and you let me near tamaki

Project: Face swap!

*twins giggling* 

Haruhi:  Huh?  Uh-oh, whenever those two start laughing about something, you know it’s going to end in someone getting hurt.  

Kaoru:  Hey Haruhi, you’ve got to see this!

*shoves phone in Haruhi’s face*

Haruhi:  Huh? Guys, what is this?  What’s wrong with their faces?

Hikaru:  Nothing’s wrong with their faces, Haruhi.  It’s Face Swap!  We switched Honey and Mori’s faces and look at the beauty!!!!!  

Tamaki:  Don’t worry, precious daughter!  Kyoya and I are also Face Swap masters!!!  I think ours is just as good if not better!!!!  I look really good in glasses

Haruhi;  Uh… Tamaki-senpai?  Why does Kyoya look so disgusted to be near you?

Tamaki:  Because that’s what best friends do!!!!  

Haruhi:  Riiiiight…

Hikaru:  *posing for the camera*  C’mon, Kaoru!  We have to get this to work!!!

Kaoru:  I don’t think I’m the one that’s at fault here!  Clearly you can’t work technology.  It’s just a simple app!  

Haruhi:  Let me take the photo, you guys.  I’m sure it’ll be easier that way.  Ok, 1…2…3…!  

Hikaru:  Huh?  It still won’t work right.  

Haruhi:  Oh, I think it’s working just fine…. 

I have returned!! Ahh, it was a fun few days! I got to hang out with my friends and even got my hair done nicely, I spent a lot of money but it was all very worth it!! Anyways, here’s a request I was working on in between all my business. I hope I can get something else out soon!

Amajiki is regretting all his decisions from before this point, immensely. How did he let Mirio convince him to go to the party?

Why did he sit down where Nejire told him to when he first arrived?

Why was he being expected to do intimate, private things with you inside of a closet?

How did Mirio even convince you to come?

Don’t misunderstand, he loves you, of course he does, he just wishes he didn’t have to be stuck in such a cramped, public place with his friends – and even some people he’s never met – waiting outside the door, expecting him to come out from something scandalous.  

You’re pretty much pressed up against him, with your right leg between his own and the other hitched up between his thigh and the back wall of the closet. The position itself is uncomfortable, but it’s implications make the already anxious boy even more embarrassed. He keeps his hands entirely to himself, sticking them to his sides as one of your hands helps you keep your balance, placed on the wall right by his neck and your left rests on his broad shoulder.

“Sorry, Tamaki,” you say quietly, right beside his ear and he shivers. He’s incredibly sensitive near his ears, and you know he is as well, which is why you try your best to face away from him so he won’t have to suffer.

“W-why are you sorry?”

“I feel like if I weren’t here, then no one would force you to do these things that you dislike.”  

“No, if it were anyone’s fault it’d be mine. If I didn’t let Mirio talk me into this, neither of us would be in this space right now,” he sighs and hangs his head low, or really, as much as he can in this narrow space. He ends up just resting his head on your shoulder.

He’s nervous. It’s not like he’s never been this close to you before, you’ve slept together a few times before and you are often cuddled up closely, but the situation was too much for him to pass off as just another one of those times.

Amajiki squeaks when you press a light kiss onto his right ear, jolting and throwing the both of you off balance. He grabs your waist and thigh to steady you but in your short scuffle you’d managed to knock heads. You both groan lightly and search each other’s eyes in the dark.

“Sorry, that was my fault,” you breathe out, and Amajiki can smell the fruity mint you must’ve been chewing on before.

“No, I moved and—”

“You moved because I tickled you, so it’s my fault.” Even though it’s dark, he can still see the way your eyes sharpen in insistence, the way they always do when he disagreed and you’d have to shush him.

Neither of you move for a moment. You’re not sure how much time has passed outside, but inside every second feels like a minute. You think you can hear your heart echoing in the tiny closet, or maybe that’s Amajiki’s heart. Or maybe you’re both incredibly nervous and embarrassed in this situation.

His hand is warm and comforting on the revealed skin of your thigh, and you’re positive he doesn’t know exactly how high up your leg his hand is. If he was aware, he’d have moved it immediately and wouldn’t have stopped speaking his apologies. You’re not bothered by it, so you keep your mouth shut.

“Tamaki,” you whisper in the dark, and he replies with a soft noise. “How long do you think we have left in this closet?”

“I lost track of time after we hit our heads,” He replies honestly, to which you can only sigh. His hand that holds your waist loosens just a bit and you wriggle a little, trying to get comfortable but in the process, having your chest pushed to his.

“Do you hate it?” He asks suddenly, voice right beside your ear. You’re almost completely on him at this point, you really may as well cling to him like a koala.

“Hate what?”

“Being in here with me,” you pull your head back and frown, although he can’t see it.

“Who else would I be stuck in a closet with anyway?”

“I-I don’t know… someone who actually deserves you, maybe?”

Oh, you know where this is going. In intimate moments, he would often become unsure and he’d question himself and your relationship. It was confusing the first few times, but after dealing with him and learning which ways work the quickest and the best, you’d quickly caught onto how to stop him from thinking about it too deeply.

“I think your Quirk might be super insecurity, instead of manifest.”

“That might be true,” he mutters, to which you sigh, although you’re smiling softly.

You grab his face between your hands and tilt your head to face him properly. It’s too dark to really read expressions, but you can at least see his eyes faintly.

“Tamaki, come on! I’m literally sitting on top of you, and you’re trying to break up with me?” Your tone is a mixture of teasing and seriousness, which Amajiki catches both of as he splutters, the hand on your waist squeezing you. “What? I’m not – that’s not what I was saying.”

You quickly intervene. “There is no one in this world who is good enough for me, except you. Do you doubt me?”

“I don’t doubt you, I just don’t think—”

“Then don’t think. Just listen to me, okay?” He’s frowning as you hold his face, keeping eye contact.

“I… okay,” he sighs softly, breath brushing your cheek.

Outside, the party is still thriving but there’s strangely no disturbances around the closet. Surely seven minutes has passed by now. Maybe they forgot that they had trapped you in the closet in the first place. You turn your attention to the door and shift around, almost crawling completely over Amajiki to press your ear to the wood.

“Okay, doesn’t sound like anyone will come right now,” you move back into your comfortable uncomfortable position on top of the dark haired boy, and place both hands on his shoulders as his move up to your waist.

“What are you trying?” He’s cautious, so you lean down at kiss his cheek.

“Kisses, to apologise for being stuck in this closet with me.” You smile at him as he pouts in confusion. You want to lean down at kiss his pout away too, but he’ll only get flustered beyond control if you do it unexpectedly.

“Why? I don’t really care – I mean, I care but it’s not… bad,” you giggle at his mumbling, and you know that he’d try to look away from you if the dark wasn’t already covering his blush.

“I know, but when am I going to get the chance to kiss you once that door opens? Only when we go home, right? And I doubt Mirio and Nejire will let us go early.” Amajiki knows that’s true, so he doesn’t argue. You smile and rest against him, letting the warmth between you spread throughout your body.

You’ve known for a long time that Amajiki is a hard shell to crack, but it’s not like that puts you off him. You had to put a lot more energy and attention on him so he would show different sides of himself, and through the years you’ve come to know him as well as Mirio has. You read him as easily as a book and motivate him just as much as young hero’s feel encouraged by All Might. Knowing that you’re a person like that to him, makes you feel happier being with him than burdened with his insecurities and flaws.

You kiss his other cheek, hand’s sliding slowly across his shoulders to his neck, another kiss onto his forehead, between his eyes, the tip of his nose, and you pause right by his lips to smile.

“You know I love you, right?”

“Of course,” he answers with no hesitation. There’s nothing in his voice but honesty, so you don’t at all pause to make sure he’s okay when you press totally against him and mould your lips into his. He’s learnt to become quite a bold kisser, a stark contrast to his personality, but it helps to convey the emotions which he usually has trouble saying.

“Sorry, I love you, I won’t leave you,” his kiss means many things, but mostly it’s a reassurance to the both of you.

You pull him impossibly closer, even closer, like you want to be absolutely overwhelmed by him, and that’s not entirely what it is but you wouldn’t mind it if it happened.

The door swings open at that moment and you are shocked apart by the familiar and loud sound of Nejire’s giggles and squeals.

“Oh, you two are just too cute! Mirio, look at them! They’re still totally clothed and barely messed up at all, how innocent!” Your position on top of Amajiki is anything but innocent, but it’s not like you give Mirio the time to correct Nejire before you’re shooting out of the closet to wrestle your best friend to the ground.

“Nejire!” You shriek in embarrassment as she fights you off, holding your wrists back while she laughs loudly.

Mirio takes it upon himself to help Amajiki out of the closet, whom had curled up on the floor in embarrassment.

“You okay?”

“Can we please go home?” He squeaks in response, grabbing onto Mirio’s hand as he helps him up. The blonde laughs, patting his friend on the back as he shakes his head.

“The night has only just started, Tamaki! We can’t leave just yet!” Amajiki sighs while being led out of the closet and back to where you and Nejire are bickering – you’re scolding, she looks completely unaffected.

As he looked over the room and covered his ears from the loud music and people yelling, he hoped tonight wouldn’t last much longer. He’d more like to be at home watching something quietly with you than forced into claustrophobic places, no matter how many kisses it got him.