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I love how open you are about everything and I honestly not only admire you as a great writer <3 but also as an awesome, beautiful woman. You're one of my favorites on here and I just wanted to let you know you're very loved. :) And also, because I kinda trust you with my life now... I have a question for you (feel free not to answer, I'll completely understand): how does one know if they’re ready for sex?

Thank you, Anon. My goodness. I love you guys a lot, too.  

Let me just channel my inner Jody Mills real quick here before I answer your question.  

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You probably saw my answer about my first time, yes? So you know I was quite young, I didn’t know my partner very well, and I lied to him about my status as a virgin.  About the only thing I think I did “right” was insist he use a condom.

Sex is one of the most personal things you can do, and the factors in your decision to start having it are also highly personal.  When I decided to do it, I decided I didn’t care about any moral or religious value that my culture might place on my virginity (I stand by that today, by the way). I also decided I didn’t care about being in love and whether or not my partner was the “right” one.  I had all these intense sexual feelings, and a burning desire to know what was so great about it, and I felt that was reason enough to do it when the opportunity arose.  

Considering I did not find my first time to be particularly satisfying or pleasurable, and would continue to be underwhelmed by sex for years to come, I would say that was a bad gamble.  I might as well have waited for someone I really cared for, and who really cared for me.  It might not have changed the quality of the sex, but it would be a much nicer memory to look back on.

So, my advice to you is this: really think about your own feelings and beliefs around sex and virginity.  Don’t do it if you’re going to feel badly about yourself afterward.  Also really think about your relationship with your partner.  Do you trust him (or her)? Can the two of you talk openly about sex and protection? Are you feeling pressured in any way? Do you love him? Does he love you? Is that important to you? Do you feel like you are safe to say “no” if you change your mind partway through? Do you feel like you will be okay with your choice even if your relationship ends?

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably skip it for a few more years and pour my energy into learning how to satisfy myself, instead.  I’d say I’d wait until my Sam Winchester came along, but if I did, I’d still be waiting.

Ok so I’m writing a new fic and I have two ideas but I don’t know which one to use so I need your help. Because jaebum has been fucking with my emotions a lot lately one is when jaebum wants you to wear kitty ears and teasing and jaebum being dominant, depending on how I feel and where it goes Jackson may walk in and a threesome ensues. The other is a sub!jungkook thing where jungkook doesn’t really understand what it means to let you be in control because he’s so used to ordering you around during sex and it doesn’t end well for him when he tried to tease you and tell you what to do. So i need some help deciding please

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I am so sad, i feel like a boy but nobody understands me.. i want to have a nice body but i have such a fucking girly body. And finally i haven't a queer name yet. Somebody talk me and help me please, i'm sad

This blog is here to support you, and do whatever we can. 

Dysphoria is awful, but no matter how much it can hurt us, we are still valid. If you feel that you are a boy, you are a brave and awesome and handsome boy regardless of your body, anon, okay? I promise.

You do not need a name to be valid either, but if finding one would help you, the go for it!

We are all here for you. Please don’t hesitate to come off of anon if you’d like people to be able to message you, or followers can reblog this post to let you know that you can talk to them. Stay strong.

- Mod Jem


         ↳ @osnes asked: aaron tveit in les mis or catch me if you can

I’m not afraid of stopping / This end could be my start / I wanna live a life / And not just play a part / I’ll walk into the sunset / I’ll sail across the sea / The final word, the last you’ll hear of me / Is goodbye, goodbye to every night alone / Goodbye to lives I don’t own / I’m tired of living on the stage / A life that’s only on the page / The empty lives are in the past / I’ve tried before, but here’s the last / Goodbye

Lets all just pretend that the fact that Aelin felt what it was like to be Rowan when she touched the wyrd key, and Rowan (who has been in a mate bond and knows how carranam works) had no idea why that happened, from the first night they met could have conversations without speaking, and feel each others pain when they aren’t around isn’t driving us crazy because dammit we need to know wtf is actually going on with these two seriously. And before you before you ask, the answer is no, its not the just because of the blood oath or being carranam. 

Seriously, what is Rowaelin. Cause there is something way larger at play here

anyway here's wonderwall

it’s awkward but we’re here now. how we made it to this juncture is a journey no one would want to hear a story about. let alone read a poem. people wanna know how the wheels fell off. what it feels like watching someone wearing a brown paper crown pick my “i miss you’s” out of their teeth. i’m used to watching girls leave like clouds of sparrows. it’s the reason i listen to songs on repeat until i cannot stand them anymore. you love attention. who doesn’t?
you told every restaurant you went to that week that it was your birthday. you came for the cake. for the singing. i sang. you love to make portmanteau out of any two things that touch. the blessed accident. us. now i just want to lazarus my way out of here like a divorce lawyer on wedding day. you and your haymakers. the last poem ever written to the ocean. you know i tell my friends your love is camera shy. i’m lying.
a couple truths. black coffee is hot dirt.
you having feelings for me is kind of like the beginning to a book you know you won’t finish.
the sky has jaundice every morning. i’m always praying in this church of missing you. morpheus in my bedroom offering me pills. this love summed up someday by subtraction. it’s awkward decay. like- i saw you in the forest turning over stones. it reminded me of the jaws of life. the way fog hangs on a road. the texture of melancholy. how i keep a note in my pocket that says “tell them i’ll be fine.” something about a town called love and hitting all the red lights on the way there. something about how she put two fingers to her lips the way someone would if they were going to wet them to put out a candle. like she had been putting the lights out of me forever.

Muzukashi #017



how are you??? after three long years i am here to release a new theme!!!! hahahaha it’s lots of green bc idk it just happened to be like this lol well this theme was a little hard to make bc i was having some few troubles and had to go back to see some basic coding hahaha LONG TIME GUYSS XD i feel like my designing had changed a bit idk… Well i really hope you enjoy the theme and have a great day

The theme:

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Background: subtle patterns 
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Basically just banana ice cream, but with TWO twists. One, they’re in popsicle form. Two, they’re much more nutritious (and delicious) thanks to @yoursuperfoods’ CHOCOLATE LOVER & MUSCLE POWDER mixes. And I can’t forget the chocolate magic shell + hazenut addition as a cherry on top 🍒 // let me know if you want me to post the recipe on my blog 💗
👉🏻 also, friendly reminder to all my fellow vegans that you’re freaking incredible. You’re doing so much for the animals & the planet and you should be SO proud. Countless times people bring us down, make fun of us, criticize us. For what? For trying to make the world a somewhat better place. It’s easy for us to have my day ruined by ignorant unpleasant comments & any other kind of bs - for me at least. So if you feel this way too, remember how great of a human being you are. A strong, powerful being who’s being a voice for the voiceless.
Much love xx

Just Enough (Calum)

“would you be able to do a daddy 5sos preference where he is a struggling musician and you guys have kids and are struggling to make it work but end up getting it to” 

A/N: AUs like this one make me happy. I feel things. Anyway, these will each be going up on different days, so look forward to these for awhile! I used different babies, just to mix things up. Enjoy, and let me know what you think xx 

“Daddy! It’s career day next week! Are you going to come?” Benjamin asked, looking up from his snack. Calum looked down at the four year old on his lap and smiled softly.

“You want Daddy to come? And talk about what, bud?” he asked curiously.

“About how you write music!” Benjamin grinned. “Then we can play something!”

“Play something, huh?” Calum smiled. “We’ll see about that.”

“But will you come, please, Daddy?” Benjamin asked, his lower lip protruding as he pouted up at his father.

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I feel like we all have already been through this, our exams are coming our way and we know that we need to study, but for some reason we just can’t keep focused. Well, here are some tips to keep you going even when you really really REALLY don’t feel like studying.

Disclaimer: You should not use all of this in one study session! 

take a break: A 10-15 minutes break won’t kill anyone, sometimes your brain is just too tired to keep processing things, so let it rest for some minutes, and you will be able to notice how much more aware and focus you will become. You could maybe eat some snacks, take a little shower or watch some youtube videos, whatever is going to make you more relaxed. I like to take showers, ‘cause showers are awesome!

Organize your study area: There’s nothing that irritates me more than bumping into stuff in my desk while I’m trying to write things down. So, clean your space, because then nothing will be discrating you and you’ll be able to concentrate much better. 

Making your notes pretty: There’s nothing that makes me more excited than writing some pretty notes while I’m studying, and it’s also a way to distract yourself from simply studying. So draw little images, use different colors, whatever helps to entertain you a bit more.   

Make lists!: If you know anything about me you might know that I’m obsessed with lists, but I swear this will help you so much! Many times when we are studying we make to-do lists, but our problem is that we list down tasks that will take too long to be completed. The best way to efficiently make a list is by writing small goals, for example, instead of writing down “study math”, you should list “solve 10 problems”. This might make  your list seem bigger, but you will be crossing things off very often, so that will give you a sense of being more productive and consequently, motivate you.

Change subjects: Sometimes your brain gets too tired of doing the same thing, so try to vary between subjects. If you were studying something that requires a lot of reading and writing, try to change it up for a subject that uses more problem solving, so you can rest from reading/writing, but still be productive. 

Get some studyblr motivation: I know this mind sound a bit strange, but seeing other people working might actually motivate you. I, for example, always feel like studying after I see those beautiful notes here on tumblr. Look at your favorite blogs, get some inspiration, see some different ideas for note-taking and try to use them during the rest of your session.But don’t let tumblr seduce you into not going back to study!

and last but not least…

Rest is sometimes needed: Loosing one day of study won’t ruin your life, so if you are not feeling well and can’t focus, just take the day off. You wouldn’t be able to concentrate anyway, forcing yourself to pay attention when you can’t focus (for some actual reason like feeling sick etc.) will only lead you to unproductiveness. Let your body rest, it deserves it. 

I hope this can help some of you out, wish you all the best of luck in your studies! - studyingmeblr

Anakin as a Boyfriend
  • He’d never hide his feelings towards you. He would make sure you always know how much he loves you. He might tell you, but more than often he shows you. He makes grand romantic gestures using flowers, your favorite foods, and trips around the galaxy. He never fails to make you feel special.
  • He would always let you watch him train with Obi Wan. Part of it was he liked to show off, but he also liked to show you how he would protect you. You would watch him in silence, trying hard not to distract him. But when he succeeded in completing a move, you couldn’t help but smile at him. Obi Wan would notice this, and roll his eyes at your blatant show of affection towards his padawan.
  • When Anakin passed the Trials, you made sure to spoil him with attention. You two spent the whole night, and the next day together. It was that day you convinced him to grow out his hair as long as he could before getting fed up and cutting it. He accepted your challenge with a smile, but made you promise to not leave him when he did cut it.
  • When he went off on missions, you were always jumpy because you knew that Anakin had a passion for saving people, and making those with ill intentions pay for their crimes. You feared that he might break down on the battlefield, slaughtering everything in his path You knew of his weakness to the Dark Side, but you made sure he stayed with the light. So when he came home to you, you would ask about what happened. No matter what he told you, you always reminded him of how good and kind he is.
  • Anakin would be called into a Council meeting, regarding his relationship with you, and you would be left outside with Obi Wan waiting. You and Ani always had a problem keeping your love for eachother hidden, and Obi Wan knew this. He watched as you paced the floor near the meeting room doors. You felt like you were about to cry when Obi Wan grabbed your shoulders and said “Thank you for making sure Anakin saw the Light. I feared he’d be swallowed in Darkness by now, but thanks to you he had brought order to the galaxy. Master Yoda will see this, and allow you to be together.” And when Anakin walked out and hugged you, you knew Obi Wan was right.
  • Anakin would always remember your anniversary, and he would take you to whatever planet you pleased. He knew you loved planets with forests and large mountain ranges so he would plan a perfect “road trip” of sorts. You two would hike through the lush forests on Alderaan. You would even walk along the beaches of Naboo, not directly on the sand due to Anakin’s avervision to the irritating grains.
  • The Force had always fascinated you, and Anakin loved to show you how he could use it. He would juggle fruits and fragile objects to make you laugh, and you were in the midst of a laughing fit, he would use the Force and lift you up. You wouldn’t notice it at first, due to laughing so hard, but then you would freak out from how high up you were.  He would smile at you and make you beg to be put down When you begged, he let you fall, straight into his arms.
  • In the middle of the night, Anakin would wake you by accident due to his nightmares. You wouldn’t ask him what happened in his dream, you would just wrap your arms around him until his breathing calmed. He was at his weakest after he had one of these nightmares, so you made sure not to push him, and only gave him comfort.
  • Mornings after one of those restless nights, Anakin would let you sleep in a little, knowing you stayed up with him most of the night. But around noon, he would pepper you face in soft kisses, and he would run his finger through your hair to wake you.
  • The best part of being with him would not just be the fact that he loves you so much, or that he’d do anything to protect you; it was what you did for him. You showed him he didn’t have to be all-powerful in order to make you happy. That was the best thing.  

Lucifer froze something down deep inside of Sam, something that starts to melt once he remembers that it’s frozen. “It’s so hot, Dean,” he says, and Dean looks at the thermostat, down to fifty-two degrees. 

“Yeah, I know, Sammy.” 

A few days later, there’s Sam, dripping and pale after an ice cold shower, panting as he asks Dean if they can please, please turn the air down. Dean tugs his jacket tighter around himself and says it doesn’t get any colder, Sammy, he’s sorry. 

That night, he loads his gasping, burning little brother into the Impala and they drive as far North as they can on one tank of gas, the fans blasting and the windows rolled down. Dean shivers and clenches his jaw to keep his teeth from chattering. Sam cries quietly next to him until he gags. He’s running a fever again. 

“It’s never going to be cold enough,” Sam realizes, when he and Dean have broken into some fast food restaurant after hours to stand in the freezer. Sam’s breath clouds in front of him and his bare feet are turning purple. “The world is burning, Dean. Lucifer wants me back." 

"He c-can’t have you,” Dean says. It’s been twenty minutes in here, and he’s freezing, but he’s going to be with Sam every step of the way. 

“I think I want to go back too,” Sam whispers. “It’s so cold in the Cage, not cold like here, cold all the way through you. They were snow angels, and the frost made patterns on my bones.”

There are half-frozen tears on his eyelashes and his voice cracks. “Dean, I’m burning.”

Sometimes we get confused between love and obsession.
Between hurting and being hurt.
Things arent always as we want them to be. Some people in our lives are lessons.
We should let go the people who make us hurt,damaged,lost and not ourselves. Holding onto it,to them wont make it better.
At first,it will hurt,so much,more than before. It will make you feel regret.
But deep down you know that going back wont change a got used to being misarble and lonely with this forgot how to live. So move on,you know that the good times are long gone and the only way out is letting go and puting yourself first.
Dont lose yourself dont try to fight for something impossible. Believe me when i say that you did everything in your power.theres nothing more than an empty room and a pellow soaked in tears.

Open your eyes and believe that youll find love again.its not the end till you say so.

8 years

Every year about this time I cannot help my have mind wonder back to my first crush, and probably the only man who I ever was a little ‘Fan girl’ over.

I’ll never forget being in the theater and hearing of his death. It was one of the very few times in my life that I have ever cried in public. Because of everything that he stood for in my mind.

That its okay to be different from the people around you.

That it’s okay to dance in front of everyone and be overly romantic if you feel like it.

That sarcasm can be used for more than just a defense mechanism, but also to convey the message of just how little fucks you have to give. 

To never let anyone tell you that your not pretty, because you should know that you are without a doubt in your mind always.

Because every one should ALWAYS do what ever it takes to get what they want.

That it is possible to have fun and be romantic all at the same time (Which is important for a 7 year old to know)

That the best guys are the ones that always have original pick up lines.

That if you ever lack for inspiration all you need to do is take a deep breath and let the answers come to you.

That even in the pursuit of your dreams you will have bad days.

That it doesn’t matter what you station is in life you can rise above it to be what you always dreamed of begin.

He was an inspiration for others.

As a regular man he helped me realize that I need to live my life for myself and no one else.

I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to understand why died or what it took to get such a great man to that sort of place in his life. All I know is that every thing he taught me with the movies he was in or who was in general will be in my mind ever day of my life. He was such a big part of my child hood. Every time I think of him I always remember with out fail all these things, and if I can inspire one person in my life a fraction of the he influenced my life… I would consider myself lucky.

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I go through stages of not believing in Gillovny and then totally believing it and how could I have doubted it! But just now I'm not so convinced, I think I just need January again! I want to believe!

Oh, anon - I feel you. I can write entire essays about how they are definitely not together, then the next day feel….well, maybe? It is discomforting to me personally; I am generally a decisive person. 

Let’s take the tweets. I didn’t take them seriously at all but “especially one of you” reached deep into my soul. Now, we have Gillian furiously flirting at a Wookie on the regular. Gillian will SAY anything of a sexual nature and flirt with whatever/whoever in complete jest. Conclusion: the tweets are a wash. 

Then, the touching. It’s just fucking weird. I know I can’t use my personal past/current relationships as a benchmark. And I completely get the need to be touchy-feely in photo shoots, at public appearances when they are being photographed together and even some bloopers. I can even justify Gillian hanging on to David’s jacket and tucking her arm inside it. And David seems like a very tactile guy by nature. 

But there is something VERY different about how they are now, compared to a.) IWTB press; or even b.) the IBG event. There is a naturalness and comfort in their touching now that, imo, only comes from constant touching. If anything, they have to remind themselves to rein it in (see Kimmel). 

The other thing is David’s behaviour. As I’ve said above, I don’t believe a thing Gillian says. She’s a flirt and she hides behind her flirtiness. But David looks at her and talks about her so, so lovingly. He really respects her as a woman and as an actress. He readily admits how important she is to him. He wants to talk about their relationship and how wonderful she is. And Gillian is not welling up or looking like she is about to faint when he talks about how much he appreciates her. She looks at him like she knows exactly how much he adores her but it’s sweet of him to say it yet again….

Sorry, what was the question again? 

Larries make the Walking Dead fandom look tame

To actually wish death on a tiny three week old baby? To threaten to drown him like a rat? To tell Briana and her family to go and die? To abuse her and her family on the internet?


And your reasoning for lashing out at her family is because they support Donald Trump? To use that as an excuse to heap more bullshit on Briana? Oh give me a break! Her family isn’t perfect. Nobody’s family is perfect. But they are her family. 

Let me ask you this – HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS WAS YOU?! (Before you say that antis bully you, back the hell up.) How would you feel if this was your child? Let’s just say that this is your daughter, celebrating the birth of her beautiful baby, and she is given this much CRAP on the internet from people that don’t even know her? Would you say that she deserves it because she dared to get pregnant by a boyband member? Would you? WOULD YOU?!

Louis has stated time and time again that he is straight. Harry has denied Larry on CAMERA. Do a simple search and you will find it. Or go through @formerlarrie, @stopmeanpostalert, @narrymusings, @respects1d, or @antibullshitbrigade ‘s debunks, you will find all of these denials. @1arry-isnt-rea1 has a masterpost of all the denials.

They are not an LGBT+ couple. They are not being forced to stay in the closest. If they are, it is because they want to be. Modest! cannot make someone stay in the closet, it is illegal. And don’t give me the Westlife comparison because I will direct you right here. If you want to support REAL LGBT rights then google Shane Bitney Crone and learn about his story. He is a REAL LGBT spokesperson, who suffered the loss of his longtime partner in a horrible accident and then lost pretty much everything else to his partner’s homophobic family.

Here is the link to the documentary Bridegroom, which was produced by Shane. Before you say, what the hell does this have to do with Larry, please try to understand that THIS is a real LGBT issue. Yes, same sex couples now have the right to marry but things are still quite hard for them. This documentary should open your eyes to REAL issues, not the fictional issues that you believe in.

There is nothing confusing about Briana’s pregnancy. Take off your Larrie goggles and think about it for a minute. She and Louis dated briefly, she got pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy. A BABY! A REAL BABY. You got your birth certificate. You do not need a paternity test because Louis has acknowledged and accepted that this baby is his. You don’t need anything else. Freddie is his sweet beautiful baby boy. Who right now is one of the most hated creatures on this earth because he even dared to exist.

Not all of the antis are perfect. I am not saying they are. There are some that can be downright rude.

But listen. Larry is something that means a lot to so many people. I understand that. When I was part of the Walking Dead fandom, I was part of a tinhat group that believed Beth Greene could still be alive. It meant a lot to me and it took a lot for me to let it go that her character was dead. There was a lot of evidence pointing to her survival, just like so many believe that Louis and Harry could have been together. And that’s okay, believe me. That’s okay to believe that. But what’s even better is accepting that that is over now, do you get what I mean? Letting go of Larry and just enjoying it as it is is the best part. Because then you are free to having adorable headcanons, writing cute fanfiction and fan art.

Larry is real. Just like Narry is real. Lilo is real. Ziam is real. Nouis is real, Lirry is real. They are all real. And they will always be real as long as this beautiful group exists and makes wonderful music. Let’s hope we have many more years with these boys. Because if tinhatting plays a part in them breaking up for good, that will be quite a shame.

It’s crazy that if you hit me up right now
Id run to you…
If you said you needed to talk
I’d say fuck a phone call
Ill pull up on you in 10..
But we know what would happen
If we allowed something like that to happen..
We both know the fire between us
And late nights mix better than
Rock and Roll and Cocaine
Courtney love.. Kurt Cobain..
How dangerous are we..
Hit me up.. Call me and let’s see..
Tonight I’m feigning feeling nasty
Hungry for your lips I’ve been fasting
I say I’m pathetic..
You say I’m a ship wreckage ..
Or a missing package,
You were a deadly weapon in the glove compartment…
In hindsight I believe..
All we needed was a better apartment
in a different city,
where the tree is convenient
And we could hang a hammock on any tree limb
Every limb on your body
Sends me into nostalgia..
You say “You know what you do”,
I say “You know how we do..”
They say we are both sick
I say we grew wings and flew
To dimensions unexplained..
But it’s only 10pm and I’m all in my brain
Giving in would be too insane..
—  Memoirsofagypsy

The whole, “lets trade this bad black person for a white person” joke rubs me the wrong way. Like no matter how anti-black raven is I need us to continue claiming her because selling and trading people to groups makes it seem like blackness is some sort of club that if you know the right knock code, you may have access to it. And I get that it’s a joke but it’s weird. Lets talk about Raven’s anti-blackness but no I don’t need a likable white person getting a “black pass” in place of black people who do no good for other black folks. I feel like these types of jokes fuel into the “honorary black person”, “uh-oh oreo”, “wigger”, “you’re *sooo white* you’re an oreo!” line of thinking 

Headcanon: Kylo Ren hates touching...

He has always hated people, especially those he doesn’t know, touching him. He has always been to himself, never truly connected with people. You have to know him well enough for him to not look so uncomfortable when you touch him. Leia, Han and Luke understood his boundaries, never touching him more than they ought to. That is partially why he likes using the Force, he can get things, do things to people without actually connecting.

And then comes Rey. He has no idea why, or how, but he feels close to her, and comfortable. Maybe it is because she is Force sensitive as he, maybe he sees in her someone that is so much like him. Normally he would have let one of the Stormtroopers take her, but he didn’t mind, in fact, he actually wanted to touch her. 

That is why Han wasn’t worry about her; because he knew, if his son, who disliked touching and being touched, was allowing someone so close to his body, she was safe. She was safe because he liked her.