and you need them when he's far from you

Cancer Crew - Reaction When They Accidentally Hurt You

For someone that asked me through private messages :))

Max would continuously ask if you’re okay and he’d just keep saying, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” as he gets you an icepack, or whatever you need for the type of injury. When he’s tending to it, he’d ask you if you hated him and he’d just feel really bad.

He’d mumble under his breath something like, “shit” or “fuck” and lmao I can kind of picture him doing that thing like you always did with a younger sibling when you hurt them and just immediately started trying to cheer them up so you wouldn’t get in trouble.


He’d be really protective, but once he saw you were okay he’d kind of start to laugh a bit until it turned into his genuine laugh and then he’d just say stuff through his laughter like “Sorry, babe, are you okay?”

A Practice in Happy Memories

You always felt a little guilty whenever you performed magic in front of Credence. Despite his clear potential and strength in magical abilities, he was incredibly far back in terms of structure and discipline and therefore couldn’t readily concoct a decent spell to save his life. Not that he would; the poor dear was filled to the brim with worry over who he could harm or what he could damage, still recovering from that unfortunate day when he broke down into Obscurial form. 

But he was quite happy to watch you make objects float or transform one thing into another. And you, being his loving other half, were not one to disappoint. Sometimes after his lessons with Tina or Queenie, he would come back excitedly and ask if you were aware of or able to perform that day’s lesson as well. Sometimes, you would smile lightly and shake your head; but usually, you were capable enough. It was one day when he came back from his lessons, quieter than usual. 

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Monsters Pt3

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A/N: Just a  warning it gets mildly graphic so be warned.

It’s been four weeks since then, since I’d met Exo. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I’m not sure I want to. I’ve seen things that can’t be unseen. It just added to my fright of these men. Here’s what happened.

It was about my fifth day here and I was trying to stay as far away from them as possible. I guess they had other plans. I hid in a corner when the knob to the door of my given room turned. I sighed in slight relief at the sight of Suho, at this point he was the only one I trusted. I stepped out of the corner still keeping a small amount of distance between us.

“Hello, (y/n). Kris wants to talk with you.”

“No. I don’t want to.”

“Come on you sound like a child. I’ll be right with you if you need me.”

I hesitantly walk over to him. I flinch when he hold out his hand. What the hell was wrong with me, I’m acting like an injured kitten. I take his hand and follow along with him down halls the others slowly collecting behind us. It wasn’t until we were in an office like room that I noticed I was practically pressed against Suho’s back and clutching onto his arm.

Kris looked at the group and growled. “I told you to bring her not them.” He stated gesturing to the men behind us. Suho opened his mouth to speak but was cut off. “You know what? Just take them to interrogations, it’s were Xiumin and Luhan should be anyways.”

Suho turned and detached me from him giving a frown. He escorted the others out and shut the door. I could feel everybody part shake in fear. What did he want?

“You know you’re kind of useless when you hide in your room all day.”

“What would you expect? I was kidnapped and brought here for no reason. Why me, huh?”

“You think I want you here I-”

“Then why am I here?”

“Fuck if I know!” He yelled standing from his seat. “And do not. Interrupt me again.”

“You don’t intimidate me.” I was lying through my teeth. “None of you do.”

“Then why are you shaking?”

“I-I’m cold”

He smirks and stalks his way to me I hadn’t noticed I was moving until my back hit the door. “I bet I can find a way.”

“Oh yeah try me.”

He grabbed my wrist and yanked me forward opening the door and pulling me out of it. He lead me down more hallways until we came to a door. I barely caught his evil smirk before he opened the door. We stepped in and walked over to the other guys. They stood in front of a glass window and looked in in the center of the room was a made with a bag over his head as he was tied to a chair. Next to him stood a small table, on it was many kinds of knifes, a jug of water, a taser, and a few other items.

Kris pushed me to the front and the boys looked at him. I went to move back but he held me in place. “You are staying right where you are.” I looked at him in fear but he just smirked at the man.

I turned back to see a smiling Xiumin and calm Luhan walk in. Xiumin began speaking to the man who kept shaking his head and yelling. Xiumin’s smile dropped and he grabbed the jug of water. Luhan walked behind the captive and leaned his seat back. The man began struggling, kicking his feet and yanking his tied hands on an attempt to free himself from his restraints. Xiumin chuckled and opened the jug. I could hear several laughs as Xiumin poured the water over the man’s covered face. He began screaming but stopped when water filled his mouth. Luhan held up his hand at Xiumin who stopped pouring. Luhan set the man back up straight before removing the bag. The poor guy began coughing and spitting out water. Seeing that was bad enough, I didn’t want to know what was yet to come.

Next I watched as Xiumin grabbed a sharp knife. He asked a couple questions, that got no reasonable response, before grabbing the man’s arm. He pushed the blade into his arm and dragged it across the skin leaving him bleeding. The man grinned his teeth together trying to silence himself. After an hour of watching this happen over and over he finally moved on, leaving the man covered in cuts. Some were deep others just barley drawing blood. I was shaking. It might not have seemed brutal but watching it was slow and horrifying. Xiumin grabbed the taser and began shocking random part of the man. The man started screaming about his allies, spilling every secret he held. Xiumin smirked one last time before taking a knife and slicing through the man’s chest. Not enough to kill, but it would leave a hell of a scar.

Xiumin and Luhan walked out leaving the man. Lay moved from my side to a door that lead to the room in front of us. He pulled a kit from under the table and began working on the man. I heard the door I walked through open and Xiumin and Luhan came in laughing. I moved from Kris and hid behind Suho, who brought an arm behind himself to touch my arm. Xiumin noticed me cowering behind Suho and frowned. He walked to us and Suho’s grip tightened. He looked to Kris glaring. “You shouldn’t have brought her here.”

Kris storms up to us and grabs me. I scream at his and reach back for Suho but the others held him back by his shoulders. Kris closed the door behind us and pushed me to the wall. “So? Do I win.”

I couldn’t speak. He had won, in the most sadistic way. All I could manage was a shaking breath of air. He smiled at his obvious victory. He scooped when Suho busted out of the room and pushed him back. “Just leave her be Kris.” His voice rang with pure anger. He pulled me to him and frowned. He lead me back to my room and held me for awhile. “I’m so extremely sorry.” He held my sobbing figure as close as possible. “Don’t make me leave here again.”

“I won’t. I promise, I won’t.”


Vixx Reaction: Their s/o being short

I really felt this request on a spiritual level I am only 160 cm tall (that is like 5′2?). I hope you enjoy it :)

Leo and Ken would love it. It would give them the feeling they could really protect you and I dare you to go on your tippy toes, steadying yourself on their shoulders while trying to reach them for a kiss. They would melt

Hongbin and Ravi probably would not care about your height. They would think it’s cute when you need help to reach something. Especially when it is not high up at all from their point of view. But they would not make a too big deal about it. Would call you “Shorty” every once in a while but that is as far as teasing would go.

Hyuk  would tease you about it. He is the tallest among the members correct me if I am wrong. He is also a little prankster in nature and he would love to tease you and use your height for his advantage. The type to say things like “Give me a kiss and I’ll get it for you” when you are trying to reach for something on a top shelf. and let’and call you nicknames likes be honest he probably put it there purposely.

N would be a mix between Leo and Ken and Hyuk. He would love to baby his s/o so if they are short it would just add to that. He would live for you reaching up to hug or kiss him but boy he would also enjoy seeing you struggle. And if you think he wouldn’t make you peck him before he gets whatever you need from a high shelf you are lying to yourself.

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Little Sister-Newt Headcanons

Headcanons if the reader was the little sister of Newt!

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  • Newt was two (Theseus was six) when you were born, and from your mother told you later on, Newt took the instructions that he would need to help protect you very, VERY seriously.
    • He always wanted to be the one to feed you
    • Always wanted to hold you, protectively lifting you as far as he could when you were near Mother’s hippogriffs, even though he knew they wouldn’t hurt you
    • Never turned down playing with you, making funny faces and tickling you to make you giggle
    • And if you ever got sick, even if your parents forbade him from being around you, he’d sneak in and comfort you while you sounded like you were hacking up a lung
      • He was pretty much like Mummy #2

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I really want a former LAX bro to be the next SMH manager.

He can’t play anymore - major knee surgery at 19 will do that for you - and it hurts a little too much to be around the other LAX bros, winning and playing and everything he can’t do anymore.

(Plus, he learns that he doesn’t actually have much in common with them except lacrosse - it’s amazing how much you realize you don’t like some people when you don’t have to work with them for three to four hours)

So he sees an ad about the hockey team needing a new manager, and, well, he’s got time on his hands and it’s still sports, and far enough away from lacrosse that it doesn’t quite sting the same way.

A former LAX bro learning about fines.

A former LAX bro getting told the bylaws.

A former LAX bro in the Haus.

A former LAX bro getting told about Jack and Bitty.

It takes an uncomfortable month of Jack and Bitty back in the closet before they tell him. It opens his eyes a little when they explain why it’s a secret.

Homophobia in professional sports isn’t something he’s thought about a lot, but he looks at Jack and Bitty and the fact that their hands are shaking -

And opens an ear for the things that could go wrong -

And realizes that this is - it’s big. This is something - it’s a big deal.

And he realizes - he wants to help. Maybe not Jack and Bitty specifically, but Jack having a boyfriend isn’t going to fix the homophobia. It’s a big deal and a big step, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

So he goes down to advising and tosses in a political science major on top of his journalism major.

A former LAX bro moving away from a toxic culture into a better one, learns some things, becomes an ally and changes his career plan.

Jack and Bitty are out of the closet by the time Bitty graduates, and the new manager is two years behind Bitty. But he keeps in touch, and is generally considered one of the “good” sports writers amongst LGBT athletes.

And that’s how several professional athletes have their coming out story written by a dude named Chad.

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I'm honestly sorry about opening this can of worms, but why is everyone saying that the left/democrats caused trump to win? I thought it was because of the lack of true connections with the working class.

That’s pretty much it. They consider the “backwards cousinfucking racists” of the rural working class so beneath them that they picked Hilary “walking embodiment of political corruption” Clinton a better nominee than Bernie Sanders, who would’ve beaten Trump partly because he was smart enough to realize he would’ve needed to get their vote just like Obama and now Trump.

And they’re so far up their own ass with the “if you disagree with me for literally any reason at all you’re a bigot even if I’m a legitimately terrible person” rhetoric that when Johnny Blue Collar can speak his ACTUAL thoughts in the privacy of the voting booth away from Daily Show-tier propagandists, stupid tumblr kids and adult shills screaming him into silence, guess who he’s going to pick? Certainly not the candidate who didn’t even TRY to pretend she gave a fuck about them. 

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This may be a silly question but, would you assume dylan wore contacts? Or do you think his vision was alright without glasses?

As far as we know from Sue’s book, Dylan wore prescription, round glasses occasionally. She made no mention of contact lenses.. though, I do still wonder whether he owned some contact lenses but couldn’t stand wearing them much. He wore his glasses occasionally when he needed them, when he worked after school or when lazing about at home.  E-C Search ‘glasses’ for other posts about this.
rapture in the dark - 6.2k
by siredtosourwolf (tobioslilgiant)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kyoutani Kentarou/Iwaizumi Hajime
Characters: Kyoutani Kentarou, Iwaizumi Hajime, all of Seijou
Status: Complete

“Well I’m better,” Kyoutani insists out of stubbornness.

It’s a bluff, and really transparent one at that. His only experience with kissing so far’s been the embarrassing pecks on the cheek from his parents, but Iwaizumi really doesn’t need to know that.

“Oh.” It takes a moment for Kyoutani’s words to register. The air between them turns charged, electricity rippling through the room as Iwaizumi shifts forward, causing their arms to brush. Kyoutani’s skin prickles with goosebumps when he feels Iwaizumi’s warm breath against the shell of his ear. “Yeah, s’that so? You still feel like you’ve got somethin’ to prove, huh?”

OR the fic in which practically everyone has a crush on Seijou’s ace, but especially Kyoutani

Best not let paranoia cloud your judgement. I’m not with the children, and I found this place by accident. 

I’m Dr. Otashi. I’m not from around here. Heard this place was a haven for refugees and I figured some of them might need medical assistance. I can see I wasn’t too far off.

If you have any injured down here, I can help them. 

*He raises his hands and puts them behind his head*

I’m not a threat, and I want to help you. I’m always glad to help people when they need it. And you need it, don’t you?

Adult #4: A…actually there was that doctor guy that was here a few days ago. He fixed up everyone pretty well….

Adult #5: You mean the handsome dark-haired boy? He really saved a lot of us.

Adult #6: Besides, this could still be a trap.

For the prompts:

“How about Sam, dean or Cas leave you at the altar and then I dunno. Three years later and you see them again on a case”

from ilovefandomsperiod

and “Holy crap did you just stab a demon?” 

from ilovefandomsperiod

So, I tried to do this as Dean X Reader, but that’s not really my thing and I ended up doing Dean X Castiel instead. I hope that’s okay.

Also, I changed “demon” to “vampire”

Carrington, just a little town in the heart of the midwest. Quiet, simple. It’s exactly what Castiel needed three years ago when… well, when everything went to shit. He’d needed to get away, fast. And he’d ended up here.

So far, it’s been exactly what he needed. Nothing ever happens in Carrington, and that’s perfect. Castiel has himself a simple little job as a waiter in a quaint little diner off the main stretch. It’s run by a quiet, straight-forward man named Benny, who lets Castiel get on with his job and doesn’t ask questions about his past. It’s a perfect situation.

It’s perfect. Until it isn’t. Until Castiel walks out of the kitchen with table four’s order balanced on his arm and he sees the two men  at the booth in the corner.
If he was thinking clearly, he’d back slowly back into the corner and hide until they’re gone, make Meg take his tables for a while. But, of course, he’s not thinking clearly. He sees that blond hair, that strong jaw, and he panics. Dean. And Sam, of course, sitting across from him.

Castiel’s heart gives a jolt of surprising pain, his arm jerks, he drops all his plates. They fall to the floor with a crash, and just like that, Sam and Dean’s heads are swiveling toward the noise. Dean and Castiel lock eyes, and Castiel sees surprise, but then he’s turning and darting back into the kitchen before he can see anything else. He runs past Garth, the cook, and into the storeroom. He sits down behind the shelf of canned goods and puts his arm around his knees, trying to get control of the emotions flooding through him.

This can’t be happening. It can’t be happening. After all this time, after all the heartbreak and the depression and the running away, he’d thought he’d finally gotten over it. Gotten over him. Now, just when things seem to be okay, now he shows up. Fucking Dean. That asshole.

Castiel leans his forehead on his knees and tries to keep himself from crying. The worst part, the worst part, is that for a split second he’d felt hopeful. He’d seen Dean and for a moment he’d been happy. Like maybe Dean was here for him, maybe Dean wanted him again, maybe he’d come back. Those stupid, treacherous thoughts had blinked though his head before he could help it. Before he remembered.

He sits there in the dark for a few minutes before he hears footsteps. The door creaks open, the light flicks on.

“Castiel?” Comes Benny’s voice, “Everything okay, brother?”

He walks around the shelf and peers around the edge at Castiel, hunched over on the floor.

“I’m sick.” Castiel chokes through tears.

“You need to go home or you want me to take you to the hospital?” Benny says, voice colored with worry.

Castiel shakes his head. “I can’t- I can’t go out there.” He whispers.

Benny purses his lips. “You aren’t sick are you?”

Castiel holds out for one last second before he finally starts to sob. He puts his head in his hands, feeling weak and humiliated.

“Ah, okay.” Benny clears his throat. “I’ll have Meg cover your tables. You just, uh, hang out in here. Until you feel better.” And, with that, he leaves.

Cas stays there on the floor for a good hour, until he’s calmed down and he feels like he probably doesn’t look like he’s been crying. He walks weakly out of the storage room, avoiding the gazes of Benny and Garth. When he pokes his head out of the kitchen, he sees that Sam and Dean are gone.

Good, he thinks. But at the same time he feels a deep sense of loss. He’s used to that though, and he presses the feeling down and heads toward the restroom. Halfway there, though, Meg catches up to him. She grabs him by the wrist and tugs him toward her.

“Hey,” She says. “The fuck happened?”

“I’m sorry, I- I’ll take some of your tables-”

Meg waves his stuttered apology aside. “I needed the tips anyway. But you… you’re steel, man. You’ve never missed a day, never called in sick, never complain. You’ve got like one emotion: polite. And now I hear you’re droppin’ your tables to go cry in the back room? What gives?”

Castiel sighs. “It’s…”

“If you say it’s “not my concern” i’m gonna kick your ass.”

Castiel frowns at her. “I was going to say that it’s a long story.”

“Oh. Well…” She shrugs. “Go ahead.”

Castiel looks around, at the tables of people, Benny at the counter. “I don’t really think now is the time, Meg.”

Meg rolls her eyes. “Fine. I’ll buy you a drink after work and we can talk about it. Deal?”

Castiel does not want to talk about it. Ever. But… he does need a drink pretty badly.

“Okay.” He says finally.

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weasley-potter sibling headcanons part 3

Fred + Roxanne

-fred adores roxanne
-like he’s so overprotective of her it can get ridiculous
-and roxy’s like, tough, man, so she doesn’t need someone babysitting her
-but even though she pretends to hate it, she doesn’t always mind fred’s meddling. finds it kinda endearing, actually. 
-except when he goes too far. which happens. quite frequently.
-they bicker a ton but don’t usually have major arguments
-can go from “fred i will kill you” to “i love you freddie” in 2.093765 seconds
-excellent prankers. they make their father proud
-okay neither of them play on the team but roxy and fred make the BEST beaters, especially together, they’re like a dream team! and james is like “why won’t you join my team????” but they won’t
-the most carefree people you will ever meet, and the most hilarious
-both hating potions and the magenta clothes they have to wear when they help out at Weasleys’ Wizard’s Wheezes
-being incredibly lazy at times “as long as you’re up, will you get me a sandwich?” “no get it yourself fred” “but i’m tired!!!” “sucks to be you doesn’t it”
-king and queen of all drinking games ever
-swear almost too much from taking after their uncle ron
-will fight u to death if you say anything bad about the other

part 1 part 2


Mike looked exhausted, and Harvey didn’t blame him.

The trial was weighing on everyone, and Harvey hated Gibbs for this, not just for arresting Mike but for going after everyone they loved. If she’d just gone after Mike and left it at that it would be horrible, it’s true, but it would’ve been manageable. This going after everyone in their lives bullshit was a bridge too far, and to be honest, none of them were coping very well with it.

But they needed to be. They needed to be unified, and right now they weren’t, at least, not enough.

“Do you remember when you went to work with Sidwell, how it felt being on opposite sides of a case?”

Mike looked up from his file, forehead crinkled in obvious confusion at this apparent non-sequitur. “Of course,” Mike said, but his tone was still uncertain, like he had no idea why this was relevant to the case and he was worried about where this was going.

“I do too. I never want that happening again. And the reason it happened last time was because we didn’t listen to each other, we didn’t trust each other, and it’s a mistake I’m not willing to make twice.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that we need to talk more. I’m saying that I think this plan to go after Gibbs like she’s going after us is stupid, but if you think it’s the only way, let’s talk about it and make sure that it will work. I’m saying that whatever happens in the coming weeks, no matter what evidence she has or what curveballs she throws, we don’t overreact. We sit down and talk it through.”

Mike was staring at him like he had no idea who Harvey was, which okay, that hurt a little. “What brought all this on?”

Harvey chuckled, completely without mirth. “Someone reminded me that the lack of communication was the reason our relationship failed. And I don’t want that to happen with us. I’m not losing you to this trial, and I’m certainly not going to lose you to something as stupid as not communicating properly.”

Mike ducked his head, trying to hide his smile. “I think that’s the most I’ve heard you talk about feelings since the day we met.”

Harvey’s laugh was completely genuine then. “Yeah, well, brace yourself, kid. This is only just the beginning.”

“What happened to the asshole lawyer who didn’t care about anything or anyone?” Mike asked, only half joking.

“He found someone to care about,” Harvey replied honestly. Because it was true. The Harvey of three years ago and the one that sat on this couch were completely different and yet entirely the same. And it was all because of Mike. But before they could get lost in the moment Harvey moved the conversation along, knowing this wasn’t going to be easy. “So, Mike, we need to talk about Rachel.”

Mike tensed before his eyes. “What about Rachel?”

“She doesn’t have spousal privilege, which means when they call her to the stand, and they will call her, she will either need to perjure herself or plead the fifth. Neither are options you’ll be able to live with, and I know that a time is going to come when the pressure is on and you’ll have to choose: Rachel or me.”

“I’m not turning on you, Harvey,” Mike insisted. There was one thing that never wavered with Mike, and that was his vehemence that he’d never turn on Harvey. It warmed Harvey’s heart, but it also scared the crap out of him, because he wanted to believe it but he didn’t trust that he could.

“And I would never turn on you, Mike. But Rachel is the woman you love and I know in this moment you find it inconceivable that you’d ever turn on me, but if it really came down to it, if knowing that whatever decision you made meant it was going to destroy either me or Rachel, could you really do that to her?”

Mike opened his mouth, whether to protest or surrender Harvey didn’t know, because he couldn’t hear it. He had to keep going, had to get this out while he still could.

“And I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what you do or who you choose, you’re my friend and I will always love you and support whatever decision you make. You’re my guy, and nothing will ever change that.”

Harvey let out a deep breath. There, he’d done it, no more screwing over relationships that mattered to him because of all the things he couldn’t say. He said it, and the world didn’t come falling down around him.

Mike was just looking at him, wondered but also slightly calculating, like he was trying to work this out. Harvey could practically see the light bulb going off over his head.

“This whole thing, you telling me how you feel, wanting us to have better communication: it was because you chose me, my secret, over Scottie, isn’t it?”


Incredibly, that made Mike smile. “Harvey, you have to know that I love you too. And you chose me over Scottie. Is it really so hard to believe that I would choose you over Rachel?”

“This isn’t the same.”

“Maybe not, but that doesn’t change the outcome. I’m choosing you, Harvey. Every goddamn time.”

And Harvey believed him.

BTS as Dads

Seokjin: Very caring and overprotective. I think it’s in his nature to care, but I think he’d be very protective of his child, he’d love them very wholeheartedly and genuinely. You know how when you’re about to get sick and your parent says to you ‘if you get sick, it’s your fault - I’m not taking care of you’ but they end up basically doing everything possible to help you recover? That’s Seokjin as a father. He will cook you organic chicken soup, wrap you in a heap of blankets, check your temperature every hour and ask if there’s anything you need. Also, drives you everywhere no matter how far. Even if you live a two minute walk away from school but are exhausted and call him to pick you up, he’ll be there. Speaking of being there - he’d be very supportive and want to show up to see all your accomplishments. If you have an award ceremony or are performing somewhere, he will be there with a gigantic camera, sitting front row, taking flash photos of you every second he sees you on that stage. He’s the type of dad who loves you with all his heart and it definitely shows through his cooking, his patience, and his support.

Yoongi: Quiet, gentle, doesn’t speak very much but cares from afar. Wakes up early to cook you breakfast, sets it on the table and when you wake up he’s already at work but you realize he made your favourite dishes. If you’re having a bad day he won’t directly ask you but he probably will try to take you out of the house for a car ride to help you get some fresh air. Knows all your likes and dislikes - like if there was something you couldn’t eat or you were scared of something, he wouldn’t have to ask, he would just know - after all, he pays attention to all the little things about you since he cares about you. Yoongi doesn’t say ‘I love you’ or anything very openly in front of you, but he doesn’t make you doubt it that he truly, sincerely cares about you. He’ll say ‘I love you’ in many different ways - telling you to put on your seat belt, to wear your scarf when it’s chilly, ask you if you ate yet. It’s the little things that really count with him. If you needed him to help you with something, he’ll get up to do it with no hesitations; he might pretend to complain and whine but end of the line is that he’s the dad that will do anything for you.

Hoseok: The very comedic dad. The typical ‘dad jokes’ thrown around from time to time, always tries to make you laugh no matter how ridiculous he has to get, will go to lengths just to see his child’s precious smile. Is overly affectionate and loves to shower you with kisses. Embarrases you in front of your friends, but all your friends really love him! Can’t really cook but tries to but then fails and orders in pizza for you to eat. He always finds an excuse to buy you gifts and his significant other always scolds him for spending money on you but he just adores you too much. If you were eyeing a lollipop in the window of a candy shop, he’s buy a bag to just see you smile for a moment. Reads you bedtime stories at night and because he’s so theatrical, he’ll end up dubbing all the voices of the characters and acting it out - what’s the point of watching a movie when you’ve got Hoseok to entertain you. When he sees you down, he’ll tell you really bad jokes and because they’re so lame you’ll just end up snorting up your milk or choking on your food as he’s trying to cheer you up at the dinner table. Hoseok would always try his best to be the person to make his kid smile, I think he would feel really bummed out or down if he couldn’t, he would feel as if he failed - he’s the type of person that makes so many people happy that when he finally can’t, he will feel inadequate and it will only make him doubt himself even more.

Namjoon: Stingy but loving, nonetheless. You know those dads where when you wake up in the morning and come down the staircase you see them in the kitchen - coffee mug in hand, reading the newspaper and pushing the middle of their glasses up against their face? That’s Namjoon except he has his laptop out and is trying to figure out new material for his music. Since he’s heavily influenced by fashion, he’s bound to scold you if you’re not dressed warmly as a parent. It’s cold outside? He’ll ask you where your hat, scarf, mittens and jacket are if you’re not appropriately dressed. And no - not just one of them, you better be wearing all of those articles of clothing or else he won’t let you out of the house. He just doesn’t want you to catch a cold, any parent would be concerned if their child got sick. Nags you a lot. Scolds you a lot. Says no a lot. He says no even before you finish your question or asking permission to go/do something. But please remember it’s out of care and love. He’s very careful when it comes to you. Because he was a teenager, he knows what’s up and that’s why he can’t always let you go out late at night or let you hang out in certain places with certain people. He just cares for you, he doesn’t want you to live a hard knock life but he also wants you to learn that restricting you or making compromises is healthy. Coincidentally - although he may sound strict so far, one important thing about Namjoon is that he would let you grow up to become the person you want to be. Whatever career or path you choose to talk, he will never force you to be in a position that you’re not comfortable with. He’ll tell you to follow your heart, go where the wind blows, to listen to what you want and not want anyone else thinks. He wants you to live the life you want, he wants you happy.

Jimin: Proud father, praises you on the daily, and teases you. The type of dad that pats your head or shoulder when you need comforting. Probably one of the most genuine and caring dads out there. Always looking out for you, saying things like ‘watch your step’, ‘don’t leave your assignment until the last second’, ‘I’m picking you up later so make sure to bring your phone so I can call you when I’m around the corner’. Holds your hand when you cross the street, lets you sleep in his bed when you have nightmares, pushes you on the swings in the park. His eyes light up every time he sees you all giggly and happy, he feels the happiest when he sees his child smile brightly with an open mouth and their eyes nearly shut tight like him. I guess all in all, Jimin would never let his children or child go through things alone. When you’re having a hard time, he’ll want you to lean on him for support. He’s the parent that would let you stay home if you were feeling sick or didn’t want to go to school. There was one time when you came home and you hadn’t done well in one of your courses and you were really scared about his reaction so you hid your report card in the fridge and he found it and asked to speak with you. When you were in front of him and he asked why you had hid your report card in the refrigerator, you bursted into tears and fell into his lap and sobbed there. He kept patting your head and running his fingers through your hair telling you that you could have just told him you were struggling and having troubles understanding the course because he would have helped you or found you a tutor. He has a soft spot and is very good at comforting people, he’d never make you feel any less or worth of a person, even when you make mistakes he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, he’d only try to let you know that everything would be okay in the end. At the end of the day, you can always come to him to confide for anything, he’s a very understanding dad who would never judge you or see you differently if you made a mistake. After all, you’re only human and in his eyes you’re already quite astounding just the way you are.

Taehyung: Loves to do things with you. Bowling, paintballing, late night movies, the list is endless. He loves spending time with his kids, he loves to be involved and up to date with them. He’s the ‘cool parent’ you could say, he’s very open with his children and they’re very open and honest with him because he’s very chill. He does have his moments where he’ll get down to business and become serious depending on the circumstances but otherwise he’s the type of dad that most kids would want. The type of dad that loves you so much that he literally not only let’s you pull stupid stunts by yourself by accompanies you as you do so. The type of dad that tells you to sit in the cart even though you’re already a teenager and he pushes you so fast that the grocery cashiers and employees give you a warning that you’ll be banned from the store. The type of dad that gets real competitive when it comes to the most randomest things - hot dog eating contest, puzzles, you name it.  He likes to take you on trips for vacation! Camping trips, a week in Hawaii, to a farm for strawberry picking. Taehyung is honestly the most adventurous and playful dad there is. It’s almost unreal. When he’s driving you somewhere, he lets you control the radio station or music playing and you both roll down your windows, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs and the cars and passerbys give you weird looks but you both continue doing your thing. Taehyung would want to give you anything. He would want give you the world if he could because he just loves you so much.

Jungkook: The smug and sarcastic dad, thinks he’s always right. He’s the ‘I told you so’ dad, so if you got sick because you didn’t dress appropriately for the weather, he’d be all up in your face telling you it was your fault for not listening to him in the first place. When you ask him if you can go somewhere or buy something, his first remark will be “did you ask your mom/dad yet”. Once you returned home late at night, you were sneaking through the backdoor and he was at his desk in the living room, he heard your footsteps and turned around in his swivel chair and give you a raised eyebrow. When you beg him not to tell your other parent he shakes his head and chuckles while saying, “All right, I’ll let you off this time. My lips are sealed.” When morning reaches, your other parent will be downstairs yelling bloody murder and asking Jungkook, your dad if he knew what time you came home last night. Jungkook would be the type to console his significant other, he’d try to drop the conversation if it was getting out of control so he would say something along the lines of “Come on, honey - it was just one time. Just let them off the hook for this time”, as he does that he’ll rub their back or throw his arm around their shoulder. When he tries to ground you he just can’t, he feel sympathetic since he remembers his time as a kid your age so you never really get fully punished. There was another time where you asked your mom/dad for money to go to the movies but they said no and didn’t give it to you, when you walked by the living room, Jungkook gestured for you to come over and slipped $30 into your hand and bus tickets and whispered for you to not come home too late. Basically - Jungkook is the dad that would let off the hook for many cases, but it’s because he’s been there and done that.

Fiyero Deamorte: Battle Royal: Lovely Days: Closed Starter; Bland

He needed a break. 

Just, a little break, just for a while, away from the stress all of this was. Just a bit to lay down, watch something even dumber than he was, and laugh. Drink some water, bring his knees to his chest and binge on things he probably shouldn’t be enjoying so much- hello every psychological documentary on Netflix. 

You know you went too far when you start pointing out flaws on them. 

Regardless. Was it a bad idea to do this said relaxing with the person who was causing about ninety nine percent of the stress? Yeah. Was he going to do it anyway? Yeah. Because he was an idiot and also he felt if he didn’t see Bland again he was going to cry.

He was in too deep. 

That didn’t matter though. This was just happy, relaxing time. 

“Hey, Darling, I’m here." 

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Plopping down on the couch, he held out the sugar cookie. Maybe he also might have possibly carved hearts into with tweezers again but that was pure speculation. "You miss me?”

Then there’s you || Adele & Eli

When: Tuesday (Valentine’s day), 6:02 pm
Who: @davisadele

Was he nervous? A little, maybe more than a little. Either way he didn’t think what he had was enough for her, though he had managed to find a place, and rent a car for the night, though LA traffic was always horrible. Tonight, at least, he needed things to go smoothly. The world around them could be ending, but as Eli knocked on her door, and straightened up, he pushed those thoughts aside. After all, he didn’t truly believe, not if he could help it… Those thoughts were pushed away, far into the back of his mind as soon as the door opened. “Hey you,” He smiled and fought the urge to lean in when a neighbor was passing by. Instead, he pulled out the sunflowers from behind him and offered it to her. “I should’ve brought them to you during the day, so they’d be as bright as you are but… I kinda  didn’t think this one through.”

Closer [Hoseok Smut]

genre: smut

rated m

words: 3034



With Hoseok, everything was fun and games.

Every spare minute he could make between juggling his career and sleep, he made sure to spend it on you. You have been seeing each other for about half a year now and been official with his members and your friends for about a month.

You had met backstage of a photoshoot, where you worked as the apprentice of a stylist, helping her get clothes and accessories when she needed them – slave work, really, but you didn’t mind for you were able to meet literal angel Jung Hoseok.

At first, you only met up in less crowded cafes in the backstreets of Seoul, or old cinemas nobody really came to anymore.

The first time you had visited the band’s dorm, it had been more of an adventure than an actual date. Everything was loud and bright and far away from intimate. No lying, you loved all the boys to death, but they were so loud.

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Got7 reaction to another idol flirting with you

Jackson : He’d watch from afar and make sure the other idol doesn’t go to far or he’ll coming after them while doing 100 back-flips at once and kick their ass.

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Mark : He’d watch for bit but when he sees the idol is coming a little too close to you he’d gently grab your hand and take you far away from them.

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Jb : He will looked annoyed at the idol and come from behind and say “sorry to interrupt but i need to take my girlfriend for a moment” and leave the place.

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Jr : He’d be more focused on what the other idol was saying than who it was and be like “why is he trying to sweet talk her when i’m right here”.

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Youngjae : He wouldn’t worry too much but he’d keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t cross the line.

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Bambam : “What are you trying to do? she’s mine you know that”? he’d ask them when he noticed that they kept flirting with you.

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Yugyeom : “We’re leaving now Y/N” he’d say to you pulling you away from the situation.

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Pilot (Part 1): Prologue

A/N: This kinda came out longer than expected but hey. I’m gonna stamp a little tiny gore tw over here, and to any new readers, you can find all you need to know about Y/N over here. Word count is 3988! I hope you guys enjoy reading it, and thank you for all the support so far c:

Y/N: Your name

Y/L/N: Your last name

-Chrissy x

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