and you misses next match

Uraraka would be the second after Kirishima to ask Bakugou for help on school assignments. Their classmates aren’t afraid of him, but if they can avoid some of his temper tantrums, they’ll do it. 

Uraraka takes it in stride when she approaches him with all the major concepts highlighted. Underlined are aspects she’s having trouble understanding. 

Bakugou’s first reaction is complete flustered rage. She’s holding her notebook and textbook wearing that determined expression on her face, and it’s so damn earnest that he can feel his palms start to sweat. It’s not good when his palms sweat.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Uh! It’s the law course.” I can’t imagine a heroics school not having a law department and law centered classes, “A recent law was passed, and I’m not 100% on it.”

His face turns red. His hands are sweaty. He stuffs them in his pockets and takes them out, snatching the textbook from her, “No shit, you’ve got a shit edition.”

It’s a blink and you miss it moment, and Uraraka’s face flushes in embarrassment. She tries to pull the book away from him, and he’s SHIT FUCK WHY THE SHIT DID I FUCKING DO IT! IDIOT!

“Got the new edition in my room.”

She stares blankly.

“Why the fuck are you standing there?” He scoffs, “If you don’t want my help, carry your ass somewhere else.”

“Oh really! Thanks!”

AND…it ends up as an impromptu study session where Bakugou explains the concepts in a strangely clear light despite his aggressiveness and flustered state. He stumbles through several terms, and she recites her understanding from the notes.

It’s a productive session, and he forgets Kirishima’s sparring match. But Kirishima forgives him when he finds out what he was doing; he manages to get it out of him fifteen seconds after talking to him the next day.

“Hey man, what’s up, you missed out on the match yesterday.”


“Oh.” “Oh.”

Kirishima doesn’t tease. He’s a cool bro.

A Catalogue of Herbs

The magical world of herbs and their various uses, noted by Doctor Sophie Hale.
-For aspiring alchemist and those seeking some natural remedies for everyday ailments.

“My dear apprentice… No that sounds a little weird to write on paper, being that you are older than me. My dear friend; here are the notes you requested on the herbs I would have you gather for our next lesson.

Remember to take the gloves I left you. Yes, I chose the vibrant pink ones just for you. They match your cheeks when you blush.

Until next time,

-Miss Hale.”


•Very common daisy that could be found almost anywhere in Azeroth.

•Has many medicinal uses, such as anti-inflammatory properties, reduce bruising, swelling and can ease pain.

•Safe to use during pregnancy and is known to ease pregnancy-related discomfort and mood swings.

•Commonly taken as tea for headaches or to calm the nerves.


•One of the more dangerous plants on Azeroth, Stranglekelp is a green kelp that grows underwater along most coastlines in shallow waters.

•Very strong healing powers.

•Works very well when mixed with other herbs, bringing out their more powerful stimulants.

•Can be chewed to induce vomiting.

•Tastes very salty.


Found around Mageroyal and Briarthorn – Take care when harvesting as it is parasitic: wear gloves.

•Very sugary and sweet to taste.

•When added to tea it can produce a short boost to energy.

•Known not only for its energizing properties. It is a general stimulant, and taken in smaller doses can improve alertness.

Aloe Thistle:

•Found in the lush wildlands of Desolace.

•Similar when compared to a cactus leaf.

•Can be consumed in small quantities.

[Ancient Lichen]:


•Similar to Grave Moss, feeds off decaying matter.

•Found on lumbering fungal giants of Outland – mostly Zangarmarsh. Pain killer.

[Dreaming Glory]:

Found all through Outland, dubbed one of the most beautiful flowers to grow due to its glowing attributes.

•Petals and pollen used for anti-inflammatory, antiseptic salve.

•Natural oils benefits for the skin – quite like a moisturizer.

•Assists with abdominal cramps when made with tea.


•Found in dark, shady areas and is often mistaken for a dead plant.

•Proper protective equipment should be used when harvesting as the spines are extremely sharp.

•Believed to grow in places where the Anciet Agamaggan’s blood was spilled during the war of the Ancients.

•VERY Strong healing agent for grave wounds. Rumoured to be able to mimic the regenerative powers trolls possess, especially when taken morning and night until the desired result is achieved.


Found atop hillsides in partial sunlight.

•Perfect for teas – cold or hot – and has been found to be invigorating.

•Goldthorn gel is soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and stimulates skin regeneration


•Found in warm, damp, marshy areas – such as Swamp of Sorrows. Perfect for a home garder with their bright flowers.

•Root can be used for magic-amplifying and conducting properties.

•Flower buds may be dried and ground into fine powder and applied to external wounds.


•Mageroyal most commonly grows in open plains and does best in direct sunlight.

•Unusually high mana concentration.

•Essential oil derived from Mageroyal can be used to treat headaches.

•Infusion of the dried plant used when cold, makes one of the best hairwashes known. (Smells good too.)


•Found near fresh water. Often mistaken for Earthroot.

•Nullifies toxins when consumed, dried and powered and applied directly to wounds.

•Tastes sweet.

•Strong healing properties when mixed with other herbs like Peacebloom.


Imagine #75 Just your house cleaner (part 13)

You woke up and found yourself in Neymar’s empty bed. You smiled as you remembered the fun you two had last night and then noticed a note on his pillow.

“Don’t miss me too much ;)” you read and smiled to yourself then decided to take a selfie and send him. You knew by the time that he was still at training and that he would take longer, because they were going to have an important match the next day.

“Not missing you at all” you wrote next to a picture of you eating cereal and watching TV and then sent it to Neymar.

While you were waiting for him to come back home you decided to call your mother and tell her the truth about you dating Neymar Jr. She immediately answered in panic, because she wasn’t used to get your calls in the morning. You two talked for a while and then you tried to find the right words.

“Mom, I need to tell you something, but please don’t tell anyone. It needs to stay between me you and dad.” You said getting serious.

“Don’t scare me.”

“Don’t worry; it’s actually a happy news.”

“Tell me already!”

“You know that here in Barcelona, there is a big football club and I somehow got to work for Neymar Jr. you know who he is right?”

“Of course I do! That is amazing dear” you could hear from the sound of her voice that she was happy, like she felt relieved that you are working for someone who she knows is rich and kind. That her daughter is safe with him.

“Yeah, but I am not just working for him… We’re… well dating.” You said in hope she would not go crazy about it.

“What, are you playing with me?”

“No, I’m serious. We really are together, that’s why I need you to stay quiet about it.”

“I can’t believe you are really dating a famouse footballer, oh God. I am shocked.”

“Well thanks mom, don’t need to be mean now. I might not be a supermodel, but I still have a heart!” you said joking, trying to make her stay calm.

“I didn’t mean it like that! I hope you are happy (y/n), please just take care of you. Are you happy?”

As she asked you that a smile appeared on your face, because you were happy, you really were happy thinking of Neymar and you, remembering the moments you spent with him.

“I am” you said and the sound of your voice calmed your mother, making her know that you were okay.

After a while talking about your life with Neymar you hung up and cleaned around the house to make Neymar know you were not just enjoying at his place, but you were still working for him. Even if he told you several times not to do that.

Then you suddenly heard someone open the door and you thought it was Neymar, but when you walked to the door, there was a girl with two suitcases. You looked confused at her and she looked back at you surprised, probably not expecting anyone.

“Hey. Do you work here?” She asked and walked closer to you.

“Um, no. Well yes.” You answered confused not even knowing what the right answer was. You were scared it was like when Bruna came all over again.

“Well?” She asked, but now she smiled noticing you were confused just like her.

“I’m Neymar’s house cleaner. Was he expecting you, if I can ask?” You looked at her shyly and hoped for an answer that wouldn’t break your heart.

“Well, I kind of wanted to surprise him. I’m Rafaella by the way.” She said smiling and shake your hand as a greeting then took her stuff and walked around the house to get in the guests room. It was clear that she was here before.

You were scared to ask her more about her relationship with Neymar so you avoid her and went in the kitchen, sit at the table and waited for Neymar to be back. Once again, just when everything was right and you were happy it had to be crushed in a second.

“Surpriseeeeeeeeee!” you heard Rafaella scream as the front door opened. You felt so sick, because the truth was to come out and you were not ready for it.

You walked out of the kitchen and the first thing you saw were the two hugging, she was wrapped around his neck, they were both laughing, and he was spinning her around.

“I’m so happy you finally came!” Neymar said as he put her back down and kissed her on the cheek.

“You missed me didn’t you?” The girl smiled and hugged him one more time.

You forced a smile as the two of the turned to you.

“You two already met?” Neymar asked looking firstly at you and then her.

“Yes” you said quietly, but then Rafaella stopped you.

“Wait, what’s your name again?”

“(y/n)” you smiled at her and looked at Neymar with a look that made him realize something was bothering you.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and Rafaella looked at you so you couldn’t say anything.


“What did my brother do to make you upset?” she asked and immediately got your attention.

“Brother?” you asked as Neymar started laughing.

“Of course” she said smiling at you looking confused at them.

You felt so much better hearing her say that and looked at Neymar who was still laughing like crazy at you.

“You’re an idiot” you punched Neymar in the arm and looked at Rafaella, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were his sister.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“She’s my girlfriend by the way,” Neymar said placing his arm around your shoulder and pushing you closer. You noticed his sister was shocked.

“What? But she said she works here.”

“Well she did, until we had sex,” Neymar said laughing.

“Neymar!” you moved away from him embarrassed from his words. “I’m sorry. I still work for him, but we are together now,” you said hoping she would understand.

“I’m used to it” She laughed and then smiled at you “I’m happy for you two, now let’s go have lunch because I’m starving!”

You were happy she accepted you and as she left to get dressed to go out, you looked at Neymar with a smile.

“So you didn’t miss me huh?” Neymar said pulling you in to his arms as he kissed you forehead and then your lips.

“Not really.” you returned a longer kiss, but Rafaella’s voice stopped it.

“C’mon, get ready!” She shout from her room and Neymar let you go.

“Can I really go with you? I mean… You said you want to keep us hidden”

“Oh c’mon, don’t worry about that! We’ll say you are my friend,” Rafaella said before Neymar could answer you. You looked at Neymar to get his approval and he smiled at you letting you know he is okay with it.

When you went in to Neymar’s room, where you had some of your clothes you heard Rafaella talking about his son and then she asked about his bracelet.

“It’s new? Oh, I remember! The one you kissed when you scored right?”

“Yup, (y/n) bought it for me”

“You could have told me about her”

“Well let’s say that our relationship wasn’t so easy to understand” Neymar laughed and you smiled to yourself, because he was right. You two were fighting, kissing, hating and loving each other, so it really was complicated.

When you walked in the living room all three of you walked in to Neymar’s car to go have lunh together. You were excited, because for the first time you were going in public with Neymar. you knew he wanted to keep it private, but it was an important step for you, also because you met someone who was important for him and part of his family.


“What a feeling to be a king beside you somehow, I wish I could be there now.”

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