and you need them when he's far from you


au meme: It was late at night and had been hours since you’d watched Niall storm out of your place, get in his car and drive away. You heard from Harry that Louis was the one to tell Niall everything so thought it was only best that you look for him together. Meanwhile, Liam suggests that he and Niall drink until they forget what had happened but when they run into fans, Niall tells them far more then they needed to know.

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Cancer Crew - Reaction When They Accidentally Hurt You

For someone that asked me through private messages :))

Max would continuously ask if you’re okay and he’d just keep saying, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” as he gets you an icepack, or whatever you need for the type of injury. When he’s tending to it, he’d ask you if you hated him and he’d just feel really bad.

He’d mumble under his breath something like, “shit” or “fuck” and lmao I can kind of picture him doing that thing like you always did with a younger sibling when you hurt them and just immediately started trying to cheer them up so you wouldn’t get in trouble.


He’d be really protective, but once he saw you were okay he’d kind of start to laugh a bit until it turned into his genuine laugh and then he’d just say stuff through his laughter like “Sorry, babe, are you okay?”

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How about 76 for ObiQui if you're still taking them?

i’m totally still taking prompts, puns! also omg you’re fantastic this is a great prompt… it got away from me a little i think….

76: You can’t find love when you’re this smashed

“You should probably slow down,” Garen cautioned, though not yet attempting to physically stop Obi-Wan.

“I’m… mmm… fine,” he insisted, struggling to look his friend in the eye to give him a stern look. “I jus’… I jus’ need s’m water.”

Garen sighed. “Okay, but stay here.”

“Oka - hic! - ‘kay.”

Why in the world had he volunteered to be the Designated Driver tonight? Obi-Wan was always so much better at staying sober…

Garen looked back at the table to see Obi-Wan looking down sadly at his phone. Ah, right, that’s why. He was being a good friend and letting Obi-Wan drink his breakup away.

The bartender shoved the glass of water at him so quickly that half of it spilled out. Garen sighed again. It would have to do.

Heading back to the table found Obi-Wan staring (squinting) very intently at the far corner of the bar.

“Drink up,” Garen ordered, setting the water down in front of him. “And tell me what you’re looking at.”

“’m in love,” Obi-Wan said very seriously, picking up the glass and slamming the water back like a shot before resuming his staring. 

Garen shook his head. “You can’t find love when you’re this smashed.”

“Fuckin’ - fuckin’ watch me.”

“Obi-Wan, no -”

Too late. Garen cursed every deity he could think of for making Obi-Wan so cursedly fast when he was drunk. He was weaving determinedly across the floor to the table he had zeroed in on, and as Garen followed, he started composing an apology in his head.

I’m sorry, he’s really hammered right now, he’s usually not like this. I hope he didn’t break anything…

He was more than a little surprised to find Obi-Wan already engaged in deep conversation with a very tall man when he got there, with the man’s companion looking a little bemused.

“Uh…” Garen said, very eloquently. “Sorry about my friend.”

“It’s fine,” the woman waved off his concern, smiling slightly. “Free entertainment.” She held out a hand towards him. “I’m Tahl. That’s Qui-Gon.”

“Garen, and that’s Obi-Wan.”

“You sound pretty young.”

He frowned at the wording before noticing the cloudy distant look in her eyes. “Oh! Uh, yeah, we’re in college. Seniors.”

Tahl nodded. “Congratulations on making it this far.”

“Uh… thanks?”

“Let’s go to the bar, shall we? Leave these two to their conversation.”

“I’m not drinking tonight,” he warned her.

“Oh, good, because I am,” she laughed. “Come on, tell me about what you’re studying.”

“Well, I want to be a pilot…”

As Garen and Tahl walked off, Obi-Wan dropped into her vacated seat, resting his chin on his hand as Qui-Gon talked. 

“You’re - you’re very pretty,” he interrupted.

Qui-Gon laughed. “And you’re very drunk.”

Obi-Wan thought this over for a moment. “Yes. But I’ll be s-sober t’morrow, and you’ll still be pretty.”

“Fair enough,” Qui-Gon smiled. 

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Imagine knowing that Thranduil may not love a woman like he loved his wife but giving him a kiss anyways. You soon realize what you did was real, walk straight to your room and worry about what might happen the next day


The battle was over, it had been won.

Yet, the memories of it continued to linger months later, hanging like a cloud over Mirkwood, a storm brewing that would never break.

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You think he doesn't like you but he does (Louis preference)

You stepped off the airplane with all of the boys. You were good friends with Liam and he asked you to join them backstage at the next show of the WWA tour. Of course you said yes. You loved being there with them, except for Louis. Louis was kind of the one you really didn’t get along with. You were always snapping at each other for the stupidest things. You hated it when he groans when you enter a room. Or the way he makes harsh comments about everything you do. On the plane you needed to be as far away from each other as possible because otherwise it would be unbearable for the other boys… and for you too. You tried to ignore the pain from every snap he did to you, but sometimes it was hard. Because you could see how Louis was with the boys. They all loved him and you liked him too when you saw that, but somehow the moment you entered the room, his whole mood changed and you wondered often why. Liam always said that you didn’t have to let it get to you. ‘Louis doesn’t mean it, Y/N.’ Liam always said when you were upset about it. And you never got that. Of course he means it! If he didn’t mean it, he wouldn’t even say it again and again and again.

‘Boys… It’s kind of crazy outside. Be prepared.’ One of the security guys said. ‘Y/N, what do you want to do? Are you going with the boys, do you like to wait or are you going with another car to the hotel?’. When you were about to answer you heard Louis’ mumbling voice. ‘Or maybe just take a plane back… That would be nice.’ Liam noticed you heard and he gave Louis an angry look. ‘I’m going with them.’ You said… Basically just to annoy Louis. ‘Are you sure?’ Liam asked. ‘It can be crazy… You know that!’ He whispered. You nodded. ‘It’ll be okay!’

You could never be more wrong. The crowd outside the airport was crazy. You had never even experienced anything like this. It wasn’t a long way to the car, but it seemed like hours in this mass of people. You started your way in between the boys and security members. But soon enough, how hard the bodyguards were trying, you began to separate because of the paparazzi and fans. You could see Niall’s hair and Liam’s hat a little bit further but there was no way you could reach it soon enough. The security’s main priority were the boys and you knew that. But now you were here alone, surrounded by what seemed a hundred of people and you felt really, really claustrophobic. You weren’t that tall. And it felt like you couldn’t get any air. At a certain point you couldn’t even make out where the car was. Where the heck were you supposed to go? Suddenly you felt hands on your waist, and just when you were about to turn around and push the stranger off, you heard Louis’ voice in your ear. ‘I’m going to get you out of here. Take my hand and follow me, Y/N.’ So that’s what you did. You grabbed Louis hand and he started walking in front of you, pushing through the crowd, ‘till you reached the car and jumped in. Louis jumped in behind you and you noticed none of the other boys where there, but the car already started driving. ‘Niall and Liam are already gone with a car. Security decided not to wait because of the craziness. Harry was the last one, so security took him back into the airport to go another way out. You were basically lost. It’s not that we can really see you stick out you know. We were searching for you and I found you eventually and that’s where you know what happened.’ He explained. You nodded, relaxing because you knew now everyone was safe. ‘Are you okay?’ He suddenly asked and you looked up confused. Why would he care? But you truly saw the worry in his eyes. ‘Yes, yes. Now I’m okay. Thanks for finding and helping me. I kind of didn’t know where to go anymore.’ You said softly. ‘I figured…’ He said.

The rest of the ride was silent. You were not snapping at each other, but not talking either. When you entered the hotel, there was of course a crowd of fans again. Security stood there, ready to guide you through. ‘Stay with me now, please.’ Louis said, grabbing your hand before walking out. He said please! What was happening with the world! Louis said please!! But you did what he asked you to do. And walking through the crowd was much easier then at the airport. When you came in, Niall and Liam were already there, pulling you and Louis into a hug. ‘Oh, dear God! You guys are ok as well! Where’s Harry?’ They obviously had no idea what was going on so Louis told them the story. And as soon as Louis was finished, Harry walked in. ‘What the heck was that!’ He said, still a little bit in shock. He hugged the boys and you all went to the rooms that were booked. You had a lovely room and you were glad you had a moment to yourself. You heard the crowd screaming from outside. And you couldn’t help the feeling of respect you had for the boys, for going through that kind of stuff every day. Suddenly you heard a knock on your door. Wondering who it was you opened the door, only to find Louis standing in front of you. He didn’t say anything and just walked into the room. ‘Uhm… Hi Louis…’ You said closing the door. ‘Something’s wrong?’ He sat himself onto one of the chairs in the room. ‘I kind of need to talk to you about something.’ He mumbled, not looking at you. Suddenly you both looked up from another knock on your door. You walked over to the door again and opened it. Three girls were standing in front of you, crying. You were completely stunned seeing them here in front of you. This was not expected and you were sure this was not normal either. They started screaming and before you figured out why, Louis jumped in front of you, closing the door. ‘I’m getting sick of this, seriously.’ He walked into the room again, dialling a number on his phone. ‘There are fans in the hallway. Three girls, maybe more. Can you please make sure they go away. Don’t be rough on them, just send them away.’ He stopped the call and then called Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn to warn them. When he was finished and the noise in the hallway was lowered, he sighed and sat on the chair again. ‘And this is why I’m not nice to you.’ Louis started. ‘You know… I like our unit of five boys. We are five boys and we can handle this shit, you know. It’s hard sometimes, like today. But when I’m in the crowd, I know that my four lads will be at that hotel. With you it’s different. When I said to you earlier that you should take a plane back, I meant it. Not that I don’t want you in our lives, I just don’t want you here.’ He paused for a minute, finding his words. ‘Look, Y/N. You will probably find it weird considering our past, but I like you. I do actually like you. And it’s because of that, I don’t like you to do these things with us. Because with you I’m not sure if you are going to make it to the hotel okay. And I fight with Liam about this. I tell him all the time not to bring you, because it’s just not safe. And if you were mine, I wouldn’t let you come at all. Anyways, not like this. Not like today.’ You needed to process what you heard for a minute. He likes you? Yeah well, you noticed something different today. From the moment he was there in the crowd with you, he was actually nice. ‘Liam always says that you don’t mean what you say to me…’ You started and he interrupted as soon as he knew where this was going. ‘Liam says it because he knows why I’m being a jackass to you. You can consider it me trying to protect you. But I figured it’s just not working, you do the opposite instead. So that’s why I’m here. I’m trying to talk you out of coming with us like this.’ You sat down in front of him, on the ground and you stared at him. ‘What do you want me to do then?’ You asked him and he smirked. ‘You don’t have to do anything I say…’. You had to say this again in other words. ‘What if I was yours. What do you want me to do then?’ And that’s where he looked up. Confused. Confused that you remembered his words ‘if you were mine…’. So he started with that sentence. ‘If you were mine, I would like you to come to me, apart from us. A day earlier or a day later. If you were mine, I would like you to hold my hand when we walk through the crowd. If you were mine, you would never be allowed to open the door in our hotel room, in case there are fans breaking in.’ He stopped, but kept looking at you, waiting for your reaction. ‘What about all the snapping and the yelling and the bad things you say about me.’ So he went on. ‘If you were mine I would only snap at you when I’m a stupid, tired prick and apologize right after, realizing my mistake and hoping you would keep me. If you were mine I would absolutely never yell at you. If you were mine I would stop lying when I say those bad things and just say the truth, all the things I love about you.’ You could feel your heart rise. ‘What else would you do?’ You whispered. He stood up from the chair sat himself on the ground in front of you. ‘If you were mine I would kiss you.’ And he kissed you on your cheek. ‘On the lips.’ He kissed your lips. ‘On your nose.’ He kissed your nose. ‘On your head’. He kissed your forehead. ‘If you were mine I would probably ask you if I can sleep here with you. Even if it’s on this chair. Just to be with you.’ You smiled at him. ‘Would you like to stay here with me tonight?’ Your voice soft and happy. ‘I’d love to.’

I honestly don’t understand how people think Rumbelle is a healthy relationship. It is so emotionally abusive that it’s not even funny. He projects all of his issues and problems onto her and makes her solve them, putting her under far more emotional stress than she needs. He stalks her when she tries to move on to a different relationship. He makes her feel like her problems are insignificant in comparison to his.

“After all I’ve done to you, you’ve stood by me. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for you.” That is TEXTBOOK emotional abuse. Take it from someone who heard “You’re the only thing that makes me happy. I’d kill myself if I didn’t have you,” this does DAMAGING things to a person, and is NOT HEALTHY.

Update: Got farther into last night’s episode and found another super bad quote: “If I could do it all again, I would change everything to make sure I was the man you deserve.” Read: I’m a terrible person, please lift me up and make me feel better about being a terrible person while still feeling like I’m saying something romantic.

He does NOT see Belle for all that she is and is extremely manipulative and controlling. She needs to leave him, and he needs to stop getting so many chances.

Got7 reaction to another idol flirting with you

Jackson : He’d watch from afar and make sure the other idol doesn’t go to far or he’ll coming after them while doing 100 back-flips at once and kick their ass.

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Mark : He’d watch for bit but when he sees the idol is coming a little too close to you he’d gently grab your hand and take you far away from them.

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Jb : He will looked annoyed at the idol and come from behind and say “sorry to interrupt but i need to take my girlfriend for a moment” and leave the place.

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Jr : He’d be more focused on what the other idol was saying than who it was and be like “why is he trying to sweet talk her when i’m right here”.

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Youngjae : He wouldn’t worry too much but he’d keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t cross the line.

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Bambam : “What are you trying to do? she’s mine you know that”? he’d ask them when he noticed that they kept flirting with you.

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Yugyeom : “We’re leaving now Y/N” he’d say to you pulling you away from the situation.

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rapture in the dark - 6.2k
by siredtosourwolf (tobioslilgiant)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kyoutani Kentarou/Iwaizumi Hajime
Characters: Kyoutani Kentarou, Iwaizumi Hajime, all of Seijou
Status: Complete

“Well I’m better,” Kyoutani insists out of stubbornness.

It’s a bluff, and really transparent one at that. His only experience with kissing so far’s been the embarrassing pecks on the cheek from his parents, but Iwaizumi really doesn’t need to know that.

“Oh.” It takes a moment for Kyoutani’s words to register. The air between them turns charged, electricity rippling through the room as Iwaizumi shifts forward, causing their arms to brush. Kyoutani’s skin prickles with goosebumps when he feels Iwaizumi’s warm breath against the shell of his ear. “Yeah, s’that so? You still feel like you’ve got somethin’ to prove, huh?”

OR the fic in which practically everyone has a crush on Seijou’s ace, but especially Kyoutani

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What are some of the cutest Robert E. Lee things you can recall at the moment?

god bless you for asking such a nice question… I need it after the day I’ve had so far smh

my head is constantly filled with the cute things he did tbh. most of them come from his son Rob’s book, which is 100% one of my favorite ACW-related readings. here are some of my faves

  • he loved animals SO much!! Rob doesn’t make it exactly clear in the book, but apparently when Lee was at Fort Hamilton in the 40s he saw a dog who had fallen overboard and he “rescued her and took her home.” I’m not sure if that means he jumped in the water himself, but I wouldn’t doubt it!
  • they kept that dog and named her Dart, and then they kept one of her puppies named Spec. Robert ADORED Spec and when he was in Mexico, he would include messages to Spec in his letters home: “Cheer him up,” “Tell him I wish he was here with me,” etc.
  • he had a pet rattlesnake in Mexico, a pet chicken during the war (who went missing during the Gettysburg retreat but turned up only to be eaten for dinner a few months later; rip Nellie), and he was always surrounded by many cats!! his daughters loved cats and in a lot of his post-war letters he writes of being overrun with kittens which is, honestly, the cutest thing I can imagine
  • still on the subject of animals, there’s a story about how one day Lee was conferring with his men under some pretty serious fire. suddenly he stopped and told them to go take cover on the other side of the yard. they did, but watched as Lee walked the other way (while under fire!), picked up a baby bird that had fallen from its nest, and put it back in the tree. he wanted to save a bird but didn’t want everyone to see it oh my god!!
  • after the war, everyone wanted to see him and talk to him and get his autograph, and by-and-large he was more than accommodating and polite to everyone who called on him
  • idk if it’s more sad and strange than cute but once, shortly before the surrender, Lee’s nephew found him standing in a field holding a piece of fried chicken, just standing there looking sad
  • he loved children so much. that’s one of my favorite things about him, is how delighted he was to be around kids. he had trouble relating to them and could never let down his air of dignity 100%, bc I think he never had the chance to be a carefree child, but he was still so loving and gentle with them. his own kids of course (reading in bed and tickling and snuggling with the younger kids and attempting the high jump with the older boys and their friends) but he was just as affectionate and caring towards all the other children he met
  • when he was younger, he attended a bridal party shortly after his brother was married. he decided to have some fun with things and said that he was not the brother of the groom, but the younger brother of the bride. the ladies then assumed he was a single, and he wrote “I have not had such soft looks and tender pressure of the hand for many years.”
  • oh my god one of my favorite stories; during the war, he requested that Mary and her friends send some socks for the soldiers. the number she sent was never the same as the number she said she would send, so Lee insisted that one of the daughters count to make sure it was accurate next time. the next time, the count was correct and Lee wrote back to home: “I am glad to find there is arithmetic enough in my family to count 30.”
  • he’s so cute I love him
  • once a soldier didn’t recognize him as General Lee, he only saw some older officer, so he said “howdy do, dad” and Lee replied “howdy do, my man”
  • “howdy do, my man”

tl:dr Lee is the cutest and there are dozens upon dozens of little anecdotes about his life and the war that make me melt

edit: bc @irohthesecond reminded me, his tiny baby feet! size 4!! how did he stand up with his lil tiny boots!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!

BTS as Dads

Seokjin: Very caring and overprotective. I think it’s in his nature to care, but I think he’d be very protective of his child, he’d love them very wholeheartedly and genuinely. You know how when you’re about to get sick and your parent says to you ‘if you get sick, it’s your fault - I’m not taking care of you’ but they end up basically doing everything possible to help you recover? That’s Seokjin as a father. He will cook you organic chicken soup, wrap you in a heap of blankets, check your temperature every hour and ask if there’s anything you need. Also, drives you everywhere no matter how far. Even if you live a two minute walk away from school but are exhausted and call him to pick you up, he’ll be there. Speaking of being there - he’d be very supportive and want to show up to see all your accomplishments. If you have an award ceremony or are performing somewhere, he will be there with a gigantic camera, sitting front row, taking flash photos of you every second he sees you on that stage. He’s the type of dad who loves you with all his heart and it definitely shows through his cooking, his patience, and his support.

Yoongi: Quiet, gentle, doesn’t speak very much but cares from afar. Wakes up early to cook you breakfast, sets it on the table and when you wake up he’s already at work but you realize he made your favourite dishes. If you’re having a bad day he won’t directly ask you but he probably will try to take you out of the house for a car ride to help you get some fresh air. Knows all your likes and dislikes - like if there was something you couldn’t eat or you were scared of something, he wouldn’t have to ask, he would just know - after all, he pays attention to all the little things about you since he cares about you. Yoongi doesn’t say ‘I love you’ or anything very openly in front of you, but he doesn’t make you doubt it that he truly, sincerely cares about you. He’ll say ‘I love you’ in many different ways - telling you to put on your seat belt, to wear your scarf when it’s chilly, ask you if you ate yet. It’s the little things that really count with him. If you needed him to help you with something, he’ll get up to do it with no hesitations; he might pretend to complain and whine but end of the line is that he’s the dad that will do anything for you.

Hoseok: The very comedic dad. The typical ‘dad jokes’ thrown around from time to time, always tries to make you laugh no matter how ridiculous he has to get, will go to lengths just to see his child’s precious smile. Is overly affectionate and loves to shower you with kisses. Embarrases you in front of your friends, but all your friends really love him! Can’t really cook but tries to but then fails and orders in pizza for you to eat. He always finds an excuse to buy you gifts and his significant other always scolds him for spending money on you but he just adores you too much. If you were eyeing a lollipop in the window of a candy shop, he’s buy a bag to just see you smile for a moment. Reads you bedtime stories at night and because he’s so theatrical, he’ll end up dubbing all the voices of the characters and acting it out - what’s the point of watching a movie when you’ve got Hoseok to entertain you. When he sees you down, he’ll tell you really bad jokes and because they’re so lame you’ll just end up snorting up your milk or choking on your food as he’s trying to cheer you up at the dinner table. Hoseok would always try his best to be the person to make his kid smile, I think he would feel really bummed out or down if he couldn’t, he would feel as if he failed - he’s the type of person that makes so many people happy that when he finally can’t, he will feel inadequate and it will only make him doubt himself even more.

Namjoon: Stingy but loving, nonetheless. You know those dads where when you wake up in the morning and come down the staircase you see them in the kitchen - coffee mug in hand, reading the newspaper and pushing the middle of their glasses up against their face? That’s Namjoon except he has his laptop out and is trying to figure out new material for his music. Since he’s heavily influenced by fashion, he’s bound to scold you if you’re not dressed warmly as a parent. It’s cold outside? He’ll ask you where your hat, scarf, mittens and jacket are if you’re not appropriately dressed. And no - not just one of them, you better be wearing all of those articles of clothing or else he won’t let you out of the house. He just doesn’t want you to catch a cold, any parent would be concerned if their child got sick. Nags you a lot. Scolds you a lot. Says no a lot. He says no even before you finish your question or asking permission to go/do something. But please remember it’s out of care and love. He’s very careful when it comes to you. Because he was a teenager, he knows what’s up and that’s why he can’t always let you go out late at night or let you hang out in certain places with certain people. He just cares for you, he doesn’t want you to live a hard knock life but he also wants you to learn that restricting you or making compromises is healthy. Coincidentally - although he may sound strict so far, one important thing about Namjoon is that he would let you grow up to become the person you want to be. Whatever career or path you choose to talk, he will never force you to be in a position that you’re not comfortable with. He’ll tell you to follow your heart, go where the wind blows, to listen to what you want and not want anyone else thinks. He wants you to live the life you want, he wants you happy.

Jimin: Proud father, praises you on the daily, and teases you. The type of dad that pats your head or shoulder when you need comforting. Probably one of the most genuine and caring dads out there. Always looking out for you, saying things like ‘watch your step’, ‘don’t leave your assignment until the last second’, ‘I’m picking you up later so make sure to bring your phone so I can call you when I’m around the corner’. Holds your hand when you cross the street, lets you sleep in his bed when you have nightmares, pushes you on the swings in the park. His eyes light up every time he sees you all giggly and happy, he feels the happiest when he sees his child smile brightly with an open mouth and their eyes nearly shut tight like him. I guess all in all, Jimin would never let his children or child go through things alone. When you’re having a hard time, he’ll want you to lean on him for support. He’s the parent that would let you stay home if you were feeling sick or didn’t want to go to school. There was one time when you came home and you hadn’t done well in one of your courses and you were really scared about his reaction so you hid your report card in the fridge and he found it and asked to speak with you. When you were in front of him and he asked why you had hid your report card in the refrigerator, you bursted into tears and fell into his lap and sobbed there. He kept patting your head and running his fingers through your hair telling you that you could have just told him you were struggling and having troubles understanding the course because he would have helped you or found you a tutor. He has a soft spot and is very good at comforting people, he’d never make you feel any less or worth of a person, even when you make mistakes he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, he’d only try to let you know that everything would be okay in the end. At the end of the day, you can always come to him to confide for anything, he’s a very understanding dad who would never judge you or see you differently if you made a mistake. After all, you’re only human and in his eyes you’re already quite astounding just the way you are.

Taehyung: Loves to do things with you. Bowling, paintballing, late night movies, the list is endless. He loves spending time with his kids, he loves to be involved and up to date with them. He’s the ‘cool parent’ you could say, he’s very open with his children and they’re very open and honest with him because he’s very chill. He does have his moments where he’ll get down to business and become serious depending on the circumstances but otherwise he’s the type of dad that most kids would want. The type of dad that loves you so much that he literally not only let’s you pull stupid stunts by yourself by accompanies you as you do so. The type of dad that tells you to sit in the cart even though you’re already a teenager and he pushes you so fast that the grocery cashiers and employees give you a warning that you’ll be banned from the store. The type of dad that gets real competitive when it comes to the most randomest things - hot dog eating contest, puzzles, you name it.  He likes to take you on trips for vacation! Camping trips, a week in Hawaii, to a farm for strawberry picking. Taehyung is honestly the most adventurous and playful dad there is. It’s almost unreal. When he’s driving you somewhere, he lets you control the radio station or music playing and you both roll down your windows, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs and the cars and passerbys give you weird looks but you both continue doing your thing. Taehyung would want to give you anything. He would want give you the world if he could because he just loves you so much.

Jungkook: The smug and sarcastic dad, thinks he’s always right. He’s the ‘I told you so’ dad, so if you got sick because you didn’t dress appropriately for the weather, he’d be all up in your face telling you it was your fault for not listening to him in the first place. When you ask him if you can go somewhere or buy something, his first remark will be “did you ask your mom/dad yet”. Once you returned home late at night, you were sneaking through the backdoor and he was at his desk in the living room, he heard your footsteps and turned around in his swivel chair and give you a raised eyebrow. When you beg him not to tell your other parent he shakes his head and chuckles while saying, “All right, I’ll let you off this time. My lips are sealed.” When morning reaches, your other parent will be downstairs yelling bloody murder and asking Jungkook, your dad if he knew what time you came home last night. Jungkook would be the type to console his significant other, he’d try to drop the conversation if it was getting out of control so he would say something along the lines of “Come on, honey - it was just one time. Just let them off the hook for this time”, as he does that he’ll rub their back or throw his arm around their shoulder. When he tries to ground you he just can’t, he feel sympathetic since he remembers his time as a kid your age so you never really get fully punished. There was another time where you asked your mom/dad for money to go to the movies but they said no and didn’t give it to you, when you walked by the living room, Jungkook gestured for you to come over and slipped $30 into your hand and bus tickets and whispered for you to not come home too late. Basically - Jungkook is the dad that would let off the hook for many cases, but it’s because he’s been there and done that.

Pilot (Part 1): Prologue

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Ladies, it is about time we become independent creatures. I am tired of hearing women talk about how much they ‘NEED’ a man! Do you know how ridiculous and unattractive that sounds? The key to having a man is to have your own. A man doesn’t want a woman that needs him. He wants a woman who can handle her own and lean on him when she is TRULY in need.

Some of you women have great men, but are leaning on them so much that they aren’t far from crushing under the pressure. Give your man a break! YOU DONT NEED ANYONE TO COMPLETE YOU!! The same applies for the men out here who rely on their women to do everything! Give your woman a break!

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weasley-potter sibling headcanons part 3

Fred + Roxanne

-fred adores roxanne
-like he’s so overprotective of her it can get ridiculous
-and roxy’s like, tough, man, so she doesn’t need someone babysitting her
-but even though she pretends to hate it, she doesn’t always mind fred’s meddling. finds it kinda endearing, actually. 
-except when he goes too far. which happens. quite frequently.
-they bicker a ton but don’t usually have major arguments
-can go from “fred i will kill you” to “i love you freddie” in 2.093765 seconds
-excellent prankers. they make their father proud
-okay neither of them play on the team but roxy and fred make the BEST beaters, especially together, they’re like a dream team! and james is like “why won’t you join my team????” but they won’t
-the most carefree people you will ever meet, and the most hilarious
-both hating potions and the magenta clothes they have to wear when they help out at Weasleys’ Wizard’s Wheezes
-being incredibly lazy at times “as long as you’re up, will you get me a sandwich?” “no get it yourself fred” “but i’m tired!!!” “sucks to be you doesn’t it”
-king and queen of all drinking games ever
-swear almost too much from taking after their uncle ron
-will fight u to death if you say anything bad about the other

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To my Muslim sisters, Wear your hijabs proudly & with strength. Don’t let anything shake your faith, the more they try to get rid of Islam, the stronger it becomes. Let the deaths of the Chapel Hill shooting make you firm in your belief that God is the most Merciful and truly from Him we came and to Him we will return. Don’t forget the reason you wear hijab and how beautiful it actually is. Its scary right now but know that when we stand united no one can take away what we believe in.
To my muslim brothers, never stop defending your Muslim sisters. Whether they wear hijab or not, now more than ever your sisters need you on their side. Please, keep them, and the rest of the ummah in your duas.

Stay strong for the ummah, the Lord is watching all the atrocities take place, justice is not far from reach. “Do not be sad, for He is with us.” [9:43]

Getting Adopted by Padme and Anakin

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* Padme had found you when she was on a senatorial mission on a Outer Rim planet. She immediately wanted you take you away from this planet when she saw that you needed parents.

* But she knew she should talk to Anakin first. He felt an instant connection when he saw you and agreed when he saw the conditions you were living in.

* You were so excited to finally be adopted and get off this planet. As far as you know you were only getting Adopted by Padme. Her and Anakin decided to wait to tell you.

* When you got on Coruscant you got to experience things you never had before and you loved it. Padme treated you so well and you thought she was so kind. She also taught you the ways of fashion.

* You also really cared for Anakin although you didn’t get to see him as much. You wanted him and Padme together. She blushed when you told her this.

* You became great friends with Ahsoka and she helped to teach you how to defend yourself.

* Padme made sure to teach you about politics and the war. Bail Organa helps you learn too because he always wanted a child.

* Walking in on Padme and Anakin making out and them telling you that you can’t tell anyone. You weren’t even surprised when they admitted they were already married.

* Anakin is glad he didn’t have to hide hours relationship from you anymore. He always brings you trinkets from Jedi missions.

* You and Ahsoka pranking Anakin.

* When Padme gets pregnant you are worried she won’t love you as much but she promises that she loves you and that won’t happen.

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When I saw 'the kiss', I read Guan Shan's freakout as him kindof panicking, thinking He Tian realized Guan Shan had feelings for him/is gay & was teasing him about that. I know you've already talked about it, but I wondered what you thought of this.

Hmmmmm. Yeah, I can definitely see that. It’s that kind of instant reaction of homophobia to cover up one’s own homo/non-heterosexuality; it’s defence/survival mechanism that is far too relevant today. It’s a reaction of someone saying, ‘Shut up, f**,’ when someone calls them gay, even if they are?

And I think Guan Shan clearly has so much to worry about that he doesn’t need to face prejudice from people about his sexuality too? Like, he just doesn’t NEED it. Wouldn’t be able to take it.

I think the reaction was mainly anger and upset that He Tian basically gave him a non-consensual kiss and that maybe he did like He Tian sort of and was hurt that he’d just abuse him like that. But I think, yeah, it’s definitely possible it was a cover-up of his own feelings.

Ohhh……. I think I see what you mean now though. That He Tian isn’t even interested in Guan Shan that way and was just mocking Guan Shan’s possible homo/bisexuality by kissing him? Or did you mean that He Tian does have feelings for Guan Shan but is still mocking Guan Shan’s sexuality?

I don’t think the former is correct. He Tian’s too interested in Guan Shan for any affection to be one-sided (and only from Guan Shan). I don’t think he’s that cruel to be mocking him in that way, unless he actually felt something for Guan Shan and it was his way of saying, ‘I know you like me.’ Or whatever. I don’t know. It’s really difficult to tell. There was so much going on in that scene tbh and so much is still unclear (and not getting clearer lmao) so we just need them back together and talking about what happened. (Please, OX. 😰) x

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WIP words: don't. hurt. need

“Don’t,” from Run for Cover (the undercover fake married AU):

“’Don’t even. Everybody knows you think this is hot,’ he says as he gestures to the length of his body.
Sam tries not to let his eyes follow, and when that fails miserably he tries not to let them linger.

Hurt: N/A sorry 

“Need,” from Knight to E8 (the Kestrel in Distress companion fic):

“A light flickers in the distance as someone else makes their way onto the main road, catching Bucky’s attention. It’s so lonely, just the two of them. The cars that is.
Bucky really needs Sam to be okay.
The likelihood of that seems to be dwindling as Bucky approaches the grocery store. Sam would never take so long, regardless of his shopping list. Especially not with Steve gone.”

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