

“You didn’t do anything, Richie, let me leave, please.”

“Then why are you avoiding me?”

Eddie shook his head, trying to get past Richie. He repeated his question but Eddie still shook his head.

Richie was getting annoyed. “If it’s not me, then what the fuck was it? Did Henry do something? Did your mom do something? Other than me last night, of course.”

Eddie tried to get past Richie again and he got pushed back.

Eddie groaned in annoyance. “I can’t tell you,” he mumbled, wringing his hands together in a vain attempt to calm himself down.

“Yes, you can.”

“No, I can’t!” Eddie argued, gripping his hands together tightly. His knuckles were turning white. “I can’t!”

Richie was getting mad too. “Yes, you fucking can!”

“Goddammit, I’m in love with you, Richie!” Eddie hissed, feeling his hands start to shake from anger and fear and everything in between. “I’m so in love with you, but guess what? You have a soulmate, I don’t, and I don’t need to intentionally break my own heart!” Eddie ran out past a shell-shocked Richie, knocking into him with his shoulder on the way out. Richie didn’t move a muscle. His eyes were watering and he tried to wipe the water away as quick as he could, but they soon became to be too many tears. Eddie was sobbing. His chest hurt in a way he could never describe. It felt like his heart had literally broken. His chest physically hurt as he collapsed on the pavement outside the school. He grabbed the light blue inhaler that was in his back pocket and took two puffs. His breathing was normal, but he knew he had to leave. Eddie got on his bike and rode home.

Eddie went inside the back door, trying to be as quiet as possible so he could sneak up to his room. He turned the corner and dashed up the stairs, closing his door and propping a chair up under the door handle. He didn’t wanna deal with his mother right now, or anytime at all for that matter. He fell back onto his bed, sighing. Eddie held his hand over his head, studying the cut he got from the broken mirror. It was healing properly and wasn’t infected.

After about thirty minutes of off and on crying, Eddie heard an inconsistent tapping on his window. He tried to ignore it but after five minutes of it, he had had enough. He opened the window with force, just to get hit in the cheek with a small pebble. Eddie narrowed his eyes at Richie, who said “sorry” and put down the few rocks he had in his hand. “Listen, Eds-”

“Leave me alone, Richie. I don’t want your sympathy, I don’t want your pity, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”

“Just hear me ou-”

“No! I will not hear you out! You’ll climb up here, say you’re sorry and that you don’t feel the same way and that you want to stay friends. I won’t do that. I won’t. Leave me the fuck alone.” Eddie stated, slamming his window shut and drawing the navy blue curtains. The tapping stopped, and he hoped Richie walked away. He laid back down on his bed, glancing over at the wall beside him. Polaroids of him and Richie scattered the wall, along with pictures of the rest of the Loser’s club from a campfire last summer.

“Richie, don’t be an idiot! You are going to burn yourself!” Eddie scolded, getting up to shove him backward away from the fire.

“I’m not an idiot, Eds, I’m a genius in disguise.” Richie retorted, plopping back down onto the grass beside Eddie.

Beverly had taken a picture at that moment and that was Eddie’s favorite polaroid he had tacked to his wall. To this day, Richie still insisted that he was “a genius in disguise.”

Then Eddie remembered what had happened. He felt his eyes water with tears and his vision blurred as he cried softly, eventually running out of energy and falling asleep, face streaked with tears.

Richie had taken a long way home, trying to clear his head. By the time he got back to his house, he had a plan.

But he needed help from the Losers.


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All The Times You Slept In Bucky's Bed

Summary: In which you’re tired (literally and figuratively) of Bucky waking you up every night with his nightmares so you take matters into your own hands.

Bucky X Reader

Warning: Smut and Fluff

Words: 4,004

A/N: First reader insert fic that I decided to do for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge. I had prompt 18 “God, I am too tired for this.”- I’m addicted to reader insert fics now. Expect more in the future.


The first time you slept in Bucky’s bed you had gone three days without much sleep. Your bedroom was right next to his so every noise he made woke you up. It just so happened his consistent nightmares caused him to yell and moan in his sleep which in turn woke you up.

You groaned, head pounding as rest was stolen from you and rolled over. Your eyes found the bright red glow of the alarm clock. You allowed for your eyes to adjust before reading the numbers and groaned once more. 2:36am

You sat up, head aching with the motion, limbs protesting as the desire to remain in bed was overwhelming. You stared longly at your pillow contemplating if you should just give in and go back to sleep and deal with Bucky tomorrow when another cry tore through the air.

“Oh for fucks sakes,” you muttered standing up.

You left your room and found yourself in front of Bucky’s doorway. You knocked, three short raps, before opening it.

“Bucky it’s me.”

He didn’t hear you though, oblivious to the world as he thrashed around the bed. His eyes were screwed up tight, his expression the pinnacle of pain. His hands were clutched in his sheets, twist and tearing the fabric with the strength of his grip.

You cautiously walked over to him, aware he was the Winter Soldier and he might lash out in a moment of disarray. You grabbed his shoulders and shook.

“Bucky wake up.” He didn’t seem to hear you, his whimpering echoing in the room.

You shook him harder and spoke louder. “Bucky wake up!”

He gasped his eyes flying open, the gray hues flying wildly around the room until they stopped on your face. It was like he couldn’t see you and was staring through you. His eyes focused and with it came a ripple of confusion followed by the dawn of realization.

“Y/N s-sorry. Did I wake you?” You never heard him speak with such dubiety before, as if he was uncertain of himself. You breathed in heavily, your ire of interrupted sleep fading. This was not the Bucky you saw during the daytime. That Bucky was somebody who carried himself with a sense of pridefulness and attitude.

This Bucky was a broken and scared man. This was the man who had been tortured by Hydra into becoming a shell. An empty shell for them to forge and utilization. Even tho his form was huge; laying in bed coated in perspiration, his eyes wide and afraid, his limbs trembling, he looked like a small and feeble child.

You let out a breath and motioned at him with your hands. “Scoot over.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m getting in bed with you,” You said simply. His eyes widened almost comically and he started sputtering. Definitely not the Bucky you knew during the daytime.
He made no movement though, so you huffed impatiently, eyes traveling to the ceiling as if in a silent appeal, “God, I am too tired for this.

You climbed into his bed and begin nudging him over. Eventually, he got the hint and scooted, allowing you enough room to lay down beside him and throw your arms over his chest.

“What are you-”

You cut him off, shushing him as your fingers found his temple and began a slight massage, “My Ma used to do this for me when I had nightmares. Just relax and go back to sleep.”

It took awhile for his tense body to start to slacken under you and before long his snores are echoing around the room. You let your hands fall and began to stand up from the bed when his body jerked and he let out a sharp hiss. Already the nightmares are starting up once more for him.

You sank back down on the bed and threw your arms around him. In turn, His arms unconsciously came around you too, gripping you tight as if you’re the anchor to the real world that he desperately needed. The whimpering and shivering ceased again and you realized he’s not going to last long unless he’s holding onto something.

Too tired to care you shifted your position to a more comfortable one and closed your eyes. Sleep cane quick and easy to you laying in Bucky’s arms and if you weren’t so exhausted you might have wondered why. But instead, you drifted and slept well into the next day, wrapped up in Bucky’s arms.

The second time you sleep in Bucky’s bed it was the next night. You were up late in your room, filling out paperwork that you had been neglecting for Fury and his nagging was reaching the annoying stage so you sat down in your room at 3pm and kept working well past sunset.

It was nearly midnight when you heard the first strained cry coming from the room next to you. You froze, cocking your head to the side to hear better almost convinced that maybe you just imagined it.

But no; he cried out again and you sighed. You stood, cracking your back in the process, and make your way to his room.

Bucky thrashed around violently this time, a stark contrast from last night. You hesitated, unsure on how exactly to approach him without getting hit or kicked from his flailing limbs. After a few seconds of trying to figure it out, you threw caution to the wind and advanced forward.

“Bucky,” you called out but he didn’t hear. His face contorted in agony and a scream made his way up from his throat; muffled only by his clenched teeth. You stepped forward and called out to him louder this time but just like the night before he didn’t hear you.

‘He’s going to hurt himself,’ you thought and stepped up to the edge of his bed. You leaned forward, bracing yourself on one knee and grabbed his shoulder

“Bucky wake up,” you said, your voice louder than normal as you shook him.

Unlike last night he doesn’t wake up gently. This time he sprung forward, grabbed you, and threw you onto the bed; trapping you beneath him. One hand found itself wrapped around your neck squeezing but not too tightly that you couldn’t breathe. The other hand is pinning both of your wrists above your head.

You let out a shaky breath, “Bucky it’s Y/N.”

You were calm on the outside but on the inside, your heart hammered against your rib cage at a mile a minute. Your brain was a tornado of thoughts, mapping out ways for you to get out of this should the need arise.

He stared at you, his eyes glowing in the moonlight. His eyes didn’t register your existence again just like the night before. He’s still trapped in his nightmare and his brain hasn’t caught up with his consciousness yet. Slowly though the dullness around his pupils ceases and awareness trickles forth as reality settles in.

“Y/N?” He questioned, his grip slacked on your neck and wrist.

“Good morning sunshine,” you grinned, hiding the fact that you were unnerved by his aggression. You slipped your hands from under his and cupped them together, rubbing where he held them in an effort to return the feeling to your extremities.

He jumped off of you, almost like a violent flinch. “Oh God Y/N I’m so sorry I-I didn’t mean-”

You cut him off with a wave of your hand and sat up. “Don’t worry about it. You didn’t hurt me.”

He stared at you in disbelief, raking his eyes over your body as if he didn’t trust you and you were hiding some debilitating injury he caused.

You ignored him instead and moved over on the bed to give him enough room to lay down. You patted the bed and grinned at him. He gave you a dubious look and you patted again, firmer this time, encouraging him to join you. Still looking uncertain and a bit confused, he slid under the covers next to you.

You laid down next to him and repeated what you did last night. It took him a little longer than the previous time for your ministrations to relax him and put him to sleep. No doubt he was unnerved by his attack on you.

But soon his frame relaxes and his breath deepens as sleep overcomes him. This time you don’t bother to get out of the bed, instead opting to roll over and fall asleep next to him.

The third time you slept in Bucky’s bed he invited you to.

You raised a delicate eyebrow as he corned you the next night, moving you away from the ears and eyes of everyone else.

His face was flushed a bright red extending down his neck judging by the hue you saw when he pulled at his collar. He wrung his hands together and looked everywhere but you.

“You uh… the past few nights… in my bed,” He tripped over his words, awkwardness filling the every being in his body, which amused you because he reminds you of a pubescent boy attempting to talk to a girl for the first time and not the super soldier trained assassin.

You wondered if he was going to ask you why. Did he think you were in love with him? Was he in love with you and the bed-sharing was sending him mixed signals? Was he not and it was upsetting?

He was still stumbling over his words- God he sounded like Steve- and you were growing impatient wanting him to get to the point.

“Barnes,” you said firmly and he finally stopped long enough to look at you.

“Can you sleep with me again tonight,” he blurted out, his face turning a deeper shade of red, “Because when you’re sleeping next to me for some reason I don’t have any nightmares. It’s just that I swear, I’m not trying to get into your pants. I just feel it would mutually beneficial because neither of us is getting any sleep since my nightmares wake you up and this seems to help. Nothing sexual, I promise. Not that you aren’t attractive enough because you are an incredibly gorgeous-”

“Okay,” you calmly cut off his rambling.

“-Woman… what?” He looked shocked as if he wasn’t expecting that answer.

“Okay,” you repeated.

“Wait, really?”


He breathes out a breath of air and runs his fingers through his hair. “Okay. Alright good. Thank you. For this. I’ll make it up to you somehow. Maybe I can get you some food? What do you like? Pizza? Ice cream? Or would you prefer something more practical like clothes or gun or-”

“Barnes.” You cut him off again.

He chuckles awkwardly, “Right going now.”

He walked past you and joined Steve and Sam at the other side of the room. You followed his every movement, pondering on why you’ve seen a different side of Bucky three times now. This fills your head with unanswered questions.

Maybe he is in love with you. Maybe you just saw him at his most vulnerable and he is not used to that so you tripped him up. Maybe the Bucky you see daily is a mask to hide the fragile mess Hydra left him in. Maybe it’s all of the above or not at all.

You’re burning with questions but the answers don’t matter.

And so that night you crawled into Bucky’s bed before the nightmares have even begun and position yourself next to his body letting sleep wash over you.

It’s been several weeks since you started sleeping in Bucky’s bed, so on the 27th night, you find yourself walking into his room after a mission automatically. Your joints are aching and you’re pretty sure your body is one big massive bruise.

You’re dead on your feet and all you want to do is sleep. You peel off your clothes, shedding all but your shirt and panties before climbing into his bed.

You don’t even consider the implications of sleeping in your underwear next to a man. But Bucky does and that night he doesn’t sleep his eyes glued to your dips and curves.

Every sigh you make sends a pool of want and need to his lower abdomen. And so he spends the entire night awake fighting an internal battle within himself.

When the first signs of light protrude over the horizon he practically sprints out of bed and spends the rest of the day in the gym working off his frustrations.

The 28th time you sleep in Bucky’s bed he’s getting back at you for what you put him through. You had realized of course when you woke up and saw you weren’t wearing pants. You felt bad for the guy but in your defense, you barely knew how to say your name let alone the implication of sleeping in the bed with a man in nothing but your panties. (And a little part of you wonders why it was so automatic to do that)

Still, that night you make sure to wear appropriate attire but it seems Bucky is not ready to forgive you. He’s dressed in only his boxers and nothing else.

You gulp, eyes roaming all over his body. He smirked when he noticed this before patting the bed next to him. “What’s a matter, doll?”

He’s teasing you and you know it. Your breath shuddered as you carefully climbed in next to him and laid down far enough apart that he can’t touch you but close enough that you feel his body heat.

That didn’t seem to be the end of it tho because he turned onto his side and slung his arm over your body.

His fingers brushed against the exposed skin above your pant line, sending a jolt of electricity dancing across your skin. Your senses burst into overdrive and suddenly you’re aware of Bucky.

How his body molds perfectly to yours. The heat radiating off his skin. His breath on the back of your neck making your hair stand on edge.

Everything in you screamed to take him then and there, but you will your breath to even out and your heart to stop slamming in your chest.

Even still, that night you don’t get any sleep.

The next night you both called a truce and slept in shirts and shorts and as far away from each other as possible. Still, the sexual tension remains and it bleeds out of the bedroom and into daily life.

When you’re on missions, training, or even just relaxing the want and need is thick in the air between you two. So much so that the others have started a betting pool to see how long you’ll last. (You pretended not to notice how they conveniently leave an empty space next to him at the dinner table for you to sit that. Or how they’re all suddenly too busy to go on missions with him and volunteer you to go instead.)

It isn’t until the 76th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed that anything happens. That night Tony had hosted a gala and after one too many drinks you found yourself dancing with Bucky and neither of you can keep your hands off each other.
By the time you leave the gala the want and need in your lower abdomen has grown so considerably you barely make it to the elevator before you crashed your lips into him.

He gripped your thighs and pulled you up to wrap your legs around his waist. The elevator opened and he carried you to his room not breaking the feverish kiss between you two.

You made it to his room before he slammed you against his door and attacked your neck. Hands are roaming everywhere between you two. One of his slipped passed the slit in your dress and found itself rubbing your underwear making you moan.

“You’re fucking soak,” he growled.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now,” you confessed and rolled your hips against him. He growled again from the stimulation and carried you to the bed.
Both of your clothes are off before you even know what’s going on and he’s trailing a path of kisses from your chin, down your neck, between your breasts, past your navel, and to your thigh.

You gasped feeling his mouth attack the bundle of nerves you desperately wanted him to touch. Your body is like fire, burning with desire. Your hands fly to his hair when he sticks in two digits and curls them.

“God- fuck,” you can’t even find the words to say. The heat grows in your lower abdomen and with a cry you’re falling over the edge.

When you come down you find him kissing you again, whispering praises to you. You wrapped your legs around his waist again and grind against him, the feeling of longing and want throbbing in your lower abdomen.

“Please Bucky,” you whisper to him and with a kiss, he enters you.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s like all your senses have been dialed to a thousand. It’s like a supernova exploding in your mind. You’ve had sex before but this is different.

A part of your brain whispers to you wondering why.

But it silences as you feel the heat growing again and you cum with a cry. Bucky follows shortly after, his forehead pressed against yours, his fingers entwined with yours too.

He rolled off and cleaned you off, before settling down next to you. This time you’re both wrapped in each other’s arms and you fall asleep, feeling his lips pressing against the top of your head.

The next morning your brain asks why again while you’re watching him make breakfast (and ignoring the exchanging of money between hands from the rest of the group).

It hits you like a train. You’re in love with him. It’s obvious now that you think about it and you wondered why you never saw it before.

But you keep it to yourself.

Until the 149th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed. He’s injured on a mission and in the med bay and you refused to leave his side. Instead of going back to his room, you climb into the hospital bed next to him and wrap your arms around him.

“What are you doing, the bed would be more comfortable,” he asks.

“I can’t sleep without you there,” you answer.

“Why,” he chuckles.

You hide your face into his neck. “Because I love you, you idiot.”


And then. “Look at me.”

You shake your head.

“Look at me, doll. Please, Y/N,” he pleads.

You hesitate before lifting your head to look at him. Your heart nearly stops at the look of pure happiness and adoration on his face. It takes your breath away.

“You love me?” He whispers, stunned as if he can’t believe it.

You nod your head. “I realized it the night of Tony’s gala.”

“That was so long ago!”

You frown and feel heat creep up to your face. “I… uh didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Y/N, I love you too,” he says. You let out a breath, feeling tears of happiness spring forth before you crush your lips to his. You want to ask him how long and when did he realize but you’re interrupted by Dr. Cho coming into the room and yelling at you for making out with her patient.

It isn’t until the 365th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed that you finally have your answer.

He wakes you up at midnight kissing your shoulders and nudging you with his nose.

“Wake up doll,” he whispers against your skin.

“Mmm Bucky what time is it,” you yawn.

“It’s midnight.”

“Why are you waking me up at midnight?”

He straddles your back and lays down, engulfing you in warm. “Because I couldn’t wait to wish you a Happy Anniversary.”

This catches you by surprise and causes you to laugh. “Bucky it’s not our Anniversary.”

“Yes it is, wanna know why?”

“Hmm” you ask closing your eyes again.

“Because a year ago today I was woken up from a nightmare by this girl who I thought was an angel at first. She was so beautiful. And then she crawled in bed with me and I was absolutely positive I had died right there and this was heaven. Right then and there was the moment I knew I was I love with you.” He shifts his body and brings his hand up to your face.

“At that moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me Y/N L/N?”

Your eyes shoot open and in front of your face in his hand is a ring. Your eyes are wide as if hardly daring to believe. Your brain has ceased to work, too stunned to remember how to breathe.

You pivot your body and sit up, “Oh my god Bucky.”

The tears start to flow from your face as what can only be described as pure joy is bursting through you.

You manage to nod your head and choke out a small “yes” before he’s holding you and kissing you.

The ring is slipped on your finger and suddenly you picked up and spun around both of you shouting in happiness. The draws the attention of everyone else who bursts in through your door.

“What’s with all the noise,” Steve asks.

You can’t even manage the words and Bucky isn’t paying them any attention, looking at you in his arms. Instead of saying it you hold up your hand with the ring on it.

A beat.

“Oh my god Y/N!” It’s Natasha that’s first to react and she’s hugging both of you. The rest of the others follow suit congratulating both of you. Champagne is brought out and you’re all celebrating your engagement.

That night nobody gets any sleep.

The 730th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed, it becomes your bed too.
The 1,647th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed is the first night you awake without him there.

Your heart clenches in agony and you sit up, your eyes burning with unshed tears. Your chest is heavy with brokenness and simultaneously you feel hollow and alone.

Your hand finds the spot on the bed where Bucky’s body is supposed to be but it’s empty and cold. He hasn’t been there in a while.

You get out of bed and make your way next door to your old room which you haven’t used in a while. When you open the door your heart stops hammering upon seeing Bucky in the far end of the room.

You moved to him promptly and when you reached him, you put your arms around his chest and laid your head on his back.

His hand came up and cupped yours. “Everything okay doll?”

“Yeah, I just had a nightmare about you,” you muttered against his back.

“What about?”

“I don’t remember now,” you stated, the fear of the nightmare alleviating as you took in Bucky’s scent and warmth and touch.

“What are you doing in here baby,” you ask. He shifts and turns around and kisses your forehead.

“Daydreaming.” He answers.

“About what,” returning one of his kisses. He moves down your chin and neck.

“The future,” he says kneeling in front of you and kissing your swollen belly. “With you and our baby.”

“You’re daydreaming in the nursery when you could be dreaming in bed,” you chuckled. Your hands thread through his hair and he leans into the touch, eyelids fluttering closed.

“Come back to bed baby. We won’t get a full night sleep ever again for the next 18 years. We should relish in it now,” you say and he laughs, following you back to his bedroom.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

The Kindness of Strangers

Square Filled- In heat

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader, being in heat, dom/sub undertones, smut

Word Count- 2800ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. The reader is in heat and needs an Alpha to take care of her. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Everyone is downstairs, trying to catch a glimpse of anything happening inside Mrs. Miller’s apartment. You feel bad, you really do. No one deserves to be murdered, let alone in their own home. And the fact that it seems to be a completely random, nonsensical murder in your apartment building is unsettling.

But you can’t join the rest of your neighbors outside her door, peeking in over the caution tape and straining their ears to hear the police talk. Not when you’re sweating and cramping and curling your toes at a very ill-timed heat.

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Are You Full, Now? (Smut)

Summary: Filth. Shawn’s always gotta treat his girl right. Needy/Desperate Shawn. 

Heavily unedited. I’ll get to it eventually. Feedback always appreciated. Enjoy. 

You’re not sure what it is that pulls you from your slumber; Shawn’s lips on your neck or his fingertips ghosting up your thigh. It makes you shiver beneath the touch, a gasp leaving your lips as he digs his fingers into the soft flesh. He’s pressed against your back and you can feel his erection digging into your ass while his lips leave a sweltering trail of kisses along your collarbone. You feel him reach over you to the bedside table and the soft light from the lamp fills the room.

“Shawn,” you whine, letting your eyes adjust to the light, “what are you doing?”

He gently nips your collarbone before suckling at the spot. “I’m hungry.”

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  • mum: *watches me eat four cookies in the space of a minute*
  • mum: yes what could possibly have caused this
It Wasn’t Real (part nine)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: ALSO, WARNING: This is kinda seeming like a Stan x Reader with how much i mention Stan but don’t get it twisted: IT WILL BE A RICHIE X READER! It’s just Stan was so close to winning i wanna still make him a strong, prominent character!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Richie x Reader.

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, and sexual abuse (mild) plus Henry being a dick, so….

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You hadn’t realized how late you’d been at quarry, until you stepped back outside. There, standing in the middle of the road stood you, panting and pacing in the stop. The sun was setting and you could feel the cool air breeze in as the warm sun was covered by the dark sky. 

Your mind was running wild. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t think coherently. IT had Stan… while you and everyone else had been bonding at the quarry, Stan had been in danger. And it was all because of you. If you hadn’t dragged him back into this mess, if you’d just left him alone… then none of this would’ve happened. You needed to find Richie, needed to tell him what had happened. But no one else, Richie already knew and that was the only reason why you justified going to him.

You wouldn’t risk the lives of your friends by dragging them back into something they thought was done.

You clenched your fists, nodding to yourself. Richie had only left a little bit ago, if you continued down the path you should be able to reach him before he got home. Then, you’d tell him everything and you’d guys would figure out what to do. So, nodding your head you began walking again, not quite running but your feet carried you along the road quickly. It wasn’t until you reached an alleyway, a alleyway you were sure Richie took home and turned a corner, did you feel your body flying downwards.

Something’d tripped you.

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You made me love you

Coda to 12x23 based on this scene

The door opens with a creak, drawing Castiel’s attention from his hands. They have been mindlessly picking at a loose thread on his trench for however long he’s been sitting here. Dean enters, that same distracted, tired look on his face that’s present much too often nowadays. It takes a moment for Dean to realize he’s not alone in his room - that Castiel is sitting on the edge of his bed.


“Sit down.”

Dean sighs, a quiet thing that makes his shoulders slouch as if the weight of the world was set upon them.

“Cas, it’s la–”

“You’re avoiding me.” It’s blunt, Castiel realizes. It’s the end of a long day, another hunt come and gone, and he knows Dean’s tired. But he’s come to his end with trying to get Dean to talk to him or even look at him. Something has been wrong ever since he came back. Sam seems perfectly fine; welcoming Castiel back with friendly smiles and conversation outside of working a case. Dean’s another story, though. Whenever Castiel walks into a room, Dean leaves. When they brush past each other in the kitchen, Dean flinches as if burned. There’s hardly any talking. Next to no eye contact. The times Castiel tries too hard to pull more than a few words out of Dean, it only results in a snippy remark. But Castiel can’t stand this wall that’s been built between them any longer.

When Dean doesn’t say anything, Castiel gets to his feet and approaches him.

“You and Sam are all I have. There’s no one else. So the way you’ve been brushing me off, snapping at me, just –” Castiel huffs a breath, feeling himself getting worked up. “Look, I don’t know what you’re so angry at or scared of and I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out because you’re avoiding me. But I’m scared too, Dean. I can’t deal with what happened alone and – and if you’re – if you won’t –” Castiel cuts himself off, words failing him inelegantly. “Please, Dean, I need…”

Castiel begins to reach out to put his hand on Dean’s shoulder just to be able to ground himself, but Dean’s hand flashes up to stop him from going any farther. Castiel glances at their contact, the grip on his wrist a little too tight, before he looks back into Dean’s troubled eyes.

“You died.” The words are soft. Then, as if saying them triggered something, anger builds within Dean’s expression, his voice becoming louder. “You died. You fucking died and I then I had to see you with your wings burned into the damn ground.”

Castiel’s rendered speechless, unable to do anything but stare into those heated green eyes.

“You wanna know what I’m scared of? I’m scared of everything, Cas! I’m scared to move, I’m scared to – to breathe. I’m scared to touch you,” Dean yells, a pain resonating underneath the anger. Emotion is making it hard for Castiel to take even the smallest of breaths. Then, in a gentler voice, Dean continues.

“I can’t lose you, do you understand that? I’ve already seen you – I’ve seen you die too many times, and it’s getting harder and harder to survive after that.” Dean drops Castiel’s wrist to point accusingly at him, the intensity returning to his eyes. Their faces are too close now, but Castiel doesn’t dare back away. “And that’s your fault, Castiel. You – you made me love you, you made me let you in. And then you fucking died in front of me!”

Castiel swallows thickly. Dean loves him.

He waits for Dean to continue, but it seems all the words have been drained out of him. Castiel takes a small step forward, setting his hand on the side of Dean’s face, a pang of – of something hurting him when Dean leans into the touch and closes his eyes. Castiel closes the space between them to press a soft kiss to Dean’s lips. It’s a second later that he realizes what he’s doing, and he’s about to pull back and apologize when Dean presses back, returning the kiss. Castiel feels wetness collide along the hand on Dean’s cheek. Despite Dean’s anger, the kiss is gentle and tender with only a hint of desperation taking form in the way his hands fist themselves into Castiel’s trench to pull him closer. In all the times Castiel’s imagined kissing Dean would be like, this was never one of them.

Castiel breaks the kiss after a moment, entirely overwhelmed by the past sixty seconds, but he doesn’t pull away. Instead, he leans his forehead against Dean’s as they breathe together, Dean’s a little heavier as more tears slip down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” Castiel whispers.

Dean breathes out a shaky breath. “I know.”

This time it’s Dean who connects their lips together in another kiss, one that tastes of tears and longing, before he’s wrapping Castiel into a tight embrace and his breath tickles the side of his neck. Castiel brings his arms to wrap around Dean’s neck, clutching tight to his shoulders. He’s not sure he’ll ever be ready to let go, but for now, this is the extent of Castiel’s world. No words need to be said anymore. This is all that matters.

silk → kim taehyung & jeon jungkook

⤷ college!au where you somehow steal the hearts of both the campus fuckboy and your best friend

fluff / angst / smut

warnings / this part is pure smut with a dash of angst, sin at your will

| part 2 | part 3 |

(updated every sunday)

Originally posted by jjks

You weren’t necessarily a “party person”. Sure, you had gone to a fair share of parties in high school and made your teenage mistakes. But, as you had started university, you wanted to focus on studies and relations with friends rather than uphold a huge social life. You were very content with a night in your room, in comfy clothes and a movie on the television.

So, you didn’t know exactly how you had gotten into this position; Taehyung’s hands rubbing against your womanhood through your thin, soaked underwear and his lips against your neck. All you felt was the way your body moved against his.

His finger found its way into your heat, making a moan escape your lips at the sudden action. He smirked against your neck as he pumped his digits into you and continued to leave marks along your collarbone.

You gripped onto his shoulders, sure to leave marks the next day, as he bit and sucked at your skin. His fingers never lost power and quickness as he scissored and stretched you. You were already a writhing, moaning mess under his touch.

He detached himself from your neck and looked down at you. His eyes were full of complete lust, dark and daring as he watched you squirm with pleasure. His light hair stuck to his forehead in sweat, making him look even more like a sin.

You were leaning up to reattach your lips to his when your phone rang from the beside table of whoever’s room you two were in. 

But, Taehyung didn’t seem to mind. Not in the least. He just continued kissing your body, trailing kisses down your collarbone, to the valley in between your breasts, to your stomach. You watched him, completely blocking out the vibration of your phone ringing, as he smirked and pulled your underwear down and throwing them over his shoulder.

Your phone continued ringing as his lips made contact with your heat. His tongue was just as sinful as you imagined, licking a long and agonizingly slow strip along your folds before completely ravishing you and eating you as though he was starving. Your back ached and you let out a loud moan, engulfed in pleasure and unready for the roughness of his tongue.

He paused just as you were going to release, and whispered lowly “aren’t you going to answer the phone?”

Your eyes grew wide. There was no way you were going to answer the phone with him making you a complete mess. But, before you could shake your head and tell him to return to what he was doing, he reached to the side and answered the phone, placing it by your ear. He smirked, and moved his fingers faster inside you.

“Y/n? Where did you go?” Jungkook’s voice asked through the phone, his tone full of worry.

Taehyung slowly returned to his position in between your legs, licking slowly at your folds. You watched him and swallowed.

“I’m fine, I just needed some air.” you told him, even though your voice was strained and you had trouble forming the one sentence.

“You don’t sound fine.” he replied. “Where are you? We can go home if you want. I know you didn’t want to come, and I…”

You blocked out Jungkook’s voice as Taehyung suddenly got even faster, if that was possible. His tongue found your clit and you had to put your hand over your mouth to stop a moan from escaping.

“Jungkook, it’s fine.” you interrupted. “I’ll meet you in the kitchen in half an hour, yeah?”

“Okay, but…”

You hung up before he could finish. Taehyung watched you, he knew exactly what he was doing to you.

“Taehyung~” you moaned as he entered another finger, pushing in and out of you.

Hearing you moan his name, he only wanted to go faster. His tongue worked incredibly fast against your clit, and his fingers stretched and curled inside you, hitting you in all the right places. It wasn’t long for you to come undone, releasing yourself onto his fingers and mouth.

He cleaned you with his tongue, licking his lips before standing. He moved to hover over you. He stuck his fingers into your mouth, making you taste your own juices from his digits. Your eyes never left each other’s. That was, until you looked down and seen the thick outline of his member in his boxers.

“I need you~” you told him, your voice low and full of lust.

He didn’t need you to say anything else. He stood and removed his boxers, fully revealing his full and hard member. Pumping his shaft a couple of times, he reached for his pants that were earlier discarded to the floor. He pulled out a condom and swiftly put it on, you watching intently from the bed.

Taehyung was at your entrance again, this time rubbing his tip against your opening.

“Are you ready?” he asked, as though he would get a no.

You nodded, moving your hips in a circle to tell him you’re ready. You need him.

He put his hands on your hips and entered into you slowly. You let out a noise in between a sigh and a moan as you felt him inside you, and he groaned above you.

He stayed there, fully inside you, breathing heavily, until you started feeling a slight pain. You tried to move your hips, to motion for him to move, but his hands gripped you too hard at your hips.

“Move…please…” you whimpered.

He let out another breath, whispering something inaudible about tightness, before moving. He didn’t move slowly, like he had when he first entered you. He removed himself almost all the way, before slamming into you. Feeling him fill you and reach places undiscovered, you already were moaning and choked for breath.

Sweat dripped from his forehead onto you as he continued a fast pace. In between rough thrusts, he managed to leave a couple of kisses to your neck. You were sure to have bruises on your hips where he gripped, and hickeys down your body.

He lifted one of your legs to rest on his shoulder, giving him access to hit your g-spot with every thrust.

Never once coming down from his pace, you were already feeling another wave of pleasure coming. You moaned and screamed his name, making his hips snap into you roughly.

With one more thrust, you came undone. You reached for his shoulders, digging your nails into his back as you felt your release erupt and him ride you out of your high.

Your walls tightened with your orgasm, and Taehyung found himself searching for his release too. His thrusts became more needy, sloppy, as he came into the condom inside you.

Panting, he leaned his head into your neck and pulled himself out. The room was now hot, full of the smell of sex and the atmosphere fill of tension.

He walked to the bathroom to rid himself of the condom before returning to the bedroom. When he did, you were trying your best to find your clothes and get dressed with wobbly legs.

Taehyung didn’t know what to say, exactly. Usually, his one-night stands would try to talk to him first, or he would let them sleep and sneak out before they woke. But you weren’t even looking in his direction, and it made him feel awkward; something he hasn’t felt in a while.

You nearly fell as you were attempting to put your jeans back on. Instinctively, he caught you.

“I…um…” he started, but you quickly interrupted.

“I have to meet Jungkook. I won’t see you tomorrow.” you said, pulling your shirt back on. “This,” you motioned to the entire room. “didn’t happen.”

He stared at you, watching how you acted as though nothing just happened. That never happened before, especially to him.

Kim Taehyung was the one person you had never imagined to ever talk to, let alone sleep with. He was a complete fuckboy, and the most you two had ever said to each other was him hitting on you, and you replying with a sassy remark. You had never liked him, or his desire to fuck every female on campus. How had you let yourself fall under his spell?

You left without another word, going to find your best friend and ignore whatever just happened.

The next day, you were having trouble walking. Jungkook had noticed how you were more quiet than usual, and decided against questioning you. He would ask later, when you were back to your usual self.

You and Jungkook had been best friends since childhood, so nothing between you two was secretive. So, he figured if something was bothering you, you would tell him. Even if it wasn’t for a little while, he would still be the first to know.

You were sitting at a picnic bench in the courtyard, looking over homework. Jungkook sat across from you. You looked up for only a second, to see Taehyung walking with a couple of friends over Jungkook’s shoulder.

The eye contact only lasted a split second, before you ripped your eyes away and back to Jungkook. Busying yourself with the papers, you ignored the burning feeling of Taehyung’s eyes on you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, finally.

“What do you mean?” you asked innocently.

“I mean, you have been acting strange since last night.” Jungkook stated, watching you avoid his eye contact. “Listen, I know you didn’t want to go to the party and I’m sorry for making you come, but if you’re mad at me or…”

“Kook, I’m not mad at you.”

“Then tell me what’s wrong.”

You bit the inside of your cheek. You really couldn’t. Sure, he was your best friend and you both shared everything (including an apartment), but your sex lives was something neither of you ever discussed. It was a silent agreement to avoid the subject.

“I can’t.” you whispered. “Can we drop it? I’m fine.”

“You keep saying that, but…”

He stopped suddenly. You looked up at him, finally meeting his eyes. He wasn’t looking at you, though. He was looking at your neck. Shit.

“Who gave you that?” he asked.

Your eyes grew wide as he reached for your scarf. There were a couple of hickeys that were extremely dark, and you tried your best to hide them. It wasn’t enough.

“Y/n, who gave you that?” he asked again.

You froze. For the first time, you couldn’t read his expression. He moved your scarf, only to reveal more of them scattered throughout your neck and collarbones. 

When you didn’t answer, he scoffed. He stood and said “I’ll be home, I won’t expect you to be.”

You were going to say something, but he was already walking away.

When you went to grab your things, you seen Taehyung watching from the distance.


i hope you enjoyed! be on the lookout for part 2!

corruptself45  asked:

Bts reacting to your cute ass moans?

A/N : I kinda want to make Yoongi’s one a oneshot later… That shit got me very inspired… Maybe it could be with another member… Tell me if you’ll like it cuties, because it could be really interesting ;)


Originally posted by btshada

You try to stay quiet, not wanting the neighbors to hear you moaning in the middle of the afternoon. Namjoon put you on the table in the middle of the living room, not inclined to wait until night falls to finally be able to fuck you. He thrusts in you with rough and deep hip’s moves, his mouth half open and his tongue pointing between his teeth, his dominant look driving you crazy with desire. Firmly clinging to his shoulders, you’re forced to put a hand on your mouth to silence your moans, struggling not to be loud. However, it seems like Namjoon doesn’t like it as he passes his hands on your ass to pulls you closer, grunting against your ear : « Don’t cover your mouth babe… You sound so fucking good… ». If his way of fucking you was not already enough, his dirty talk provokes a wave of excitement that makes you sigh feverishly. You remove your hand from your mouth and grab Namjoon’s hair as he roughly thrusts in you, his cock stroking your sweet spot and making you moan against his mouth. You sound so naughty, your breath mingling with Namjoon’s. Your moans actually seems to have a lot of effect on him since you feel his cock twitching inside you while he rolls his tongue against yours, increasing his thrusts’ pace.


Originally posted by snowsensation

When Taehyung slid his hand under your skirt, you knew right away that he wanted you to cum on his fingers. You saw it in his eyes. He had only one desire : Play with you until you had no more strength left. And now that his fingers are coated with your juice and that you’re close to your high, you know that he will get what he wants. Sitting behind you on the sofa, he holds you tight against him, an arm around your waist to hold you against his chest while his other hand is under your skirt. Legs wide apart, you grind against his fingers, undulating under his caresses, feeling his look on you. He likes to observe each of your reactions, when his fingers pinches your clit, when they slip against your wetness… Tae never gets enough of it. His favorite thing is your adorable moans. When your head is leaning against his shoulder and your eyes are closed, your eyelids clenched due to your pleasure… You’re never as hot as when you’re lost in your pleasure. The sound of your moans are almost enough to make him cum without you touching him. « Ah… Aah-ah… » He feels you struggling to breath as orgasm tickles your lower abdomen. Oh, how hard it is for him not to fuck you right here, right now…


Originally posted by qtaetae

It’s a damp night and even the gentle breeze rushing through the wide open windows is not enough to bring down the stifling heat of the bedroom. To be honest, nothing can hold down the fire from Kim Seokjin’s bed. Above you, thrusting in you at an almost animal pace, his broad shoulders covered with scratches, he’s about to give you your third orgasm. Your legs raised against his sides, your tits jumping with each hip thrusts, your hands lost in your hair, you moan shamelessly, tears appearing at the corners of your eyes. Jin does everything he can to make those moans stronger & faster. When you begin to moan his name, first in a breath and then louder, he shudders, taken aback by the violent wave of warmth and excitement that he has just felt running down his body. You put your hands against his neck to hold him a bit, kissing his wet forehead, feeling his luscious lips brushing your neck. Suddenly, as you feel your breath cutting off, you understand that you will soon come. « Jin… J-Jin… » Your moans against his ear is the most beautiful torture for Jin who tries to keep up with the rhythm of his hip thrusts. When he feels your walls clenching around his cock, he bites your neck, pushing harder, making your body violently shake when you cum, his name escaping from your lips in a long, feverish moan.


Originally posted by piedparker

You see more and more white dots as the knot in your lower abdomen tightens. Hoseok doesn’t just use his tongue, oh no. He has his unique way of using his luscious lips. Even his breath is perfectly controlled to make you moan louder and louder. You’re totally lost in your pleasure, not even trying to keep you from grinding his mouth, Hobi gripping your thighs with his long fingers, the coldness of his rings contrasting with the warmth of his tongue against your pussy. Until then, you were trying to control your moans, forcing you to let only slight sighs go when it’s getting too good. Now, it’s so good that you can’t hold back any more : you grow small regular moans with each licks, sounding more and more provocative. Hoseok can’t stand it anymore. He’s at the edge of cuming all over the sheets, grinding his hips on the mattress in need of friction. You don’t even notice how much he suffers, his shoulders rolling every time he moves his hips subconsciously, moaning against your pussy. When your moans gets even more sexy, Hobi rests his head against your thigh and whines : « Baby… If… If you keep moaning like that… I… » You look at him while trying to catch your breath, the pressure between your thighs getting stronger. Seeing him so desperate you make him get back to you and turn him over to straddle him. You guide his member to your entrance and lift you gently to go down on his cock, making him curse : « Fuck… Y/N-aah… You feel so fucking good… »


Originally posted by ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen

« Fuck… » You hear Yoongi grunting behind you, his hands holding your hips as he thrusts deep inside you. You’re fingers cling onto the desk, your nails scratching on the surface, arching your back to feel him get deeper. He slightly changes his angle in search of your sweet spot, knowing you so much that he knows exactly how to drive you crazy. That’s it, he got it. You grow a long moan, almost feline, your head swinging back. You hear Yoongi moan louder than usual and before you even have time to enjoy it, you feel his hand gripping your hair, twisting it and then pull it towards him, bringing your back against his chest as he leans to rest one hand on the desk. He stops moving and now only your jerky breaths are heard in the studio. « I just got a fucked up idea… » The way he says it, as if he were about to do something naughty but crazy… It makes you shiver, not to mention his hot breath against your neck. You see him bringing the microphone closer to your mouth and you bite your lips when you see him push a few buttons before pressing record. « C’mon babygirl… Moan for Daddy ». Yoongi thrusts rough and deep in you, snatching a shrill moan from your mouth, just a few inches away from the microphone. You start giggling softly, Yoongi coming to bite your shoulder before thrusting again and again, making you moan with every hit.


Originally posted by queen-kimiko

The idea of ​​spending the evening at the beach with everyone else was a great idea. Music in the back, beers and fried chicken still warm : equally excellent idea. On the other hand, you doubt that flirting and being provocative with your boyfriend without the others noticing it was an excellent idea. This only got you both horny without being able to do anything. After a moment, no longer handling Jimin’s burning gaze, you get up and pretend to go get a jacket in the car, allowing you to walk away while beckoning Jimin to follow you. Jimin starts to smile, understanding your little plan, and waits a few minutes before saying that he’s gonna join you. He prefers to ignore Bangtan’ stupid chuckles and rush to the car where you’re patiently waiting for him. As soon as he opens the door and sits next to you, you grab the sides of his jacket and straddle him, kissing him languorously without giving him time to understand what’s happening. It doesn’t takes long before he takes control of the kiss, his hands gripping your hips to press you against him. Jimin is already hard, you’re more than wet, so you don’t bother to waste time and begin to grind on each other. You grind on him without any shame, not restraining yourself from moaning against his mouth, deliberately deepening each of your hips movements against his clothed cock. Jimin finds it hard to keep control of himself, raising his hips in need of friction, his jerky breath making you shiver. When he starts to grind exactly where your throbbing clit is, you lean against his neck and grow a long, high-pitched, sexy as fuck moan. Jimin grunts, his eyes rolling behind his skull. « You sound so hot… ». You sight under his words and begins to undo his belt, causing a smirk on his perfect plumped lips.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

It’s late and everyone is asleep, Jungkook’s parents’ room only a few meters away from his own. Jungkook & you had decided to visit them during your little unexpected trip to Busan & everything went very well. You promised yourselves to stay chaste once the sun went down, considering that an innocent night (for once) was not that terrible. This goodwill didn’t hold for even a second once Jungkook felt you turning towards him to get closer to his body. He’s now above you, kissing you sensually while gently lifting your nightie up with one hand. You have to stay quiet but even the sound of the silky fabric going up against your breasts drives Jungkook crazy. He leans over and takes your nipple between his teeth before letting his tongue roll against your burning skin. Jungkook holds a grunt when you arch your back with a soft sigh. Your thigh is dangerously rubbing against his already painfully erected crotch. Jungkook passes his tongue against your nipple, playing with it just to hear your moans again. The way you try to hold them, how soft, cute and high-pitched they are, all of this makes you attractive as fuck. Each moan is a sweet torture for him, and when a long shudder runs down his spine, Jungkook can’t hold a grunt against your boob that he presses firmly in his hand. You feel him shivering and get him back against your mouth to ask him if he’s okay. Jungkook closes his eyes for a moment when your fingers strokes in his hair and then sighs against your mouth: « Y-Yeah… It’s just… » He stops talking, biting his lip as you watch him with your doe eyes. He grinds against you, his tongue lightly touching your bottom lip, and whispers: « I want you so bad… The way you moan… » He grinds on you again, harder this time, making you moan out loud. He lets out a strong curse as he rests his head against your neck, feeling how soaked your panties are. It’s gonna be a long night.