and you need to get a grip

today in gauri kumari sssarma needs to get a fucking grip

omkara: i hate you, you suck, i never want to see your face again in my goddamned life

omkara: *manhandles gauri, throws her onto the floor and walks away* 

gauri: humne hamesha shankar ji mein vishwas rakha, aur aaj unhone humein bachaane ke liye aapko bhejkar, humaare vishwas ka maan rakha. aap humare hai, yeh humara vishwas hai. hum aapke ho na ho, aapki marzi. humein zabardasti aapse kuch nahi chahiye, na rishta, na naam. aap aaj ke baad humse milo na milo, dekho na dekho, humaare man mein bas aap rahenge. hum aapka sammaan karenge, aapse prem karenge, par badle mein kuch nahi maangenge. prem bhi nahi. 

gauri: *actually touches the floor omkara walked on and touches it to her head in a sign of reverence*


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Leave Lauren Zuke alone!

If nobody has heard yet, people have started badmouthing Lauren Zuke because they wanted to write Lapis and Peridot as a couple and apparently that “wasn’t what Rebecca wanted to happen”?

You know what Rebecca would want to happen? For her writers to have fun, pitch ideas about what they would like to write about, and most of all she wouldn’t want them to be harassed over such a stupid problem as a shipping war.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Amedot, I think it’s pretty cute, but seriously get a grip. If you want to draw shipping art? Fine. go ahead. If it’s not canon who cares? It doesn’t change the original show in any way at all so all of the people hating on non canon art can stop that as well, it’s not needed.

Edit: Just read some of the comments on Zuke’s post. Anyone who sent hate should be ashamed of yourselves. Putting fictional characters over showing decency to another human being is absolutely disgusting.

Pushing Your Limits || Taehyung || DRABBLE

Genre: SMUT. filthy, filthy, smut.
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Orgasm denial, overstimulation, sex toys, fingering, eating out, slight choking

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could request drabble #52 (you’re not allowed to come until i say so) with Hoseok, namjoon, or taehyung? With a lot of edging and overstimulation and things like that (f/m please!). Thank you!
[Drabble List]

52. “You don’t get to cum until I say so.”

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Homelessness as it exists in cities just isn’t an issue in small towns. If you lose your housing in a small town there’s a good chance you have friends and family there who can at least give you a place to crash. So when you hear people talking about the homeless, you either think they must be lazy fuck-ups who need to get a grip on their bootstraps, or they just need to walk over to the local church for some charitable aid to help them get a grip on those bootstraps.

In cities, homeless people exist in population sizes bigger than most rural towns – Los Angeles has an estimated 47,000 people with no place to go. New York City has over 60,000, and that’s lowballing it. That means if you took the entire population of South Dakota’s capital city and cloned them three times, they would still be outnumbered by New York City’s homeless population.

Did you know most homeless rely on hospital emergency rooms for care? Simply giving them a place to live cuts down on health problems and visits to the ER – ultimately saving taxpayers money, instead of having to pay more to watch people die on the streets. So it’s not just a case of bleeding heart liberals, wanting to save the world … it’s just as much a case of, “This person keeps crapping on my doorstep. I’d like this to stop. And also, instead of using my tax dollars to pay for a $20,000 surgery, how about we spend a fraction of that amount on basic preventative care?”

6 Ways Big Cities Turn You Liberal: A Convert’s Perspective


12x11 “Regarding Dean”
“My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom and Cas… Cas is my best friend…”

I’m sure this scene has been giffed and edited about a million times by now and really no one needs it another time on their dash, but I needed to express just how amazing Jensen’s acting here was, how you could see how the knowledge is slipping from Dean’s mind and how he desperately tries to grip it but the faster he holds on to it the more it slips away. It is actually a really sad metaphor for Dean’s entire life. ;____; How he tries to hold his family together, afraid of ending up alone and then gets to hear “everybody leaves you, Dean”. Here even Dean is leaving Dean kind of and it’s just…. ;______;

That said, I especially adored this scene, because it has been such a recurring stylstic device over the past seasons with Dean and the mirror shots. From “9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” when he looks at himself in the mirror when he is locked up after he cuts Gadreel and tries to assess who he is and what is happening to him to 10x17 “Inside Man” where we see Dean wash his hands after being the pool shark at the bar and he catches himself flash black eyes for a second or the most memorable last mirror scene (these are really just a handful of incidents the mirror shots have been extensively used throughout the MoC arc) moment in 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” when Dean desperately seems to wash his hands clean looks into the mirror and sees Cas and Rudy staring back at him confronting him with what he did and what he has become. This week’s mirror moment can be seen perfectly in line with all of these other instances of mirror shots exploring the issue of identity. Countless times we have seen Dean try and touch base and asess who he is by looking at himself in the mirror and often times not liking what/who look back at him. But at least before his reflection wasn’t a blank as it is now.

So when Dean is looking into the mirror and actually directly into the camera it reads like a cry for help, he’s trying to piece together who he is by looking at himself, but this person who is looking back can’t provide any stability, may well be a stranger and has just as little knowledge who the person is that is refelected in there. After all he cannot even remember his name. And names… names hold power. But Dean lost everything, his name, himself, his identity. And yes, that is scary as hell.

tight spaces.

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steve x reader 

warnings: swearing, basically pure fucking smut, choking.

prompt: getting stuck in a closet with steve rogers and his tight pants while on a mission.

A/N: once again, this is just pure unedited smut so here you go. feel free to send in requests. :-)

“you better not fucking leave me!” you hissed, gripping steve by the arm and looking him dead in the eyes.

“i wasn’t leaving, i was just going to check if the coast is clear.” he grumbled, rolling his eyes.

“of course it’s not fucking clear, there’s hydra agents all over the fucking place, you dumb fuck!” your heart beat was erratic as you dug your nails into his arm, glaring at him.

“there’s no need for that!” steve announced, just to be shushed by you.

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“Mornin’, sunshine.  Want some coffee?”  Dean nuzzles into Cas’s hair and breathes him in, tightening his grip on the angel’s waist, pulling him back against his chest  “I can drag my ass outta bed for a few minutes to go put some on.”

“No.  Thank you,” Cas grumbles, shifting to snuggle back against Dean.  His voice is sleep-rough and low, and Dean can’t get enough of it.  He tugs Dean’s arms tighter around him.  “We don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do today.  I’d like to stay here a while.”

Pressing kisses to Cas’s neck, nibbling his way around to his jaw, Dean finds himself grinning as he murmurs against Cas’s warm skin.  He’s perfectly content to stay here for as long as Cas’ll have him.  “Awesome.”

Rattle The Stars


The world was on fire as Rowan reached for Aelin. Lorcan reinforced his grip around him as he tried to climb out from beneath. He needed to get to her. He needed to get to her, his mate. He needed to tell her the words, tell her that she was his mate, that she was his.

“Rowan if you move, you will die,” Lorcan ground out. His wounds were bad. Lacerations up and down his arms and legs and his bleeding wouldn’t stop. But he still reached for her, for his mate.

Connell’s broken body laid limp in front of the throne. Blood ran down his nose and out of his mouth. The life, the wild fierceness, was gone from his onyx eyes. The wolf faught to the end. Maeve’s darkness had wrapped around his neck and Aelin screamed, begged Maeve to let him go. Let him live. But the bitch just smiled and snapped his neck. His Fireheart cried for the loss of a male she didn’t even know, a male who had wanted to be out of the shadows. Aelin moved his hair out of his face, “Thank you, my friend, for being kind to me.”

Aelin looked back up at Maeve. The spider’s red lips were wide and teeth were white as she crooned, “What’s wrong, Aelin? Now you have Rowan all to yourself, now that his children are dead. Well, at least one of them”

He roared from beneath Lorcan. His son- Connell was his son. Fenrys. Where was Fenrys? Where was his son? He gripped the ground, trying to get out from beneath him. His strength was waning.

Maeve turned her black, soulless eyes to him, “All these years, Rowan. Fighting with the Wolves of Doranelle. You should have known. Although, I suppose the loss of their mother was just too much for you to bare,” she smiled, “I broke you too thoroughly.”

Aelin stood up slowly, Connell’s blood coated her arms and tunic, and looked at Maeve. Power radiated off of Aelin as she said, “All of this. To get to me. You bitch.”

“Oh come now, Aelin. Not just you.” She smiled, “The keys too.”

Aelin shot out her arms, fire flicked off her skin and her hair as Maeve was sent back into the wall, blood running down her temple, she laughed, “Are you going to kill me, Aelin Light-Bringer? Are you going to kill your aunt?”

“Where is Fenrys Whitethorn Galathynius? Where is Rowan’s son?” Galathynius. She was recognizing him as her heir. No. She was talking as if she wasn’t walking out of here. He pulled on the thread, his own life force draining as it strengthened the bond.

“Kill me and you will never know.”

Her flames wavered as she looked back at him, waiting for his response. He tried to get out from beneath Lorcan, he looked at Aelin and nodded.

Aelin turned to Maeve, burning off the Spider’s fingers, “Where is Fenrys?”

Maeve’s screams cracked the windows. She panted before she licked her bloody lips, and grinned, “Is that all you got? How pathetic.”

Aelin furrowed her brows, her flames grew brighter and took off Maeve’s wrists and feet, cauterizing the wounds, “Where is the White Wolf of Doranealle?”

Maeve’s screams shattered the glass, she whimpered, “No.”

Fire burned up to her elbows and knees, she gave Maeve a lifeless smile, “Tell me where he is and I’ll make it quick.”

She screamed, her head hung limply, “Tied to my bed. He’s tied to my bed.”

His Fireheart’s flames wrapped around Maeve’s torso and down her throat, “For the pain of thousands of souls, Maeve.”

Maeve screamed, her back arching as Aelin’s fire burned away the rest of her, “For Connell. For Lyria.”

His Fireheart’s voice was flat and dead. She was burning out.

Rowan fought against Lorcan. He gripped the ground, pulling himself to Aelin, to his heart. Lorcan growled, “You’ll burn, Rowan!”

“I will kill you. I will fucking kill you, Lorcan.” He swore against him, again and again. He wouldn’t burn. But his Fireheart would if she didn’t stop, “Let me go to her.”

The demifae’s body was an immovable force. His black eyes were shaded with agony, “She’s gone, Rowan. You can’t save her.” He refused to believe that. He pulled on the bond, pulling his life force into it but it was unraveling too fast.

He clawed at the ground, trying to get out from underneath Lorcan, his voice cracked, “Yes I can!”

He tightened his grip around his throat, keeping him pinned down, his voice cracked, “No, you can’t!”

“You will burn in hell for everything that you have done.” Aelin continued, her arms out in front of her as what remained of Maeve turned to ash and flew out the window.

“Aelin! Stop!” He screamed it over and over. His throat was raw and bleeding.

Maeve’s screams still echoed around him as Aelin dropped to her knees, her fire winking out. Lorcan let him go and he crawled to her. He pulled himself to her.

He pulled on the thread with rage and dispair and he begged. He begged her to stay with him. But her heart was slowing and her fire was fading. Aelin looked at him, her eyes were so bright, as if using the remnants of her fire to keep her there.

He cradled her in his arms, “Don’t go, Fireheart.”

She put her hand on his face. It was cold, she was cold. His Fireheart’s flames were fading away.

“I name Fenrys Whitethorn Galathynius as my heir.”

His voice broke and he sobbed, holding her, his forehead against hers, hugging her to his body, “Stay.”

She gave him a broken smile, “He will have every right to the throne after you have faded.”

He sobbed, “Aelin, Please,”

A tear escaped her eye as she said, “I’m not afraid anymore.”

She hung limply in his body.

His head was light. So very light. He had poured what was left of his lifeforce into the bond and it wasn’t enough.

I’m coming, Fireheart.


Whitethorn hung onto Aelin’s body. His forehead still touched Aelin’s .But he knew. Hellas, himself, confirmed it.

He stood, Whitethorn’s blood soaking him, and left the throne room. His body screamed as he decended the stairs, one by one, making his way to Maeve’s chambers/

The White Wolf was motionless on the bed. His back was in ribbons. But he was alive. If he was alive, there was hope.

He leaned down next to his head. Fenrys’s broken voice whispered, “Lorcan.”

“They are dead.”

Fenrys sobbed, “No.”

“Terressen needs you.”

He moved his head, pain written across his face, “What?” he panted, “What are you talking about.”

“You are his son, Fenrys. You and Connell.”

Fenrys went still and he sobbed. He sobbed for his queen and his friend and for the father he never knew. Lorcan said, “Aelin named you her heir with her last breath. You are her legacy. You are the King of Terressen.”


Fenrys stilled before he pushed himself up and strugged to a sitting position with Lorcan’s help. 

He wouldn’t tarnish their legacy. He would burn bright and wild for his friends, his family. He would have them remembered as heroes of the realm and even the stars and sun would remember them and their glory. Their pain and their light.

His voice cracked from screaming, he looked at Lorcan and said, “Let’s go rattle the stars.”

with you

for my hp girls @poppypomfrey & @bisexualbvffy. love you. 

I miss him. I miss him. Have I said that yet? Because I do. I miss him and it is awful and I cannot help myself.

“Snape’s an arse. He always was an arse.” Marlene says, throwing a Quaffle in the air and lying on my bed when we’re meant to be studying for charms. I grip my bedpost. Dorcas leans over and hits her.

“McKinnon, shut up.” She looks over at me, gently, like I am delicate. Easily startled. “You don’t need him, Lily. You have us.”

Only- now here is the worst part, the part I can’t ever tell anyone. Occasionally I think I would give them all up if only to have him back. Not how he is now but how he was before, when we were nine years old, on a swing, in a park, with the sun everywhere. That makes me awful. What he did makes me sick and I continue to miss him regardless.

“Lily, please” he hisses at me in potions, because has Slughorn partnered us up again, “I’ll do anything.” his voice cracks on the last word, and I almost give in right there. But then- the field, with everybody staring, wind blowing hair in my face, my heart a chutney in my chest. I set my jaw.

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We all know Robin Lord Taylor is very talented at Oswald’s gasps and over-exaggerated breathing, come on you know what I’m talking about, so can you imagine the moment Ed and Oswald get together how vocal Robin is going to be. With Cory sucking at his neck or lips or whole body flushed against him, the noises he’s going to make as Oswald are going to be so adorable and needy. 

Gavin lunging across a table at a guy who only vaguely insinuated that Dan the ‘Not even on the same hemisphere atm’ Man might possibly be in a small amount of distress at his orders though

Ryan catching Gavin around the waist before he actually makes contact, and Geoff torn between the business they need to be doing with this asshole and Gavin, who is glaring at the guy and also probably cutting off the circulation in Ryan’s arm he’s gripping it so tight.

The guy, smiling. “You might want to call him. Before its too late.” And Gavin who almost lunges a second time before “Michael take Gavin for a walk.” Geoff says, watching Michael lead Gav outside, who goes willingly enough, runs actually because his attention is now glued to his phone, who nearly breaks said phone trying to unlock it. Geoff who says ‘fuck it’, decides they can get their weapons somewhere else and has Ryan handle their ex-client while he goes to find Gavin, and Michael who’s wrapped around Gavin murmuring idle comforts while Gavin stares a hole in the wall with his phone pressed against his ear, looking closer to tears than they’ve ever seen before.

and Dan, who’s totally fine lucky him, he just landed in Rio for a job but is totally fine. and the guy, who knows the one button guaranteed to make the Golden Boy lose his cool, whos silenced yeah but …word spreads.

gavin and the ‘dan’ button 

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 12

Summary: 😘

Warning: More fucking cursing! And genitals! 💘


“The man was rude, crude, and inappropriate. I was taken with him the moment I walked in the door, and I knew the first moment I saw him that it was going to be raw, it was going to be ugly, and that I was going to enjoy every damn minute of it.” - C.M. Stunich


Negan ran his hand to the back of your head, gripping your hair tightly, while your hands wandered up to his chest.
You could feel his muscles underneath his plain T-shirt.
It suddenly started to get hot in the room and you could feel your blood rushing through your body.
Negan kissed you harder and bit at your lips - your body was sore and aching - but at this point you did care.
It had been too long since your last encounter with Negan and you were starved for more and you needed to feel him inside your more than ever.

You pulled away, looking up at him and you could see the hunger in his eyes.
“God.. Fuck this. Fuck the stitches. I wanna do this.” You growled sexily.

He smirked back at you, “Goddamn that’s what I like to fuckin’ hear, babydoll.”

He yanked you back to him, his hand still gripping your hair. He crashed into your lips with his once more and pushed you back onto the bed, biting at your lips and running his mouth along your jawline until he got to your neck, your winced as his teeth grazed over the already bruised flesh, but it also felt good because he was doing it.

“I don’t want you to go easy on me.” You whispered to him as he licked and bit at the flesh of your neck.

He leaned up with his eyes level to yours and gave you a coy smile, “Darlin’ ‘easy’ isn’t in my fuckin’ nature.”

He got up off the bed and stood in front of you, unbuckling his belt, “Besides darlin’, you’ve been so fuckin’ bad lately and I think it’s time you received another punishment.”

A wave of fear and excitement rushed through you.
You didn’t understand how this man could scare you so badly when he talked about punishment, but excite when he did.
You knew what he was going to do and you bit your lip trying to hold back a smile. You still loved pushing his buttons whenever you could, to see him become so dominant and demanding.

“Now, why don’t you get the fuck up - bend over - and stick that pretty ass up for me, darlin’.” He growled.

You didn’t move though, you wanted to see him get frustrated.
Negan knew that he’d never be able to break you.
He liked the fact that you were relentless in your disobedience, if anyone else had went against him as much as you did, they’d get Lucille through the skull faster than they could kneel.
But not you, maybe it was partly because you were a wife, but it was mainly because Negan was secretly proud to have a wife that was just as brutal as he was, that didn’t take any shit. But of course, he’d still punish you with his belt if he felt like you needed a lesson.
And It turned him on to no end.

You could see the outline of his erection through his pants, and you bit your lip again absent-mindedly as you stared at it.

“Goddamn, you never know how to fuckin’ listen to me, do you?” He said in an intimidating tone and grabbed you by the arm, pulling you up off the bed and pushing you down onto your face in the pillows.

You smirked and adjusted yourself onto your hands and knees so that your backside was sticking up into the air into a position that you knew would tease him.

You could hear him grunt in a sexy tone, “Goddamn darlin’ I could look at that fuckin’ ass all night.” He walked up behind you and gave you a hard slap on your ass with his hand.

You giggled and grabbed onto the red sheets of the bed, getting ready for whatever he was going to do next.
“Alright darlin’, let’s try to make this quick before I rip those fuckin’ jeans off and fuck you right here.”

He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you head up, making your back curve.
He brought the belt back and brought it down as it landed with the SMACK sound. You grunted and bit your lip as the familiar pain came back to you.

“One.” You began counting.

“Good fuckin’ girl, you remembered to count.” He praised you, but didn’t loosen his grip on your hair as he smacked you again.

You let out a yelp, “Two.”

Negan let out a very sexy “Mmmm” sound as you writhed beneath his grip and he smacked your backside with the belt again and harder this time.
You let out a moan, sticking your ass out even further to him, you were already soaked.

“Goddamn babydoll, you must want daddy’s dick pretty fuckin’ bad.” He grunted, smacking you again.
You weren’t even counting anymore and he didn’t care.
He was getting to much pleasure out of watching you get off to his dominance.

He leaned down and his beard brushed against your ear as he whispered, “Probably as bad as I want that pussy, huh, darlin’? ”

You moaned again at the sound of his voice, you couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please, Negan.” You begged.

“Please what, babydoll?” He chuckled, smacking your ass with the belt again.

You bit down on your lip extra hard this time, “Please.”

“Please fuckin’ what?” He ordered, giving you yet another smack.

“Please, fuck me!” You called out, digging your nails into the bed.

Negan stood back, biting his lip and threw the belt to the floor and ripped his T-shirt off.
He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you off the bed, pushing you against the wall, making the picture frames on the wall vibrate.

“And fuck you, I fuckin’ will, darlin’.” He growled and grabbed both sides of your face and kissed you hard, his tongue exploring the inside of your mouth and he pulled back, “But first, you’re gonna fuckin’ do something for me.”

He then pushed you down onto his knees and you could see the bulge in his pants up close, he was incredibly hard.

“I’m gonna slide my fuckin’ dick down your throat, babydoll. And you’re gonna fuckin’ thank me for it.” He gave you a seductive smile and unbuttoned his pants and let his hard cock spring out.

He grabbed ahold of your hair and guided your mouth towards his throbbing member and you took it eagerly into your mouth.
Negan let out a small groan as you wrapped your lips around him and he pushed your mouth down even further onto his cock, until it hit the back if your throat.
He began to move himself in and out; fucking your mouth.
And all you could could do was was let out soft groans at each stroke he made.
You looked up to him, with his eyes burning into yours.

“Keep fuckin’ staring up at me like that, darlin’ and you’re gonna really be fuckin’ in for it.” He grunted with each thrust, but you eyes remained glued to his.
He thrust slowly into your mouth once more.

“Shit.” He growled, pulling himself out.

He pulled you up off of the ground, and pushed you back against the wall.
He ripped into your shirt, exposing your breasts to him.
He bit into his lip before grabbing onto them firmly and taking his turn running his tongue along your nipples.
You moaned and wrapped a leg around his waist as he continued to suck and bite at your breasts.
He ran his hands down your body, until he got to your pants.
He unbuttoned them and ran his tongue down your body as he got down in front of you, helping you step out of your jeans.
He gripped onto your hips tightly as he bit down hard on one of your thighs, you let out a whimper.
It was becoming unbearable at how much you wanted him, you ran a hand through his soft black hair.
He ran a hand over your thighs, making you part your legs for him and he teased your entrance with a finger.

“Fuck, you’re always so damn soaking wet for me, darlin’.” He growled up at you and he licked his middle finger before slowly sticking it inside you.
You arched your back against the wall as you felt his finger slip in, deep into your core.
You could feel how much wetter you were getting just by him teasing you with his fingers.

“Yeah, fuckin’ moan for me, darlin’.” He chuckled and and worked his finger in and out of you adding a second finger to make your body jump at his touch.
He slowly pressed his tongue into your clit, flicking it slowly and you gripped his hair.
He pulled one of your legs onto his shoulder to get a better grip on your ass as he began running his tongue in circles over your clit, you moaned louder, arching your back even more against the wall.

He gave a hard slap to your ass and you bit your lip.
You could feel him biting at your folds now and whimpered as he did.
He looked up to you licking the wetness off of his lips and smiled seductively.

“You still taste as good as fuckin’ ever, babydoll.” He praised in his deep voice.

He put your leg down and stood up grabbing you by the waist, pulling your legs on his hips, until you were suspended between him and the wall.
He reached down, grabbing his throbbing cock and began to slowly tease your entrance, you bit your lips hard, stifling back a loud moan.

“You fuckin’ want it, darlin’?” He chuckled.

You nodded your head, still biting your down on your lip.
He smirked back at you as he watched you trying to control yourself.

“Then fuckin’ tell me.” He growled sexily into your ear.

“I want it.” You cried out, wrapping your legs tighter around him.

He shot a dangerous look to you and shoved himself into you quickly, you let out a gasp just like last time.
He size was still something you weren’t used to to.

He whispered heavily into your ear, “Goddamn, you’re still so fuckin’ tight for me, baby.” While thrusting into you slowly as he bit down on his lip.

You grabbed ahold of his strong shoulders as he continued to hold you up effortlessly.
He thrust into you harder, making you throw your head back against the wall. Negan ran his tongue up to your neck, biting at the soft skin.
You moaned even louder, digging your nails into his flesh.
He began to theist faster and harder, pushing you up further against the wall each time he did.
You could feel the cool stones against your bare back and ass as he continued, keeping a steady rhythm as he rammed inside of you.
All you could do was moan and dig your nails deeper and deeper into his skin, you were beginning to leave red scratches on his shoulders now.
He grunted heavily again, and grabbed you by the throat, squeezing firmly.

“Say my fuckin’ name.” He growled back to you, still thrusting into you.

You could feel your wetness leaking down his cock at each stroke he took.
It was unreal how fucking good he felt.

“Negan.” You choked out in a moan as he kept a firm grip on your throat.

“You’re such a good fuckin’ little girl when you fuckin’ wanna be, babydoll’.” He whispered into your ear, followed by a groan of pleasure.

He backed up suddenly with you still in his arms as made his way to the bed.
He sat down with you straddling him, his cock still deep inside you - you were both breathing heavily - he placed a hard kiss on your lips once again, scratching you with his beard.

“I want you to fuckin’ ride me.” He said grabbing onto your hips and leaning back onto the bed.

He was looking up at you with a fire in his eyes and you smirked.
You placed your hand onto his chest easing your self up so his cock slide out of you, then lowered yourself back down onto it.

“Fuck.” Negan groaned tightening his grip on your hips.

You let out another moan at how good it felt, then began to buck your hips back and forth slowly as you could feel him deep inside of you.
Negan was gritting his teeth at how good you felt and you took notice and began to pick up your pace and arched your back. He took his hands from your hips and reached up to grab your breasts with his hands, squeezing as you continued to ride him.
Just like last time it was a series of moans and groans from the both of you as you enjoyed every minute of it.

“Negan.. fuck.” You moaned out, digging your nails into his chest.

“Fuck yeah, say my goddamn name.” He moaned, “Fuckin’ scream for daddy.”

You road him even harder, going down onto his cock as deep as you could and you began to let out a loud scream as you could feel your climax getting closer.
Your vision got blurry at the amount of pleasure you were feeling, the sweat was beading onto your brow.

Negan pulled you down to look at him,
“Look at me in the fuckin’ eyes, (Y/N). I wanna fuckin’ see that pretty goddamn cum face.” He growled at you, his teeth still gritted as you kept up your pace.

His words made you begin to lose it, you could feel your orgasm well up from deep inside of you and your furrowed your brows, still looking deep into his eyes.

“Goddamnit,” You cried out as you could feel yourself getting close to the edge, “I’m gonna-” but you couldnt finish your sentence.

“Fuck.” Negan grunted as he began to thrust himself back into you at the same time, keeping your rhythms in sync.
You both moaned out loudly in a tangled mess of arms and legs as you both came at the same time.
You could feel yourself get even wetter as his cock slide in and out of you effortlessly and you could feel the warmth as he emptied himself into you.

He thrusts into you a couple more times as you both rode out your orgasm and finally slowed to a stop.
You laid there on top of him, both of you panting and sweaty.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ,” he said out of breathe, “I believe you’re the fuckin’ best I’ve ever fuckin’ had.”

You smiled back at him, resting your head on his chest.
You could hear his heart beating rapidly and it was like music to your ears.
He moved some hair out of your face and you leaned up pulling yourself up off of him and rolled to the side of the bed.

“Same goes to you.” You said with a smile.

He smirked back proudly, “Fuck yeah, I am.”

He leaned up to the edge of the bed. You were both sweaty and hot.
He stood up and took a long stretch as you admired his toned body in awe.

He turned around to see you staring, “Stare all of you fuckin’, darlin’.” He said with a wink.

“Trust me, I fucking do.” You smiled standing up.

He chuckled and licked his lips looking you up and down, “Yeah, I fuckin’ stare too darlin’, all the goddamn time. That’s why I walk around here hard majority of the damn time.”

You giggled and picked your clothes up off the floor.
He walked over to the bathroom doorway and turned back around to you, “You coming?”

You looked over to him standing there, “Yeah, I am. Do you want me to leave after?”

He rolled his eyes, “Well, I asked you to stay the fuckin’ night. So, what does that tell you, sweetheart?”

You shrugged, “Well, I didn’t know how serious you were.”

“I am a man of my fuckin’ word, darlin’.”

You nodded and headed into the bathroom with him.
You both got into the luke warm water of the shower.
It was weird to be in the shower with him and staying the night.
It was weird, but so comforting at the same time and what you had been waiting for.
You were the happiest you had been since the whole world went to shit.

After you got out of the shower you both laid down in bed.

“You ready for tomorrow?” Negan asked putting his arms behind his head.

“Ready for what?” You asked curiously.

“We’re taking a trip to Alexandria tomorrow to visit your old pal Rick.” He smiled, cutting his eyes over to you.

“Why do you want me to go?”

“Because you know how to fuckin’ handle yourself and to show that you are still alive.” He said, nodding his head.

“Yeah, I will go.” You said with a nervous tone in your voice.

You hadn’t seen any of them since the night of the line up and you didn’t know how they would react to you, especially since you were doing so well and actually happy; while they were all still reeling from the death of Glenn and Abraham, and Daryl being held at the sanctuary.
But no matter what, you were ready.

You both laid there n silence for a while, until you both drifted off to sleep.


he’s weak

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So…Kubo finally comes back to twitter–and how am I not surprised that IR shippers are harassing the fuck out of him YET AGAIN. Isn’t this why he bailed the first time??? Do you guys really get off on being shitty people? Because that’s what it’s lookin’ like. It’s disgusting what you all as a community will do to make yourselves look like complete pieces of shit. 

So, y’know, keep mentioning him in your IR porn or cuss him out for him ending things the way he WANTED to (god forbid he do what he wants with his own series…), you’re only making yourselves look like human garbage. Well, more so than usual.

Bucky Barnes x Reader Laughter

Warnings: slight smut

His pounding thrusts made you groan with pleasure. Your walls had clamped around him, your nails digging into his back. The climax was ever so impending and he couldn’t stand it any longer. The two of you rolled over, so that you were on top. His hands gripped your hips, helping guide you against him. Your own hands skimmed upwards on his chest. Every bit of you he needed; every inch of you he craved; every part of you he wanted. And just as you were both about to come together-

“Hey, Buck, can I borrow-OH MY GOD!”

You had rolled off the bed and Bucky went down (HAHA IT’S A PUN GET IT) too. Steve stammered out apologies while Bucky pulled out from you and scrambled to grab a blanket. He immediately covered you up while you hid your flushed, embarrassed face in his chest. “Steven, get the fuck out!” Bucky yelled. Steve scrambled back, covering his eyes and clumsily shutting the door.

Bucky released a deep breath. “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry,” he muttered in your ear, climbing onto the bed. You stood up, the blanket wrapped around you and your face covered. Your body shook and Bucky was launched into a panic. “No, no, no, no, don’t cry,” he said gently, pulling you into a hug. He lowered the blanket from your face and was a bit shocked to see you weren’t crying but laughing so hard you could hardly make a sound.  Your eyes were closed shut, cheeks red with both embarrassment and humour. “The look on your face,” you gasped out, pointing a finger to him. “And the look on his face was just-” You broke down again into a fit of giggles. Bucky covered his mouth with his hand, chuckling at you. He didn’t think you had ever looked more beautiful then now, your hair messy, hickies on your shoulder, and a wide smile on your kiss-swollen lips.

AN: It’s just a drabble, oops. 

Need You- Cassian Andor

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Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Rating: A little bit of violence, not too much. Our OC gets into a scuffle but comes out of it alright.

A/N: More Cassian. Enjoy! Will post a list of what’s coming up soon (Percival Graves, Jim Kirk, etc)


I slipped quietly through the streets, keeping my head down and shoulder close to the wall. The crowd jostled around me, nobody paying much attention to anyone else. There was only one thought on my mind: getting back to the ship. Dinah’s sharp words echoed in my ears, her grip tight on my bicep as she pushed me in the opposite direction.

Split up. Better one of us runs into trouble than two.

My blaster felt heavy against my hip, hidden underneath my long, weather worn jacket. Maybe if we had been leaving with something useful, there would have been a little bit of lightness in my step. Instead, I couldn’t help but feel as we’d just been wasting our time. Another dead end and another step back from discovering what the Empire was up to.


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anti-feminism-pro-equalism  asked:

It is censorship please learn what it means buddy

Breaking the terms of service you agreed to to become a member of a website is a breach of contract. Being kicked off of the site for that is not, in fact, censorship. We can argue about the point of ignoring broaching of the terms of service in some instances and not in others (something I fully agree tumblr does and I fully agree is fucked), but we cannot argue whether or not you personally broke them because that is objective fact. You therefore breached your contract with tumblr and were removed. That’s not censorship, that is you refusing to follow guidelines you agreed to.

“I need you,” says Mercy, the bags under her eyes darker than dusk, coffee cup in hand, looking for all the world like a dead woman standing, “to never speak of this. To anyone.”

Fareeha blinks stupidly, the glass of water she’d come to the kitchen to get is on the brink of falling out of her lax grip.

When you see someone like Angela Ziegler, protege and perfectionist - never misses a step, is always very aware of her spacial surroundings and thoughts and actions - walk head on into a doorframe, the world seems to shift a bit. Things become unbalanced. Everything becomes possible.

Having the doctor, nerd, closeted klutz want her back becomes less of a pipe dream.

“Ever, Fareeha,” Angela emphasizes. It sounds almost like a threat, almost like a plea. Fareeha, not knowing what to do, nods dumbly, scuttles out of the communal kitchen area.

It takes her half the walk back to her dorm to realize she’s been laughing through clenched teeth the entire time.

She thinks she’s in love.