and you need them when he's far from you

On the Other Side of the Glass [closed RP]


Scootabert whistled pleasantly, spinning some keys on his wing as he reached Gemini’s quarters. Scootabert remained short for a stallion despite ten years of time on his side, but he had grown immeasurably in terms of shrewdness as a prince-consort. It was this shrewdness that made him use his executive powers to allow Gemini access to the dungeon, when accompanied by ponies of his level or higher. No good came of just letting old family hurts fester, that much was clear. It was far better to let them come to light and then treat the infection from there, if need be. Perhaps Twilight had rubbed off on him a lot over their marriage.

“Hey, Gems, today’s the day” Scootabert said kindly as he knocked on his ward’s door. “The papers are all written up and ready, so long as me or Twilight is with you during the visit, you can go down to see Almas once a week” Scootabert announced in a faux formal voice before smiling again. 

With any luck, this visit would make Gemini happy. And if not, it certainly couldn’t hurt. If there was one thing Scootabert was guilty off, it was spoiling his charges. And that he would gladly accept. 

“Come on out. He’s probably awake by now”

so ive been doing some “experimenting” with crank-a-kai coins as of late, because i still need goldenyan, auntie heart, and count cavity. someone once told me the results you get from the coins change every day. turns out they don’t: a coin’s results are predetermined when you receive it. meaning i spent far too much time resetting with the hope of getting something other than *4 crunchas*…

so i found out you can get more coins from ol’ fortune in tranquility apartments, but he only trades them for rare bugs and fish. several hours of trial and error later, i got two orange coins from him that yielded what are probably the worst possible results you can get from orange coins (small exporb and hamburger). so i reset without saving and tried to get those coins from ol’ fortune again… and got the same small exporb and hamburger.

this morning i tried getting those coins again, thinking the coins’ results are predetermined when you receive them. but even after receiving them multiple times (one time the following morning, just in case it’s a daily thing), the coins yielded the same results.

in short, i have no idea how early on crank-a-kai coins’ results are chosen. im confused and frustrated by the futility of my previous experiments, mostly because i can’t seem to find anyone who truly knows how these mechanics work.

also i’ve never wanted to smash a gashapon machine before, but here we are.

help the boy, for he is dying

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by xphantomhive

❝far away, you don’t need it
day by day, but you don’t mean it
i don’t want to hear you, anymore
just give me noise❞

when you were a kid, you would sit on your fingers until you couldn’t feel them anymore, and when you would pull them out from underneath you they would be purple at the tips and you wouldn’t be able to feel your hand for twenty minutes. you feel like your fingers did sometimes, numb and out of place. it’s a weird feeling.


Words: 1693, Chapters: 1/11, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of help the boy

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