and you lose everybody loses


Imagine raising your voice at Drew Mcintyre… Good luck

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“(Y/n), no!” Dean roared slamming open the door of your bedroom with his foot.

His eyes widened as he came face to face with the sight of you being pinned on the ceiling. This was hauntingly familiar and he felt his heart hammer in his chest; the fear rising in his chest. He couldn’t lose another one. Not you. Above everybody he couldn’t lose you too. Not this way. You didn’t deserve it. You were not a hunter, never had heard about the supernatural before you met Dean. He had tried so hard to keep you out of his life then. To keep you away from him, because he knew that he would be your destruction.

He was Dean Winchester. He was bound to lose everybody he cared for one way or another.

But you, oh you, you didn’t deserve it. You didn’t deserve to die in this way.

Dean didn’t want you to die. Not before your wedding. He wanted you to get to live that day. That and many more. With him.

Because he knew that he couldn’t live without you. Not after he met you. He knew it from the beginning. Just like he knew that if something happened to you because of him he would be torn apart. You were the light in his darkness. The only bit of normalcy he got in his life. You offered him the comfort he needed after difficult hunts. A shoulder to lean on when The Mark was too much to bear. 

He had made a promise after all.

When he had proposed to you. He had promised that once he got rid of The Mark, he hoped it would be soon, he was going to quit. He was going to quit hunting and come to live with you. Start a family.

He had made so many plans in his mins about the two of you that made his heart ache all the more as he now saw you being pinned to the ceiling.

“No, (Y/n) no!” he screamed, eyes wide in panic. He did everything in his will to get you out of there. Everything he could.

His heart was beating wildly in his chest even when he felt your body fall down in his arms. Your also beating heart bringing a somewhat smile of relief on his lips. He gathered you in his arms, holding you as tight as possible close to him.

“It’s ok, Dean. I’m ok” he heard you breath out, your voice slightly shaking.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and buried your face in his broad chest, breathing in his scent that you hoped would calm you down just like it always did. You wrapped your arms around him and held his jacket tightly into your fists, your body slightly shaking from the experience. You shut your eyes tightly and took in a few deep breaths that luckily managed to make you calm down.

You managed to smile just slightly at the feeling of comfort that was brought to you by Dean’s close presence.

A frown set on your face thought when you felt Dean hug even more tightly. Balling his hands in fists and clenching the material of your shirt in them. He tried more and more to hug you tighter and your frown deepened when you felt his body shake.

You thought it was your imagination until you decided to pull away. Your eyes widened at the sight of Dean’s tear-stained face. Sobs shaking his whole body despite the fact that he was trying to hold it in.

“Oh no, no Dean. No” you whispered cupping his cheek with your one hand, brushing a few tears off. In vain, though, as more tears would roll down.

“No, hey. Look at me. Look at me, Dean” you whispered and he dared look up at you “I’m alright, see? I’m fine. Nothing happened. I’m fine”

“I-I almost- I almost lost you (Y/n). If I hadn’t come in in time you- you would be dead, damn it” he gritted his teeth.

“Yes, but I’m not. I’m not dead Dean. I’m here, with you. Because you came in time. You saved me Dean. I’m alive because of you. Please, Dean, please-” you voice broke, tears threatening to spill from your eyes too “Please don’t, please Dean. I’m fine. I’m alive and here. With you. Please baby, don’t do this to me”

“I just- damn it” he ran a hand down his face “I can’t bear loosing you, (Y/n). I can’t.” he pursed his lips that were trembling.

“And you won’t. You won’t lose me, Dean.” you smiled and crashed into his arms, burring your face in his chest once again.

[Request by Anon]

A/N: Finally some Dean. I realized there have been so many Castiel requests lately, which I absolutely love, but come on request some more Dean or even Sammy!


Hello followers, you’ve all been loyal and have truly enriched my life and I thank you for it. Now I need to be serious for one moment to address something I have been running from for a very long time, I am openly bisexual but their is also another thing I have been hiding out of fear. I am genderfluid I identify as both a boy and a girl sometimes I wear girls clothes and sometimes I wear boys and I love both equally, now I know I will lose followers and I will have people who will hate me but I couldn’t keep it in anymore I am sorry but this is who I am and I am proud to be a part of both the Bisexual and Genderfluid communities. Hopefully you my dear followers will understand.