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It was cat day today, so this had to be done– Sae-nyan (or would it be Nyan-ran) goes out to make a friend//

Bonus: a mini Yoo-nyan! ☆

Let the panties hit the… FLOOOOOOOOR

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Admin Winter whats so good looking about jimins thighs



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If someone were to ask me what I thought the most glorious screenshot of Tadashi was….

…..this would have to be my answer

“Get off the scale! I have yet to see a scale that can tell you how enchanting your eyes are. I have yet to see a scale that can show you how wonderful your hair looks when the sun shines its glorious rays on it. I have yet to see a scale that can thank you for your compassion, sense of humor, and contagious smile. Get off the scale because I have yet to see one that can admire you for your perseverance when challenged in life.”
- a quote that helped, and is still helping me through my ED recovery, 2016.

Happy Anniversary (Jerome Valeska x Reader) *smut*

Request: Do you mind doing an overstimulation smut with Jerome Valeska??? -Anon

A/N: There’s a Kings of Leon reference. Tell me if you find it XD MASTERLIST

Word Count: 920

Warnings: Smut, overstimulation, fingering, unprotected sex (If you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey), daddy kink, blowjobs, multiple orgasms, fingering, NSFW etc…

“Stay still mommy.” Jerome whispered in your ear as he tied the ropes around your hands tighter and legs. You were completely naked in front of Jerome, whose mouth was watering to taste you. You looked at his glorious naked body as he slowly stroked himself, making your cheeks go red. His member grew harder and your core got even wetter, bucking your hips for some sort of contact.

Jerome looked at the table with a vibrator on it. He reached for it and placed it on your clit. He kept looking at you, his beautiful eyes boring into yours. You were anticipated because you didn’t know when he would switch it on. Suddenly you felt small vibrations coursing through your bundle of nerves, making you moan and writhe under Jerome. You let out heavy groans.

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Jerome gently drew circles on your clit with the vibrator as he slowly increased the vibrancy. Your stomach started to get tighter and tighter at the feeling of Jerome’s movements. “Daddy!” I’m-I’m…”

“No, not now. When I say so.”  He increased his movements making you a moaning mess. “Yeah that’s it. Oh mommy look at you.” You strained against the ropes that held you tight in your place. Jerome slowly pushed the vibrator in your clit. “Please Daddy!” You screamed out in wanton. He curled his lips and a smirk appeared on his face. You whimpered as you couldn’t hold back any longer so you let go. Jerome grinned as he saw your body shivering. “What have I told you?” He shoved the vibrator roughly inside of you, making you whimper in pain and pleasure. He started waving it inside you like a wand.

“You know I’ll have to punish you Y/N.” He set the vibrator on high. He straddled you backwards and laid down on your stomach face down as you sucked on his cock. In the meantime, he played with the vibrator inside you; thrusting in in and out making your mouth suck harder around him. You hollowed your cheeks and that made Jerome twitch in your mouth. He let out a groan and released in your mouth but he continued playing with the vibrator. He got it out of you and started licking your clit while he placed the vibrator in your ass as he thrusted it in and out. Another knot was forming in the pit of your stomach. Your sex was on fire! Jerome’s fingers rubbed your wet lips.

He inserted his fingers in your wet core and stretched you out. “Jerome please!” You pleaded as he sucked on your bundle of nerves. “This is your punishment Y/N. You shouldn’t have come!” He slapped your sex making you arch our back. He untied the ropes that kept you in place and he sat on the bed. “Over my lap!” He ordered and you happily obliged. “On second thought…on your back.” You turned and his eyes widened as he saw your erect nipples. He grabbed two pegs from the table next to him and clipped them on your nipples. Willingly you opened your legs, wanting some contact.

He ran his hands down the valley of your breasts, your stomach until he reached your wet pussy. He slowly massaged. In a split of a second, you found yourself on your stomach over Jerome’s lap. He kept massaging your wet pussy, slapping it every now and then. He slapped your ass; the stings that he left behind aroused you even more. He started playing with the vibrator, making you come for the second time. He put you on the cold white sheets, making your body cool down…somehow. He elevated your ass and slowly entered your ass, feeling the tightness and warmth. He let out a groan as he started thrusting. You slapped your ass with his pelvis trying to make him go faster.

He received your massage so he thrusted even harder, making your stomach knot. “Oh mommy…I’m gonna-” He soon released inside you. He got out of you, grabbed the vibrator and shoved it up your ass while he ate you out. You felt you limbs going weak and they almost gave away. He pinched your nipples with the pegs, making you wetter. He inserted two fingers again and as he felt you clench around his fingers he quickly pulled out, making you whimper at the loss of contact. “Daddy please! Were the only words that you could say.

“Beg for it.”

“Fuck me…hard!” You opened your legs wider; he entered you roughly and thrusted roughly. “Come on Mommy. Come for Daddy! Come all over my. Big. Wet. Juicy. Dick.” He said with every thrust. The sounds of wet sweaty skin and the slick sounds and moans and groans filled the room. Jerome rubbed your clit vigorously while he removed the pegs and you felt the cold air hit the warm slick substance surrounding your nipples. Your breath hitched in your throat as your felt your orgasm tying up tightly. Your body shivered wildly and your hands gripped tightly onto the sheet and your toes curled as your third orgasm hit you like a wave. You arched your back while Jerome stopped thrusting and released inside of you.

Jerome got out of you slowly. You turned on your back and tried to catch your breath. Jerome removed the vibrator and switched it off. He rested next to you and sent you a smile. “Happy anniversary dear.”

“I wish our anniversary was every day.” You said breathlessly

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My jocularity vanished with your demise

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Jerome dropped to his knees on the hard cold concrete, eyes trailing over your fresh corpse that was alive and breathing just minutes ago.

        Jerome had looked back at you to briefly celebrate the glorious feat he had accomplished by “getting rid of his assignments”, but when he looked back, he saw you laying there… a bullet in your chest as you lay on the ground bleeding out.

Jerome never intended for you to get hurt in any way, never. He himself was surprised when he felt this gut-wrenching remorse; feeling that this was his fault. He didn’t even feel it for his own mother, but on the other hand, he did hate her. But you… you brought something out in him that he never would have thought been brought to the surface- love. You were just everything that nobody else was: he knew you loved him merely for who he is- not out of fear, power or anything superficial- you genuinely listened and cared for him, and you never left- not even once. And you were just the most beautiful person to him, whether he said it to you or not. The thought of one of you dying never even crossed his mind, he never thought that something like this could ever happen. But when reality came around the corner, it came with friends.

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  • Alright so this is how it's gonna go down. Or maybe not. But it'd be cool if it did.
  • Cable: *at the end of Deadpool 2 about to go to the future in a grand self-sacrificing manner like he always does*
  • Cable: Wade, I-
  • Deadpool: Don't. Don't say 'thank you'. Don't say 'I'm proud of you'. Don't say 'goodbye'.
  • Cable: ... You're zipper is down.
  • Deadpool: *looks down like a schmuck*
  • Cable: *uses the distraction to just fucking swoop in and kiss Wade. Its your typically movie kiss, swelling music and lights dancing in the background and it's cliche as shit but it's also fucking glorious.*
  • Cable: Made you look.
  • Deadpool: *flustered at being caught off guard and that cable actually fucking kissed him (!!!) but trying to play it off*
  • Deadpool: You are so immature.
  • Both: *they break off and Cable goes to the whatever mcguffin that'll take him to the future*
  • Cable: *while leaving* Thank you. Im proud of you. Goodbye.
  • Then we could have a flash of blue light and a thing (that would hint the plot of deadpool 3) could pop out of nowhere with a note that says "a gift from the future xoxo"

“(y/n)?” Charles said.

“Hm?” you replied, eyes closed as your head was on his chest while laying in bed.

“When are you going to let me in your mind? It’s pestering me, the fact that I can’t see what must be such a glorious mind,” he said, looking down at you.

“You really want to see it that bad, huh?”

“Very,” he chuckled. The end of your mouth twitched into a brief smile. Then with a hesitant sigh, you let your walls down, and let him in.